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									                 Samskruti Indus Valley FAQs
1.   Who is the promoter for Indus Valley?
     Indus Valley is an eco-friendly residential project promoted by Samskruti Builders.

     Founded by a group of like-minded individuals, Samskruti Builders is walking down the path of the
     discovery of the endless possibilities of community responsibility, connectivity, social interaction,
     ecological preservation and smart communities. For more details please visit our website:
     www.samskruti.in or click here to find us on facebook.

2.   What are the plot sizes?
     We have three plot sizes: 30*50, 40*60, 50*80 and some odd sites.

3.   What are the payment terms?
     The payment is split into three parts as follows:
         a. 10% - Booking amount
         b. 20% - (14 days post dated cheque to be given while booking) – Sale agreement
         c. 70% - (45 days post dated cheque to be given while booking) - Registration

4.   What is this prelaunch offer?
     Before launching Samskruti Indus Valley Phase II to public, we thought we should first offer to our
     existing customers and their friends and family at a discount. This offer is only valid for 2 weeks.

5.   Is there a discount for full payment?
     Yes. We have very attractive discount for full payment during prelaunch period. Please speak to our sales
     team for more details.

6.   Is there a discount for group buying?
     Please speak to our sales team for more details.

7.   Is there a referral bonus?
     Yes, we strongly believe likeminded people will make the community vibrant. Apart from being close to
     your friends and family, you would also be entitled to a referral bonus. Please speak our sales team for
     more details.

8.   Who will maintain the layout in future?
     Samskruti would be maintaining the layout - a small layout maintenance charge is collected per year. The
     maintenance includes protection from encroachments/occupancy, security, and landscaping.

9.   What is the current status of Phase I?
     Apart from marking the sites and completed underground sewage lines, electricity lines, cabling, LED
     lighting, two kinds of water connections to every plot, planted trees, rainwater harvesting, laid roads and
     many more. You could check the latest photos here.

            Samskruti Builders, #12, RR Heights, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-560076
                    (080) 4165-0999, (080) 4165 0777 or (+91) 99162 17777
10. What is new in Phase II?
    Phase II is going to have a well equipped clubhouse with all modern amenities matching international
    standards, an outdoor play area, large parks, amphitheatre and many more features.

    Apart from the above, Phase II would also have water management and energy efficient systems which
    we had in Phase I. We have dug around 450+ wells in both phases for water harvesting, which translates
    to holding and percolating over 30-lakh liters on a rainy day.

11. When will the clubhouse be functional?
    A 3.75 acre clubhouse is planned Phase II and is expected to be functional by late 2013 and completed by

12. Will you be constructing villas for us here?
    Several of our clients from Phase I have asked us to construct villas for them here. We would be working
    on a proposal for the same and sharing with them very soon. We are looking at renting/leasing the
    properties to Corporates when the clubhouse is functional. This would not only bring a good source of
    revenue but also appreciates the value for your property.

13. When can I start construction on my property?
    We recommend you wait till later this year. You will hear from us about the construction proposal.

14. Who would maintain the clubhouse?
    We are looking at some top management agencies for maintaining and running the clubhouse. Once the
    agency is appointed, Samskruti would be monitoring the same.

15. Can I choose and plant trees on my site?
    We have collected a list of plants based on the suitability of the soil and climate in the area. These are not
    just for decoration but also fruit yielding and vegetable plants. Please speak to our sales team to get a list
    of plants.

16. What are the steps & measures taken for the following points?
       a. Sewage – A sewage treatment plant is planned at site no – 102 (Phase I)
       b. Water supply – With the rainwater harvesting and water management practices we have
           adopted, we would have more than enough water in the area. Bore wells have been dug out and
           we also have 450+ wells in both the phases. We have reserved/cut some plots for building
       c. Power / Electricity –While solar power caters to the fencing, we will lay underground cables to
           each plot. The sites in Phase-I are practically in plug-n-play mode.

17. What is the travel time from various points?
    The existing road widening (to 4-lane) to Hoskote has already started by Lanco Infra. Please note that
    Hoskote to KR Puram is already expanded as 6-lane freeway. Here are some of the driving times from
    Samskruti Indus Valley.
        a. Bangalore International Airport – 30 to 40 mins
        b. Whitefield – 30 to 40 mins
        c. KR Puram – 30 to 40 mins

            Samskruti Builders, #12, RR Heights, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-560076
                    (080) 4165-0999, (080) 4165 0777 or (+91) 99162 17777
18. What are the options for bank loans?
    Bank loans are available through ICICI.

19. What will be the loan amount sanctioned by the bank?
    Usually the amount sanctioned is around 75 - 80% of registration value.

20. What are the cancellation charges?
    Before sale agreement – zero charges (100 % refund)
    After sale agreement – 2% of total consideration value

21. When can I register the site? Is there a deadline?
    Registrations are open from April 2012. You can register within three months from the date of booking.
    Special extension is provided on case-by-case basis.

22. Will you help me in selling the property in future?
    We can help you with the resale. But we strongly suggest you to wait until the completion of development
    of Phase II and clubhouse. With the weekend home plans and external developments like highway
    widening, SEZs, we anticipate higher ROI.

23. Will there be a phase-3 and what would be coming?
    Yes! With the functional club house, we anticipate phase-3 be combination of houses for retirement
    community and weekend homes. This could bring better appreciation to the existing plot owners.

24. How do I reach sales team?
    Better person to contact is mentioned in the cover letter. You can always reach us at sales@samskruti.in
    or +91-99162-17777 or +91-80-41650999. Please see www.samskruti.in for more info.

25. What are other projects that Samskruti is working currently?
    In addition to Samskruti Indus Valley, we are working on two projects: Samskruti Maurya – integrated eco
    village near Electronic City and Samskruti Hoysala – boutique apartments near Sarjapur/Outer Ring Road.

           Samskruti Builders, #12, RR Heights, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore-560076
                   (080) 4165-0999, (080) 4165 0777 or (+91) 99162 17777

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