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									<?PHP // $Id: grades.php,v 2009/01/08 08:19:42 nicolasconnault Exp $                                                 Comment
   // grades.php - created with Moodle 1.7 beta + (2006101003)

$string['activities'] = 'Activities';                                                                      define - specific task completed by a student and
                                                                                                           submitted for grading
$string['addcategory'] = 'Add category';                                                                   define - a group of activities connected for the
                                                                                                           purposes of grading. Often linked to statistical
$string['addcategoryerror'] = 'Could not add category.';
$string['addexceptionerror'] = 'Error occurred while adding exception for userid:gradeitem';               ? How are we to use exception here? Does this
                                                                                                           mean an over-ride? It's far from clear and does
                                                                                                           not make sense in this context.
$string['addfeedback'] = 'Add feedback';                                                                   define feedback - written comment provided from
                                                                                                           a teacher/tutor to aid the student's understanding
                                                                                                           of the grade or mark

$string['addgradeletter'] = 'Add a grade letter';                                                          Define grade - a mark, either numeric or
                                                                                                           alphabetic, in response to a quality of activity (see
                                                                                                           above) added. Define letter as a character of the
                                                                                                           alphabet denoting a grade.

$string['addidnumbers'] = 'Add id numbers';                                                                I assume id is the unique identifyer using letters
                                                                                                           and numbers?
$string['additem'] = 'Add grade item';                                                                     grade is defined as above and so grade item
                                                                                                           becomes defined as one instance of a grade,
                                                                                                           although I'm not sure this is how it's meant

$string['addoutcomeitem'] = 'Add outcome item';                                                            define outcome - a prescribed standard of skill or
                                                                                                           knowledge which needs to be demonstrated to
                                                                                                           justify its being awarded. But, we see 'item' again.
                                                                                                           Can we presume this also means a single
$string['aggregateextracreditmean'] = 'Mean of grades (with extra credits)';                               seeing 'grades' as plural suggests that this is an
                                                                                                           aggregate of 'grade'. The extra credit is something
                                                                                                           we can add? It's not clear how this fits in.

$string['aggregatemean'] = 'Mean of grades';
$string['aggregatemedian'] = 'Median of grades';
$string['aggregatemin'] = 'Lowest grade';
$string['aggregatemax'] = 'Highest grade';
$string['aggregatemode'] = 'Mode of grades';
$string['aggregateonlygraded'] = 'Aggregate only non-empty grades';                                        non-empty? Couldn't we just say "add all grades
                                                                                                           where given"?
$string['aggregateonlygradedhelp'] = 'Nonexistent grades are either treated as minimal grades or not       Statistically I have a problem with this. If they
included in aggregation.';                                                                                 don't exist then they shouldn't be given a
                                                                                                           minimum (unless it's zero). One would expect
                                                                                                           them not to be included which is line 20

$string['aggregateoutcomes'] = 'Include outcomes in aggregation';                                          in terms of assessment I'm not sure you can
                                                                                                           aggregate outcomes unless an outcome has a
                                                                                                           grade attached to it (which wouldn't make it an
                                                                                                           outcome as defined above).
$string['aggregateoutcomeshelp'] = 'Including outcomes in aggregation may not lead to the desired          I would hope to!
overall grade, so you have the option to include or leave them out.';
$string['aggregatesubcats'] = 'Aggregate including subcategories';                                          define subcategory? A portion of a category
$string['aggregatesubcatshelp'] = 'The aggregation is usually done only with immediate children, it is also Not sure I'd see this as a help item? What are
possible to aggregate grades in all subcategories excluding other aggregated grades.';                     children in this context? Do you mean sub-
                                                                                                           categories or specific grade items? Seems slightly
                                                                                                           obscure for the average teacher grader.

$string['aggregatesum'] = 'Sum of grades';
$string['aggregatesonly'] = 'Aggregates only';
$string['aggregateweightedmean'] = 'Weighted mean of grades';
$string['aggregateweightedmean2'] = 'Simple weighted mean of grades';                                      as distinct from line 28, how?
$string['aggregation'] = 'Aggregation';
$string['aggregationcoef'] = 'Aggregation coefficient';                                                    coefficient should be the same as weighting in this
                                                                                                           context. How do we separate these are justify two
$string['aggregationcoefextra'] = 'Extra credit';                                                          I've seen the arguments of this in the forum, just
                                                                                                           haven't tried it in practice.
$string['aggregationcoefextrahelp'] = 'Extra credit for this grade item during aggregation.';
$string['aggregationcoefextrasum'] = 'Extra credit';
$string['aggregationcoefextrasumhelp'] = 'Extra credit for this grade item during aggregation.';
$string['aggregationcoefweight'] = 'Item weight';                                                            the weight (multiplier) given to a specific item? In
                                                                                                             which case shouldn't this be 'grade item'

$string['aggregationcoefweighthelp'] = 'Weight applied to all grades in this grade item during aggregation here I am confused with several uses of 'grade
with other grade items.';                                                                                    item'. Does it mean that all students submitting
                                                                                                             this item have a similar weight aplied to their
$string['aggregationhelp'] = 'Strategy used to aggregate grades across all students in a course.';           what do you mean by strategy in this case?
$string['aggregationposition'] = 'Aggregation position';                                                     Is this position of the aggregate in relation to
                                                                                                             categories? Not clear in this context.
$string['aggregationview'] = 'Aggregation view';
$string['allgrades'] = 'All grades by category';                                                             sum of all grades in a category?
$string['allstudents'] = 'All students';
$string['allusers'] = 'All users';
$string['autosort'] = 'Auto-sort';
$string['availableidnumbers'] = 'Available id numbers';
$string['average'] = 'Average';                                                                              arithmetic mean I presume?
$string['averagesdecimalpoints'] = 'Decimals in column averages';
$string['averagesdisplaytype'] = 'Column averages display type';                                             I can't see this one at all. Why should columns
                                                                                                             containing a set of grades have a display type
                                                                                                             associated with it?
$string['backupwithoutgradebook'] = 'Backup does not contain Gradebook configuration';
$string['badgrade'] = 'Supplied grade is invalid';                                                           Why invalid - expecting a number/letter?
$string['baduser'] = 'Supplied user is invalid';
$string['bonuspoints'] = 'Bonus points';
$string['bulkcheckboxes'] = 'Bulk checkboxes';
$string['calculation'] = 'Calculation';
$string['calculationadd'] = 'Add calculation';                                                               If a calculation is a specific manipulation of a set
                                                                                                             of numbers then how can we add it? Does this
                                                                                                             mean apply a calculation to a set of numbers?

$string['calculationedit'] = 'Edit calculation';
$string['calculationview'] = 'View calculation';
$string['calculationsaved'] = 'Calculation saved';
$string['categories'] = 'Categories';
$string['categoriesanditems'] = 'Categories and items';                                                      How do we use 'item' in this context? It doesn't
                                                                                                             gel with that given above.
$string['categoriesedit'] = 'Edit categories and items';
$string['category'] = 'Category';
$string['categoryedit'] = 'Edit category';
$string['categoryname'] = 'Category name';
$string['categorytotal'] = 'Category total';
$string['changereportdefaults'] = 'Change report defaults';
$string['changedefaults'] = 'Change defaults';
$string['choosecategory'] = 'Select category';
$string['chooseaction'] = 'Choose an action ...';
$string['compact'] = 'Compact';                                                                              Never seen this before. What does it do?
$string['configdisablegradehistory'] = 'Disable history tracking of changes in grades related tables. This
may speed up the server a little and conserve space in database.';
$string['configaggregationposition'] = 'Defines the position of the aggregation total column in the report   Allows the user to select the position in which
related to the grades being aggregated.';                                                                    aggregate column(s) appear in relation to the
                                                                                                             remainder of the grades? (similar for other lines,
$string['configaggregationview'] = 'Each category can be displayed in three ways: Full mode (aggregated
column and grade item columns), the aggregated column only, or the grade items alone.';

$string['configaveragesdecimalpoints'] = 'Specifies the number of decimal points to display for each         inherit' should trhis be 'default'?
column mean. If Inherit is selected, the display type for each column is used.';
$string['configaveragesdisplaytype'] = 'Specifies how to display the mean for each column. If Inherit is
selected, the display type for each column is used.';
$string['configcoursegradedisplaytype'] = 'Select the default display type of grades for this course. You    Might be useful to know where to effect these
can also select the site default value. Grades can be shown as real grades, as percentages (in reference changes?
to the minimum and maximum grades) or as letters (A, B, C etc..). Selecting Letters will allow you to
define your own grade letters and boundaries.';
$string['configdecimalpoints'] = 'Specifies the number of decimal points to display for each grade. This
setting may be overridden per grading item.';
$string['configenableajax'] = 'Adds a layer of AJAX functionality to the grader report, simplifying and
speeding up common operations. Depends on Javascript being switched on at the user\'s browser level.';
$string['configenableoutcomes'] = 'Support for Outcomes (also known as Competencies, Goals,                     This is how I use outcomes. It still menas that
Standards or Criteria) means that we can grade things using one or more scales that are tied to outcome aggregation is a moot point.
statements. Enabling outcomes makes such special grading possible throughout the site.';

$string['configgradeboundary'] = 'A percentage boundary over which grades will be assigned a grade              Not sure where this would come in?
letter (if the Letter grade display type is used). ';
$string['configgradedisplaytype'] = 'Specifies how to display grades in the grader and user reports.            I recall following the breadcrumbs to see 'grader
Grades may be shown as actual grades, as percentages (in reference to the minimum and maximum                   report' and other trails which just went back to
grades) or as letters.';                                                                                        the gradebook. Could we simplify here.
                                                                                                                Gradebook (or, hopefully, 'markbook' - if we are
                                                                                                                given the chance) just goes to 'report'

$string['configgradeexportdisplaytype'] = 'Grades can be shown as real grades, as percentages (in
reference to the minimum and maximum grades) or as letters (A, B, C etc..) during export. This can be
overridden during export.';
$string['configexportdecimalpoints'] = 'The number of decimal points to display for export. This can be
overridden during export.';
$string['configgradehistorylifetime'] = 'This specifies the length of time you want to keep history of
changes in grade related tables. It is recommended to keep it as long as possible. If you experience
performance problems or have limited database space, try to set lower value.';
$string['configgradeitemadvanced'] = 'Select all elements that should be displayed as advanced when             two points here. What is an element? Does it
editing grade items.';                                                                                          mean cofiguration of the system ? What is
                                                                                                                advanced about it?
$string['configgradeletter'] = 'A letter or other symbol used to represent a range of grades.';                 then call the string configletter? Could we say
                                                                                                                'grade range' here - it would seem clearer?

$string['configgradeletterdefault'] = 'A letter or other symbol used to represent a range of grades. Leave      If this is so it suggests letters can be edited by
this field empty to use the site default (currently $a).';                                                      course which in term suggests we need to add
                                                                                                                words to that effect in line 86
$string['configgradepublishing'] = 'Enable publishing in exports and imports: Exported grades can be
accessed by accessing a URL, without having to log on to a Moodle site. Grades can be imported by
accessing such a URL (which means that a Moodle site can import grades published by another site). By
default only administrators may use this feature, please educate users before adding required
capabilities to other roles (dangers of bookmark sharing and download accelerators, IP restrictions,
$string['confighiddenasdate'] = 'If user can not see hidden grades show date of submission instead of \'-
$string['configincludescalesinaggregation'] = 'You can change whether scales are to be included as              There seems to be confusion here. Scales should
numbers in all aggregated grades across all gradebooks in all courses. CAUTION: changing this setting           be numeric assigned to outcomes or similar (see
will force all aggregated grades to be recalculated.';                                                          above). This seems to be adding outcomes to
                                                                                                                grade totals which is not what might normally
$string['configmeanselection'] = 'Whether cells with no grade should be included when calculating the           Easier to understand than the non-empty grade,
mean for each column.';                                                                                         above.
$string['configprofilereport'] = 'Grade report used on user profile page.';
$string['configshowquickfeedback'] = 'Quick Feedback adds a text input element in each grade cell on            Again, can we do away with 'grader report'.
the grader report, allowing you to edit the feedback for many grades at once. You can then click the            Gradebook/markbook?
Update button to perform all these changes at once, instead of one at a time.';
$string['configquickgrading'] = 'Quick Grading adds a text input element in each grade cell on the grader       I understand the quick grasding aspect but
report, allowing you to edit many grades at once. You can then click the Update button to perform all           inputting text in a grade cell (presumably one field
these changes at once, instead of one at a time.';                                                              within a record?) would make calculations
                                                                                                                inaccurate (they wouldn't be counted?). The idea
                                                                                                                of updating several records at once is useful
$string['configrangesdecimalpoints'] = 'Specifies the number of decimal points to display for each range.       per'? Substitute 'for each'?
This setting may be overridden per grading item.';
$string['configrangesdisplaytype'] = 'Specifies how to display ranges. If Inherit is selected, the display
type for each column is used.';
$string['confighideforcedsettings'] = 'Do not show forced settings in grading UI.';                      UI?
$string['configshowcalculations'] = 'Whether to show calculator icons near each grade item and category,
tooltips over calculated items and a visual indicator that a column is calculated.';
$string['configshoweyecons'] = 'Whether to show a show/hide icon near each grade (controlling its               isn't this too similar to line 98?
visibility to the user).';
$string['configshowactivityicons'] = 'Whether to show activity icons next to activity names.';
$string['configshowaverages'] = 'Whether to show the mean for each column.';
$string['configshowgroups'] = 'Whether to show the mean for each group.';                                 by group one assumes the student group and this
                                                                                                          is the arithmetic mean for the particular item
                                                                                                          being graded?
$string['configshowhiddenitems'] = 'Specifies how hidden grade items are shown. If Hide is selected, they First sentence? 'shows how grades are shown?
are hidden completely. If Show is selected, the hidden grade item row is shown in grey with the grade
hidden completely. If \"Only hidden until\" is selected, grade items with a \"hide until\" date set are shown
in grey with the grades hidden completely until the set date, after which the whole item is shown.';
$string['configshowlocks'] = 'Whether to show a lock/unlock icon near each grade.';
$string['configshowfeedback'] = 'Whether to show a feedback icon (for adding/editing) near each grade.';

$string['configshownumberofgrades'] = 'Whether to show the number of grades used when calculating             examples are useful. Could be in other aspects as
the mean in brackets after each average, for example 45 (34).';                                               well.
$string['configshowranges'] = 'Whether to show the range of grades for each column in an additional
$string['configshowpercentage'] = 'Whether to show the percentage value of each grade item.';                 omit 'item'?
$string['configshowrank'] = 'Whether to show the position of the user in relation to the rest of the class,   Show the individual's rank in the class for all
for each grade item.';                                                                                        items?
$string['configshowuseridnumber'] = 'Whether to show user id numbers in an additional column.';
$string['configshowuserimage'] = 'Whether to show the user\'s profile image next to the name in the
grader report.';
$string['configstudentsperpage'] = 'The number of students to display per page in the grader report.';

$string['configstudentsperpagedefault'] = 'The number of students to display per page in the grader
report. Leave this field empty to use the site default (currently $a).';
$string['contract'] = 'Contract Category';                                                                    Don't see what this is. Category can be defined as
                                                                                                              above but I've never seen 'contract' how is it
                                                                                                              applied here?
$string['controls'] = 'Controls';
$string['coursegradecategory'] = 'Course grade category';                                                     This reads like the course has a category and that
                                                                                                              has just one grade? It's about mixing terms again,
                                                                                                              what are we trying to achieve here?

$string['coursegradedisplaytype'] = 'Course grade display type';                                              define 'course grade'?
$string['coursegradedisplayupdated'] = 'The course grade display type has been updated.';
$string['coursename'] = 'Course name';
$string['coursesettings'] = 'Course settings';
$string['coursetotal'] = 'Course total';                                                                      does this mean the sum of grades for each
$string['createcategory'] = 'Create category';
$string['createcategoryerror'] = 'Could not create a new category';                                           is it possible to note why not?
$string['creatinggradebooksettings'] = 'Creating gradebook settings';                                         define settings i.e. parameters to define how the
                                                                                                              gradebook looks and performs calculations.

$string['csv'] = 'CSV';
$string['curveto'] = 'Curve to';                                                                              needs further help?
$string['decimalpoints'] = 'Overall decimal points';
$string['default'] = 'Default';
$string['defaultprev'] = 'Default ($a)';
$string['deletecategory'] = 'Delete category';
$string['disablegradehistory'] = 'Disable grade history';
$string['displaylettergrade'] = 'Display letter grades';
$string['displaypercent'] = 'Display percents';
$string['displaypoints'] = 'Display points';                                                                  what's the difference between a point and a
$string['displayweighted'] = 'Display weighted grades';
$string['droplow'] = 'Drop the lowest';
$string['droplowhelp'] = 'If set, this option will drop the X lowest grades, X being the selected value for
this option.';
$string['dropped'] = 'Dropped';
$string['dropxlowest'] = 'Drop X lowest';
$string['dropxlowestwarning'] = 'Note: If you use drop x lowest the grading assumes that all items in the     How do we define 'point value' here?
category have the same point value. If point values differ results will be unpredictable';

$string['duplicatescale'] = 'Duplicate scale';
$string['edit'] = 'Edit';
$string['editcalculation'] = 'Edit calculation';
$string['editcalculationverbose'] = 'Edit calculation for $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';

$string['editfeedback'] = 'Edit feedback';
$string['editgrade'] = 'Edit grade';
$string['editoutcomes'] = 'Edit outcomes';
$string['edittree'] = 'Categories and items';
$string['editverbose'] = 'Edit $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
$string['enableajax'] = 'Enable AJAX';
$string['enableoutcomes'] = 'Enable outcomes';
$string['encoding'] = 'Encoding';
$string['errorgradevaluenonnumeric'] = 'Received non-numeric for low or high grade for';                      expected a number here?
$string['errorcalculationnoequal'] = 'Formula must start with equal sign (=1+2)';
$string['errorcalculationunknown'] = 'Invalid formula';                                                       show help button here?
$string['errornocalculationallowed'] = 'Calculations are not allowed for this item';
$string['errornocategorisedid'] = 'Could not get an uncategorised id!';
$string['errornocourse'] = 'Could not get course information';
$string['errorreprintheadersnonnumeric'] = 'Received non-numeric value for reprint-headers';
$string['exceptions'] = 'Exceptions';
$string['excluded'] = 'Excluded';
$string['excludedhelp'] = 'If -excluded- is switched on, this grade will be excluded from any aggregation      If we define category as a collection of grade
performed by any parent grade item or category.';                                                              items then how does this differ from a parent? If a
                                                                                                               parent is a sum of categories shouldn't we be
                                                                                                               saying this?
$string['expand'] = 'Expand Category';
$string['export'] = 'Export';
$string['exportfeedback'] = 'Include feedback in export';
$string['exportplugins'] = 'Export plugins';
$string['exportalloutcomes'] = 'Export all outcomes';
$string['exportsettings'] = 'Export settings';
$string['exportto'] = 'Export to';
$string['extracredit'] = 'Extra Credit';
$string['extracreditwarning'] = 'Note: Setting all items for a category to extra credit will effectively remove If we give extra credit for an item e.g. +10% why
them from the grade calculation. Since there will be no point total';                                          shouldn't this be part of the calculation?

$string['feedback'] = 'Feedback';
$string['feedbackhelp'] = 'Notes added to the grade by the teacher. They can be extensive, personalised
feedback or a simple code that refers to an internal system of feedback.';
$string['feedbackadd'] = 'Add feedback';
$string['feedbackedit'] = 'Edit feedback';
$string['feedbackview'] = 'View feedback';
$string['feedbacksaved'] = 'Feedback saved';
$string['finalgrade'] = 'Final grade';                                                                         Total grade?
$string['finalgradehelp'] = 'The final grade (cached) after all calculations are performed.';
$string['forceoff'] = 'Force: Off';
$string['forceon'] = 'Force: On';
$string['forelementtypes'] = ' for the selected $a';
$string['forstudents'] = 'For students';
$string['full'] = 'Full';
$string['fullmode'] = 'Full view';
$string['generalsettings'] = 'General settings';
$string['grade'] = 'Grade';
$string['gradebook'] = 'Gradebook';
$string['gradebookhiddenerror'] = 'The gradebook is currently set to hide everything from students.';

$string['gradebookhistories'] = 'Grade histories';
$string['gradeboundary'] = 'Letter grade boundary';
$string['gradecategories'] = 'Grade categories';
$string['gradecategory'] = 'Grade category';
$string['gradecategoryhelp'] = 'Grade category help';
$string['gradecategorysettings'] = 'Grade category settings';
$string['gradedon'] = 'Graded: $a';
$string['gradedisplay'] = 'Grade display';
$string['gradedisplaytype'] = 'Grade display type';
$string['gradeexceptions'] = 'Grade exceptions';
$string['gradeexceptionshelp'] = 'Grade exceptions Help';
$string['gradeexportdisplaytype'] = 'Grade export display type';
$string['gradeexportdecimalpoints'] = 'Grade export decimal points';
$string['gradehelp'] = 'Grade Help';
$string['gradehistorylifetime'] = 'Grade history lifetime';
$string['gradeitem'] = 'Grade item';
$string['gradeitemadvanced'] = 'Advanced grade item options';
$string['gradeitemislocked'] = 'This activity is locked in the gradebook. Changes that are made to grades      For activity shouldn't we use item?
in this activity will not be copied to the gradebook until it is unlocked.';
$string['gradeitemlocked'] = 'Grading locked';
$string['gradeitemsinc'] = 'Grade items to be included';
$string['gradeitemaddusers'] = 'Exclude from grading';
$string['gradeitemmembersselected'] = 'Excluded from grading';
$string['gradeitemnonmembers'] = 'Included in grading';
$string['gradeitemremovemembers'] = 'Include in grading';
$string['gradeitems'] = 'Grade items';
$string['gradeitemsettings'] = 'Grade item settings';
$string['gradeletter'] = 'Grade letter';
$string['gradeletters'] = 'Grade letters';
$string['gradeletterhelp'] = 'Grade letter Help';
$string['gradeletternote'] = 'To delete a grade letter just empty any of the<br /> three text areas for that
letter and click submit.';
$string['gradelocked'] = 'Grade is locked';
$string['gradelong'] = '$a->grade / $a->max';
$string['grademax'] = 'Maximum grade';
$string['grademaxhelp'] = 'When using the value grade type, a maximum grade can be set. The
maximum grade for an activity-based grade item is set on the update activity page.';
$string['grademin'] = 'Minimum grade';
$string['grademinhelp'] = 'When using the value grade type, a minimum grade can be set.';
$string['gradeoutcomeitem'] = 'Grade outcome item';
$string['gradeoutcomes'] = 'Outcomes';
$string['gradeoutcomescourses'] = 'Course outcomes';
$string['gradepass'] = 'Grade to pass';
$string['gradepasshelp'] = 'If an item has a grade that users must equal or exceed to pass that item, you
can set that here.';
$string['gradepublishing'] = 'Enable publishing';
$string['graderreport'] = 'Grader report';                                                                       gradebook report?
$string['gradessettings'] = 'Grade settings';
$string['gradepreferences'] = 'Grade preferences';
$string['gradepreferenceshelp'] = 'Grade preferences Help';
$string['grades'] = 'Grades';
$string['gradesonly'] = 'Grades only';
$string['gradetype'] = 'Grade type';
$string['gradetypehelp'] = 'Specifies the type of grade used: none (no grading possible), value (enables
the maximum and minimum grade settings), scale (enables the scale setting) or text (feedback only).
Only value and scale grade types may be aggregated. The grade type for an activity-based grade item is
set on the update activity page.';
$string['gradeview'] = 'View Grade';
$string['gradeweighthelp'] = 'Grade weight Help';
$string['groupavg'] = 'Group average';
$string['hidden'] = 'Hidden';
$string['hiddenasdate'] = 'Show submitted date for hidden grades';
$string['hiddenuntil'] = 'Hidden until';
$string['hiddenuntildate'] = 'Hidden until: $a';
$string['hideadvanced'] = 'Hide advanced features';
$string['hidecalculations'] = 'Hide calculations';
$string['hidecategory'] = 'Hidden';
$string['hideeyecons'] = 'Hide show/hide icons';
$string['hideaverages'] = 'Hide averages';
$string['hidegroups'] = 'Hide groups';
$string['hidelocks'] = 'Hide locks';
$string['hidenooutcomes'] = 'Show outcomes';
$string['hidefeedback'] = 'Hide feedback';
$string['hideranges'] = 'Hide ranges';
$string['hideverbose'] = 'Hide $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
$string['highgradeascending'] = 'Sort by high grade ascending';
$string['highgradedescending'] = 'Sort by high grade descending';
$string['highgradeletter'] = 'High';
$string['hidequickfeedback'] = 'Hide Quick Feedback';
$string['idnumberhelp'] = 'Setting an ID number provides a way of identifying the activity for grade
calculation purposes. If the activity is not included in any grade calculation then the ID number field can
be left blank. The ID number for an activity-based grade item may be set on the update activity page.';

$string['idnumbers'] = 'Id numbers';
$string['identifier'] = 'Identify user by';
$string['import'] = 'Import';
$string['importcsv'] = 'Import CSV';
$string['importcustom'] = 'Import as custom outcomes (only this course)';
$string['importerror'] = 'An error occurred, this script wasn\'t called with the right parameters.';
$string['importfrom'] = 'Import from';
$string['importfailed'] = 'Import failed';
$string['importfeedback'] = 'Import feedback';
$string['importfile'] = 'Import file';
$string['importfilemissing'] = 'No file was received, go back to the form and make sure to upload a valid
$string['importoutcomenofile'] = 'The uploaded file is empty or corrupted. Please verify this is a valid file.
The problem was detected at line $a; this is triggered by the data lines not having as many columns as
the first line (the header line) or if the imported file is missing expected headers. Look at the exported
file for an example of a file with valid header.';
$string['importoutcomes'] = 'Import outcomes';
$string['importoutcomesuccess'] = 'Imported outcome \"$a->name\" with ID #$a->id';
$string['importplugins'] = 'Import plugins';
$string['importpreview'] = 'Import preview';
$string['importsettings'] = 'Import settings';
$string['importstandard'] = 'Import as standard outcomes';
$string['importskippednomanagescale'] = 'You don\'t have permission to add a new scale, so outcome
"$a" was skipped as it required creating a new scale';
$string['importskippedoutcome'] = 'An outcome with shortname \"$a\" already exists in this context, the
one in the imported file was skipped.';
$string['importsuccess'] = 'Grade import success';
$string['importxml'] = 'Import XML';
$string['includescalesinaggregation'] = 'Include scales in aggregation';
$string['incorrectcourseid'] = 'Course ID was incorrect';
$string['incorrectminmax'] = 'The minimum must be lower than the maximum';
$string['inherit'] = 'Inherit';
$string['item'] = 'Item';                                                                                        define: basic unit of work submitted by student?

$string['iteminfo'] = 'Item info';
$string['iteminfohelp'] = 'A space for entering information about the item. Text entered does not appear
anywhere else.';
$string['itemname'] = 'Item name';
$string['itemnamehelp'] = 'The name of this item, pushed in by the module.';
$string['items'] = 'Items';
$string['itemsedit'] = 'Edit grade item';
$string['keephigh'] = 'Keep the highest';
$string['keephighhelp'] = 'If set, this option will only keep the X highest grades, X being the selected value
for this option.';
$string['keymanager'] = 'Key manager';
$string['lessthanmin'] = 'The grade entered for $a->itemname for $a->username is less than the minimum
$string['lettergrade'] = 'Letter grade';
$string['lettergradenonnumber'] = 'Low and/or High grade were non-numeric for';
$string['letter'] = 'Letter';
$string['letterpercentage'] = 'Letter (percentage)';                                                             not too sure how a letter can be a percentage?

$string['letterreal'] = 'Letter (real)';                                                                         real?
$string['letters'] = 'Letters';
$string['linkedactivity'] = 'Linked activity';
$string['linkedactivityhelp'] = 'Specifies an optional activity to which this outcome item is linked. This is    define outcome item? Perhaps written as
used to measure student performance on criteria not assessed by the activity grade.';                            'optional activity also linked to the outcomes by
                                                                                                                 which this item is graded
$string['lock'] = 'Lock';
$string['locked'] = 'Locked';
$string['locktime'] = 'Lock after';
$string['locktimedate'] = 'Locked after: $a';
$string['lockverbose'] = 'Lock $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
$string['lowest'] = 'Lowest';
$string['lowgradeletter'] = 'Low';
$string['manualitem'] = 'Manual item';
$string['mapfrom'] = 'Map from';
$string['mapto'] = 'Map to';
$string['max'] = 'Highest';
$string['maxgrade'] = 'Max grade';
$string['mappings'] = 'Grade item mappings';
$string['meanall'] = 'All grades';
$string['meangraded'] = 'Non-empty grades';
$string['meanselection'] = 'Grades selected for column averages';
$string['median'] = 'Median';
$string['min'] = 'Lowest';
$string['missingscale'] = 'Scale must be selected';
$string['mode'] = 'Mode';
$string['morethanmax'] = 'The grade entered for $a->itemname for $a->username is more than the
maximum allowed';
$string['movingelement'] = 'Moving $a';
$string['multfactor'] = 'Multiplicator';
$string['multfactorhelp'] = 'Factor by which all grades for this grade item will be multiplied.';                isn't this the same as weight?
$string['myreportpreferences'] = 'My report preferences';
$string['neverdeletehistory'] = 'Never delete history';
$string['newcategory'] = 'New category';
$string['newuserkey'] = 'New user key';
$string['no'] = 'No';
$string['nocategories'] = 'Grade categories could not be added or found for this course';
$string['nocategoryname'] = 'No category name was given.';
$string['nocategoryview'] = 'No category to view by';
$string['nocourses'] = 'There are no courses yet';
$string['noforce'] = 'Do not force';
$string['nogradeletters'] = 'No grade letters set';
$string['nogradesreturned'] = 'No grades returned';
$string['noidnumber'] = 'No id number';
$string['nolettergrade'] = 'No letter grade for';
$string['nomode'] = 'NA';
$string['nonnumericweight'] = 'Received non-numeric value for';
$string['nonunlockableverbose'] = 'This grade cannot be unlocked until $a->itemname is unlocked.';

$string['nonweightedpct'] = 'non-weighted %%';
$string['nooutcome'] = 'No outcome';
$string['nooutcomes'] = 'Outcome items must be linked to a course outcome, but there are no outcomes
for this course. Would you like to add one?';
$string['nopublish'] = 'Do not publish';
$string['noscales'] = 'Outcomes must be linked to a course scale or global scale, but there are none.        Does this mean there are no scales or that the
Would you like to add one?';                                                                                 outcomes isn't linked to any? Not clear.
$string['noselectedcategories'] = 'no categories were selected.';
$string['noselecteditems'] = 'no items were selected.';
$string['notteachererror'] = 'You must be a teacher to use this feature.';
$string['numberofgrades'] = 'Number of grades';                                                              number of items graded?
$string['onascaleof'] = ' on a scale of $a->grademin to $a->grademax';
$string['operations'] = 'Operations';
$string['options'] = 'Options';
$string['outcome'] = 'Outcome';
$string['outcomeassigntocourse'] = 'Assign another outcome to this course';
$string['outcomecategory'] = 'Create outcomes in category';
$string['outcomecategorynew'] = 'New category';
$string['outcomeconfirmdelete'] = 'Are you sure you wish to delete the outcome \"$a\"?';
$string['outcomecreate'] = 'Add a new outcome';
$string['outcomedelete'] = 'Delete Outcome';
$string['outcomeidhelp'] = 'Specifies the Outcome which this grade item will represent in the gradebook.
Only outcomes associated with this course and site-wide outcomes are available';
$string['outcomeitem'] = 'Outcome item';
$string['outcomeitemsedit'] = 'Edit outcome item';
$string['outcomes'] = 'Outcomes';
$string['outcomescustom'] = 'Custom outcomes';
$string['outcomescourse'] = 'Outcomes used in course';
$string['outcomescoursecustom'] = 'Custom used (no remove)';
$string['outcomescoursenotused'] = 'Standard not used';                                                       define standard? Is this related to scale?
$string['outcomescourseused'] = 'Standard used (no remove)';
$string['outcomescourse'] = 'Outcomes used in course';
$string['outcomename'] = 'Outcome name';
$string['outcomereport'] = 'Outcome report';
$string['outcomesstandard'] = 'Standard outcomes';                                                            define: course-wide outcomes?
$string['outcomesstandardavailable'] = 'Available standard outcomes';
$string['outcomestandard'] = 'Standard outcome';
$string['outcomestandardhelp'] = 'A Standard outcome is available site-wide, for all courses.';
$string['outcomes'] = 'Outcomes';
$string['overallaverage'] = 'Overall average';
$string['overridesitedefaultgradedisplaytype'] = 'Override site defaults';
$string['overridesitedefaultgradedisplaytypehelp'] = 'Tick this checkbox to enable the overriding of the site
defaults for the display of grades in the gradebook. This activates form elements allowing you to define
the grade letters and boundaries of your choice.';
$string['overridden'] = 'Overridden';
$string['overriddenhelp'] = 'When on, the overridden flag prevents any future attempts to automatically
adjust the value of the grade. This flag is often set internally by the gradebook, but can be switched on
and off manually using this form element.';
$string['overriddennotice'] = 'Your final grade from this activity was manually adjusted.';
$string['courseavg'] = 'Course average';
$string['parentcategory'] = 'Parent category';
$string['pctoftotalgrade'] = '%% of total grade';
$string['percent'] = 'Percent';
$string['percentage'] = 'Percentage';
$string['percentageletter'] = 'Percentage (letter)';                                                         % is numeric?
$string['percentagereal'] = 'Percentage (real)';
$string['percentascending'] = 'Sort by percent ascending';
$string['percentdescending'] = 'Sort by percent descending';
$string['percentshort'] = '%%';                                                                              is the %% an error or a particular feature?
$string['plusfactor'] = 'Offset';
$string['plusfactorhelp'] = 'Number that will be added to every grade for this grade item, after the
Multiplicator is applied.';
$string['points'] = 'points';                                                                                total score?
$string['pointsascending'] = 'Sort by points ascending';
$string['pointsdescending'] = 'Sort by points descending';
$string['positionfirst'] = 'First';
$string['positionlast'] = 'Last';
$string['preferences'] = 'Preferences';
$string['prefgeneral'] = 'General';
$string['prefletters'] = 'Grade letters and boundaries';
$string['prefrows'] = 'Special rows';
$string['prefshow'] = 'Show/hide toggles';
$string['previewrows'] = 'Preview rows';
$string['profilereport'] = 'User profile report';
$string['publishing'] = 'Publishing';
$string['quickfeedback'] = 'Quick Feedback';
$string['quickgrading'] = 'Quick Grading';
$string['range'] = 'Range';
$string['rangesdecimalpoints'] = 'Decimals shown in ranges';
$string['rangesdisplaytype'] = 'Range display type';
$string['rank'] = 'Rank';
$string['rawpct'] = 'Raw %%';
$string['real'] = 'Real';                                                                                 define real is this case.
$string['realletter'] = 'Real (letter)';
$string['realpercentage'] = 'Real (percentage)';
$string['regradeanyway'] = 'Regrade anyway';
$string['removeallcoursegrades'] = 'Delete all grades';
$string['removeallcourseitems'] = 'Delete all items and categories';
$string['hideforcedsettings'] = 'Hide forced settings';
$string['report'] = 'Report';
$string['reportdefault'] = 'Report default ($a)';
$string['reportplugins'] = 'Report plugins';
$string['reportsettings'] = 'Report settings';
$string['reprintheaders'] = 'Reprint Headers';
$string['respectingcurrentdata'] = 'leaving current configuration unmodified';
$string['rowpreviewnum'] = 'Preview rows';
$string['savechanges'] = 'Save changes';
$string['savepreferences'] = 'Save preferences';
$string['scaledpct'] = 'Scaled %%';
$string['scaleidhelp'] = 'When using the scale grade type, a scale can be selected. The scale for an
activity-based grade item is selected on the update activity page.';
$string['scalestandardhelp'] = 'A standard scale is one that is available site-wide, for all courses.';

$string['seeallcoursegrades'] = 'See all course grades';
$string['selectdestination'] = 'Select destination of $a';
$string['selectalloroneuser'] = 'Select all or one user';
$string['septab'] = 'Tab';
$string['sepcomma'] = 'Comma';
$string['separator'] = 'Separator';
$string['setcategories'] = 'Set categories';
$string['setcategorieserror'] = 'You must first set the categories for your course before you can give
weights to them.';
$string['setgradeletters'] = 'Set grade letters';
$string['setpreferences'] = 'Set preferences';
$string['setting'] = 'Setting';
$string['settings'] = 'Settings';
$string['setweights'] = 'Set weights';
$string['showallhidden'] = 'All hidden';
$string['showallstudents'] = 'Show all Students';
$string['showactivityicons'] = 'Show activity icons';
$string['showaverages'] = 'Show column averages';
$string['showcalculations'] = 'Show calculations';
$string['showeyecons'] = 'Show show/hide icons';
$string['showfeedback'] = 'Show feedback';
$string['showgroups'] = 'Show groups';
$string['showhiddenitems'] = 'Show hidden items';
$string['showhiddenuntilonly'] = 'Only hidden until';
$string['showlocks'] = 'Show locks';
$string['shownohidden'] = 'No hidden';
$string['shownooutcomes'] = 'Hide outcomes';
$string['shownumberofgrades'] = 'Show number of grades in averages';
$string['showpercentage'] = 'Show percentage';
$string['showquickfeedback'] = 'Show Quick Feedback';
$string['showranges'] = 'Show ranges';
$string['showrank'] = 'Show rank';
$string['showuseridnumber'] = 'Show user idnumber';
$string['showuserimage'] = 'Show user profile images';
$string['showverbose'] = 'Show $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
$string['sitewide'] = 'Site-wide';
$string['sort'] = 'sort';
$string['sortasc'] = 'Sort in ascending order';
$string['sortdesc'] = 'Sort in descending order';
$string['sortbyfirstname'] = 'Sort by first name';
$string['sortbylastname'] = 'Sort by last name';
$string['standarddeviation'] = 'Standard deviation';
$string['stats'] = 'Statistics';
$string['statslink'] = 'Stats';                                                                           duplicate of line 483? Abbreviations aren't used
$string['student'] = 'Student';
$string['studentsperpage'] = 'Students per page';
$string['subcategory'] = 'Normal category';
$string['submissions'] = 'Submissions';
$string['submittedon'] = 'Submitted: $a';
$string['synclegacygrades'] = 'Synchronise legacy grades';                                                default grades or grades from another course?

$string['topcategory'] = 'Super category';                                                                does this assume a hierarchy of categories? This
                                                                                                          suggests we need to be careful in our choice of
$string['total'] = 'Total';
$string['totalweight100'] = 'The total weight is equal to 100';
$string['totalweightnot100'] = 'The total weight is not equal to 100';
$string['turnfeedbackoff'] = 'Turn feedback off';
$string['turnfeedbackon'] = 'Turn feedback on';
$string['typenone'] = 'None';
$string['typescale'] = 'Scale';
$string['typetext'] = 'Text';
$string['typevalue'] = 'Value';
$string['updatedgradesonly'] = 'Export new or updated grades only';
$string['uncategorised'] = 'Uncategorised';
$string['unchangedgrade'] = 'Grade unchanged';
$string['unenrolledusersinimport'] = 'This import included the following grades for users not currently
enrolled in this course: $a';
$string['unlock'] = 'Unlock';
$string['unlockverbose'] = 'Unlock $a->category$a->itemmodule $a->itemname';
$string['unused'] = 'Unused';
$string['uploadgrades'] = 'Upload grades';
$string['useadvanced'] = 'Use Advanced Features';
$string['usedcourses'] = 'Used courses';
$string['usedgradeitem'] = 'Used grade item';
$string['usenooutcome'] = 'Use no outcome';
$string['usenoscale'] = 'Use no scale';
$string['usepercent'] = 'Use percent';
$string['user'] = 'User';
$string['usergrade'] = 'User $a->fullname ($a->useridnumber) on item $a->gradeidnumber';
$string['userkeyhelp'] = 'Select a saved key that will give users access to the data published by this
export plugin, without having to log into Moodle. Select `create a new user key` to generate a new key
when submitting this form.';
$string['userpreferences'] = 'User preferences';
$string['useweighted'] = 'Use weighted';
$string['verbosescales'] = 'Verbose scales';                                                              verbose scale? Words rather than letters?
$string['viewbygroup'] = 'Group';
$string['viewgrades'] = 'View grades';
$string['weight'] = 'weight';
$string['weightcourse'] = 'Use weighted grades for course';
$string['weightedascending'] = 'Sort by weighted percent ascending';
$string['weighteddescending'] = 'Sort by weighted percent descending';
$string['weightedpct'] = 'weighted %%';
$string['weightedpctcontribution'] = 'weighted %% contribution';
$string['writinggradebookinfo'] = 'Writing gradebook settings';
$string['xml'] = 'XML';
$string['yes'] = 'Yes';
$string['yourgrade'] = 'Your grade';

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