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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of reference to educate you on the character of <Applicant’s Name>.
<Applicant’s Name> is a family friend whom I have known for more than 2 years.

During the time that I have known <him/her>, I have found <Applicant’s Name> to have
many very positive traits. I have known <him/her> to be a very loyal, honest, respectful,
considerate and reliable person. <he/she> is an excellent communicator and problem solver.
Whenever <he/she> adopts a cause or pursues a new interest, <he/she> is guaranteed to be
highly committed and I have been impressed with <him/her> dedication to any endeavor in
which <he/she> has been involved. Stephanie is organized, extremely competent, and has
an excellent rapport with people of all ages. <He/She> is a well-balanced person with an
abundance of positive qualities.

In conclusion, I feel these attributes demonstrate someone with an exceptional character.
Therefore I can recommend <Applicant’s Name> without reservation for any task or
endeavor that <he/she> may seek to pursue where enthusiasm, hard work and
trustworthiness are valued.

I am sure it is clear that I think highly of <him/her> and you will find my trust in <him/her>
to be well placed.

Feel free to contact me using the information provided above.


<Your Name>


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