2011 01 11 AFA Meeting Minutes

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					                                   Air Force Association
                              Gen E.W. Rawlings Chapter #213

MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD                                                                    6 February 2011

SUBJECT: Meeting Minutes for 11 January 2011, Ft Snelling Officer’s Club

Vic Seavers called the meeting to order at 1735 hours.

1. Members present (34): Marilyn Curski, Ralph Delperdang, Julie Eszlinger-Jensen, Bob Jasperson,
Jim Johns, Ron MacCarthy, Bob McGonigal, Dan Murphy, Thomas O’Connor, Roger O’Daniel, Paul
Pekarek, David Pohlen, Heidi Priestley, Frank Qurada, Bruce Roberts, Larry Sagstetter, Tom Schellinger,
Vic Seavers, Glenn Shull, Kevin Sliwinski, Thomas Theis, Kurt Thielen, Lloyd Ward, Mary Ward, Dennis
Yeager, Justine Wells, Doug Ahlgren, Yvonne May, Mary Ann Wier, Tom Wier, Joe Messacar, Matt
Ritzer, Jim Leach, Jon Powell


2. Meeting minutes for December were not available as the secretary was unable to attend the
December meeting. Members submitted some information for the preparation of brief set of December

3. Treasurer – Ralph Delperdang
  • Savings balance: $6,000.60
  • Checking balance: $4,664.70
  • Income since last meeting: $0.00
  • Expenditures since last meeting: $214.00
    -- $100.00 – UVLC Dues
    -- $114.00 AFA Charitable Funds – Visions Classroom
  • Pending Transactions – None

4. Gambling Report – Bruce Roberts
  • Charitable Resources: The gambling manager’s Charitable Resources Supervisory Committee report
    was passed around to the general membership in attendance. Included were the following items of
    interest: cash status, projection of expenses, specific payroll reports, inventory report, listing of all
    grants paid, all purchases invoices, bank reconciliation, and monthly gambling fund reconciliation
    (see addendum).
  • The charitable gaming report for the month of December 2010 was covered.
    -- Net revenue was $27,193
    -- Expenses were $17,966
    -- Taxes were $4,874
    -- Net income after taxes $4,353
    -- Grants paid total $(44)
    -- Profit Carryover $4,169
  • Report was approved by membership.
  • Broke $1 million mark for revenue for 2010. First time in years.
  • New bar location starting 1 March 2011. Brings us 5 total locations.
  • Long discussion about the negative Star and Tribune article on charitable gaming. General feeling
    was article was poorly done and the gaming operations run by the Rawlings Chapter are exceeding
    all MN State requirements.

5. Award’s Night
  • Officially booked for 16 April 2011 at Royal Cliff in Eagan.
  • S.Sanford Schlitt, AFA's Chairman of the Board has agreed to attend.

6. Civil Air Patrol – Minnesota Wing activities
  • Winter survival was last weekend (7-9 Jan). Bitter cold weather forced a few adjustments to
    activities, but cadets learned a lot.
  • Volleyball competition – 5 Mar
  • Wing Conference – 8-10 April

7. ROTC Det 410- University of St Thomas
  • Currently in J-Term.
  • Spring Wing CC will be Cadet Whittney-Pratt.
  • Major Priestley’s retirement is 29 April 2011.

8. ROTC Det 415- University of Minnesota
  • Joint Military Athletic Competition – 19 Feb
  • Tri-Service Parade- 30 Apr
  • AAS National Convention in New York City


9. Jim Leach from First Command invited everyone to a seminar on long term care. Information will be
presented by Genworth Financial featuring Wendy Boglioli, 1976 Olymic Gold Medalist in swimming.

10. Matt Ritzer from the Swarm invited everyone to “Heroes Night” at the Swarm game on 22 Jan. He
also passed out coupons for 4 free tickets to members.

11. Jim Johns presented information on the CG-4 Glider progress and brought several members of the
team to show some of the work they are doing. Jim also discussed that they need $5000 to complete the
glider and hoped that the Rawlings Chapter could help support the final push to complete the task. They
are also looking for a home for the glider here in MN. The Smithsonian and the WWII museum in New
Orleans have both made offers, but they would like to keep the glider in MN.

12. Paul Pekarek updated everyone on the Cub Scout Rocket Derby. It will be held at St Agnes on 19
Feb. All are welcome to attend.

13. Meeting adjourned at approximately 1910L. Next meeting is 8 February 2011 at the Fort Snelling
Officers’ Club at 1730L.

                                                   DAVID J POHLEN, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)


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