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					WEEKLY CALENDAR                                                                                   All Saints of North America
TODAY: 10th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST, AFTERFEAST OF THE                                                  Orthodox Church
                     DORMITION OF THE THEOTOKOS                                                          10440 4th St. NW, Albuquerque NM 87114 (505) 792-1997
              9:00am: Hours 9:30am: Divine Liturgy, Panikhida                                              
              Acolytes: check in the Altar           Church School                                     A Parish of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA)
                                                                                                              Diocese of the South (DOS)
              Thanksgiving Prayers: Patrick Moore               Pot Luck: Q−Z                  The Rev. Priest Nikolay Miletkov, Rector (505) 414-3670
                        Orthodoxy Class                                                   The Very Rev. Archpriest George Sondergaard [RETIRED] (505) 271-1515
                        Soccer Outing                                                           The Rev. Protodeacon Nicholas Jannakos (505) 332-2033
                                                                                                  The Rev. Deacon Gerry Sondergaard (505) 266-5167
Mon: 8/22: 5:30pm: Slavonic Choir rehearsal
                                                                                                    The Rev. Deacon Stephen Henne (505) 369-0638
Wed 8/24: 6:00pm: Daily Vespers                                                                Mary Vosevich, Parish Council President (505) 897-9809
          7:00pm: Orthodoxy Class
Sat: 8/27: 5:00pm: Choir Rehearsal                                                                       10th Sunday After Pentecost
           6:00pm: Great Vespers, Confessions
                                                                                                               August 21st, 2011
                                                                                               Afterfeast of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos
              9:00am: Hours 9:30am: Divine Liturgy
              Acolytes: check in the Altar         Church School                                     Welcome Visitors! Christ Is In Our Midst!
              Thanksgiving Prayers: Daniel Schulte              Pot Luck: A−G            We are honored you are visiting today. * Liturgy Books may be found on
                        Orthodoxy Class                                                  the Candle Table at the back of the church . * We invite you to fill out a
                                                                                         Visitor’s Card, also on the Candle Table & place it in one of the Collection
                                                                                         Baskets there. * We do not take up a Collection during our services but
                    Afterfeast Of The Dormition of                                       rather ask you to place donations in one of the baskets on the Candle Table
                                                                                         or next to the Holy Water Font. * While only Orthodox Christians who have
                    Our Most Holy Lady Theotokos                                         prepared themselves may receive Holy Communion, everyone is welcome
                              COMMEMORATED THIS DAY                                      to come forward at the end of Liturgy to receive a blessing from our priest
                                                                                         and to take the blessed bread. * It is the Orthodox practice to stand during
                                  Kontakion - Tone 2
                                                                                         services as a sign of reverence for the Lord but if you need to sit, please do
   Neither the tomb, nor death could hold the Theotokos, Who is constant in prayer       so. Use of chairs is shared. If you are able, we particularly try to stand
and our firm hope in her intercessions. For being the Mother of Life, She was            during the processions with the Gospel and the Gifts, during the Readings,
translated to life by the One who dwelt in her virginal womb.                            the Creed, during the preparation of the Holy Eucharist, the Lord’s Prayer
                                   Troparion - Tone 1                                    and reception of Communion. *            We invite you to stay after the
   In giving birth you preserved your virginity, In falling asleep you did not forsake   Thanksgiving Prayers for fellowship and coffee, so that we may greet you
the world, O Theotokos. You were translated to life, O Mother of Life, And by your       personally, and to answer any questions you may have about our faith, our
prayers, you deliver our souls from death.                                               parish or today’s service. * Please help yourself to the brochures and
               .                                                information on the east side counter. * All children ages three through
                                                                                         twelve are encouraged to attend our Sunday School after Holy Communion.
                                                                                         *               We hope you will visit us again very soon.                  *

       Most Holy Theotokos, save us!                                                     Please send Prayer Corner names and updates along with bulletin announcements to Daniel Schulte
                                                                                                             at: or call 505−495−9200.
                  Rubrics for Today: Resurrection Tone 1
               Resurrection tone sheets are on the Literature Table                             ANNOUNCEMENTS & NOTICES
         Resurrection texts are also in the appendices of the black Liturgy books

                         PRAYER CORNER                                                       HIS EMINENCE, ARCHBISHOP DMITRI, Retired Archbishop of
    Please Pray for: The repose Kim Taylor who has been on our cancer list.                   Dallas, was admitted to Baylor Medical Center on Monday afternoon,
Also, please pray for Mary Jo's sister, Catherine, and has been diagnosed with                August 15, 2011, in order to obtain optimal treatment for a urinary tract
cancer.                                                                                       infection. He was released from hospital and returned home on Thursday,
    God Grant Many years to those celebrating their birthdays this week:                      August 18. The Archbishop is in good spirits. The doctors’ goal is to work
LouAnne Schulte, Kirby Balthrop, Matushka Rachael Miletkov and to                             on improving his strength, endurance, and nutrition, but this can only be
William & Annmarie Boyle who are celebrating their anniversary!                               accomplished with adequate rest. Please pray for the health and salvation
    May the Lord grant His mercy and healing to those diagnosed with                          of our beloved retired Archbishop. Correspondence may be sent to: His
cancer: Matushka Valerie, Jashua, Wayne, Martina, Madolyn, Jasmine,                           Eminence, Archbishop Dmitri, PO Box 191109, Dallas, TX
Archbishop Lazar, Carmen, Frank, Matushka Katherine, Fr. Peter, Mary Ann,                     75219-1109.
Dr. Frye, Leonard, Jerry, Mike, Glenda, Warren, Dewayne, Bob, Mary Beth, Fr.
Demetrios, Christine, Alex, Debra, Rolf, Kenneth, Diane, Brandon, Rosemary,                  PANIKHIDA      TODAY      AFTER     DIVINE     LITURGY      for William
Marilyn, Annette, Anita, Amanda, Jenn, Linda, Martha, Jim, Lukas, Matthew,                    Prokipchak and Andrew Molnar.
Marcel, Mike, Anna, Susan, William, Donna, Nancy, Pamela, Bryan, Marcella.
And for those in remission from cancer: Ron, Joan, Igor, Fr. Silouan,                        THIS MONTH’S SOCCER OUTING: Today after pot luck at the
Seraphim, Jo, Alexander, Jo, Anna.                                                            Community Center just south on 4th Street.
    May the Lord send his angels to protect those deployed or working in                     ORTHODOX CHURCH IN DURANGO: Four Corners Orthodox
combat areas: Jennifer Anna, Zaqueo Daniel, Dmitrius.                                         Mission (OCA) is currently meeting at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 3rd
    May the Lord grant His mercy and healing to those with other                              Ave & 9th St., in Durango, CO. Fr. Anthony Karbo from Colorado
ailments, injuries, difficult situations and intentions needing prayer: Dcn                   Springs comes on the second Sunday of each month for Divine Liturgy at
Gerry, LouAnne, Archbishop Dmitri, Sbdcn Columcille, Sbdcn Mark, Bill,                        9.30am. Call: 970.403.5794 or e-mail:
Maria, Blair, Elizabeth, Robert, Gus, Bill, Thomas, Mark, Patrick, Patricia, Paul
& Joyce, Maria, Vasile & Valerie, George, Marylee, Diana, Warren, Bill, Robert,              SEPTEMBER CALENDAR ITEMS ARE NEED BY THIS
Doug & his family, Mark, Frank, Infant Leo, Karen, Cassandra, Julie, Cynthia,                 WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 24th. Please contact Diane Prokipchak at: 505-
Bishop Nikon of Boston, Dawit, Glenda, Tamera, Faith, Hope and Thomas,                        792-4507 or by e-mail at:
Chuck and Melissa, Anna, Irene, Nina, Matushka Marilyn, Kent, George,
Hieromonk John, Fr George, Emilee, Jeremy & Coltin, Janet, Paul, Fr Sergei,
Monica, Darla, Melissa, Andrea, Arline, Layla Anne, Renee, Gus, Maria, Mary                                    Apostle Thaddeus of the Seventy
Ann, Matthew and his mother Hoda, Marilyn, Stephanie, William, Anya, Jose,                                 ALSO COMMEMORATED THIS DAY
Ludmilla, Jim, Loren, John, Sharon, Subdcn. Gregory, Maria, Fr Christopher,
Mary, Shanna & daughters Michaela, Cheyenne and Logan, Bryan, child Elijah                   Saint Thaddeus, Apostle of the Seventy, was by descent a Hebrew, and
and parents Janice and Timothy, Bob, Mary, Gail, Arnold, Dcn Stephen, Sarah,              he was born in the Syrian city of Edessa. The holy Apostle Thaddeus of the
Elizabeth, Ernest, Ryan, Robert, Mother Anna, Basil, Stephen, Rick, Connie,               Seventy must be distinguished from St Jude, also called Thaddeus or Levi,
Susan, Rebecca, Rick, Lela & her brother.                                                 who was one of the Twelve Apostles. After the Ascension of the Savior to
    God Grant You Many Years to all those others celebrating Name Days,                   Heaven, St Thaddeus preached the good news in Syria and Mesopotamia.
birthdays and anniversaries.                                                              He came preaching the Gospel to Edessa and he converted King Abgar, the
                                                                                          people and the pagan priests to Christ. He backed up his preaching with
    O Lord, send your angels to watch over all those traveling.
                                                                                          many miracles (about which Abgar wrote to the Assyrian emperor Nerses).
           PARISH FINANCIAL REPORT: YTD THROUGH JULY, 2011                                He established priests there and built up the Edessa Church.
     Operating Income: $80,677
                                       Operating Expenses: $66,865
                                   .00                          .51
       Charity Collections: $2,781       Building Fund: $16,146

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