2010 December Curriculum Task Force Agenda by langkunxg


									                      Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District
                             Curriculum Task Force Agenda
                                                December 21, 2010
                                              Facilitated by Al Thomas
Curriculum Task Force Mission:
     To provide a network that coordinates and supports curriculum development
     To provide aligned, cooperative professional development
     To keep districts informed on recent rules, laws, trainings, grants, and other opportunities
Curriculum Task Force Vision:
Curriculum Task Force will provide seamless curriculum, assessments, and pacing guides to support best
practice to achieve higher student results.
Curriculum Task Force Members:
 Scott Akom                 Julie Boss              Wendy Musselman  Jennifer Sŭck
 Pat Apfel                  John Bretschneider  Jodi Redman                    Al Thomas
 Judy Baase                 Dave Cox                Beth Robb                  Julie VanAlst
 Lisa Bannon                Kim Miller              Todd Schultz               Kim Vander Vlucht
 Jennifer Brown             Len Morrow              Cathy Smart                Liz Walker
 Fred Boss

                     Item                                   Action                       Time
I.          Welcome - Agenda Additions        Information                   5 minutes

II.         Sub Committee Work                Information/Action            20 minutes

III.        Reporting out from                Information/Action            10 minutes
            subcommittee work

IV.         Local School Updates              Information                   15 minutes

V.          Questions on Reports – all        Questions                     10 minutes
            reports are provided in writing
            on the website

VI.         Student Growth                    Information/Discussion        25 minutes

VII.        Professional Development –        Video and PowerPoint are      35 minutes
            MI-SAAS                           available at this link
Standard Values/Behaviors
       1.   Utilize local expertise
       2.   Share Active Participation in discussion and decisions
       3.   Share information from CTF meeting with local administrative teams and appropriate staff
       4.   Utilize data to make decisions

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