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									          The       Wahroongler
         Weekly bulletin of The Rotary Club of Wahroonga (Vol 37 No                       15)
           We meet Wednesdays 7.15am for 7.30 at Warrawee Bowling Club
  WEDNESDAY (dinner) October 12.                                              Reach
  The Great Debate with Turramurra
  TtheGreat Debate with Turramurra                                            Within to
  NEXT WEEK: The NBN rollout, told by
        WEEK: The NBN rollout, with                                           Embrace
  Grime the Younger                                                           Humanity

     Brrrm Brrrm Brrrm, in clouds of exhaust fumes, it’s . . .

                         Rob the Revhead
      We’ve just had a very big weekend, with Didi’s Bridge Day on Friday raising
around $14,000 for the Lotus Centre in Mongolia. This was the twelth annual
event organised by Joan Giacometti and Jan Cameron with Rob and Ian at their
sides. It was a Herculean effort with many Rotarians, their partners, and others,
who formed a great team to get everything organised before and on the day. We
were treated to a video showing the day-to-day operations of the centre, starring
and put together by Joan and Jan. It was easy to see the life-saving good that the
centre does and how the money raised is greatly benefiting its young people by
providing them with an education and practical skills.
      Following this it was good to see all the Rotarians and partners on Saturday
at the first of the get-togethers at our place and despite the rain coming just on
starting time, we were able to regroup and enjoy the afternoon.
      On Sunday came the Great Race at Bathurst and for all those non-             President     Rob   is
petrolheads in the club victory was had by Holden, after much hardnosed            ready for the races
jockeying by several teams, with Tander and rookie Percat holding off the hard-finishing dream
team of Lowndesee and Skaifee , with the closest finish ever.. they said! I’m old enough to
remember the Moffat, Ickx/Bond, Hamilton 1 -2 Ford finish way back, which may technically have
been closer, but also muhc, much slower. Then there was more auto action with the Japanese FI
Grandprix with our boy Webber keeping the Germans, Poms and Spaniards honest.... definitely a
dream weekend for us revheads and sports aficionados generally. Apologies to all those not much
interested in sport, but who prefer rather more cerebral pastimes!
      The Wallabies then beat the Springboks in a nailbiter through sheer determination and great
defence. This of course is the Aussie way and indicative of many Rotary efforts downunder. Of
course another showcase of this Aussie Rotary spirit will be in evidence tonight when the mighty
Wahroonga Club takes on Turramurra in the the Great Debate! Good luck to both sides. Rob

               Rotary Club of Wahroonga, PO Box 13, Wahroonga, 2076.
             Phone Rob Hamilton 9969 4741, Mike Brownlow 9487 4116.
    Send apologies in Vic Deeble’s absence to Ian Cameron
$14,000 for Didi’s Day
The 12th Didi’s Day last Friday was another triumph for Joan Giacometti and Jan Cameron and the
Knitters and Knatterers, with $14,000 raised for Didi’s Lotus Center in Mongolia. That makes
$170,000 since the first day back last century.. The $14,000 is ear-marked to fit out the library in
the new primary school Didi is building. Just on 190 card-players turned up for hours of card-
shuffling, lunch with VIC wines, and attacks on the K and K craft table – in fact some ladies there
came only to shop at the stall. Peter Sloane, honorary Consul-General for Mongolia was there,
President Rob spoke to welcome the supporters. Two pages of pictures on Pages 4 and 5.
It has become a custom for each new President to entertain club members at home, and Rob
Hamilton is in the middle of some At Homes in a lovely setting at Mosman. Last Saturday was the
first, at which Ian Perrett introduced our new season’s wines. It amazes us at the enthusiasm with
which Ian puts his body (especially his kidneys) on the line for the club by drinking the wine at the
drop of the hat. Some pictures on Page 5 from Ken Broadhead and Ian Cameron.
                     Ken Broadhead made the announcement at last week’s meeting, paying the
                     usual fine: From Ken and Margaret: “Dear Friends, We are again richly blessed.
                     To Glen and Belinda, born 10am today (Oct 4) 2.8kg and 50cm (or 6lb 4oz and
                     20”). A sister for Grace and Eden. All well – at the Sydney Adventist Hospital,
                     Wahroonga. We now have six grandsons and eight granddaughters, so we better
                     start saving up for Christmas and all the birthdays.”
                     Margaret Fuller’s only brother, Dr. Gordon White, died on Friday at the Nepean
Hospital. He is survived by Shirley, four children and six grandchildren. Our sympathy to Margaret
and Gordon.
Judi Johnston has completed her move to Glenorie. She has sold almost all her alpacas, retaining
one at a neighbour’s. Her new address is 2 Harrison's Lane , Glenorie. 2157. Home phone
96521157. Mobile and email remain the same.
St Edmund’s turns 60 this year, as part of the local community, and the birthday party will be an
open day at the school on Sunday October 23.
                            The wine barometer, supplied by Wine Cellarman Ian Cameron shows that
                            42 cases have now been sold .
                            BUSINESS WEEK IS ON AGAIN IN NOVEMBER
                            Another date for the diary –the Australian Business Week at Pymble
                            Ladies’ College: November 15 to 22 (with a day off for a swimming
                            carnival on November 21). What is the ABW? Teams of future young
                            businesswomen now masquerading as Year 11 at the school, work on
                            hypothetical businesses, with help from mentors – who, in past years have
                            included a number of our members. It is a great opportunity to be
                            encouraged by the upcoming generation. Mentors do not have to commit
                            for every day. We can form mentor groups from those who can attend on
                            one or more days.
                            Rob Ferguson told us at last week’s meeting that Gemma Sisia is coming
                            back to Australia for a promotional tour in March 2012. She’s the girl from
                            a New England property who established a school in Tanzania – the School
                            of St Jude - just 10 years ago. She is looking for speaking opportunities,
                            especially as March 8 is International Women’s Day. If you know of a
business or community group who would like her as a speaker, let Rob know and he can pass it on.
The Rotary Club of Five Dock Is a good friend of our club, especially of the Shree Jenananda
Orphanage project in Sri Lanka, to which it has contributed enormously Its annual charity golf day is
on Thursday November 17 at Concord Golf Club – a championship course. Play starts at 12.30 pm,
with registration 11 a.m., sausage sizzle 11 a.m., and a buffet dinner from 6 p.m. The cost is $165
for the sausage sizzle, play and the dinner (a make-up), the dinner only is $65, Bruce Grime is
organising our entry – we have won major prizes in the past.
There will be lots of lunches on Melbourne Cup Day, November 1, but if you’re looking for one go no
further than The Cooks’ Garden, 272 Bobbin Head Road, North Turramurra, from 12.30 p.m. It’s to
raise money for Sanbhav Nepal, Allan Waldon’s charity raising money for the schools in the
Arupokhari villages, something we have been helping for a number of years now. RSVP The Cook’s
Garden 9144 5086.
District Governor David Rands’s 50th District Conference will be held at the WIN Sports &
Entertainment Centre, Wollongong from March 16 to 18 2012. Registrations available on-line. Early
Bird     registrations    will     close   at   the   end    of   November.     The    website     is .
On November 29, Sakuji Tanaka, President-elect 2012-13 of Rotary International, will be the guest
speaker at the Tri-District Rotary Foundation Luncheon at the Waterview Convention Centre, Olympic
Park, 12 p.m.-2.15 p.m. Something especially for Paul Harris Fellows, but all Rotarians and friends
are invited. Inquiries to Bill Salter 0418 220 920 by October 21.

     ‘Adults from 18 – 49 who have ABI, MS or
     early stroke are not developmentally disabled’

     Gordon Fuller speaks on helping
     the young resume a life
        lthough last week’s meeting was speaker-free there was a lot of speaking. The main speaker
        was Gordon Fuller who brought us up to date on the work of the club’s small committee
        examining “The needs of young people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) for appropriate
accommodation that is not, as now, in aged care facilities.”
      Gordon said that from information supplied by Aged, Disability and Home Care there are
perhaps 26 ABIs in our District who are not yet being provided with appropriate accommodation and
care. The Committee is Margaret Sachs, Ian Faulks and Gordon (as convenor). It has had three
formal meetings to date.
       Notes supplied by Gordon of his talk:--
      What is Acquired Brain Injury?
      ABI or TBI refers to any damage to the brain that has occurred AFTER birth. Common causes
include accidents, assaults/attacks, falling from heights, diving into shallow water, and deprivation
of oxygen to the brain such as severe asthma attacks and stroke. In this investigation we are only
looking at those with a primary ABI disability.
       We have to date consulted:
       Deborah Frith from the Brain Injury Research Trust (UK).
      The Brain Injury Association of NSW.
      Dr Clayton King from Royal Ryde Brain Injury Rehab. Centre,
      Jeanne Walters of Aged, Disability and Home Care.
      Matt Kean, MP for Hornsby.
      Dr Bruce Farnsworth (from St. Ives Club who suffered brain injury and works at the San
       Craig Moore CEO of Interaction Disability Services Ltd. (Norwest Sunrise Rotary Club.
       Ann Bryce, CEO of Achieve Foundation (Epping Rotary Club).
       Cecile Ferguson.
       Cathie Smith, Development Services
Manager, Kurrajong Waratah Wagga .
      Judy Lipp, Librarian of Northcott
Disability Services.
      The following information is based on
reports, papers and journal articles we
have acquired.
       Despite $244 million injected into
NSW in the last five years the Government
program to get young people under 50
years out of Aged Care Facilities has failed.
The YPIRAC (Young People in Residential
Aged Care ) program aimed to achieve a
net reduction of 689 disabled young
people in Aged Care but only achieved a
total of 139 from 2006 to 2010.
      In June 2006 - 1007 under 50 were
                                                     Gordon talks to Deborah Frith, from the Brain Injury Research
in Aged Care in the whole of Australia with
                                                     Trust (UK).
a nationwide drop to 715 by June 2010.
(Summer Foundation report August 2011) This low achievement figure (147 in June 2011) has been
caused by a complete lack of appropriate alternative accommodation and training of staff in the care
and rehabilitation of young people with ABI, MS and early stroke.
       Most providers we have spoken to are currently considering or building small group homes (4-
5 people) for young people with intellectual disabilities. We are assured that the two do not mix as
most of those with ABI have not lost their intellect and have good long-term memory as they suffered
their trauma later in life from accidents associated with diving, horse-riding and car accidents. Their
behavioural patterns and aggression are mainly caused by triggers in care or by frustration.
        Royal Ryde Rehabilitation Centre has just completed a new complex specifically for ABIs on
their existing campus. It will accommodate in single rooms with en-suites all those currently housed
in a more ‘institutional’ existing old building. It is however still a ‘clinical’ rehab facility.
      This does not satisfy the ongoing need for ‘transitional’ housing to help motivate and
‘normalise’ those who, in time, are potentially able to go back into the community.
      Without systemic change and sustained investment in appropriate accommodation options
those currently still in aged care facilities will not be given the option to live in an environment that
meets their social, emotional and development needs to get them back into the wider community.
      The NSW Liberal Government is committed to putting $2.5 billion into total Disability Care
within the next five years. The Minister for Disability Services, Andrew Constance, has initiated a
‘Person Centred System’ and is currently canvassing ideas throughout NSW. This ‘think tank’ will not
deliver recommendations until mid-2012.
      Now that there is a move to accept the idea of a National Disability Insurance Scheme we can
only hope that this will be a total ‘umbrella’ cover and provide a sustainable support system and give
greater certainty to all those with a disability, their families and carers. If achieved this scheme will
not become active until at least 2014.
      The need to do something tangible is therefore NOW !
       So what can our our Rotary Club Committee do ?
      We have gathered a lot of information, talked to many people, and now will put together our
recommendations to the Board before the end of November this year.
      We will look at:
                (a) Establishing that a need is great and not being met – a no-brainer.
                (b) Agreeing that the Government has a major responsibility under the ‘Stronger
          Together Phase 2’ program – not Rotary !
                (c) Supporting private enterprise (mainly not-for-profit).

              (d) Looking at supporting those with appropriate models of care and accommodation
              (e) Investigating the cost of high technology communication systems to help improve
        rehabilitation and community involvement
              (f) Supporting the establishment of a ‘cognitive’ rehabilitation /accommodation facility
        in the Hornsby area.
              (g) Look at ways of financing appropriate ‘transition’ accommodation.
              (h) Involving other Rotary Clubs in supporting a submission to the District to look at a 2/3
        year development program.
              (i) Getting the message across that adults from 18 – 49 who have ABI, MS or early
        stroke are not developmentally disabled and that the brain has the potential to heal itself over
        time (slow to recover program). That the impairments are enormously variant and the recovery
        over time is equally variant.
         The challenge may be too complex for our club, considering the other projects to which we are
   committed. We may find a niche project which will satisfy a specific need. Here’s hoping. Gordon
   Fuller - convenor

At Home at the Hamiltons
President Rob and Robyne are hosting At Homes at which all the club will eventually be
entertained at their Mosman home. This was last Saturday.

Pat Edwards, Marlene Carty, Joyce Collins and Margaret Broadhead, Joyce and John Collins, Phil
Comfort and Peter Edwards, and Ian Perrett with
the host.
12th anniversary for Didi’s Day
Jan Cameron and Joan Giacometti with Peter Sloane, Honorary Consul-General for Mongolia, in
                       the hard-worked kitchen at Didi’s Bridge Day.
  October 12: Club dinner meeting –The Great Debate with Turramurra. 6.30 for 7.
  October 19: Club meeting – Alex Grime on the NBN Roll-out.
  October 26: Club meeting – Eric Heyde on the future of the internet.
  October 29: Another Council Twilight Concert in Wahroonga Park. Pray for no rain.
  November 17: Five Dock charity golf day at Concord Golf Club.
  November 29: Paul Harris Lunch with RIPE Sakuji Tanaka at Olympic Park
  March 16-18: District Conference at Wollongong.
  May 6-9: RI Conference at Bangkok.

If you are unable to attend on the dates in the Roster please arrange a substitute and
 inform Ian Cameron on in Vic’s absence..
           Set-up Room          Hospitality          Reception (2 Rotarians)
 Oct 12    Judith Kaine         John Julius         George Richards Doug Reid
 Oct 19    Max Lake             Judith Kaine        Jenetta Russell George Richards
 Oct 26    Steve McGregor       Max Lake            Margaret Sachs Jenetta Russell
 Nov 2     Jim Mein             Steve McGregor      TBA Margaret Sachs
 Nov 9     Sue Owen             Jim Mein            Peter Smith TBA

WHAT WE DID LAST MEETING (October 5, 2011):
Attendance: 66%. Apologies: Vic Deeble, Anne Prescott, Richard Pitt, Greg Starr, Henry Salisch,
Phoebe Alexander, Jim Verco, Rochelle Wiley, David Russell, Jenetta Russell, Mike Brownlow, Bruce
Grime, Janet Grundy. No visitors, no make-ups.
Anniversaries (for the week starting October 12): None. Anniversary of induction into the club: Peter
Edwards (19/10/94).

              A Thought from The Rotary Foundation
This week's Thought is about the generosity and dedication of Foundation Alumni.
 Yashar Keramati, a 2009-10 Ambassadorial Scholar from Canada, recently returned to Fisantekraal,
South Africa, to launch his Peace & Love International initiative.
                                    “If it were not for the Foundation, I would not be able to have come
                                   here to do what I have been doing,” he says. With violence and drugs
                                   dominating the streets of Fisantekraal, Keramati says that young
                                   people have little opportunity for education and positive personal
                                   growth. Peace & Love International aims to create such opportunities
                                   through music.
                                    Workshops, held at least four times a week, offer dance practice and
                                   songwriting sessions. Through the songs, Keramati concentrates on
                                   important issues like drug awareness and respect for those of other
genders and religions.
“The goal of this initiative is to create a musical haven and nonthreatening space for the community’s
youth, which they have been denied,” he says. “A highlight was one of our outings where we were
invited to Cape Town’s biggest radio station to have our kids perform live on the air.”
                                      Hamilton’s Heroes
                         OFFICE-BEARERS AND COMMITTEES FOR 2011-12
President: Rob Hamilton. Vice-President and IPP: Richard Pitt. President-elect: John Collins.
Secretary: Mike Brownlow. Treasurer: Rob Giacometti. Public Officer : Judith Kaine.
Club Administration: Director: John Collins. President-elect’s Aide: Richard Pitt. Sergeant-at-Arms: Phil
Comfort. Corporal: Judi Johnston. Speaker programme: John Collins, Judith Kaine, Ken Broadhead,
Steve McGregor. Risk Management: Philip Easton. Historian: Gordon Fuller. Social and Fellowship:
Rochelle Wiley. Deputy: Margaret Sachs.
Rotary Foundation: Director: John Cameron. Deputy: Jim Verco. Membership: Director: Doug Reid.
Deputy: Margaret Sachs. Committee: John Welch, Max Lake, Richard Pitt. Attendance and Front
Desk: Vic Deeble. Family of Rotary: Henry Salisch. Partnerships, Fund-raising: Director: Peter Smith.
Deputy: Marlene Carty. Committee: Judy Harris, Terry Hodge, Phil Comfort, Leon Clark, Carol
Johnson, Barry Whitlock. Public Relations and Marketing: Director: Leisa O’Connor. Deputy: George
Richards. Committee: John Baikie, Vic Deeble. Bulletin: George Richards. Assistant: Vic Deeble. Web
Master: Vic Deeble. Quartermaster: Vic Deeble. Projects: Director: Bob Howe.
Avenues of Service: Community: Chair, David Russell. Deputy: Bruce Grime. Members: Ron
Wainberg, Rochelle Wiley, John Julius, Ian Davidson, Ian Perrett, Rob Ferguson, Gordon Fuller, Jean
Anderson, David Cooper, Brian Freeman. International: Chair Richard Jackson. Deputy: Anne
Prescott. Members: Greg Starr, Jenetta Russell, Phoebe Alexander. Janet Grundy, Len Stanley, Peter
Edwards. Vocational: Chair, Garry Webb. Deputy: Ian Cameron. Members: Steve McGregor, Philip
Easton, Micheal Schwarcz. New Generations: Chair: Ian Paterson. Deputy: Sue Owen. Members:
Helen Clarke, Bob Potter, Judi Johnston, Jim Mein, Ian Faulks, Dick Webb, Sandy van Dijk, Ross
Grant, Chris de Zylva..
PAUL HARRIS FELLOWS: The late John Doherty, Jack Rashleigh, the late Bill Leventhal, Gordon
Fuller, Rob Ferguson, the late Ern Hoy, Hilton Krone, the late Stan Penberthy, the late David
Gardiner, Rob Giacometti, the late Martin Forrow, David Cooper, the late Phil Dean, Tom Love, the
late Gordon Johnston (Sapphire Pin), Ross Blackmore, Jim Mein, Henry Salisch (Sapphire Pin), Ian
Davidson, Peter Weekes, Richard Lombard (Sapphire Pin), George Richards (Two Sapphire Pins), Ian
Cameron (Three Sapphire Pins), Dr Charles Sharpe, Jill Everett, Richard Davies, Bob Quodling, Joan
Giacometti, Graeme McLean (Sapphire Pin), the late Lionel Lever, John Cameron, Paul Cave, David
Maclean, John Welch, Dick Webb, John Baikie, Bob Howe, Bruce Grime, Ken Broadhead, Phil
McCarroll, Vic Deeble, Peter Edwards, Pat Edwards, Garry Webb, Richard Pitt, Jon Phegan, Peter
Smith, Micheal Schwarcz (Sapphire Pin), Sue Owen, Anne Prescott, Janet Grundy, Phil Comfort,
Arthur Pearce, Allan Waldon, Margaret Sachs, Margaret Cameron, Jim Verco (Sapphire Pin), Leon
Clark, Jan Cameron (Sapphire Pin)., Matthew Webb, Barry O’Farrell, Bob Potter, Richard Jackson,
Paul Murphy, Chris de Zylva..

1.. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE . 'If you're going to kill
each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning.'
2. My mother taught me RELIGION . 'You better pray that this will come out of the carpet'
3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL . 'If you don't straighten up, I'm going to
knock you into the middle of next week!'
4. My mother taught me LOGIC . ' Because I said so, that's why.'
5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC . 'If you fall out of that swing and break your neck,
you're not going to the store with me.'
6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT . 'Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case
you're in an accident.'
7. My mother taught me IRONY 'Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about.'
8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS . 'Shut your mouth and eat your
9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM . 'Will you look at that dirt on the back of
your neck!'

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