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Grass Roots Institute of


									                                                                August 2010
                        GRIT                                             Do you have
        Board of Directors                                               GRIT?
      and Committee Meeting
                                                                         The purpose of GRIT is
            Sheraton Hotel                                               to build a coalition of
   701 E. 11th Street, Austin, Texas                                     conservative groups whose mission is to
                      August 28                                          develop leadership and rebuild the
                 Everyone is invited to attend.
                                                                         conservative infrastructure so as to get
           Hotel Discounts - $ 79.00 a night plus tax
                                                                         our message out to the voters and
    Free parking for overnight guests - $ 5.00 for all others            volunteers and expand the number of
     Free lunch for first 100 - All others $ 40.00 per person            conservative public office holders.

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                                                                              In This Issue
              Framing the Debate:
                                                                              Naturalization vs.
              Naturalization vs.                                              Immigration
              Immigration                                                     Legislators Face
by Jason Moore                                                                Budget Challenge

From the Webster 1828 Dictionary:                                             Your State
NATURALIZATION, n. [See Naturalize] The act                                   Executive
of investing an alien with the rights and privileges
of a native subject or citizen. Naturalize (date                              The History of
1559) 1. To confer on an alien the rights and                                 GRIT
privileges of a native subject or citizen; to adopt
foreigners into a nation or state, and place them in                          Quick Links
the condition of natural born subjects. 2. To make
natural; to render easy and familiar by custom and                            Grass Roots
                                                                              Institute of Texas
habit; as, custom naturalizes labor or study.
                                                       Texas Insider
IMMIGRATION, (date 1623)n. The passing or
removing into a country for the purpose of
permanent residence.

EMIGRATE, (date 1766) v.i. [L. emigro; e and
migro, to migrate.] To quit one country, state or
region and settle in another; to remove from one
country or state to another for the purpose of

It has occurred to me recently that as we all begin
to reintroduce ourselves to the Founders, that the
language has changed over the centuries. I
provided a few examples from the Webster’s
dictionary of 1828 because it is important that
when talking about the Founders' ideas we define
the terms according to their definitions. I believe
conservatives must work together to change the
discussion from “immigration” to “naturalization”
because the Founders had a clear understanding of
the preservation of the exceptional form of
American government. Read more.

Legislators Face
Budget Challenge
How about Zero-Based

With Texas lawmakers facing an estimated $15 to
$19 billion budget deficit in the upcoming
legislative session, it seems that the Legislative
Budget Board (LLB) has its work cut out for it.
Exactly what is the Legislative Budget Board?
According to its web site, “The Legislative
Budget Board (LLB) is a permanent joint
committee of the Texas Legislature that develops
budget and policy recommendations for
legislative appropriations for all agencies of state
government, as well as completes fiscal analyses
for proposed legislation. The LBB also conducts
evaluations and reviews for the purpose of
identifying and recommending changes that
improve the efficiency and performance of state
and local operations and finances.” Read more.

Your Texas State Republican
     Executive Committee
          by James Barnes, GRIT Director

As I travel around the state and in my district I
always ask the folks if they have heard of the
State Republican Executive Committee (SREC).
Inevitably most have never heard of the SREC. In
a crowd of 50 maybe one or two hands go up.
This is obviously not good especially when we are
seeing a major resurgence of people interested in
the political process. The GRIT newsletter
presents a perfect opportunity to introduce the
SREC and its role in the Texas Republican Party.
Read more.

             The History of the
             Grass Roots Institute
             of Texas
by Bill Burch, Chairman and President of GRIT -

November of 2008 proved to be the election from
hell. Bill Burch had just lost an election for state
representative and Obama was elected President.
What began as a conversation between Suzanne
Bellsnyder and Bill Burch over where to go from
there blossomed into the organization now known
as the Grass Roots Institute of Texas.

They quickly followed up their phone call with a
meeting in Austin where they invited several of
their friends to discuss what to do to help Texas.
The talent and influence at the table was
amazing: Royal Masset, the former Republican
Party of Texas Executive Director under Tom
Pauken; Jim Cardle, owner of the Texas Insider;
Bobby Eberle, owner of GOPUSA and former
President of the Texas Young Republicans; Nancy
Fisher, former chief of staff for Tom Craddick;
Suzanne Bellsnyder, former Chief of Staff for
Florence Shapiro and former President of the
Texas College Republicans; and Bill Burch,
award winning author who has been honored by
the Texas Legislature, the Republican Party of
Texas, and the State Bar of Texas (not a lawyer)
(past Public Director). Read more.

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