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2nd Grade DEEP in Math Problems of the Day__1_

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									3rd Grade DEEP in Math Problems of the Day! Set 3

• 1. Write a number sentence (equation) for each situation. • A. Tabby spent 2 dollars yesterday and 8 dollars • today. How much did she spend in all? ___________________________________________ • B. Eve had 27 dollars. She bought a sweater on sale for 15 dollars. How much money does Eve have left? • ___________________________________________ • C. Mikelyn is 59 inches tall, and Shawna is 56 inches tall. What is the difference in their heights? • _____________________________________________ • 2. Write a story to go with this number sentence: • 17 rocks- 9 rocks = 8 rocks. • _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________

• 1. Brody’s team scored 25 points in the first half of the basketball game. At the end of the game, they had 46 points. How many points did the team score in the second half? • a. 25 points + _____ points = 46 points
• in the first half in the second half in the game

b. 46 points

- 25 points

= _____ points

in the game in the first half in the second half c. Which number sentence did you actually use to find the points that the team scored in the second half? Explain 2. Look at these shapes:

a. What fraction of these figures are triangles? _______________ b. Draw the next two shapes in the pattern.

5. Canon was waiting in line at the concession stand at the movie theater. He was going to choose a food and a drink. a. Make a list of all the choices Canon can have.
Food Popcorn Candy Drinks Soda Water Lemonade

b. How many choices does Canon have? ___________

• 1. Mary baked some apple and blackberry pies • for the school bake sale. She baked 6 apple pies. The rest are blackberry pies. Mary baked a total of 15 pies. Write a number sentence that represents the story of Mary’s pies. Let a happy face represent the unknown number of blackberry pies. • _______________________________________

• 2. When you measure one yard or one foot of material, you are measuring the ___________ of the item. • 3. One foot is _______ inches, so three feet is ______ inches. • 4. Two feet is what part or what fraction of a whole yard? • _________________


Mrs. Monier’s classes presented reports on different presidents of the United States. Then the classes voted on whom they thought was the most famous president. The graph below shows the results of the voting.
Most Famous Presidents
George Washington

Abraham Lincoln
Theodore Roosevelt

John F. Kennedy Jimmy Carter

a. b. c.

Each represents 3 votes Which president was voted most famous? __________ Abraham Lincoln received ____ more votes than Theodore Roosevelt. Jimmy Carter received one-half as many votes as ________________________

• 1. Write the standard form or digits for each underlined number. Remember to label your answers.
• • • • A. Francis has 200+60+3 stamps in her collection. _______ B. Bobby sold one hundred ninety-seven barbecue tickets. _______ C. My lunch has five hundred eighty calories.________ D. Mr. Rogers earns 700+80+9 dollars each week._______

• 2. John Ross received between 417 and 487 votes in the city election.
• A. What is one number between 417 and 487 that might be the number of votes that John Ross received? ________ • B. Write that number in expanded form. _______________

• 3. Mr. Monier went to the bank to cash a check for • 367 dollars. The teller gave Mr. Monier • ______ hundred-dollar bills, ______ ten-dollar bills, and ______ one-dollar bills.

• Greenville Elementary School participated in a recycling contest. Each grade level was required to collect aluminum cans. Below is a chart showing how many cans each grade level received.
Grade Level Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade Number of cans 99 308 286 299

• a. Write the numbers of cans collected at each grade level from greatest to least. • b. Which grade level came closest to collecting 300 cans? __________ • C. Write 308 cans using words. __________________

• 1. During the recycling process, cans are crushed and put in to packages with ten cans in each package. If 286 cans go into the recycling machine, there will be ______ packages of ten cans with _____ extra cans left over. • 2. Mikelyn’s family owns a grocery store, so she was able to take in one-half of the 286 cans collected from the third grade-class. • Mikelyn took in ____ cans.
• 3. Write a sentence comparing 299 cans and 308 cans. Use less than, greater than, or equal to in your sentence. • ____________________________________________

• 1. The Greenville cheerleaders washed cars Saturday to raise money to buy new uniforms. They washed 8 cars in the morning and the some more cars in the afternoon. By the end of the day, they had washed a total of 17 cars. • a. Write a number sentence that shows how many cars were washed. Let a C represent the unknown number of cars. • ______________________________________________________ • B. How many cars did the cheerleaders wash in the afternoon? _________ • 2. Josh’s baseball bat was two feet long. Chris’s bat was 27 inches long. • A. Which boy’s baseball bat was shorter? ________________ • B. Explain how you know that your answer is correct. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

1. Kevin has about 400 cards in his collection. Which of these could be the number of cards Kevin has? a. 39 cards b. 489 cards c. 391 cards d. 404 cards 2. When numbers put into a box, they come out as different numbers. Study the numbers below. 2 7 4 9 5 10

7 ? If you put the number 7 into the box, what number will come out of the box? _____________ Explain how you know. ____________________________________________

• 1. The Cockrell boys all had coins in their back pockets.

• •

Tucker’s Change

Cord’s Change

Canon’s Change

Brody’s Change

a. Which boy had the most money? _____________ b. Which two boys had the same amount of money? __________________ 2. Pam has some seashells in her collection. Her sister has 11 shells. Together, the girls have 27 shells. Write a number sentence to represent this story. _________________________________________

• 1. This chart tells how many times four students jumped rope in thirty minutes. Study the chart. Then answer the following questions.
Student Jim Leroy Number of Jumps 35 28



• A. Which student’s number of jumps is about thirty? _____ • B. How many more times did Ella jump than Leroy? _____ • 2. Eva’s teacher is making home visits. Mr. Smith figures that it will take him 5 minutes to travel each mile. He wants to know how long it will take to get to Eva’s house from school. What information does he need to know? • A. how many miles it is to Eva’s house • B. how many minutes it will take to get to Eva’s house • C. how Eva gets to school each day • D. what time it will be when he leaves school

The bar graph shows the number of different pets owned by the students in Ms. Chin’s class. Use the information in the graph to answer the following questions.
a. How many dogs do the students have? _________ b. Which pet appears more than 9 times, but fewer than 13 times? _________________ c. How many more fish are needed to have more fish than cats? __________________ d. About how many students are in Ms. Chin’s class? _________ e. What statement can you make about this bar graph?______________________ ___________________________

F E



A 1 2 3 4 5 6 5. Draw a water fountain at F4.

1. The principal’s office 2. The playground 3. Our classroom 4. The cafeteria

is located at ________________ . is located at _______________________. is located at _____________________. is located at ________________________.

• 1. Mary has 53 smiley-face stickers and 36 dinosaur stickers. How many stickers does she have altogether? Show your work. ___________________________ • 2. Last week, John earned $39 mowing lawns. This week, he earned $28. How much more did he earn last week? Show your work. _______________________ • 3. Alexis got out three small paper bags. She put four suckers into each bag. • A. Draw a picture of Alexis’s bags of suckers.

• B. Write an addition sentence to represent the total number of suckers Alexis used ____________________ • C. How many groups of four suckers did Alexis use? ____

• • • •

1. Fred bought 5 feet of rope. Dennis bought 2 yards of rope. A. Who bought more rope? ___________ B. How do you know? __________________________ 2. Mikey weighs between 40 and 50 pounds. You can reach her weight if you skip count by six. How much could Mikey weigh? (There could be more than one answer.) _____________ • 3. Mrs. Janice is making meatball stew. The recipe calls for 2 pounds of beef and 5 potatoes.
1 pound

1 pound




• If Mrs. Janice needs twice as much stew, she will need to use ______ pounds of beef and __________ potatoes.

• 1. The UL football game started at 7:30 p.m. Saturday evening. • A. Draw a clock to show this time. • B. What is another way to say this time? _____________________________________________ • 2. Mrs. Green put her students into groups of three for a science project. How many children could Mrs. Green have in her class?
• A. 13 students b. 14 students c. 17 students d. 21 students

• 3. Betsi is just learning how to write her name in cursive. She can write her name 3 times in 2 minutes.
• Betsi Jade Smith Betsi Jade Smith Betsi Jade Smith

• A. How many times can Betsi write her name in 4 minutes? _______ • B. How many times can Betsi write her name in 6 minutes? _______ • C. How many times can Betsi write her name in 8 minutes? _______

• September
Sun. Mon. Tues. 1 Wed. 2

Fri. 4

Sat. 5


13 20 27

14 21 28

15 22 29

16 23 30

17 24

18 25

19 26

• 1. Kristen’s twelfth birthday is the third Thursday in September. When is her birthday? ____________ • 2. Canon’s birthday is one week after Kristen‘s. When is his birthday? ____________ • 3. There a _______ days in one week, so Cannon’s birthday is _____ days after Kristin’s birthday. • 4. What day does September start on? _____________ • 5. What day would October start on? ______________

• 1. Look at these figures. • A. Which of these figures is different from the rest? ___________ • B. Explain how it is different. _____________________________________________ • C. Draw a line to separate each of the figures in half. 2. Which of these items weighs less than a pound? • A. B. C. D.

• 3. Eddie has 14 ten-dollar bills. He has ________ dollars. • 4. Lane has a hundred-dollar bill, 2 ten-dollar bills, and 3 one-dollar bills. He has _________ dollars.

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