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                                The Bi-Monthly Newsletter of the Recruitment Department

                                                                         February 4, 2013

                                                                            Dear Readers,

For new readers, please note that the aim of this bi-monthly newsletter is to present a selection of talents ready for interview in (or near) Hong Kong.

Today, the database of our Recruitment Department encompasses more than 4,500 candidates' profiles, with an average of 100 CVs received per
month, from newcomers to more established professionals looking for new opportunities in Asia.

Tips to ease your reading: the letter M or F stands for Male or Female and MT in the language box stands for Mother Tongue.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific requests or identified recruitment needs.

                                                                         Dolora Angeles
                                                           Head of Recruitment & Training Department
                                                                     Direct line: 2294 7710
                               Aurelie Racine                                                                    Christelle Ferrari
                          Recruitment Consultant                                                             Recruitment Consultant
                           Direct line: 2294 7709                                                             Direct line: 2294 7705


       Finance (project/corporate), Business
                                                                                            Accounting/Finance & Administration

              French, M, 25, needs a working visa                                                Canadian/Chinese, M, 24, needs a working visa
Identity                                                                            Identity
              Ref: 2289                                                                          Ref: 2290

              ESSEC Business School: Master in Finance, Ecole Spéciale des                       Concordia University, John Molson School of Business: Bachelor
Education                                                                           Education
              Travaux Publics (ESTP): Master in Civil Engineering                                degree in Administration, Minor Finance

                                                                                                 Cantonese (MT), French (Fluent), English (Fluent), Mandarin
Languages     French (MT), English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate)                 Languages

              4 months as an M&A analyst intern in a top-tier investment bank in

              6 months as a Private Equity analyst in a leading PE funds in Paris                Half a year as an accounting assistant for an international chemical
Experience                                                                          Experience
              (managing c.€25bn).                                                                manufacturing company.

              3 months as a construction site manager assistant. Working on the
              renovation of a Paris' business district tunnel (budget: €90m).

Job sought    Project finance, corporate finance, business development              Job sought   Accounting, Finance, Business, Administration, Marketing and sales

  Accounting , Merchandising, Import/Export,                                                  Banking /Finance /Marketing &
            Communication, Sales                                                                     Communication

             French, M, 33, HK Permanent Resident                                              Malagasy, F, 27, needs a working visa
Identity                                                                         Identity
             Ref: 2291                                                                         Ref: 2292

                                                                                               INSCAE (Antananarivo, Madagascar) Master in Finance in double
             University of Lorraine : Master degree in Business analysis and
Education                                                                        Education     degree with University of Lyon School of Management, France (IAE
             development & Technical degree in accounting and management
                                                                                               Lyon 3, Université Jean Moulin)

Languages    French and Cantonese (MT) , English and Mandarin (intermediate)     Languages     Malagasy (MT), French (Fluent), English (Fluent)

             6 months as a junior accountant for a major French company                        3 years as Senior Account Executive for a world top banking
             specialized in frozen food delivery                                               network in Madagascar.
             6 months as a accountant trainee in cabinet chartered accountancy                 2 years as Credit Risk Analyst in the same company.
Experience   expertise                                                           Experience
             5 years as co-administrator in a Chinese restaurant (Conduct &                    6 months as Marketing & Communication Manager Assistant for a
             control budget, provide quality customer service and maintain                     world top banking network in Madagascar.
             good relationship with customers)

             Accounting , Merchandising, Import/Export, Purchasing,                            Banking, Finance, Marketing, Communication, Business
Job sought                                                                       Job sought
             Communication, Business development events' coordination                          development

                                                                   SALES / MARKETING

Sales, Import / Export, Business Development                                       Sales/Marketing, Business Development, IT

             French, M, 25, needs a working visa                                               French, M, 27, needs a working visa
Identity                                                                         Identity
             Ref: 2293                                                                         Ref: 2294

             French Business School (Paris) (Master II International
Education                                                                        Education     Euridis Business School specialize on IT (Paris) : Master's degree

                                                                                               French & Chinese Chiuchow (MT), English (fluent), Spanish
Languages    French (MT), English (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent)                     Languages
                                                                                               (scholar knowledge),Mandarin (beginner)

             3 months as salesman in a luxury brand
                                                                                               10 months as Account Manager for a Reseller/integrator on IT
             6 months as Assistant Sales Manager Europe & Middle East in a
             luxury brand. (70% wholesale / 30% retail) (Sales Analysis,                       1 year as Account Manager for a leading Distributor on IT
             wholesale orders, European stock management)                                      Networking
Experience                                                                       Experience
             6 months as Assistant Commercial Exports in a luxury brand.                       2 years as IT Sales for a Manufacturer on Storage Datacenter
             Development of commercial department. Sales at showroom,                          Autonomic, Organized, Reactive, Willingness to work, dynamic,
             wholesale orders                                                                  Hard worker.

             Assistant Travel Manager / Assistant Sales Manager / Business                     Sales/Marketing, Account Manager, Business Development, IT,
Job sought                                                                       Job sought
             Development                                                                       Project Manager, Product Manager or Purchaser

            Marketing, CRM, Events, Business
           Development/Sales, Import/Export,                                          Marketing, Sales, Business Development
              French, F, 28, needs a visa transfer                                            French, F, 25, needs a working visa
Identity                                                                         Identity
              Ref: 2295                                                                       Ref: 2296

                                                                                              HEC Paris School of Management: Masters degree in Marketing;
              University of Paris Sud 11: Master degree in Management and
Education                                                                        Education    Luxury and Consumer Goods specialty
              International Business with Asia
                                                                                              University Paris Descartes: Pharmacy diploma

              French (MT), Cantonese (MT), English (fluent), Mandarin                         English (MT), French (Native language), Farsi (MT), Mandarin
Languages                                                                        Languages
              (intermediate), Spanish (basic)                                                 (Beginner - on going learning), Spanish (Intermediate)

                                                                                              6 months as Assistant Product Manager for a French
              - 2.5 years in Business development and Sales/Marketing for a                   pharmaceutical company, elaborating new traditional and digital
              major French carbon emission trading company.                                   promotional activities and sales support.
              Set up the 1st Asia Pacific office. Coordination of business
              opportunities between Europe and Asia.                                          4 months as Marketing intern for a French pharmaceutical
              - 6 months in Merchandising (Garment) for the largest HK Export                 company, conducting market studies and project management.
Experience                                                                       Experience
              Trading Group. Coordination and negotiation between French
              clients and Chinese suppliers.                                                  18 months as Sales Representative for a telemarketing service
              - 6 months in Marketing and CRM for a major Toys company.                       provider.
              Events Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
              database analysis and Digital Marketing.                                        Dynamic target-oriented, good team player with communication

              Marketing, CRM, Events, BD/Sales, Project management,
Job sought    Import/Export, Purchasing (incl. VIE and Management trainee        Job sought   Product Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Merchandising

  Business development, Strategy consulting,
                                                                                               Sales/Marketing & Finance

              French, F, 24, needs a working visa                                             French, M, 25, needs a working visa
Identity                                                                         Identity
              Ref: 2297                                                                       Ref: 2298

              Master degree in Business in Asia (Sciences Po Lyon, France)
                                                                                              HEC Paris: MSc in Management - Majoring in “Strategic
Education     Beijing Languages and Culture University (Winter session           Education
              improving mandarin)

              French (MT), English (fluent), Vietnamese (MT), Mandarin                        French (MT), English (fluent), German (advanced), Mandarin
Languages                                                                        Languages
              (Intermediate ++)                                                               (beginner)

                                                                                              6 months in web marketing Department for a major French media
                                                                                              company as a web marketing manager
              1 year as a Business Developer in a French consulting start-up
                                                                                              6 months in a management consulting firm as a junior consultant
              specialised in brand protection in China : participating to its
Experience    creation, contributing to develop the business portfolio           Experience
                                                                                              3 months in marketing Department for another major French
                                                                                              media company as a project manager
              4 months as a trainee in a Law firm in France
                                                                                              6 months in a SME in Hong Kong to develop and launch a new
                                                                                              product from the right beginning

              Business development, Strategy and Marketing consulting, Project
Job sought                                                                       Job sought   Sales, Marketing, Finance, Business development
              Management, Marketing

               Sales/Communication/Art                                                          Marketing/Public Relation

             French, F, 27, needs a working visa                                              French, M, 23, needs a working visa
Identity                                                                         Identity
             Ref: 2299                                                                        Ref: 2300

             La Sorbonne University Paris: Master in Art Business                             Master at EDHEC Business School, Nice, France
             La Sorbonne University Paris: Master in Business Law                             Emphasis:
Education                                                                        Education
             Louvre School Paris: BA in History of Art                                        • International Business Management and Strategy
                                                                                              • Marketing

Languages    French (MT), English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate)               Languages    French (MT), English (fluent), Spanish (beginner)

             2 years as Sale Administrator in an Auction House in Paris &
             London (Organisation of sales, Inventory Management,                             6 months as Tech start-up Marketing/Public Relation Assistant for a
             Communications and events)                                                       Marketing/PR consulting company based in New York city in the
                                                                                              Finance and Digital industry
             1 year as Assistant in Auction Rooms in Paris (Organisation of
Experience                                                                       Experience
             sales, Communications and events)                                                6 months as Public Relation Assistant for a Marketing/PR consulting
                                                                                              company based in New York city in the Finance industry
             6 months as Part time Manager of a concept store in Paris :
             antiques & famous French brand shoes (Selling shoes and                          2 months as Merchandiser for a French international retail group
             antiques, Inventory Management, VM, PR & Communications)

             Auctions, Art Galleries, Communications & Events, Cultural Press,
Job sought                                                                       Job sought   Marketing, Public Relation
             Food&Beverage, Visual Merchandising, Art sponsoring

                                                                                       International Business Management &
           Sales/ Marketing & Communication

             French, F, 32, needs a working visa                                              French, M, 29, needs a working visa
Identity                                                                         Identity
             Ref: 2301                                                                        Ref: 2302

                                                                                              Master Degree in International Management (French + Spanish
             ESG ( Ecole Supérieure de Gestion) Paris : Master Degree in                      University)
Education                                                                        Education
             Marketing & Management - Luxury Items                                            Bachelor Degree in international exchanges management
                                                                                              Btech Hnd in international marketing and logistic

             French (MT), English (fluent), Spanish (Intermediate), Mandarin                  French (MT), English (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent),
Languages                                                                        Languages
             (beginner)                                                                       German (Fluent)

                                                                                              1 Year as Business Representative on the French market +
                                                                                              Business developer for the Iberian Market
             6 years in Communication & Marketing for a Swiss Watch &
Experience                                                                       Experience   2 Years as Business Assistant in Germany (Fixed term contract)
             Jewellery luxury brand
                                                                                              9 Months as Export Manager (internship) for a global company + 3
                                                                                              Months Marketing Assistant in a German company

                                                                                              Export manager, Business representative, Business assistant or
Job sought   Sales, Marketing, Communication, Events Coordination                Job sought
                                                                                              Business development

    Marketing, Retail Buying, Merchandising,                                               Sales, Merchandising, Import/Export,
            Sales & Communication                                                                       Purchasing

             French, F, 30, needs a working visa                                                 French, F, 29, HK Permanent Resident
             Ref: 2303                                                                           Ref: 2304

             Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium : Master in
                                                                                                 MBA (ESG Paris) Marketing and Management of luxury sector
             Political Science, international relations
                                                                                                 Master (Sorbonne nouvelle) LAEI English/Chinese Option
Education    University of Jiaontong: Certificate in Mandarin, intermediate level   Education
                                                                                                 International business negotiation.
             Polimoda Fashion School in Florence, Italy: Master in Fashion
             Management and Merchandising

             French (MT), English (fluent),Mandarin (intermediate level),                        French (MT), Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese : (MT), English
Languages                                                                           Languages
             German (intermediate level), Italian (beginner)                                     (Professional)

             3 months as a buyer for a German fashion company in Hong Kong:
             denim and outerwear
                                                                                                 One year as a Buyer in Asia market (French purchasing company,
             12 months as a product manager for a Swiss fashion company in                       office based in Hong Kong)
             Paris: Managed budget (30 M€),constructed a collection plan and
             the purchase/OTB of a product line                                                  2 years as a Coordinator Business development (American
                                                                                                 cosmetic and Fragrance Company, office based in Paris)
Experience   20 months as Retail buyer for a French fashion company in              Experience
             Shanghai: Coordinated the purchase and OTB of collections of the                    6 months as a Trade marketing manager (American cosmetic and
             Chinese 5thbrands (5000 number/colour) and the communication                        Fragrance Company, office based in Paris)
             between French teams, a French trend agency, the general
             management and 40 stylists

             8 months internships in Shanghai for a fashion school: set up
             fashion shows and trade fairs for 600 peoples

             Buying, Merchandising, Retail, Marketing, Sales, PR, Business                       Sales, Business development, Merchandising, Import/Export,
Job sought                                                                          Job sought
             development, Communication                                                          Purchasing

                                                                       CIVIL ENGINEER

                 Civil / Building Engineer

             French-Italian, M, 25, needs a working VISA
             Ref: 2305

             Civil Engineer degree
             Graduate School of Engineers Polytech’Lille (France). Specialization
Education    in civil and geotechnical engineering.
             1 semester exchange program at Universidad Nacional de
             Ingenieria– Lima, Peru

Languages    French (MT), English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Italian (MT)

             2 years as engineer in charge of Façades in Hong Kong on the
             Cruise Terminal Project with major main contractor.

             7 months as site engineer on Hospital project in France with
             major main contractor.

             4 months as engineer in charge of tenders for civil works with a
             major main contractor.

             Site engineer, engineer in charge, methods and design engineer
Job sought
             (non structural)

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