Sept 25_ 2006 - Stanford Soccer Club by wangnianwu


									                                       STANFORD SOCCER CLUB
                                          MEETING MINUTES
                                           September 25, 2006

The Stanford Soccer Club meeting was called to order by Juan Mayora at 8:00PM, in Cubberley Community
Center Room A3.

Bill Johnson            Vortex                   Juan Mayora              Tidal Waves/Blaze
Charlie Williams        Avalanche                Eric Seedman             Blizzard
Julie Kaye              Tidal Waves              Avinesh Maharaj          Typhoons
Barb Zimmer             Wildfire                 Brad Light               Earthquakes
Tim Cain                Aftershocks              Christy Wolf             Monsoon
Peter Fox               Landslide                Abdul Hakim              Fire
Andrea Fish             Cyclones                 Jeff Harrison            Hurricane

Treasurer’s Report: No update.

Registrar’s Report: Charlie Williams asked that the league registrar reduce turn around time of player
registrations which has seemed to increase from one week (last year) to 1.5 weeks and an indication that it
will be 2 weeks in the future. US Club soccer can have a player on the field playing within days of the parent

Fields Report/Field Assignments: Peter reported on the city wide field allocation meeting held by the city.
A couple of field brokering models (i.e., determination how the fields are distributed to clubs and
organizations) were discussed in an attempt to “start from scratch”. One proposal is to broker the fields based
on percentage of teams in a club/organization. Another proposal starts with prior allocation and adjusts the
allotments incremently. In addition, Jen and Cash, from the Parks and Recreation, have been given a
directive to rent extra fields for revenue (e.g., Rugby) and with only 6 people to maintain all the Palo Alto
fields, overuse is a huge issue (e.g., renting versus resting fields).

Game Field Assignments/Coordinator: Mathew Baker requested to be added to referee assignment list.

Redwood League Meeting: Juan reported about the league meeting. District Cup will require Social
Security Numbers from referees; a CR or AR is paid $30 per game. League fees include $0.50 for website
maintenance. There have been an abundance of red cards given to coaches this (last year). Players and
parents should be on opposite sides of a field during league games. Directive given to stop running up scores.
U17 and U18 Abronzino teams need to pay their referee league fees to the Redwood treasurer.

Other: The majority of the meeting discussed ideas for use of club funds. Suggestions are summarized

Equipment (Peter)
- portable goals (6)
- training tools (1)
Player Scholarships
Marketing/Club Identity (10)(Tim, Christy, Juan)
- club banners (1)
- club sweatshirts/T-shirts (3)
- coach gear (polos, training suit) (2)
- advertising
- hire web specialist (3)
Educational Clinics (Julie, Joe – first 6 topics)
- sport injury/prevention – coaches, players, parents (5)
- nutrition
 - conditioning
 - GK training (3)
 - specialized running (3)/strengthening
 - coach training
 - Stanford Univ sport tie-ins
 - Older (club) players work with younger club players, stipend (4) (Andrea, Jeff)
 - pay for Mayfield slots in winter with open use for all (club) teams (2)
Staff Support
- paying for scheduler
Subsidize Mayfield costs (8)

The numbers indicate a ‘vote’ for the paricular topic; each attendee was given 4 votes. Volunteers to pursue
particular topics are listed in parentheses.

The October club meeting will focus on discussing these topics.

Next Meeting: Next scheduled meeting is Monday October 23, 2006, 8:00PM, Cubberley Room A6. The
scheduled meeting for August 28, 2006 was cancelled. There being no further business to discuss, the
meeting was adjourned.

                                                         Charlie Williams, meeting recorder

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