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									                                              Areas of expertise

Fransa Ferreira
     Design and development of training material for HFS
     Implementation of commodity-based training programs with 1/3 academic component using PLA
     Training volunteers to work with households in agriculture, natural resource use, food and nutrition
     Have contact with water harvesting partners who also developed resource package for homestead
        farming systems
     Offering of short course through Unisa with block sessions of practical face to face is necessary
     Recently opportunities for Open Education Resource development in Africa (6 countries)
     An initiative contextualizing training programs with Ethiopian universities (Unisa has a MOA with
        Ethiopian government)

Eleni Asmare
     Project level experience on integrating nutrition in the agriculture, health, educations sectors
     Research and evaluation
     Training:
            o Food diversification at household
            o Local production of complementary food

Ambachew Worku
   On participatory range or natural resource land management
         o On non-timber producgt in the pastoral context
   On issues related to pastoralism way of life
   On climate change mitigation
   On environmental and social framework (ESNAF) analysis

Oceng David Pinyamoi
    Permaculture training to agricultural extension workers
    Agribusiness skills for farmer groups

Mahlet Seifu
    Rural saving and credit cooperatives/groups for income generation activities
    Value chain develoment
    Business skill trainings (focus on illiterate groups)
    Resource mapping tools

Katie Morris
     Health/Nutrition
            o USAID Feed the Future Strategy
            o Early Recovery (Transition from Relief-Development) Activities
     M&E
            o Positive Deviance Inquiry
           o IPTT Results Framework, M&E System
           o Qualitative Methodoligies
      Training
           o Facilitation
           o Multiple Intelligences
           o Adult Learning
           o Curriculum Development

Abdulahi Mohamed Muse
    Disaster risk reduction (DRR)
    Tradition/indigenous rangeland management

Tewolde Berehe
    Community based watershed management
    Water harvesting activities

Leykun Abunie
     Community mobilization
     Participatory Planning
     Community-Based watershed management
     Sustainable resource management
     Wildlife management

Alexandra Rutishauser-Perera
     Security/Safety at work
     Emergency Nutrition
     Cholera Outbreak
     Measles Vaccination
     DBC
     Staff Evaluation/Appraisal
     Opening/Closing ofproject
     Translation for English to French
     Tropical Disease
     French Cooking
     Poker

Mary DeCoster
    SBC/DBC
    Lactation IYCF
    Training and Curriculum Development
    Motivational Strategies/Avoiding use of incentives

Teshome Wakjira
    Health Sector
         o ENA
            o EHA
            o EPI
            o HMIS
            o Health Service Management
            o Monitoring and Evaluation
       Social Networking
       Training on Adult learning
       Management of Acute watery dielmea

Gashaw Abera
    Health Service Delivery
    Breast Feeding and Complementary Feeding (IYCN)
    IMNCI

Mbuto Samuel
   Nutrition
         o CMAM, IMAM
         o Community Participation to reduce and prevent malnutrition
         o Case definition of different types of malnutrition
         o Setting up therauputic center
         o Nodding disease (northern Uganda)

Pamela Ebanyat
    Integrating Agriculture and Nutrition
    Local economic development

Kirunda Herbert
     Argibusiness/Local Economic Development, especially
           o Farmer Associations
           o Value Chain Analysis

Musoke Charles
    Linking research and development partners
          o Especially on delivery of new varieties bias: delivery of biofortified crops in farming systems to
              reduce malnutrition

Princess Hawa Lahai
     DBC Training
     IYCR Training
     Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)

Caroline Maua
     Water Harvesting
     Irrigation

No name provided
   How to give/prepare a well organized training
   How to prepare a design for behavior change

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