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2nd Grade DEEP in Math Problems of the Day_


									3rd Grade DEEP in Math Problems of the Day! Set 4

• 1. Mr. Johnson wrote a check for three hundred twenty dollars to buy a new lawn mower. • A. How many digits does it take to write this amount? ___________ • B. The bank teller gave Mr. Johnson three hundred twenty dollars in ten-dollar bills only. How many tendollar bills did Mr. Johnson receive? _____________ • 2. Study this number pattern. 4 7 11 14 18 • A. What number will come next? ____________ • B. What do you have to do to get the next number? ___________________________ • 3. What is the opposite of each of these? • A. backward ___________ b. front _____________ • C. down ___________ d. more _____________

• Use the chart below to answer the following:
Gumdrops 2 cents Mints 3 cents Jaw Breakers 4 cents Peppermint Sticks 5 cents

• A. How many gumdrops can you buy for a dime? ______ • B. How many jaw breakers can you buy for two dimes? ________ • C. If Ben wanted to spend 38 cents, what could he buy? _________ • 2. Tripp has 24 baseball cards. He put them into stacks of 4. • A. How many stacks did Tripp make? _______ • B. Explain how you figured out your answer. _____________________________________________

• 1. Each morning the first tourists arrive for their tour of the state capital at the time on the clock. • A. What time do they arrive? ____________ • B. What is another way to say this time? ___________ • C. If the tour starts in 15 minutes, what time would it start? __________________ • 2. A dollar bill is about 6 inches long. What else is about 6 inches? ________________ • A. A birthday candle is three inches tall. Draw a line that is about three inches long. Do not use your ruler. • 3. Which operation would you use to find the answer to the following? • A. Kristen had $38. She spent $27 on a new blouse. You want to know how much ,money she has left. _________


1. Mrs. McKay’s class was getting ready for their school play. They were voting on the kinds of decorations that they would put on the stage. The tally table shows the students choices.
Type of Decoration

Number of Votes

Balloons Flags
Kites • A. Create a bar graph to represent the results in Mrs. McKay’s class. Give your graph a title.

• ___________________________
• • • Balloons Flags Kites

• •

B. How many more students selected balloons than flags? ___________ C. How many students voted in the survey? __________


How many blocks were used to build each of the following?
_________ b. _________


2. Kristen was going to feed her puppy, her kitten, and her fish. She fed them in a different order every day. What are all of the ways the animals could have taken turns being fed? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

• 1. There are two hundred twenty-five students in third grade at Southside Elementary. • A. Write this number in standard form using digits. ___________ • B. Write the expanded form. ______________________________ • C. Can the third graders be put in pairs to play partner games? ______ • D. Explain your answer. _____________________________________ • 2. Chris bought 23 tickets for the barbecue dinner from Kristen. He bout 43 more tickets from Canon. • A. Write a number sentence to find out how many tickets Chris bought altogether. ________________________________ • B. Write two subtraction sentences that are related to your number sentence. • _________________________________ • _________________________________

• 1. Write a number sentence and solve. Show your work. • A. Snazzy Sam spent $129 on new clothes last month. Next month he plans to spend $360 more on new outfits. How much money will Sam have spent in all?

• • B. Taylor and Crystal spent 45 minutes on the phone Monday. Tuesday they spent 33 more minutes on the phone. How many minutes did the girls spend talking on Monday and Tuesday?

• 1. Write a number sentence and solve. Show your work. • A. Quinn was planning to take a vacation next summer. He had saved 72 dollars before school started. During the school year he plans to save an additional 216 dollars. How much money does Quinn plan to have by the time his vacation rolls around?

• B. 27 girls + 22 boys = 49 children. Write a story to go with this number sentence.

• 1. Rebecca and Karen were making 486 rice bags for a wedding in the park. Each girl made half of the bags. How many bags did each girl make? ___________________ Explain how you got your answer. ______________________________________________ 2. Mrs. Hernandez was putting students into after-school tutoring groups. There were 8 students in group A; there were 6 students in group B; and there were 4 students in group C. Mrs. Hernandez rearranged the groups so that the same number of students was in each group. How many students would be in each group? There would be ________ students in each of the three groups. 3. There are sixteen students in Mrs. Carroll’s third grade class. The students will play a game for recess. Mrs. Carroll divides the students so that there are four teams. How many students will be on each team? ___________________

1. Which operation, addition or subtraction, do you think about for each of these situations? a. Jackie and Larry went fishing. They both caught some fish. You want to know how many more fish Jackie caught. _________________ b. Stella and Louis both planted some flowers. You want to know how many flowers they planted in all. ____________________ c. Brody had some money. Cord had some money, too. You want to know the difference in the amounts of money they had. ___________________ d. Dianna and Connie both had a handful of jelly beans. You want to know the sum of the jelly beans the girls had._________________ 2. Karen had three dogs and two cats. What fraction of Karen’s pets are dogs? Write the fraction two different ways. ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________


1. Pat conducted a survey among her family members to find out the favorite color sports car. The pictograph shows the information she found.
Car Colors


Red Black

Each car represents 2 votes • Which of the bar graphs shows the same information.






Black White blue •

Black White blue

0 2 4 6 8 10 0 2 4 6 8 10 C. If all of the votes were spread out evenly among all colors in the graph, how many votes would each color have received? ____________________

• • • •

1. Jennifer and Mary Jo went shopping to buy supplies for the school fair. They had four hundred seventy-six dollars. A. The girls had ___ hundred-dollar bills, _____ ten-dollar bills, and _____ onedollar bills. B. Write the amount of money the girls had in standard form. ________ 2. The girls bought balloons to use for the dart toss game. The bar graph shows the balloons they bought.
Balloons for the Dart Toss

• • • • • •
• •

Yellow Blue Red Green White
0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14

• • • • •

A. Which color balloon would you be least likely to hit? _________ B. Explain your answer. ___________________________________________ C. How many balloons will be on the board? _________________ D. Explain how you got your answer. _______________________________________________________________

1. A student will be able to toss three darts for one quarter. a. How many quarters are in a dollar? ______________ b. How many darts will he be able to toss for one dollar? ___________ (Draw a picture if it will help.)

2. Taylor threw six darts. She hit balloons with four of her darts. What fraction of her darts did not hit balloons? __________________

3. Benny spent five tickets at the dart throw, four tickets at the cake walk, and nine tickets at the dunking booths. a. How many tickets did Benny spend at the carnival? ___________ b. If he had used the same number of tickets at each of the three booths, how many tickets would he have used at each booth? ___________ 4. There were 236 tickets collected at the game booths and 412 tickets collected at the food booths. How many tickets were collected at both booths? Write a number sentence and show your work.


1. Twenty-four students participated in relay races. There were four teams in the race with the same number of students on each team. How many students were on each team? ____________________ 2. One of the booths at the fair was a face painter. The pictograph shows types of pictures that the students selected. Types of Pictures Heart Happy face

Rainbow Paw print
Flower represents 5 students a. How many students had their faces painted? __________ b. How many more students selected flowers than rainbows? ________ c. Which two pictures were selected by the same number of students? ____________________ and _______________


• •

1. The Richardson family was planning their annual trip to the city. They knew that they had a nice long ride ahead of them, so they got up at 5:15 Friday morning. A. Draw a clock with the hands showing 5:15. B. What is another way to say this time? _______________________________________ 2. While Mr. John loaded the van, Mrs. Jenny fixed breakfast for the family. She scrambled 2 eggs for each family member. She used ten eggs. That means that there are ________ people in the Richardson family.


• •

• • •

3. After breakfast the Richardson family piled into the van headed for New Orleans. Willie and Millie quickly asked their dad how far they were going to travel to reach New Orleans. Mr. John said that they were going to travel about two hundred twenty-six miles. Write the different ways to show this distance. A. standard form: ______________________ B. expanded form: __________________________________ C. digit and value: ___________________________________

• 1. After about a half-hour on the road, Willie and Millie got restless. Mrs. Jenny taught them to play a game. She told them to record the colors of cars that they passed on the highway. The children quietly began to watch for cars. After about fifteen minutes, they had counted 3 red cars, 4 white cars, 1 black car, and 2 silver cars. • A. In fifteen minutes Willie and Millie counted ________ cars in all. • B. Write a fraction that tells which part of the cars were black. • ____________ • 2. Willie got bored with counting cars. He took out a book filled with brain games. His favorite was a math quiz in which he could gain and lose points. See if you can figure out his score. Use counters if they will help. He started with 4 points. He gained 5 more points. Next he lost 3 points. Then he gained 4 more points. Willie’s final score for this game was _________ points.

• 1. Before long, little Tommy woke up and began to whine. He wanted to play a game, too. Mrs. Jenny took out a set of colored blocks. There were 8 red blocks, 2 green blocks, 5 yellow blocks, and 1 blue block. Tommy dropped the blocks into a box. Tommy and Mom began a game called “Guess My Color.” • A. What colors of blocks were possible to be pulled from the box? ______________________________ b. Which color do you think Mom should guess first? __________ • C. Why do you think so? _________________________ • D. Which color do you think Mom should guess least often? ____________ • E Tell me why you gave that answer. ________________________ • 2. Millie didn’t think she was very good in math, so she too out her drawing tablet. She drew 4 cars traveling down a highway. She drew 5 people in each car. Millie drew a total of _____________ • people. • (Draw a picture if that will help.)

• 1 The family had to travel 226 miles to reach New Orleans. After they traveled 120 miles, Mr. John stopped to stretch his legs and to get something cold to drink. Were they more or less than halfway to New Orleans when they stopped? _______________ • Explain _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ • 2. When the family was ready to get back into the car, it started to rain. Since they weren’t expecting rain, no one had brought an umbrella. What are the chances that they will get wet? • A. certain b. likely c. unlikely d. impossible

1. The Richardson family was very happy when they reached their hotel. They changed quickly and walked downtown for lunch. The children were told that they could select one main dish and one drink from the menu. Main menu drinks

Hamburger hot dog pizza List all the selections they could have made.



________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

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