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									                           SHOALHAVEN DISTRICT P S S A
                                GENERAL MEETING 7th June, 2011
                                   Bomaderry Bowling Club.

Opened: 4.10pm.

1.Attendance: Peter Collins (NNPS), Dave Adams, Libby Walsh, Bob Mortyn (NPS), Ian
Cunningham (BomPS), Gail O’Sullivan (BerryPS), Peter Carter (CalPS), Shannon Evans (CulPS).

2. Apologies: Tracey Wellingtom (CambePS), Annette Bellamy (NHPS), Deb Faulks (IRPS).

3. Minutes: of May meeting were read and accepted. Mortyn/ Cunningham carried.

4. Business Arising: - Libby’s ½ day payment for SIZ netball has been upgraded to a full day’s
- The inservice of ‘What PSSA is’ attracted 14 people which was reasonable, however it was
disappointing that more younger people weren’t in attendance. Please note, Dave or Bob are
willing to address a staff meeting at any school in the district as to the inservice. Thanks were
offered to Dave and Greg Lloyd for their input.
Motion: As Neil Sherring came from Sydney and returned that evening for no personal gain, is was
suggested that we purchase a twin wine pack from a local winery for him as a token of our
appreciation.                                                                   Adams/ Walsh carried.
- The Golf trials so far have only gained a total of 3 boys. If we don’t have any girls, we will not be
able to enter a team. Dave has not only contacted all Sth Coast schools, but he has also contacted
all golf clubs on the South Coast…… We urgently need to get a girl who also has a handicap.
- Secretary Walsh contacted all SDPSSA schools informing their SAMs of all 2011 Officer Bearers
of SDPSSA, in a bid to expedite sending all mail/ correspondence to correct schools.

5. Correspondence:
       OUT: Minutes of May meeting.
              Reminder of this meeting.
              Information of SDPSSA office bearers to SAMs
              Postponement of SCSSA Cross Country to 16th June
              Postponement of SCSSA Athletics Committee to 15th June.
              Information of RU trials.
              Further correspondence of RU team and training details.

       IN:      nil

6. Reports
       a) Treasurer
           Balance @ 1/5/11 was $18608.99
           IN:      Dist Swim NPS, NHPS, BomPS, $224.00
                    Reg Swimming CamPS $2.50

             OUT:     SCC (NNPS) district swimming – hire of pool $714.00
                      SHS – Athletics field hire and cleaning deposit $273.00
                      Bomaderry Swimming Club - hire of club rooms $60.00
                      NPS relief – various $749.99
                      BerryPS relief – Basketball $293.94
                      CamPS relief – cricket $293.00
             Balance @ 1/6/11 was $16451.56
Sth Coast Report – Dave Adams
    - Dave raised the issue of changes to the Sth Coast Calendar, and not all districts and schools
       being directly notified, but RSO has assured meeting that this will occur in future.
    - Sth Coast only hosts 1 sport in 2012 – tennis, to be held in Canberra. Anyone interested in
    - Wed 7th March 2012 SCSSA Prim Swimming.
    - Fri 15th June 2012 SCSSA Prim Cross Country
    - Fri 31 August 2012 SCSSA Prim Aths.
    - The amalgamation of Crookwell and Goulburn District has formally occurred.
    - Yass and Qunebeyan District looking at amalgamation – possibly next year.

SDPSSA Rugby Union Trials –
It is disappointing the support John Stovin-Bradford is gaining from students and schools re the
district RU side. He has had to hunt for permission and medical notes. Several boys have not
really committed themselves to their position in the team and this is very frustrating.

SDPSSA Cross Country – Glenn Sansom – typed
A very good day for running (after forecast of rain and wind). IRPS were winner for 14th year in a
row – then Berry, Cambe and KVPS, with KVPS winner of the % pointscore trophy with a double
average of the 2nd place school – NHPS, Berry, Cambe.
Jenson Barker KVPS (11min 26sec) was boy champion of 3klm course, with Audrey McGuire
IRPS (12min 34sec) being the winners of Willandra Cups.
Thank you to all managers and officials, with a special thank you to Neil Hansen (LM). Great
behaviour from all students.
A Points breakdown was offered also to the meeting.
Glenn offered an apology as to the offering of 6th place runners an opportunity to run for SDPSSA
at SCSSA carnival – this is NOT the case, as only the 1st 5 runners are eligible to run.
Please get permission notes to Glenn or team managers (@ NPS) as a matter of urgency.
Motion: Congratulations to Glenn be offered to Glenn on a great carnival.
                                                                        Mortyn/ Cunningham carried.
Discussion on the Cross Country followed and at 1 P&C meeting, a point was raised as to some
students after the dismissal of students at the carnival, where students from at least 1 schools started
playing in the carpark, and cars were ‘run into’. It is important to let schools know of these
problems as soon as practical, and it also important to realize that all teachers at the venue are
responsible for duty of care. If a teacher was out on course from a school, then it is important that
other teachers assist in the duty of care. Further it is important that managers of respective teams
are fully aware that they are responsible for their students until the end of the day.
Additional entries are not permitted at the Sth Coast Carnival unless the RSO is contacted from the
school. Parents are not to contact the convenor and request additional entries. Further the convenor
would have to seek permission from RSO if additional entries were to be accepted.
SCSSA Carnival has been postponed until 16th June, with the SCSSA Athletics Sub-Committee to
be held the evening before on 15th.

SDPSSA Boys Touch Trials – Dean Haddon – typed
Trials were held at Bom Sporting Complex on 13 May, at the same venue as the girls - to help
schools with transport. 26 boys attended from 8 schools. 5 students from NHS Year 9 were
excellent ambassadors of the game and their school – refereeing both boys and girls matches during
the afternoon. A squad of 10 boys from 6 schools was selected into the team, with two boys who
were unable to attend training to determine their abilities and whether they are also worthy of a run
at the next level. Regional trials on 10th June at Fairy Meadow.
SCSSA Hockey Trials – Peter Wright-Smith – typed
Combined SDPSSA and SSDPSSA Boys hockey team travelled to W’gong on 6th May, and were
joined by 2 Far Sth Coast boys. The team was young and inexperienced , but remained competitive
for their 3 losses. 2 boys into poss vs probs, with Joshua Wright-Smith selected into SCSSA team
to compete at state carnival. Our team to be commended for sportsmanship and overall behaviour.

SCSSA Netball Trials – Libby Walsh
2 SDPSSA girls were selected into the SCSSA team: Montana Reynolds (KVPS) and Shelby
Mallon (BerryPS). All 6 SIZ girls actually made poss vs probs.

NSWPSSA 11s Rugby League Carnival
SCSSA 11s League are the state champions, with a student from NPS (Lachlan Morris) a member
of the team.

General Business:
   - As the next meeting is a only week or so away from the district athletics, it was
      disappointing that no IRPS delegate was present to discuss initial thoughts for the carnival.
      Discussion on the ½ day Thursday included the need for teachers to attend as officials,
      remembering that we have 3 high jumps operating at the same time.

   -   It was disappointing that no small school representatives were present at the meeting to
       speak upon the Gala Days that they are organizing for the end of this term. It was suggested
       that Bob contact Annette Bellamy and Max Vucic @ NHPS, to see if they can initiate this
       ASAP. Sports to be offered to include football (soccer) and touch. Parallel teams only to be
       offered to attempt to gain even games throughout the day.

   -   Shoalhaven River Learning Group of Schools is wishing to have a display during education
       week. They are suggesting that on the Tuesday (2nd August), that SDPSSA be part of the
       display. Specifically, they are requesting our banner and access to the website. Pete Collins
       has offered to partially man our section – thanks Pete. The date is also a district meeting
   Motion: Next meeting date of SDPSSA be brought forward to Tuesday 26th July to be held
   after the SIZ meeting.                                          Adams/ Walsh carried.

   -  As SDPSSA is quite comfortable with funds, and the uniforms of the multi-purpose shirts
      are needing replacement/ adding to, we should look at getting some more. It is important
      that we look at designs and sizes. Further we look at purchasing shirts for our managers to
      purchase, similar to those multi-purpose shirts. Is there any other gear which requires
      replacement? – Netball Skirts, RL jumpers??
   Motion: Peter Collins to look into the multi-purpose shirts at local and other outlets, with a
   view to purchasing before the Regional Athletics. Dave Adams is prepared to assist Pete if
   required.                                                        Mortyn/ Collins carried.

Meeting closed: 5.35pm.
Next Meeting: 2/8/11.

SDPSSA Constitution:
  - This document is still to be reviewed!

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