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									           2 SAMUEL
           Chapter 12


     A. Last study – looked at
     the sins of David.

     B. Sin does to man or woman
1. ALWAYS a “decision” to
  a) It just happened”
  excuse doesn’t work.
     (1) David acted upon
         his lustful desires.
2. Followed by a plot to
conceal the sin.
  a) This NEVER makes it
       go away.
3. Effort to conceal sin we
make an enemy of God.
  a) David displeased the
  b) It breaks His heart!
4. Wisdom of God’s Holy
Spirit departed from us.
  a) Need godly friends to
       tell us the truth.
5. We are capable of
horrific things.
  a) Even break hearts of
       all that love us.
   (1) Kill relationships with
   all that stands in our
6. Will take a miracle for
    us to repent.
  a) He will forgive.
   B. David has not repented!

II. 2SAMUEL 12:1-6

   A. Remember the 6th point I
   gave you?

    1. …Would take a miracle
    for us to repent.
2. That is where David is.
  a) Sends Nathan to
  David, with a parable.
    (1) Poor man had one
        lamb that he loved.
    (2) David incensed and
    sentences rich man to
      (a) As long as it was
          about someone
      (i) Rich man should
      restore 4X what he took.
      (ii) Easy to see faults in
            someone else.
      (iii) Create a different set
            of standards for

III. 2SAMUEL 12:7-12

 1. Human trait, dissatisfied
 with what we have!
   a) David King of Israel &
   b) Delivered from being
       hunted down by Saul
   c) Given all that Saul had
   ever possessed
    d) Verse 8
      (1) He wanted what he
          could not have.
      (2) HE sees it as David
          “despising” him!
        (a) There will be a price
        to pay for all of this!
        (b) Numbers 32:23

IV. 2SAMUEL 12:13-23
A. David admits he has
sinned against the Lord!

 1. No man sins alone!
 2. Jesus the Forgiver of
 sins, if we let Him!
   a) Forfeit life of his son
       with Bathsheba.
   b) Will be humiliated
       c) Absalom will rise up
           to overthrow his
      3. David seeks the Lord
      for the life of his son.
        a) Wish we could
           (1) That we could shut
               off emotions?
           (2) Not always easy.
   4. Lastly – the Lord mercy
       in David’s life!
     a) What he could not do
         the Lord did for him.


  A. 2Samuel 12:24-31
    1. David and Bathsheba
        have another son.
    2. Another son – every
dad’s nightmare.

  B. Psalms 90:8

    1. Luke 12:2-3
    2. A couple of things:
a) We are all sinners!
b) Shouldn’t we just
confess it and get it
squared away?

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