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					                                   The Advisor
                          Thomas Jefferson School of Law
                               August 24, 2009

Avoid Parking Problems:
Please Do Not Park on Streets East or South of TJSL
Since the fall semester
begins, please be advised of
two key issues relating to                                         Bandini
                                                                    W. California
You must obtain a new
 parking permit for this
semester if you plan to park
in a TJSL parking lot. If you
park in the school lots with-
out a valid permit, you will be
warned. If you park again
without a permit you will be            TJSL                              San Diego
ticketed. A third violation
will result in your car being

Also, you must provide your license plate number to Linda Peasley in the Registrars Office in
CYB on the second floor, even if you don’t apply for a parking permit. TJSL must be able to
identify every student vehicle.

As you know, the law school provides parking for students in designated lots. It is important
that students not park in the area around the school outlined in red. In an effort to be
courteous to our neighbors, please do not take up the spaces they need for their business
visitors, relatives and friends. In the past neighbors have contacted the school reporting that
students have blocked their driveways. Thus, it is vital that students refrain from
parking in the neighborhood.

The security guards will post flyers on any car parking in the neighborhood. They also will
record the permit number or license plate number. Repeat violators will be referred to
Associate Dean and General Counsel Jeffrey Joseph.
                                           Adjunct Honored!
                                           Thomas Jefferson School of Law adjunct professor Maria
                                           Gee recently won the 6th Annual Asian Heritage Award
                                           for Media & Film, at a ceremony held aboard the carrier
                                           U.S.S. Midway.

                                           "The Asian Heritage Society did an amazing job of bring-
                                           ing people from different communities together," said
                                           Professor Gee, who teaches Mandarin Chinese at the law
                                           school. "There were so many wonderful and talented
                                           Asian American nominees and awardees, and I felt very
                                           proud to be among them."

                                     According to the official website, "The Asian Heritage
 Maria Gee
                                     Awards are an opportunity for the community to learn
 Photo by Areeluck Parnsoonthorn,
                                     about an individual or organization's work and appreciate
 Courtesy of ASIA The Journal of Culture
 and Commerce                        it by acknowledging it as part of a voting process. All of
                                     the nominees and winners were nominated by their peers
or individuals familiar with their work. The award embodies the values of achievement,
accomplishment heritage and legacy.”

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart, this couldn't have happened without your
support," said Professor Gee. ‘It was a fantastic ceremony and I want to especially thank
everyone who attended. This award couldn't have meant as much if you weren't all there to
share the special moment with me.”

The Asian Heritage Award was created by Len Novarro, the publisher of ASIA, The Journal of
Culture & Commerce, prominent voice of the Asian community in San Diego.

Program Bio: Maria Gee, whose Chinese name is LI Xia, is a professor and documentarian.
She was born and raised in China and worked as a writer and editor in a television station
for 11 years before immigrating to US in 1992. Her new documentary film "Adrift Without
Roots" explores how immigrants adapted to their new lives in a new country, has been
shown on Educational Channel for two years and many universities have used it in Asian
Study programs."

                        CONGRATULATIONS To TJSL’s
                        Peggy Browning Recipients:

                        2L DEA FRANCK & 3L Cara Maas

      Cara Maas, 3L
                     Dea and Cara were selected as this year’s Peggy Browning recipi-
                     ents for their outstanding commitment to worker’s rights and
                     public interest law. They will represent Thomas Jefferson School
                     of Law at the annual student labor conference in Maryland, which
    Dea Franck, 2L   is an extraordinary opportunity to network with fellow law
                     students, top labor law attorneys, professors, nonprofit attor-
neys and government officials.

For more information about the Peggy Browning Fund, please see Dovie King in Career
Services or Professor Susan Bisom-Rapp.

                       Hours of operation
                       Monday -Thursday 7:30 a.m.- 7 p.m. and
                       Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

♦   Soup of the Week is Chicken Pozzole. Chicken, vegetables & hominy
♦   Monday- Chicken Tostada with black beans, romaine, cheddar & jack cheese, diced to-
    mato and avocado with Southwestern ranch $5.99
♦   Tuesday- Southwest Chicken Sandwich on foccacia with roasted peppers, pepper jack,
    chili aioli, lettuce & tomato. Served w/ pasta salad $5.99
♦   Wednesday- Philly Cheesesteak with French Fries $6.50
♦   Thursday- Buffalo Chicken Wrap served with pasta salad $6.50
♦   Friday- BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich served w/ cole slaw $6.50

              TJSL Board of Trustees member is the first Latino chief of
                        the Chula Vista Police Department.
            Board of Trustees member David Bejarano has been named as the new Chief of
            Police for the City of Chula Vista. The City Council approved the appointment
            on Tuesday, August 11.

Mr. Bejarano was the City of San Diego’s first Latino police chief from 1999 to 2003, and
former U.S. Marshal for San Diego and Imperial Counties. He has served on Thomas Jeffer-
son's Board of Trustees since April of 2006. "We are very pleased that one of our distin-
guished board members has been selected as a major law enforcement official in San Diego
County," said Thomas Jefferson Dean Rudy Hasl.

                                                  Football Teams are forming NOW!
                                                  Sign-ups will end on August 26 and the
                                                  forms are available in the SBA Office in
                                                  CYB. A mandatory captain's meeting will
                                                  be held on the August27. First games will
                                                  be held on August, 30 in Mission Bay Park.
                                                  Talk to Jessica Stocks, your SBA Athletic

                                   TO PARTICIPATE!

                                Monday, August 24, 6 p.m.
                                Student Bar Association Community Committee Meeting
                                Location: CYB

                                 Networking and showing prior experience on your resume
                                 is vital to your success after completing law school (think
                                 ahead). Many of the recent graduates, as well as 3L's and
                                 administration have recommended focusing on our stud-
                                 ies, while also creating and developing networks. Being a
                                 part of the Community Committee is an excellent oppor-
 tunity to assist people in our community, build your resume and further develop your own
 marketable skills. Please come to the meeting for more info! Contact info:

Soros Fellowship Application Now Available
Deadline to apply is October 14
Soros Justice Advocacy Fellowships are a post-graduate opportunity. Soros provides
funding for law students to initiate innovative legal projects in criminal justice to address
the over-reliance on incarceration and harsh punishment, and the lack of equal justice—
especially for people of color and the poor. Please contact Dovie King in Career Services for
more information. Applications are available at

1L Ari Stein’s Law School “Blawg”

It is the eve of my first day of classes at Thomas Jeffer-
son School of Law, and I couldn’t be more nervous. I’ve
finished my preliminary assignments, which, contrary
to their intended purpose, have left me feeling less than
prepared for my upcoming classes. It’s as if the books
were written in hieroglyphics. I sure hope I bump into an
ancient Egyptian on my way to Civil Procedures tomor-
 Perhaps this is exactly how it should be. Maybe it’s all
going according to plan. My first case brief is supposed
to look like the mad scribbling of an insane person and
that I’m supposed to feel like a child wandering into the
middle of a movie. It could be that the evil geniuses behind the law school curriculum want
me to be reduced to a single-cell amoeba floating through time so that over these next few
years I can evolve into a lawyer standing on my own two feet. If that is their plan, congratu-
lations are in order, because they have succeeded.
 It is my hope that by my next entry, I will have mastered the legal jargon, and I will be a
walking Lexis Nexis. I have an eerie feeling, though, that this will not be the case. The truth
is, this is going to be the biggest challenge of my young life, and all I can do is work as hard
as I possibly can.

Be sure to check out all of Ari’s “blowg’s” on the TJSL website at
A message from Career Services…
Dear Law Students,
TJSL is committed to increasing our students’ professional development through expo-
sure to outside networking and job opportunities. With this in mind, the law school will be
periodically sending out professional, law related conference information out to all
students via emails or the Career Services eNews letter. With this in mind, we would like
to bring to the attention of our students the following conference:

The National LGBT Bar Association Fair and Conference will be held in September of
2009. For more information, log onto Several members
of our law school community have requested and received some level of sponsorship for
the conference and we wanted to ensure that this information was widely disseminated
to all interested students. This conference is unique in that there is a career fair compo-
nent that includes the opportunity to meet and interview with a wide variety of law firms
throughout the nation. If you are a student interested in attending the conference and
you have not already applied for sponsorship, please contact Lisa Ferreira at

                     Thursday, August 25, Noon - 12:50 p.m.
                     Career Services presents Navy Jag Corps Informational Session
                     Location: CYB Conference Room

                     LT. J.G. Jennifer Meyers will be visiting the TJSL campus to share
                     information and answer questions about what it is like to be an
                     attorney for the Navy JAG Corps. RSVP to

                      Thursday, August 27, Noon-1 p.m. & 5-6 p.m.
                      TJSL Student Organization Club Rush
                      Location: CYB
                      This Is your opportunity to meet with student organizations and
                      get involved around campus. Snacks and refreshments will be
                      provided by Indigo Cafe and hosted by Student Services. For more
                      information, contact

                   Thursday, August 27, 5 p.m.
                   Law Students for Reproductive Justice “Sex Trivia Contest”
                   Location: Fred’s Mexican Café in old town
                   Be sure to show up at 5 p.m. to form your teams; trivia starts at 5:30.
                   LSRJ will provide appetizers & prizes. Buy raffle tickets for $1 at the
                   LSRJ table on 8/27 in CYB. The First 10 people through the door get a
                   prize. For more information, contact Info:

                    Thursday, August 27, 5:30- 7:30 p.m.
                    Networking Event hosted by
                    The Lawyers Club Student Committee
                    Location: WineStyles, 928 Orange Avenue, Coronado, CA 92118
                    Phone: 619-365-4953
                    Complimentary appetizers & networking
                    Lawyers Club of San Diego is a voluntary bar association, comprised of
                    female and male attorneys, judges, law students and others in the San
Diego community who share our interests and goals. For more information, contact Carla
Galindez at , Lawyers Club Student Committee Co-Chair.

                               Thursday, August 27, 7 p.m.
                               Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity Rocking Networking Event
                               with Live Band Karaoke
                               Location: 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach
                               Are you ready to Rock? Then this event is for you! The TJSL
                               chapter of Phi Alpha Delta is inviting you to come out and
                               show off the “Rock Star” in you! For additional information,
                               contact Brett Goda at

              Friday, August 28, 5 p.m.
              Wildlife Movie Night - Counting Sheep

             Saturday, August 29, 6 p.m.
             Student Bar Association’s Back to School Bash
             Location: San Diego Rowing Club in Mission Beach
             Come join all of your faculty, staff, and classmates for free food and free
             refreshments. Please bring your family and friends for an evening of bayside fun
             and reunite with old friends and get to know some new ones. It will be a great
way to kick off the 2009-2010 year! For more information, contact,

                          Wednesday, September 2, Noon-1 p.m.
                          APALSA First General Meeting
                          Location: CYB, Moot Court Room
                          APALSA will discuss upcoming legal events for the year, elect
a secretary, and talk about plans for the year! $20 membership dues also will be
collected. RSVP

                    Wednesday, September 2, 11:15 a.m. -12:45 p.m.
                    La Raza Law Student Association’s First General Meeting
                    Location: CYB 201
                    La Raza invites you to our first general meeting. Meeting will in-
                    clude tips for ILs and welcome to returning students. Lunch will
provided! For more information, contact La Raza at

                 Wednesday, September 2, 6:30 p.m. – 9 p.m.
                 Location: Mission Point, Mission Bay
                 La Raza Law Student Association and the International Law Society’s
                 Bonfire. Come enjoy smores, hot dogs & hamburgers. So come on
                 down to the beach, hang out by the fire and learn more about these

                                   Thursday, September 3, 4:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.
                                   First Annual IP Career Day 2009
                                   IP Strategies, Patents and Trademarks
                                   Location: CYB100
Cost: $10 At-the-door Free for TJSL Students
 RSVP Donna Gehlken at
Career Services, the Intellectual Property Law Association and the Association of Corpo-
rate Counsel are pleased to present a program on Intellectual Property, IP Strategies and
IP Mergers & Acquisitions. Join legal experts in the field who will explore career develop-
ments in intellectual property and share alternative career paths based on recent develop-

                                  Library Research

Whether you need a research refresher before you start your paper, or you’d like to be
prepared to research your Legal Writing memo topic, library mini-classes will be of benefit
to you. Please join June MacLeod at the library circulation desk to attend these many short
and effective research classes.

                               Mini-Class Schedule
   Class                                   Date                           Time
  What is a treatise?                      Fri, Sept 4                    pm

  What is a digest?                        Fri, Sept 4                    5:45-6 pm
  What is a treatise?                      Mon, Sept 7                    11:45 am

  What is a digest?                        Mon, Sept 7                    11:45-noon
  What is a treatise?                      Wed, Sept 9                    11:30 am
  Deciphering legal                                                       11:30-
  abbreviations                            Wed, Sept 9                    11:45 am
  Using ThomCat, our online                                               2:30-2:45
  catalog                                  Wed, Sept 9                    pm
  What is a digest?                        Thu, Sept 10                   am
  Why use legal                                                           11:30-
  encyclopedias?                           Thu, Sept 10                   11:45 am

  Research guidelines                      Thu, Sept 24                   11:30-noon

  Locating a case                          Thu, Sept 24                   noon-12:15

  Locating a case                          Fri, Sept 25                   6 -6:15 pm
  Locating a statute                       Fri, Sept 25                   pm
  Locating a statute                       Mon, Sept 28                   11:45 am

  Research guidelines                      Mon, Sept 28                   noon-12:30

                  Wednesday, September 16, 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
                  Career Services Presents: Panel Discussion on
                  Careers in Bankruptcy Law
                  Location: CYB 100
                  RSVP: Dovie King at
                  Lunch Will Be Provided
Career opportunities in bankruptcy are booming. Many employers are hiring bankruptcy
attorneys to work in government, nonprofit agencies, academia and private firms. Come
learn from the experts why now is an exciting time to pursue a career in bankruptcy, the
challenges facing business and consumer debtors in today’s economy, and how best to
prepare to enter this field.

Moderator: Assistant Dean Arnold Rosenberg
♦   Barbara Stief (TJSL ’94), Certified Bankruptcy Specialist, Law Office of Barbara Stief,
    San Diego
♦   Catherine Bauer, U.S. Attorney’s Office/Bankruptcy Division, Los Angeles
♦   Ole Oleson, Judicial Law Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, San Diego
♦   Marisa Hawkins, Public Counsel’s Debtor Assistance Project, Los Angeles
♦   Darrel Harrison, Director, San Diego Miramar College Paralegal School

Do you have experience in the area of bankruptcy or have you taken bankruptcy courses?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California has an exciting extern-
ship opportunity for fall 2009. The extern will work in the chambers of the Honorable
Louise DeCarl Adler. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court is located in downtown San Diego at The
Jacob Weinberger U.S.Courthouse, 325 West F Street.| The extern will have the opportu-
nity to participate in pretrial conferences, hearings, and trials. The extern will also do
research and draft judicial opinions, orders, and emergency motions.

Requirements: 2L, 3L. Applicants must have bankruptcy experience or have taken bank-
ruptcy courses in law school. This is an unpaid position; academic credit may be available
via the Externship Program. Visit the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of
California website at

Interested students should contact Judge Adler’s judicial assistant Roma London at
619-557-5661 for consideration for the externship.

                        EQUAL JUSTICE WORKS FELLOWSHIP
                        Deadline to apply is September 16

                         Third year law students and recent graduates applying for the
                         Equal Justice Works Fellowship must submit their application
materials electronically by noon on September 16. Letters of recommendation must be
received by mail (not fax) by noon on September 16.

The Equal Justice Works Fellowships Program was launched in 1992 to address the short-
age of attorneys working on behalf of traditionally under-served populations and causes in
the United States and its territories. Recognizing that many obstacles prevent commit-
ted attorneys from practicing public interest law, including the dearth of entry-level jobs
and daunting educational debts, the program provides financial and technical support to
lawyers working on innovative and effective legal projects. The two-year Fellowships offer
salary and generous loan repayment assistance; a national training and leadership develop-
ment program; and other forms of support during the term of the Fellowship. For more
information, please visit
or contact Dovie King in Career Services at

                    Saturday, October 3, Tailgate 5:30 Game 7:05
                Alumni Relations presents Networking, Food & Baseball!
                    Location Petco Park 100 Park Blvd. Down Town
       $20 per person– includes tailgate party! Tickets must be paid for in advance

                                 Faculty Updates
                                  Marjorie Cohn
Radio:         John Yoo returns to teach at UC Berkeley Law School, Flashpoints, KPFA,
               (Berkeley, CA), Aug 17, 2009

The 2009 Conference of the National Latino/a Law Student Association will be hosted by
DePaul University College of Law and held September 24-26, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. In
addition to professional development workshops and panels that address current legal
issues affecting the Latino community, conference attendees will also benefit from a Ca-
reer Expo and LLM Fair, as well networking events. To obtain more information about the
conference and to register, please visit For more information,
contact Career Services.

                                       Potential customers are listening.
                                       Are you talking?

                                       ♦   Have immediate exposure to students in
                                           the area
                                       ♦   Gain interest and start conversations
                                       ♦   Create traffic
                                       ♦   Move merchandise and establish your brand
                                       ♦   Convenient and affordably priced

                                       To advertise contact, Brandi Haefs at

                 August / September 2009

23   Sun         24   Mon      25   Tue        26   Wed         27    Thu            28   Fri         29   Sat
Be sure to                                                      Noon-1 p.m. &
                 6 p.m.                        Indigo Cafe      5-6 p.m.             5 p.m.           6 p.m.
check your       Student Bar                   hours are                                              Student Bar
TJSL email for
                                                                TJSL Student         Wildlife Movie
                 Association                   Monday -         Org. Club Rush       Night            Association’s
Externship                                                      Location: CYB
                 Community                     Thursday                                               Back to
opportunities.                                                                       Counting
                 Committee                     7:30 a.m.- 7                                           School Bash
Or stop by the                                                  5 p.m. Law           Sheep
Externship       Meeting       The Spring      p.m. and         Students for
                                                                                                      Location: San
and Pro Bono     Location:     Declaration     Friday 7:30      Reproductive                          Diego Rowing
Office located   CYB           is available on a.m. - 4 p.m.    Justice Sex Trivia                    Club in
on the first                   line at:                         Contest                               Mission
floor of the          Amendment          Location: Fred’s                      Beach
                                                                Mexican Café
LLB.                           publications 19, giving
                                               women in the     5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
                                               United           The Lawyers Club
                                               States the       Student
                                               right to vote,   Committee’s
                                               proclaimed,      Event . Location
                                               August 26,       WineStyles,
                                               1920.            Coronado

                                                                7 p.m, Phi Alpha
                                                                Delta Law Frater-
                                                                nity Rocking
                                                                Networking Event
                                                                Location: 710
                                                                Beach Club in
                                                                Pacific Beach

30               31            September       2                03                   04               05
                               01              Noon-1 p.m.
                                               APALSA           4:30 p.m. – 8
                               German          First General    p.m.
6 p.m.                                                          First Annual IP
                               troops          Meeting
SBA Meeting                                    Location: CYB,   Career Day 2009
                               invaded                          IP Strategies,
CYB Student                                    Moot Court
                               Poland,                          Patents and
Lounge                                         Room
                               starting                         Trademarks
                               World War II                     Location:
                                               6:30 – 9 p.m.    CYB100
                               in Europe,      Location:        Cost: $10
                               September       Mission Point,   At-the-door
                               1, 1939.        Mission Bay      Free for TJSL
                                               La Raza & the    students
                                               International    RSVP:
                                               Law Society’s    dgehlken@

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