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									½ sheet class presentation --- print on card stock Be sure to be familiar w/the info., BUT make it your own!!!




ATTITUDE TIPS for PRESENTATIONS:  We are going in to give them a relaxing night, sharing the benefits of the products and the business as well as what this business could be for them. This is not all about us.  Go in with the attitude of blessing others. An attitude of gratitude! Be appreciate of being invited into someone else’s home. Be a person of integrity. Do what you said you were going to! Arrive early to have the opportunity to keep blessing those around you, be early to chit chat with your hostesses. Be a BLESSING not a BURDEN. If your hostess needs help, offer to help her.

GETTING STARTED  Be interactive, welcome guests as they arrive. When there are 4 – 5 ladies speak with your hostess, ask if she is ready “Becky are you ready, so we can get started?” – If she is hesitant because she is still waiting for a few friends, give her assurance that you will great them and encourage her to go ahead with the ladies there and get ready with washing their faces and putting the masque/peel on and hurry back for snacks.  As the other guests are arriving greet them. DIRECT the guests to the bathroom w/the hostess to do the facial – RE9 wash and Masque and then they will want to come back grab some snacks and relax! In the meantime you, the consultant – ready the buckets for each guest and have them ready when they sit down. When everyone is sitting that is when I am going to start. (within 15 min. of start time!)


PAGE 2 SET UP AND PRIOR TO PRESENTATION Arrive 30 min. before start time Set up: Buckets near sink to be filled IN buckets: Cleansing Gel, Baby wash, Unwind Shower Gel, or Detox Rescue Wash RE9 Wash, make-up Remover, and Masque at sink DISPLAY: Keep it simply decorated decorative cloth, flower, varied height of product, Charger or tray for RE9 products… BRING to display – RE9 products, Detox products, Unwind Salts, Awaken Scrub, RE9 Body Repair set, Prolief, Baby Lotion, a couple F.Y.I. products – varied. Virtual Illusion Primer, 3N Mineral Powder Foundation and concealer If you want a few other products – keep in bag or basket to let them sample if they ask.

PAGE 3 BEGIN THE PRESENTATION Ladies I am so glad to be here with you this evening, who has ever heard about Arbonne? (This helps you to know if they have already been working with another consultant). Before we begin - Add Unwind Bath Salts - let them smell and inform them what else you put in the bucket and that you will be using the Awaken Scrub and wonderful lotions **First of all HOSTESS NAME, thank you for having this party I appreciate it so much! Today/Tonight ladies, oh my you are in for a treat! I am here to just give you a relaxing and fun time. Who is in need of some relaxation??!! Well, for those of you that have tried Arbonne before….., for those experiencing these awesome products for the first time you are going to love how these products make your skin look and feel! Today/tonight like I said I am here to give you a relaxing time, I am also going to share What is fueling our
revolutionary growth? Why have so much success… There is An increase in demand for products that will make us: -Feel Great - Look Great and Get and Stay at our Ideal Weight and to help us have more time and more money….

BEFORE WE GET STARTED. LET’S INTRODUCE OURSELVES TO EACH OTHER…. Name & How you know the hostess or What would your perfect job look like and do you have it? Or what would you do if you won the lottery? Or “If time and money were not an issue, what would you be doing?” -After everyone else has introduced themselves, then introduce yourself. Share
How/Who introduced you to Arbonne? – What you do/did? What were your hesitations or fears? I don’t have time, or money, and definitely no interest. My goal in life was not to sell skin care. But where I was when I saw this presentation I saw potential. I will share with you later what this company is doing for so many people

PAGE 4 As you are relaxing and getting crispy with the anti aging masque I am going to share about these products with you. But there is a catch! You have to remember everything I say because I am going to quiz you. Whoever has the most chocolate/wrappers at the end of the quiz is going to win something. [This is your business, you decide what you are going to give
away – a free mini, free shipping, you choose].

What is so great about Arbonne?    Founded in 1975 by Petter Morck – pure safe and beneficial for you. Many of us have used a lot of products before that are healthy, mmm yeah even unhealthy! But often we don’t get benefits from them. Ladies, these products are going to give you benefits AND even better, they will give you results! Everything you put on your skin, what do you put on your skin?? Get them to list… So these thins are not only coming in contact with us but they are affecting our largest organ our skin!! Everything we put on our skin absorbs and affects us internally.

PAGE 5 SHARE ARBONNE DIFFERENCE… Be ready for a quiz – pay attention and the winner will get FREE shipping tonight Proprietary Formulas  Botanically based – uses the best of Science and nature based on herbal and botanical principles  pH correct – ensures maximum benefits – our skin recognizes to be the same  Hypoallergenic – Voluntary human test panel to meet hypoallergenic claims  Dermatologist-tested – Independent panel of Dermatologists to test to zero irritation - We are tested not just recommended!  Never tested on animals – animals don’t even have same pH – doesn’t make sense and we don’t need to test for safety because that is our foundation  Formulated without animal products or by-products – Plants and herbs offer superior results and we would not want animal by products used on our skin – google Rendering plants  Formulated without Mineral Oil – Occlusive Oil can interfere with our skin functions as well as the advanced delivery system. Like putting plastic wrap on our skin and clogs pours pores are shaped like a v (hold up your fingers) but as dirt, mineral oil get stuck in them you get larger pores (slightly open) explain what mineral oil doesn’t allow your skin to do. [Does not allow your skin to breathe, acts as a barrier and stops anything penetrating your skin].  Formulated without dyes and chemical fragrances – Dyes and fragrances are known irritants and cause allergic reactions -- our F.Y. I line uses a water-based fragrance and our Holiday line uses light fragrance, but all other products are essential oils.

PAGE 6 Finish up the foot soak - Pass out a scoop of the Awaken Sea Salt Scrub, the F.Y.I. sugar scrub or the Detox Salt Scrub to scrub their feet. - SET you towel in front of your bucket and rest your feet on your towel RE9 Skin Care line – Get Hot Wash Cloths from Crock-pot or microwave, or run under Hot water and place with tongs on a platter to distribute to guests. Demo the RE9. Hand out wash cloths and mirrors - to check that the masque is wash off - to each guests. The NutriMinC Re9 line is our Premier skin care line. It is so unique that we have patents pending with the production and Results of the product. …and is a big reason why our company has been growing. People love the results of this product line.  This system combats the visual signs of aging, such as uneven color, texture, lines, and wrinkles. And the 4 signs of aging… Loss of collagen and elasticity in skin. - Sun/Age Brown Spots Wrinkle Depth caused by thinning of skin. The Re9 set helps to protect, correct, slow down and reverse the aging process. Finish of facials, describe the products as you go along – do not stand up the front and explain each product.

PAGE 7  Hydrating Wash is what you used in the bathroom –Use with water…if it doesn’t suds up you need more water not more product. The wash opens the pores, deep cleans, now have a clean face with open pores. – cleanses w/o stripping the protective layer of our skin  RE9 Toner - Closes the pores. Removes final traces of cleanser and restores PH balance for maximum moisture retention.  RE9 Transforming Lift Free with purchase – Use any time your face needs a lift – can be applied over or under makeup. - I use this following the toner for maximum results w/tightening and lifting – Model in a bottle!  Day & Night Serum prepares the skin for moisturizer. Also fades freckles and sun/age spots. -- Helps with Cell turnover. Great healer to the skin  Eye Crème – Takes care of dark circles, puffiness, crows feet and the elasticity of the lid. Put on using the ring finger. RE9 BEFORE AND AFTER PIC FOR Face  Moisturizers Face is now ready for moisturizer.  Day Crème– very light moisturizer with an SPF of 8. Use everywhere except your eye area…including your neck. - this moisturizes and protect  Night Crème - Helps promote cell recovery and corrects while sleeping. Try the Wrinkle Filler and Transforming lift on 1 person on half the face while everyone else closes their eyes – then following the party have guests try to guess which side…

PAGE 8 ***The entire system lasts 6-9 months before replacing one product in the line. Arbonne has pre-measured bottles to allow you to get what you need without wasting. *It takes 90 seconds to do the routine-same amount of time as brushing your teeth. SAMPLE: PRIMER on side of face guests applied the Re9. Point out other ANTI-AGING product briefly. Re9 Men’s Line Wrinkle Filler Re9 Body Set for neck down and Wash Enzyme Peel Wrinkle Filler Pen- Spackle for deeper wrinkles Re9 Mask and Scrub Show the RE9 Body before and after pic. And the Detox psoriasis pic of the feet LET’S FINISH OUR FOOT SPA --- Use RE9 Body Repair set on the Right foot - give 1 pump of serum and then go around and 1 pump of RE9 body lotion. Left Foot – Detox – 24H Remineralizing Lotion followed by Gelee’ Let them ooo and ahhh…. How many of you have enjoyed a spa treatment in the last month, 6 mos., year? Now you can enjoy a Deluxe spa treatment over and over in your home for less than the cost of 1 Detox treatment at a Day Spa.

PAGE 9 FC5 – Tell a little blurb. Explain that FC5 stands for FRESH CELL technology – uses 5 fruits and Vegetables: Kiwi, Mango, Strawberry, Carrot, and Pumpkin Pass around the Hand Cream Explain that FC5 is to stop the hands of time and RE9 is to Turn back the hands of time. Both are awesome and you will help them get the best skin care line to meet their individual needs.

PAGE 10 Okay Ladies - We’re going to shift gears here for a moment. We were able to try a number of Arbonne’s Superior skin care products and hear about the benefits of using a product that is founded on Pure and Safe and promises to deliver Results and noticeable benefits…. HOW DOES YOUR FACE FEEL? HOW ABOUT YOUR FEET? ….WELL, if you’re like me you probably have never lost a night’s sleep worrying about the next wrinkle or pimple on your face ….however If you are like me then you probably never have but I have had concerns about how I would pay my bills, credit cards or debt, But do you know what I got to a point where I realized that life is too short, [add in a bit of your story – eg: I was dreading my job/ my husband was never around with our family/ we never knew where our next paycheck was coming from, had goals and dreams, but never the extra cash to do or accomplish those things – the 2 didn’t match up etc..] I knew from looking back that nothing had changed and realized that if we kept doing what we had been then looking ahead would be the same for us. So we decided to change what we were doing…. Share your story of what Arbonne has done for you and your family. If you are not at this point in your business then use someone else’s, your upline, sideline etc. Share your hopes and that you can confidently help others make extra $ because you are attached to a team who helps each other.

PAGE 11 I want to share two stories of ladies in this company.. EOA or 2 I don’t know if any of you can relate to this and I do not know where you are at but I am following these women, they are not celebrities, they are everyday women like you and I. Some of you here might love your jobs or feeling great about your situations but if you are not please talk to me later. We will help to teach and train you. In Arbonne you are in business for yourself but you are not by yourself.. If you are interested in either making enough money to help during the last week of the month, looking to supplement your family’s income, replace or job or would love to have financial freedom then let me know because part of what I do is to teach and train others how to begin their own business with Arbonne.

PAGE 12 – [SHOW EOA OF RVP/NVP upline] explain, I am following these women . This level gives you a white Mercedes and allows you to have options in life and a really nice car. I am confident that I can train you to become as successful as you want to be because I am being trained and taught by these women who are at the top. . Alright , time for our quiz… the person with the most candy or wrappers wins! (Free Shipping and Handling, a Scrub, foot cream, $25 voucher to use tonight, etc.) QUIZ TIPS  Put in questions of host…What is our hostesses birth date, middle name, favorite movie whatever you like – this is good to do to lighten it up and make it more about the hostess. What are a few reasons why I never wanted to do Arbonne!! Where was Arbonne founded and product formulated? What animal by product does Arbonne have in our product? What are 3 principles are Arbonne’s products based on? What year was it introduced to the USA? When did I start Arbonne? What’s our company car? What is the largest organ in your body? Why is it important to have pH correct skin care products? What is the #1 aging thing to the skin?

        

Page 13 SHARE YOUR TOP 10 FAVORITES w/ a personal testimony while paging through the catalog quickly….. CLOSE with the 4 ways to win. People want to know how they will benefit - How you can use Arbonne..! You have a captive audience. 1st way is to purchase RETAIL – You receive great customer service, the products are fabulous and around priced comparatively w/over the counter fine products and are well worth it.. If you are already accustomed to using quality products then you are amazed at the great deals in the catalog. 2nd way Preferred Client – pay $29 and get 20% off your order tonight and throughout the year. AND also in this there is a free product special. I can explain this later. – This would be a great option for you if you plan on ordering a few times throughout the year and love a SALE! If you want to shop with a sale every time then this is for you. Page 13

Page 14 3rd option is to become an Independent Consultant and/or business builder, like me – I will teach and train you how to do this. If you are a tad bit interested let me know, I have information for you to take home and look over. I expect you to know nothing 4th option is my favorite way -- to host like _______________ has – Tonight when our hostess has $500 in sales and 2 of you book your own presentation then she will go home with $300 in products for just $65 plus ship and hand. ($200 for $40, the RE9 Body duo and you throw in a Lip Saver or FYI lip gloss) For those of you who book a party yet this month, I am going to give you MY discount on your entire order. If you choose to book next month I will give you the Preferred Client Discount on your order. I want you to get the best DEAL and everything tonight goes toward helping our hostess _________ who will get a ton of Free and discounted products! Ladies, open up to your catalogues to the order form page, that is out anti aging .. and you can have that at my cost tonight for booking a party! In addition to the $100 savings – Arbonne includes that RE9 Transforming Lift – model in a bottle for FREE!!! If you loved the feeling of the products and the results then this is the perfect time to get a wonderful SALE! This is your time now ladies to go ahead and shop.. I will be here to answer questions. At this point ask the ladies to try to guess which side of the face the Wrinkle filler was used on.

Page 15 … ALSO…. Try the 3N Mineral Powder and concealer on one person and let people see the difference immediately! TIPS FOR ONE ON ONES

Get your client to go ahead and pick 100 for 20 - Lets go and pick a date at the start of the month. Explain to them what you are going to offer to them for booking a party with you [AWESOME ideas from Emily!]:

Calendar Idea #1 - If you book a party with me in the first two weeks of the month I will give them a product (whatever you want, a primer, eye crème etc) for the price of the date they book. So, if they book a party on the 5th of September they can have the product for $5! Then just emphasize what an awesome deal this is, how much of a saving and what a favour it is. Explain that you will bring that product to them at THEIR party! This way it helps to ensure that they remain focused and committed to having their presentation for when they booked it and not reschedule. Calendar Idea #2 - this is offering your potential host her first $145 of product for the price of whatever date she books within the first two weeks of the month. This is given to her with her first $250 in sales earned at her party. If she/he books their party for September 7th, then you are going to explain it that they have the opportunity to only pay $7 for their first $145 that they earn at their party instead of 29. ******Ask everyone if you want to go ahead and get 50% off order tonight! GO FOR NO!!! What is the worst that will happen to you?

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