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Jul 2012


									    if a picture is worth a thousand words, our
 jewish cultural festival photos tell quite a story!

                                                                                         The Temple Tablet
                                                                                                 July/Aug. 2012
                                                                                                Vol. 48, No. 10

                                                                            kids’ activities!



                                                            sunny skies!

family fun!

see pages
                         steady crowds!

six and seven
for more about
the festival!                                                                                   Temple Israel
all photos by                                                                                   130 Riverside Drive
Mendy Fedotowsky                                                                                Dayton, OH 45405
of Portraits by Mendy.                                                                             937-496-0050
2                        A Message From…
                         Rabbi David M. Sofian
                         On May 26, Temple Israel confirmed eight students at a very special Shavuot service. After
                         teaching these students and watching them prepare for their confirmation, I can say that the
                         future of Judaism is in good hands. I think you’ll enjoy reading these excerpts from their
                         Confirmation speeches.

Josie Buchanan, daughter of Dennis and Bonni Buchanan.        see this big of a show. Instead, we rely not on tangible
There is a student in my chemistry class who is openly        acts, but lessons like that of Rabbi Steinberg which help
gay. He gets picked on all the time for being gay, what he    us understand God.
wears, how he acts and because he is adopted. He is
                                                              Zack Halpern, son of Alan and Julie Halpern. Emil
discriminated against for many different things. I know I
                                                              Fackenheim said we must continue to practice Judaism
have to stand up for him though, because if I was being
                                                              because not doing so would give Hitler a posthumous
discriminated against, I would want someone to stand up
                                                              victory. [But] the only reason Judaism will continue is
for me. We, the Jewish people, have faced discrimination
                                                              because we WANT to be Jewish. We want to be part of
for years because of what we believe and who we are.
                                                              the experiences, community, and religious aspects of
During the Holocaust, Hitler discriminated against Jewish
                                                              contemporary, living Judaism. Yes, the Holocaust
people because we did not fit into what he believed to be
                                                              happened, and yes, it was a terrible, horrible blow to our
equal people. In Egypt, the Pharaoh also discriminated
                                                              culture, our communities, families and welfare. [But]
against us because of our differences. Even if we are
                                                              should I feel obligated to stay Jewish because of the six
different we should all find a way to get along.
                                                              million who were killed 67 years ago? Should I feel
Addison Caruso, son of Michael and Patty Caruso. Milton       obligated to stay Jewish because the Temple was
Steinberg argued that it was more reasonable to believe       destroyed thousands of years ago? I believe these
that God existed than not to. His logic was that the          reasons are not compelling enough. Should we
universe was created in such perfect order that it was        remember the six million? Should we gather to
impossible not to believe in God. One analogy that            remember that tragedy and mourn their loss? Of
explains this complex idea is that if you walk home every     course! We should never forget. But I want to build my
day and you see a garden perfectly tended, you would          Judaism on the possibility of a bright future, not a painful
think there was a gardener. Even if the house seemed          past.
unoccupied and you never saw the gardener, it would still
                                                              Daniel Sacher, grandson of Martin and Linda Sacher. As I
be more reasonable to believe that there is a gardener.
                                                              researched [the Holocaust], I came to realize today, no
This appealed to me because it supported the existence
                                                              one can really understand what happened and why it
of God. …Our universe was created in such a perfect
                                                              happened. But, I soon realized that my chances of
order…. Was this just all coincidence? The probability is
                                                              survival in Germany during the time of the Holocaust
very minimal so Steinberg concludes there must be some
                                                              would have been zero. I am a Black Jewish boy with dark
outside force pushing us in the direction of life.
                                                              hair and brown eyes; I am hard of hearing; have a seizure
Alex Africk, son of Michael and Cynthia Africk. A story       disorder and learning problems. Any one of these things
Rabbi Sofian told our confirmation class [about a garden]     would have put me on a train to the gas chamber. As
illustrates one of Rabbi Milton Steinberg’s most              part of my participation in this Confirmation Service I
important ideas: given the miraculous world we live in, it    have been asked to carry the Holocaust Torah. What a
is more reasonable to believe in God than not to. Rabbi       special honor.
Steinberg urged us to understand that even though
                                                              Evan Sherbet, son of Steve and Ann Sherbet. The story of
reason or science is often used to defeat religious belief,
                                                              Theodor Herzl is one that interests me on a personal
reason could also bolster those beliefs and strengthen our
                                                              level based on my trip to Israel in 2010. I was able to see
Judaism. Remember that garden? You and I both know,
                                                              and experience the homeland that Herzl was never able
out of pure logic, that the garden had to have been
                                                              to. I had the opportunity to walk the grounds of Mt.
tended. In the Torah, we learn of certain instances when
                                                              Herzl and see his final resting place. In the middle of a
God makes His presence known physically. Speaking
                                                              lush green field was a solid black granite stone with Herzl
through a burning bush, parting the Red Sea, and causing
                                                              carved in gold on the side. Later, walking along the
a rock to spout water certainly go a long way to reassure
                                                              border of
us of God’s presence, but let’s face it: we rarely get to                                      ...continued on page three

                                                   From the Rabbi
Confirmation Remarks
(continued from page two)

Israel and Lebanon watching the
military’s patrol on each side
reminded me why it’s important to
keep Israel a Jewish state. Too many
people like Herzl, who have devoted
their lives fighting for a Jewish state
and for an end of anti-Semitism,
would be devastated if the Jewish
people lost Israel once again.
Carly Sobol, daughter of Todd and Jody
Sobol. I really enjoyed learning about
[the prophet] Elisha and his miracles
because of the lesson that can be
taken from him. The repeated theme                                                  Confirmands were all smiles
of kindness to strangers is an                       before leading Shavuot services on May 26. Shown here, left to right, are:
important value in my life. It is                  Rabbi Karen Bodney-Halasz, Zack Halpern, Alex Africk, Carly Sobol, Addison
important to me to always treat                     Caruso, Josie Buchanan, Daniel Sacher, Ben Wacksman, Evan Sherbet, and
others the way I want to be treated                                          Rabbi David Sofian. Not pictured: Rachel Bloom.
and to never forget helping those in
need is the best mitzvah. Elisha does
not hesitate to help others and when
he is helped pays it forward. Along
with this, Elisha is respected for          Summer Worship Offers Many Options
helping others. We can all learn so         Summer Schedule. Mark your                 provide spiritual strength not only
much from him in regard to trusting         calendar: all summer long,                 from the traditional liturgy, but also
each other and doing our best to give       Friday night services will begin           from quiet reflection and meditation
what we can of ourselves to others.         at 6:00 p.m.; on Saturdays, Torah          and from personal sharing and
None of us are prophets of course,          study is at 9:30 a.m. and worship is       listening.
but each of us has a heart capable of       at 10:30 a.m.
responding to the needs of others.                                                     Saturday In The Park. Join Rabbi
                                            Lay-Led Services. Throughout               Karen Bodney-Halasz for a fun,
Ben Wacksman, son of Juli Bainbridge.       July, Shabbat services will be led by      casual, family-friendly Shabbat at
The topic from our curriculum that I
                                            members of the congregation. The           Activity Center Park (221 North
have chosen to speak about is the
                                            Worship & Music Committee                  Main Street) in Centerville from
story of the Prophet Jonah. As we all
                                            sincerely thanks our capable               10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on August 18.
know Jonah tried to run away from
                                            volunteers and encourages                  Children of all ages, parents,
God’s assignment. I picked this topic
                                            congregants to attend these more           grandparents, friends — even well-
because I have been through a lot of
                                            casual summer worship services.            behaved puppies! — can join
times in my life where I wanted to run
                                            More information is included in the        together to celebrate Shabbat amid
away from something too. Ultimately,
I realized, just like Jonah, that I can’t
                                            worship schedule on page eleven.           the trees and swing sets. Pack a
run away because whatever it is will                                                   picnic lunch and we will supply the
                                            Kiddush Luncheon. Stay after
come right back and get you. You                                                       challah and grape juice. Activity
                                            services for a nosh and a schmooze
have to face it one way or another. I                                                  Center Park is a water park, so be
                                            on Saturday, August 4. The
can relate to someone who does not                                                     sure to wear a swimsuit and bring a
                                            Worship & Music Committee will
make the right decisions and pays for                                                  towel! Reservations not required, but
                                            provide a light lunch; you provide
what he or she has done but may                                                        appreciated for planning purposes.
                                            the conversation! No charge;
finally make it out. I personally think                                                No alcohol is allowed at Activity Center
                                            reservations not necessary.
we all have a little bit of Jonah in us                                                Park; all kids must be accompanied by
because at some time or another we          Healing Service. At 5:30 p.m. on           an adult.
all run away either mentally or             Friday, August 10, Rabbi Bodney-
physically.                                 Halasz will lead a service designed to

                                                         Worship News
4                                                                                   Temple Israel
                                                                                       130 Riverside Drive
                                                                                     Dayton, OH 45405-4968
                                                                                       phone 937-496-0050
                                                                                         fax 888-777-0490
                          Rabbi Karen N. Bodney-Halasz                        
                          Jerome Epstein Family
                          Director of Education                                          OFFICE HOURS
                                                                                     Mon-Thurs: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Over the past five years                 But there has been one gap in the              Fri: 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
Temple Israel has transformed its        Mitkadem program: a supplement
Hebrew curriculum. As I’ve tutored       that enabled students to work on                        STAFF
students for B’nai Mitzvah, I have       Hebrew during the week at home                  Rabbi David Sofian
seen that the Mitkadem program was       using a CD-rom. As we prepare for       
the right choice for our students.       the 2012-2013 school year, I am                        ext. 230
Each year, they are more prepared        excited to announce that the new           Rabbi Karen Bodney-Halasz
than those who came before               digital Mitkadem will provide the             Epstein Family Educator
them. They have a stronger               complete content of each level          
understanding of what the prayers        online where it will be at our                         ext. 226
mean, how to recite them, and are        students’ fingertips: full prayer texts,
                                                                                            Alan Halpern
more able to recognize the root          vocabulary, and recordings.
                                                                                           Executive Director
words within the prayers.                Mitkadem Digital also provides
                                                                                             Sh’liach Tzibbur
                                         various activities to meet the needs     
In January 2008, our school adopted
                                         of different types of learners. And all                ext. 224
the URJ’s Mitkadem Hebrew program
                                         of this can provide students and their
for a number of reasons, but                                                               Rachel Bearman
                                         teachers with instant feedback about
especially because 1) it met the needs                                                       Rabbinic Intern
                                         their progress.
of students at different levels of                                             
Hebrew knowledge within the same         Support from parents to reinforce              Ellen Finke-McCarthy
classroom and 2) it better enabled       materials learned in class is as             Facility rental and event planning;
students to find meaningful ways to      important as the quality of a Hebrew         Tablet; yahrzeits, funerals, burials
personally understand our                program. Mitkadem Digital will allow     
liturgy. While it required teachers      parents to support and help students                    ext. 223
and students to adapt their models of    succeed. Parents, if you have a                     Suzanne Shaw
teaching and learning, these changes     student in our Hebrew program,                   Membership statements;
have all been for the better.            plan to join me on the first day of            payments/invoices, donations
                                         religious school—September 23—to                        M—Th
Launching this program was a
                                         learn more about the Mitkadem          
challenge. Parents and students
                                         Hebrew curriculum and how to                           ext. 222
wanted to see immediate results and
                                         navigate Mitkadem Digital. I look
it was frustrating for the students
                                         forward to seeing you then!                       LEADERSHIP
who do not work well
independently. That first semester in                                                  Mitchell Faust, President
2008, we began using the program in                                            
one grade level and have since added         Madrichim and                                    937-293-8007
grades and made adjustments. We                                                       Lisa Pierce, Vice President
have reassessed the levels we work
                                            Teacher Training                 
                                            Sunday, August 26                                 937-643-0221
on and in which order, have
restructured classrooms by                                                            Rick Goldberg, Treasurer
combining students of different ages  Hebrew Teachers & all Madrichim          
                                                  10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.                        937-866-9150
with similar skills, and have made
                                                                                        Carol Graff, Secretary
requirements of specific ramot that   Judaics Teachers                         
need to be completed in order to
                                                  11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.                         937-438-8450
become Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

                                             Education/Youth News
TIDY Elects
2012-2013 Officers
The future of TIDY, Temple Israel
                                        Home Hospitality Needed For
                                        Cyclists Spending Shabbat In Dayton
                                        On Friday, August 3, 24 cyclists on a cross-country tour will arrive in Dayton
Dayton Youth, is in good hands          and spend Shabbat with Temple Israel. They’ll participate in Share Shabbat
with the recent election of officers    and Saturday morning services, a Kiddush luncheon and discussion on
for the coming year:                                Saturday, spend the afternoon and evening with their hosts (this
                                                         could be you!) and depart on Sunday morning.
President:      Sam Rossio
Programming Vice President:
                Alex Africk
Religious & Cultural
Vice President: Josie Buchanan
Social Action Vice Presidents:
                Craig Fishbein          Temple is seeking a few friendly and hospitable people to
                Adam Rossio             open their homes to these riders who are participating in Hazon’s
Membership Vice President:              ( Cross-Country Ride, which raises money for and awareness
                Phillip Fishbein        about sustainable food. They began their trip on Sunday, June 10 in Seattle
                                        and will arrive in Washington DC on August 15.
Financial and Communication
Vice President: Isaac Faust             We’re seeking 10 to 15 hosts for Friday and Saturday nights for the 24 riders,
                                        who include 17 men and seven women. We’ll need five to ten hosts who
TIDY welcomes all teens in ninth
                                        could live anywhere in Dayton with any kind of kitchen. Additionally, we
through twelfth grades. For more
                                        need: two homes within walking distance of Temple; three to four homes
information, contact Rachel
                                        within cycling distance of Temple; three homes without pets (riders with
Bearman, TIDY advisor, at
                                        allergies). We need a handful of homes for riders who keep kosher or are Watch
your mailboxes and inboxes this
summer for news about exciting fall     Call Temple for more information and/or go online and complete
events!                                 Hazon’s Home Hospitality Form at

Board of Directors Meeting Summaries
March 28, 2012. Mitchell Faust called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m., The minutes were approved. •
Mitchell is finishing a balanced budget for Board approval in April. The Board approved a recommendation not to
increase suggested membership contributions from 2011-12 to 2012-13. • The Festival Committee met and has
made significant progress on all parts of the Festival: fundraising,
programming, food and beverage. • The Board discussed options for
improving the sign on Riverside Drive. Alan Halpern showed the draft of
                                                                                Pick Up The Phone
Temple’s new website. • David and Tiffany Levene were accepted as new           Or Send An E-Mail
members. • Rachel Bearman will succeed David Spinrad as Temple’s rabbinic
intern in July. • A City of Dayton planner contacted Alan about enhancing        Rabbis Sofian and Bodney-Halasz
access to the bike path from Temple.                                             want to reach out to congregants in
                                                                                 times of need and joy, but hospitals
April 25, 2012. Mitchell Faust called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m. no longer send lists of patients.
and the minutes were approved as submitted. • Jeff Stoller presented the         Please contact the Temple office
budget which was passed unanimously. • Bart Weprin reported the slate of         when a friend or loved one is ill,
directors for presentation at the Annual Meeting. • Dan Young reported           hospitalized, in a nursing home,
some progress on a sign on Riverside Drive. • The Festival Steering              assisted living facility or shut in.
Committee continues to make progress. • Alan Halpern reported on a               Share the happy news, too—we
follow-up meeting to the March “Conversation about the Future.” • Mitchell might not know about a marriage,
thanked retiring Board members Michael Africk, Juli Bainbridge, Marcia Cox,      birth or other simcha unless you
Chuck Fried and Gary Pacernick before adjourning the meeting at 7:22 p.m.        share the good news with us!

business partners
      Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc.
     Hospice of Dayton • Levin Family Foundation
                   Walnut Creek

business underwriters
          Burke Orthodontics • Digital Fringe
  Friendship Village • Meadowlark • One Lincoln Park
          Quanexus • Waibel Energy Systems

business supporters
    Bloom Family Eye Surgeons • Caden Plumbing
   Dada Interiors • El Meson • The Flower Shoppe
       The Scott Halasz Agency • Houser, Inc.
   Industrial Design • Ohio Electric • Produce One
    Sebaly Shillito & Dyer • Wells Fargo Insurance

lead patrons
Anonymous • The Africk Family • Charlie and Joan Knoll
 Stuart Rose • Saldoff-Semmelman Family Foundation
                 William and Val Sena

    Tom and Juli Bainbridge and Ben Wacksman
          The Faust Family • Carol Finley
         Gary and Irene Fishbein and Family
 The Gaglione Family • David and Lynn Goldenberg
             Doug and Andrea Grimes
        Rabbi Karen, Scott and Jonah Halasz
         Alan, Julie, Josh and Zack Halpern
        Frank and Renee Handel and Family
 Ralph and Sylvia Heyman • Sandy and Paul Kulback
      Walter Ohlmann • David and Lisa Pierce
Harry and Rita Rich • Rabbi David and Simone Sofian
Casey and Amanda Weinstein • Bart and Linda Weprin
                 Rabbi P. Irving & Pat Bloom
              Julie & Robert Bloom and Family               Saul Caplan • Becky Childs • Cincinnati Klezmer Project • Courtney Snow Cummings
         Lonnie & Sarah Carpenter • Marcia Cox               Stacy Emoff • Alan Halpern • John Horwitz • The Kettering Civic Band • Ray Landis
       Rich & Nancy Cohen • Ken & Libby Elbaum                     Renee Franck Reed • The Shimmy Cats • David Sofian • Ritter Werner
 Bob Feist • M.J. & Bella Freeman • Chuck & Dee Fried
        Jeff Froelich • Lauren Hamer • Judy Heller
           Lora Heller* • Jim & Jeanne Hochman
      Joyce & Chuck Kardon • Joshua & Miri Lader           food and drink
                   Franklin & Cheryl Lewis
               Amy Margolin & Steve Sommer
             Suzi, Jeff, Joshua & Amanda Mikutis
           Mimi Rayl and Jack Ling • Gail Rouda
 Phil and Suzanne Rubin • Lee Schatzley & Carol Graff

      Paul & Katherine Cooper • Debra DiSalvo
     Howard & Ellen Faust • Jon & Heidi Freeman
        Ron & Shirlee Gilbert • Lois Goldberg
    Rick & Cathi Goldberg • Bill & Barb Gronefeld
   Lois Harris • Ellie Kent • Ric & Cathy Lieberman
        Robin & Tim Moore • Harold Prigozen
         Maxine Rubin • Marty & Linda Sacher                Mike Africk • Linda Albert • Julie Bloom • Nancy Cohen • Rich Cohen • Debbie DiSalvo
     Richard & Pat Saphire • Terry & Judy Stickel            Ellen Faust • Pam Feldman • Carol Finley • Dee Fried • Lois Goldberg • Dina Gough
           Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Weinstein                                Carol Graff • Amy Margolin • Walter Ohlman • Joy Schwartz
                                      *of blessed memory
                                                           Jewish Cultural Festival

                                                                                                             tireless volunteers

                                                                                                             Event Chairperson Carol Finley
                                                                                                                                 Food Michael Africk
                                                                                                                                       Debbie DiSalvo
                                                                                                                     Adult Beverages Jon Freeman
                                                                                                             Sponsorships/Fundraising Casey Weinstein
                                                                                                                       Entertainment Stacy Emoff
                                                                                                                 Children’s Activities Bonni Buchanan
                                                                                                                                       Sara Faust
                                                                                                                Educational Activities Bill Gronefeld
                                                                                                                             Vendors Shirlee Gilbert
                                                                                                                                       Dee Fried
                                        This photo by Lauren Shaw.

                                                                                                                      Budget/Finance Mitchell Faust
                                                                                                                          Hospitality Cathy Lieberman
                                                                                                                            Logistics Rick Goldberg
                                                                                                                             Publicity Walter Ohlmann
                                                                                                                             Security Doug Henning
                                                                                                                         Staff Liaison Alan Halpern

                                                                                                                in-kind donors
                                                                                                                   Dayton Art Institute and Ed Zimmerman
       Heather Adams / Gold Canyon                                                 Hillel Academy
                                                                                                                    Adam French • Groundskeeper of Ohio
          Jackie Adams / Lilla Rose                                          Jewish Geneological Society
                                                                                                                       Key-Ads • The Ohlmann Group
       Gustie Alvarado / Glass Artist                                  Vicki Kemmerer / South Park Artisans
                                                                                                                        Portraits by Mendy • Shumsky
    Brian Appel / Watercolor Paintings                                    Vicki King / Fabric Art Creations
Robin Berner and Cindy Carter / CR Designs                            Gayle McIntyre / Looking Glass Creations
    Beth Abraham Synagogue Gift Shop
                 Anne Burke
                                                                      Walton Lane Myers / Shadow Box Clocks
                                                                       Amy Stroble-Fent / The Pampered Chef
                                                                                                                raffle donors
     Sarah Carpenter / Sarah’s Sweeties                                     Fine Art by Rina Ronis Thau
  Mendy Fedotowsky / Portraits by Mendy                                    Mindi Wynne / Discovery Toys         Economy Linen • Elan • Morris Home Furnishings
      Maxine Halasz / Tastefully Simple                              Ron Wynne / Sons of Israel Motorcycle Club   Ohio Loan • Produce One • Weber Jewelers

                                                                              Jewish Cultural Festival
8   Tribute Donations
Temple gratefully acknowledges the following gifts received during May 2011.
Temple will list donations of $10 or more in The Tablet, and mail a notification for donations of $18
or more. Donations of $100 or more are described as “generous.” A complete list of Temple funds is
                                                                                                         Dora K. Holt
                                                                                                         Harold Holt
                                                                                                          Jon, Emily and Max Holt
                                                                                                         Dora Schimmelman
                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Maybruck and Family
                                                                                                         Harold Goldberg
available online at For more information, please call Temple.
                                                                                                          Barbara Goldberg
Generous contributions                                Harold Prigozen                                     Mrs. Jack Goldberg
                                                        Marc Prigozen                                    Helene Schmerin
were made by:                                                                                             Lois Harris
                                                      Mitchell Faust
          Mel Berman In Honor of                        Elli Kent                                        Howard Lubow
               Jan Berman                             Stephanie Noble                                     Jeff Lubow and Anna Trakhter
   Walter Ohlmann In Yahrzeit Memory of                 Teresa Wyman                                     Lisa Marie Forman
             Alice Ohlmann                           In Appreciation of                                   Curtis and Elisheva Caden
                                                      Barbara Gronefeld                                  Louis Marks
   Monique Margolis In Yahrzeit Memory of
                                                        Aaron and Anne Burke                              Lorraine Marks
            Sterling Margolis
                                                                                                         Rose Fromm
   Monique Margolis In Yahrzeit Memory of            In Honor of                                          Barbara Lotney
            Estelle Knoploch                          Josh Halpern's Graduation and                      Rose Levinson
     Rita Cline-Marks With Thanks to                  Zack Halpern's Confirmation                         Richard Levinson and Phyllis Walt
              Michael Africk                            Renee and Frank Handel and Family                Sol Eisner
     Dick and June Smythe In Honor of                In Memory of                                         Rick and Beatrice Harris
           the Special Award for                      Alex Trakhter                                      Tammy Rich Smith
             Ruthe Meadow                               Jeff Lubow and Anna Trakhter                      Harry and Rita Rich
                                                        Ray and Eleanor Must                             Terrence Schneiderman
Contributions were made:                                The Trakhter Family                               Hank Dlott* and Bev Lipson Dlott
                                                      Betty Jo Levine-Janeway's son, Peter
In Honor of a Speedy Recovery of                        Dorothy S. Finder                               Contributions were made to
 Leonard Ballas                                       Evelyn Chudde
   Syl Sapinsley
                                                                                                        these funds:
                                                        David and Lynn Goldenberg
 Lois Kuck                                              Jayne Miller                                    The General Operating Fund supports
   Aaron and Anne Burke                                 Ralph and Sylvia Heyman                         Temple Israel in the current year.
In Honor of the Birth of                              Hank Dlott                                        The Fund for Tomorrow supports all
 our granddaughter, Ming                                Jayne Miller                                    aspects of Temple Israel's operation.
   Curtis and Elisheva Caden                            Scott and Pat Shapiro                           The Discretionary Fund of Rabbi Sofian,
In Honor of the Confirmation of                         Shirley Leventhal                               Rabbi Bodney-Halasz and Alan Halpern.
 Carly Sobol                                            Suzi and Jeff Mikutis and Family
                                                                                                        The Brotherhood Education Fund
 Rachel Bloom                                           Ralph and Sylvia Heyman
                                                                                                        supports the Ryterband Brunch Series.
   Suzi and Jeff Mikutis and Family                   Joy Rosen
                                                        Franklin and Cheryl Lewis                       The Building Endowment Fund helps
In Honor of the Marriage of                                                                             maintain the Temple building.
                                                      Lora Heller
 Adam Katz
                                                        Amy Margolin                                    The Block Social Action Fund supports
 Steve and Marla Harlan's Son
                                                        Lee Schatzley and Carol Graff                   social action programs.
   Judy Schwartzman
                                                        Norman and Judith Hecht                         The Jon Schwartzman Children’s Fund
In Honor of the Special Anniversary of                Thomas May                                        supports children’s activities.
 Boris and Kay Sokol                                    Aaron and Anne Burke
   Ralph and Sylvia Heyman                              Barb Goldberg                                   The Jeanette Maimon Memorial Fund
 Jack and Maggie Stein                                  Lee Schatzley and Carol Graff                   helps maintain Riverview Cemetery.
   Syl Sapinsley                                        Marilyn Lebowitz                                The Hochman Family Education Fund
In Honor of the Special Award for                       Kay Cohen                                       supports an educational program.
 Joan Knoll                                           Sid Weiner                                        The Patterson Campership Fund helps
   Jim and Jeanne Hochman                               Lori Bichel                                     Temple families send their children to GUCI.
   Ray, Robin, Zach and Jeremy Shaw                     Sharon Gitman
                                                                                                        The Emoff Fine Arts Fund purchases
 Ruthe Meadow                                        In Support of Temple Israel                        artwork.
   Jim and Jeanne Hochman                               Maxine Rubin
   Larry Glickler                                                                                       The Past Presidents Fund honors
                                                     In Yahrzeit Memory of                              Temple’s past presidents.
In Honor of the Special Birthday of                   Allan Pinsker
 Allen Ross                                                                                             The Rabbi Stephen Levinson Fund helps
                                                        Elli Kent
 Arthur Carne                                                                                           develop youth group leadership.
                                                      Barbara Leventhal
 Boris Sokol                                            Shirley Leventhal                               The Schatz Religious School Fund
 Elaine Stein                                         Bertha Levin Goldberg                             supports Temple Israel's religious school.
 Jane Miller                                          Samuel Goldberg                                   The Donenfeld Greenspace Fund helps
 Jim Levinson                                           Mrs. Jack Goldberg                              beautify Riverview Cemetery and the Temple
 Martin and Joan Holzinger                            Celia Must                                        grounds.
 Stephen Levitt                                         Ray and Eleanor Must
 Sylvan Weinberg                                                                                                                  *of blessed memory
   Ralph and Sylvia Heyman
Twelve Will Become Adult B’nai Mitzvah on Saturday, August 11
On Saturday , August 11, a dozen Temple
members will be called to the Torah and
complete a journey many began a lifetime ago.
                                                                                Ranging in age from 37 to 92, the class members
                                                                                have many reasons for becoming b’nai mitzvah.
                                                                                Some of the women grew up in Conservative and
Linda Albert, Molly Blumer, Pam Feldman, Irene                                  Orthodox congregations and attended Hebrew
Fishbein, Dee Fried, Lois Goldberg, Barb                                        school, but weren’t given the chance to celebrate
Gronefeld, Carol Graff, Doug Henning, Cheryl                                    a bat mitzvah. After celebrating with their
Lewis, Lee Schatzley and Terry Wyman have learned                      daughters and grand-daughters, they are taking their turn.
Hebrew and studied Judaism with Rabbi Sofian every                     Other members came to Judaism as adults, and b’nai
Monday since October in preparation for adult b’nai                    mitzvah is another step on their journeys into Judaism.
                                                                       Chuck Fried, talking about his wife’s experience said, “In 50
“Carol came home from the first class so enthusiastic that I           years of marriage, I can’t remember something she has
thought I would try it,” said Lee Schatzley. “I put my foot            been more excited about. I think she has two copies of
in the door and got stuck. Learning to read Hebrew and                 the Torah portion, one upstairs and one downstairs, and I
learning about Judaism has been a great experience, and                hear her practicing wherever she is!” Dee confirms that
Rabbi Sofian has taught this so engagingly. I’m glad I did             “the combination of learning and camaraderie have been
it.”                                                                   ideal preparation” for the fulfillment of a long-held dream.

We Remember
These names are inscribed on the Memorial Tablets in our Sanctuary and, together with others whose Yahrzeit occurs during these weeks,
will be read during Shabbat services before Kaddish.
July 6 and 7                                                         Leon B. Frank, Max Friedman, Theodore E. Goldenberg, Clara
Irene Bluman, Robert L. Cline, Frank D. Cohan, Ann Barry             R. Gradsky, Herman H. Hutzler, Lillian Israel, Blanche W.
Cohen, Rose Zimmerman Colp, Hyman S. Dennis, Emma P.                 Lebensburger, Mildred B. Margolis, Arthur K. Margolis, Shirley
Fialcow, Benjamin (Benny) Goldflies, Jacob Goldzwig, Ralph           Miller, Anna K. Osness, Benjamin M. Patterson, Muriel Robins
Heyman, Belle C. Jaffa, Jacob Lehman, Hans Liebermann, Babette       Rafal, Edward Rauh, Elizabeth C. Rothenberg, Jennie Green Saul,
Rheinheimer, Samuel I. Rosenthal, Isaac Sajovitz, Ronald Jay         Carrie D. Semmelman, Benjamin R. Shaman, James H. Wyse.
Silverman, Sol Slavin, Marjory R. Tanis, Harry E. Weprin, Henry
Winters, Norma Jane Zappin.                                          August 10 and 11
                                                                     Stanley J. Brown, Samuel Fahrer, Jane Fisher, A. M. Friend, Jean
July 13 and 14                                                       Kamin, Charles M. Leon, A. Joe Levy, Freda H. Patterson,
Abraham Bader, Rose Bedolis, Harry Bloch, Arnold Blum, Louis         Lawrence S. Patterson, William A. Schimmelman, Ruth R.
L. Cohen, Samuel Daniels, Julius E. Finn, David C. Finn, Joseph      Steinberg.
O. Frank, Joe Friedman, David Huber, Mollie R. Jacobs, Rosella
B. Lapedes, Sylvia M. Lebensburger, Melvin Lehman, Arthur M.         August 17 and 18
Levine, Mabel N. Marx, Bertha Sternbe Mason, Dorothy B.              Johannah Asher, Emil A. Asher, Jay Dinhofer, Bernard M. Frank,
Moyer, Mae R. Prigozen, Edith Richmond, Mathilda Rosen,              Louise Spielbe Friedman, Ruth E. Froelich, Mildred Gitman,
Benjamin Ryterband, Moses Sanders, Miriam L. Schimmelman,            Henry I. Gleiwitzer, Oscar L. Goldfarb, Louis Green, Ben
Mae Schulman, William A. Semmelman, Maurice R. Semmelman,            Harlan, David L. Herman, Syd Kaplan, Rachel Levenson, Fannie
Isaac Tiber.                                                         K. Margolis, Esther B. Meadow, Leon R. Office, Joseph E.
                                                                     Potasky, Rebecca Weil Rauh, David Schuman, Jon Steven
July 20 and 21                                                       Schwartzman, Jack D. Shleier, J. Edward Wasserman.
Millie Adler, Meyer J. Bachrach, Minnie L. Ettlinger, Leonora T.
Green, Carrie Huber, Harry C. Jacobs, Max M. Kahn, William           August 24 and 25
Lapedes, Paula Littwitz, Anna Margolis, Philip B. November,          Milton Bennett, Aubrey Devay, Rosa Dora Diamond, Otto
Selwyn D. Ruslander, Simon Sanders, Harriet Sanders, Charlotte       Farnbacher, Lillian E. Finn, Minnie Fischman, Marjorie L. Flagel,
E. Schuman, Dorothy Graff Slavin, Elizabeth B. Thal, Herman J.       Harry Friedman, Nancy May Hollander, Emma Lebensburger,
Weisman.                                                             Isaac M. Lebensburger, Marvin Adam Levine, Norman Miller,
                                                                     Fannie Retske, Ida Rosenthal, Jack Schwartz, Benjamin C. Stein,
July 27 and 28                                                       Robert Martin Stern, Mollie Ungar, David J. Weinberg.
Lesser Asher, Blanche E. Asher, Harry F. Hampel, Herbert M.
Harris, Harry Israel, Hyman Kulback, Harry L. Lawner, Alex           August 31 and September 1
Perl, Anna Perl, Herbert Perl, Miriam Prigozen, Jacob Schwartz,      William Caplan, Lena Glas Feinberg, Anne Trenner Frank, Henry
Bertha H. Silverman, Sylvia L. Solomon, Ruth M. Tepping, Ruth        Goldman, M.D., Rhea K. Israel, Blanche R. Jacobs, Bena Jacobs,
K. Tiber, Louis Weprin.                                              Paul Katz, Louis E. Levenson, Lottie Liebermann, Ruth
                                                                     Liebermann, Max Marcus, Berkeley Slutzker, Eureda (Rita)
August 3 and 4                                                       Zissen.
Isadore Bloom, Mae S. Chudde, Joseph Cohen, Morris Epstein,

10               Birthdays and Anniversaries
The Tablet publishes birthdays every five years starting at age 35 and annually starting at 85; we
publish anniversaries every five years. If you prefer not to be listed, please call Ellen at 496-
0050. If you were not included in our list, please let us know and we will publish your name in
                                                                                                     Mazal Tov!
                                                                                                     … to Rita Cline-Marks, whose
                                                                                                     grandson Tevyn R. Charney graduated
                                                                                                     from California State University, Chico
the next Temple Tablet.
                                                                                                     with a Bachelor's degree in philosophy
August Birthdays                                  September Birthdays                                and will begin study at Embry-Riddle
 3 Mel Lipton                                      1 Kim Adler                                       Aeronautical University this July.
 5 Tony Char                                       1 Jack Middleman                                  Tevyn is the son of Joule (Julie Cline)
 5 Ellen Elovitz                                   3 Cathi Goldberg                                  Charney.
 6 Arthur Greenfield                               7 Bob Emoff                                       … to Franklin T. Cohn, who took
 7 Irene Frank                                     7 Jerry Kantor                                    one silver medal in tennis and one
 7 Suzanne Thum                                    7 Joe Simon                                       bronze in track and field at the 2012
10 Lyle Richardson                                 8 Raye Feldman                                    Senior Olympics.
11 Shirley Levitt                                 13 David Reese
12 David Gottschalk                               14 Ken Lotney                                      … to Alan Halpern, recently named
12 Bobbie Kantor                                  17 Kay Farnbacher                                  to the board of the new Dayton
13 Jewel Safferman                                18 Jennifer Davis-Berman                           Performing Arts Alliance, the
14 Jerry Colp                                     19 Michael Africk                                  organization created by the merger of
22 Cicely Nathan                                  19 Maureen Lynch                                   The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra,
24 Walter Klarin                                  25 Lenora Fahrer                                   Dayton Ballet and Dayton Opera.
26 Paul Van Buren                                 25 Ellen Rosenthal                                 … to Dr. Neil Katz and Karin
                                                  30 Bob Feist                                       Hirschkatz on the May 27 marriage
August Anniversaries                              30 Bob Kahn                                        of their son, Adam Katz, to Yuliya
 1 Todd and Jean Bettman 20 years                                                                    Polyachenko in West Bloomfield,
 1 Neil Katz and Karin Hirschkatz                 September Anniversaries                            Michigan.
                               30 years            4 Bob and Nora Newsock 35 years
 3   Harpo and Shirley Levitt 65 years             4 Lynn and Shirley Roberts                         … to The Ohlmann Group, Inc. Led
17   Franklin and Cheryl Lewis 45 years                                          35 years            by Walter Ohlmann, the firm was
19   Jeffrey and Celia Shulman 50 years             6   Joe and Faith Tuss       25 years            one of six businesses honored locally
27   Tom and Randee Saldoff 40 years                7   Bob and Gert Kahn        65 years            this year with Better Business Bureau
                                                    7   Dan and Patricia Young 15 years              Eclipse Integrity Awards for
                                                   25   Jeff and Stephanie Noble 30 years            outstanding ethics, integrity and
                                                   26   Ira and Susan Thomsen 25 years               honesty.
                                                                                                     … to Boris and Kay Sokol who
                                                                                                     celebrated their seventieth wedding
We Welcome These New Members                                                                         anniversary on June 21.
JB Hoyer and Kristine Lorena Nutt                 Vicki Lynn Kemmerer
                                                                                                     … to Ethan Zied, son of Eric and
                                                                                                     Dena Zied, who was awarded
                                                                                                     the Maccabee Emblem scouting award.
We Mourn These Recent Deaths                                                                         … to Temple members honored at the
                                                                                                     Jewish Federation's Annual Meeting on
Harold Ostrov                                     Joseph Simon                                       May 16: Joe Bettman, Robert
Lora Levy Heller                                  Hank Dlott                                         Shapiro Award; Ellie Brown, JSSA
 Mother of Judy Heller                             Husband of Beverly Lipson Dlott                   Volunteer of the Year; Rachel Haug
                                                                                                     Gilbert, Dorothy B. Moyer Young
Thomas May                                        Evelyn Liebovitch                                  Leadership Award; Shirlee Gilbert,
 Son of Jan May                                    Mother of Judith Schwartzman                      DJCC Volunteer of the Year; Mike
                                                                                                     Shane and Lisa Pierce, Past
                                                                                                     Presidents' Award. Federation also
                                                                                                     recognized outgoing Board
                          Do You Get TIDBits?                                                        member, Todd Bettman.
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Worship Schedule
Shabbat Balak
Numbers 22:2-25:9; Haftarah: Micah 5:6-6:8
Friday, July 6
                                                                   Shabbat R’eih
                                                                   Deuteronomy 11:26-16:17; Haftarah: Isaiah 54:11-55:5
                                                                   Friday, August 17
Shabbat Services                            6:00 p.m.              Services                                      6:00 p.m.
Worship led by Scott Halasz.                                       Saturday, August 18
Saturday, July 7                                                   Torah Study                                   9:30 a.m.
Torah Study                                 9:30 a.m.              Services at Temple                           10:30 a.m.
Services                                  10:30 a.m.               Shabbat In The Park               10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Worship led by Rita Rich and Karin Hirschkatz.                       At Activity Park in Centerville
Shabbat Pinchas                                                    Shabbat Shof’tim
Numbers 25:10-30:1; Haftarah: Jeremiah 1:1-2:3                     Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9; Haftarah: Isaiah 51:12-52:12
Friday, July 13                                                    Friday, August 24
Services                                   6:00 p.m.               Services                                      6:00 p.m.
Worship led by Lee Schatzley and Carol Graff.                      Saturday, August 25
Saturday, July 14                                                  Torah Study                                  9:30 a.m.
Torah Study                                9:30 a.m.               Services                                    10:30 a.m.
Services                                  10:30 a.m.
Worship led by Fran Rickenbach & Marla Guggenheimer.               Shabbat Ki Teitzei
                                                                   Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19; Haftarah: Isaiah 54:1-10
Shabbat Matot/Mas’ei                                               Friday, August 31
Numbers 30:2-36:13; Haftarah: Jeremiah 2:4-28; 3:4; 4:1-2          Services                                      6:00 p.m.
Friday, July 20                                                    Saturday, September 1
Services                                   6:00 p.m.               Torah Study                                  9:30 a.m.
Worship led by Lonnie Carpenter and Judy Heller.                   Services                                    10:30 a.m.
Saturday, July 21
Torah Study                               9:30 a.m.
Services                                 10:30 a.m.
Worship led by Sara Faust and Amy Margolin.
Shabbat D’varim                                               Serving at St. Vincent de Paul
Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22; Haftarah: Isaiah 1:1-27
                                                                Sundays       July 1, August 5                    4:30 p.m.
Friday, July 27
Services                                         6:00 p.m.    Intermediate Hebrew
Saturday, July 28                                             With Rabbi Bodney-Halasz
Torah Study                                      9:30 a.m.       Mondays    July 2, 9, 23                         1:00 p.m.
Services                                        10:30 a.m.
                                                              Knitting and Crocheting
Shabbat Va-et’chanan                                            Mondays      throughout July and August           1:15 p.m.
Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11; Haftarah: Isaiah 40:1-26
                                                              Beginning Hebrew with Sara Faust
Friday, August 3
                                                                Wednesdays July 11, 18, 25                         5:00 p.m.
Share Shabbat Services                   6:00 p.m.
Hazon Cross-USA Ride joining us for services.                 Coffee & Commentary with Rabbi Bodney-Halasz
Worship led by Alan Halpern.                                    Wednesdays (except July 4 and 18, August 1) 10:00 a.m.
Saturday, August 4                                              At Caribou Coffee, Far Hills north of Whipp Rd.
Torah Study                              9:30 a.m.
                                                              Talmud Study
Services                                10:30 a.m.
                                                                Wednesdays in August                                      Noon
Kiddush Luncheon                            Noon
                                                                (will not meet in July)
Worship led by Nancy Cohen and Lynn Goldenberg.
                                                              Executive Committee Meetings
Shabbat Eikev                                                   Wednesdays July 11, August 8                       5:30 p.m.
Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25; Haftarah: Isaiah 49:14-51:3
Friday, August 10                                             Madrichim and Teacher Training
Services                                 6:00 p.m.             Sunday          August 26
Worship led by Barb Goldberg and Mary Ann Robinson.            Hebrew Teachers & all Madrichim 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 11                                            Judaics Teachers                11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Torah Study                              9:30 a.m.
                                                              Office Closed
Services / Adult B’nai Mitzvah          10:30 a.m.
                                                                Wednesday, July 4                      Independence Day
                                                                Monday, September 3                           Labor Day

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