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					A New English Grammar
朱树立 English Department Yunyang Teachers’ College

What we will go though in this class:
1. About the course
2. About the book 3. About the rules 4. About the teacher 5. About the suggestion 6. What’s bad


1. About the course
 Why Grammar?  Can we learn without it?  What is it?  Shall we love it or hate it?  How to learn it?

Why Grammar?
Kids can learn their mother tongue without any knowledge on grammar. The local people in English language speaking countries speak more natural but know less on the language than foreign learners like us. If given the English language environment, the grammar will be the last thing we need to learn English.

Why Grammar?
We take English as a foreign language that will be seldom used in daily life after school. So we have no any English language environment at all. Thank God we have grammar as a tool or a short cut. a Tool to handle difficulties in English language A short cut to form logical thought

Why Grammar?
practice ▲ ▲ In English language environment

Grammar practice
▲ ▲


In Danjiang

Can we learn without it?
 The answer is yes, we can.  But most of our colourful life will be taken by using the methods of learning language without its grammar.  The reasonable answer will be:  we can learn without it but that’s a most stupid way.

What is it?
 Grammar is not language itself.  Grammar is a knowledge on language.  It is just a useful tool ,a faithful servant



Shall we love it or hate it?
 Neither!  毛主席教导我们:  战略上藐视它,战术上重视它。

How to learn it?
1.We will study some lectures in detail :
① Definitions of terms ② Explanations of grammatical points ③ Discrimination of the utterly confused ④ Examples ⑤ Exercise and quizzes

2. then highlight some 3. leave some for your self-study

2. About the book
Almost the best grammar course book Almost a little difficult for students of our level Almost need to be read 2 times or more Almost should be appended some reference books like:

For further reading
1. 大学英语语法手 册 张成韦

上海外语教育出 版社。 37.00

2. 大学英语语法聚 焦 姚云桥 上海交通大学出 版社。 16.00

3. 英语常见问题解 答大词典 赵振才

清华大学出版社。 58.00

4. 大学英语语法
徐广联 华东理工大学 出版社 45.00

5. 张道真英语语法 (全新版) 张道真

商务印书馆 45.00

3. About the rules
1) Things never minded in this class: 1. Being absent minded 2. Interrupting at any moment 3. Doing other studies 2) Things minded in this class: 1. Talking 2. Sleeping 3. Playing cellphone
Other wise:


Classroom management
 One who is being: absent late talking sleeping playing cellphone

-30 -10 -30 -10 -10

4. About the teacher
 Name: 朱树立  Tel: 13177456799  Email:  QQ: 76306778(latakia)  2 years as intensive reading teacher  2 years as grammar teacher  Sometimes boring, sometimes strict  But mostly easy to deal with

5. About the suggestion
• • • • A note book strongly needed Pre-reading being extremely essential Home work being finished in time Come with your own problems

Which translation is the best?
 I could not look on death, which being known, Men led me to him, blindfold and alone. 1. 我认识死,我不能面对死, 人们领着我去死,盲目地,孤独地。
2. 恕我未能正视死亡,尽管当时惊险备尝, 只因把我两眼蒙住,人们让我孤身前往。 3. 我未能正视死神,人们一觉察,便蒙上我 眼睛,单送我去见它。

Who dare to hire???
 Twenty dollar one month, eat you, sleep you.
月薪20元,吃你的,住你的。 Twenty dollar one month, free room and board.

Bad Grammar

What’s bad grammar according to the song ?