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Barrington PTA Board Meeting Agenda - Draft
Time:                    6:00-7:30pm
Fall 2012 Dates:         Sep 5+, Sep 12+, Oct 10+, Nov 14+, Dec 12+
Winter 2013 Dates:       Jan 9+, Feb 13*, Mar 13*,
Spring 2013 Dates:       Apr 10*, May 8*, Jun 12*
                         (Quarterly All-Member meetings are in bold type above)

PTA Leadership         Voting Board Members: Kim Nicols, Co-President and Box Tops Coordinator; Becki Kula Co-
                       President; Sheri Millette, Treasurer; Janice Rabchenuk, Vice President and Book Fair Chair;
                       Lidija Oles, Secretary; Pam Lenzi, ECLC Teacher Representative; TBD, BES Teacher
                       Non-Voting Members: Katie Hatfield, ECLC Representative; Jill Hillfiker, ECLC
                       Representative; Elizabeth Escabi, ECLC Box Tops Coordinator
School Staff           Mary Maxfield, BES Principal, Laura Deely, BES Assistant Principal,
                       Michelle Foley, ECLC Principal

Time                   Item                                                               Owner
6:00                   Welcome                                                            Kim/Becki

6:15                   Urgent/New Business                                                All
                       Calendar - Review, make changes and finalize.
                       District Meeting - Discuss Minutes and Identify Next Steps
                       September/Early October Events
                       Fri, 6th – Welcome to Kindergarten BBQ (ECLC)
                       Wed, 12th – Fall Fundraiser Distribution and PTA Member Meeting
                       Fri, 14th – Welcome Back BBQ (BES)
                       Wed, 19th – Box Tops Drive
                       Wed 26th – Halloween Costume Fundraiser
                       Fri, 28th – Fundraiser/Forms Deadline (Membership/Directory)
                       Oct 1st-5th – Book Fair
                       Oct 4th – BES Open House
                       New Ideas – e.g. Do we want to lock in Spiritwear pricing
7:00                   Gail Kushner Open House                                            All
7:30                   PTA Operations Discussion                                          All
                       Budget – Review Proposed Budget and finalize.
                       Publicity – Brainstorm Ideas to implement this fall.
                       Website – Brainstorm needed changes for fall.
8:00                   Adjourn                                                            Kim/Becki

What I said I would do…

   +Meeting in ECLC Conference Room
   *Meeting in BES Conference Room
PTA Member Meeting Topics*

Sept 12th 6:00 p.m. – Parent/Teacher Partnerships – “You Make the Difference in the Education of your Child”.
Come out for our first meeting and meet our new Superintendent, Gail Kushner , BES and ECLC School Principals
and the 2012-2013 PTA Leadership Team. We will share a high level overview of GLE/Core Curriculum Standards
for 2012-2013 and highlight ways you can be involved in both our schools and the education of your child this

Jan 9th 6:00 p.m. – Parent/Community Partnerships – “You Make the Difference with your Vote”.
Come out for a Q&A session with members of our School Board. Find out how your involvement and your vote
can influence proposed budgets and planned projects for the good of our students and overall school district.

April 10th 12:30 p.m. – Parent/School Partnerships –“You Make the Difference with your Time and Talents”.
Join us for an “end of year” Parent Volunteer Recognition Event” TBD.

* Topics subject to change

PTA Board – Top 10 Guidelines for Meetings
   1. Board Meetings will occur on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from September to
   2. Meetings will be held at the ECLC from Sep-Jan and then will move to BES from Feb-
      Jun to encourage Kindergarten Parent Involvement.
   3. Attendees will have an agenda for each meeting (Kim).
   4. Meetings will begin and end on time.
   5. There will be a time keeper (Lidija).
   6. There will be a recorder of minutes (Lidija).
   7. Official Board Meetings will end at 7:00 so that school administrators may leave.
      (Board Members may continue to meet until 7:30 as needed.)
   8. Member Meetings will occur Quarterly in Sep/Jan/Apr and will run during the first 30
      minutes of a Board Meeting (6:00-6:30pm)unless otherwise noted.
   9. If you are unable to attend a meeting please contact either Kim or Becki.
   10. Meeting minutes will be distributed within a week of the meeting and once approved
      will be posted on our website.

   +Meeting in ECLC Conference Room
   *Meeting in BES Conference Room

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