Virginia Tech Memorial Speech Analysis by hcj


									 S- Nikki Giovanni, VT English professor,
 O- Memorial ceremony of murdered
 A- The greater VT community: family,
  students, teachers
 P- To reflect and motivate
 S- Reaction to the shootings
 We Are Virginia Tech: Reflection and
  remorse (“We are Virginia Tech – We are
  Virginia Tech”)
 Global Helplessness: No one deserves a
  tragedy (“We do not understand…- We
  are Virginia Tech”)
 We Will Prevail: Inventing the Future (“The
  Hokie Nation” – end)
 Beginning: The tone starts as simplistically
 Middle (“We do not understand…)”:
  Empirically sympathetic
 End (The Hokie Nation…): Reflectively
 Uplifting: heart, strong, brave, unafraid,
 Progressive: possibilities, invent the future,
  continue, alive, through all our sadness
 Gloomy: sad, mourning, tragedy,
  devastated, killed, cry
   “We will prevail!”
    › Gives audience hope
   “We are strong and brave and innocent
    and unafraid.”
    › Provides motivation and shows the audience
      what positive characteristics they have
   “And sad enough to know we must
    laugh again.”
    › Shows concrete direction
1.   In this memorial speech, Nikki Giovanni
     methodically fulfills her purpose of
     unification by implementing group
     diction, powerful repetition, and a
     unique structure.
2.   Nikki Giovanni reinforces the idea of
     recovery through decisive syntax,
     positive repetition, and the
     contradictory pull.

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