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									                                          Polk County Public Schools
              IEP Team Assistive Technology (AT)/Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC)
                                            Consideration Process
         1.   At the IEP meeting, review present levels of student performance and evaluation data.
         2.   Develop goals.
         3.   Review goals to determine if AT/AAC support is needed in order to accomplish IEP goals.
         4.   The IEP team decision will result in one of the three following processes:

                A                                         B                                             C
No need for AT or AAC                      Possible Need for AT/AAC                  If after consideration of low tech
supports.                                  IEP team identifies needs and             strategies and supports, the IEP
                                           possible low-tech strategies              team determines that the
                                           and solutions.                            complexity of the student’s needs
                                           ** Refer to curriculum (form              warrant an AC/AAC evaluation by
                                           08-04) or communication                   the district LAT team, a referral is
                                           (forms 08-02, 08-03)                      initiated.
If no AT/AAC is required after
                                           consideration sheets.
discussion, do not check the
AT box under special                                                                 Complete referral packet:
considerations.                            IEP team identifies person                1. Copy of signed parent consent for
                                           responsible for                              re-evaluation form.
                                           implementing solutions and                2. Referral for AT/AAC form 08-01.
Review again at each IEP                   taking data. (Record in                   3. Choose applicable forms below
meeting.                                   present level, note section
                                           or under goal/objective.)
                                           section.                                  Communication            Curriculum
                                                                                      Form 08-02            Form 08-04
                                           If low tech equipment is not               Form 08-03             Complete
                                           available on school site,                  LAT screening          sheets related
                                           contact school SLP, OT, PT or                                      to each area of
        Key to Forms                       LAT team member.                                                   concern

Referral for AT/AAC Evaluation                                                       LAT team will evaluate the student
                                           After completion of trials, if
                                                                                     and complete an initial report with
08-02                                      low tech solutions/strategies
                                                                                     recommendations for trials.
AAC Referral checklist                     are successful, note on IEP.
                                                                                     Equipment needed to complete
                                           (Record in present level,
                                                                                     trials will be provided by the LAT
08-03                                      note section or under
Considerations for AAC                     goal/objective.)

                                                                                     The school team will implement the
Considerations for AT                      If not successful begin new               trials and take appropriate data. At
                                           trial (s) or refer for AT/AAC             the completion of the trial period,
                                           evaluation by LAT. Follow                 data will be reviewed by the LAT
Forms available in:                        procedures in column C.                   team to determine if the
                                                                                     recommendations were successful.
Public Folders: ESE-Speech-
                                                                                     If so, then the solutions will be                                                                      written into the IEP. (Record in
Keyword : assistive technology,                                                      present level, note section or under
under LAT referral forms                                                             goal/objective) and continued. If
                                                                                     not, another trial will be

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