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									We proudly specialise in the field of car finance, particularly in secured car loans, novated leases, commercial hire purchase (CHP), chattel mortgages as well as many other finance options. The fact that our finance consultants have access to many different finance products from numerous lenders, this generally means they will get a better deal than the bank! Because of the volume of loans we approve we can offer you the best interest rates available. Our finance consultants will step you through the process of applying for your car loan, making it very easy and resulting in same day approval in many cases. Even if you have had trouble getting a car loan before and you don’t have a deposit, it’s OK! Just contact us and one of our specialist finance consultants will do their best to assist you. You can get pre-approved then go looking for your car knowing that you have your money ready to go when you use Platinum Direct Finance.

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Second Chance Car Loan
These are also known as Bad Credit Car Loans, this range of Car Loans is offered to customers who have previous adverse credit history. At PDFA we believe that each application must be personally assessed as each customer's situation is unique. You can trust that your application will be assessed by a real finance professional not a computer.

Frequently Asked Questons
Can I still get a car loan even if I have poor credit history? Most PDFA panel of lenders offer second chance car loans, however you may be considered on different finance terms and interest rates, due to the level of risk. Lenders consider loans to applicants who have strong asset backing and/or a sizeable deposit. Will PDFA help me get the best deal? PDFA will work through the panel of lenders with you to find the most suitable loan based on your history and current financial situation. Where can I obtain a credit report? You can request a copy of your credit report via a credit agency. Veda Advantage is Australia’s largest credit reporting agency for businesses and individuals. Can I restore my credit rating? Having a default on your credit rating does not disappear. Paying all your outstanding debts will still remain on your report for several years allowing prospective lenders to review your credit rating. How can I improve my credit rating? Just as the mistakes you made in the past, you can from this point, improve your credit rating. If you have an issue with a company, contact them and work through to resolve the misunderstanding. Begin with this Second Chance Car Loan. Ensure all your payments are made on time. If possible, make early repayments to pay off the loan early.

Before proceeding with a second chance car loan, know your credit history. It is a good idea to obtain a copy of your credit report. Resolve any disputes recorded on your credit file. Improve your credit rating by making repayments on time and paying your bills before due dates. Get organised, seek financial advice to get your way out of trouble.

Your Second Chance…
Missed a payment on your phone bill? Forgot to pay your credit card? Or maybe you’ve been declared bankrupt?..... Needing a new car to replace your old one? At Platinum Direct Finance (PDFA), our team will be happy to help you find a loan suitable to your needs. PDFA will work with you to select a loan to make your purchase.

Tips for a Successful Second Chance Car Loan
Generally you only have one chance to get your loan approved. It is important that the correct information is supplied as conflicting information can cause the lender to immediately decline your loan. Examples are: Undisclosed debts and previous bankruptcy history Incorrect dates on employment history (current and previous employers are reference checked) Failure to disclose correct amount of dependants Regularly overdrawn bank accounts

How your credit history works
When paying your bills, loans and other borrowings, how you manage paying these will be indicated on your credit file. Particularly if they are being paid late, disputed, missed payments, simply forgot or just chose not to pay, results in a strike on your credit file. Not only will this lower your credit rating, it will also affect loan products being offered. If you have had bad credit history and are unsure which loan to be looking for, PDFA will work with you to find a loan suitable to your needs.

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