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					14th Annual Yesterday’s Books Summer Reading Club Registration
Sign-up Time is here! The Club runs from July 1 through August 31, 2008
The last day to sign-up is June 30th, 2008.
This club is for those entering grades 1 through 8 for the 2008-9 school year.
There are 3 divisions: grades 1-3, grades 4-6 and grades 7-8 for the 2008-9 school year
    1. When you report on your first book you will be given a club membership card.
    2. A membership card qualifies you to get a discount of 10% off any books you buy or order new at
         Yesterday’s Books for your own reading during the two months of the club.
    3. Your picture will be taken when you report on your tenth book. Your picture will go up with other
         members who have read at least 10 books. At that point you are a Gold Star member of the Summer
         Reading Club and will get a gold star on your membership card for every 10 books you read.
    4. Each day you report your books we will give you a treat.
    5. Members and their parents or guardians will be invited to the awards night party, held on Monday evening,
        Sept 8th, from 6:30-7:00pm.
The Awards Party
    1. Those who have read 10 books or more during these two months will be awarded a certificate of merit.
    2. Those who have read 2000 pages or more will be awarded a $10.00 Yesterday’s Books Gift Card for books,
movies, or music CD’s.
    3. A group picture will be taken at the party and printed in the Modesto Bee
         the following Thursday, Sept 11th.
    4. The boy and girl in each division who have read the most pages will have their names put on a plaque. The
         plaque honoring annual winners is hung in the store for all to see.
              Their names will also be recognized in the Bee.
To register your books:
    1. You must report on your books in person for them to count. You may register up to 15 books per day.
              A. To register your books use the form we provide at the information desk, or if you would like to
                   use a form on your computer you can find a copy of our report form on our website:
                  Keeping the information in the same format helps us keep accurate records.
               B. The information needed on the form you turn in is:
                        1. A list of the authors (alphabetically if practical) with the titles and number of pages of
                                each book you have read since the last report.
                        2. Your full name (First and Last name) and grade so we can easily keep accurate records.
    2. You may choose your own books and these books do not need to have been purchased from
          Yesterday’s Books. If you are known to be reading at a certain grade level we will not be giving you
          credit for books that are much simpler than your grade level.
                A. You must bring the books with you so that we may ask a simple question about one or
                        more of the books you have read.
                B. We ask that all the books you record be books you have read during these two months.
                        Each book may only be counted once during these two months.
    3. When you come in, bring your form to the person at the Help Desk and he/she will get a staff member to
          ask you questions about the books you have read. We will keep that form for our master file.
    4. We will be listing the total number of pages read by each participant. This list will be updated and
         posted every Saturday, July 12 through August 16, so you can see how everyone is progressing. We
              will not post the progress after August 16 so the grand winners will be a complete surprise to all.
Registration for Yesterday’s Books Reading Club 2008
                                                           (Fill in completely to be registered.)
Name of applicant (print):_______________________________________________________Grade entering: ____
Phone #_________________          Club member at Yesterday’s Books before? _______         Boy_____ or Girl_____
What is a favorite book of yours? _________________________________________________________________
Address of applicant w/ zip (print):______________________________________________________________
Signature of parent or guardian: ___________________________________________________
Signature of Applicant:

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