A Virtual Globe for the Interactive Display of OPeNDAP Data

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					A Virtual Globe for the Interactive Display of OPeNDAP Data
WE-MAV-01 (FY07) Nancy Soreide1 Albert J Hermann2 Joseph Sirott1
1 NOAA/PMEL, Seattle, WA 98115 2 NOAA/PMEL/JISAO-University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195

New technologies can promote public visualization of NOAA’s data assets



1) Virtual globe software (and Google Earth in particular) is steadily capturing the imagination of the public, as a natural interface for geospatial data. 2) A steadily increasing catalogue of NOAA’s oceanographic and atmospheric data is available through OPeNDAP technology. 3) Low-cost immersive technology (e.g. the GeoWall) has proven its value in public education and scientific analysis, for the display of geospatial data.

Google Earth
GE is a free geospatial viewer with the popular appeal of a videogame experience  GE has a simple scripting language: KML (keyhole markup language)


A free stereo viewer for GE is now available:

Google Earth topography in stereo

We use model output to demonstrate oceanic capabilities

Accomplishments thus far

Rendered simple objects in GE:
◦ 2D plots ◦ Animated translucent 3D “fog” ◦ Animated 3D float tracks with bathymetry

  

Utilized an openDAP server (DAPPER) to render isosurfaces in GE Assembled a portable geowall for immersive stereo rendering Demonstrated the system to a large audience

Simple 2-D plot in GE using gif transparency

Stacked translucent gifs create 3D“fog”
GE presently has no ocean depth so must build 3D worlds in to the sky….


3D fog: results from CGOA modeling
Temperature of the top 100m of the ocean  Jun 03- Jun 08 of 2001  Red is hotter, Blue is colder  Here, look directly down from above, through the fog

June 03 2001

June 04 2001

June 05 2001

June 06 2001

June 07 2001

June 08 2001

Sample 3D float track with crude bathymetry surface

DAPPER server for display of surfaces in GE
Interactive selection of region, time, isosurface  Demo version hosts Eco-FOCI model output  Generates kml file which is displayed by GE  Uses COLLADA language for compact representation of surfaces

Salinity isosurface (red) with bathymetry (blue)

Visualize in stereo!

Same surfaces from a different angle

Equipment for portable stereo system
Laptop with dual video output  Small projectors (each ~size of a submarine sandwich)  Medium-sized screen, easy to carry  Polarized glasses

A portable geowall in use…

Projectors are small!

Issues for future work

We anticipate GE will add ocean bathymetry
◦ This would allow a true 3D ocean in the ocean


GE has high potential for interactive display from many sources
◦ Live Access Server has interactive refresh during navigation in GE ◦ Simultaneously compare model output with data from multiple servers