Holistic Dentistry _ Anti-Aging by keara


									Ron Ehrlich will be presenting at

2nd Australian Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Medicine Conference September 6-7, 2008 Swissotel, Market St. Sydney 2000. Holistic Dentistry, Anti-Aging & Aesthetics
Ron Ehrlich BDS ( Syd Uni) FACNEM (Dent) Sydney Holistic Dental Centre www.shdc.com.au Holistic Dentistry relates oral health to general health. As we age optimal health becomes, not only a goal but also a necessity. The orofacial region is often overlooked by health professionals and yet has widespread implications for our patients’ health for many reasons  Common site of chronic inflammation and infections  Potential for toxicity in the choice of restorative materials  Impact on chronic musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction  Impact on posture and airway  Impact on sleep quality  Reflecting poor nutritional status  Identification of subclinical defects eg. pH imbalance, excess of free calcium  Cosmetic impact of a smile. An overview of these issues will be presented.

Goals & Objectives
1. Overview of issues relating oral health to anti-aging 2. Presentation of treatment options 3. Case presentations of cosmetic dental procedures

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