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Sutton Family Papers, 1813-1924
3 boxes (1.5 linear feet)
Processed by Sam A. Cooper, October 1999

Missouri Historical Society Archives
P.O. Box 11940
St. Louis, MO 63112-0040

Most of the Sutton Family Papers were donated to the Missouri Historical Society on January 5,
1958 (58-0001), by Mrs. Harry Kemmerer, courtesy of Charles F. Rehkopf. Mrs. Kemmerer was
born Ruth Wilson, daughter of Sarah and William Wilson. Sarah was the daughter of John L. and
Margaret Sutton. A biographical sketch of Richard Cotter, written by James Sutton Harrison,
was added to the collection on March 17, 1967 (67-0022). It was donated by Mrs. Trifon von

John L. Sutton was born to John and Catherine Compton Sutton in 1795. The family resided in
New Jersey. Two years later, another son, James C., was born. In 1817, John set out for St.
Louis. James followed, and after a prolonged illness while traveling through Ohio, arrived in
1819. The two brothers were employed as blacksmiths and enjoyed success at their trade. James
is credited with introducing iron-clad wheels, iron- and steel-pointed plows (the Sutton Plow),
iron harrow teeth, and iron printers sticks to the area. He also made the locks for the old Spanish
jails. In 1825, James retired and purchased 300-400 acres of land from Charles Gratiot. James
married Ann Wells of St. Louis in 1829. John Sutton never married and died in 1830. James and
Ann Sutton had eleven children, nine of whom lived to adulthood. James bought more land in
later years. In 1840, he donated land for a school that would later be known as Benton Station
School. James became involved in a steam flour mill that also manufactured lead pipe, sheet
lead, flaxseed oil, steel plows, and yarn. The Suttons were also known for their beneficent aid to
orphan children. The couple lived on the Sutton homestead (in what is now Maplewood) until
their deaths: Ann in 1875 and James in 1877.

Born in 1830, John L. Sutton was the oldest of James and Ann’s eleven children. At age
nineteen, he ventured to California to seek his fortune. He returned to St. Louis three years later.
In addition to working as a farmer and stock raiser, he was also involved in other enterprises
such as mining in Colorado and Montana and cotton planting in the South. John married
Margaret Smith of St. Louis in 1858. The couple had six children. John became the owner of the
Sutton homestead at his father’s death. John died in 1909.

The Sutton Family Papers consist of accounts due to John L. and James C. Sutton while working
as blacksmiths, and later accounts of James. The papers also contain deeds and land transactions,

Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99   p. 1
legal papers, receipts and bills, tax receipts, and correspondence of and to the Sutton family. The
papers are primarily arranged chronologically; however, in some cases documents are filed by
subject. A few items are filed oversize.

Other collections in the Missouri Historical Society Archives that include Sutton references are
the John Richardson Papers, Sappington-Marmaduke Family Papers, Antoine Soulard Papers,
William L. Sublette Collection, Dexter P. Tiffany Collection, Cyrus Peterson Battle of Pilot
Knob Research Collection, Chouteau Family Papers, Hamilton R. Gamble Papers, Lindenwood
College Collection, Manuel Lisa Papers, John B.C. Lucas Family Papers, and the St. Louis
History Collection. Most of these collections contain only a brief mention of the Suttons and
these usually pertain to accounts, receipts, letters, or land transactions. The Margaret Sappington
Townsend Family Papers contain more Sutton family information as Margaret was the
granddaughter of John L. and Margaret Sutton. The Margaret Sappington Townsend Family
Papers include correspondence, invitations, programs, clippings, and diaries.’

The following abbreviations have been used in this inventory:
AD     Autograph Document

ALS      Autograph Letter Signed (a letter entirely in the hand of and signed by the author)

ca.      circa

DS       Document Signed

n.d.     no date

Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99   p. 2
Box 1
Reference File                        Family chart created in 1999 when the collection was being
                                      processed and used to assist in writing the family biographical

ca. 1813-1819                         Accounts due to John L. Sutton of Casner & Sutton, 37 items.
                                      Names include Robert Watts, John L. Nevins, Pakal Cerre, Otis
                                      Peck, Robert Patton, M. Hichcock, Reuben Neals, Mr. Hull,
                                      Alexander McNair, Mr. Kingston, School Master Hunt, Abraham
                                      Gallatin, Patrick M. Dillon, George Youngs, Mr. Loves, John
                                      Rezucker, William Tharp, Richard R. Neuably, Mr. English, John
                                      Thompson, William Newhouse, Hendrick & Roberts, Madam
                                      Draudeigh, Edmund Hart, N.B. Tucker, Mr. Thurston, James
                                      Moore, David Wolgamott, Isaac Allen, Josiah Brady, Mr. Burns,
                                      Mr. Chouteau, J. Flinn, John Huntley, Mr. Savedge, and Mr.

1819 Aug 4                            Deed, Moses D. Bates and John L. Sutton regarding land in
                                      Hannibal County.

ca. 1820                              ALS (autograph blacked out, possibly J.J. Gill) to Dear Sir,
                                      regarding attempt to settle claim on Gratiot League Square lands
                                      with enclosed extract from J. Brown’s field notes of original
                                      survey done in October and December 1817.

1820 Jan-Jul                          Accounts due to John L. Sutton, 35 items. Names include William
                                      Stow [Stone?], Pryor Quarles, Moses Scott, Batish Jarrow, Mr.
                                      Redman, David Hughes, H. Kelley, Murphy & Nagle, Mr. Crane,
                                      William Dakins, Joseph Walton, Richard Cutter, Barbara Shope,
                                      Thompson P. Williams, James Duncan, Mr. Dorsey, Mr. Darrow,
                                      Elijah Reeder, Ephraim Towns, Major Whistler, A. Saugrain,
                                      Jacob Lanceskies, March & Ober, Mr. Hinkley, Jacob Yard, Mrs.
                                      Collins, Mr. Henry, James Ramsey, Baptiste Tereau [Tebeau],
                                      Ceda Wather, Joseph Henderson, Sauguinett & Bright, Dr. Watt,
                                      William O'Hara, and Benjamin Owens.

1820 Aug-Dec                          Accounts due to John L. Sutton, 37 items. Names include Abejah
                                      Hull, John Jacoby, Klunk & Goddard, Mr. Rogers, Rufus Easton,
                                      Mr. Edmundson, Mr. Vital, Mrs. Woolford, Francis Day, Joseph
                                      Janes, Riddick & Honey, Thomas Hempstead, Mr. Marsh, Mr.
                                      Holbrook, Michael Daley, Edward Harracks, Mr. Gwinn, Joseph
                                      Kauffman, Jacob Lanceskies, Christopher M. Price, Mr. McGuire,
                                      Mr. Kemmell, H. Waddle, Mr. Eckler, Mr. Borden, Augustus
                                      Clark, James Irvin, William H. Ashley, Pierre Humo, Hugh O'Neil,
                                      Mrs. Harris, Julius Pescay, Samuel Hammond, Peter Warfield,
                                      Stephen Hempstead, Richard Mason, and William Dakins.

1820 Jan 15-1822 Dec 31               Deeds between Samuel and Mary Mount & Brittin and Ellen
                                      Mount regarding land in St. Louis City, 3 items.

Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 3
1821                                  Accounts due to John L. Sutton, 28 items. Names include Elijah
                                      Reeder, John B.N. Smith, J. Ramsay, Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Collins (2),
                                      Mr. Jaques, Robert McCullough, John Russell, William Chapman,
                                      James Bouncy, Peter Primm, James G. Soulard, William Brown,
                                      Amos Richardson, David Hughs, Clayborne Sullevant, Mr.
                                      Roberts, Francois Cayoux, Edwards & Greer, Samuel R. Ober,
                                      Frederick White, Ralph Davis, Madame Lamme, Mr. Cole, George
                                      Casner, Baptiste Delisle, and John Fitzgerald.

1821 Apr 30                           Deed, Paul Guitard & wife to John L. Sutton. Filed Oversize.

1822-1824                             Accounts due to John L. Sutton, 12 items. Names include Madame
                                      Pierre, George Bast, D. Halstead, Elias Rector, Ros Douglas, John
                                      Richardson, Abraham Gallatan, Eugene Delisle, John Coonce,
                                      John Latrasse, John Clark, and Benjamin Stout.

1822 Nov 8-1862 Jun 13                Tax documents to John L. and James C. Sutton for land in Linn
                                      County (SW Sec 17, T57, R21), 18 items.

1825                                  Accounts due to John L. Sutton, 30 items. Names include George
                                      Markham, Joseph Liggett, James McClure, John Ball, John
                                      Kesacker, Alexander Shepunke, Thomas Beard, Joseph Joyal,
                                      Martin Vanbergen, James Hanlon, Alexander Bellissime, James
                                      Dellany, Wharton Rector, John McDonald, J. Kincaid, James
                                      Spencer, Murphy Tanner, Michael Finley, Alexander McNair,
                                      William Gibson, John Flanders, Levi Lawrence, John Warfield,
                                      Robert Forsith [Forsyth], Andrew Caldwell, Vincent Guittar, John
                                      Baldridge, Loue Marley, Joshua Barton, and Mr. Dority.

1825 Aug 8                            ALS Stephen Smith to Catherine Parks, last letter between the two
                                      before they were married.

1826                                  Accounts due to John L. Sutton, 16 items. Names include Isaac
                                      Barton, A. McDonald, John Bailey, Mr. McKinney, T.F. Reddick,
                                      John R. Koontz, Mr. Riggs, Jesse Henderliter, Lewis Oldenburgh,
                                      Joseph Doge, Robert P. Farris, Abraham Gallatin, Mr. Stater, Dr.
                                      Price, Mathew Dougherty, and Dr. Finley.

1826-1828                             Accounts due to John L. Sutton from U.S. Army officers, 15 items.
                                      Names include Lt. Rogers, Dr. Coleman, Dr. Harney, Col. Morgan,
                                      Lt. Whorton, Capt. Culberson, Col. Spencer, Samuel McCray, Lt.
                                      Harris, Lt. Kingsberry [Kingsbury], Major Herring, Lt. Balden, Lt.
                                      McCray, Lt. Morris, and Capt. Clark.

1827                                  Accounts due to John L. Sutton, 20 items. Names include Michel
                                      Sadenute[?], Margaret McNair, Clement B. Penrose, William
                                      Munday, Charles Keemle, J.J. Smith, Barney Dignam, Mr. Gelo,
                                      Jacob Roth, Risdon H. Price, Anthony V. Carr, Daniel Freeman,
                                      William H. Savage, Thomas Berry, Col. Freeland, James Poland,
                                      Gov. Miller, Mr. McGuire, Louis Vashard, and Alexis Tebeau.
Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 4
1828-1829                             Accounts due to John L. Sutton, 9 items. Names include R.
                                      Watson, Mr. Lawson, A. Gamble, E.N. Haskell, James C. Lynch,
                                      Daniel D. Page, Mr. Talbert, Richard Wilkinson, and W.V. Rector.

1829 Dec 28                           Deed, William and Martha Christy to Samuel Mount, land in St.
                                      Louis City.

1830 Jul 7                            Funeral announcement for John L. Sutton (photostat).

1830 Jul 13                           DS Henry Chouteau, James C. Sutton named administrator of John
                                      L. Sutton estate.

1830 Aug 20                           Settled account of Charles Wahrendorff and Tracy & Wahrendorff
                                      to John L. Sutton.

1830 Dec 9                            Lease agreement between James C. Sutton and Isaac Hunt for 241
                                      acres in St. Louis County.

1832 Feb 13                           Deed of conveyance, Donason and Teirsa Ceagle to Benjamin
                                      Bennet for 81 acres (NW Sec 36, T45N, R5E).

1835-1843                             Notes regarding James C. Sutton guardianship of Abraham,
                                      Catharine, Mary and Susan Sutton, 31 items.

1835-1861                             Collection of St. Louis City and County tax receipts, mainly of
                                      James C. Sutton but includes B. Mason, Sutton & Fullager, John
                                      Wells, and Charles Gratiot, 50 items.

1835 Jan 14                           Deed, Samuel and Mary Mount to John Thornton, land in St. Louis
                                      City (6th & Locust Sts.).

1835 Mar 25                           DS James Brotherton, foreclosure of lands of Benjamin Bennett
                                      and subsequent sale of those lands to James Sutton.

1835 Mar 25                           DS Daniel G. Dunklin, appointment of Stephen Smith as captain of
                                      1st Mounted Rifle Co., 4th Brig., 2nd Div., M.M. FRAGILE.
                                      Filed Oversize.

1835 Aug 3                            Deed, Rowland and Asenath Mundy to Samuel Mount, land in
                                      Illinois (NE Sec 13, T8N, R8W).

1835 Sep 2                            DS Andrew Jackson, land patent to James Piles, 1 acre, cert.
                                      #2793. Filed Oversize.

1835 Sep 2                            DS Andrew Jackson, land patent to James C. Sutton, 143 acres,
                                      cert. #1933. Filed Oversize.

1835 Sep 21                           Deed of lease, Samuel Mount to Ezra B. Carter and Zachariah
                                      Filbert, land in St. Louis City (5th & Locust Streets).
Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 5
1836 Feb 3-1837 Jul 31                Deeds regarding real estate of Albert Tison, deceased, involves
                                      Samuel and Mary Mount, Jonah Spalding, and T.L. McGill
                                      (administrator of estate), 3 items.

1836 Jul 27                           Deed, Catharine Sutton, James and Sarah Wilgus, William Sutton,
                                      and Henry L. Sutton to James C. Sutton (SE Sec 17, T57N,

1837 Jan 28                           Deed, John and Sarah Ann Calvert to Samuel Mount (SW Sec 19,
                                      T45N, R6E).

1838 Aug 22-1850 Jun 4                Documents regarding estate of James Wilgus, James C. Sutton
                                      (administrator) includes inventory, settled accounts, receipts,
                                      guardianship documents, and list of auctioned items and
                                      purchasers, 18 items.

Box 2
1840 Sep 23                           Indenture, Johannes Hoffmann & Johannes Hoell and Charles
                                      Rodermann & James C. Sutton.

1840 Nov 16                           Indenture, John Buford and Charles Rodermann & James C.

1841 Sep 18                           Settled account of T.H. West with J.C. Sutton.

1842 Jan 5-Aug 25                     Documents regarding James C. Sutton account due to H.L.
                                      Hoffman, includes ledger pages, receipts and final settlement, 10

1842 Apr 4                            Promissory note to J.C. Sutton from J.B. Gerard.

1842 Jul 18                           Indenture, Herman L. & Charlotte Hoffman and James C. Sutton.

1842 Aug 8                            Documents regarding sale of John Buford's property to James C.
                                      Sutton includes receipt and agreement, 3 items.

1842 Nov 9                            Deed, Dennis C. & Eliza Higgins and James C. Sutton, includes
                                      separate description.

1842 Dec 24                           Receipt from Jonathon Polk to James C. Sutton mentions T. White
                                      and Mr. Gratiot.

1842 Dec 31                           AD copy of 1808 Board of Land Commissioners adjudication of a
                                      1785 plat and survey for land claimed by Charles Gratiot. Partly in

ca. 1843                              Agreement between James C. Sutton, Samuel Black, and Henry
                                      Culver to form milling and oil business to be known as J.C. Sutton
                                      & Co.
Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 6
ca. 1843-1845                         Documents regarding James C. Sutton use of John Buford stud
                                      horse Sthristhley, 4 items.

1843-1857 Jan 28                      Documents regarding Hoffman’s Oil Mill involves James C.
                                      Sutton, Samuel Black, Henry Culver, and Herman & Charlotte
                                      Hoffman, 6 items.

1843 Apr 10                           DS John Tyler, land patent to James C. Sutton, 80 acres, cert.
                                      #12,321. Filed Oversize.

1843 Apr 10                           DS John Tyler, land patent to James C. Sutton, 160 acres, cert.
                                      #11,729. Filed Oversize.

1843 Apr 24-1844 Sep 7                Receipts of accounts paid by James C. Sutton, 12 items. Names
                                      include Dr. Tiffin, John W. Newberry, Missouri Republican, Tiffin
                                      & Perry, John Waters, Mr. Heeg, Dinn & Grubb, James
                                      McCausland, William Roberson for Henry Cheatham, and P.L.
                                      Dey (2).

1843 Jun 20                           James C. Sutton account with "the world."

1843 Sep 24                           ALS William Gose to James C. Sutton regarding land tax.

1844 Feb 23                           Receipt signed James C. Sutton to John J. Gill mentions George
                                      M. Gill, on reverse receipt signed John J. Gill dated July 3, 1845.

1844 Feb 23                           Indenture, John Weimar and Charles Rodermann & James C.

1844 Feb 26                           Bill from Dr. J.F. Tyler to Mr. Sutton.

1844 Jun 8-1874 Dec 31                Survey of James C. Sutton lands in Franklin County by E. Goode
                                      (Sec 35, T43, R1E) includes tax receipts, 4 items.

1845-1847                             Receipts of accounts paid by James C. Sutton, 12 items. Names
                                      include John C. Marshall, John J. Gill, J.H. Ricker & Co., James
                                      Cummings, Michael Pike, W.V.N. Bay, Uriah Socke, Frondon C.
                                      Sperry, Datrick Murpy [Patrick Murphy?], Missouri Republican,
                                      Thomas Smart, and M.D. Robertson.

1845-1849                             Accounts owed by James C. Sutton, 30 items. Names include F.J.
                                      Stiegers (4), Joseph McDwaine[?], Brotherton & Gordon, B.L. &
                                      W.H. Brown (2), W.H. Homes (2), Thomas D. Yeats, Catharine C.
                                      Sutton, Henry Taylor estate, Stephen Donohoe (3), Peter M.
                                      Brown, R.F. Lloyer, E.B. Cleghorn, G.S. Riggs, James Kean,
                                      Trusten Polk (2), Charles Waltenspiel, S.D. Loomis, Dozer &
                                      Conway, C.W. Jeffries, Francis Walton, and George Dashiell.

1846 May 14                           DS Henry Culver. Power of attorney to Samuel Black.
Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 7
1846 Aug 14                           Deed of trust Benjamin and Mary Mason to George Henderson and
                                      Nelson Tindall includes plot and handwritten notes.

1847 Oct 2                            Note signed R.Y. Smiley to Mr. Sutton let bearer have my things
                                      that I stored with you, on reverse note signed W.M. Johnson
                                      receipt of items (10/27/1847).

1848-1849                             Receipts of accounts paid by James C. Sutton, 21 items. Names
                                      include John Shipley, A.W. McElhenny, S.B. Wiggins, Joseph
                                      Sappington, G.K. Ney, Roger Blome, Missouri Republican, Dr.
                                      Moore, Francis Steigers, J.M. Cannon, W. Hoffman, Denis
                                      Quigley, Hauercamp & Co., S. Tippett, and Logan H. Mayfield.

1848 Jan 1-1861 Jan 18                Correspondence of Stephen Donohoe and James C. Sutton
                                      mentions taxes, accounts, Mr. Turner, Mr. Flood, Mr. Hanenkamp,
                                      and travel to St. Louis, 4 items.

1848 Jan 22                           ALS Milton Doolittle to James C. Sutton. Regrets inconvenience
                                      of Sutton’s aunt and nieces and sends bill and receipt from William

1848 Jan 26                           Note signed Thomas J. Payne receipt to James C. Sutton for trust
                                      deed (4/19/1839).

1848 Nov 8-13                         DS George W. Huston, quietus for full amount of taxes on land in
                                      Central Township (T45, R6) granted to James G. Barry. State
                                      Treasurer’s Office receipt.

1849 Apr 29; n.d.                     Deed, R.C. Ewing to James C. Sutton, land on southwest corner of
                                      Gratiot's League includes plot; handwritten notes regarding
                                      settlement of Gratiot's League. U.S. marshal’s bill of sale for
                                      Gratiot land, plots of Gratiot land, and survey of part of J.C. Sutton
                                      estate are filed in oversize.

1849 Jun 10; ca.1849                  Letter to Thomas F. Purcell, Lewis Bissell, and Benjamin Fine
                                      regarding route for a road from Rock Springs to western line of St.
                                      Louis County, on reverse account of court proceedings and bill for
                                      services of William McPherson to James C. Sutton and others.

ca. 1850s                             Calculation sheets of J.R. Barret for debt and interest, 2 items.

1850-1853                             Receipts and accounts of James C. Sutton, 15 items. Names
                                      include Nelson Pepper, W.H. Dykes, F. Thompson, John Gleeson,
                                      Fidal [?], Henry Barrows, William Dyer, F.J. Steigers, R. Holmes,
                                      Robert Holmes, Trusten Polk, L. Dozier, Stephen Donohoe (2),
                                      and Missouri Republican.

Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 8
1850 Feb 14-1862 Oct 5; n.d. Documents regarding lawsuit James C. Sutton vs. Benjamin F.
                             Mason includes correspondence, legal documents, Thomas Mason
                             will, and notes, 24 items.

1850 Mar 4                            DS James C. Sutton and Catharine E. Tippett. Agreement of Sutton
                                      and John H. Filman to hold $100 to be given to Tippett at said
                                      time, receipt from Tippett.

1850 Mar 10                           Note signed John Buford to James C. Sutton regarding receipt;
                                      mentions S. Lyons and John Tyler.

1850 Dec 16                           Deed, John Wells estate, administrator Stephen Smith, and James
                                      C. Sutton.

1851 Apr 2; 1853 Apr 6                Deeds to lands in St. Louis County, Benjamin F. and Mary A.
                                      Mason, Thomas J. and Sarah Mason, and James C. Sutton, 2 items.

1851 Jul 20                           Article of agreement to build a bridge over the River des Peres,
                                      John Murdock, James C. Sutton, & Thomas D. Yates to Marshall

1852 Jul 20-24                        ALS John L. Sutton to Henry, Charley, and Mary Sutton. All is
                                      well in California and family news.

1852 Dec 17- 1857 Apr 9               Documents regarding land in St. Louis County involves Lewis &
                                      Minerva Lacy, William & Mary Fullager, and James C. Sutton, 5

1853 Apr 12                           Deed, Benjamin F. and Mary A. Mason to James C. Sutton.

1853 Jun 13                           Unsigned note regarding money owed, copy to Charles Rannells.

1854 Jul 31                           Unsigned letter to Charles Rannells regarding land for school

1854 Sep 14-1858 Feb 23               Documents regarding land taxes, C.S. Jeffries to James C. Sutton,
                                      6 items.

ca. 1856 May 18                       J.L. Sutton calculation on four notes of Fullagar.

1856 Oct 7                            ALS Thomas Gantt to James C. Sutton regarding deeds of trust
                                      from Mr. Fullager, also mentions Mr. Kinkead, Mr. Rannells, Mr.
                                      Williams, and Mr. Ranet.

1857 Mar 16                           Indenture, John C. Vogel and Augustus W. Lewis.

1858-1859                             Documents regarding Sutton vs. Rannells land dispute in Gratiot’s
                                      League, 2 items.

Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 9
1858 Jan 27                           Deed of trust, Merritt H. Marshall, William Mason, and James S.

1858 Mar 22-Jun 8                     Orders of sale on Thomas O’Flaherty estate, administrators Eliza
                                      O’Flaherty and Roger C. McAlister, 2 items.

1858 Sep 13                           Deed, William H. and Julia F. Ledford to Samuel Mount.

1859 Apr 9                            Note signed Hughes Marshall & W.P. to Mr. Sutton regarding
                                      money owed.

1859 Nov 11                           Deed, Wiley F. James to Simpson Kensinger and William &
                                      Samuel Mount land in Johnson County. Fragile.

1860                                  Abstract of title for land in Linn County.

1860 Jun 2-Oct 19                     Documents regarding land in Johnson County involves L.F. &
                                      H.M. Bompart, Enoch Sackett, and Samuel Mount, 3 items.

1860 Jun 9-Dec 31                     Three ALSs signed C.S. Jeffries to James C. Sutton regarding
                                      taxes; includes two receipts.

1861 Sep 27                           True copy of writ, Benjamin F. Mason vs. James C. Sutton.

1863 Feb 9                            NS Merritt H. Marshall, promise to pay Wilson P. Wells $350.

1863 May 7-1864 Apr 20                Deed of trust, Merritt H. & Mary C. Marshall to James C. Sutton,
                                      reconveyance of above deed, 2 items.

Box 3
1864 Feb 3-1869 Feb 4                 Documents regarding Samuel Mount estate, John L. Sutton
                                      administrator, includes correspondence and legal documents, 14

1864 Apr-1869 Mar; n.d.               Documents regarding William B. Hardwood estate, John L. Sutton
                                      administrator includes legal documents, accounts, and receipts, 7

1864 Apr 20-1867 Sep 26               Receipts and accounts of Merritt H. & Thomas Marshall with
                                      James C. Sutton, 5 items.

1864 May 23-Aug 5                     Correspondence between James C. Sutton and C.S. Jeffries
                                      regarding taxes and receipts, 4 items.

1864 Jul 19                           Appointment of John L. Sutton as administrator of Mary Mount

1864 Sep 17; ca. 1864 Sep             Correspondence between James C. Sutton and H.R. Sweet
                                      regarding taxes, 3 items.

Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 10
1865-1866                             Account of Thomas Marshall to Ryan & Green and vice versa.

1865-1866                             Account receipts signed by Thomas Marshall to be paid by John C.
                                      Ryan. NOTE: Many of these receipts match the entries in above
                                      account, 83 items.

1865 Mar 21                           Enlistment of James C. Sutton as militiaman of Missouri.

1865 Apr 24-May 16                    Documents regarding cost of running saw mill, 3 items.

1865 May 15                           United States Insurance Company of St. Louis policy taken out by
                                      and on James C. Sutton.

1865 Jul 11                           Appointment of Edwin Mount as guardian of Samuel, Alexander,
                                      George, and Virginia Mount.

1865 Dec 6-1866 Apr 18                Three ALSs James C. Sutton to Thomas Marshall regarding
                                      running of saw mill and missing account money.

1865 Dec 11                           Land agreement between Frederick Eickerman and James C.
                                      Sutton mentions Eliza O’Flaherty.

1865 Dec 11-1866 Jan 28               Account receipts signed by Beauchamp & Company to be paid by
                                      Mr. Ryan or Mr. Marshall, 6 items.

1866 Jan 14-24                        Accounts of Thomas Marshall with Sample & Arbuckle, most
                                      likely regarding saw mill, 7 items.

1866 May 17-1867 Apr 16               Correspondence between James C. Sutton and J. Richard Barrett
                                      regarding money situations of both men; mentions Thomas
                                      Marshall, 3 items.

1866 Jun 16                           Note signed McCormick, receipt of delivery of crushed sugar and

ca. 1868                              AD copy of letters to Mr. Matlock and H.R. Sweet from H.L.S.
                                      (Henry L. Sutton) regarding taxes of his father (James C. Sutton).

1868 Apr 21-1870 Mar 25               Documents regarding business accounts between Joseph McBride
                                      and John L. Sutton, 10 items.

1868 Sep 11                           Settled bill of Wilson P. Wells to James C. Sutton.

1869 Mar 24                           Unsettled account of C.C. Logan with John L. Sutton.

1869 Jul 2-1870 Aug 23                Documents from Frank J. Bowman to James C. Sutton regarding
                                      school house, 4 items.

ca. 1870-1872                         Unsigned memo, “Money drawn from Father.”

Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 11
1870 Oct 14                           Receipt from Robert Charles to John L. Sutton for demands on
                                      claims against him.

1871 Jan 11; Apr 15                   Accounts of M.H. Marshall and James C. Sutton with William H.
                                      Brown, 2 items.

1871 Jan 14                           Receipt for Joshua Fine note to James C. Sutton from Davis,
                                      Bowman, & Smith.

1871 Aug 3                            True copy of writ in civil action suit, Humphreys vs. Humphreys.

1871 Oct 21                           Note signed Frank Bowman receipt to James C. Sutton regarding
                                      Levi C. Defoe petition.

1871 Nov 11                           Deed releasing Stone School House to James C. Sutton.

1872 Dec 31                           Tax receipts for St. Louis County to James C. Sutton, 9 items.

1879 May 27-1906 Oct                  Receipts to John L. Sutton from Oak Hill Cemetery Association,
                                      27 items.

1879 Oct 4-5                          ALS M.H. Marshall to Charlie regarding M.H.M. health, receipt,
                                      and rotten timbers.

1880 Nov-1881 Apr; n.d.               Documents regarding settlement of James C. Sutton estate includes
                                      true copy of will, 4 items.

1882 Nov 1                            Deed, Eliza O’Flaherty to John L. Sutton, land in St. Louis

1885 Jan 21                           Deed of trust, John and Margaret Sutton to Joseph A. Brown.

1893 Apr 7-May 3, n.d.                Photographs of Sutton family and home; includes photocopies.

1893 Aug 8; 1907 Sep 17               Warrantee deeds, John L. and Margaret Sutton to Sarah W. Wilson
                                      regarding lots in Lohmeyer Heights, 2 items.

1896 Mar 31-1907 Oct 16               Documents regarding Justice Gold Mine, Gilpin County, Colorado,
                                      3 items.

1906 Mar 14                           Trust deed, John L. and Margaret Sutton to H.C. Kelly.

ca. 1909-1927 Mar 6; n.d.             Sutton family biographical information.

1924                                  Enrollment application for annual membership in the Music
                                      Teacher’s National Association.

n.d.                                  Typescript biographical sketch of Richard Cotton, by James Sutton
                                      Harrison (1 page) (67-0022).

Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 12
n.d.                                  Survey of land includes lands of Sutton, Gratiot, Rannells,
                                      Higgins, and Barry.

n.d.                                  Envelope addressed to Mr. Sutton, Manchester Road, return
                                      address Louis C. Bulkley, architect, Room 51 and 52 Turner
                                      Building, 8th Street, opposite Custom House, St. Louis.

n.d.                                  Note signed C.S. Rannells to Sutton regarding Mr. Ayres says you
                                      might have sheep to sell.

n.d.                                  Land measurements of Edmond O’Flaherty.

n.d.                                  Unsigned note “Darneids of R.R.,” mentions J.C. Sutton, L.
                                      Bompart, J.C. Marshall, B.F. Buchanan, Dr. Rannells, and Barrey.

n.d.                                  Recipes for tempering steel, cure for piles, and Cook’s pills, 3

n.d.                                  Plot of land in “hog hollow” for J.C. Sutton.

n.d.                                  Note signed Throve & Boyer, do not need copies of the deeds
                                      relevant to this trial.

n.d.                                  Notes on cost of alteration of my house [James C. Sutton?].

Sutton Family Papers Inventory 11/09/99      p. 13

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