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					BERLIN BOARD OF POLICE COMMISSION A regular meeting of the Board of Police Commission was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, March 14, 2005 in the conference room, Berlin Police Department, Berlin, CT. PRESENT: Chairman Robert Peters, Vice –Chairman Anita Miller, Commissioners Lori St. Jarre, Anthony Letizio, Robert Clark, Police Chief, Paul Fitzgerald and Recording Secretary, Marie Ralph. APPROVAL OF MINUTES-FEBRUARY 8 AND MARCH 3, 2005: Commissioner Letizio moved to approve the February 8 th minutes with the correction of the word “Hot Dogs, seconded by Commissioner St. Jarre. The motion carried unanimously. Commissioner Miller moved to approve the March 3 rd minutes as presented, seconded by Commissioner Letizio. The motion carried unanimously. AUDIENCE OF CITIZENS: None CORRESPONDENCE AND NEWS ARTICLES OF IMPORTANCE TO THE COMMISSION: The Town Manager approved the Police Budget. The Town Council is still holding hearings. A memo from Chief Fitzgerald was read regarding reassignments. They are as follows: Sergeant Scott Calderone will be assigned as Sergeant of Detectives within the Operations Division, effective March 7, 2005. Sergeant Chris Ciuci will be assigned as Sergeant within the Support Services Division, effective March 7, 2005. Sergeant Thomas Hodolitz will be assigned as Patrol Sergeant within the operations Division, effective March 8, 2005.

Board of Police Commission Page/2 Detective Todd Lentini will be assigned as Youth Officer within the Operations Division, effective March 7, 2005. Officer Palaia and Gould will pick up Todd Lentini’s position for the time being. A memo from Chief Fitzgerald was read regarding overtime payment for two assignments that may overlap. In no case will Officers receive payment for two assignments that may overlap. Officer Stan Solek found $4700.00 in cash and returned it to its rightful owner. Chairman Peters will send a letter of praise for Officer Solek’s professionalism. A memo from Acting Town Manager Herman Middlebrooks was read regarding a DUI Grant Application, which Chief Fitzgerald will apply for. The Grant total is $6,695.00 with a 75%/25% split between the Department of Highway Safety and the Town of Berlin. A Press Release was read regarding the four establishments found to be in violation for selling cigarettes to minors. They are as follows: 7-Eleven food Store Kensington Market Inc. CVS Pharmacy Berlin Convenience & Deli It should also be noted that several businesses were found to be in compliance. A letter was read from Chairman Peters to Paul Chant declining his request to remain on the Force as a Supernumerary. The Police Commission Association will hold a Distinctive Service Award on March 30, 2005 at the Belvidere Banquet Facility. A memo to Herman Middlebrooks from Chief Fitzgerald was read regarding his requests for the Animal Control Shelter, Dispatch Staffing, School Resource Officer, Traffic Enforcement Enhancements and Homeland Security projects. The Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association will be canvassing for fundraising. This organization is not affiliated with our local Police Department. TRAFFIC REPORTS/STUDIES/SURVEYS: T005-1 Proposed Bus Stop Location-Tabled

Board of Police Commission Page/3 This item will remain tabled. However, Chief Fitzgerald stated that the proposed bus stop location is moving forward. Winesap Road-parking Area-Tabled Chief Fitzgerald met with both sides regarding Winesap Road. The meeting was well attended by both sides. The Ordinance Committee does not want to introduce a leash law. Chief Fitzgerald stated that if the Department receives complaints, the Police would respond. The dog owners formed a Committee hoping to be good neighbors to the residents of Winesap Road. Chief Fitzgerald will work with both groups. The Animal Control Officer will spot check dog owners in the park. Griswold School Parking Lot Officer Tralli met with Principal Laurie Jerpen to recommend traffic patterns for drop off and pick up areas. Patterson Way-Parking Lot-Tabled Chief Fitzgerald stated that there is nothing new on this item. He spoke to Superintendent Richard Paskiewicz on how to improve the traffic patterns at the High School. He will meet with the Board of Education and Mr. Paskiewicz next week. T005-3-Lower Lane-Hidden Driveway Sign Request Chairman Peters feels that if a hidden driveway sign is requested, it should be at the expense of the homeowner. Chief Fitzgerald stated that the sign should have gone up when the house was built. Commissioner St, Jarre moved to approve the hidden driveway sign, seconded by Commissioner Letizio. The motion carried unanimously. ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS’ REPORT: The Animal Control report was reviewed and discussed with no issues seen. BUDGETS REVIEW AND UPDATES: Police Department The Police Department budget was reviewed and discussed. A transfer of money for overtime will take place by April 1 st.

Board of Police Commission Page/4 Animal Control Department The Animal Control Department budget was reviewed and discussed with no issues seen. CHIEF’S REPORT: The Chief’s report was reviewed and discussed, noting that Officer Anthony Salvatore is out due to an off-duty car accident. The Chief’s monthly activities were discussed. Youth Officers’ Report for February Officer Hodolitz submitted his monthly community/youth policing report noting his many activities for the month of February. All moving violations and statistical reports were reviewed and discussed. OLD BUSINESS: Update on Animal Control building and location Chief Fitzgerald and Jan Lund, Animal Control Officer met with the Building Commission regarding the new building location on the Bradley property, Chamberlain Highway. A cost estimate is needed. There will be an allocation of $5,000 for an architect and the RFP will come after that. The Town Engineer positioned 2 different sites. It would be more cost effective to position the building closer to the road. Commissioner Clark raised concerns regarding vandalism. Chairman Peters suggested having a German Shepherd dog on the property, and the Chief suggested motion detector lights. Chief Fitzgerald stated that a perimeter fence would also deter vandalism. NEW BUSINESS: Discussion on Thompson Road and Oak Ridge Drive situation The court case between Mr. Rogan and the Rungee’s has been continued. Mr. Rogan has applied for accelerated rehabilitation. Chairman Peters stated that he is only concerned with the police action in this matter. Sergeant Caderone will establish a file with reports directed to him. Chief Fitzgerald stated that he is moving forward, not going back in history. Chief Fitzgerald will keep the Commissioners abreast of any happenings.

Board of Police Commission Page/5 EXECUTIVE SESSION: Commissioner Clark moved to go into Executive Session at 8:32 p.m., seconded by Commissioner Letizio to discuss the following items: Update on hiring for Patrol Officers Confidential Employee Position Evaluation of Chief of Police Litigation by and against Police Department The motion carried unanimously. Chief Fitzgerald will remain and the Recording Secretary will leave the room. Update on hiring for Patrol Officers Commissioner Letizio moved to have the Chief proceed with the #1 candidate on the list, seconded by Commissioner Clark. The motion carried unanimously. Confidential Employee Position This item was tabled. Evaluation of Chief of Police This item was tabled. The Commissioners will take action after I year of service (6/30/05) Litigation by and against Police Department No action was taken. ADJOURNMENT: Commissioner St. Jarre moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m., seconded by Commissioner Miller. The motion carried unanimously. Respectfully Submitted,

Marie Ralph, Recording Secretary

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