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									Furness and District Branch of the Pony Club     Prize Giving 2012

Triathlon Team 2012

Carrie Tyson           Anya Clough            Leah Clough       April Higgin

Emily Langhorn         Saffron Rawcliffe      Yasmin Butler    Christina Wiejak   Jamie Tyson
Daniel Tyson           Megan Turnough         Phoebe Exley Tara Tappendengt

Inter-Branch Show Jumping Team 2012

April Higgin Olivia Whitehall      Leah Clough   Dayle Clegg

Joshua Naylor   Kayleigh Groves.

Combined Training Overall Points

Lead Rein & 10 & under Combined Training         Trophy 1

1st   Skye Roberts     Tumble

12 & Under Combined Training       Trophy 2

1st Olivia Whitehall     Troy

2nd Phoebe Exley         Custard

Riders Test Dressage only Trophy 3

1st Yasmin Readett Sir

14 years & under Combined Training Trophy 4

1st   Missy Ravenscroft     Maisie

2nd   Morgan Pearce          Bonny

Any age PC member Combined Training Trophy 5

1st Olivia Whitehall     Troy
2 nd Emily Cowsill       Tilly

Open Combined training Trophy 6

No entries

Winter Rally Points        2012

Boys Rally Points           Trophy ?

1st     Ryan Jones

2nd = Josh Naylor

2nd = Jack Turner

Lead Rein Rally Points Trophy ?

1st =    Abbie Kirkbride

1st =    Amy Jones

Junior Girls Rally Points Trophy ?

1st = Missy Ravenscroft

1st =    Phoebe Exley

Senior Girls Rally Points Trophy ?

1st =    Hannah Cowsill

1st =    Yasmin Butler

1st =    April Higgin

1st =    Emily Cowsill

1st =    Yasmin Readett
Summer Rally Points       2012

Boys Rally Points         Trophy 8

1st    Ryan Jones

Lead Rein Rally Points Trophy 9A

1st    Skye Roberts

2nd   Amy Jones

Junior Girls Rally Points Trophy 9B

1st   Phoebe Exley

2nd   Missy Ravenscroft

Senior Girls Rally Points Trophy 10

1st    Sarah Gawne

2nd = Hannah Cowsill

2nd = Emily Langhorn

Open Gymkhana Equitation Points on one pony 2012

Lead Rein                             Trophy 11

1st   Tilly Reynolds    Casper

2nd = Amy Jones         Funky

2nd = Esther Kirkbride Merlin

10 years & Under                      Trophy 13

1st = Abbie Fallows       Sparky

1st = Abbie Kirkbride     Ringo

11—12 years                              Trophy 14

1st   Missy Ravenscroft Maisy
2nd     Olivia Whitehall Troy

13—14 years                                         Trophy 15

1st      April Higgin     Brit

2nd = Morgan Pearce Bonny

2nd =     Alysia Gallagher Badger

15-16 years                                                Trophy 16A

1st      Emily Langhorn Mr Doodles

2nd       Ashleigh Hale     Clova

17 years & over                  Trophy 16B

1st     Sarah Gawne              Tia

Beginners Equitation        Trophy ?

1st Maisie Reynolds         Heidi

2nd Megan Cooper           Junior

Pony Club Pony                         Trophy 16C

1st = Yasmin Butler         Sparkie

1st= Nicoll Floyd         Barclay

Best Turned Out                        Trophy 17A

1st     Maisie Reynolds      Heidi

2nd Morgan Pearce                Bonny

Open Gymkhana Working Hunter Points on one pony 2012

Lead Rein                 Trophy 18

1st     Amy Jones           Funky
2nd Ryan Jones             Tiny

Nursery Stakes            Trophy ?

1st   Abbie Fallows        Sparky

133 cm                               Trophy 20

1st   Leah Clough      Tulloola

2nd Corrie Williamson Legend

143 cm                        Trophy 21

1st    Kayleigh Groves         Hattie

2nd    Olivia Whitehall        Troy

153 cm                         Trophy 22

1st Ashleigh Hale      Clova

Horse Working Hunter              Trophy 23

No Members Entered

Mountain & Moorland Large breed                Trophy 23 A

1st    April Higgin           Brit

Mountain & Moorland Small breed                Trophy 23D

1st   Olivia Whitehall Troy

2nd Corrie Williamson Legend

Novice WH under 153 cm                  Trophy 23 B

1st   Emily Langhorn         Mr Doodles

2nd   Phoebe Exley           Custard

Novice WH exceeding 153 cm                    Trophy

No Members Entered
Open Gymkhana Show Jumping Points on one pony 2012`

Lead Rein                            Trophy 24

1st   Amy Jones         Funky

128 cm                               Trophy 26

1st Corrie Williamson Legend

138 cm                                 Trophy 27

1st = Olivia Whitehall Troy

1st = Natasha Frith Williams Fudge

148 cm                                Trophy 28

1st     April Higgin     Brit

Horse                      Trophy 29

No Members Entered

Novice Pony                            Trophy 30

1st   Phoebe Exley       Custard

2nd   Missy Ravenscroft Maisie

Novice Horse                         Trophy 31

1st     Ashleigh Hale      Clova

Intermediate Jumping                   Trophy 31A

1st Leah Clough           Tulloola

2nd Kayleigh Groves        Hattie
10 & under Jumping             Trophy ?

1st Abbie Fallows       Sparky

Open Horse                     Trophy 33

No Members Entered

Open Pony                      Trophy ?

No Entries

Showing Classes 2012

Ridden Mountain & Moorland Large                     Trophy 36

1st=    Natasha Frith Williams Fudge

1st=     April Higgin            Brit

Ridden Mountain & Moorland Small Breeds             Trophy 36A

1st    Olivia Whitehall Troy

2nd=    Abbie Fallows      Sparky

2nd=    Maisie Reynolds Heidi

2nd=    Yasmin Butler      Sparkie

Riding Pony      Trophy 38

1st=   Emily Langhorn          Mr Doodles

1st=   Emily Lockhart          Penny Royal

Riding Horse                            Trophy 39

1st    Sarah Gawne       Tia

2nd    Ashleigh Hale Clova

Coloured Class            Trophy ?

1st    Sarah Gawne         Tia
2nd Morgan Pearce             Bonny

Young Handler               Trophy 44

1st=     Maisie Reynolds Heidi

1st=     Missy Ravenscroft Maisy

In Hand Veteran                           Trophy 44A

1st =    Natasha Frith Williams Fudge

1st =    Nicoll Floyd            Jasmin

Camp 2012               Most Improved

Jo’s ride                Trophy 46

1st     Emily Cowsill

Res Aliysa Gallagher

Lauren’s ride                Trophy 47

1st     Fiona Chinn

Res Abbie Fallows

Ruth’s ride                Trophy 49

1st     Dayle Clegg

Res Nicoll Floyd

Deana’s ride                 Trophy 50

1st     Maya Plishko

Res Megan Cooper

Junior Stable Management Trophy 51

1st     Olivia Gilmour (166 points)

2nd Abbie Fallows (163 points)
Senior Stable Management Trophy 52

1st   Hannah Cowsill (191 points)

Res Emily Cowsill       (187 points)

Most Helpful at Camp Trophy 53 Jackie Huntingford Trophy

Emily Cowsill

Overall Camp Team Points 2012

3rd Blue Team 1422 points

Hannah Cowsill Aliysha Gallagher Maya Plishco               Kayleigh Groves    Megan Cooper   Fiona
Chinn    Nicoll Floyd

2nd Green Team 1482 points

Yasmin Readett          Emily Langhorn          Olivia Whitehall     Dayle Clegg

Phoebe Exley            Abbie Fallows            Morgan Pearce

1st Red Team       1493 points

Emily Cowsill         April Higgin      Missy Ravenscroft          Emilee White

Olivia Gilmour          Yasmin Butler       Sarah Gawne

Overall Members Only Gymkhana Points 2012

Lead Rein                           Trophy 54

1st Amy Jones               Funky

2nd= Zara Clough             Snap

2nd= Tilly Reynolds         Alfie

12 years & under                      Trophy 56
1st Maisie Reynolds          Casper

2nd Missy Ravenscroft        Maisie

13 & over                    Trophy 57

1st   Emily Lockhart       Penny Royal

2nd    Emily Langhorn        Mr Doodle

13 & over Senior Points at Open Gymkhanas Dave & Dianne Tyson Trophy           Trophy 57

Emily Langhorn     Mr Doodle

Junior Overall Points at Open Gymkhanas          Trophy 58

Olivia Whitehall    Troy

Lead Rein Overall Points at Open Gymkhanas The Lennel Zingare Trophy Trophy 59

Amy Jones       Funky

New Member Overall Points at Open Gymkhanas Mrs Sharpe’s Trophy                Trophy 61

Morgan Pearce       Bonny

Overall Points at Members only events        Peter Long Memorial Trophy        Trophy 62    Missy

Committee Trophies 2012

Jumping Improvement & Perseverance           Denis Procter Memorial Trophy .    Trophy 63

Missy Ravenscroft

Good all round Pony Club Member          The Judith Bell Memorial Trophy.      Trophy 64

Olivia Whitehall

Jumping Achievement         The Blenkinsop Trophy . Trophy 66

Leah Clough

Most Helpful Member         The Fairfield Saddlery Trophy . Trophy 67A

Emily Cowsill
Overall Perseverance   Ken Etteridge Trophy.        Trophy 68

Aliysa Gallagher

Outside Achievement Brian Gillam Trophy.        Trophy 69

Yasmin Butler

Sportsmanship Fair Solomon Memorial Trophy                 Trophy 69 A

April Higgin

Junior Most Improved Rider              Trophy 70

Maisie Reynolds

Senior Most Improved Rider              Trophy 71

Dayle Clegg

New Member Most Improved Rider                 Trophy 72

Phoebe Exley & Megan Cooper

District Commissioner’s Trophy Junior      Trophy 73

Olivia Whitehall

District Commissioner’s Trophy Senior      Trophy 74

Emily Cowsill

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