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Bob Hansen, Funway Entertainment Cen-
    ter, President
Jeanne Harms, Organize, Inc.,
    Immediate Past President
Rob Hollis, K.Hollis Jewelers, President Elect
                                                      Batavia Business                                                           D E C E M B E R ,       2 0 0 6
Marcia Boyce, Boyce Body Werks, Treas-

                                                 The “Hows” Are Easy
George Gladis, Volkman Insurance, Secre-

Dr. Jack Barshinger, School District 101
Janice M. Christiansen, J.C. Schultz/
     The Flag Source                             by Roger Breisch, Executive Director
Jeff Clark, Batavia Park District
Gretchen Fliris, Baymont Inn & Suites
Roger Harris, Producers Chemical
                                                   A number of years ago, a friend     ment comes in the weeks prior         long hours our volunteers put
     Company, Inc.                               turned to me, during a conversa-      when I contemplate the message        forth that make the difference. It
Julie Phillips, Sir Speedy Printing/Naperville
Randy Recklaus, City of Batavia,
                                                 tion about the importance of          I hope to deliver and how I plan      is when those hours, activity and
     Legislative Liaison                         mission, and said, “I was once        to get from my opening phrase         attention to detail are guided by
Scott Salvati, Lighthouse Marketing
     Services, Inc.
                                                 told that the ‘hows’ are easy,        to what I hope will be a meaning-     a deep passion for something
Margot Shewalter, Harris Bank                    once the ‘whys’ are big enough.”      ful conclusion. Thinking deeply       truly important that magic hap-
Jess Toussaint, Waubonsee Community
                                                   Recently, the Sugar Grove           about what I believe and what I       pens.
                                                 Chamber asked me to join them         care about can often be a cathar-       As a Chamber, our mission is
Executive Director, Roger E. Breisch
                                                 for lunch to discuss the Batavia      tic experience.                       to support and improve the
Accountant: Darlene Kennedy, Wieland,            Chamber’s success over the last         So what did I share? I told them    area’s economic environment
   Kennedy & Company.
                                                 couple of years. The invitation       that the Board, staff and volun-      and vitality. While we have indi-
                                                 came from Teri Leatherbury,           teers have worked diligently to       rect indicators of progress—
                                                 who is Executive Assistant to         ensure that everything we do is       membership and revenue are up,
                                                 President Christine Sobek of          done significantly better than in     as is attendance at many of our
IN THIS ISSUE:                                   Waubonsee Community College.          the past. Tiffani Heidelberg’s        events—we have no measures
The “Hows” Are Easy                              She and Dr. Sobek have been           vision and attention to detail        that validate our impact on the
                                                 extraordinarily generous in their     with regard to the Annual             local economy.
Nominations for                           1      descriptions of our recent pro-       Awards Dinner is a perfect ex-          But, to the extent that my job
Citizen of the Year                              gress.                                ample. She and the Board took         is about improving some faceless
                                                   In spite of my having been at       what had become a delightful          “economic environment,” I have
December Calendar &                       2      this task for such a short period,    party, and reconceived, recre-        little interest or passion. Instead
                                                 I agreed to go to Sugar Grove         ated and reintroduced it as, if I     I am filled with gratitude when-
City Update                               3      for two somewhat selfish rea-         might claim a title, Batavia’s pre-   ever I can see it in the eyes of
                                                 sons. First, I find it difficult to   mier annual event. That effort is     individual Chamber members
Member-to-Member                          3      refuse any opportunity to let         indicative of what we have tried      that, in some small way, we have
Discounts                                        others know about an organiza-        to do with every resource we          helped them find new meaning
New Chamber                               3      tion and community I have come        have had at our disposal.             in their lives. When that is the
Members                                          to love.                                The lesson for me, however, is      reason I come to the office each
                                                   Secondly, for me , the primary      that it is not the hard work, not     morning, how we proceed is
U.S. Chamber                              4      benefit of any speaking engage-       the attention to detail, not the      significantly easier to discern.
Membership Now
Part of Your Benefits!

                                                 Citizen of the Year Nominations Sought
With the Elections                        4
Over, Now What?

BUSINESS                                 5/6
INTELLIGENCE REPORT                                Mark the date in your calendar!     highest honor: Citizen of the         each year in the community.
Health Insurance 101
                                                 On January 27, 2007, the Cham-        Year. To be eligible, the nominee     Some of the past winners repre-
                                                 ber will return to the magnificent    must be a resident of, or have        sent all that is wonderful about
News & Notes About                        8      atrium of Wilson Hall at Fermi-       their business in Batavia. In addi-   this community, having given so
Chamber Members                                  lab for the Annual Awards Din-        tion they must have made signifi-     mush of themselves to others.
                                                 ner. At that event, the 2006          cant contributions to the com-        Batavia is blessed to have so
Chamber Events                            9      Citizen of the Year will be hon-      munity over the course of their       many individuals who deserve
Registration                                     ored, as will the winners of the      life, and the contribution should     this honor.”
                                                 annual Ole Award for new con-         not be as a result of their pri-       Letters of nomination should
Premier Members                          10
                                                 struction.                            mary employment.                      be sent to the Chamber no later
                                                   Between now and December              Executive Director, Roger           than Friday, December 15.
                                                 15, the Chamber is seeking            Breisch, explains, “This is the
                                                 nominations for the community’s       highest honor given to a citizen
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            DECEMBER 2006
            Sun                 Mon                  Tue                   Wed                   Thu                   Fri                Sat

                                                                                                                       1                  2

            3                   4 BWIB Council       5 Networking Group    6 Chamber             7                     8 Executive Com-   9
                                (Panera) 11:30a      (Panera) 8:00a        Ambassadors (City                           mittee (Chamber
                                                                           Hall) 8:00a                                 Offices) 7:45a
                                City Council 7:30p

            10                  11                   12 Leads Group        13 New Member         14 Eggs & Issues      15                 16
                                                     (Panera) 7:30a        Breakfast (Fox        (Eagle Brook) 7:30a
                                                                           River Waffle House)
                                                     BWIB Luncheon         8:00a                 Indigo Photographic
                                                     (Mill Creek) 11:30a   BAH (Venice           Ribbon Cutting
                                                                           Tavern) 4:30p         5:00p

            17 Inner Elements   18 City Council      19 Networking         20 Member Man-        21 Operations         22                 23
            Pilates Ribbon      7:30p                Group                 agement Commit-       Committee
            Cutting, 2:00p                           (Panera) 8:00a        tee (FROOTS)          (Chamber) 7:30a
                                                                           7:30a                 Community Rela-
                                                                                                 tions Committee
                                                                                                 (Funway) Noon

            24/31               25                   26                    27 Chamber Board      28                    29                 30
                                                                           (City Hall) 7:30a

                                                  Events Not To Be Missed
                                                  Tue, Dec 12, 11:30a—                         Chamber's very first Holiday               Brook Country Club (2288
                                                  BWIB December Net-                           Celebration at the Venice                  Fargo Blvd., Geneva) RSVP
                                                  working Luncheon. BWIB                       Tavern (31 N. River Street).               ($20 for members)
                                                  invites you to Mill Creek Golf               Each guest is encouraged to                Thu, Dec 14, 5:00p—
                                                  Club (39W525 Herrington                      bring a wrapped gift worth                 Indigo Photographic
                                                  Drive, Geneva) for its very                  $25 to exchange—preferably                 Ribbon Cutting. Michael
                                                  popular holiday networking                   something from your business.              Barton invites the Chamber to
                                                  luncheon. The event will in-                 In order to plan for food,                 join him as he officially opens
                                                  clude raffle prizes. In addition,            please call Owen or Kelly to               his new studio at 117 S. Bata-
                                                  we will be collecting new,                   reserve your place (630-761-               via Avenue. Join us as we cut
                                                  unwrapped toys and gift cards                3334) before December 6!                   the ribbon and share in some
                                                  to benefit the Batavia ACCESS                Thu, Dec 14, 7:30a—A                       light refreshments.
                                                  Toy Drive. (RSVP, $25 for                    Post-Hastert Congress…
                                                  members)                                                                                Sun, Dec 17, 2:00p—Inner
 Store Manager Jeffrey                                                                         Now What? What will be                     Elements Pilates Ribbon
(JR) Richards and Mayor                           Wed, Dec 13, 8:00a—                          the impact of a Democratically             Cutting. Join us on Decem-
  Jeffery Schielke cut a                          Quarterly New Member                         controlled Congress on issues              ber 17 at 2:00 p.m. for the
   ribbon at the Grand                            Breakfast. Join us at the Fox                that impact business? How will             grand opening and ribbon
 Reopening of the newly                           River Waffle House (5 Web-                   Speaker Pelosi change the                  cutting at Inner Elements Pi-
remodeled OfficeMax on                            ster Street) for an orientation              focus set by Speaker Hastert?              lates (1001 E. Wilson Street,
                                                  and breakfast for our newest                 Melanie Bassett, Executive                 Suite 140). Owner Charlotte
Randall Road in Batavia.
                                                  members. Current members                     Director of the Great Lakes                Trux is excited to introduce
                                                  are encouraged to come and                   Region of the U.S. Chamber                 you to her new facility, and
                                                  welcome them. (RSVP)                         will discuss the future of na-             show you the benefits of living
                                                  Wed, Dec 13, 4:30p—                          tional legislation and its impact          a healthier, more engaged
                                                  Chamber Holiday Cele-                        on your business. She is VERY              lifestyle.
                                                  bration at Venice Tavern.                    well informed. Don't miss this
                                                  You won't want to miss the                   event! We will be at Eagle
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                               City Update                      by Roger Breisch
                                On November 17, that same        that the apparent low bidder is    likely, you will see the barri-
                               day the Batavia Chamber, the      a local firm, Illinois Construc-   cades go up by the end of
                               City and Batavia MainStreet       tors Inc., with significant ex-    February. With cooperation
                               officially released the B.I.G.    perience with bridge construc-     from Mother Nature, by early
                               Book (Bridge Information          tion. In addition, their bid       2008 we will be planning an
                               Guide), City engineer Noel        came in at $9.6 million, ap-       extravaganza to welcome the
                               Basquin was in Springfield        proximately $600,000 below         new auto and pedestrian
                               awaiting the opening of the       construction estimates.            crossing to the City of Batavia!
                               bids for reconstruction of the      With that major hurdle suc-        Watch this column for a
                               Wilson Street bridge.             cessfully overcome, construc-      more detailed construction
                                The City was pleased to learn    tion is set to begin. More than    schedule by the New Year.

                               Member-to-Member Discounts
                                 In the past month, three          As a result, if you are inter-   section on our website where
                               members of the Batavia Cham-      ested in offering a discount to    this information will be kept
                               ber (K.Hollis Jewelers, Wal-      other organizations who have       current and instantly available.
                               Mart Vision Center and MJT        seen fit to invest in the future     In the meantime, if you need
                               Accounting & Business Solu-       of the community by becoming       a gift for the holidays, are con-
                               tions) independently contacted    a member of the Batavia            sidering an eye exam or need
                               the Chamber offices hoping to     Chamber of Commerce, con-          help with your accounting,
                               offer a Member-to-Member          tact the Chamber with the          contact Karen Hollis (K.Hollis
                               discount. It became clear that    specifics of your promotion.       Jewelers), Dr. Jennifer Geertz
                               we currently have no adequate     We will then communicate the       (Wal-Mart Vision Center) or
                               means of promoting what           entire list to our membership.     Michael Tassi (MJT Accounting
                               should be another valuable        In the near future, we hope to     & Business Solutions) today!
                               member benefit.                   initiate a “Members Only”

The Chamber Welcomes New Members
Collision Centers of America          Insurance Direct                                Realty Executives Excellence
Mr. Robert W. Brandimore              Ms. Karen Ducoff                                Ms. Cori Seider
820 S. River Street                   29 S. River Street                              122 N. Van Nortwick Avenue
Batavia, IL 60510                     Batavia, IL 60510                               Batavia, IL 60510
Phone: (630) 879-7964                 Phone: (630) 406-9800                           Phone: (630) 284-9033
Fax: (630) 513-1664                   Fax: (630) 406-9898                             Fax: (630) 761-8980
e-mail:           e-mail:                                         e-mail:
Web Site:                                  Web Site:          Web Site:
                                                                                      Please Note: In the last issue we
Delnor Glen Senior Living             Junior Achievement of Chicago                   incorrectly listed the email for Ft.
Ms. Cathy Duer                        Ms. Meg'n Braida                                Dearborn Relocation Management. The
975 N. 5th Avenue                     150 W. Warrenville Road                         correct email address should be
St. Charles, IL 60174                 Naperville, IL 60563                   We
Phone: (630) 443-8220                 Phone: (630) 357-4493                           regret the error and apologize for any
Fax: (630) 443-7827                   Fax: (630) 420-4832                             inconvenience. The correct email is now
e-mail:          e-mail:                   listed on our website.
Web Site:              Web Site:

                                                                                                    BATAVIA            BUSINESS
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 U.S. Chamber Membership Now Part of Your Benefits!
   As of December 11, if you are a          Small Business Center with tool-         analysis, and commentary from
 small business, you will be a mem-         kits (finance, hiring, government        U.S. Chamber President and
 ber of the U.S. Chamber of Com-            contracting, startup, sales, tax,        CEO Tom Donohue.
 merce with full membership bene-           trade and more), regional news         Legislative alerts to notify you of
 fits. The cost to you? Nothing.            and information about small              pressing policy initiatives. Get
 Zero. Zilch. Nada. It’s now in-            business issues.                         involved in the issues that affect
 cluded as a benefit of your invest-      Discounts on products and ser-           the business community and
 ment in the Batavia Chamber.               vices from the U.S. Chamber’s            quickly contact members of
   Last month the Batavia Chamber           affinity partners. From shipping         Congress when it matters most.
 joined the U.S. Chamber’s Federa-          to staffing, the Chamber and its       The Chamber’s monthly flagship
 tion Partnership program—a pro-            partners have the tools to save          publication
 gram available only to associations        your business money, and the
 and chambers of commerce. Our                                                      The Batavia Chamber is con-
                                            solutions to help you run it
 participation in this program gives                                              stantly striving to insure that your
                                            more efficiently.
 each of our small business mem-                                                  investment in this organization
                                          The Chamber’s e-newsletter,           provides you with substantial re-
 bers full rights as members of the         uschamber.comWeekly filled with
 U.S. Chamber. You will receive the                                               turns. Membership in the U.S.
                                            news on legislative and regula-       Chamber of Commerce is one
 following benefits:                        tory developments, highlights         more way for us to guarantee that
  Access to the “Member’s Only”           from the online small business        return.
     sections of the U.S. Chamber’s         toolkits, economic forecasts &

 With the Elections Over, Now What?
 By Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, November 14, 2006
   Last Thursday I sent you a special    priorities:                              the creation of small business
 message saying that while we               Taxes. A rollback of the existing     health plans is somewhat dim, al-
 wished our candidates had fared         Bush tax cuts seems remote. In-          though it continues to pick up
 better in the elections, the U.S.       coming chairman of the House             more support in the Senate, where
 Chamber is still a highly influential   Ways and Means Committee,                it has failed several times.
 organization and will continue to       Charlie Rangel, has said there              Legal Reform. It's well known
 build pro-business coalitions across    "wasn't a single tax cut I can think     that trial lawyers are primary con-
 the aisle to advance our members'       of that we would repeal." How-           tributors to the Democratic party.
 priorities.                             ever, the outlook is murky for           With Democratic control of Con-
    With the midterms now behind         extending the Bush tax cuts beyond       gress, logic would suggest federal
 us, what can we expect from the         their expiration in 2010. It's unclear   legal reform efforts aren't likely.
 new Congress in January? In some        if this Congress or the next will        But that may not be the case, as
 ways, the 110th Congress will be        decide, or who will control Con-         there is great public support to end
 more conservative than the 109th.       gress after 2008. A deal on the          frivolous and abusive lawsuits. It's
 Many moderate Republicans lost,         death tax is still possible, as is the   also important to note that many
 leaving the remaining Republicans       revival of a research and develop-       of the key battles are taking place
 more conservative as a whole, and       ment tax credit--that could actually     at the state and local level, where
 several conservative, pro-business      come during the lame duck session.       our Institute for Legal Reform is
 Democrats won, creating a coun-            Health Care and Labor. Big            very active and winning victories.
 terbalance to the liberal Democrats     labor is chomping at the bit to cash        To avoid being labeled a "do-
 who are already serving. On the         in its chits with Democrats, the         nothing" Congress, the Democrats
 other hand, the Democrats have          only party it has supported for          will feel pressure to produce legis-
 said they will follow the seniority     decades. At the top of its list is a     lative accomplishments that they
 system, putting many of the "liberal    minimum wage increase, which             can run on in 2008, and that gives
 lions" who have not always held         appears increasingly likely. We will     us an opportunity to move some of
 pro-business positions in charge of     do everything we can to fight it, or     our items. I believe that we can get
 committees that set the congres-        short of that, win "offsets" to cush-    more done than most people think.
 sional agenda. Here's a quick out-      ion the blow to small businesses.
 look of some key small business         The outlook for legislation allowing

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                                      BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE REPORT
                                       NEWSwatch...News & Trends Affecting Today’s Business
                                          Need money for your business?
                                          The best financing strategies change over time. Here are some of today’s best strategies.
                                          First of all, avoid using credit cards. While fully half of all small businesses relied on credit cards for
                                       working capital back in 2000, only 11% do so today. Why? Higher home values and low interest rates gave
                                       homeowning entrepreneurs easy access to inexpensive lines of credit. Now that the housing boom is
                                       over, many business owners may be tempted to use plastic again. However, credit cards have new pitfalls
                                       like higher interest rates, two-cycle billing (which tacks on extra interest) and new laws make it more
                                       difficult to retire credit card debt in the event of bankruptcy.
                                          For start-ups, a better approach may be to take a stab at getting venture capital (VC). In the past, VC
                                       firms would rarely consider investing in seed-stage companies, but that currently isn’t the case. In 2005,
                                       VCs invested $786 million in seed-stage deals.
                                          If you’re looking for between $2 million and $5 million, consider angel investors. Many angels now work
                                       closely with institutional investors and have become more comfortable in this funding range.
                                          If you need to raise $5 million to $10 million, it’s back to the VCs. At this level, you’ll have your best
                                       chance to grab funding if your company deals in “clean technologies” like water purification, ethanol and
                                       efficient manufacturing. Source: Inc. Magazine, October 2006
                                          ‘Social shopping’ gets small businesses noticed
                                          A new breed of websites promise to connect independent-minded shoppers with difficult-to-find prod-
                                       ucts. Sites like,, and are spearheading a new cate-
 The Batavia Chamber                   gory of e-commerce called “social shopping” that combines two favorite online activities: shopping and
 purchases the rights                  social networking. These sites are hoping to ride the MySpace wave by gathering people online to swap
 to reprint excerpts                   shopping ideas.
                                          A chronic problem in the e-commerce arena is that many shoppers aren’t sure exactly what to buy, but
 from the Business                     they know they won’t find it among the commodity-like products on the websites of mainstream retailers.
 Intelligence Report.                  Social shopping sites provide a platform for guidance based on recommendations of uber-shopper site
 We welcome your                       members who each have their own profiles.
 comments.                                Social shopping could be a boon to small businesses, with word-of-mouth potential that outweighs what
                                       they might otherwise be able to generate on small business marketing budgets. Sources: The New York
                                       Times, September 11, 2006; eMarketer, September 15, 2006
                                                                                                                                (Continued on page 6)

IDEAwatch...Tips for Growing Your Business
    Get the word out about          tell you what they really think.      Suite 605, Alexandria, VA 22314         Hosting a holiday party for
your company by taking ad-          For example, instead of asking           Boost your online sales by        your customers and staff? Help
vantage of the slowest news         “What do you like about the new       increasing the amount of informa-    shelter yourself from liability issues
times of the year—with the          bonus plan?” ask: “Do you like        tion about your products. In a       by serving cocktails for no more
week between Christmas and          the new bonus plan? Why or why        recent survey by Allurent Inc., a    than two hours. This policy will
New Year’s being the mother of      not?” Source: Manager’s Edge,         rich media applications provider,    protect your attendees from poten-
all slow times. The offices are     300 N. Washington St., Suite 605,     67% of consumers who visited an      tial embarrassment or harm and
typically short-staffed, so jour-   Alexandria, VA 22314                  online store intending to make a     help protect the company from
nalists are hungry for news sto-       Provide your employees             purchase left because the retailer   potential lawsuits. Source: PHC Profit
ries. This is also a good time to   with meaningful team-                 did not provide enough informa-      Report, 3150 River Rd., Suite 101,
contact reporters with the sole     building experiences through          tion on the product. The survey      Des Plaines, IL 60018
purpose of building a relation-     charitable volunteer projects. In     also found that 83% of consumers        Consider offering podcasts to
ship and discovering what they      addition to learning new skills and   polled would buy more online if      educate business-to-business
are interested in writing about.    building camaraderie, participants    retailers added more interactive     prospects. Essentially a download-
Source:        are contributing to society. In       and interesting ways to display      able audio or video file, podcast
    What are your employees         many metropolitan areas, volun-       and purchase products. Some of       technology is attractive because
not telling you? When you           teer centers have been estab-         the most requested features in-      prospects can listen to your infor-
announce major changes, don’t       lished that help link companies       cluded 360 degree product views,     mation at their convenience on a
assume that silence equals sup-     with volunteer opportunities.         the ability to customize a prod-     computer or portable device such
port. People who disagree are recently           uct, customer-generated product      as the iPod. According to a survey
less likely to speak up. It’s im-   boasted more than 35,000 post-        reviews, product zoom and color      conducted by KnowledgeStorm and
portant to ask for feedback in a    ings nationwide. Source: Trend        selection. Source:                                    (Continued on page 6)
way that will prompt people to      Letter, 300 N. Washington St.,
                                                                                                                BATAVIA           BUSINESS
 PAGE       6

 10 Cravings of a New Generation of Consumers
     THERE’S A NEW GROUP of renegade, passionate consumers             ess in our daily lives. Consumers rely on editors to sift through the raw
 who are changing the rules of the marketplace: Meet the Con-          data and identify the top picks. As a result, many savvy brands are learning
 nected Generation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fashion         to build editing mechanisms into their brands, products and websites.
 designer, a nonprofit organization or a sporting goods outlet,            6) Keep it underground: The rejection of push advertising and
 you need to understand what makes this generation tick.               the rising influence of peer-to-peer networks. The Connected Gen-
     Why the Connected Generation? They’re connected to tech-          eration has grown up feeling saturated with advertising. They are suspi-
 nology and their social networks around the clock. They’re all        cious of ordinary “push” campaigns and gravitate toward integrated, con-
 but immune to traditional advertising and will only pull in the       textual offerings from trusted friends and members of their networks. A
 products that they want. In fact, this group of consumers has 10      select group discovers something new, from shoes to bands to politics to
 highly specific cravings that drive their behavior:                   neighborhoods, and translates it to satisfy a much wider audience.
     1) Shine the spotlight: Extreme personalization gives                 7) Build it together: Connected citizens explore their creative
 marketing a new face. The Connected Generation is clamor-             power and influence change. With so many people conducting large
 ing for personal recognition. They’re itching to stand out, stand     portions of their lives online, we’ve only just begun to tap into the power
 up and be celebrated with their names in lights (or print or pix-     of Web-based networks. The Connected Generation is becoming intoxi-
 els). Businesses that tap into this powerful need with highly crea-   cated by its growing ability to spark change—both as consumer groups
 tive efforts will get not only great buzz but a whole new level of    and as end users.
 loyalty and brand ownership to match.                                     8) Bring it to life: Everyday activities are orchestrated to de-
     2) Raise my pulse: Adventure takes its place as the               liver a dramatic sense of theater. From beverages to designer fash-
 new social currency. There is a new premium placed on ven-            ions to dinnertime solutions, brand theater is popping up in virtually every
 turing into the world, collecting exotic adventures and memo-         industry as savvy companies deliver compelling and entertaining new ex-
 ries, and pushing personal limits. Customers are seeking highly       periences. It takes typical experiences a few steps forward by engaging the
 interactive encounters that teach and challenge, and give them        senses, the imagination and the spirit, and transforms routine experiences
 personal insight to explore who they are.                             into riveting entertainment.
     3) Make loose connections: The new shape of                           9) Go inward: Spiritual hunger and modern media find com-
 “families” and social networks. The Connected Generation              mon ground. Increasingly, the meaningful life is defined as the spiritual
 has embraced technology to build social and professional net-         life, and spirituality has become a dominant value among today’s consum-
 works with a brave new structure. This generation is rejecting        ers. The Connected Generation has embraced modern media and blurred
 traditional associations and club-style memberships in favor of       the lines between secular and sacred, finding spirituality in all aspects of
 loose connections that more accurately reflect their interests,       their lives.
 lifestyles and busy days.                                                 10) Give back: Redefining volunteerism and the meaning of
     4) Give me brand candy: Everyday objects get sharp,               contribution. There’s a new spirit of volunteerism in the air, led by a
 delicious, intuitive design. Design has emerged as a sign of          young Connected Generation that has new ideas about how to give back.
 the good life. The look and feel of objects, places and things is     Today’s volunteers want to give their time and talent instead of simply
 becoming increasingly important. Design, along with its strategic     writing a check.
 twin innovation, has become a vital tool to stand out and stay            Lisa Johnson and Cheri Hanson are coauthors of the new book, Mind Your
 strong in an increasingly competitive market.                         X’s and Y’s: Satisfying the 10 Cravings of a New Generation of Consum-
     5) Filter out the clutter: Editors and filters step into a        ers, and cofounders of the Reach Group (, a
 new role of prominence. In a world inundated with choices,            boutique consultancy that provides insights about the Connected Generation.
 editing is a critical market phenomenon and an important proc-

 IDEAwatch (Continued from page 5)       to label them. To do this, let it be    NEWSwatch (Continued from page 5)
 Universal McCann, 41% of b-to-b         known that what you’re giving up is        Giving customers something to brag about
 respondents said they had listened      costly to you, and emphasize how           Typically when you think of status symbols, you think of prod-
 to podcasts on more than one            it will benefit the other side. Don’t   ucts and services that are too expensive, too scarce or too inac-
 occasion. Furthermore, 55% of           give up on your original demands        cessible for the average consumer. However, as consumers
 respondents said they would be          too hastily. Spend time legitimizing    increasingly value creativity over passive consumption, skills are
 more likely to consume business or      the original offer so that it can be    becoming the new symbols of status. The emerging trend of
 technology topics as a podcast          used as a reference point when          “status skills” refers to those skills that consumers are mastering
 rather than in a white paper for-       labeling a concession. To increase      to make the most of those same goods and services, bringing
 mat. Source:         the likelihood that you get some-       them status by being good at something, and the story telling
    How you make a concession            thing in return for your concession,    that comes with it.
 during a negotiation can be as          try to explicitly—but diplomati-           Companies that are helping customers gain new, status-
 important as the concession itself.     cally—demand reciprocity. Source:       worthy skills include Harley-Davidson’s Academy of Motorcy-
 Counterparts will often downplay        Harvard Business School’s Working       cling, upscale kitchen seller Viking’s Cooking School and Apple’s
 your concessions, so it’s important     Knowledge,                in-store classes for creative applications.
                                                                                    Regardless of the size of your business, by offering status skills
                                                                                 you can give customers an experience they’ll find valuable and
                                                                                 want to brag about to friends. Source:, Oc-
                                                                                 tober 2006
                                                                                                                                PAGE   7

Health Insurance 101
by Kristen Beth Offenbecher, Kastel Insurance Partners
  Is dealing with your insurance one     fice. Using a network could save          encounter is billing problems at
of the greatest frustrations you         you money, or in the case of an           “Emergency Care Facilities” or
face? When you receive statements        HMO using the network will help           “Walk-in Care Clinics”. These
from your healthcare provider, do        make sure the claim is paid.              providers are convenient, but you
you dread dealing with the seem-           What happens in case of an Emer-        should ask up front how they bill,
ingly inevitable insurance errors? It    gency? If you don’t know, you             because it will make a difference on
doesn’t matter what kind of mis-         could get stuck with unnecessary          how the bill gets paid. If they bill as
take it is, someone has to pay, and if   bills. Check to see which hospitals       a hospital on a form UB40, your
you are not paying attention, it         are in-network and close to your          claim will be processed like a trip
could be you.                            home, then tell all family members        to the emergency room. If they bill
  What do you really need to             so they will know where to go.            on form HICFA, your claim will be
know?                                    Find out how your plan will pay for       processed like a doctor’s visit. This
  You should know the difference         an Emergency. Is there a co-pay?          can mean the difference between a
between a PPO and an HMO. You            Does it go towards your deductible        $20 office visit co-pay and a $150
should also know which one you           and co-insurance? If there is a co-       Emergency room co-pay.
have. An HMO is a Health Mainte-         pay, does it include both the hospi-        A brief “Insurance to English”
nance Organization. If you are in an     tal facility charge and the doctor        translation Guide:
HMO, you pick one primary care           charge, or are they processed dif-          Deductible – The amount of
doctor or one group and must stay        ferently? This knowledge can save         money you agree to pay before
in that network. You see your            you from “sticker” shock.                 your insurance benefits kick in. This
primary care physician for every-          Common Problems                         does not include your monthly
thing. If they can’t diagnose a prob-      If you call a Doctor’s office and       premium. Generally, the higher the
lem, then they will refer you to a       ask “Do you take such and such            deductible, the lower the premium.
specialist. A referral in an HMO is      PPO?” The answer will be “Yes”.             Co-Insurance – The percentage
not a verbal “this person is good.”      All Doctors take PPO’s because            of the total bill you owe. Usually
It is a written procedure that           they get paid whether they are            the insurance company will pay a
makes it OK for you to see an-           contracted or not. The difference is      percent (80%) till a maximum
other doctor within your network,        you will pay more if they are not         ($10,000)expense is reached. The
which is not your primary care           in-network. Instead, ask if the Doc-      rest is your responsibility.
physician.                               tor is a provider or contracted             Explanation of Benefits – This
  A PPO is a Preferred Provider          with that network. This will help         is the paper your insurance carrier
Option. A PPO has both an in-            clear up any confusion.                   sends to tell you how they have
network and out-of-network op-             Pre-certification is another com-       processed a claim. It tells who the
tion. You can see their doctors and      mon problem. I recommend you              provider was, the date of service,
get a discount. Alternatively, you       call your insurance company before        the total amount, the discounted
can see any doctor you want, but         any elected medical procedure, and        amount and the amount you owe.
you may have to pay a higher fee.        during or right after a medical           Sometimes it will explain why a
This option has more freedom and         emergency. If you didn’t need to          claim has not been processed, so
you can see a specialist when you        call, you wasted 5 minutes. If they       pay close attention.
want.                                    thank you for pre-certifying the            Discounted or Contracted
  Does your plan have a deductible       event, you saved yourself hundreds        Rate – This is the amount the
or an office visit co-pay? If you have   of dollars in penalties. Occasionally,    doctor or facility has agreed to
a deductible, you should know how        your doctor will tell you they can        charge a member of a specific in-
much it is both in-network and           pre-certify you. This is nice, but call   surance plan for a specific service.
out-of-network. If you have an           and make sure it has been done. If          Reasonable & Customary or
office visit co-pay you should know      you doctor gets busy and makes a          Usual & Customary – This is the
what amount it is as well. On            mistake, you pay the penalty!             amount over the average cost of a
newer plans, your regular doctor           Sometimes a provider will mistak-       service done by a provider in a
can have one co-pay, but a special-      enly not take the contracted dis-         specific geographical area.
ist can be more.                         counted amount. This is usually a           A little knowledge can save you a
  Always check the network avail-        small dollar amount, but if you let it    lot of time and frustration. In the
able. This has been made much            happen several times in a year it         end, it can even save you money.
easier with the Internet. Each car-      can cost you hundreds. That is why
rier has its own website that can        it is important to take the Explana-        Kristen Beth Offenbecher is an
help you find a doctor, hospital or      tion of Benefits from your insur-         Agent and Account Manager for
specialist. If you are not Internet      ance company and compare it to            Kastel Insurance Partners and can be
savvy, you can always call the insur-    your provider’s bill.                     reached at 630-792-0750 or
ance company or the doctor’s of-           One of the biggest problems I 

                                                                                                                     BATAVIA   BUSINESS
 PAGE    8

                       News & Notes About Chamber Members
                              Image Awards & Engrav-           Milk Chocolate and Pepper-         Ice-Skating by John Falter on
                            ing was recently awarded the       mint Bark). They also an-          Thursday, January 11, 2007,
                            St. Charles Chamber of Com-        nounced that profits from the      forty-nine years to the date
                            merce 2006 Small Business of       sale of "Cassie's Own Pop-         that the painting appeared on
                            the Year in the Business-to-       corn" will be contributed to       the cover of the Saturday Eve-
                            Business category.                 the National Down Syndrome         ning Post. The public is invited
                              Righeimer & Tassi, P.C.          Society and that they partici-     to come to the Library at 6
                            presented their radio debut on     pated in H.E.L.P. Annual Din-      p.m. for refreshments and a
                            WBIG 1280 AM on November           ner and Auction by contribut-      brief program regarding the
                            14, 2006. Their topic was          ing the dinner favors.             history of the painting and its
                            “Starting your own business:         The Island Tanning Salon         creator, and then stay for the
                            It’s not enough just to file the   has hired Batavia High School      unveiling at 6:30 p.m.
                            forms”. The program is avail-      student Shayla Ellis. Shayla is      The Fox Valley Habitat
                            able at They       working at The Island while        for Humanity announced
                            also recently launched their       receiving high school credit for   that they have positions open
                            new website at                     work coop in a local business.     on their Volunteer Board of
                                Gibby’s Wine Den is              Directors. Anyone interested
                              FedEx Kinko’s has opened         proud to announce the one          in helping this very worthwhile
                            their newest Office and Print      year anniversary of Melissa        organization can contact Meg
                            Center at 330 N. Randall           Duguay, Jen Connon, and            Ambroson at 847-697-9402 or
                            Road. Designed with a smaller      Mike Pacer.              
                            layout compared to traditional       Diane Knight of The                Terry Ward of The Savvy
                            FedEx Kinko’s locations, the       Traveling Players is not just      Traveler reminds everyone
                            center provides services such      Cloe the Clown. She is offer-      that passports will soon be-
                            as copying, digital printing,      ing two special characters for     come required for all travel
                            Internet access, notary,           the holiday season: Mrs. Klaus     outside the United States and
                            packing & shipping assistance,     and Diane the Elf.                 that it takes about six weeks
                            and more                                                              to get one. If you are planning
                                                                 Producers Chemical               any trips in the new year, now
                              Dr. Mikyung Yun recently         added Rob Tovar to their
                            celebrated his first anniversary                                      is the time to apply.
                                                               sales team on October 9. Rob
 Chamber Members join       with Dr. Jennifer Geertz at        is an Aurora resident, is mar-       The Batavia Park District
   Mayor Schielke as he     the Wal-Mart Vision                ried and has two children.         recently learned that it is the
   cuts the ribbon at the   Center.                                                               recipient of a $374,000 Open
                                                                  K.Hollis Jewelers' Annual       Space Land Acquisition Devel-
  new FedEx Kinko’s Of-        Nyborg & Company, Ltd.          Customer Appreciation Event
                            announced a new service                                               opment grant awarded by the
 fice and Print Center on                                      was a huge success. Their top
                            Chamber members will find                                             Illinois Department of Natural
       Randall Road.                                           100 customers enjoyed re-          Resources to develop the 28.5
                            useful. Their facility at 236      freshments, holiday hairstyle
                            Webster Street has a 625 sq.                                          acre park site in Mill Creek.
                                                               ideas courtesy of Katie Joliff     The community park will fea-
                            ft. space perfect for meetings,    from Zano’s Salon and Day
                            seminars and parties, and is                                          ture two tennis courts, a large
                                                               Spa, and chair massages cour-      playground, a sensory aware-
                            available days, evenings and       tesy of Lisa Patterson of
                            weekends. For more informa-                                           ness play area, a sound/
                                                               Retreat Distinctive Thera-         auditory play area, a family
                            tion visit       peutic Massage. The event          picnic shelter and a one mile
                              Ellen Huxtable of Advan-         was highlighted by an unveiling    walking trail with fitness sta-
                            tage Business Concepts will        of a new line of designer pen-     tions.
                            be serving as coordinator for      dants by Karen Hollis.
                            the CEO seminar series and                                              The Kane County Chroni-
                                                                 Money Mailer of the Fox          cle recently introduced more
                            the Women's Entrepreneurial        River Valley has hired Ryan
                            Conference for the College of                                         convenience with four-day
                                                               Garmers as a Sales Repre-          delivery, Thursday through
                            DuPage Small Business Devel-       sentative. Ryan has an exten-
                            opment Center.                                                        Sunday. They are also offering
                                                               sive retail background and will    new gift subscriptions to the
                               Two Sisters and The             be calling on businesses lo-       Chronicle for special rates and
                            Other One is busy for the          cated throughout the Tri-City      will soon be offering exciting
                            holidays with a new website        area.                              holiday contests, including
                            ( and              The Batavia Public Li-           Reindeer Games, their holiday
                            two new holiday items              brary will unveil its mural-       movie trivia contest.
                            (Almond Toffee covered with        sized reproduction of Fox River

                                                                                                          PAGE         9

                            Chamber Events Registration
      Please complete this page and mail it, or fax it, to the Batavia Chamber of Commerce.
   For more information on these events see “Events Not To Be Missed” on Page 2, or visit our
                              website at





    Batavia Women In Business Lunch                                                   Number         Price     Total
  Tuesday, December 12, 2006, 11:30 a.m.
                                                          Chamber or BWIB Member                       $25
           Mill Creek Golf Club
                                                          Non-Member                                   $30
    39W525 Herrington Drive, Geneva
         Holiday Networking Event                                                                    Total:

     Quarterly New Member Breakfast
                                                                                      Number          Price     Total
 Wednesday, December 13, 2006, 8:00 a.m.
                                                           Chamber Member & Guests                      N/C
 Fox River Waffle House, 5 Webster Street
  Join us to welcome the Chamber’s newest                  Non-Member                                   $10

                Eggs & Issues
                                                                                      Number          Price     Total
  Thursday, December 14, 2006, 7:30 a.m.
                                                           Chamber Member & Guest                       $20
          Eagle Brook Country Club
          2288 Fargo Blvd, Geneva                          Non-Member                                   $25
“A Post Hastert Congress” with Melanie Bassett
      of the US Chamber of Commerce.

               Method of Payment:
                  Check Enclosed          Credit Card #                                  Exp. date

                  Bill Me
                  Credit Card             Signature

                                                                                     BATAVIA            BUSINESS
                      106 W. Wilson Street,
                      Batavia, IL 60510               Visit us on the web
                      Phone: 630-879-7134   
                      Fax: 630-879-7215
Premier Plus & Premier Members                                              Chamber Members
The Chamber is pleased to recognize organizations willing to make an          Please Note!
additional investment in the future of Batavia.
     Premier Plus:
                                         Old 2nd National Bank              WE HAVE A NEW
     City of Batavia
     Confident Aire                      Bridget Gleeson/                   The Batavia Cham-
     Harris                                Prudential Doss                   ber of Commerce
                                                                            has moved. We are
     LaSalle Bank                                                              now located at
     Premier:                                                                106 W. Wilson St.
     Batavia Insurance Agency            Mary Andreas/Keller                Our phone, fax, web-
     Baymont Inn & Suites                                                    site and email re-
                                           Williams Realty
                                                                              main the same.
     Boyce Body Werks                    M.I.C., Inc.
     Chase                               Miscella Real Estate
     Colbert Custom Framing              Morken & Associates
     Collision Centers of                Provena Mercy Center
        America                          Cori Seider/Realty
     Comcast                               Executives Excellence
     The Holmstad, Inc.                  Volkman Insurance Agency
     Kane County Chronicle               Wal-Mart
     Karabowicz & Associates             Waubonsee Community
     Lighthouse Marketing                  College                            Mailing Label
        Services, Inc.

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