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					Junior 1st Prize Marmalade

We talk on late evenings When the sky is copper rich with the descending sun. I walk up a mossy pathway to you Drooping shoulders from a day done. Sometimes I will catch your hand Where meandering veins run deep blue. I love the likeness of our fingers. Waiting is the game I play To cherish soft wrinkles like you do. A pot sits fat with oranges And sticky sugar, boiling. I help you find numbers on knobs, Put jars in the oven. I listen for your heart to sing. It’s a gentle humming noise And it warms me through, For I truly love to be with you When you are making marmalade.

Claire Anderson Carrigaline Community School Waterpark Carrigaline Co. Cork

Joint 2nd Prize Love, Tears and Mourning (In response to Book 24 of Homer’s Illiad) They mourn their loved ones’ death Find comfort in each other And cry tenderly. Hut lit by soft candle light, To hide the harsh night – A room full of pain. Emptiness is felt strongly As each tear falls from his eye, Heartbroken forever. With a Trojan hero dead, A Greek companion lost, Enemies grieve. Hector’s motionless body Is wrapped in a robe In pity for old Priam. Now, holding his lifeless son, Priam carries him to the cart And rests him down. They are greeted with sadness, All wailing laments for him, Tamer of horses. A burial full of grief, A glorious feast For Hector the great.

Danielle Doyle Gorey Community School Gorey Co. Wexford

Joint 2nd Prize Fear (In response to Siegfried Sassoon’s ‘Base Details’) A tranquil field Grass tilting in a slight sigh of wind Turning into Heavy breathing, heart thumping, Noise Confusion Fear. The jagged stump of a tree hidden in moss, The cheerful chirping of a blackbird, Turning into Piercing screams, the shriek of shells Bodies Darkness Fear. Fifty years The same field under the same Crimson-tinged sunset will always hold Pain Blood A memory that’s more than just a memory. Noise Confusion The never ending nightmare from my past to my future. Bodies Darkness More than just a memory. Fear.

Marie-Claire- Twomey St. Aloysius College Carrigtwohill Co. Cork

Joint 3rd Prize

Me, Myself and I Me is my laugh Me is my smirk It is the way I perk my head up And listen to things I shouldn’t. Myself is my sensible side The one I often hide The one I should consult But rarely do. I is the part of me That sees things clearly The part that keeps my head down And out of trouble. Without these three I am incomplete: I am a circle with no centre A cat with o claws The sad, lonely wind at night. Without these three There is no buzz around me, I am a stranger to those around me So, just accept me the way I am.

Mary Black St. Anne’s Secondary School Tipperary Town Co. Tipperary

Joint 3rd Prize The Marines’ Mission Bring your bombs, bring your guns, Watch the fathers mourn their Sons

With each bullet, with each shell you Plunder more black gold to Sell With each battle with each fight, You further your ever ‘righteous’ Plight In the desert fighting hard, Ignorant of the wounded, killed and Scarred!

Neale Keegan St. Killian’s Community School Ballywaltrim Bray Co. Wicklow


Reconciliation (In response to Book 24 of Homer’s Illiad) Enemies grieving together A son, a friend, connected. Shadows from a candle, tears. The moon shines, the stars are bright. Outside a small stream trickles. Inside, two kings. Grief is the victor and sadness, Their tears flowing together. A truce, a tear, respect. Sharing a meal, foes no more Honourable men feasting, King gazing at king, One old, one young, both worn out. Now that grieving has drained them Sleep will spread its quilt. Aoife O’ Donnell Gorey Community School Gorey Co. Wexford

Commended Blank Canvas My water colour ship sails on brush strokes of green and white, the sun comes up and the moon falls light. The day grows long and like a song, the chorus of my painting forms. Finger prints of individual colour, making texture, rougher, bolder. My mood then swings and, of all things, on comes rage - I’m painting red right down the page, I reach the end and sign my name - just another picture for another frame.

Áine Hennigan Loreto Abbey Dalkey Co. Dublin

Commended Literature Respect their story Respect their books Respect any received glory Respect their pen Respect their ink Respect whatever they may think Respect their mind Respect their soul Respect their knowledge Respect their goal Respect the talent they were given Respect the grant that they received Respect the dream that was within Respect the point that they believed Respect their muse Respect their idea Respect their right to confuse Respect Shakespeare’s hands that wrote Respect Dickens’s honesty Respect any given quote Respect Jane Austen’s bravery Respect the poet Respect the poem Respect the truth as they know it Respect their pain Respect their sorrow Respect the writers of tomorrow Lucy Murphy Stratford College 1 Zion Road Rathgar Dublin 6

Commended Night As the sun sets The darkness approaches. The moon savours The time when the sun wavers. The earth is covered in a blanket of black A small mouse scurries through a farmer’s shack. In this time nothing stirs. A cat looks at the stars and quietly purrs And waits for the night to end. The sun rises to send Its rays of light onto the sand And the darkness retreats from the land.

Philip Smith St. Patrick’s College Cavan Co. Cavan

Commended My Mother Speedy walker Constant talker Soap lover TV watcher Tea drinker Quick thinker Fast knitter Not-a-sitter Dish washer Head wrecker Phone hogger Lipstick putter Clothes shopper Annoying singer Happy smiler Big hugger My mother!!

Rachel Sheridan Scoil Mhuire Trim Co. Meath

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