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Ten Years of Growth and Success - State Policy Network


									          Ten Years of Growth and Success
State Policy Network comes full                                State Policy Network exists because the influence of
circle this year with its first Board                          state policy groups broadens every day and demand
Leadership Training Conference                                 for their expertise is overwhelming. There are few
in Colorado Springs and its 10th                               non-profit organizations that can attribute their exis-
Annual Meeting in Indianapolis.                                tence to such an outpouring of market demand.”
Coincidentally, SPN was launched
in Indianapolis in November 1991,                            SPN’s original mission was the same as it is today—to
incorporated early in 1992, and held                         encourage and strengthen cooperation among autono-
its first Annual Meeting, the “Con-                          mous state-based think tanks. Byron Lamm commented
ference of State Policy Groups,” in                          on “the old days,”
Colorado Springs that August.           Carl Helstrom
                                                               “SPN only worked because there was an understand-
Fourteen state think tanks joined SPN at that first annual     ing that the participating organizations were more
meeting. The new organization was funded by the Adolph         important than SPN. Pioneers in the movement—Joe
Coors Foundation, the McCamish Foundation of Atlanta,          and Diane Bast at Heartland, John Andrews, then at
Georgia, The JM and Smith Richardson Foundations in            the Independence Institute, Larry Reed at Mackinac,
New York City, and The Roe Foundation of Greenville,           Stan Marshall and John Cooper at the James Madi-
South Carolina. Tom Roe, founder of the South Carolina         son Institute, Fritz Steiger at Texas Public Policy
Policy Council, signed on as Chairman. Byron Lamm, a           Foundation, and Tom Roe—knew there were some
founder of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, became        things that could be done to serve common interests
Executive Director. An early proposal for funding summa-       and needs, but any compromise of the institutions’
rized the needs of those pioneering policy entrepreneurs:      independence would be disastrous. “

  “During the developmental years most state policy          I believe it is fitting to include a few special words about
  organizations’ main mission was survival. Once they        Tom Roe. Two years after he passed away, we are still
  survived the critical founding years, they became          enjoying the fruits of his dedication, hard work, and inge-
  conscious of the overwhelming lessons to be learned        nuity. His personality and principles permeated SPN and
  through interaction with similar organizations. Sev-       continue to govern the way it provides services and plans
  eral of the maturing state policy groups have been         for the future. Tom was one of a kind. He possessed the
  overburdened with requests from fledgling outfits          finest characteristics of a Southern gentleman—generous
  starving for information on how to start a think tank
  in their state.                                                              Continued on page 2
                                                              Continued from page 1

to a fault; a faithful friend; strong in battle; always ready                 and innovative opportunities to advance freedom and free
to put his resources and talents to work in fulfillment of                    enterprise and participate actively in the public policy-
a worthy goal. He was a quiet man who believed pas-                           making process. SPN programs have complemented the
sionately in individual liberty. He was an entrepreneur                       efforts of state groups by regularly surveying and com-
who knew the hard work it takes to bring ideas down to                        municating with their leaders and providing them with
earth and make dreams into reality. In many ways, we                          targeted resources to meet their individual needs.
are still living Tom Roe’s legacy.                                            We will continue our work behind the scenes on behalf of
SPN’s success is also due to two of its chief executives,
Byron Lamm and Tracie Sharp. Both possess an extraordi-                       “State Policy Network exists because the influence
nary understanding of an exciting new field that changes                        of state policy groups broadens every day and
daily and requires a rare combination of diplomacy and                           demand for their expertise is overwhelming.
skill. Like the policy entrepreneurs they have served,                          There are few non-profit organizations that can
Byron and Tracie belong to a breed that are born, not                           attribute their existence to such an outpouring
made. Without them SPN would not be the healthy,                                               of market demand.”
respected organization it is today.                                                                                      Byron S. Lamm, SPN Board Member
                                                                                                                               and Founding Executive Director
    SPN programs have complemented the efforts
     of state groups by regularly surveying and                               the state policy research community with the quiet tenacity
   communicating with their leaders and providing                             learned from Tom Roe, who demonstrated the importance
        them with targeted resources to meet                                  of promoting liberty and free enterprise throughout the
                their individual needs.                                       United States. Tom would shy away from the credit I have
                                                                              given him here, quickly acknowledging the strength and
I wish I had the space to thank each of SPN’s advisors,                       wisdom he drew from the state policy entrepreneurs he
Board members and donors individually. It is an honor                         admired so much as colleagues and friends. Let us keep
and a pleasure to know and work with every one of them,                       that spirit of mutual respect and cooperation alive as we
and I look forward to new challenges we will face together.                   continue our worthy quest.
If the last decade has any bearing on the next, our work
is cut out for us. The number of state think tanks tripled                       Carl Helstrom is the Chairman of State Policy
over the past ten years.                                                         Network and Associate Executive Director of The JM
Ours is still a young industry with great advancements yet
to be made. Market-oriented state think tanks are continu-
ally breaking new ground, giving American citizens new

                                                                                                 STATE POLICY NETWORK™
           SPN NEWS • FALL 2002 • VOL 3 • ISSUE 3                                                    Tracie Sharp, President
      SPN News reports on issues of importance to state-based, market-                        Ford A. Anderson II, Senior Advisor
      oriented, non-profit public policy research organizations. Draw-
                                                                                                 Dr. Jo Kwong, Project Director
      ing from current updates and events from within the industry,
      the publication provides timely information on the most pressing                         Annette Meeks, Director of Events
                                                                                            6255 Arlington Boulevard, Richmond, CA 94805
      issues facing public policy state think tank executives. State Policy                     Phone: 510.965.9700 • Fax: 510.965.9701
      Network publishes SPN News quarterly. Individual copies can be                         •
      ordered from the State Policy Network offices at (510) 965-9700.
                                                                                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                         MISSION STATEMENT                                            THOMAS A. ROE, FOUNDING CHAIRMAN
      The mission of State Policy Network is to provide strategic assis-
                                                                                                  (1927 – 2000)
      tance to independent research organizations devoted to discover-
                                                                              Carl Helstrom (Chairman)...............................The JM Foundation
      ing and developing market-oriented solutions to state and local         Ted Abram.....................American Institute for Full Employment
      public policy issues.                                                   Alejandro A. Chafuen................... Atlas Economic Research Fdn.
                                                                              Derwood Chase .........................Chase Investment Counsel Corp.
                                                                              Byron S. Lamm ................... past President, State Policy Network
                                                                              Robert W. Poole, Jr.............................................Reason Foundation
                                                                              Lawrence W. Reed...................Mackinac Center for Public Policy
                                                                              Tracie Sharp (President) ................................State Policy Network
                                                                              Gaylord Swim...............................................................Pillar Capital
  2                                                    S P N • NEWS                                                 FALL 2002
   State Policy Network Update
Arizona                                                        The Pacific Research Institute
The Goldwater Institute’s recent reports deal with 1)          recently released Contract for
the tax savings and educational benefits of extending          Failure: The Impact of Teacher Union Contracts on the Quality
Arizona’s scholarship tax credit to businesses; 2) eliminat-   of California Schools, by Pamela A. Riley with Rosemarie
ing $230 million in unnecessary programs from the state’s      Fusano, La Rae Munk, and Ruben Peterson. Featured in a
budget ; 3) how to balance the freedom of information          Wall Street Journal editorial, it was used by policymakers to
with the right to privacy on issues of traffic surveillance,   defeat collective bargaining legislation in California. Other
availability of public records, and internet commerce;         recent publications include the Index of Leading Environmental
and, 4) the many ways Arizona’s population growth              Indicators, 2002 by Steven Hayward and Julie Majeres; Power
has enhanced economic prosperity.                              to the People: An Economic Analysis of California’s Electricity
                                                               Crisis and Its Lessons for Legislators by Benjamin Zycher; Lead
Upcoming Goldwater studies include 100 Ideas for               Astray: Inside an EPA Superfund Disaster by Peter Samuel;
Legislators in 2003, How to Woo Business without even          A Ten-Point Agenda for Improving Education in California by
Trying: Changing the Business Tax Climate in Arizona and       Lance T. Izumi; Women and Entrepreneurship in California:
Is Higher Education Spending Really Correlated to Economic     Obstacles, Incentives, and Reform by Donna Matias with a
Growth? On August 20, the Goldwater Institute and the          foreword by Amity Shlaes; and The Vocal Majority: Women
Tucson Citizen co-sponsored a gubernatorial candi-             Speak out on Today’s Public Policy Issues edited by Sally C.
date forum in Tucson. Detailed information about the           Pipes with a foreword by Karlyn Bowman.
Institute’s activities and events is available on its newly
refurbished website,               Connecticut
                                                               The Yankee Institute has completed its Municipal Grants
Arkansas                                                       for Non-Public Schooling (MGNS) calculator, enabling tax-
Since its founding in 1995, the Arkansas Policy                payers to determine that even the smallest towns can save
Foundation (APF) has championed charter schools.               millions of dollar a year by subsidizing some students to
Thanks to the crucial research conducted by one-               attend independent schools, especially if the town is facing
time APF analyst Donna Watson in 1996, a handful of            the need for new school construction to accommodate a
Arkansas charter schools exist today. The Academics            projected enrollment increase. The calculator has been
Plus Charter School in Maumelle, founded by parents,           posted to the Yankee website (
emerged as a result of the efforts of APF, Donna Watson,       Yankee is developing a PowerPoint presentation enabling
and her husband, Mike. While it is far from conclusive,        them to go to any town in Connecticut (or the country, for
preliminary data from the Academics Plus Charter               that matter) to make the case for school choice as a mecha-
School show that students posted double-digit percent-         nism that both improves education and reduces already
age increases on standardized tests between September          strained town budgets.
2001 and April 2002.
California                                                     The James Madison Institute welcomes former United
On May 10, 2002, the Board of Directors of the Claremont       States Representative Bill McCollum to its board of direc-
Institute voted unanimously to name                            tors. McCollum retired in January 2001 and returned to
Brian T. Kennedy the President of the                          Orlando, Florida and remains active in local civic affairs.
Claremont Institute. Mr. Kennedy
had been serving as acting president                           JMI’s recent education reform projects include a compari-
since the sudden death of Dr. Thomas                           son of teachers’ salaries in the only school district in the
Silver in December 2001. Mr. Kennedy                           state that has no teacher union, and thereby, no collective
has been with the Institute since 1989                         bargaining session to set teacher salaries. The findings
and also serves as Publisher of the                            exposed that, contrary to the widely held union position
Claremont Review of Books and directs Brian T. Kennedy         that the lack of a collective bargaining agreement leads to
the Institute’s project on the ballistic missile threat to     low wages, this sole school district offers salaries that are
the United States and the need for a national missile
defense.                                                                          Continued on page 4

                  FALL 2002                                    S P N • N EWS                                             3
                                                 Continued from page 3

more than competitive with other school districts. During     start and serve as the Executive Director of the Maryland
the past year JMI has been extremely active in the area of    Education Alliance. In October the Institute will host a
health care on two fronts: Certificates of Need and drug      health care policy forum in Annapolis, Maryland, focus-
therapies for the severely mentally ill.                      ing on assessing the state’s current Medicaid and mental
                                                              health crisis.
The Heartland Institute sent copies of its monthly national   New York
outreach publications—School Reform News, Health Care         Foundation for Economic Education’s first national
News, and Environment & Climate News—to over 60,000           convention, FEE Fest 2002, was a resounding success,
people nationwide in May and again in June. In addi-          with nearly 900 paid attendees, with C-SPAN 2 Book TV
tion, Heartland produced three special publications:          coverage. FEE is now planning next year’s FEE Fest 2003
A thick Research and Commentary package on school             at Paris Resort in Las Vegas, May 15-18, 2003; All SPN
vouchers sent to 220 think tanks and advocacy groups          organizations are invited to call Tami Holland to reserve
across the country; a detailed critique of Peter Jennings’    a space as sponsors/exhibitors, 1-888-565-8779. FEE will
ABC special, “Bitter Medicine” special, sent to nearly 400    host Rudy Giuliani as their keynote speaker at the Liberty
health care reporters; and a lengthy letter submitted to      Banquet & FEE Benefit Friday evening, Oct. 25, as part of
the Federal Trade Commission in support of compara-           the New York Money Show at New York Hilton. John
tive health claims in tobacco advertising. Each document      Stossel will be special host. Go to for
is posted on Heartland’s web site at       all the details.

Iowa                                                                           North Carolina
SPN member Public Interest Institute maintains an exten-                        Durham city councilman Thomas A. Stith,
sive collection of political and economic literature. The                       III and long time business and civic leader
Institute’s ever-expanding library includes the most cur-     Asa T. Spaulding, Jr. top the list of recent personnel changes
rent data available from hundreds of organizations and        at the John Locke Foundation. Stith joins the JLF as an
publications. In addition to periodicals, Institute staff     adjunct fellow and will serve as director of its Center for
continues to compile the best of classic and contempo-        Local Innovation. Asa Spaulding, Jr. is president of Asa
rary books on a vast array of political, economic, historic   Spaulding and Associates, a management consulting firm,
and social concerns. To search the library, visit their web   and will serve as senior fellow to the Foundation. The Locke
site or e-mail your request         Foundation also welcomes back George C. Leef as director
to          of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy, a special
                                                              project of the Foundation devoted to issues facing North
Maine                                                         Carolina colleges and universities.
Ron Trowbridge is now President of the Maine Public
Policy Institute, replacing Tom Mead, who remains on          On September 12 the Foundation will host a luncheon
the Board of Directors as Treasurer. The following stud-      for Michael Barone of U.S News & World Report who will
ies are now in various degrees of progress: l) Successful     speak on the 2002 elections. For more information contact
school choice in Maine, 2) A case study of the forest-prod-   Kory Swanson, Vice President, John Locke Foundation,
ucts industry on the issue of the cost of doing business
in the state, 3) A major proposal for healthcare reform in
Maine, 4) A practicing physician’s testimony on the real-     Oregon
ity of the prescription-drug controversy in the state, and    On May 23 Cascade Policy Institute hosted a luncheon
5) Enterprise zones: Can Michigan’s model be adapted          on drug policy reform with Republican Governor of New
for Maine?                                                    Mexico Gary Johnson. An audience of politicians, judges,
                                                              doctors, lawyers, and business and community leaders
Maryland                                                      heard the fiscally conservative Johnson explain how finan-
The Maryland Public Policy Institute recently hired Paige     cially burdensome the war on drugs has become on the
Holland Hamp as Director of Education Policy. Ms. Hamp        states. Over 100 of the 250 attendees had never been to
was the former Director of the North Carolina Education       a Cascade event, making the luncheon a great outreach
Alliance, a project of the John Locke Foundation. In her      tool. Cascade encourages other state think tanks to con-
new capacity with the Institute, Ms. Hamp will help           sider such an event.

 4                                         S P N • NEWS                               FALL 2002
Pennsylvania                                                     Vermont
The Allegheny Institute has launched a new publication,          Vermont’s Ethan Allen Institute is busy on several
Issues and Ideas. This bimonthly report is aimed at a broad      fronts. It has in the works a major study of the state’s
audience of elected officials, business owners, religious        money-eating mental health system, from which no
leaders and politically active people who are, or should         person ever emerges cured. It will publish its Vermont
be, interested in analysis and discussion of the key policy      Voters Guide (roll call voting records) and Vermont Issues
questions facing Southwest Pennsylvania. The Institute’s         of 2003, targeted to candidates. Schoolchildren First, the
website has recently added a feature whereby visitors to         Institute’s sweeping parental choice plan, gained some
the site can sign up online for a free subscription to the e-    ground in 2002 as the state’s school financing system
mail version of the Allegheny Institute Policy Brief. Hits       slips ever further into a black hole. The Institute is now
on the website have more than doubled over the past 12           providing commentary for Vermont newspapers from
months.                                                          a variety of qualified commentators on the “off” weeks
                                                                 between President John McClaughry’s well-established
                              South Dakota                       biweekly commentaries.
                             The Great Plains Public
Policy Institute hosted a seminar on “The New                    Virginia
Community”—a demographic overview of South                       Last December the Virginia Institute began a monthly
Dakota and the challenges facing rural communities.              coalition meeting in Richmond. This groups focuses on
It was cosponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and                three issues: taxation, property rights, and education
the state Association of Healthcare Organizations. The           reform, and to date is comprised of representatives from
seminar addressed the decreasing population in rural             fifty-one organizations, twenty-one members of the
communities, a declining tax base and alternative solu-          General Assembly or staffers from congressional offices,
tions to providing services. These alternatives dealt with       and five reporters (104 total individuals). On June 19, the
reducing governmental entities and consolidation rather          Institute held a training seminar in Washington for forty-
than increasing federal and state funded programs and            nine coalition participants from all over Virginia. Also
subsidies. The seminar was well attended by state and            in June, the Virginia Institute launched their redesigned
local elected officials and community leaders.                   and much improved web site
                                                                 which started averaging 1,754 hits per day.
In June, the Texas Public Policy Foundation released its         On July 2, the Institute released its latest policy study A
Legislators’ Guide to the Issues: 2003-2004 containing 211       Primer on the Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
pages of market-oriented facts and data on taxes and             Constitutional law professor Nelson Lund wrote this
spending, school finance and accountability, tort reform,        report on the original meaning of the Second Amendment
health care, and transportation. TPPF has also released          and the recently decided case, United States v. Emerson.
four of six studies of the Texas tax system authored by
former Joint Economic Committee economist Richard                Washington
Vedder (all available at                          Washington Policy Center Annual Dinner
                                                                 to feature Rudy Giuliani. In honor of his
In the past 12 months, TPPF has earned more than $11             leadership, strength and his commitment to
million in media coverage—a record. This resulted                free-market principles and responsible gov-
from the excellent work of TPPF Director of Media and            ernment, Washington Policy Center presents
Government Affairs Michael Sullivan, who was referred            Rudy Giuliani with the 2002 Columbia Award. The pre-
to TPPF by Heritage Foundation Job Bank administrator            sentation will take place at the Policy Center’s Annual
Lynn Gibson.                                                     Dinner on October 15th at The Westin - Seattle. More
                                                                 information is available at
Utah                                                             or by contacting Dan Zarelli, 1-888-WPC-9272 or
The Sutherland Institute’s Business Roundtable on       Visit Washington Policy
Private Initiative raised just over $70,000 (net) at its First   Center at
Annual Neighbors In Need Benefit in Salt Lake City on
June 15. More than 400 business leaders, elected officials,         Submit your update! Do you have state think tank news to
and citizens attended this inspiring event in support               report? Please submit your brief updates to
                                                                    before the next SPN News deadline, October 25, 2002.
of private Utah programs promoting self-reliance.

                  FALL 2002                                      S P N • N EWS                                             5
Leadership Development Initiative

         SPN Board Leadership Training
        Conference Prepares Trustees and
             CEOs for Future Success
Over 60 think tank CEOs and Board members gathered                The Conference, which was held at El Pomar Foun-
in Colorado Springs July 31-August 2 to exchange ideas            dation’s historic Penrose House, began with Colorado
on how to prepare their organizations for growth and              Governor Bill Owens who spoke of the importance
future development. This first of its kind SPN strategy           of state think tanks in the policy process. The morn-
meeting was designed to                                                                         ing session kicked off
provide practical ideas for                                                                     with John Blundell, the
Board members of free market                                                                    General Director of the
policy organizations as they                                                                    London-based Institute
explore options for greater                                                                     of Economic Affairs, who
success in development as                                                                       provided an oral history
well as furthering their public                                                                 of the growth and impact
policy influence.                                                                               of free market policy
                                                                                                institutes, an important
Board members and CEO’s                                                                         backdrop for discus-
exchanged ideas with leading                                                                    sions on future think
                                         Becky Norton Dunlop (The Heritage Foundation) with
think tank professionals and                                                                    tank development.
                                     Colorado Governor Bill Owens. Governor Owens saluted
trustees from across the
                                   the important contributions of state think tanks in his keynote
nation. Topics ranged from                                                                             The Heritage Founda-
                                                  address opening the conference.
strategic planning to the                                                                              tion Executive Vice
roles and responsibilities of a Board of Directors as well         President and Trustee Phil Truluck gave an insightful
as understanding the role of think tanks in this ever-             presentation on the development of his organization
changing world.                                                    as well as offering a glimpse into their current goal
                                                                   setting procedures. Truluck explained that it doesn’t
“The formal presentations, informal conversations                  matter if you have 170 employees or are a start up
and networking opportunities with leaders and sup-                 free-market organization with only one or two staff
porters were invaluable.                                           members: without well communicated goals and
Tom, Paul and I learned                                            objectives, neither organization is going to maximize
various approaches to                                              their effectiveness.
restructuring, from creat-
ing community advisory                                                     We know that a good board will give the
boards to less formal proj-                                            Goldwater Institute the foundation it needs to
ect assignments to outright                                          become a consistent, principled voice for liberty,
letting go, and we learned,                                         and we thank SPN for its critical part in helping us
perhaps most importantly,                                                                realize that goal.
                                 Harry Teasley (Chairman,
what characteristics and                                                          -Darcy Olsen, Executive Director, Goldwater Institute
                                 Reason Foundation) gave
qualities we should look for
                                valuable insights into trust-
in new members. We know                                            Harry E.Teasley, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Reason
                               ees’ roles and responsibilities
that a good board will give during his presentation at             Foundation, outlined for participants how free-market
the Goldwater Institute            the Board Leadership            think tank CEOs should develop a strategic vision. He
the foundation it needs to         Training Conference.            went on to detail the three major types of planning each
become a consistent, prin-                                         organization must conduct. The first is contingency
cipled voice for liberty, and we thank SPN for its critical        planning, which deals with the “what if” questions that
part in helping us realize that goal.” said Darcy Olsen,           have shocked many non-profit organizations during the
Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute.                     past year.

  6                                           S P N • NEWS                                      FALL 2002
Leadership Development Initiative

The second important type of organizational planning                                                  This intensive two-
is “futures planning,” a more limited exercise for                                                    day Board Leadership
many organizations at this time. Rather, Mr. Teasley                                                  Training Conference is
suggested that “strategic planning” is a more important                                               part of SPN’s popular,
endeavor for SPN groups as it is a continuous process                                                 on-going Leadership
of making decisions with the ability of measuring the                                                 Development Initiative
results of these decisions against the organization’s                                                 for think tank profes-
expectations. As summarized in his handout (available                                                 sionals. SPN’s core
at                                                                    mission is to provide
                                                                                                      state-based, free market
 Strategic Vision: A strategic vision is a picture of an                ´
                                                                     Gisele Huff (Jaqueline Hume      think tanks strategic
 organization as it wants to be in the future. A vision is            Foundation) and Tom Kor-        assistance that will
 a function of direction, not time. A vision is a framework          donowy (Chairman, Center of      bolster their growth
 for guiding the choices that determine the direction of an         the American Experiment) after    and grassroots policy
 organization. These choices are made every day and at every          Dr. Huff’s keynote address      success.
 level of an organization. If these choices are made within               at the conference.
 the framework of the vision then the organization is being        Several SPN advisors and loyal supporters worked
 managed strategically.                                            behind the scenes to help bring this conference together.
                                                                   Dan Peters (Chairman, Buckeye Institute), Barb Kenney
 Strategy and operations, therefore, go hand in hand; they         (Board Member, Evergreen Freedom Foundation and
 are opposite sides of the same coin. Daily choices actually       Washington Policy Center) and George Pearson (Board
 create a de facto vision.                                         Member, Flint Hills Center and the Atlas Economic
                                                                   Research Foundation) along with our friends at The
                                                                   Heritage Foundation generously lent their time and
   Strategy and operations, therefore, go hand in
  hand; they are opposite sides of the same coin.
  Daily choices actually create a de facto vision.
             –Harry E. Teasley, Jr., Chairman, Reason Foundation

A special highlight of the conference was the keynote
address on Thursday evening presented by General
Ralph E. (Ed) Eberhart, Commander in Chief of
NORAD and incoming head of the new Northern
Command (home-                                                       Eager participants at SPN’s first-of-its-kind Board Leadership
land       defense).                                                         Training Conference in Colorado Springs.
General Eberhart
gave an outstand-                                                  expertise to make this Board training effort a success.
ing overview of                                                    Since this year’s conference sold out three weeks before
progress on the war                                                the deadline, plans are in the works to host another Board
on terrorism as well                                               Leadership Training Conference in 2003. Be sure to check
as the importance of                                               SPN News for details.
training, planning
and intelligence in                                                  Harry E. Teasley’s presentation from the Board Leadership
their endeavors.                                                     Training Conference is available online at
The      conference                                                  resources/toolbox.
concluded with par- Special guest speaker General Ralph
ticipants traveling E. Eberhart (Commander in Chief
to NORAD where of NORAD and incoming head of
they received a pri- the new Northern Command) gave
vate, VIP tour of the a stirring commentary on post-Sep-
mountain facility.    tember 11 homeland security issues.

                  FALL 2002                                        S P N • N EWS                                            7
Leadership Development Initiative

Steps to Hiring and Retaining the
Fundraising Talent You Need
Fundraising is hard work. Hiring and retaining the fund-
raising talent you need in a highly competitive job market
may prove to be an even greater challenge. But, there are
some guiding principles and practices that can help you
recruit and keep a top-flight fundraising team.

Identify What You Need
Begin with a well-developed job description that captures
what you really need and what you intend to hire. This is
especially important for smaller organizations that may
only have a one-person advancement department. Do you
need a high-profile external relations person who can be
a public face for your organization? Or, are you better
served by an internal manager who can coordinate the
advancement activities of your president and other senior
staff and manage the proposal production process?

Be sure to hire what you need. Don’t overhire or under-
hire. This impacts job satisfaction, which is an important    connect well with others and genuinely care about their
aspect of retaining top-flight performers.                    concerns and values.

Characteristics of a Successful Sales Force                   Well-developed communication skills are critical
Your fundraising staff is your institute’s front-line sales   This involves more than good public speaking abilities.
force. There are a few “must have” qualities that you         Fundraisers need to have exceptional listening skills. The
should look for:                                              ability to listen well is of highest importance for under-
                                                              standing how your donors’ values and passions align
Pursue talented, goal oriented people                         with your institution’s vision and priorities. Develop-
that demonstrate a track record of thriving                   ment officers also should possess strong writing skills.
in a competitive environment                                  This is an often-overlooked skill set, but the written
This can include sports, other leisure activities, or an      word remains a primary vehicle for marketing your
employment profile that evidences a penchant for setting      institute’s vision and programs. Your staff needs to be
and achieving professional performance goals.                 well-equipped to sell your message in written form.

A sales background is a good indication if a                  Hire disciplined, self-starters
person has a skill set conducive to becoming                  Look for evidence of where a person has functioned as a
a successful fundraiser                                       leader, innovator, entrepreneur, or has a track record of
If a person doesn’t enjoy or pursue personal activities       launching out on his or her own and been willing to bear
or professional commitments that involve sales-related        responsibility for the success or failure of the endeavor.
performance goals, then he or she probably will not be        It’s also important to assess a person’s ability to remain
a good fit to run your advancement operation.                 focused and disciplined to see projects, relationships,
                                                              and goals through to completion.
Top performing fundraisers value relationships and
are genuinely interested in other people                      Successful fundraisers understand
This means more than hiring an extrovert. You need to         the critical importance of long-range
pursue people with the capacity to feel and reflect empa-     strategic planning
thy for others. People give to people, so it’s important      Pursue candidates who possess outstanding project man-
that your sales force comprise men and women who              agement skills, reflecting an ability to manage several

 8                                         S P N • NEWS                              FALL 2002
Leadership Development Initiative

 projects simultaneously and to create and oversee systems   be rewarded and advance. These are the same qualities
 that track and advance multiple objectives. Poor planning   that make them excel at fundraising. Realize that if pro-
 and inadequate project management are typically the pri-    fessional growth opportunities do not exist within your
 mary reasons for failure to meet fundraising goals.         organization you will, at some point, likely lose highly
                                                             talented people. Professional advancement can take a
 Retaining Top Performers                                    variety of forms. Be creative here.
 Again, begin by hiring what you need. Job fit matters.
 You do well to identify needs and responsibilities before   This list certainly isn’t exhaustive. But these keys to suc-
 reviewing any resumes. Other keys to retaining the talent   cess will help to sharpen your organization’s capacity
 you need include:                                           to recruit, reward, and retain the talent you need to take
                                                             your fundraising operation to a higher level of perfor-
 Pay competitively                                           mance and success.
 In light of the tough competition for top flight develop-
 ment talent, you can’t afford to expect the “missionary       These remarks were originally delivered by Christina K. Smith,
 discount.”                                                    SPN’s former Director of Leadership Development, as part of a
                                                               SPN Resource Development Training Workshop on January 31,
                                                               2002 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Goldwater Institute.
 Be proactive in establishing
 and offering performance bonuses.
 This is a standard expectation and practice in the sales
 arena and within the advancement profession. Set up six
 month performance bonus opportunities. Be creative in
 looking for ways to reward significant achievements.
                                                                  Join the SPN
 Set clear performance goals
                                                                Member Community
 and track progress toward these                               Join the SPN member community! Benefit from a
 Good fundraising officers thrive in a goal-oriented           vibrant and growing state-based freedom network
 environment where opportunities for short and long-           that now includes 83 member organizations.
 term rewards exist. Pay attention to performance and          SPN REGULAR MEMBERSHIP
 reward it.                                                    (State-based, non-profit think tanks)
                                                                    • $250 for state think tanks five years old or less.
 Praise                                                             • $500 for state think tanks over five years old.
 Say well done when it is deserved. Acknowledge the            SPN ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP
 work of your advancement team publicly. Fundrais-             (Other non-profit think tanks, corporations,
 ing is hard work. It involves long hours and lots of          foundations)
 rejection. Be lavish in your praise wherever possible             • $500 Benefactor
                                                                   • $1000 (and above) Patron
 to keep morale high.
                                                               Regular Members and Associate Members receive SPN’s
 Be realistic in your expectations                             quarterly newsletter, invitations to SPN training semi-
 If you’re understaffed, don’t over commit your resources      nars, reduced registration fees for SPN events, selected
                                                               access to password-protected areas of SPN’s website.
 or set an unrealistic budget. Burnout is a major cause of     SPN Regular Members also receive priority consideration
 fundraising staff turnover. Hire additional help where        for SPN travel stipends and leadership training scholar-
 needed. It will pay for itself.                               ships. In 2001 alone, SPN offered nearly $40,000 in
                                                               stipends and scholarships to state think tanks.
 Involve your advancement staff in setting                     SPN welcomes new members:
 your annual and long-range budget goals                       -Cato Institute
 This helps to foster ownership. Your sales force is           -Institute of the North
 best positioned to know what’s realistic in terms of          -Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
 revenue growth.                                               -Progress and Freedom Foundation
                                                               For additional membership information, please visit
 Allow for professional advancement
                                                               SPN’s website at or contact Tracie
 Goal-oriented people will not be content in a status quo      Sharp, President, at (510) 965-9700.
 job for long. They are motivated by the opportunity to

                  FALL 2002                                  S P N • N EWS                                                9
ACTON INSTITUTE                               BUCKEYE INSTITUTE                          CONGRESSIONAL INSTITUTE                    GOLDEN STATE CENTER
Kris Alan Mauren, Executive Director          Sam Staley, President                      Karen A. Bronson, Executive Director       Brian T. Kennedy, Director
161 Ottawa NW, Suite 301                      4100 North High Street, Suite 200          316 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Suite 403      1127 - 11th Street, Suite 206
Grand Rapids, MI 49503                        Columbus, OH 43214                         Washington, DC 20003                       Sacramento, CA 95814
P (616) 454-3080, F (616) 454-9454            P (614) 262-1593, F (614) 262-1927         P (202) 547-4600, F (202) 547-3556         P (916) 446-7924, F (916) 446-7990 •                                                     
Gary J. Palmer, President                                                                DCI GROUP                                  GOLDWATER INSTITUTE
                                              CALVERT INSTITUTE                                                                     Darcy Olsen, Executive Director
402 Office Park Drive, Suite 300                                                         Todd Kruse
Birmingham, AL 35223                          George W. Liebmann,                        1133 - 21st Street, Suite M100             500 East Coronado Road
P (205) 870-9900, F (205) 870-4407            Executive Director                         Washington, DC 20036                       Phoenix, AZ 85004                       8 West Hamilton Street                     P (202) 546-4242, F (202) 546-4243         P (602) 462-5000, F (602) 256-7045                         Baltimore, MD 21201                                
                                              P (410) 662-7252 • F (410) 539-3973             
SMALL PROPERTY OWNERS                                                                    EDUCATION LEADERS COUNCIL                  GRASSROOT INSTITUTE OF HAWAII
F. Patricia Callahan, President                                                          Lisa Graham Keegan, CEO                    Richard O. Rowland, President
                                              CASCADE POLICY INSTITUTE                   1225 19th Street NW, Suite 400             PO Box 1046, Aiea, HI 96701
1101 - 30th Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20007                          Steve Buckstein, President                 Washington, DC 20036                       P (808) 487-6401, F (808) 484-0117
P (202) 625-8330                              813 SW Alder, Suite 450                    P (202) 261-2600, F (202) 261-2638 •                 Portland, OR 97205                       
                                              P (503) 242-0900, F (503) 242-3822
                                                                                                   GREAT PLAINS PUBLIC
EXCHANGE COUNCIL                                                                         EMPIRE FOUNDATION                          POLICY INSTITUTE
Duane Parde, Executive Director                                                          Thomas W. Carroll, President               Ronald Williamson, President
                                              CATO INSTITUTE                             4 Chelsea Place                            Box 88138
910 - 17th Street NW, Fifth Floor             Susan Chamberlin,
Washington, DC 20006                                                                     Clifton Park, NY 12065                     Sioux Falls, SD 57109
P (202) 466-3800, F (202) 466-3801            Director of Government Affairs             P (518) 383-2877, F (518) 383-2841         P (605) 332-2641, F (605) 338-3458 •                 1000 Massachusets Avenue NW                     
                                              Washington, DC 20001-5403                                                   
                                              P (202) 789-5287, F (202) 842-3490         ETHAN ALLEN INSTITUTE
ALLEGHENY INSTITUTE                  •        John McClaughry, President                 HEARTLAND INSTITUTE
FOR PUBLIC POLICY                                                                        4836 Kirby Mountain Road
Jake Haulk, PhD, President                                                                                                          Joseph L. Bast, President and CEO
                                              CENTER FOR CIVIC RENEWAL                   Concord, VT 05824                          19 South LaSalle, Suite 903
833 Western Avenue, Suite 300                 Victor Porlier, Executive Director         P (802) 695-1448, F (802) 695-1436
Pittsburgh, PA 15233                                                                                                                Chicago, IL 60603
                                              159 Delaware Avenue, Suite 301    •    P (312) 377-4000, F (312) 377-5000
P (412) 231-6020, F (412) 231-6037            Delmar, NY 12054                                                                                               
                                              P (518) 872-9230 •        EVERGREEN FREEDOM FOUNDATION     
                                                                                         Bob Williams, President
                                              CENTER FOR                                 PO Box 552, Olympia, WA 98507              HERITAGE FOUNDATION
AMERICAN INSTITUTE                            EDUCATION REFORM                           P (360) 956-3482, F (360) 352-1874
FOR FULL EMPLOYMENT                                                                                                                 Bridgett G. Wagner, Director,
                                              Jeanne Allen, President           •
Ted D. Abram, Executive Director                                                                                                    Coalition Relations
                                              1001 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 204                                                 214 Massachusetts Avenue NE
2636 Biehn Street                             Washington, DC 20036                       FLINT HILLS CENTER
Klamath Falls, OR 97601                                                                                                             Washington, DC 20002
                                              P (202) 822-9000 • F (202) 822-5077        FOR PUBLIC POLICY                          P (202) 608-6050, F (202) 546-8328
P (541) 273-6731 ext. 102, F (541) 885-7454 •                                                                        Scott B. Kaye, Chief Executive Officer                                                       PO Box 782317 • Wichita, KS 67278-2317
                                              CENTER FOR POLICY                          P (316) 634-0218 F (316) 634-0219
                                              RESEARCH OF NEW JERSEY            •   ILLINOIS FAMILY INSTITUTE
                                              Alan J. Zakin, Trustee                                                                John Koehler, MD, President
Grover G. Norquist, President                 PO Box 12, Florham Park, NJ 07932
1920 L Street NW, Suite 200                                                              FOUNDATION FOR                             799 W. Roosevelt Road, Bldg 3
                                              P (973) 966-5544, F (973) 966-6897         ECONOMIC EDUCATION                         Suite 218, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Washington, DC 20036                
P (202) 785-0266, F (202) 785-0261                                                       Mark Skousen, President                    P (630) 790-8370, F (630) 790-8390 •                                                          30 South Broadway                
                                              CENTER OF THE                              Irvington, NY 10533              
ARKANSAS POLICY                               AMERICAN EXPERIMENT                        P (914) 591-7230, F (914) 591-8910
                                              Mitchell B. Pearlstein, President •             INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE
                                              1024 Plymouth Bldg., 12 South 6th Street                                              Jon Charles Caldara, President
Greg J. Kaza, Executive Director              Minneapolis, MN 55402
111 Center Street, Suite 1616                                                            FOUNDATION FOR INDIVIDUAL                  14142 Denver West Pkwy., Suite 185
                                              P (612) 338-3605, F (612) 338-3621         RIGHTS IN EDUCATION                        Golden, CO 80401
Little Rock, AR 72201                •
P (501) 375-4171, F (501) 537-0825                                                       Thor L. Halvorssen, Executive Director     P (303) 279-6536, F (303) 279-4176                                                                  437 Chestnut Street, Suite 200    •                        CITIZENS FOR                               Philadelphia, PA 19106
                                              A SOUND ECONOMY                            P (215) 717-3473, F (215) 717-3440         INDIANA POLICY
ATLAS ECONOMIC                                Paul Beckner, President           •         REVIEW FOUNDATION
RESEARCH FOUNDATION                           1250 H Street NW, Suite 700                                                           T. Craig Ladwig, Director
                                              Washington, DC 20005                       FREE-MARKET.NET                            PO Box 12306
Alejandro A. Chafuen, PhD, President          P (202) 467-5300, F (202) 467-4253
4084 University Drive, Suite 103                                                         Louis James, Executive Director            Fort Wayne, IN 46863
                                     •             401 N. Franklin Street, Suite 3E           P (219) 420-9131, F (219) 424-7104
Fairfax, VA 22030
P (703) 934-6969, F (703) 352-7530                                                       Chicago, IL 60610                 •                     CLAREMONT INSTITUTE                        P (312) 494-9440, F (312) 494-9441                              Brian T. Kennedy, President                           INSTITUTE FOR JUSTICE
                                              250 West First Street, Suite 330                         William H. Mellor, JD, President
BEACON HILL INSTITUTE                         Claremont, CA 91711                                                                   1717 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 200
                                              P (909) 621-6825, F (909) 626-8724         FUND FOR AMERICAN STUDIES                  Washington, DC 20006
David G. Tuerck, Executive Director 
Suffollk University, 8 Ashburton Place                                                   Roger R. Ream, President and CEO           P (202) 955-1300, F (202) 955-1329
                                                              1706 New Hampshire Avenue NW      •
Boston, MA 02108-2270
P (617) 573-8750, F (617) 720-4272                                                       Washington, DC 20009-2502                        COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION                    P (202) 986-0384, F (202) 986-8390         INSTITUTE OF THE NORTH                            Matthew Brouillette, President    •              Mead Treadwell, Managing Director
                                              225 State Street, Suite 302                                                           PO Box 101700, Anchorage, AK 99501
                                              Harrisburg, PA 17101                       GEORGIA PUBLIC                             P (907) 343-2400, F (907) 343-2211
BILL OF RIGHTS INSTITUTE                      P (717) 671-1901, F (717) 671-1905
Victoria Hughes                                                                          POLICY FOUNDATION                
President and Founder                            T. Rogers Wade, President
1001 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 219                                                    6100 Lake Forrest Drive, Suite 110
Washington, DC 20036                                                                     Atlanta, GA 30328                          INTERNET EDUCATION EXCHANGE
                                              COMPETITIVE                                P (404) 256-4050, F (404) 256-9909
P (202) 822-4622 • F (202) 822-4630           ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE                                                                  Christopher Smith, Executive Director                                               •             PO Box 61731 • Phoenix, AZ 85082-1731
                                              Fred L. Smith, Jr., President                                                         P (480) 861-1688, F (480) 585-4691                 1001 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 1250                                          •
                                              Washington, DC 20036
                                              P (202) 331-1010, F (202) 331-0640

   10                                                          S P N • NEWS                                                   FALL 2002
Jeffrey R. Boeyink,                    FOR POLICY ANALYSIS                       Sally C. Pipes, President and CEO       Paul T. Mero, President
Executive Vice President               John C. Goodman, President                755 Sansome Street, Suite 450           111 East 5600 South, Suite 202
PO Box 747 • Muscatine, IA 52761       12655 N. Central Expressway, Suite 720    San Francisco, CA 94111                 Murray, UT 84107
P (319) 264-8080, F (319) 264-2413     Dallas, TX 75243-1739                     P (415) 989-0833, F (415) 989-2411      P (801) 281-2081, F (801) 281-2414                 P (972) 386-6272, F (972) 386-0924                             
JAMES MADISON INSTITUTE                                                          PENNSYLVANIA NEWSMAKERS                 TAX FOUNDATION
Edwin H. Moore, President              NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR                    Jerry Bowyer, Chief Executive Officer   Scott A. Hodge, Executive Director
PO Box 37460                           LABOR RELATIONS RESEARCH                  820 Pine Hollow Road                    1250 H Street, Suite 750
Tallahassee, FL 32315-7460             David P. Kendrick, Program Director       McKees Rocks, PA 15136                  Washington DC 2005-3908
P (850) 386-3131, F (850) 386-1807     5211 Port Royal Road, Suite 500           P (412) 771-2363, F (412) 771-2282      P (202) 783-2760, F (202) 783-6868                Springfield, VA 22151                                       P (703) 321-9606, F (703) 321-7342                                      
                              •             PIN OAK GROUP
JOHN LOCKE FOUNDATION                                                            Byron S. Lamm, Managing Partner         TAXPAYERS NETWORK, INC.
John MacDonald Hood, President         NEVADA POLICY                             830 Mill Lake Road                      Michael Riley, President & Founder
200 West Morgan Street, Suite 200      RESEARCH INSTITUTE                        Fort Wayne, IN 46845                    W67 N222 Evergreen Blvd, #202s
Raleigh, NC 27601                      Helene Denney, Executive Director         P (219) 637-7778, F (219) 637-3125      Cedarburg, WI 53012-2645
P (919) 828-3876, F (919) 821-5117     2077 East Sahara, Suite B                               P (262) 375-4190, F (262) 375-3732                    Las Vegas, NV 89104                                                                           P (702) 222-0642, F (702) 227-0927        PIONEER INSTITUTE             
                              •                Stephen Adams, Executive Director
JOSIAH BARTLETT                                                                  85 Devonshire Street, 8th Floor         TENNESSEE INSTITUTE
CENTER FOR PUBLIC POLICY               NEW JERSEY FAMILY POLICY                  Boston, MA 01209                        FOR PUBLIC POLICY
Arthur Mudge, Chairman                 COUNCIL                                   P (617) 723-2277, F (617) 723-1880      Michael R. Gilstrap, President
PO Box 897 • Concord, NH 03302-0897    Len Deo, President                           PO Box 23348, Nashville, TN 37202-3348
P (603) 224-4450, F (603) 224-4329                                                     P (615) 327-3120 x101, F (615) 327-3126
                                       40 Baldwin Road, Suite 3                  Parsippany, NY 07054                                                     •                      P (973) 263-5258, F (973) 453-6346        POLITICAL ECONOMY
                              •             RESEARCH CENTER                         TEXAS PUBLIC POLICY FOUNDATION
LANDMARK LEGAL FOUNDATION                                                        Terry L. Anderson, Executive Director   Jeff M. Judson, President
                                       NIOBRARA INSTITUTE                        502 South 19th Avenue, Suite 211        PO Box 40519, San Antonio, TX 78229
Mark R. Levin, President                                                         Bozeman, MT 59718                       P (210) 614-0080, F (210) 614-2649
445-B Carlisle Drive                   Richard L. Thayer,                        P (406) 587-9591, F (406) 586-7555 •
Herndon, VA 20170                      Director of Development          •
P (703) 689-2370, F (703) 689-2373     PO Box 540787                                                                                                    THOMAS JEFFERSON INSTITUTE
                                       Omaha, NE 68154-0787                      PROGRESS AND                            Michael W. Thompson, President
                                       P (402) 334-1241, F (402) 334-1224        FREEDOM FOUNDATION                      9035 Golden Sunset Lane
LEXINGTON INSTITUTE                       Kent Lassman,                           Springfield, VA 22153
Don Soifer, Executive Vice President                                                               P (703) 440-9447, F (703) 455-1531
1655 North Fort Drive, Suite 325                                                 Director, Digital Policy Network
                                                                                 5 West Hargett Street, Suite 305
Arlington, VA 22209                    NTL. CENTER FOR                                                         
P (703) 522-5828, F (703) 522-5837                                               Raleigh, NC 27601            PUBLIC POLICY RESEARCH                    P (919) 754-9902, F (919) 754-0090             David A. Ridenour, Vice President •          VIRGINIA INSTITUTE
                                       777 N. Capitol Street NE, Suite 803                                               FOR PUBLIC POLICY
                                       Washington, DC 20002-4294                 PUBLIC INTEREST INSTITUTE               John Taylor, President
MACKINAC CENTER                        P (202) 371-1400, F (202) 408-7773
FOR PUBLIC POLICY                                                                Don Racheter, President                 20461 Tappahannock Place
                                           600 North Jackson Street                Potomac Falls, VA 20165-4791
Lawrence W. Reed, President                                                              P (703) 421-8635, F (703) 421-8631
PO Box 568, Midland, MI 48640                                                    Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641
                                                                                 P (319) 385-3462, F (319) 385-3799
P (989) 631-0900, F (989) 631-4395     NTL. TAX LIMITATION COMMITTEE                                            •                                   
                                       Lewis K. Uhler, President       
                                       151 North Sunrise Avenue, Suite 901                                               WASHINGTON POLICY CENTER
                                       Roseville, CA 95661                       REASON FOUNDATION                       Dann Mead Smith, President
POLICY INSTITUTE                                                                                                         4025 Delridge Way SW, Suite 210
                                       P (916) 786-9400, F (916) 786-8163        David C. Nott, President
Ronald Trowbridge, President                                                     3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 400      Seattle, WA 98106
2 Christensen Lane, Suite 9   •
                                                                                 Los Angeles, CA 90034-6064              P (206) 937-9691, F (206) 938-6313
Kennebunk, ME 04043                                                              P (310) 391-2245, F (310) 391-4395
P (207) 353-4219                       THE OBJECTIVIST CENTER                                                  
                                                                        •             Patrick Stephens,
                                       Manager of Current Affairs                                                        WISCONSIN POLICY
                                       11 Raymond Avenue, Suite 31               RIO GRANDE FOUNDATION
MANHATTAN INSTITUTE                                                                                                      RESEARCH INSTITUTE
                                       Poughkeepsie, NY 12603                    Harry Messenheimer, PhD,
FOR POLICY RESEARCH                                                                                                      James H. Miller, President
                                       P (914) 471-6100, F (914) 471-6195        President
Lawrence J. Mone, President                                                      PO Box 2015, Tijeras, NM 87059          PO Box 487, Thiensville, WI 53092
52 Vanderbilt Ave.           
                                              P (505) 286-2030, F (505) 286-2422      P (262) 241-0514, F (262) 241-0774
New York, NY 10017                                                     
P (212) 599-7000, F (212) 599-3494                                                                              •
                                       OHIO TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION                  Scott Pullins, President and COO                                                  YANKEE INSTITUTE
                                       100 East Broad Street, Suite 1400         SOUTH CAROLINA                          Lewis Andrews, Executive Director
MARYLAND PUBLIC                        Columbus, OH 43215                        POLICY COUNCIL                          PO Box 260660
POLICY INSTITUTE                       P (614) 460-3528, F (614) 460-3651        Edward T. McMullen, Jr., President      Hartford, CT 06126
                              •   1323 Pendleton Street                   P (860) 297-4271, F (860) 987-6218
Christopher B. Summers, President                                                Columbia, SC 29201
PO Box 195                                                                       P (803) 779-5022, F (803) 779-4953
Germantown, MD 20875-0195              OKLAHOMA COUNCIL OF
P (240) 686-3510, F (240) 686-3511     PUBLIC AFFAIRS
                                       Brett A. Magbee, Executive Director                       100 West Wilshire Blvd., C-3
                                       Oklahoma City, OK 73116                   SOUTHEASTERN
MISSISSIPPI FAMILY COUNCIL             P (405) 843-9212, F (405) 843-9436        LEGAL FOUNDATION
                                                     Philip A. Kent, President
Forest M. Thigpen, President 
PO Box 13514, Jackson, MS 39236                                                  3340 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 2515
P (601) 969-1200, F (601) 969-1600                                               Atlanta, GA 30326                  PACIFIC LEGAL FOUNDATION                  P (404) 365-8500, F (404) 365-0017                       David M. Sterling, Vice President
                                       10360 Old Placerville Road, Suite 100
                                       Sacramento, CA 95827
                                       P (916) 362-2833, F (916) 362-2932

                          FALL 2002                                               S P N • N EWS                                                           11
                    SPN Leadership Development
                      Program Announcement
             State Policy Network 10th Annual Meeting
                                    Ideas Into Grassroots Action
                                             October 18-19, 2002
                                        8:00am – 9:00pm • Indianapolis
                         State Health Care Policy Summit
                      Market-Driven Health Care Policy in the States
                                              October 17, 2002
                                        8:00am – 9:00pm • Indianapolis
                                           The Omni Severin Hotel
                        40 West Jackson Place • Indianapolis, IN • 46225 • (317) 634-6664

   State Policy Network’s Annual Meeting is one of the most important networking and training events of the
   year for the state-based, free market public policy community. This year’s meeting – SPN’s 10th Anniversary
   -- will be a powerful mixture of leadership development and policy mobilization workshops with nationally
   known keynote speakers and attendees.
   We are also pleased to host a State Health Care Policy Summit just prior to the Annual Meeting – our second
   annual workshop on Market-Driven Health Care Policy in the States. This intensive program is for state policy
   organizations to share experiences with health care industry leaders and tap into new resources. Grace-Marie
   Turner of the Galen Institute will facilitate this roundtable session, a must for groups currently involved in health
   care policy reform battles at the state level, or planning to embark on this issue in the future.
   The Omni Severin Hotel is a luxurious and historic AAA Four Diamond Hotel in downtown Indianapolis, con-
   veniently located in the heart of the shopping and restaurant district. SPN has negotiated an extraordinary
   room rate of $106 per night for this event, in the “State Policy Network” room block. The deadline for hotel
   room reservations is September 27, 2002.
   Please contact Tracie Sharp at (510) 965-9700/ or visit our website at
   to register online. Registration for non-SPN members is $100. Event registration deadline is October 11.
   These events and networking opportunities are useful and encouraging to state think tank leaders working
   in the trenches for free market policy solutions. See you in Indianapolis!

RICHMOND, CA 94805-1601

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