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					Authorization to Proceed with Work
_____________________________ and Additional Services
As of __________________.


____________                 _____________

Client:                       _____________

IN CONSIDERATION OF the mutual promises contained herein, the parties agree as

    1. Services: During the Term, and subject to the terms hereof, __________ (the
       “Company”) will provide ________________________________and additional
       services (the “Services”) for the ___________________. The scope of services,
       specifics of process and overall approach are as outlined in the attached Schedule
       A – Scope of Services.

    2. Delivery: The Company shall complete each of the Services within the tentative
       timeframe, included in the attached Schedule B – Project Timeline. Upon
       receiving a fully executed Master Service Agreement and any initial deposits due,
       the Company will create a revised timeline that shall be approved by client and
       include modifications based on the actual start date, which will supersede this
       agreement. This approved timeline (the “Project Timeline”) shall serve as the
       basis for the timely delivery of services to Client and payments due to the
       Company at various milestones. The Company shall not be in breach hereof in
       the case of delays in delivery due to causes beyond its reasonable control,
       including without limitation, client’s failure to (a) _______________, (b)
       __________________ and (c) payment of any milestone fees/expenses on the
       project. Client agrees to respond to the Company’s request for information and
       feedback/review on a timely basis and not delay or otherwise impede progress on
       the project by more than 2 days on any single item in the scope of Services.
   _________________, __________ and Additional Services
    As of __________________
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   3. Fees and Payments: In consideration of the Services, Client agrees to pay
      ______________ the combined total of Fees and Expenses as outlined in
      Schedule C (the “Project Fees”), plus any reimbursable expenses or changes to
      the contract amount as they are incurred. The project Billing Phases shall be as

              1/2 of Project fees ($   ) due prior to kick-off and project commencement
              1/2 of Project fees ($   ) due upon release of application files to Client

   4. Client Contact: For purposes of all submissions, presentations, approvals,
      authorizations, change orders, notices and other communications, Client’s
      representative shall be __________________________, or such other
      replacement contact that Client may designate with written notice to the

   5. General Conditions: The Terms and Conditions set forth in Schedule A attached
      hereto shall apply to the performance and interpretation of this Contract, as well
      as future agreements; provided that, in the event of a conflict between them, the
      provisions of the body of this Contract or future agreement shall prevail over such
      Terms and Conditions.

IN WITNESS HEREOF, each of the parties hereto has caused its authorized
representative to execute this Contract as of the date first written above.

_______________, INC.                             CLIENT

By: _______________________                        By:____________________________
                     Date                                                Date

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