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					PLATINUM ANTI-AGING SKINCARE In the year 2000, the world court of scientists met at The Hague in the Netherlands and broke the genetic code. They mapped out all of the genes in the human body which then made the science available for the creation of our Platinum Skincare Line. You may not remember that but you will remember the cloning of Dolly the Sheep! Scientists now know how your cells regenerate and they know how to recreate new cells and rebuild collagen! Women every day spend thousands of dollars at plastic surgeons’ offices getting laser treatments to increase collagen production. Using Platinum Skincare gives you the same results over time at a fraction of the cost! Aloette’s parent company owns the company which makes the skincare the plastic surgeons sell under their private labels for anywhere from $650-$750 per skincare system. Aloette Platinum gives you that same formula at a fraction of the cost! The ingredients for our Platinum Skincare system are made in the Glaxo Pharmaceuticals laboratory in France. I am going to introduce to you now the main ingredients that make Platinum Skincare work for you…Peptides at clinically-tested levels or higher (chains of amino acids which trick your skin into thinking it’s younger and it beings rebuilding new collagen and elastin…the fibers underneath the skin that keeps your skin firm and tight and Lumitone, a lightener and brightener to increase the radiance and natural glow to the skin…all wrapped in an Aloe delivery system to penetrate into the collagen and elastin levels which are several layers deep! Platinum is medical-grade skincare created to give you the most technologically-advanced performance skincare available anywhere in the world today!  Platinum is High Performance Skincare on the cutting edge with ingredients that are only found in the medical community. Our product is made in labs in France who are strictly making products for the medical community.

 A Peptide is a chain of amino acids that targets your individual skin’s needs and without irritation. It is more effective than Retinol, which has downtime such as redness, sun sensitivity and peeling of the skin.  Aloe Vera delivers the Peptides into the deep inner layers of the skin…the dermis.  Platinum improves 3 Things: Tone, Texture and Radiance: Tone: sagging skin, collagen breakdown, causes skin to act like young skin again Radiance: lackluster, thin or coarse, rough skin improves by 30% in just 28 days  Lumitone, an active ingredient in Platinum, contains 5 of the world’s leading brightening agents. It brightens, increases cell turnover and restores the skin’s matrix, which contains the building blocks of the skin itself.  Clinical trials on skin are done on a 28 day basis because it takes 28 days for the skin to complete its cycle of traveling to the surface. Aloette uses doubleblind clinical studies done by independent labs not affiliated in any way with Aloette itself. All Before and Afters are photos taken during these clinical trials  A child turns over new skin cells every 10 days…an adult every 28-30 days (Use Before and After Photos to show results)  Aloette uses “Clinically-tested” amounts of the active ingredients…many times doubling the amounts that were tested in clinical trials and proven to give results.  When you hear other companies say they have peptides, remember…if it doesn’t say “At Clinicallytested levels” it can be only one drop of the ingredient in a 10,000 gallon vat of product and they can make the claim that it is a Peptide formulation. You can be assured that Aloette’s peptide complexes are at the MINIMUM Clinically-tested levels but usually double or triple. Remember, Christie is a customer of her own product and she wants the most benefits clinically possible for her skin too!

 Good example of the above information: A competitor who sells a product claiming to be an alternative to Botox (such as our Line Relief) has Argeryline (the active ingredient that relaxes the facial muscles) as the 3rd to last ingredient in the product! Line Relief contains 15% Argeryline!  A good price comparison to use: Perricone (famous Dermatologist) has a peptide cream that contains ONE peptide and sells for $575 for one jar. Aloette’s Platinum Collection contains THREE of the hottest peptides available and at DOUBLE the clinically-tested amounts for only $239 for the entire 6 piece set!  Before and After Photos of peptide tested was using only one peptide. Aloette added three of the most effective peptides and doubled the strength in our Age Defiance Serum. Derma CL is the name of our 3 Peptide formula that is proprietary to Aloette alone! Here is a breakdown of the each incredible product in the Platinum Basic Value Package: Pure Radiance Cleanser A treatment and cleanser in one simple step…Pure Radiance Cleanser improves uneven, dull, blotchy skin with five benefits: 1. Cleanses the skin using NO sodium laurel sulfate (found in most all facials cleansers and same ingredient found in laundry detergent that strips the color from clothing. Strips the skin of its natural lipid barrier…basically its protective moisture barrier. This is one reason why sensitive skin is an epidemic in this country…sodium laurel sulfate stripping the skin of protection and leaving it vulnerable and sensitive). 2. Brightens the skin using Lumitone, Aloette’s proprietary blend of five of the world’s leading brightening agents. Aloette pioneered brightening in anti-aging skincare! 3. Exfoliates the skin using mild lactic acid from natural sources

4. Removes makeup gently and effectively without irritation 5. Detoxifies and purifies the skin Bio-Active Mist Spray on liquid peptides and Lumitone, harnessing the power of the Kombuchka mushroom (known as the long-life mushroom in Asia). Lumitone has been clinically-proven to reduce the ashy dull look and increase the brightness and radiance of the skin. Helps to maintain the skin’s lipid balance which protects skin from free radicals in the environment (pac men destroying collagen and elastin…the building blocks of the skin’s matrix or underpinning.) Bio Active Mist plumps up the look of skin cells all in an Aloe vera delivery system! Age Defiance Firming Serum with Restoracell The next generation of cosmeceutical skincare! Three of the hottest peptides direct from France! Age Defiance is age defying with a brain using peptides (chains of amino acids that mimics your skin’s own rejuvenation process without irritation. This helps plump up the skin’s own firming fibers. Clinically-tested levels of peptides actually target each individual’s own aging symptoms such as:  Dehydration  Blotchy skin  Dull skin  Rough skin  Irritated skin  Lines and Wrinkles  Age Spots and Discolorations Restoracell, takes Age Defying to a whole new level! Exclusive to Aloette, this is an enzyme that activates the sirtuins in the skin to prolong skin longevity and cell survival. Think of it as the energizer bunny for your skin cells…they just keep going and going and going…living longer thus signs of aging slowing! This is another cuttingedge breakthrough technology brought to you by Aloette!

World Congress of Dermatology called Age Defiance the finest anti-aging serum in the world today! Price Comparison: Perricone’s Neuro-Peptide Facial Conformer $570 for one small bottle! Cellular Day Defense Matrixyl: three of the hottest peptides on the market today to firm the skin, significantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, regain the cushioned look to cheeks and jaw line all with three different sun protection factors (spf’s) to protect the skin from free radicals (pac men that eat the collagen and elastin underneath the skin). Featured in Dermatology Times Magazine as one of the worlds finest cutting-edge technologically-advanced products on the market today anywhere in the world! Price Comparison: LaParie $140 for one jar of similar product! Advanced Night Recovery with Revivaderm While you are sleeping restore firmness to loose, sagging skin, improve the radiant glow to the skin, reducing the ashyness and dull look to skin and increasing the rosy look of young skin! Revivaderm increases cell metabolism! As we age our skin hardens and becomes flat (a process called glycation). Night Recovery restores the soft texture and suppleness of the skin while bringing back its youthful vibrance!