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									agency name                                          service category

Adcare                                               Substance Abuse - outpatient

Addiction Recovery Institute                         Substance Abuse - outpatient

  Addiction Recovery Institute (North)

  Addiction Recovery Institute (South)

                                                     Substance Abuse - outpatient
                                                     Support Group

                                                     Substance Abuse - outpatient
Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings
                                                     Support Group

                                                     Violence Prevention
                                                     Violence Recovery
Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center                    Domestic Violence
                                                     Women's Shelter
                                                     Support Group

                                                     Mental Health - inpatient
Bradley Hospital
                                                     Mental Health - outpatient

                                                     Suicide Prevention
Bradley Hospital SafeQuest Program                   Mental Health - outpatient
                                                     Counseling & Therapy

                                                     Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential
Bridgemark Recovery Services (formerly Kent House)
                                                     Substance Abuse - outpatient

                                                     Mental Health - inpatient
Butler Hospital
                                                     Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential

                                                     Substance Abuse - outpatient
Caritas Inc. (Administrative)
                                                     Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential
 Caritas - Pawtucket

 Caritas - Providence

 Caritas House

 Corkery House

 Eastman House

Center for Behavioral Health               Substance Abuse - outpatient

 Center for Behavioral Health - Westerly

 Center for Behavioral Health - Johnston

                                           Social Services
                                           Counseling & Therapy
Child and Family (Formerly- CFS Newport)   Mental Health - outpatient
                                           Substance Abuse - outpatient
                                           Homeless Services

                                           Counseling & Therapy
Child and Family - Ophelia Program
                                           Mental Health - outpatient

                                           Counseling & Therapy
Child and Family - Iron John Program
                                           Mental Health - outpatient

Comprehensive Community Action Program

CODAC                                      Substance Abuse - outpatient

 CODAC (Cranston)

 CODAC (Newport)

 CODAC (Providence)

 CODAC East Bay (East Providence)

 CODAC South County (Wakefield)
                                                              Violence Prevention
                                                              Violence Recovery
Day One - Sexual Assault and Trauma Resource Center           Sexual Violence
                                                              Domestic Violence
                                                              Rape Crisis Center

                                                              Violence Prevention
Destiny House                                                 Violence Recovery
                                                              Domestic Violence

Discovery House                                               Substance Abuse - outpatient

 Discovery House (Providence)

 Discovery House (Woonsocket)

                                                              Violence Recovery
                                                              Counseling & Therapy
Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County             Women's Shelter
                                                              LGBTQ Services
                                                              Support Groups
 Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County (Wakefield Helpline
 Drop-in Center 9-5 M-F

 Washington County Court House office 8:30-4:30 M-F

East Bay Center                                               Violence Recovery
                                                              LGBTQQI Service
                                                              Counseling &Therapy
                                                              Mental Health - outpatient
 East Bay Center (Adams-Farley Counseling Center)

 East Bay Center (John P. Digits, Jr. Facility)

                                                              Counseling & Therapy
East Bay Community Action - Youth Clinical Services Program
                                                              Crisis Intervention

                                                              Violence Recovery
                                                              Domestic Violence
Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center                                 Sexual Violence
                                                              Counseling & Therapy
                                                              Violence Prevention
                                                              Women's Shelter
                                                              Mental Health - outpatinet
                                                              Substance Abuse - outpatient
Family Service, Inc
                                                              Social Services
                                                              Counseling & Therapy
 Family Service, Inc (Outpatient Mental Health and SA Treatment)

 Family Service, Inc (Outpatient Mental Health and SA Treatment)

 Family Service, Inc (satellite office - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
 Community Center location)
 Family Service, Inc (satellite office - Westerly High School’s
 WISSP Center)

                                                                      Mental Health - outpatinet
Fellowship Health Resources
                                                                      Mental Health - inpatient

                                                                      Counseling & Therapy
Friends Way (affiliated with Gateway)
                                                                      Support Group

Galilee Mission inc.                                                  Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential

                                                                      Mental Health - outpatient
Gateway Healthcare                                                    Counsing & Therapy
                                                                      Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential
                                                                      Substance abuse - outpatient
 Gateway Healthcare (Pawtucket)

 Gateway Healthcare (Pawtucket - Community Counseling Center)

 Gateway Healthcare (Johnston - MHS)

 Gateway Healthcare (Johnston)

 Gateway Healthcare (Cranston)

 Gateway Healthcare (Pawtucket)

 Tri-Hab (Woonsocket)

 Tri-Hab (Pawtucket Addictions Counseling Services (PACS))

 Centro La Familia

                                                                      Support Group
Greater Providence Narcotics Anonymous
                                                                      Substance Abuse - outpatient
                                                            Counseling & Therapy
                                                            Violence Recovery
Interfaith Counseling Center, Inc.
                                                            Domestic Violence
                                                            Support Groups
                                                            Mental Health - outpatient
Kent Center                                                 Counsing & Therapy
                                                            Substance Abuse - outpatient
                                                            Social Services

 Kent Center

 Kent Center

                                                            Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential
MAP Behavioral health Services Inc
                                                            Substance Abuse - outpatient

Meadows Edge Recovery Center                                Substance Abuse - outpatient

Newport County Community Mental Health Center               Mental Health - outpatient
                                                            Counseling & Therapy
                                                            Substance Abuse - outpatient
 Newport County Community Mental Health Center (Child and   Crisis Intervention
 Adolecent Services)
 Newport County Community Mental Health Center (Case
 Management and Day Treatment)
NRI Community Services                                      Mental Health - outpatient
                                                            Substance Abuse - outpatient
                                                            Counseling & Therapy
                                                            Social Services
 NRI Community Services

 NRI Community Services

 NRI Community Services

                                                            Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential
Phoenix House
                                                            Substance Abuse - outpatient

 Phoenix House (Exeter Center)

 Phoenix House (Phoenix Academy)
 Phoenix House (Providence Outpatient Center)

 Phoenix House (Wakefield Outpatient Center)

 Phoenix House (Westerly Outpatient Center)

 PROCAP - Division of Clinical Services                  Substance Abuse - outpatient

Providence Center (Administrative Offices)               Mental Health - outpatient
                                                         Counseling & Therapy
                                                         Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential
                                                         Substance Abuse - outpatient
 Providence Center - Hope St

 Providence Center - N. Main St

                                                         Counseling and therapy
Rhode Island Student Assistance Services                 Substance abuse - outpatient
                                                         Suicide prevention

Roger Williams Behavioral Medicine - Addiction Medical   Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential
Treatment Center                                         Substance Abuse - outpatient

                                                         Suicide Prevention

                                                         Violence Recovery
                                                         Women's Shelter
Sojourner House                                          Domestic Violence
                                                         Support Group
                                                         LGBTQQI Services
                                                         Mental Health - outpatient
South Shore Mental Health Center
                                                         Substance Abuse - outpatient
                                                         Counseling & Therapy

   South Shore Mental Health Center (Charlestown)

   South Shore Mental Health Center (Wakefield)

                                                         Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential
                                                         Substance Abuse - outpatient
SSTAR of Rhode Island                                        Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential

                                                             Mental Health - inpatient
St. Mary's Home For Children                                 Violence Recovery
                                                             Sexual Violence

Suicide Survivor Support Group (Beacon Hospice)              Support Group

   Beacon Hospice Bereavement Support Services (Pawtucket)   Support Group

   Beacon Hospice Bereavement Support Services (E.
                                                             Support Group

Teen Challenge New England (Providence, RI Women's
                                                             Substance Abuse - inpatient/residential

Tides Family Services

                                                             Violence Recovery
                                                             Domestic Violence
Women’s Center of Rhode Island*                              Women's Shelter
                                                             Support Group
                                                             Violence Prevention
                                                             Violence Recovery
Women’s Resource Center of Newport & Bristol Counties*       Domestic Violence
                                                             Support Group
                                                             Women's Shelter
 Women’s Resource Center of Newport & Bristol Counties
 (Newport location)
 Women’s Resource Center of Newport & Bristol Counties
 (Warren location)

                                                             Support Group
                                                             Counseling & Therapy
Youth Pride*
                                                             Social Services
                                                             LQBTQQI Services
address1               address2    city              zip     phone            website

400 Bald Hill Rd                   Warwick      RI   02886 (401) 732-1500

31 North Union St.                 Pawtucket    RI   02860 (401) 725-2520

205 Hallene Rd         Suite 102   Warwick      RI   02886 (401) 737-4788

106 Rolfe Street                   Cranston     RI   02910 (401) 781-0044

                                                             (800) 439–8860
1005 Waterman                      East
                                                RI           (401) 438-8860
Avenue                             Providence

PO Box 5643                        Pawtucket    RI   02862 (401) 723-3057

1011 Veterans                      East                      (401) 432-1000
                                                RI   02915
Memorial Parkway                   Providence                (main)           y

1011 Veterans                      East                      (401) 432-1020
                                                RI   02915                    y/services/ca/partial/saf
Memorial Parkway                   Providence                (SafeQuest)

2020 Elmwood Avenue                Warwick      RI   02888 (401) 781-2700

                                                           (401) 455-6200
345 Blackstone                                             (main)
                                   Providence   RI   02906          
Boulevard                                                  (401) 455-6214

166 Pawtucket Avenue               Pawtucket    RI   02860 (401) 722-4644
142 Cottage St          Pawtucket      RI    02860 (401) 475-8009

790 Broad St            Providence                         

70 East Street          Cranston       RI    02920 (401) 463-8829

15 Bakers Pine Road     Wyoming        RI    02898 (401) 539-3002

166 Pawtucket Avenue    Pawtucket      RI    02860 (401) 722-4644

86 Beach Street         Westerly       RI    02891 (401) 596-0969
985 Plainfield Street   Johnston       RI    02919 (401) 946-0650

31 John Clarke Road     Middletown     RI    02842 (401) 848-4199

31 John Clarke Road     Middletown     RI    02842 (401) 848-4206

31 John Clarke Road     Middletown     RI    02842 (401) 848-4206    rg/adolescents_ophelia.

311 Doric Avenue        Cranston       RI    02910 (401) 467-9610

                                                    (401) 275-5039

1052 Park Ave           Cranston       RI    02910 (401) 461-5056
93 Thames St            Newport        RI    02840 (401) 846-4150
349 Huntington Ave      Providence     RI    02909 (401) 942-1450
850 Waterman Ave        East Providence RI   02914 (401) 434-4999
350 Columbia St         Wakefield      RI    02879 (401) 789-0934
                                                                 (401) 421-4100
100 Medway Street                     Providence     RI    02906 Helpline: (800)
                                                                 494-8100 (24/7)

                       Box 27 Suite                                        
807 Broad Street                      Providence     RI    02907 (401) 270-5320
                       427                                                           m

66 Pavilion Avenue                    Providence     RI    02903 (401) 461-9110

1625 Diamond Hill
                                      Woonsocket     RI    02895 (401) 762-1511

61 Main Street                        Wakefield      RI    02879 Helpline (info on
                                                                 services) (401)
                                                                 782 3990

61 Main Street                        Wakefield      RI    02879 Above

4800 Tower Hill Rd                    S. Kingston    RI

                                                                 (401) 246-1195
                                                                 Intake Services
1445 Wampanoag Trail
                     Suite 106        East Providence RI   02915 24hr emergency
                                                                 line: (401) 246-

610 Wampanoag Trail                   East Providence RI   02915 (401) 431-9870

2 Old County Road                     Barrington     RI    02806 (410) 246-1195

654 Green End Avenue                  Middletown     RI    02842 (401) 848-0758

PO Box 9476                           Warwick        RI    02889 (401) 738-9700

P.O. Box 6688                         Providence     RI           (401) 519-2280
55 Hope Street                       Providence       RI    02906 (401) 331-1350

                       Lafayette Mills                            (401) 519-2280
650 Ten Rod Road                       North Kingstown RI   02852 (direct intake line
                       Unit 13
20 Dr. Marcus F.                                                  include this #
                                     Newport          RI          (401) 846-4828
Wheatland BLVD

15 Highland Ave                      Westerly         RI    02891 (401) 315-1500

59 West Shore Road                   Warwick          RI    02889 401.739.8333

765 West Shore Road                  Warwick          RI    02889 (401) 921-0980

268 Kingstown Road                   Narragansett     RI           (401) 789-9390

                                                                    Intake: (401) 729-
                                                                    8701 (call this    http://www.gatewayhealt
                                                                    number for all

160 Beechwood                                                                         http://www.gatewayhealt
                                     Pawtucket        RI    02860 (401) 722-5573
101-103 Bacon Street                 Pawtucket        RI    02860 (401) 722-3560
1516 Atwood Avenue                   Johnston         RI    02919 (401) 553-1000
1443 Hartford Avenue                 Johnston         RI    02919 (401) 273-8100
1471 Elmwood Avenue                  Cranston         RI    02910 (401) 490-7320
82 Pond Street                       Pawtucket        RI    02860 (401) 725-0450
58 Hamlet Avenue                     Woonsocket       RI    02895 401-765-4040

105 Bacon Street                     Pawtucket        RI    02860 (401) 726-8080

105 Bacon Street                     Pawtucket        RI    02860 (401) 724-7845

                                                                    (800) 736-4597,
                                     Providence       RI    02901           
                                                                    (401) 461-1110
225 Chapman Street      Suite 303   Providence     RI    02905 (401) 461-5558

                                                                 (401) 732-5656
                                                                 (main intake.
                                                                 Emergency line:

50 Health Lane                      Warwick        RI    02886

2756 Post Road, Suite
                                    Warwick        RI    02886

66 Burnett Street                   Providence     RI    02907 (401) 785-0050

580 Ten Rod Road                    North Kingstown RI   02852   (401) 294-6170     no website

127 Johnny Cake Hill
                                    Middletown     RI    02842 (401) 846-1213

26 Valley Road                      Middletown     RI    02842 (401) 848-6363

65 Valley Road                      Middletown     RI    02842 (401) 846-6620

                                                         02895- Main: (401) 235- www.nricommunityservi
PO Box 1700                         Woonsocket     RI
                                                         0856   7121   

181 Cumberland Street               Woonsocket     RI    02895
                                                               Emergency Line:
800 Clinton Street                  Woonsocket     RI    02895 (401) 235-7120,

55 John Cummings                                               Intake: (401) 235-
                                                               Emergency Line:
                                    Woonsocket     RI    02895 401-235-7120,
                                                                 Intake: 401-235-


251 Main Street                     Exeter         RI    02822 (401) 295-0960
2076 Wallum Lake                                                                    http://www.phoenixhous
                                    Pascoag        RI    02859 (401) 568-1770
205 Waterman Street                   Providence    RI   02906 (401) 421-5525
1058 Kingstown Road                   Wakefield     RI   02879 (401) 783-07829
101 Franklin Street                   Westerly      RI   02891 (401) 348-9995

662 Hartford Avenue                   Providence    RI   02909 (401) 272-0660

                                                                 (401) 276-4020

520 Hope Street                       Providence    RI   02909
530 North Main Street                 Providence    RI   02909

300 Centerville Road    Suite 301 S   Warwick       RI   02886 (401) 732-8680

826 Chalkstone                                                   Info: (401) 456-
                                      Providence    RI   02909
Avenue                                                           2363               havioral_medicine.cfm

                                                               (401) 272 4044
                                                               (24 hr crisis        http://www.samaritansri.
P.O. Box 9086                         Providence    RI   02940
                                                               hotline/listening    org/home.htm

386 Smith Street                      Providence    RI   02908 (401) 861-6191

4705A Old Post Road                   Charlestown   RI   02813 (401) 364-7705

55 Cherry Lane                        Wakefield     RI   02879 (401) 789.1367

80 East Street                        Cranston      RI   02920 (401) 463-6001
1950 Tower Hill Road    North Kingstown RI   02852 (401) 294-6160

                        North                02911-        
420 Fruit Hill Avenue                  RI           (401) 353-3900
                        Providence           2647                    utpatient.htm

1130 Ten Rod Road       North Kingstown RI   02852 (401) 294-6204

643 Main Street         Pawtucket      RI    02860 (401) 884-3845

1 Catamore Blvd         East Providence RI   02914 (401) 438-0008

572 Elmwood Avenue      Providence     RI    02907 (401) 467-2970

215 Washington Street   West Warwick   RI    02893 (401) 822-1360

                                                   (401) 861-2760
                                                   (helpline)        www.womenscenterri.
P.O. Box 603300         Providence     RI    02906
                                                   (401) 861-2761    org

                                                    (866) 236-2474

114 Touro Street        Newport        RI    02840 (401) 846.5263

624 Main Street         Warren         RI    02885 (401) 247.2070

171 Chestnut Street     Providence     RI    02903 (401) 421-5626
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                             contact email
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               Director of
Roxanne                      rarakelian@adcar

Richard Hill   services)


               Office        RICS@RhodeIsla
Sue C.

Linda                        info@bvadcocacy

Kim                          kwaggoner@lifesp
               Director of
               Safe Quest

Mary           Clinical
Osborne        Director

Dawn Picotte Medical

Meredith       Assistant     mdenno@caritasri
Denno          Director      .org
               Director of
Susan A.                     sbruce@childandf

Sharonn Rust-
              Director       bottone@childand

Sharonn Rust-
              Director       bottone@childand

               Director of   lhurley@codacinc.
Linda Hurley
               Operations    org
               Office        lbrown@dayoneri.
Laurie Brown
               Manager       org

               clinical      ddorsey@discover
David Dorsey



               Vice President
Fran                          Fbradshaw@east
               of Clinical

Nancy          Clinical
Guertin        Director

               Director of
Judy Kinzel    Community

               Intake and
Ruth           emergency
Warpenberg     services
Virginia     Regional      vwerbicki@fellows
Werbicki     Director

Laurie       Program       l.fitzgerald@friend
Fitzgerald   Director


             CAITS Mary
             Gaspar 722-

Mary McGrail Director      mmcgrail@gatewa
Donald C.      Executive
Anderson       Director         m

               Vice President
Fay Baker      of Clinical


Mellisa Cifert
               Assistant to

Enaida Melo    Director of HR

               Director of
Judith         Children's
Greene         Behavioral
               Health Service

               Director of
Cate Doktor                     cdoktor@phoenixh

               Director         568-1770x3251

Dianne                       dflaherty@provctr.
Flaherty                     org

Thomas Allen
(on vacation Director
till next week)

               Director      com,


               Vice President
Jerry Cutler   of Clinical

               Program       bgagnon@ssmhc.
Beth Gagnon
               manager –     org

Judith         clinical      jgorman@sstarbirt
Gorman         supervisor
Ron Dibiasio supervisor

              Executive     cmccann@smhfc.
              Director      org

Christine     Program       cmiller@beaconho
Miller        Director


Tabatha       Intake        tmellow@tcprovid
Mellow        coordinator

Kristin E.    Executive     klyons@womensc
Lyons         Director

              Director of
Jessica       Youth         jessica@wrcnbc.o
Walsh         Violence      rg

James         Executive     james@youthprid
Robinson      Director

Private agency offering inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment services.
Inpatient facilities are located in Massachusetts. (in Worcester) and outpatient SA
services. Main network in MA, have outpatient facility in Warwick.

Addicition Recovery Institute (ARI) is a privately run outpatient substance abuse clinic
offering a variety of services for substance dependent adults and their families
throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Alanon is a worldwide fellowship for individuals whose lives have been affected by
another's alcoholism. Alateen is for young people whose lives have been affected by
someone else's drinking.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience,
strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help
others to recover from alcoholism.

The Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center is a non profit organization whose mission is to
provide comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence and to provide
education and awareness on the issue of domestic violence.

Bradley Hospital is a private, not-for-profit child and adolescent psychiatric hospital. It
provides a range of family-focused mental health care to infants, children, adolescents
and young adults with emotional disorders and/or developmental disabilities.

The SafeQuest program is an intensive after-school program for adolescents who are at
risk for self-harm and/or who are suffering from significant mood or anxiety disorders.
The program runs five days a week from 3 to 7 p.m. SafeQuest nurses, social workers,
psychiatrists and milieu staff work collaboratively with parents to provide targetted
services to assist each child.

Comprehensive treatment center serving individuals and families with alcoholism and
other addictions.

Butler Hospital is Rhode Island’s is a private, nonprofit psychiatric and substance abuse
hospital for adults, adolescents, children, and seniors.

Caritas, Inc. treats substance abusers and their families through residential and
outpatient programs. Provides individualized treatment and services to clients and their
families with sensitivity toward cultural diversity. SA treatment system including Caritas,
Corkery, and Eastman House. Also provides outpatient and intensive outpatient SA
treatment options
residential SA treatment center for girls 13-17 (16 beds). Part of Caritas system. Girls
stay for an average of 7 months and work on a variety of issues to get to the root cause
of their abuse.
residential SA treatment center for boys 13-17 (16 beds). Part of Caritas system+H11

residential SA treatment center for young women 18+. Part of Caritas system. Long-term
treatment (more than 30 days), outpatient.

Center for Behavioral Health is an outpatient facility treating various substance abuse
related problems with a focus on opiate addiction. (licensed by federal and state
agencies and all are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation
Facilities (CARF))

Child and Family is a private, non-profit agency that serving children, adolescents,
adults and families throughout Newport County.

The Ophelia Program offers clinical support for girls and young women for issues
surrounding: self-destructive behaviors, eating disorders, relational issues, mental
health concerns, substance abuse, stress reduction

New Program offering services for adolescent boys.

Comprehensive Community Action Program is a private nonprofit community action
agency dedicated solely to fighting the war on poverty. It provides specialized
evaluation and counseling services to victims of sexual abuse and trauma. The program
also serves nonoffending parents and siblings. Additionally, offers the Victims of Crime
Program that assists persons or families who are victims of violence crime by providing
clinical case management.
CODAC is a non-profit organization providing a range of outpatient recovery, treatment
and prevention services to adolescents, adults and families struggling with substance
abuse, behavioral healthcare issues, and other addictive or abusive behaviors.
Day One's mission is to reduce the prevalence of sexual abuse and violence, and to
support and advocate for those affected by it. It provides services to victims of sexual
assault, domestic violence, hate crimes, and other violent crimes, as well as education
the public throughout Rhode Island.
Destiny House is a Domestic Violence Agency for Adolescents, Pregnant & Parenting
Teens, and Families. Our mission is "to empower adolescents, pregnant and parenting
teens, and families in communities of color to break the cycle of violence and
poverty". Our ongoing goal is to address domestic violence specifically among minority
groups and provide help and support to those affected by violence regardless of gender,
sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or age.
Discovery House is a national, outpatient addiction treatment program whose mission is
to provide comprehensive services for persons affected by addiction through community
awareness, and quality and holistic clinical services in an efficient, safe and fiscally

The Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County envisions a world in which all
individuals are free from violence, grow to their full potential and have relationships
based on trust, equality and mutual respect. The Center offers safety, support,
advocacy, proactive community education and a network of services to all persons who
are affected by domestic violence. Helpline 866-782-3990.

for people who are in need of referrals, support or advocacy

East Bay Center is a private, non-profit corporation that provides mental health and
substance abuse programs in the East Bay region of Rhode Island, offering a full
continuum of community-based outpatient behavioral health treatment and prevention
services to adults, children, and families.

Outpatient Services

Community Support Services

Clinical Services for Youth is a community-based lifeline for youth and families, offering
crisis intervention, counseling and outreach.

Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center provides support, information and referrals to victims of
domestic violence and sexual assault.

Family Service of Rhode Island, Inc., is a non-profit organization that provides a wide
array of social, medical and educational services to primarily low-income children, adults
and families in every Rhode Island community, and in Massachusetts and Connecticut
communities along the Rhode Island border.
Fellowship Health Resources, Inc. is a not-for-profit agency providing both clinical and
support services to persons recovering from mental illness, co-occurring disorders, and
other life challenges. Programs offered in Cranston, Warwick, Providence, and West

Friends Way (Families Reaching Into Each New Day) provides support groups and
programs for grieving children, teens, young adults and families. FRIENDS WAY serves
families throughout Rhode Island and is the only family bereavement center in
Southeastern New England.

Galilee Mission is a non profit organization that provides a recovery program for adult
males who are dependent on drugs and or alcohol and are in need of residential or
other social services.

Gateway Healthcare is a non-profit behavioral health care organization that provides a
wide array of services to adults, children and families in Rhode Island. It has multiple
locations across Rhode Island, including Pawtucket, Central Falls, Johnston, Cranston,
Middletown, Lincoln, Smithfield, Woonsocket and West Greenwich.

Tri Hab helps individuals with substance abuse problems and co-occurring mental
health disorders through a series of residential and therapeutic programs addressing the
many issues individualsdrug and alcoholabuse problems and co-occurring mental health
PACS helps related to with substance abuse
Centro La Familia provides culturally sensitive individual and group substance abuse
and mental health treatment services for the Latino population. Offers screening, crisis
intervention, case management, supportive services and appointments for therapy or
N.A. is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become
a major problem. Recovering addicts meet regularly to help each other stay clean.
Check website for weekly meetings.
Interfaith Counseling Center is dedicated to the concept of mental health counseling that
is sensitive to the spiritual, faith and meaning questions which lie at the heart of modern

The Kent Center is a private, not-for-profit community-based provider of mental health,
substance abuse, and educational services in Rhode Island, including licensed
behavioral health treatment, education, and consultation services.

The Kent Center is a community-based provider of mental health, substance abuse, and
educational services in Rhode Island. The goal of The Kent Center is to provide
The Kent Center is a community-based provider of mental health, substancemutual and
behavioral healthcare services designed to strengthen family units, promote abuse,
educational services in Rhode Island. The goal of The Kent Center is to provide
behavioral healthcare services designed to strengthen family units, promote mutual
MAP Behavioral Health Services, Inc. is a residential long-term treatment (more than 30
days), offering outpatient care for persons with co-occurring mental and substance
abuse disorders, as well as persons with HIV/AIDS.

Meadows Edge Recovery Center is an outpatient substanceabuse treatment agency.

Newport County Community Mental Health Center, Inc, is a private, nonprofit
organization that serves Newport County and provides comprehensive, professional
behavioral health services to individuals and families.

NRI Community Services, a non-profit, licensed behavioral healthcare agency in Rhode
Island offers help with behavioral, emotional and substance abuse issues.

Phoenix Houses offer outpatient drug treatment program for adolescents and adults
struggling with SA and Mental Illness. For the adolescent program families take part in
extensive education, therapy, and recreation activities throughout the course of the drug
treatment program, and work towards creating a home environment that will support
teens in their recovery from addiction. Also offers school based prevention programs in
Narragansett and performs assessments and interventions on students with drug or
residential and outpatient programs including residential programs for adults struggling
with SA. comprehensive programs focus on preparing men and women for productive,
self-sufficient, drug-free substance abuse treatment drug treatment while helping them
provides comprehensivelives. Before completing the to adolescents, program, clients
catch up academically, reunite with their families, and reclaim lost opportunities. Six-
month program combines alcohol and drug treatment with a high school education
The PROCAP Division of Clinical Services offers substance abuse counseling,
adolescent day treatment, and women's day treatment.

Providence Center provides comprehensive services to adults, adolescents and children
experiencing mental health, substance abuse, emotional and behavioral difficulties.

child and adolescent services: mental health, substance use outpatient

adult services: mental health and substance use outpatient

Rhode Island Student Assistance Services provides school and community-based
substance abuse prevention and early intervention services to Rhode Island schools
and communities. available in 25 middle/junior high schools and 26 high schools,
representing 20 districts.
A 15-bed alcohol & drug detoxification unit for patients suffering from alcohol and drug
addiction (Level IV); Day Treatment, a five-day-a week program offers counseling, group
therapy, disease and recovery education, and orientation to the 12-step process; A 12-
bed dual diagnosis unit for patients with acute psychiatric illness and addictive disorders
four-week series of support meetings for families and friends of loved ones with
Samaritans is a suicide prevention and resource center, provides outreach for anyone
looking for help or needing to learn more about suicide prevention. Programs include 24
hour hotline/listening line, outreach and community education, youth and teen suicide
prevention education,
Provides support, advocacy, and safety for victims of domestic abuse. 24 hour crisis
helplines: 401-658-4334 or 401-765-3232; Confidential emergency shelter in Northern
RI for women and their children up to age 18 escaping domestic violence; court
advocates for persons seeking temporary restraining orders (serving Providence and
Bristol Counties); Transitional housing
South Shore Mental Health Center, a behavioral health organization, is dedicated to
serving adults, seniors, adolescents, children and families suffering from mental, brain,
emotional, and addictive disorders, providing a full range of mental health and addiction

SSTARBIRTH is the only residential substance abuse treatment program in the state of
Rhode Island specifically designed for pregnant and postpartum women and their
SSTAR of Rhode Island is the designated public detoxification provider for the state of
Rhode Island. Program services include: medical detoxification and inpatient psychiatric
care, individual counseling and case management, group counseling, substance abuse-
related education and aftercare assessment, planning and referral.

secular, non-profit agency offering comprehensive treatment programs for boys and
girls traumatized by abuse or experiencing the challenges of psychiatric disorders.
Children are treated and cared for in both the residential, educational and out-patient
programs located in North Providence, Rhode Island.

Support group for survivors of suicide

Support group for survivors of suicide

Support group for survivors of suicide

Teen Challenge is a 15 to 21-month Christian residential drug recovery program that is
part of a network of 10 Teen Challenge centers across New England and New Jersey.
The program has a strong faith-based approach and offers spiritual, academic, and
vocational training that equips individuals to return to society as responsible citizens

Tides Family Services is a social service that offers non-residential, alternative programs
for wayward, truant and adjudicated youth. The programs aims to support youth within
their communities and to promote family preservation.

The Women's Center of Rhode Island (WCRI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization,
which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only center in the Providence/East
Providence area serving individual women as well as mothers and their children who are
victims of domestic violence. The mission is to end interpersonal violence. We seek to
empower all we serve thorough culturally competent programs that provide safety,
shelter and court advocacy to victims of domestic violence. We work collaboratively to

The purpose of the Women's Resource Center (WRC) is to empower victims of
domestic violence and their children through individual and social change. Education,
support and advocacy programs are offered to assist victims to gain control of their
lives, exercising their right to live without fear in their own homes.

YPI’s goals are to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of lesbian, gay,
bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQQ) youth and their allies
services accessed                      services provided

                                       Services offered at RI location: Comprehensive Assessment, Intensive
self-referral                          Outpatient Program - Day and Evening, Individual and Family Counseling,
                                       Early Recovery Group, Women's Group

                                       Medication assisted treatment model (MAT) for opioid dependence (use of
                                       medications, in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies, to
By Appointment                         provide a whole-patient approach to the treatment of substance use
                                       disorders); detoxification; general outpatient SA counseling (drug and
                                       alcohol education as well as relapse prevention education).

Self-referral, by phone
                                       Support groups for members to share their experience, strength, and hope
(membership required for some
                                       in order to solve their common problems.

Self-referral, by phone                Provides help and information for anyone seeking help with a drinking
(membership required for some          problem. Services include weekly group AA meetings, 12 step activities, AA
meetings)                              social events.

                                       Shelter for women and children (includes counseling), community support
                                       groups, Latina support groups (group therapy), elderly services, assistance
Primarily referral from all agencies
                                       with court (restraining orders, no contact orders, support throughout the
throughout RI
                                       trial), HP/RP (assistance with housing security and rent). Law enforcement
                                       advocate (in certain catchment areas)
                                       Inpatient Treatment Services or children in need of short-term stabilization,
                                       assessment and treatment for suicidal, destructive, or other dangerous
Referral and self-referral             behavior; Outpatient Services, comprehensive mental health evaluation and
                                       treatment for children, adolescents and families. The hospitial also offers
                                       alternative schooling options, and Community outreach services (24-hour
                                       emergency evaluations, parent and teacher training, consulting services to
                                       Partial Hospital/Intensive Outpatient Service for Adolescents that includes
Referral and self-referral             group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy as well as a therapeutic
                                       milieu from 3pm-7pm five days a week

                                       Offers a residential program for adult males only. Other services include
                                       family support, family therapy outpatient treatment programs, anger
                                       management, interpersonal violence intervention, gambling intervention,
                                       relapse prevention, intervention, after care, housing (transitional/supportive,
                                       services for the deaf)

walk-in, referral (emergency rooms) Inpatient services

                                       Evaluation, Individual therapy, Adolescent focused group therapy, Psycho-
                                       educational groups for adolescents and parents, Parent groups, Random
                                       toxicology screens, Community based counseling and mentoring, Crisis
                                       management, On-call services, Intensive Outpatient Program
Substance Abuse - outpatient

Substance abuse - outpatient

Substance Abuse - residential         residential services (average stay 7 months): Substance free residential
Substance Abuse - outpatient          treatment setting
                                      residentialcounseling, Group therapy, Psychiatric evaluation residential
                                      Individual program (average stay 6 months)Substance free and treatment,
Substance Abuse - residential         treatment setting
                                      Individual counseling, Group therapy, transition programs (outpatient):
                                      residentail services. Continuous care Psychiatric evaluation and treatment,
Substance Abuse - residential         aftercare and The 4th Stage, provide case management, support, education,
                                      job training and life skills

                                      Methadone treatment, treatment of alcohol dependence, Outpatient
                                      Counseling (individual counseling, family counseling, group counseling).
                                      Methadone treatment, treatment of alcohol dependence, Outpatient
                                      Counseling (individual counseling, family counseling, group counseling,
                                      prevention services for women at risk for HIV). Outpatient Treatment:
                                      Services for adolescents include counseling, foster care, residential Opioid
self-referral, referral (Hospitals.
                                      services, academic and substance abuse. Individual counseling, Family
Schools, other mental health
                                      counseling, Group counseling, School-based counseling, Crisis intervention,
agencies, insurance companies),
                                      Substance abuse services (inpatient), Peer support/support groups, Social
court mandate
                                      services, Case management, Home Based, Wrap-Around/Care
                                      Coordination Services, Day Care/Child Care, Residential Services for
                                      Mental health care (outpatient), Individual counseling, Family counseling,
self-referral, referral (DCYF,
                                      Group counseling, School-based counseling, Crisis intervention, Substance
Juvenile Drug Court)
                                      abuse services (outpatient), Violence prevention services, LGBTQ Services

                                      Mental health care (outpatient), Individual counseling, Family counseling,
self-referral, referral (DCYF,
                                      Group counseling, School-based counseling, Crisis intervention, Substance
Juvenile Drug Court)
                                      abuse services (outpatient), Violence prevention services, LGBTQ Services

                                      Professional staff provides a wide spectrum of services including mental
                                      health clinical and case management programs (at the Doric Clinic: for
                                      addictions, physical and sexual abuse, traumatic events, outpatient
                                      counseling, individual and family therapy for at-risk youth), general health
                                      care (obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, immunizations, adult medicine,
                                      testing and screenings), child development programs, and social services
                                      Medication assisted treatment, anger management counseling, general and
                                      intensive outpatient programs, other legally mandated referrals from
                                      Probation/Parole/Family Court; toxicology services, student assistance
                                         Victims of Crime Helpline, crisis intervention, counseling for children and
                                         adults, group therapy, and legal advocacy. Volunteer client advocates
self-referral, referral (DCYF and
                                         provide assistance to victims at hospitals, police stations, or in court. Agency
                                         also has an education department that conducts outreach in violence
                                         prevention, as well as the only Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in RI.

                                         Support groups for adolescents, pregnant and parenting teens

                                         Outpatient SA services. Methadone program, suboxone program, drug-free
Walk-in (same-day intake for             program, Individual and group counseling, case management, medication
methadone program), referrals            management, provide intake and ongoing medical check-ups/care, do not
(friends, DCYF, court)                   conduct laboratory testing, coordination and referral with other agencies.
                                         Work with family and couples.
                                         Outpatient SA services. Methadone program, drug-free program, Individual
                                         and group counseling, case management, medication management, provide
self-referral, referral (justice system,
                                         intake and ongoing medical check-ups/care, do not conduct laboratory
DCYF, insurance companies)
                                         testing, coordination and referral with other agencies. Work with family and

                                         Drop-in centers (61 Main Street, Wakefield, & 70 Pierce Street, Westerly),
referral (school, social worker,         residential services for abused women and their children, court advocacy,
court), self-referral                    support groups for women and men, gay and lesbian support group,
                                         counseling, violence prevention programs for youth.

                                         Mental health care (outpatient), individual, family, and group counseling,
                                         school-based counseling, crisis intervention, CAITS, intensive outpatient
self-referral and referral (hospitals,
                                         program, partial hospitalization program, substance abuse (outpatient),
clinciancs, PCPs)
                                         violence prevention and recovery, peer support/support groups, social
                                         services, case management, LGBTQ service, DBT Intensive Outpatient and
                                         Partial Hospital and DBT Outpatient Services

referrals through schools, the police The scope of services includes bio-psycho-social assessments; individual,
or courts, other social service       group, and family therapy; and psycho-educational group, as well as
agencies. Self-referral.              referrals to community agencies as needed.

                                       Counseling for victims of abuse (women and men); support groups; court
                                       advocacy for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; short-term
combination, referrals (schools for
                                       shelter for women in children in danger (includes educational programs,
adolescents), (court from adults)
                                       specialized children's services, advocacy and referrals). Prevention
                                       programs - school programs for students, teachers and parents/
                                       Professional trainings. 24home hotline services for children with emotional
                                       Social services including hour based (401) 738-1700
self referral, referrals from schools,
                                       and behavioral issues; trauma and loss center for follow up treatment and
pediatricuians, PCPs, criminal
                                       support to children and families harmed by violence; outpatient office-based
justice system, outside providers,
                                       mental health and substance abuse treatment; home-based services;
                                       residential treatment facilities for children subjected to physical or sexual
                                       abuse, neglect or serious mental health problems - in Smithfield, North
                                     Outpatient mental health and substance abuse services, intensive
                                     community residential programs, supported housing, assertive community
                                     treatment (ACT), clinical and support services, and recovery workshops to
                                     persons recovering from mental illness, co-occurring disorders, and other
                                     life challenges
                                     FRIENDS WAY is a non-profit organization that provides peer support to
                                     grieving families in a safe, nurturing environment and is staffed with mental
                                     health professionals and extensively trained volunteers from the community.
                                     Open-ended groups for children ages 3-25 and their families after the death
                                     of a loved one.

                                     Galilee House - Residential treatment facility where clients reside in the 12
Application for admission            bed residential home for 6 months. Counseling and group meetings are
                                     included in the residential program.

                                     Psychiatric emergency services (24/7), psychiatric medication therapy
                                     services, outpatient counseling for individuals and families, specialized
Self-referral, referral              residential care for children and adolescents, permanent affordable housing
                                     for adults, supervised adult residential services, adult supported housing
                                     services, mental health services for adults with persistent mental health
                                     issues, a licensed school for children with emotional and behavioral
                                     Children/Adolescent Services, Family Services, Adventures in Learning
                                     program, CAITS
                                     Adult Services, Emergency Services, case management, some outpatient
                                     Adult Services, Family Outpatient Services, Substance Abuse Treatment
                                     (satellite office)

                                     Adult Services

                                     Children/Adolescent Services, Family Services

                                     Youth Guidance Division Administration, Empowered Families CEDARR
                                     Primary focus is on substance abuse services and treatment. Services
                                     include substance abuse education, outreach, crisis intervention and
                                     assessment as well as individual, family and group counseling. Services are
                                     substance abuse counseling and treatment

                                     Centro La Familia: screening, crisis intervention, case management,
                                     supportive services, appointments for theraphy, and referrals. Mental health
Closed meetings are for addicts or   evaluations and physicals are provided as clinically appropiate.
those who think they might have a
                                     Hosts peer suport group meetings for recovering addicts. Meetings are a
drug problem. Open meetings
                                     process of identification, hope and sharing.
welcome anyone wanting to
experience our fellowship.
Provides mental health counseling that is sensitive to the spiritual, faith and
meaning questions which lie at the heart of modern living, with focus on
victims of familial violence. Services include information and referral,
support groups, crisis intervention, advocacy, basics needs referrals,
clinical counseling. Services offered to males and females of all ages, faiths,
Provides sexual children, and families with a full array of licensed behavioral
ethnicity, adults, orientation and gender identity groups. The Center provides
health treatment, education, and consultation services. Services include
outpatient counseling and psychiatric services (individual, group and family
mental health counseling, drug and alcohol dependency treatment,
evaluation and medication support, programs for specific populations -
victims of crime, trauma, court referred clients, etc), substance abuse
Emergency services, central intake, initial assessment, counseling,
intensitve outpatient program and outpatient psychiatry services, substance
Community living program, psychiatry services, youth and family services,
RIACT II, Project Hope.

Outpatient substance abuse, intensive outpatient (morning and evening) for
adults and adolescents, outpatient counseling adults and adolescents,
medical doctors and NPs, healthcare professional groups, family services,
suboxone and dupinorphrene for opiate addiction (both pain and addition)
Services include outpatient services for persons suffering significant
psychological stress (therapy, community/parent education, consultation
with schools and physicians, etc.), emergency services for persons needing
short term services including clinical assessment, clinical screening, triage,
crisis stabilization, brief treatment, crisis case management, emergency
evaluationAdolecent Services psychiatric assessment; Substance abuse
Child and for hospitalization, include Outpatient Services, Children
Intensive Services, Independent Living Apartment Program, Children &
Day Treatment Services/ Phoenix OneChild Psychiatric Services and School-
Adolescent Service System Program, Program assists adults with severe
and persistent mental or characterological disorders to increase their
independent living skills in healthcare, for through the provision of support
comprehensive behavioral the community mental illness, addictions, and
developmental disabilities. Services include outpatient counseling
(outpatient psychiatry, group/individual/family/couples counseling), child and
family services (intensive treatment services, psychiatric/nursing, outpatient
mental health and addiction treatment services), emergency services,
community support, addictions services, acute stabilization, wellness center,
Child and Family Services, Viola M. Berard School, Children's Intensive

Adult Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

Screening/Intake/Emergency Services, Adult Community Support Services,
Vocational & Rehabilitation Services, Wellness & Recovery Services

outpatient substance abuse treatment services for adults and adolescents,
residential substance abuse programs for adults and adolescents, individual,
group, and family counseling, drug abuse assessment and intervention,
diagnostic evaluation, school-based prevention programs
self-referral, referral (Schools,      CAITS, partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs for adolescents 8
DCYF, Hospitals, Community-            to 21; Adolescent SA prevention education and intervention programs;
based organizations and providers,     multisystemic therapy. Adult services include: outpatient counseling;
Community Health Centers, DOC,         Women's day treatment (intensive SA treatment); Addiction recovery. Acute
preschools and daycare centers)        care services - emergency services on-site and in the community for
                                       children, adolescents and adults experiencing a psychiatric or SA

screening and assessment,
prevention education series,
individual counseling sessions,
group sessions, referral and case

                                       emergency shelter, 24-hour helpline support, court advocacy, support
                                       groups, children's programs, community education, and prevention through
                                       public awareness. Resource center offers counseling, information and
                                       referrals, support groups, community education and outreach. LGBT
                                       advocacy program, Latina advvocacy program.

self-referral, referral (Schools,
                                       Individual and family counseling, home based services (CAITS/CFIT/EOS)
PCP’s, DCYF, court system)

                                       residential substance abuse treatment for pregnant and post-partum women
self-referral or referral from DCYF,
                                       and their children. The program allows for 9-12 months of treatment and has
other substance abuse treatment
                                       the capacity for 12 women and 26 children. Outpatient services include
                                       substance abuse, individual, and family counseling.
                                       detoxification services, individual counseling and case management, group
                                       counseling, substance abuse-related education and aftercare assessment,
                                       planning and referral

                                       Residential treatment, Acute Residential Treatment Services. Shepherd
referral (DCYF, Psychiatric
                                       Program: outpatient counseling (sexual abuse specific), enhanced
                                       outpatient services. Respite.

                                       Support group for survivors of suicide or those who have lost someone to

                                       15 month residential program (35 beds). Clients called students. One-on-
                                       one support 24/7 and accountability for each client. Comprehensive and
referral (family members, church)
                                       structured curriculum for SA treatment. Counseling, peer support. Everything
                                       based on biblical principals.

                                       Serves primeraly DCYF-involved youth. For non-DCYF involved youth, offers
self-referral, primeraly care for
                                       community based counseling and clinical counseling and Family support
adolecents under DCYF
                                       (selfpay though medical insurance)

                                        provides residential services (shelter) for women and their children who are
call-in (sceen over the phone, then victims of domestic abuse. Also offers court advocacy (restricted to the 6th
call back a few hours later to learn if district court), child enrichment program for resident children. Offers off-site
accepted)                               support group (drop-in) for domestic violence victims and allies (at Red
                                        Cross Building on Thursday's 3-4). Run by domenstic violence advocate. By
                                        request will conduct various violence prevention education programs for

                                       Operates 24-hour hotline, provides emergency shelter to battered women;
                                       advocacy; crisis intervention counseling; support groups; educational
                                       programs; children's program; school based programs; information/referral

                                       Drop-in center (open 47 hours a week), community education programs,
                                       individual and family counseling, advocacy, crisis intervention, case
walk-in and referrals
                                       management and referrals, support groups, support for parents of LGBTQQ
                                       youth, and wellness information/programs.
target populations                          client restrictions                 other languages?

                                            Must by 18 or older                 N/A                      No

Pregnant patients;Individuals at risk for
relapse; Previously treated patients;
                                            Must be 18 or orlder. Not
Patients just released from jail and/or                                         N/A                      No
                                            geographic or legal restrictions.

                                            The only requirement for
Adults and teens who have been              membership is that there be a
                                                                                N/A                      Yes
affected by another's alcoholism.           problem of alcoholism in a
                                            relative or friend.

                                            The only requirement for
Alcoholics who wish to achieve or                                               Spanish, Portuguese,
                                            membership is a desire to stop                               Yes
maintain sobriety                                                               French

                                            Shelter: no males older than 12.
                                            For community services serves                                Need
                                                                                Spanish and
Victims of domestic violence                any victim of DV. Law                                        parental
                                            enforcement advocate services                                permision
                                            only in certain catchment areas
                                            (Cumberland, Lincoln, Central

                                                                                Interpreter services
Children and Adolescents                                                                                 Yes

                                                                                Interpreter services
Adolescents (13-18 y.o.)                    Insurance company approval                                   Yes

Residential: adult males. Outpatient: no                                                                 Yes, in
                                            None                                Spanish, Deaf services
restrictions                                                                                             outpatient

                                            limited inaptient: 14 bed
none                                        adolescent unit, 8 bed child and    No                       Yes
                                            adolescent intensive care unit

                                                                                Spanish                  yes
teenages and women                                                yes


RI adolescent females (13-17)                                     yes

RI adolescent males (13-17)                                       yes

RI women 18+                                                      no

no                                        none      yes, varies   yes

The Ophelia Programs are specific to                              Yes (18 and
                                          females   no
young women                                                       younger)

Iron John is a new initiative for young
                                          none      no            yes

Cranston, Scituate, Foster, Coventry,
Warwick, Providence, North Providence,
Johnston and
northwest RI

                                                                               Some services offered
RI victims of violence, all ages           Must be resident of RI                                      Yes
                                                                               in Spanish

Communities of color, adolescents,
pregnant and parenting teens and their     None                                ??                      Yes
families, residents of Providence

                                           None                                Spanish                 but primeraly

                                           primarily N. RI, ability to pay,
only adults                                                                    Spanish                 No
                                           addiction primary diagnosis

victims of domestic violence. Everything   no. Safe home: women with           Yes ( call the RI       Yes - need
south of N. Kingstown (inclusive), Block   children (<13), arrangements for    statewide helpline at   parental
Island, Charlestown (South County          males. Domestic violence related.   800.494.8100 to talk    involvement,
catchment area). Presence in area          Referrals for those who don'w       with an advocate who    but can
schools.                                   qualify.                            speaks your language)   accommodat
                                                                                                       e if parent is

Services in the East Bay region of
Rhode Island (East Providence,                                                 Portuguese              Yes
Barrington, Bristol, and Warren).

Youth ages 9-17 and their families, who
reside in Newport County.

                                           Shelter: restrictions around safety
                                           issue. Limited around teenage
Individuals and families affected by                                           No. Limited Spanish in
                                           boys (case by case basis).                                 Yes
abuse                                                                          shelter.
                                           Community based sevices: no

                                           Youth diversionary services         Spanish, limited
                                           program catchement areas: East      Portuguese and other    Yes
                                           Providence, Barrington, Bristol     languages as needed

Children ages 3-25 and their families                                                          Yes

                                       Uninsured Adult Males. Priority
                                       for admission is given to
                                       fishermen, residents of
                                       Washington County and the State
                                       of Rhode Island. Insured men are
                                       not eligible for this program.
CMHC service areas: Pawtucket, Central Residents of RI for majority of
Falls, Cranston, Foster, Gloster,      services, for more intensive     Spanish, Portuguese,
Johnston, North Providence, Scituate   program needs to live in         Creole
and Smithfield.                        catchment area.



Women, Men, Adolescents, Latino
                                                                       Yes, Spanish            Yes
                                                                            Yes                      Yes

                                        Without insurance, mental health
CMHC service area: Coventry, East       services are provided at a flat fee
Greenwich, West Greenwich, Warwick      only for clints residing in service Interpreters available   Yes
and West Warwick                        area. For substance abuse
                                        services, state-funded slots are
                                        available to residents of RI

community support MTT/CSP


                                                                            No                       Yes

CMHC service area: Jamestown, Little
Compton, Middletown, Newport,                                               Spanish                  Yes
Portmouth and Tiverton


CMHC service area: Burriville,                                              American Sign and
Cumberland, Lincoln, North Smithfield   None                                most languages;          Yes
and Woonsocket                                                              interpreters available

                                                                            spanish                  yes
CMHC service area: Providence             None                            Spanish                  Yes

School-aged adolescents who are at risk
                                                                          Yes, bilingual conselors
of substance abuse or poor school                                                                  Yes

                                          only women and their children
victims of domestic abuse                 who are victims of domestic     Spanish                  yes

CMHC service Area: Block Island,
Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton,
                                                                          can access interpreter
Narragansett, North Kingstown,            none                                                     yes
Richmond, South Kingstown and

CMHC service Area: Block Island,
Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton,
Narragansett, North Kingstown,
                                          Must be Rhode Island residents.
Pregnant, postpartum and parenting
                                          Must be assessed as appropriate
women and their children. (Children                                       No                       No
                                          for our program. Must be 18 or
younger than 10 yrs.)
Children 6-17. Also work with adults in
                                          none                               Spanish                yes
our outpatient program

                                          the only requirement is that the
Covering all of South County              individual has lost someone to

                                          RI location: only adult women. No
People with major addiction (drug         sex offenders or arson. Cannot be
alcohol and eating disorders)             taking psychiatric medication. No

                                                                             Spanish, Porgtuguese,
Youth, aged 9-21                          medical coverage                                           Yes
                                                                             Laotian, various others

residential services: women and children no males 13 or older. no
                                                                                                    only if
victoms of domestic violence, also        geographic restictions, but
women in crisis (homelessness, etc). Off- prioritize vicitms of domestic     Spanish
                                                                                                    for residential
site suport group: anyone. Educational    violence and residents of RI. If
programs: by request                      room, will provide shelter for
                                          women in crisis (homelessness)

Women, Victims of Domestic Violence                                          Spanish                yes

LGBTQQ youth ages 13-23                   Age: 13-23                         None                   Yes
                                     serves young
adolescent-specific services:                                young adult-specific services:
                                     adults (18-24)?

None                                 Yes                     None

None                                 Yes                     No

Alateen meetings                     Yes                     Alanon meetings


For shelter-residents (boys<13,
girls <18): Child advocate, support Yes                      None specific to this age group
groups, expressive therapy

Inpatient, Outpatient, Residential

                                     18-year-olds, if they
All services specific to this
                                     are still enrolled in
                                     high school

                                     Yes, males in
                                     residential and
                                     outpatient, females
                                     in outpatient
Adolescent Treatment Unit
provides psychiatric treatment and
support for teenagers, ages 13 to Yes                        Inpatient, partial hospital
17, for depression, anxiety,
addictions, and other mental
illnesses. Support is also provided
all services geared to this age


all services geared to this age
all services geared to this age

                                    yes   as part of adult population

Counseling, School Based                  Counseling, School Based
Substance Abuse Education &         yes   Substance Abuse Education &
Prevention                                Prevention

All clinical services are adolescent
geared and tailored.

All clinical services within Iron         All clinical services within Iron
John and Ophelia are adolescent     yes   John and Ophelia are adolescent
geared and tailored.                      geared and tailored.


Outpatient Treatment for Opioid
Addiction; Intensive Outpatient
Treatment Program; Anger
Management Counseling
                                          Support groups for older teens and
Support groups for adolescents      Yes
                                          young adults

Support group for adolescents,
                                          Support group for
suppotygroup for                    Yes
                                          pregnant/parenting adolescents
pregnant/parenting adolescents

                                          none at this time, but develops
                                          services on an as-needed basis


Violence Prevention Programs for
youth (school and community
based educational programs for      Yes
children, teens, parents, and

Outpatient Therapy, CAITS,
intensive treatment program,
addicition services, Children
Outpatient program

all services geared to this age

Counseling, psycho-educational
                                          Part of general adult population.
services in schools (currently in
                                    Yes   Support groups are generally age-
West Cranston, efforts to expand
                                          matched (case by case)
into other area schools)
outpatient counceling, child and
adolescent psychiatrist, group
homes (DCYF), trauma and loss     Yes
center (children who were exposed
to violence or loss), safestart
porgrma (youth exposed to
Support groups tailored to this age       Support groups tailored to this age
group                                     group


Adventures in Learning (provides
experiential learning and
therapeutic adventure programs to Yes
our child and adolescent clients
suffering from emotional and
behavioral disorders), ASD




Home-based programs, one-on
                                  Yes    No
one services in the near future

Adolescent outpatient and
intensive counseling

CAITS, child and adolescent
treatment services, Children's    Yes
Psychiatric Services program


CAITS, child and adolescent              Adolescent programs up to the
outpatient services                      age of 21

adoloescent outpatient, adolescent
residential, school-based program
Outpatient-counseling services for
children and adolescents, CAITS
                                                      partial hospital and intensive
and Children and Families           Yes
                                                      outpatient (up to 21)
Intensive Treatment (CFIT), partial
hospital and intensive outpatient,
Individual and group therapy and

                                   Yes, if still in

child advocacy, teen dating
violence prevention and            yes                none
intervention services

                                                      OP counseling, Substance abuse
Outpatient counseling and home
                                yes                   counseling (individual and group),
based services (CAITS/CFIT/EOS)
                                                      case management

N/A                                yes                none
Residential treatment, outpatient
counseling (sexual abuse specific),
                                                   Outpatient counseling, sexual
enhanced outpatient services,       yes
                                                   abuse specific treatment
Acute Residential Treatment
Services, Respite

                                                   No (women 18+ are provided
                                                   services along with entire client

                                   yes, up to 21

some educational programs (in
                                   Yes             None

children's program in shelter,
school-based prevention programs

suicide prevention services          violence-specific services         fees

None                                 None                               yes

                                                                        The cost for methadone maintenance
None                                 None                               is $90.00 per week. The cost for detox
                                                                        is $95.00 per week.

No                                   No                                 None

                                                                        There are no dues or fees for AA
No                                   No

                                     All programs with emphasis on
No                                                                      None
                                     violence prevention/recovery

Emergency and crisis services,
                                     Yes - Inpatient Treatment Services Yes
inpatient treatment

                                     Safequest addresses the above
Yes, Safequest’s purpose is to
                                     areas in various ways. Safequest
prevent recurring suicide attempts
                                     helps adolescents express their     Yes
and other unsafe behaviors among
                                     feelings, use supportive resources,
                                     problem solve, communicate with
                                     their families, and manage stress.
                                     Anger management support
No                                   groups, domestic violence support Yes, for all services

No                                   No                                 Yes, for all services
                                  sexual abuse prevention and
                                  treatment services
                                  sexual abuse prevention and
                                  treatment services
                                  sexual abuse prevention and
                                  treatment services



yes, outpatient counseling (all
                                  yes, Student Assistance               yes, for Counseling Services, Child
ages), student assistance
                                  Counselors (School Based)             Care Services, Elder Care Services

                                                                        Clinical treatment is through insurance
no                                yes, part of clinical core services   billing or self pay. Ophelia Sessions/
                                                                        Fitness programs are free.

                                                                        Clinical treatment is through insurance
no                                yes, part of clinical core services   billing or self pay. Ophelia Sessions/
                                                                        Fitness programs are free.

                                  Victims of Crime Program, victims
                                  of sexual abuse program
                                                                         Fees for counseling services (provided
None                                main emphasis of agency
                                                                         by licensed clinician)

None                                main emphasis of agency              None

                                    anger management groups,
none, other than suicide screen                                        yes. For methadone, suboxone, and
                                    communication groups, others in
during intake                                                          drug-free programs
                                    past based on needs of the clients

                                                                         Yes, $86.00 per week for an all
                                                                         inclusive rate

                                                                         most services are free, fees for
                                    Yes, one on one counseling,          individual counseling and for some
                                    violence prevention programs,        curriculum-based psychoeducational

                                  Violence Recovery Program for
                                  adolescents and young adults who
24 hour emergency telephone (401)
                                  are GLBTQQI. Bullying and           Yes
                                  Tolerance education in-services for
                                  area schools

Crisis intervention                 No                                   None

No                                  Yes, school prevention programs.     None

                                   in addition to services in            home-based and outpatient counseling
24 hours emergency services.       adolescent column, staff ride-along   - insurance
Suicide assessment in community in with police when responding to        some free counseling (masters level
the future. Trauma and Loss center situations where child is exposed     intern)
                                   to violence/abuse. Only in            safe start - no need for insurance
                                   Providence                            children's treatment and recovery -
None                                   None                      None

                                       Yes                       yes

401 area code calls to the National
Suicide Prevention Life-line’s (800)
273-TALK (8255) are answered by                                  Yes
Gateway. Emergency services line
answered by clinicians

                                                                 Sliding fee scale based on income and
                                       Domestic violence group
                                                                 other factors

                                                                 Sliding fee scale.

                                                                 Sliding fee scale.

No                                     No                        None
                                    Yes (victims assistance project)   Sliding fee scale

                                    Anger management (not court
None                                                                   Yes

No                                  No                                 Yes

Crisis intervention and emergency
                                    N/A                                Yes

N/A                                 N/A                                Yes

none                                none                               yes
Partial hospital, intensive outpatient
and outpatient programs for suicidal N/A   Yes

Yes, QPR Gatekeeper intervention

none                                all    None

no                                  no     for all services

                                           yes - for all services once clients have
no                                  no
                                         Non-offending parents education
none                                                                       yes, for all services
                                         groups for caregivers

                                                                           No fee

                                                                           No fee

                                    none specifically. General within
none specifically. General within                                          yes. Enrollment fee ($1400) plus
                                    overall counseling/curriculum
overall counseling/curriculum model                                        monthly cost ($500)

                                         all programs with emphasis on
None                                     violence prevention/ victim's     No

                                         all programs with emphasis on
                                         violence prevention/ victim's
None                                                                       None
                                         assistance. Also provides youth
                                         violence education in schools

therapist on staff, as part of support
group, interventions (referrals and                                        None
delivery to hospital)
payment                                                 foreseen changes

Accepts insurance

ARI takes NHP Mass, PCC of Mass, NHP RI, Medicaid,
United Health Rite Care and Blue Chip.



N/A                                                     None

Accepts most major insurance plans - call for listing.
Offers financial assistance to patients who meet specific None
income guidelines.

Most insurances are accepted. This information can be
clarified at time of referral via the Access Department.

Sliding scale, most insurance, Rite Care, Medicaid

Call for more information
no one is turned away due to inability to pay, low-cost
sliding fee scale is imposed based on the annual salary
of one is turned
nothe parents. away due to inability to pay, low-cost
sliding fee scale is imposed based on the annual salary
of the parents.

Limited state funding available (must meet state
guidelines for eligibility) and Rhode Island Medicaid
Accepted. (state funded program) meet state
Limited state funding available (must
guidelines for eligibility) and Rhode Island Medicaid
Accepted. (state funded program)
insurance: BCBC, UnitedHealthcare, Tufts, Medicaid,
Medicare, Magellan, Sliding Fee Scale, CODAC                 none
Funding, Access to Recovery ATR, private pay

                                                             We hope to maintain funding for the free
                                                             components of services…the
All/most insurances, fee for service and sliding scale
                                                             community events and fitness
offered for clinical services.
                                                             components. If we were to lose funding
                                                             these programs could switch to fee or
                                                             donation based
                                                             We hope to maintain funding for the free
                                                             components of services…the
All/most insurances, fee for service and sliding scale
                                                             community events and fitness
offered for clinical services.
                                                             components. If we were to lose funding
                                                             these programs could switch to fee or
                                                             donation based

sliding fee scale and free services for those who qualify,
accepts most insurance, self-pay
Accept most insurance (incl. Medicaid). Sliding scale for
clients w/out insurance

Insurance accepted for methadone and drug-free              looking to expand into dual-diagnosis
program. No insurance for suboxone program. Also            treatment. Move more into mental health
financial assistance for methadone program (state           services. Looking to hire another
support)                                                    psychiatrist.


sliding scale

Selfpay, commercial insurance, Medicaid, Medicare,
                                                            Yes. We will be adding an ambulatory
with appropriate documentation client may qualify for
                                                            detox and evening IOP/PHP to our
city and town or state funded assistance. These cases
                                                            continuum in FY 11
are need assessed at intake


n/a                                                         no, but depends on funding

                                                            seeking more grants for free services,
insurance for some services (including commercial)          looking to provide clinical services in

Residents are expected to be employed full-time and
pay weekly rent.

Accepts most major health insurance (including state
insurance), for those who qualify there is state-funded
free care for counseling and substance abuse treatment
for RI residents, case management and intensive
treatment services free for residents in catchment area

Self payment, Medicaid, Private health insurance.
Payment assistance available.
Self payment; Medicaid; Private health insurance.
Payment assistance available.

Self payment; Medicaid; Private health insurance.
Payment assistance available.

MH - flat fee in Kent county, SA - state funded slots for
uninsured/low-income. Accept insurance (including

Self payment, Medicaid, Private health insurance,
Access to Recovery. Sliding fee scale (fee is based on
income and other factors), Payment assistance (Check
with facility for details)

Major insurance (including state insurance, not

Private insurance, Medicaid, sliding fee scale

Medicaid covers most services. For others, Medicare,
private health insurance and self-pay options are
available. Grants and special contracts are used to help
those who don't have the ability to pay.

accepts most insurance, sliding fee scale, state funded
slots for qualified residents
BCBSRI, United Health, NHPRI, Signa, Tufts, Medicaid,
Medicare and uninsured individuals for substance use
treatment only.

Rite Care, Medicaid, Blue Cross, United Health, Tri-
care, Mashantucket, Cigna. Sliding fee scale may be
available – Client’s should call to discuss payment

Sliding scale – depending on income.                    no
Medicaid, NHP, UBH, Blue Cross, Sliding scale

does not accept any insurance. Disability payment can
be used to cover cost. Sponsorship program in           none

insurance, sometimes Ritecare

N/A                                                     None

other agencies:                           notes:

                                          very limited survey returned

All domestic violence agencies in RI
(see RI Coalition Against Domestic        All services are completely confidential

Bradley Hospital, Adolescent Services
Inpatient Program; Providence Center
Day Program; All CFIT/CAITS programs;
Family Service of RI; Newport Child and
Family Service, Jewish Family Service,
All Community Mental Health Centers;
Newport County Community Mental
Health Center, Women’s Resource
Center, Looking Upwards

Newport County Community Mental
Health Center, Women’s Resource
Center, Looking Upwards
providence center, community mental
health centers in the area. No place that
                                          Willing to adapt and change as needed
is geared strictly to the 18-24 age group
                                          based on client needs.
(too old and too young). Meadow’s
edge, Bridgemark. All agencies will take
them, but can they effectively work with

Gateway, Trevor Project

Bradley, Butler, CMHC

Key program for outreach and tracking
Tides family service
                                        partnerships with law enforcements
Providece center, gateway, day one,
South County Community Action

                                We do not serve anyone under the age of
Caritas and Corkery Houses
                                18. HIPAA regulations apply.
                                           Faith-based organization. Intake
                                           evaluation to determine if ready and good
                                           match for program.

Crossroads, other DV agencies

                                           staff receiving Gatekeeper training from
trevor project (national hotline), RISAS

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