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									      S1 Name              S2 Name               ISBN         Format         Price      Page
Film, media, mass communication             9780521682381 Paperback       $37.99      448pp
                    Media, mass             9780521681711 Paperback
Film, media, mass communication communication                             $40.99      384pp
Classical studies   Classical literature 9780521612661 Paperback          $34.99      376pp
Classical studies   Ancient history         9780521857796 2 Hardback books$440.00     1500pp
Classical studies                           9780521529297 Paperback
                    Classical studies (general)                           $30.99      318pp
Classical studies                           9780521607261 Paperback
                    Classical studies (general)                           $29.99      568pp
Classical studies                           9780521780537 Hardback
                    Classical studies (general)                           $225.00     960pp
English literature  English literature      9780521852555 Hardback        $125.00     364pp
English literature  English literature      9780521884587 Hardback        $95.00      256pp
English literature  English literature      9780521867337 Hardback        $90.00      352pp
English literature  English literature      9780521549288 Paperback       $32.99      706pp
English literature  English literature      9780521880664 Hardback        $101.00     264pp
English literature  English literature      9780521879811 Hardback        $95.00      250pp
English literature  English literature      9780521872157 Hardback        $95.00      380pp
English literature  English literature      9780521880978 Hardback        $90.00      256pp
English literature  English literature      9780521879859 Hardback        $95.00      264pp
English literature  English literature      9780521863049 Hardback        $99.00      432pp
English literature  English literature      9780521815475 Hardback        $95.00      292pp
English literature  English literature      9780521880022 Hardback        $95.00      296pp
English literature  English literature      9780521549448 Paperback       $29.99      280pp
English literature  English literature      9780521618151 Paperback       $31.99      280pp
English literature  English literature      9780521609951 Paperback       $31.99      240pp
English literature  English literature      9780521615617 Paperback       $31.99      288pp
English literature  English literature      9780521691321 Paperback       $29.99      320pp
English literature  English literature      9780521541015 Paperback       $24.99      312pp
English literature  English literature      9780521671200 Paperback       $19.99      216pp
English literature  English literature      9780521681124 Paperback       $24.99      212pp
English literature  English literature      9780521866385 Hardback        $95.00      304pp
English literature  English literature      9780521879118 Hardback        $99.00      344pp
English literature  English literature      9780521880985 Hardback        $95.00      280pp
English literature  English literature      9780521874199 Hardback        $95.00      272pp
English literature  Literary theory         9780521673662 Paperback       $31.99      320pp
English literature  Literary theory         9780521682817 Paperback       $19.99      160pp
English literature  Literary theory         9780521700337 Paperback       $34.99      238pp
English literature                          9780521881906 9 Hardback books ########
                    Literature - editions, texts                                      5000pp
English literature                          9780521868211 Hardback
                    Literature - editions, texts                          $180.00     800pp
English literature                          9780521871266 Hardback
                    Literature - editions, texts                          $180.00     688pp
English literature                          9780521889773 Hardback        $99.00
                    English literature- Renaissance and early modern to 1700          232pp
English literature                          9780521861779 Hardback        $99.00
                    English literature- Renaissance and early modern to 1700          272pp
English literature                          9780521882132 Hardback        $95.00
                    English literature- Renaissance and early modern to 1700          304pp
English literature                          9780521884020 Hardback
                    English literature- 1700-1830                         $95.00      312pp
English literature                          9780521869379 Hardback
                    English literature- 1700-1830                         $95.00      312pp
English literature                          9780521681087 Paperback
                    English literature- 1700-1830                         $29.99      308pp
English literature                          9780521877855 Hardback
                    English literature -1900-1945                         $95.00      274pp
American literature American literature 9780521872966 Hardback            $85.00      216pp
American literature American literature 9780521884051 Hardback            $90.00      248pp
American literature American literature 9780521678322 Paperback           $26.99      220pp
American literature American literature 9780521603997 Paperback           $24.99      256pp
American literature American literature 9780521883450 Hardback            $95.00      240pp
European and World literature literature 9780521882361 Hardback           $99.00      480pp
European and World literature literature 9780521604611 Paperback          $31.99      232pp
European and World literature literature 9780521614931 Paperback          $24.99      288pp
European and World literature literature 9780521879446 Hardback           $95.00      272pp
                    European                9780521710220 Paperback
European and World literature and World literature (general)              $24.99      320pp
Theatre             British Theatre         9780521617772 Paperback       $29.99      320pp
Theatre             British Theatre        9780521615570       Paperback       $29.99    296pp
Theatre             American Theatre       9780521712859       Paperback       $24.99    288pp
Theatre             American Theatre       9780521685061       Paperback       $29.99    240pp
Theatre             European Theatre 9780521880763             Hardback        $95.00    336pp
Theatre             European Theatre 9780521877169             Hardback        $99.00    300pp
                    Syntax and morphology
Language and Linguistics                   9780521876117       Hardback        $115.00   408pp
                    Syntax and morphology
Language and Linguistics                   9780521675284                       $
                                                               3 Paperback books110.00   1424pp
                    Semantics and pragmatics
Language and Linguistics                   9780521872973       Hardback        $110.00   320pp
                    Psycholinguistics and9780521796408
Language and Linguistics                    neurolinguistics   Paperback       $47.99    464pp
                    Psycholinguistics and9780521790703
Language and Linguistics                    neurolinguistics   Hardback        $105.00   244pp
                    Psycholinguistics and9780521868907
Language and Linguistics                    neurolinguistics   Paperback       $24.99    248pp
                    Psycholinguistics and9780521544764
Language and Linguistics                    neurolinguistics   Paperback       $29.99    320pp
Language and Linguistics                   9780521852999       Hardback        $99.00    480pp
Language and Linguistics                   9780521794886       Paperback       $35.99    522pp
Language and Linguistics                   9780521691819       Paperback       $37.99    424pp
Language and Linguistics                   9780521618144       Paperback       $34.99    224pp
                    Asian                  9780521786539
Language and Linguistics language, linguistics                 Paperback       $50.00    627pp
                    Asian                  9780521603980
Language and Linguistics language, linguistics                 Paperback       $44.99    336pp
                    Historical Linguistics 9780521866408
Language and Linguistics                                       Hardback        $99.00    296pp
                    English language, linguistics (general)
Language and Linguistics                   9780521653671       Paperback       $32.99    272pp
                    English language, linguistics (general)
Language and Linguistics                   9780521849616       Hardback        $115.00   400pp
                    English language, linguistics (general)
Language and Linguistics                   9780521815086       Hardback        $99.00    320pp
Philosophy          Ethics                 9780521682831       Paperback       $29.99    296pp
Philosophy          Ethics                 9780521706162       Paperback       $29.99    272pp
Philosophy          Ethics                 9780521709729       Paperback       $24.99    392pp
Philosophy          Ethics                 9780521867351       Hardback        $95.00    426pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521722384        Paperback       $26.99    272pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521870245        Hardback        $90.00    216pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521665551        Paperback       $26.99    238pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521862271        Hardback        $95.00    368pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521871839        Hardback        $90.00    206pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521865890        Hardback        $99.00    424pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521806190        Hardback        $39.95    550pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521847360        Hardback        $85.00    240pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521664127        Paperback       $26.99    192pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521549455        Paperback       $29.99    392pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521545211        Paperback       $31.99    560pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521796286        Paperback       $36.99    448pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521548427        Paperback       $31.99    560pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521608930        Paperback       $31.99    496pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521870238        Hardback        $90.00    312pp
Philosophy          Philosophy of science9780521876490         Hardback        $85.00    272pp
Philosophy          History of philosophy 9780521874861        Hardback        $90.00    232pp
Philosophy          Philosophy of science9780521709903         Paperback       $24.99    422pp
Philosophy          Philosophy of science9780521707084         Paperback       $19.99    272pp
Philosophy          Philosophy of science9780521452793         Hardback        $95.00    400pp
Philosophy          Philosophy of science9780521880343         Hardback        $99.00    316pp
Philosophy          Philosophy of science9780521616713         Paperback       $36.99    552pp
Philosophy          Philosophy of science9780521703970         Paperback       $26.99    294pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521876551         Hardback        $80.00    288pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521846424         Hardback        $80.00    264pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521881425         Hardback        $80.00    280pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521710121         Paperback       $36.99    304pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521677936         Paperback       $29.99    344pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521699983         Paperback       $29.99    408pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521705486         Paperback       $29.99    336pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521877695    Hardback    $90.00    304pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521719636    Paperback   $37.99    416pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521873550    Hardback    $95.00    296pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521704953    Paperback   $27.99    344pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521687133    Paperback   $27.99    280pp
Philosophy          Political philosophy 9780521700214    Paperback   $29.99    320pp
Philosophy          Philosophy texts      9780521452502   Hardback    $150.00   646pp
Philosophy          Philosophy texts      9780521520676   Paperback   $26.99    296pp
Philosophy          Philosophy texts      9780521678506   Paperback   $31.99    264pp
Philosophy          Philosophy texts      9780521549516   Paperback   $29.99    312pp
Philosophy          Logic                 9780521674539   Paperback   $31.99    368pp
Philosophy          Logic                 9780521707572   Paperback   $36.99    344pp
Philosophy          Logic                 9780521718981   Paperback   $23.99
Philosophy          Logic                 9780521700306   Paperback   $30.99    396pp
Philosophy          Logic                 9780521726399   Paperback   $22.99    200pp
Philosophy          Logic                 9780521616515   Paperback   $26.99    248pp
Philosophy          Logic                 9780521707701   Paperback   $29.99    375pp
Philosophy          Legal philosophy      9780521862851   Hardback    $90.00    352pp
Philosophy          Legal philosophy      9780521670104   Paperback   $29.99    264pp
Philosophy          Legal philosophy      9780521713863   Paperback   $26.99    264pp
Philosophy                                9780521880480
                    Philosophy of mind and language       Hardback    $90.00    286pp
Philosophy                                9780521685344
                    Philosophy of mind and language       Paperback   $34.99    320pp
Philosophy                                9780521880497
                    Epistemology and metaphysics          Hardback    $85.00    280pp
Philosophy                                9780521690386
                    Philosophy of social science          Paperback   $25.99    232pp
Philosophy          Non-western philosophy9780521670081   Paperback   $32.99    300pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521671439    Paperback   $25.99    246pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521619554    Paperback   $29.99    312pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521872720    Hardback    $101.00   272pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521675871    Paperback   $24.99    240pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521701464    Paperback   $31.99    368pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521682459    Paperback   $29.99    274pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521682848    Paperback   $29.99    232pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521703512    Paperback   $22.99    268pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521671149    Paperback   $25.99    360pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521863711    Hardback    $90.00    376pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521877343    Hardback    $99.00    440pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521714099    Paperback   $34.99    234pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521718967    Paperback   $34.99    288pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521874618    Hardback    $85.00    248pp
Philosophy          Philosophy (general) 9780521870320    Hardback    $95.00    312pp
Religion            Theology              9780521688932   Paperback   $29.99    336pp
Religion            Biblical studies      9780521691406   Paperback   $34.99    788pp
Religion            Church history        9780521812443   Hardback    $207.00   784pp
Religion            Church history        9780521811620   Hardback    $207.00   772pp
Religion            Church history        9780521673969   Paperback   $29.99    376pp
Religion            Judaism               9780521012553   Paperback   $26.99    406pp
Religion            Judaism               9780521605083   Paperback   $26.99    440pp
Management          General management9780521855112       Hardback    $85.00    528pp
Management          General management9780521694285       Paperback   $47.99    352pp
Economics, business studies management    9780521871952   Hardback    $27.00    280pp
Management          General management9780521865111       Hardback    $45.00    256pp
Management          Strategic management  9780521682787   Paperback   $38.99    232pp
Management          Business ethics       9780521708883   Paperback   $31.99    526pp
Management          Business ethics       9780521877961   Hardback    $130.00   520pp
Management                                9780521688529
                    Human resource management             Paperback   $48.00    416pp
Management                                9780521684088
                    Human resource management             Paperback   $36.99    280pp
Management                                      innovation
                         Entrepreneurship and9780521855181        Hardback       $85.00    264pp
Economics, business studies management         9780521860864      Hardback       $80.00    236pp
Economics, business studies management         9780521820462      Paperback      $61.99    612pp
Economics, business studies management         9780521681568      Paperback      $39.99    258pp
Sociology                Social theory         9780521709415      Paperback      $32.99    288pp
Sociology                Social theory         9780521847186      Hardback       $90.00    296pp
Sociology                                      9780521682800
                         Organisational sociology                 Paperback      $25.99    272pp
Sociology                Political sociology   9780521677516      Paperback      $32.99    240pp
Sociology                Political sociology   9780521673914      Paperback      $29.99    248pp
Sociology                                      9780521681971
                         Sociology of science and medicine        Paperback      $34.99    248pp
Sociology                Criminology           9780521687140      Paperback      $34.99    362pp
Sociology                Criminology           9780521673921      Paperback      $39.99    360pp
Sociology                                      sociology and
                         Research methods in 9780521607803         criminology
                                                                  Paperback      $36.99    290pp
Sociology                Sociology (general) 9780521671934        Paperback      $29.99    328pp
Sociology                Sociology (general) 9780521604697        Paperback      $29.99    240pp
Sociology                Sociology (general) 9780521711876        Paperback      $31.99    288pp
Sociology                Sociology (general) 9780521705554        Paperback      $80.00    480pp
Psychology                                     9780521688918
                         Developmental psychology                 Paperback      $23.99    200pp
Psychology                                     9780521821063
                         Developmental psychology                 Hardback       $95.00    488pp
Psychology                                     9780521881975
                         Developmental psychology                 Hardback       $105.00   272pp
Psychology               Social psychology     9780521614092      Paperback      $41.99    332pp
Psychology               Social psychology     9780521793681      Paperback      $45.00    432pp
Psychology               Educational psychology9780521684217      Paperback      $31.99    380pp
Psychology               Educational psychology9780521710008      Paperback      $22.99    336pp
Psychology               Educational psychology9780521617390      Paperback      $29.99    400pp
Psychology               Educational psychology9780521876735      Hardback       $99.00    280pp
Psychology               Educational psychology9780521867375      Hardback       $99.00    360pp
Psychology               Cognition             9780521672443      Paperback      $31.99    376pp
Psychology               Cognition             9780521680431      Paperback      $39.99    564pp
Psychology               Critical psychology 9780521706131        Paperback      $34.99    344pp
Psychology                                     9780521617369
                         Personality and individual differences   Paperback      $65.00    592pp
Psychology                                     9780521880077
                         Personality and individual differences   Hardback       $22.00    226pp
Psychology               Applied psychology 9780521879460         Hardback       $125.00   462pp
Psychology               Psychology (general) 9780521682305       Paperback      $41.99    664pp
Psychology               Psychology (general) 9780521692014       Paperback      $45.00    376pp
Psychology               Psychology (general) 9780521674126       Paperback      $74.00    998pp
Psychology               Psychology (general) 9780521670050       Paperback      $53.00    750pp
Psychology               Psychology (general) 9780521607858       Paperback      $64.00    400pp
Psychology               Psychology (general) 9780521881067       Hardback       $26.00    216pp
Psychology               Psychology (general) 9780521004459       Paperback      $45.00    336pp
Psychology               Psychology (general) 9780521002714       Paperback      $26.99    248pp
                         history theory
Politics, social theory, Politicalof ideas     9780521709293      Paperback      $29.99    240pp
                         history theory
Politics, social theory, Politicalof ideas     9780521702683      Paperback      $29.99    238pp
                         history theory
Politics, social theory, Politicalof ideas     9780521882484      Hardback       $80.00    240pp
                         history theory
Politics, social theory, Politicalof ideas     9780521711104      Paperback      $25.99    326pp
                         history theory
Politics, social theory, Politicalof ideas     9780521886208      Hardback       $85.00    256pp
Politics, social theory, History of ideas      9780521877886      Hardback       $99.00    230pp
Politics, social theory, History of ideas      9780521714167      Paperback      $22.99    270pp
Politics, social theory, History of ideas      9780521876513      Hardback       $95.00    408pp
Politics, social theory, History of ideas      9780521880558      Hardback       $90.00    232pp
Politics, social theory, History of ideas      9780521875288      Hardback       $95.00    272pp
Politics, social theory, History of ideas      9780521882927      Hardback       $95.00    272pp
                         history of ideas      9780521709460
Politics, social theory, British government, politics, policy     Paperback      $31.99    712pp
                         history of ideas      9780521681285
Politics, social theory, American government, politics, policy    Paperback      $65.00    856pp
                         history of ideas      9780521711203
Politics, social theory, American government, politics, policy    Paperback      $31.99    320pp
                         history of ideas      9780521691352
Politics, social theory, American government, politics, policy    Paperback      $23.99    272pp
                          history of ideas      9780521692779
Politics, social theory, American government, politics, policy Paperback      $31.99    456pp
                          history of ideas      9780521686884
Politics, social theory, American government, politics, policy Paperback      $20.99    248pp
                          history of ideas      9780521708364
Politics, social theory, American government, politics, policy Paperback      $58.00    440pp
                          history of ideas      9780521715249
Politics, social theory, American government, politics, policy Paperback      $23.99    292pp
                          history of ideas      9780521704946
Politics, social theory, American government, politics, policy Paperback      $24.99    288pp
                          history of ideas      9780521877190
Politics, social theory, American government, politics, policy Hardback       $90.00    368pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521689663 Paperback         $24.99    264pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521713658 Paperback         $22.99    168pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521707329 Paperback         $26.99    256pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521885072 Hardback          $95.00    252pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521709514 Paperback         $33.99    484pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521700115 Paperback         $39.99    366pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521704915 Paperback         $75.00    248pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521876193 Hardback          $85.00    240pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521687294 Paperback         $29.99    384pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521716192 Paperback         $32.99    320pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521716758 Paperback         $95.00    224pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521693820 Paperback         $27.99    348pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521872348 Hardback          $85.00    304pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521693851 Paperback         $24.99    216pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521873949 Hardback          $90.00    352pp
                          history of ideas
Politics, social theory, Comparative politics 9780521718035 Paperback         $29.99    288pp
                          history of ideas      9780521682763 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $47.99    448pp
                          history of ideas      9780521720236 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $24.99    300pp
                          history of ideas      9780521699426 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $34.99    336pp
                          history of ideas      9780521714259 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $36.99    184pp
                          history of ideas      9780521701631 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $34.99    264pp
                          history of ideas      9780521676717 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $34.99    312pp
                          history of ideas      9780521696319 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $31.99    216pp
                          history of ideas      9780521605182 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $29.99    318pp
                          history of ideas      9780521700313 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $37.99    352pp
                          history of ideas      9780521689656 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $31.99    336pp
                          history of ideas      9780521706544 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $34.99    368pp
                          history of ideas      9780521691611 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $39.99    524pp
                          history of ideas      9780521707619 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $32.99    328pp
                          history of ideas      9780521697606 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $34.99    344pp
                          history of ideas      9780521524285 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $34.99    464pp
                          history of ideas      9780521688956 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $29.99    256pp
                          history of ideas      9780521543170 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $36.99    512pp
                          history of ideas      9780521707671 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $34.99    440pp
                          history of ideas      9780521712910 Paperback
Politics, social theory, International relations, international organisations $20.99    312pp
                          history economy
Politics, social theory, Politicalof ideas      9780521699617 Paperback       $18.99    300pp
                          history economy
Politics, social theory, Politicalof ideas      9780521872744 Hardback        $95.00    448pp
                          history economy
Politics, social theory, Politicalof ideas      9780521703925 Paperback       $32.99    392pp
                          history of government, politics, policy Hardback
Politics, social theory, European ideas         9780521873338                 $90.00    320pp
                          history (general)
Politics, social theory, Politics of ideas      9780521709699 Paperback       $30.99    392pp
                          history (general)
Politics, social theory, Politics of ideas      9780521671859 Paperback       $21.99    200pp
                          history (general)
Politics, social theory, Politics of ideas      9780521709248 Paperback       $24.99    344pp
                          history (general)
Politics, social theory, Politics of ideas      9780521612739 Paperback       $23.99    288pp
                          history (general)
Politics, social theory, Politics of ideas      9780521700320 Paperback       $23.99    276pp
                         Economic theory
Economics, business studies                     9780521640930 Hardback        $85.00    448pp
                         Economic theory
Economics, business studies                     9780521872270 Hardback        $95.00    392pp
                         Economic theory
Economics, business studies                     9780521709842 Paperback       $34.99    536pp
Economics, business studies                     9780521880817 Hardback        $64.00    304pp
                         Development, economic growth
Economics, business studies                     9780521862875 Hardback        $99.00    584pp
                         Development, economic growth
Economics, business studies                     9780521887366 2 Hardback books$280.00   1232pp
                    Econometrics, statistics
Economics, business studies               9780521700061 Paperback          $48.00    384pp
                    Econometrics, statistics
Economics, business studies               9780521671248 Paperback          $36.99    320pp
                    Econometrics, statistics
Economics, business studies               9780521858717 Hardback           $42.00    224pp
                    Econometrics, statistics
Economics, business studies               9780521710091 Paperback          $48.00    376pp
                    Industrial,           9780521683821 Paperback
Economics, business studies labour economics                               $27.99    372pp
                    Industrial,           9780521711890 Paperback
Economics, business studies labour economics                               $38.99    432pp
Economics, business studies management    9780521862981 Hardback           $101.00   272pp
                    Economic history of thought
Economics, business studies               9780521715645 Paperback          $29.99    448pp
                    Economic history of thought
Economics, business studies               9780521701839 Paperback          $40.99    296pp
                    International economics
Economics, business studies               9780521697279 Paperback          $68.00    630pp
Economics, business studies economics 9780521877411 Hardback               $99.00    336pp
Economics, business studies economics 9780521877404 Hardback               $105.00   304pp
                    Environmental economics
Economics, business studies               9780521692175 Paperback          $36.99    408pp
Economics, business studies               9780521866835 Hardback           $125.00   632pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521880206 Hardback
Economics, business studies                                                $110.00   248pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521692113 3 Paperback books122.00
Economics, business studies                                                $         1342pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521862233 Hardback
Economics, business studies                                                $85.00    336pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521011143 Paperback
Economics, business studies                                                $41.99    352pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521687157 Paperback
Economics, business studies                                                $33.99    312pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521699433 Paperback
Economics, business studies                                                $23.99    208pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521871921 Hardback
Economics, business studies                                                $74.00    288pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521677530 Paperback
Economics, business studies                                                $36.99    400pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521871358 Hardback
Economics, business studies                                                $70.00    384pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521711500 Paperback
Economics, business studies                                                $24.99    248pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521715973 Paperback
Economics, business studies                                                $29.99    400pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521871112 Hardback
Economics, business studies                                                $80.00    340pp
                    Economics (general) 9780521877657 Hardback
Economics, business studies                                                $74.00    278pp
Law                                       Theory
                    Jurisprudence, Legal 9780521707459 Paperback           $29.99    272pp
Law                                       Theory
                    Jurisprudence, Legal 9780521688499 Paperback           $49.99    376pp
Law                                       Theory
                    Jurisprudence, Legal 9780521882552 Hardback            $105.00   328pp
Law                                       Theory
                    Jurisprudence, Legal 9780521868631 Hardback            $95.00    416pp
Law                                       Theory
                    Jurisprudence, Legal 9780521713368 Paperback           $45.00    224pp
Law                                       Theory
                    Jurisprudence, Legal 9780521728409 Paperback           $32.99    416pp
Law                                       9780521876339 Hardback
                    UK (Constitutional and Administrative) Law, Public Law $94.99    488pp
Law                                       9780521702362 Paperback
                    UK (Constitutional and Administrative) Law, Public Law $37.99    304pp
Law                 US law                9780521881937 Hardback           $80.00    232pp
Law                 US law                9780521877640 Hardback           $105.00   1088pp
Law                 Comparative Law       9780521875271 Hardback           $135.00   528pp
Law                 Comparative Law       9780521871303 Hardback           $90.00    312pp
Law                 Comparative Law       9789067042468 Hardback           $96.00    320pp
Law                 Comparative Law       9780521865302 Hardback           $125.00   408pp
Law                 Comparative Law       9780521869409 Hardback           $110.00   300pp
Law                 Comparative Law       9780521835060 Hardback           $80.00    312pp
Law                 Comparative Law       9780521881746 Hardback           $85.00    272pp
Law                 Comparative Law       9780521876049 Hardback           $90.00    338pp
Law                 Human Rights          9780521690829 Paperback          $31.99    432pp
Law                 Human Rights          9789067042420 Hardback           $130.00   522pp
Law                 Human Rights          9780521858755 Hardback           $138.00   592pp
Law                 Human Rights          9780521671897 Paperback          $47.99    336pp
Law                 Human Rights          9780521870177 Hardback           $112.00   442pp
Law                 Human Rights          9780521875134 Hardback           $69.00    288pp
Law                 Human Rights          9780521683784 Paperback          $39.99    396pp
Law                 Human Rights          9789067042444 Hardback           $245.00   685pp
Law                                       9780521707541 Paperback
                    Public International Law, disputes                     $53.00    592pp
Law                                       9780521878319 Hardback
                    Public International Law, disputes                     $170.00   464pp
Law                                       9780521879194 Hardback
                    Public International Law, disputes                     $245.00   728pp
Law                         9780521879187 Hardback
      Public International Law, disputes                   $235.00   900pp
Law                         9780521879187 Hardback
      Public International Law                             $235.00   800pp
Law                         9780521879200 Hardback
      Public International Law, disputes                   $245.00   700pp
Law                         9780521879217 Hardback
      Public International Law                             $245.00   846pp
Law                         9780521678063 Paperback
      Public International Law, disputes                   $65.00    536pp
Law                         9789067042239 Hardback
      Public International Law, disputes                   $141.99   550pp
Law                         9789067042574 Hardback
      Public International Law                             $160.00   596pp
Law                         9789067042598 Hardback
      Public International Law, disputes                   $85.00    250pp
Law                         9780521709200 Paperback
      Public International Law, disputes                   $49.99    320pp
Law                         9780521700399 Paperback
      Public International Law, disputes                   $45.00    324pp
Law                         9780521873888 Hardback
      Public International Law, disputes                   $105.00   384pp
Law                         9789067042581 Hardback
      Public International Law, disputes                   $120.00   400pp
Law                         9780521729628 Paperback
      Public International Law                             $45.00    456pp
Law                         9780521878029 Hardback
      UN and international organisations                   $125.00   552pp
Law                         9780521706827 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Paperback       $39.99    168pp
Law                         9780521889513 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $95.00    448pp
Law                         9780521692038 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Paperback       $45.00    328pp
Law                         9780521712064 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Paperback       $50.00    544pp
Law                         9780521896542 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $190.00   418pp
Law                         9780521896559 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $190.00   434pp
Law                         9780521896566 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $190.00   408pp
Law                         9780521896573 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $190.00   510pp
Law                         9780521896580 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $190.00   490pp
Law                         9780521896597 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $190.00   528pp
Law                         9780521878043 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $375.00   570pp
Law                         9780521618014 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Paperback       $31.99    244pp
Law                         9780521875318 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $115.00   368pp
Law                         9789067042567 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $120.00   370pp
Law                         9780521694209 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Paperback       $36.99    352pp
Law                         9780521880299 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,2 Hardback books$290.00   2500pp
Law                         9780521882538 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $290.00   1150pp
Law                         9780521862769 WTO Law
      International Economic and Trade Law,Hardback        $90.00    380pp
Law   Environmental law 9780521885034 Hardback             $145.00   616pp
Law   Environmental law 9780521690263 Paperback            $96.00    818pp
Law                                                        $
      Environmental law 9780521659680 5 Paperback books499.00
Law   Environmental law 9780521879453 Hardback             $105.00   360pp
Law   Environmental law 9789067042284 Hardback             $90.00    262pp
Law                         9780521869089 Hardback
      Competition Law, Anti-trust Law                      $105.00   384pp
Law                         9789067042352 Hardback
      Arbitration, Dispute Resolution                      $120.00   324pp
Law                         9780521676380 Paperback
      Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Company Law           $31.99    256pp
Law                         9780521889360 Hardback
      Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Company Law           $180.00   488pp
Law                         9780521876759 Hardback
      Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Company Law           $145.00   520pp
Law                         9789067042611 Hardback
      Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Company Law           $90.00    250pp
Law                         9789067042512 Hardback
      Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Company Law           $95.00    300pp
Law                         9780521897617 2 Hardback
      Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Company Law books$272.00        1118pp
Law                         9780521868181 Hardback
      Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Company Law           $145.00   624pp
Law   European Law          9780521700757 Paperback        $74.00    568pp
Law   European Law          9789067042437 Hardback         $117.00   396pp
Law   European Law          9780521709026 Paperback        $58.00    568pp
Law   European Law          9780521883986 Hardback         $99.00    344pp
Law   European Law          9789067042642 Hardback         $80.00    220pp
Law   European Law          9780521881104 Hardback         $175.00   728pp
Law   European Law          9780521677943 Paperback        $50.00    416pp
Law   European Law          9780521872041 Hardback         $115.00   390pp
Law   Financial Law         9780521690560 Paperback        $37.99    382pp
Law   Criminal Law          9780521706605 Paperback        $29.99    320pp
Law                     Criminal Law            9789067042376 Hardback        $130.00   450pp
Law                     Criminal Law            9780521878296 Hardback        $120.00   424pp
Law                                             9789067042499 Paperback
                        Humanitarian Law, Law of Armed Conflict               $90.00    868pp
Law                                             9780521882903 Hardback
                        Humanitarian Law, Law of Armed Conflict               $110.00   472pp
Law                     Intellectual Property 9780521613385 Paperback         $81.99    672pp
Law                     Intellectual Property 9780521701693 Paperback         $29.99    432pp
Law                     Intellectual Property 9780521613309 Paperback         $55.00    345pp
Law                     Intellectual Property 9780521868396 Hardback          $120.00   232pp
Law                                             9789067042451 Hardback
                        Employment Law, Labour Law                            $190.00   900pp
Law                                             9780521843805 Hardback
                        E-Commerce Law, Internet Law                          $105.00   384pp
Law                     Law and Economics 9780521711487 Paperback             $31.99    320pp
Law                     Law and Economics 9780521877312 Hardback              $85.00    472pp
Law                     Medical Law, Health Law 9780521674454 Paperback       $49.00    288pp
Law                     Medical Law, Health Law 9780521616249 Paperback       $45.00    346pp
Law                                             9780521708784 Paperback
                        Private International Law                             $85.00    528pp
Law                                              in Context
                        Law and Society, Law9780521876643 Hardback            $85.00    304pp
Law                     Law (general)           9780521884761 Paperback       $32.99    192pp
Law                     Law (general)           9780521697903 Paperback       $68.99    560pp
Law                     Law (general)           9780521689298 Paperback       $68.99    400pp
Law                     Law (general)           9780521719292 Paperback       $34.99    198pp
Law                     Law (general)           9780521703383 Paperback       $17.99    428pp
Law                     Law (general)           9780521703437 Paperback       $24.99    240pp
Law                     Sports Law              9789067042628 Hardback        $90.00    318pp
British history                                 9780521897273 3 Hardback books$450.00
                        History of Britain 1066 to 1450                                 2118pp
British history                                  1450
                        History of Britain after9780521841764 Hardback        $111.00   416pp
British history                                  1450
                        History of Britain after9780521873703 Hardback        $105.00   456pp
British history                                  1450
                        History of Britain after9780521044530 Paperback       $52.00    303pp
British history                                  1450
                        History of Britain after9780521843720 Hardback        $99.00    408pp
British history                                  1450
                        History of Britain after9780521606356 Paperback       $37.99    344pp
British history         20C History of Britain9780521723732 Paperback         $29.99    132pp
American history        20C American history9780521714044 Paperback           $24.99    316pp
American history        20C American history9780521671835 Paperback           $34.99    368pp
American history                                 1945
                        American history after9780521402538 Hardback          $85.00    304pp
European history                                9780521817035 Hardback
                        European history 450-1000                             $99.00    264pp
European history                                9780521873901 Hardback
                        European history 1000-1450                            $91.00    318pp
European history                                9780521877282 Hardback
                        European history 1000-1450                            $140.00   696pp
European history                                9780521060288 Paperback
                        European history 1000-1450                            $39.99    365pp
European history                                9780521863254 Hardback
                        European history after 1450                           $45.00    504pp
European history                                9780521855532 4 Hardback books$575.00
                        European history after 1450                                     1750pp
European history                                9780521875424 Hardback
                        European history after 1450                           $35.00    656pp
European history        20C European history9780521883108 Hardback            $105.00   384pp
European history        20C European history9780521882743 Hardback            $30.00    286pp
European history        20C European history9780521876896 Hardback            $80.00    304pp
European history        20C European history9780521856027 Hardback            $35.00    672pp
European history        20C European history9780521483179 Paperback           $45.00    264pp
European history        20C European history9780521711173 Paperback           $36.99    456pp
European history        20C European history9780521876230 Hardback            $99.00    280pp
European history        20C European history9780521875400 Hardback            $99.00    336pp
European history                                9780521881777 Hardback
                        Russian, East European history                        $99.00    280pp
European history                                9780521848213 Hardback
                        European history (general)                            $130.00   566pp
European history                                9780521648332 Paperback
                        European history (general)                            $48.00    277pp
History - other areas                           9780521052207 Paperback
                        History (general) before 1500                         $39.99    375pp
History - other areas                           9780521033718 Paperback
                        History (general) before 1500                         $90.00    573pp
History - other areas                            1500
                        History (general) after9780521879644 Hardback         $85.00    320pp
History - other areas                            1500
                        History (general) after9780521881944 Hardback         $99.00    272pp
History - other areas   20C History (general)9780521707527 Paperback          $29.99    376pp
History - other areas 20C History (general)9780521880619 Hardback               $30.00    232pp
History - other areas 20C History (general)9780521685092 Paperback              $23.99    284pp
History - other areas 20C History (general)9780521716529 Paperback              $25.99    312pp
                                               9780521833974 Hardback
History - other areas History after 1945 (general)                              $53.00    272pp
History - other areas South Asian history 9780521051842 Paperback               $43.00    376pp
History - other areas Middle East history 9780521615389 Paperback               $23.99    400pp
History - other areas Middle East history 9780521883849 Hardback                $85.00    208pp
History - other areas Middle East history 9780521699341 Paperback               $29.99    312pp
History - other areas Middle East history 9780521699341 Paperback               $29.99    310pp
                                               9780521707831 7 Paperback books
History - other areasHistory (general), world history                           $475.00
                                               9780521052764 Paperback
History - other areas History (general), world history                          $43.00    387pp
                                               9780521037983 Paperback
History - other areas History (general), world history                          $52.00    309pp
                                               9780521862578 Hardback
History - other areas History (general), world history                          $80.00    228pp
                                               9780521708753 Paperback
History - other areas History (general), world history                          $20.99    316pp
                       H                       9780521035378 Paperback
History-cross discipline istory of science technology                           $39.99    255pp
                       H                       9780521884082 Hardback
History-cross discipline istory of science technology                           $29.00    312pp
                       D                       9780521723435 Paperback
History-cross discipline iplomatic, international history                       $36.99    708pp
History-cross discipline nvironmental history9780521616737 Paperback            $24.99    448pp
Mathematics                                    9780521874267 Hardback
                       Maths - Logic, Categories and Sets                       $99.00    320pp
Mathematics                                    9780521884242 Hardback
                       Maths - Logic, Categories and Sets                       $75.00    224pp
Mathematics                                    9780521884259 Hardback
                       Maths - Logic, Categories and Sets                       $75.00    288pp
Mathematics                                    9780521889810 Hardback
                       Maths - Logic, Categories and Sets                       $65.00    200pp
Mathematics                                    9780521708777 Paperback
                       Maths - Logic, Categories and Sets                       $39.99    216pp
Mathematics            Algebra                 9780521544207 Paperback          $55.00    320pp
Mathematics            Algebra                 9780521708760 Paperback          $58.00    464pp
Mathematics            Algebra                 9780521882170 Hardback           $95.00    304pp
Mathematics            Algebra                 9780898716313 Paperback          $49.00    200pp
Mathematics            Algebra                 9780521857215 Hardback           $120.00   336pp
Mathematics            Number theory           9780521694155 Paperback          $99.00    568pp
Mathematics            Number theory           9780521882682 Hardback           $80.00    208pp
Mathematics            Number theory           9780521714679 Paperback          $75.00    360pp
Mathematics                                    9780521461009 Hardback           $170.00
                       Discrete Mathematics, Information Theory and Coding Theory         760pp
Mathematics                                    9780521698238 Paperback          $75.00
                       Discrete Mathematics, Information Theory and Coding Theory         294pp
Mathematics                                    9780521701723 Paperback          $39.99
                       Discrete Mathematics, Information Theory and Coding Theory         452pp
Mathematics                                     Probability Theory
                       Abstract Analysis and9780521709798 Paperback             $80.00    864pp
Mathematics                                     Probability Theory
                       Abstract Analysis and9780521711838 Paperback             $39.99    344pp
Mathematics                                     Probability Theory
                       Abstract Analysis and9780521883368 Hardback              $80.00    448pp
Mathematics                                     Probability Theory
                       Abstract Analysis and9780521699730 Paperback             $48.00    346pp
Mathematics                                     Probability Theory
                       Abstract Analysis and9780521879897 Hardback              $125.00   438pp
Mathematics                                    9780521720557 Paperback
                       Real and complex analysis                                $45.00    520pp
Mathematics                                    9780883853375 Hardback
                       Real and complex analysis                                $52.00    296pp
Mathematics                                    9780521878579 Hardback
                       Real and complex analysis                                $110.00   432pp
Mathematics                                    9780898716344 Paperback
                       Real and complex analysis                                $99.00    430pp
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780521709835 Paperback          $85.00    432pp
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780521865852 Hardback           $90.00    464pp
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780521856348 Hardback           $75.00    224pp
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780521713900 Paperback          $39.99    200pp
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780883857489 Hardback           $74.00    491pp
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780521718011 Paperback          $52.00    332pp
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780521718028 Paperback          $52.00
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780521880220 Hardback           $145.00   770pp
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780521875240 Hardback           $95.00    352pp
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780521705646 Paperback          $80.00    376pp
Mathematics            Topology and Geometry   9780521865166 Hardback           $115.00   418pp
Mathematics                                    Equations, Dynamical Systems and $110.00
                       Differential & Integral 9780898716153 Paperback          Control   400pp
Mathematics                                    Equations, Dynamical Systems and $104.00
                       Differential & Integral 9780898716337 Paperback          Control   470pp
Mathematics                                Equations, Dynamical Systems and $95.00
                   Differential & Integral 9780521875417 Hardback           Control 336pp
Mathematics                                Equations, Dynamical Systems and $64.00
                   Differential & Integral 9780883853368 Hardback           Control 220pp
Mathematics                                Equations, Dynamical Systems and $99.00
                   Differential & Integral 9780898716382 Paperback          Control 370pp
Mathematics                                Equations, Dynamical Systems and $122.00 528pp
                   Differential & Integral 9780521832588 Hardback           Control
Mathematics                                Equations, Dynamical Systems and $75.00
                   Differential & Integral 9780521877275 Hardback           Control 616pp
Mathematics                                Equations, Dynamical Systems and $103.99 332pp
                   Differential & Integral 9780898716214 Paperback          Control
Mathematics                                Equations, Dynamical Systems and $99.00
                   Differential & Integral 9780898716320 Paperback          Control 400pp
Mathematics                                9780898716177
                   Mathematical Modelling and Methods Paperback             $126.99 292pp
Mathematics                                9780898716252
                   Mathematical Modelling and Methods Paperback             $69.99  256pp
Mathematics                                9780898716276
                   Mathematical Modelling and Methods Paperback             $119.99 200pp
Mathematics                                9780521708432
                   Mathematical Modelling and Methods Paperback             $60.00  500pp
Mathematics                                9780898716405
                   Mathematical Modelling and Methods Paperback             $86.00  250pp
Mathematics                                9780521714242
                   Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Paperback             $50.00  400pp
Mathematics                                9780898716207
                   Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Paperback             $108.00 600pp
Mathematics                                9780521838702
                   Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Hardback              $99.00  344pp
Mathematics        Numerical Analysis 9780521877435 Hardback                $117.00 484pp
Mathematics        Numerical Analysis 9780898716368 Paperback               $67.00  120pp
Mathematics        Numerical Analysis 9780521885720 Hardback                $140.00 512pp
Mathematics        Numerical Analysis 9780898716290 Paperback               $69.99  350pp
Mathematics        Numerical Analysis 9780898716375 Paperback               $81.00  340pp
Mathematics        Numerical Analysis 9780521705127 Paperback               $60.00  598pp
Mathematics        Numerical Analysis 9780521680448 Paperback               $55.00  250pp
Mathematics                                 Probability
                   Statistics and Applied9780521694247 Paperback            $50.00  176pp
Mathematics                                 Probability
                   Statistics and Applied9780521683579 Paperback            $52.00  352pp
Mathematics                                 Probability
                   Statistics and Applied9780521879149 Hardback             $70.00  216pp
Mathematics                                 Probability
                   Statistics and Applied9780521857727 Hardback             $75.00  264pp
Mathematics                                 Probability
                   Statistics and Applied9780521717700 Paperback            $48.00  416pp
Mathematics                                 Probability
                   Statistics and Applied9780521612340 Paperback            $60.00  504pp
Mathematics                                 Probability
                   Statistics and Applied9780521854429 Hardback             $60.00  248pp
Mathematics                                 Probability
                   Statistics and Applied9780521872508 Hardback             $95.00  576pp
Mathematics                                 Risk Analysis
                   Optimization, OR and9780898716436 Paperback              $45.00  280pp
Mathematics        Numerical Recipes 9780521884075 1 CD-ROM, 1 Hardback     $140.00 1256pp
Computer science                           9780521866972 Hardback
                   Programming Languages and Applied Logic                  $80.00  476pp
Computer science                           9780521875462 Hardback
                   Programming Languages and Applied Logic                  $75.00  300pp
Computer science                           9780521876254 Hardback
                   Programming Languages and Applied Logic                  $150.00 622pp
Computer science                           9780521872829 Hardback           $48.00
                   Algorithmics, Complexity, Computer Algebra,Computational Geometry760pp
Computer science                           9780521857574 Hardback           $101.00 496pp
                   Algorithmics, Complexity, Computer Algebra,Computational Geometry
Computer science                           9780898716269 Paperback          $71.99
                   Algorithmics, Complexity, Computer Algebra,Computational Geometry230pp
Computer science                           9780898716238 Paperback
                   Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning                 $119.99 480pp
Computer science                           9780521884112     Robotics 1 Hardback
                   Computer Graphics, Image Processing,1 CD-ROM, and Computer Vision368pp
Computer science                           9780521703758 Paperback
                   Distributed, Networked and Mobile Computing              $41.99  208pp
Computer science                           9780521880381     Engineering
                   Application Development and Software Hardback            $60.00  344pp
Computer science                           9780521687614     Engineering
                   Application Development and Software Paperback           $44.99  368pp
Computer science                           9780521882866     Engineering
                   Application Development and Software Hardback            $85.00  208pp
Computer science                           9780521707411 Aspects of         $27.99  352pp
                   Social, Educational and Philosophical Paperback Computing,e-publishing, HCI
Computer science   General Computer Science9780521702386 Paperback          $29.99  512pp
Physics                                    9780521822114
                   Optics, Optoelectronics and Photonics Hardback           $48.00  240pp
Physics                                    9780521828451 Hardback           $110.00
                   Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience and Mesoscopic Physics 1000pp
Physics                                    9780521840064
                   Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics Hardback            $160.00 680pp
Physics                                    9780521880237
                   Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics Hardback            $65.00  240pp
Physics                                    9780521868754 Hardback
                   Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics             $90.00  570pp
Physics                                    9780521715959 Paperback
                   Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics             $80.00  578pp
Physics                                    9780521891400 Paperback
                   Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics             $70.00  466pp
Physics                                    9780521876766 Hardback
                   Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics             $160.00 496pp
Physics                                     and Gravitation
                   Cosmology, Relativity9780521842631 Hardback              $140.00 784pp
Physics                                     and Gravitation
                   Cosmology, Relativity9780521715966 Paperback             $70.00  480pp
Physics                                    9780521876582 Hardback           $45.00
                     Quantum Physics, Quantum Information and Quantum Computation     236pp
Physics                                    9780521884006 Hardback
                     Mathematical Methods and Computational Tools           $80.00    376pp
Physics              Statistical Physics   9780521874991 Hardback           $85.00    550pp
Physics              Biological Physics    9780521851213 Hardback           $135.00   376pp
Physics                                    9780521701471 Paperback
                     General and Classical Physics                          $28.99    136pp
Physics                                    9780521715911 Paperback
                     General and Classical Physics                          $75.00    574pp
Physics                                    9780521876223 Hardback
                     General and Classical Physics                          $71.99    744pp
Chemistry            Inorganic chemistry 9780521852364 Hardback             $130.00   330pp
Chemistry            Chemistry (general) 9780521852524 Hardback             $133.00   344pp
                     Mineralogy, petrology9780521868105 Hardback
Earth, atmospheric sciences                                                 $85.00    264pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521875547 Hardback           $90.00    584pp
                     Solid earth geophysics 780521729543 Paperback
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9                                $60.00    398pp
                     Solid earth geophysics 780521844048 Hardback
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9                                $90.00    474pp
                     Solid earth geophysics 780521675963 Paperback
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9                                $74.00    392pp
                     Solid earth geophysics 780521770699 Hardback
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9                                $155.00   464pp
                     Hydrology, geotechnics, soil science Hardback
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521869188                    $140.00   205pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521808750 Hardback           $165.00   648pp
                     Atmospheric physics 9780521696289 Paperback
Earth, atmospheric sciences                                                 $58.00    200pp
                     Atmospheric physics 9780521878111 Hardback
Earth, atmospheric sciences                                                 $110.00   254pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521880824 Hardback           $120.00   292pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521700801 Paperback          $50.00    712pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521696197 Paperback          $55.00    504pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521705974 Paperback          $85.00    1000pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521705981 Paperback          $85.00    896pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521705967 Paperback          $85.00    1056pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521690331 Paperback          $55.00    390pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521866033 Hardback           $122.00   504pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521676809 Paperback          $64.00    264pp
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9780521807401 Hardback           $100.00   472pp
                     Environmental science780521869706 Hardback
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9                                $130.00   288pp
                     Environmental science780521710206 Paperback
Earth, atmospheric sciences                9                                $24.99    224pp
                     Earth,                9780521729536
Earth, atmospheric sciences atmospheric sciences (general) Paperback        $60.00    350pp
                     Earth,                9780521828703
Earth, atmospheric sciences atmospheric sciences (general) Hardback         $40.00    400pp
Astronomy            Planetary astronomy 9780521585064 Hardback             $300.00   666pp
Astronomy            Planetary astronomy 9780521852265 Hardback             $90.00    376pp
Astronomy            Planetary astronomy 9780521875486 Hardback             $130.00   320pp
Astronomy            Planetary astronomy 9780521531023 Paperback            $75.00    640pp
Astronomy            Planetary astronomy 9780521850032 Hardback             $125.00   376pp
Astronomy            Astrophysics          9780521897846 Hardback           $130.00   190pp
Astronomy            Astrophysics          9780521874649 Hardback           $130.00   540pp
Astronomy            Astrophysics          9780521863483 Hardback           $117.00   500pp
Astronomy            Astrophysics          9780521863476 Hardback           $117.00   504pp
Astronomy            Astrophysics          9780521874663 Hardback           $130.00
Astronomy            Astrophysics          9780521871044 Hardback           $130.00   288pp
Astronomy            Astrophysics          9780521857697 Hardback           $69.00    368pp
Astronomy            Astrophysics          9780521874656 Hardback           $130.00   390pp
Astronomy            Astrophysics          9780521863506 Hardback           $110.00   610pp
Astronomy            Space Science         9780521711128 Paperback          $55.00    146pp
Astronomy            Space Science         9780521819305 Hardback           $190.00   464pp
Astronomy            Astronomy (general) 9780521876575 Hardback             $117.00   360pp
Astronomy            Astronomy (general) 9780521823647 Hardback             $35.00    416pp
Astronomy            Astronomy (general) 9780521868082 Hardback             $135.00   288pp
Astronomy            Astronomy (general) 9780521871020 Hardback             $125.00   544pp
Astronomy            Astronomy (general) 9780521896832 Hardback             $130.00   752pp
Astronomy            Astronomy (general) 9780521715928 Paperback            $75.00    586pp
Engineering                                9780521861021 Hardback
                     Electronic, optoelectronic devices, and nanotechnology $120.00   376pp
Engineering                                9780521881722 Hardback
                     Electronic, optoelectronic devices, and nanotechnology $80.00    328pp
Engineering                                9780521850179 Hardback
                     Thermal-fluids engineering                             $99.00    360pp
Engineering                                9780521850179 Hardback
                     Thermal-fluids engineering                             $105.00   360pp
Engineering                                9780521869829 Hardback
                     Thermal-fluids engineering                             $127.00   552pp
Engineering                                9780521868808 Hardback
                     Thermal-fluids engineering                             $105.00   192pp
Engineering                                9780521709224 Paperback
                     Thermal-fluids engineering                             $26.99    224pp
Engineering                                9780521882767 Hardback
                     Thermal-fluids engineering                             $139.00   634pp
Engineering                                  engineering
                     Civil and geotechnical9780521880428 Hardback           $105.00   368pp
Engineering          Chemical engineering9780521849104 Hardback             $143.00   936pp
Engineering          Chemical engineering9780521886703 Hardback             $95.00    408pp
Engineering                                9780521870443 Hardback
                     Engineering design, kinematics, and robotics           $90.00    368pp
Engineering          Aerospace engineering 9780521882781 Hardback           $80.00    196pp
Engineering          Aerospace engineering 9780521867894 Hardback           $95.00    216pp
Engineering          Aerospace engineering 9780521873376 Hardback           $95.00    520pp
Engineering                                 signal processing
                     Communications and 9780521771948 Hardback              $99.00    552pp
Engineering                                 signal processing
                     Communications and 9780521854559 Hardback              $85.00    880pp
Engineering                                 signal processing
                     Communications and 9780521876346 Hardback              $90.00    752pp
Engineering                                 signal processing
                     Communications and 9780521874144 Hardback              $80.00    520pp
Engineering                                 signal processing
                     Communications and 9780521879071 Hardback              $75.00    456pp
Engineering                                9780521895842 Hardback
                     Wireless Communications                                $99.00    850pp
Engineering                                9780521876698 Hardback
                     Wireless Communications                                $69.00    278pp
Engineering                                9780521875653 Hardback
                     Wireless Communications                                $65.00    216pp
Engineering                                9780521873154 Hardback
                     Wireless Communications                                $85.00    328pp
Engineering                                9780521826228 Hardback
                     Wireless Communications                                $95.00    424pp
Engineering                                9780521873710 Hardback
                     Wireless Communications                                $80.00    496pp
Engineering                                9780521878241 Hardback
                     Wireless Communications                                $90.00    200pp
Engineering                                9780521868532
                     Image processing and machine vision Hardback           $130.00   592pp
Engineering                                9780898716429
                     Image processing and machine vision Paperback          $99.00    790pp
Engineering                                9780521884419 Hardback
                     Control systems and optimization                       $80.00    584pp
Engineering                                9780521864350 Hardback
                     Control systems and optimization                       $117.00   504pp
Engineering                                9780521842013 Hardback
                     Solid mechanics and materials                          $117.00   235pp
Engineering                                9780521883030 Hardback
                     Solid mechanics and materials                          $110.00   744pp
Engineering                                9780521883290 Hardback
                     Solid mechanics and materials                          $99.00    392pp
Engineering                                9780521881210 Hardback
                     Industrial manufacturing, and operations engineering   $90.00    328pp
Engineering                                9780521853002 Hardback
                     Materials Science and Engineering                      $140.00   512pp
Engineering                                9780521868112 Hardback
                     Materials Science and Engineering                      $90.00    324pp
Engineering                                9780521822695 Hardback
                     Materials Science and Engineering                      $160.00   512pp
Engineering                                9780521831994 Hardback
                     Materials Science and Engineering                      $154.00   456pp
Engineering                                9780521853514 Hardback
                     Materials Science and Engineering                      $85.00    528pp
Engineering                                9780521835275 Hardback
                     Materials Science and Engineering                      $75.00    624pp
Engineering                                9780521651516 Hardback
                     Materials Science and Engineering                      $95.00    876pp
Engineering                                 Engineering
                     Polymer Science and 9780521814195 Hardback             $145.00   264pp
Engineering          Engineering (general)9780521703529 Paperback           $24.99    176pp
General Science      Popular science                                        $
                                           9780521720540 8 Paperback books720.00
                     Life science professional development Paperback
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521703932                    $27.99    178pp
                     Life science professional development Paperback
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521699273                    $34.99    240pp
                     Cell biology and      9780521853767
Experimental biology and biomedicine developmental biologyHardback          $302.00   1500pp
                     Microbiology and      9780521712309 Paperback
Experimental biology and biomedicine immunology                             $75.00    552pp
                     Microbiology and      9780521842105 Hardback
Experimental biology and biomedicine immunology                             $75.00    576pp
                     Molecular biology,    9780521711340 Paperback
Experimental biology and biomedicine biochemistry, and structural biology $60.00      448pp
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521875004 Hardback           $120.00   384pp
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521603652 Paperback          $48.00    328pp
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521852173 Hardback           $150.00   320pp
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521851220 Hardback           $196.00   504pp
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521864411 Hardback           $140.00   500pp
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521687263 Paperback          $55.00    360pp
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521869133 Hardback             $140.00   456pp
                     Genomics, bioinformatics, and systemsPaperback
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521706940 biology              $55.00    448pp
                     Genomics, bioinformatics, and systemsHardback
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521865982 biology              $195.00   576pp
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521521055 Paperback            $51.00    276pp
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521530880 Paperback            $55.00    440pp
                     Quantitative biology, biostatistics and mathematical modeling
Experimental biology and biomedicine       9780521684477 Paperback            $51.00    304pp
Zoology, botany      Plant sciences        9780521682770 Paperback            $70.00    568pp
Zoology, botany      Plant sciences        9780521623094 Hardback             $80.00    430pp
Zoology, botany      Plant sciences        9780521685535 Paperback            $45.00    432pp
Zoology, botany                            9780521870214 Hardback
                     Ecology and conservation                                 $140.00   496pp
Zoology, botany                            9780521679671 Paperback
                     Ecology and conservation                                 $69.00    356pp
Zoology, botany                            9780521542319 Paperback
                     Ecology and conservation                                 $58.00    520pp
Zoology, botany                            9780521875936 Hardback
                     Ecology and conservation                                 $133.00   568pp
Zoology, botany                            9780521699372 Paperback
                     Ecology and conservation                                 $70.00    488pp
Zoology, botany                            9780521703444 Paperback
                     Ecology and conservation                                 $65.00    277pp
Zoology, botany                            9780521614887 Paperback
                     Ecology and conservation                                 $60.00    232pp
Zoology, botany                            9780521839785 Hardback
                     Ecology and conservation                                 $130.00   420pp
Zoology, botany      Animal behaviour      9780521532020 Paperback            $64.00    488pp
Zoology, botany      Animal behaviour      9780521686914 Paperback            $80.00    324pp
Zoology, botany      Animal behaviour      9780521833585 Hardback             $125.00   558pp
Zoology, botany      Animal behaviour      9780521535632 Paperback            $45.00    187pp
Zoology, botany      Animal behaviour      9780521618588 Paperback            $65.00    388pp
Zoology, botany                            9780521870610 Hardback
                     Biological anthropology and primatology                  $140.00   470pp
Zoology, botany      Evolutionary biology 9780521540063 Paperback             $75.00    518pp
Zoology, botany      Invertebrate zoology 9780521709286 Paperback             $60.00    306pp
Zoology, botany                            9780521687461 Paperback
                     Whole organism biology (general)                         $48.00    352pp
 Month     Year                                   Title
Sep      2007     The Business of TV Production
Sep      2007     Government Communication in Australia
Nov      2007     The Cambridge Companion to Lucretius
Dec      2007     The Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare 2-Volume Set
Jul      2007     The Cambridge Companion to Archaic Greece
Mar      2008     The Cambridge Companion to Greek Mythology
Nov      2007     The Cambridge Economic History of the Greco-Roman World
Aug      2007     A History of Feminist Literary Criticism
Dec      2007     Colonies, Cults and Evolution
Oct      2007     Culture and Sacrifice
Jan      2008     English Literature in Context
Oct      2007     Henry James and the Visual
Dec      2007     Henry James, Women and Realism
Jul      2007     Language and the Declining World in Chaucer, Dante, and Jean de Meun
Oct      2007     Modernism, Feminism, and Jewishness
Oct      2007     Representing Shakespearean Tragedy
Dec      2007     Shakespeare and the Idea of Late Writing
Aug      2007     Shakespeare Films in the Making
Sep      2007     T.S Eliot and the Concept of Tradition
Dec      2007     The Cambridge Companion to Alexander Pope
Jul      2007     The Cambridge Companion to Modernist Poetry
Aug      2007     The Cambridge Companion to Salman Rushdie
Aug      2007     The Cambridge Companion to the Fin de Siècle
Dec      2007     The Cambridge Companion to Twentieth-Century English Poetry
Oct      2007     The Cambridge Introduction to Postcolonial Literatures in English
Oct      2007     The Cambridge Introduction to Shakespeare's History Plays
Nov      2007     The Cambridge Introduction to the Short Story in English
Aug      2007     The Lake Poets and Professional Identity
Nov      2007     The Story of Joy
Sep      2007     Women's Writing in the British Atlantic World
Aug      2007     Wordsworth Writing
Jul      2007     The Cambridge Companion to Narrative
Oct      2007     The Cambridge Introduction to Jacques Derrida
Aug      2007     The Writer's Reader
Mar      2008     The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad Nine Volume Set
Sep      2007     The English Poems of George Herbert
Mar      2008     Twixt Land and Sea
Mar      2008     Shakespeare and Garrick
Mar      2008     Shakespeare for the People
Feb      2008     Shakespeare's Women
Mar      2008     Romanticism and the Painful Pleasures of Modern Life
Mar      2008     Science and Sensation in Romantic Poetry
Feb      2008     The Cambridge Companion to Fiction in the Romantic Period
Feb      2008     Modernism, Memory, and Desire
Nov      2007     Formalism, Experience and the Making of American Literature in the Nineteenth Century
Mar      2008     Race, American Literature and Transnational Modernisms
Sep      2007     The Cambridge Companion to Toni Morrison
Oct      2007     The Cambridge Introduction to The Nineteenth-Century American Novel
Dec      2007     The Origins of American Literary Studies
Mar      2008     Dante and the Making of a Modern Author
Aug      2007     The Cambridge Companion to Primo Levi
Oct      2007     The Cambridge Introduction to Francophone Literature
Feb      2008     The Enlightenment Past
Feb      2008     The Poetry of War
Oct      2007     The Cambridge Companion to British Theatre, 1730-1830
Dec   2007   The Cambridge Companion to David Hare
Dec   2007   Neil LaBute
Nov   2007   The Cambridge Companion to August Wilson
Dec   2007   The Swastika and the Stage
Dec   2007   Theatre Ecology
Dec   2007   A Linguistic Geography of Africa
Oct   2007   Language Typology and Syntactic Description Second Edition Set
Oct   2007   Language Development and Age
Oct   2007   Neurolinguistics
Dec   2007   Pragmatic Impairment
Aug   2007   Talking Voices 2nd Edition
Aug   2007   The Bilingual Child
Nov   2007   Irish English
Aug   2007   Language in the British Isles
Nov   2007   Sociolinguistic Variation
Aug   2007   Style
Dec   2007   Language in South Asia
Oct   2007   The Sounds of Chinese
Dec   2007   Renaissance Figures of Speech
Oct   2007   Indo-European Linguistics
Aug   2007   The English Noun Phrase
Dec   2007   Topics in Ellipsis
Mar   2008   Ethics and Criminal Justice
Oct   2007   Medically Assisted Death
Mar   2008   The Moral Demands of Memory
Sep   2007   Virtue Ethics and Consequentialism in Early Chinese Philosophy
Feb   2008   Aquinas, Aristotle, and the Promise of the Common Good
Oct   2007   Aristotle and Beyond
Nov   2007   Bernard Williams
Dec   2007   Carnap and Twentieth-Century Thought
Feb   2008   Interpreting Spinoza
Aug   2007   Kant on Beauty and Biology
Mar   2008   Leibniz
Dec   2007   Pico della Mirandola
Jul   2007   Ronald Dworkin
Dec   2007   The Cambridge Companion to Carnap
Oct   2007   The Cambridge Companion to Hobbes's Leviathan
Dec   2007   The Cambridge Companion to Logical Empiricism
Aug   2007   The Cambridge Companion to Plato's Republic
Oct   2007   The Cambridge Companion to Renaissance Philosophy
Jul   2007   Wittgenstein's Apprenticeship with Russell
Oct   2007   A Metaphysics for Scientific Realism
Nov   2007   Aristotle on Homonymy
Jan   2008   Debating Design
Feb   2008   God, Chance and Purpose
Feb   2008   Mathematical Thought and Its Objects
Feb   2008   Mathematics, Models, and Modality
Nov   2007   The Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology
Sep   2007   The Changing Role of the Embryo in Evolutionary Thought
Sep   2007   A Philosophy of Political Myth
Dec   2007   Common Law Theory
Mar   2008   Conflict of Interest and Public Life
Sep   2007   Freedom, Reason, and the Polis: Volume 24, Part 2
Sep   2007   Is the Welfare State Justified?
Dec   2007   Just Health
Dec   2007   Morality and Political Violence
Nov   2007   Morality in a Technological World
Mar   2008   Objectivism, Subjectivism, and Relativism in Ethics: Volume 25, Part 1
Nov   2007   Paradoxes of Political Ethics
Nov   2007   Race, Equality, and the Burdens of History
Mar   2008   The Economy of the Earth 2nd Edition
Oct   2007   The Globalization of Ethics
Nov   2007   Anthropology, History and Education
Sep   2007   Hamann: Writings on Philosophy and Language
Sep   2007   Heine: On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany
Dec   2007   Medieval Jewish Philosophical Writings
Jul   2007   An Introduction to Gödel's Theorems
Mar   2008   An Introduction to Many-Valued and Fuzzy Logic
Jan   2008   Mainstream and Formal Epistemology
Nov   2007   Media Argumentation
Mar   2008   Philosophy from a Skeptical Perspective
Dec   2007   Socratic Epistemology
Feb   2008   Witness Testimony Evidence
Sep   2007   Legal Ethics and Human Dignity
Sep   2007   Objectivity and the Rule of Law
Mar   2008   The Culture of Vengeance and the Fate of American Justice
Dec   2007   Anti-Individualism
Oct   2007   John Searle's Philosophy of Language
Nov   2007   The Metaphysics of Everyday Life
Oct   2007   Social Philosophy after Adorno
Feb   2008   An Introduction to Buddhist Philosophy
Sep   2007   Alvin Plantinga
Mar   2008   An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
Sep   2007   Analytic Philosophy and the Return of Hegelian Thought
Feb   2008   Body Consciousness
Nov   2007   Computability and Logic 5th Edition
Jul   2007   Ethics and Business
Feb   2008   Ethics and the Environment
Dec   2007   Forgiveness
Jan   2008   Kantian Ethics
Sep   2007   Morality in a Natural World
Sep   2007   Music, Philosophy, and Modernity
Jul   2007   Narrative and Understanding Persons
Nov   2007   Philosophy of Science: Volume 61
Oct   2007   The Limits of Loyalty
Nov   2007   The Structural Evolution of Morality
Nov   2007   The Cambridge Companion to Liberation Theology 2nd Edition
Jan   2008   The Cambridge Companion to the Bible 2nd Edition
Aug   2007   Cambridge History of Christianity, Vol. 2
Aug   2007   Cambridge History of Christianity, Vol. 6
Mar   2008   The Cambridge Companion to the Jesuits
Aug   2007   The Cambridge Companion to Modern Jewish Philosophy
Jul   2007   The Cambridge Companion to the Talmud and Rabbinic Literature
Dec   2007   Business Performance Measurement 2nd Edition
Jul   2007   Management Research Methods
Oct   2007   Myths and Realities in Executive Pay
Aug   2007   The Business School and the Bottom Line
Sep   2007   Outsourcing
Nov   2007   Ethics and the Pharmaceutical Industry
Mar   2008   Integrative Economic Ethics
Dec   2007   Building More Effective Organizations
Mar   2008   Employment Relationships
Nov   2007   Entrepreneurship and New Value Creation
Jul   2007   Contesting the Corporation
Aug   2007   Managing Employee Performance and Reward
Aug   2007   Strategy as Practice
Nov   2007   Ernest Gellner and Contemporary Social Thought
Sep   2007   Intellectuals and the Public Good
Mar   2008   Gender and Health
Nov   2007   Islam in Europe
Oct   2007   The Work of Global Justice
Oct   2007   Messengers of Sex
Nov   2007   Drug-Crime Connections
Feb   2008   Sociology of Law
Oct   2007   International Focus Group Research
Oct   2007   Counterfactuals and Causal Inference
Jul   2007   Shaping History
Dec   2007   The Politics of High Tech Growth
Nov   2007   The Research Imagination
Oct   2007   Aggression and Violence in Adolescence
Nov   2007   Developmental Psychophysiology
Dec   2007   Human Development in the Twenty-First Century
Jul   2007   Discursive Research in Practice
Nov   2007   Stigmatization, Tolerance and Repair
Aug   2007   Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment for Education
Dec   2007   Critical Lessons
Jan   2008   Learning with Animation
Mar   2008   The Educated Brain
Mar   2008   Thinking as Communicating
Nov   2007   Inductive Reasoning
Dec   2007   Thinking and Deciding 4th Edition
Feb   2008   Psychotherapy in Everyday Life
Mar   2008   The Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory of Personality
Oct   2007   What is Intelligence?
Mar   2008   The Individual in the Changing Working Life
Oct   2007   Advances in Decision Analysis
Dec   2007   Hormones and Behaviour
Jul   2007   The Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness
Aug   2007   The Cambridge Handbook of Sociocultural Psychology
Oct   2007   The Cambridge Handbook of Violent Behavior and Aggression
Mar   2008   The Normal Personality
Nov   2007   The Psychology of Risk
Nov   2007   Wisdom, Intelligence, and Creativity Synthesized
Dec   2007   After Identity
Dec   2007   Aversive Democracy
Dec   2007   Body-Self Dualism in Contemporary Ethics and Politics
Mar   2008   Controlling Governments
Jan   2008   Fear of Enemies and Collective Action
Feb   2008   French Political Thought from Montesquieu to Tocqueville
Feb   2008   Hobbes and Republican Liberty
Nov   2007   The Feminist Avant-Garde
Dec   2007   The Secularisation of the Confessional State
Dec   2007   Utilitarianism and the New Liberalism
Nov   2007   Victorian Visions of Global Order
Oct   2007   Blair's Britain, 1997-2007
Feb   2008   American Government 2nd Edition
Nov   2007   Beyond the Law
Nov   2007   Defending Life
Sep   2007   Foreign Affairs Strategy
Oct   2007   Outsourcing Sovereignty
Nov   2007   The American Congress 5th Edition
Mar   2008   The Decline of the Death Penalty and the Discovery of Innocence
Feb   2008   The Women's Movement Against Sexual Harassment
Nov   2007   Why Dominant Parties Lose
Oct   2007   Authoritarianism in an Age of Democratization
Jan   2008   Democracy, America, and the Age of Globalization
Oct   2007   Democratizing the Hegemonic State
Feb   2008   Designing Deliberative Democracy
Feb   2008   Discretionary Time
Sep   2007   Global Accountabilities
Jan   2008   Growing Apart?
Sep   2007   National Identity and Globalization
Nov   2007   Political Disaffection in Cuba's Revolution and Exodus
Jan   2008   Taxation and State-Building in Developing Countries
Mar   2008   Television, Power, and the Public in Russia
Aug   2007   The Architecture of Government
Dec   2007   The Judicial Response to Police Killings in Latin America
Mar   2008   The Politics of Official Apologies
Dec   2007   The Rise and Fall of the Communist Party of Iraq
Dec   2007   Why not Parties in Russia?
Dec   2007   An Introduction to International Relations
Jan   2008   Asia, America and the Transformation of Geopolitics
Nov   2007   Crafting Cooperation
Sep   2007   Critical International Relations Theory After 25 Years
Nov   2007   Everyday Politics of the World Economy
Dec   2007   Human Rights and Structural Adjustment
Sep   2007   International Institutions and National Policies
Sep   2007   International Law and International Relations
Nov   2007   Making Australian Foreign Policy 2nd Edition
Oct   2007   Neorealism, States, and the Modern Mass Army
Sep   2007   Small Arms Survey 2007
Aug   2007   States, Nations, and the Great Powers
Jan   2008   Strategic Rivalries in World Politics
Sep   2007   The Balance of Power in International Relations
Nov   2007   The Nuclear Taboo
Mar   2008   The Refugee in International Society
Dec   2007   Theory of World Security
Nov   2007   UN Peacekeeping in Civil Wars
Dec   2007   Unmodern Men in the Modern World
Feb   2008   Full Disclosure
Mar   2008   Politics and Trade Cooperation in the Nineteenth Century
Mar   2008   The Global Diffusion of Markets and Democracy
Oct   2007   Wounds of Memory
Nov   2007   Bioviolence
Feb   2008   Israel since 1980
Mar   2008   Presidential Leadership, Illness, and Decision Making
Dec   2007   The Political Origins of Religious Liberty
Nov   2007   Who Gets What?
Mar   2008   Justice, Political Liberalism, and Utilitarianism
Nov   2007   Keynes and the Cambridge Keynesians
Feb   2008   The Philosophy of Economics 3rd Edition
Jul   2007   Global Competitive Strategy
Mar   2008   The Capability Approach
Dec   2007   The Political Economy of Economic Growth in Africa, 1960-2000 Set
Aug   2007   Econometric Modeling and Inference
Nov   2007   Experimental Auctions
Nov   2007   Introduction to Bayesian Econometrics
Mar   2008   The Econometric Modelling of Financial Time Series 3rd Edition
Nov   2007   How Capitalism Was Built
Dec   2007   Japan's Network Economy
Sep   2007   Business, Integrity and Peace
Mar   2008   How to Price
Aug   2007   Indecent Disclosure
Aug   2007   The European Union 8th Edition
Feb   2008   Social Policies, Labour Markets and Motherhood
Mar   2008   Uncertain Demographics and Fiscal Sustainability
Nov   2007   Architectures for Agreement
Oct   2007   Biodiversity Economics
Mar   2008   A Handbook of Primary Commodities in the Global Economy
Oct   2007   Advances in Economics and Econometrics 3 Volume Set (Paperback)
Feb   2008   Beyond Price
Aug   2007   Estimating Market Power and Strategies
Feb   2008   Games in Economic Development
Sep   2007   How to Argue with an Economist 2nd Edition
Sep   2007   Japanese Exports and Foreign Direct Investment
Sep   2007   Multinational Enterprise and Economic Analysis 3rd Edition
Dec   2007   Rationality in Economics
Jan   2008   Regional Monetary Integration
Oct   2007   Solutions for the World's Biggest Problems
Aug   2007   The Political Economy of the Welfare State in Latin America
Dec   2007   The VAT in Developing and Transitional Countries
Mar   2008   Gender and the Constitution
Feb   2008   Globalisation and the Western Legal Tradition
Mar   2008   International Law on the Left
Dec   2007   Patriarchal Religion, Sexuality, and Gender
Mar   2008   The Nature and Authority of Precedent
Mar   2008   Toxic Torts
Sep   2007   Judicial Reasoning under the UK Human Rights Act
Oct   2007   The English Historical Constitution
Nov   2007   The Constitution as Treaty
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Dec   2007   United Nations Sanctions and the Rule of Law
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Jul   2007   Boilerplate
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Feb   2008   Private Company Law Reform
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Aug   2007   European Sports Law
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Mar   2008   Implementing EU Pollution Control
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Dec   2007   The Enforcement of Competition Law in Europe
Sep   2007   The Transformation of Citizenship in the European Union
Jul   2007   Transnational Constitutionalism
Aug   2007   Financial Stability, Economic Growth, and the Role of Law
Jan   2008   Regulating Vice
Nov   2007   Statutory Limitations in International Criminal Law
Dec   2007   Transitional Amnesty in South Africa
Nov   2007   Compendium of International Migration Law Instruments
Oct   2007   Perspectives on the ICRC Study on Customary International Humanitarian Law
Mar   2008   Australian Intellectual Property Law
Mar   2008   Driving Innovation
Nov   2007   European Broadcasting Law and Policy
Nov   2007   Software and Patents in Europe
Nov   2007   Players' Agents Worldwide
Oct   2007   Jurisdiction and the Internet
Sep   2007   Charging Ahead
Feb   2008   Fiscal Challenges
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Mar   2008   China's Legal System
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Mar   2008   Nature and Power
Feb   2008   Forcing Idealized
Jan   2008   Logic Colloquium 2004
Feb   2008   Logic Colloquium 2005
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Sep   2007   Elements of the Representation Theory of Associative Algebras: Volume 2, Tubes and Concealed Algebras of
Sep   2007   Elements of the Representation Theory of Associative Algebras: Volume 3, Representation-infinite Tilted Algeb
Oct   2007   Enumeration of Finite Groups
Jul   2007   Perturbation Bounds for Matrix Eigenvalues
Jul   2007   Symmetric Generation of Groups
Dec   2007   L-Functions and Galois Representations
Dec   2007   Logarithmic Forms and Diophantine Geometry
Mar   2008   Number Theory and Polynomials
Feb   2008   Combinatorial Games
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Dec   2007   A First Course in Fourier Analysis 2nd Edition
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Aug   2007   The Classical Fields
Sep   2007   Adaptive Control Tutorial
Jan   2008   Applied Stochastic Processes and Control for Jump Diffusions
Dec   2007   Dynamics, Ergodic Theory and Geometry
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Feb   2008   Linear Feedback Control
Dec   2007   Nonuniform Hyperbolicity
Mar   2008   Numerical Solution of Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations
Jul   2007   Real-Time PDE-Constrained Optimization
Feb   2008   Stability and Stabilization of Time-Delay Systems
Sep   2007   Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems
Jul   2007   Continuum Modeling in the Physical Sciences
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Dec   2007   Modeling Differential Equations in Biology
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Mar   2008   Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis with CD-ROM 2nd Edition
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Dec   2007   Open Source
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Mar   2008   Symmetry and Condensed Matter Physics
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Dec   2007   Geometry of Quantum States
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Jan   2008   Lie Groups, Physics, and Geometry
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Sep   2007   Protein Condensation
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Jul   2007   Molecular Clusters
Jul   2007   A Practical Introduction to the Simulation of Molecular Systems
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Jan   2007   The Economics of Climate Change
Jul   2007   Climate Change
Feb   2008   Climate Change 2007 - Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
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Oct   2007   Mechanical Efficiency of Heat Engines
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Dec   2007   Two-Phase Flow, Boiling, and Condensation
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Aug   2007   Advanced Transport Phenomena
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Mar   2008   Fundamentals of Digital Communication
Feb   2008   Principles of Digital Communication
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Dec   2007   Essentials of Radio Wave Propagation
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Aug   2007   Structure of Materials
Sep   2007   Polymer Dynamics and Relaxation
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Dec   2007   microRNAs
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Aug   2007   Plant Breeding and Biotechnology
Aug   2007   Analysis of Variance and Covariance
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Mar   2008   Plants at the Margin
Mar   2008   The Names of Plants 4th Edition
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Jul   2007   Body Size: The Structure and Function of Aquatic Ecosystems
Jul   2007   Ecology of Woodlands and Forests
Oct   2007   Globalization: Effects on Fisheries Resources
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Sep   2007   Systematic Conservation Planning
Dec   2007   The Agri-Environment
Feb   2008   The Riverscape and the River
Aug   2007   Animal Intelligence
Nov   2007   Carrots and Sticks
Jul   2007   Lizard Ecology
Aug   2007   Measuring Behaviour 3rd Edition
Aug   2007   Zoos in the 21st Century
Feb   2008   Technique and Application in Dental Anthropology
Mar   2008   Alternative Reproductive Tactics
Feb   2008   Medical Entomology for Students 4th Edition
Aug   2007   The Discovery of Evolution 2nd Edition
          Chinese         Subtitle                Author
电视制作商务                                   Craig Collie
澳大利亚的政府沟通                                Sally Young
剑桥卢克莱修指南                                 Stuart Gillespie
剑桥希腊和罗马战争史,2卷本合集                         Philip Sabin
剑桥古希腊指南                                  H. A. Shapiro
剑桥希腊神话指南                                 Roger Woodard
剑桥希腊罗马社会经济史                              Walter Scheidel
女性主义文学批评史                                Gill Plain
19世纪写作中的文学,科学和文化                          and Amigoni
                     Literature, ScienceDavidCulture in Nineteenth-Century Writing
文化和牺牲                                    Derek and Opera
                     Ritual Death in Literature Hughes
历史与文化背景中的英语文学                            Paul Poplawski
亨利·詹姆斯和美国人的形象                            Kendall Johnson
亨利·詹姆斯,女性和现实主义                           Victoria Coulson
乔叟,但丁和让·德·默恩关于语言起源和历史的论述                 John M. Fyler
现代主义,女权主义和犹太性                            Maren Tova Linett
再演莎士比亚悲剧                                 Reiko Oya
                     Garrick, the Kembles, and Kean
莎士比亚和晚近风格                                Gordon of Death
                     Authorship in the ProximityMcMullan
莎士比亚电影的制作                                Russell Jackson
                     Preparation, Production and Reception
艾略特和传统的概念                                Giovanni Cianci
剑桥亚历山大·蒲柏指南                              Pat Rogers
剑桥现代主义诗歌指南                               Alex Davis
剑桥萨尔曼•拉什迪指南                              Abdulrazak Gurnah
剑桥世纪末指南                                  Gail Marshall
剑桥20世纪英语诗歌指南                             Neil Corcoran
剑桥后殖民时期英语文学导论                            C. L. Innes
剑桥莎士比亚历史剧导论                              Warren Chernaik
剑桥英语短篇故事导论                               Adrian Hunter
湖畔诗人和专业认同                                Brian Goldberg
快乐的故事                                    Adam Potkay
                     From the Bible to Late Romanticism
英帝国时期大西洋两岸的女性作品                          Kate Chedgzoy
                     Memory, Place and History, 1550-1700
华兹华斯的写作                                  Andrew Bennett
剑桥叙述指南                                   David Herman
剑桥雅克·德里达导论                               Leslie Hill
作者读本 - 理解新闻和非小说                          Susie Eisenhuth
                     Understanding Journalism and Non-Fiction
约瑟夫·康拉德书信集,九卷本合集                         Joseph Conrad
乔治·赫伯特的英语诗歌                              Helen Wilcox
在陆海之间                                    Joseph Conrad
莎士比亚和加利克                                 Vanessa Cunningham
老百姓的莎剧               Working Class Readers, 1800–1900
                                         Andrew Murphy
莎士比亚的女人们                                 David Mann
                     Performance and Conception
浪漫主义和现代生活痛苦的愉悦                           Andrea K. Henderson
浪漫诗歌中的科学和感觉                              Noel Jackson
剑桥浪漫主义时期小说指南                             Richard Maxwell
现代主义,回忆和欲望                               Gabrielle
                     T.S. Eliot and Virginia WoolfMcIntire
形式主义,体验和19世纪美国文学的形成                      Theo Davis
种族,美国文学和跨大陆的现代主义                         Anita Patterson
剑桥托尼·莫里森指南                               Justine Tally
剑桥19世纪美国小说导论                             Gregg Crane
美国文学研究起源                                 Elizabeth Renker
                     An Institutional History
但丁和现代作者的产生                               Albert Russell Ascoli
剑桥普里莫•莱维指南                               Robert S. C. Gordon
剑桥法语文学导论                                 Patrick Corcoran
后启蒙时代的生活                                 Daniel Brewer
                     Reconstructing Eighteenth-Century French Thought
战争诗歌                                     James Anderson Winn
剑桥英国戏剧指南,1730-1830                       Jane Moody
剑桥戴维·黑尔指南                               Richard Boon
尼尔·拉布特               Stage and CinemaChristopher Bigsby
剑桥奥古斯特·威尔森指南                            Christopher Bigsby
纳粹时期的舞台                                 Gerwin Strobl
                     German Theatre and Society, 1933-1945
剧院与生态                                    Performance
                     Environments and Baz Kershaw Events
非洲语言地理                                  Bernd Heine
语言类型学与句法描述,第二版全集                        Timothy Shopen
语言发展和年龄                                 Julia Herschensohn
心理语言学                                   John C. L. Ingram
                     An Introduction to Spoken Language Processing and its Disorders
语用障碍                                    Michael R. Perkins
会话语篇中的重复,对话和意象                          Deborah Tannen
                     Repetition, Dialogue, and Imagery in Conversational Discourse
双语儿童                                    Virginia Yip
                     Early Development and Language Contact
爱尔兰英语                                   Raymond Hickey
                     History and Present-Day Forms
不列颠群岛的语言                                David Britain
社会语言学变异                                 Robert Bayley
                     Theories, Methods, and Applications
风格 - 语言的变化与个性                           Nikolas Coupland
                     Language Variation and Identity
南亚的语言                                   Braj B. Kachru
中文语音                                    Yen-Hwei Lin
文艺复兴时期的修辞格                              Sylvia Adamson
印欧语言学                An Introduction James Clackson
英语名词短语                                  Evelien Keizer
                     The Nature of Linguistic Categorization
省略                                      Kyle Johnson
伦理和刑事司法              An Introduction John Kleinig
医学辅助死亡                                  Robert Young
记忆的道德要求                                 Jeffrey Blustein
中国早期哲学的美德伦理学和后果论                        Bryan Van Norden
阿奎奈,亚里斯多德,和公益的承诺                        Mary M. Keys
亚里斯多德 - 形上学和道德                          Sarah Broadie
                     Essays on Metaphysics and Ethics
伯纳德·威廉斯                                 Alan Thomas
卡尔纳和20世纪思想                              A. W. Carus
                     Explication and Enlightenment
诠释斯宾诺莎               Critical Essays    Charlie Huenemann
康德论美丽和生物学                               Rachel Zuckert
                     An Interpretation of the 'Critique of Judgment'
莱布尼兹                                    Maria
                     An Intellectual BiographyRosa Antognazza
毕柯·德拉·米兰多拉           New Essays         M. V. Dougherty
罗纳德·德沃金                                 Arthur Ripstein
剑桥鲁道夫·卡尔纳普指南                            Richard Creath
剑桥霍布斯《利维坦》指南                            Patricia Springborg
剑桥逻辑经验主义指南                              Alan Richardson
剑桥柏拉图《国家篇》指南                            G. R. F. Ferrari
剑桥文艺复兴时期哲学指南                            James Hankins
师从罗素的维特根施泰因                             Gregory Landini
科学现实主义行上学                               Anjan Chakravartty
                     Knowing the Unobservable
亚里斯多德论同音异义                              Julie
                     Dialectic and Science K. Ward
生物起源之辩,从达尔文到脱氧核糖核酸   From Darwin to DNA William A. Dembski
上帝,偶然性和意图                               David J. Bartholomew
                     Can God Have It Both Ways?
数学思想及其对象                                Charles Parsons
数学,模型和模态                                John P. Burgess
                     Selected Philosophical Essays
剑桥生物哲学指南                                David L. Hull
进化思想中胚胎的角色变换         Roots of Evo-Devo  Ron Amundson
政治神话哲学                                  Chiara Bottici
普通法理论                                   Douglas E. Edlin
利益冲突和公众生活                               Christine Trost
                     Cross-National Perspectives
自由,推论和城邦,第24卷,第2册                       Greek Political Philosophy
                     Essays in Ancient Ellen Frankel Paul
福利国家是合理的吗?                              Daniel Shapiro
公平地满足健康需求                               Norman Daniels
                     Meeting Health Needs Fairly
道德与政治暴力                                 C. A. J. Coady
科技世界的道德                                  L
                       Knowledge as Duty orenzo Magnani
伦理学中的客观主义,主观主义,和相对主义                     Ellen Frankel Paul
政治道德的悖论                                  John Invisible Hand
                       From Dirty Hands to theM. Parrish
种族,平等和历史的负担                              John Arthur
地球经济学的哲学,法律和环境视角,第2版                     Mark Sagoff
                       Philosophy, Law, and the Environment
道德标准全球化                                  William Sullivan
人类学,历史和教育                                Robert B. Louden
哈曼:哲学和语言著述                               Kenneth Haynes
海涅:论德国宗教史和哲学                             Terry Pinkard
中世纪犹太哲学著作                                Charles Manekin
哥德尔定理引论                                  Peter Smith
多值和模糊逻辑导论                                Merrie Derivation
                       Semantics, Algebras, andBergmann Systems
主流和形式认识论                                 Vincent Hendricks
大众媒体的影响                                  Douglas Walton
                       Dialect, Persuasion and Rhetoric
从怀疑论角度看哲学                                Joseph Agassi
苏格拉底认识论                                  Jaakko Hintikka
                       Explorations of Knowledge-Seeking by Questioning
目击作证 - 辩论与法律                             Douglas
                       Argumentation and the LawWalton
法律伦理和人类尊严                                David Luban
客观性和法制                                   Matthew Kramer
复仇文化和美国正义的命运                             Terry Kenneth Aladjem
反个人主义                                    Sanford Goldberg
                       Mind and Language, Knowledge and Justification
约翰·塞尔勒的语言哲学                              Savas
                       Force, Meaning and MindL. Tsohatzidis
日常生活形上学                                  Lynne Rudder
                       An Essay in Practical Realism Baker
阿多诺后的社会哲学                                Lambert Zuidervaart
佛教哲学绪论                                   Stephen J. Laumakis
阿尔文·普兰丁格                                 Deane-Peter Baker
宗教哲学导论                                   Michael J. Murray
分析哲学和黑格尔思想的回归                            Paul Redding
身体意识                                     Richard Shusterman
                       A Philosophy of Mindfulness and Somaesthetics
计算和逻辑,第5版                                George S. Boolos
道德和商业                  An Introduction Kevin Gibson
伦理和环境                  An Introduction Dale Jamieson
宽恕的哲学探索                                  Charles Griswold
                       A Philosophical Exploration
康德的道德哲学                                  Allen Wood
自然世界的道德 - 元伦理学论文精选                       David Copp
                       Selected Essays in Metaethics
音乐,哲学和现代性                                Andrew Bowie
叙述和识人                                    Daniel D. Hutto
科学哲学,第61卷                                Anthony O'Hear
忠诚的局限性                                   Simon Keller
道德的结构演化                                  J. McKenzie Alexander
剑桥解放神学指南,第2版                             Christopher Rowland
剑桥圣经指南,第2版                               Bruce Chilton
剑桥基督教史,第2卷                               Augustine Casiday
剑桥基督教史,第6卷                               R. Po-chia Hsia
剑桥耶稣会指南                                  Thomas Worcester
剑桥现代犹太哲学指南                               Michael L. Morgan
剑桥犹太法典和犹太拉比文学                            Charlotte E. Fonrobert
经营业绩评价,第2版                               Andy Neely
                       Unifying Theory and Integrating Practice
管理研究方法                                   Phyllis Tharenou
高管薪资的神话和现实                               Ira Kay
商学院的现状及未来发展                              Ken Starkey
业务外包                                     Michael J. Mol
                       Design, Process and Performance
道德和制药工业                                  Michael A. Santoro
经济伦理一体化                                  Peter Ulrich
                       Foundations of a Civilized Market Economy
建立更有效率的组织                                Ronald J. Burke
                       HR Management and Performance in Practice
雇佣关系                                     Peter Cappelli
                       New Models of White-Collar Work
企业家和新价值的创造                                 Alain Fayolle
                       The Dynamic of the Entrepreneurial Process
对大公司的争夺                                    Peter Fleming
                       Struggle, Power and Resistance in Organizations
员工绩效与奖励管理                                  John Shields
                       Concepts, Practices, Strategies
战略实战                                       Gerry Resources
                       Research Directions andJohnson
欧内斯特·盖尔那和当代社会思想                            Siniŝa Maleŝević
知识分子和公益                                      Courage
                       Creativity and CivilBarbara A. Misztal
性别和健康                                      Chloe E. Bird
                       The Effects of Constrained Choices and Social Policies
欧洲的伊斯兰教                                    Aziz al-Azmeh
                       Diversity, Identity and Influence
人权与全球正义                                    Fuyuki Kurasawa
                       Human Rights as Practices
性的信使 - 荷尔蒙,生物医学和女权主义                       Celia and Feminism
                       Hormones, Biomedicine Roberts
毒品-犯罪联系                                    Trevor Bennett
法律社会学                                      Mathieu Deflem
                       Visions of a Scholarly Tradition
国际深度集体访问                                   Monique M. Social Sciences
                       A Handbook for the Health andHennink
反事实和因果推论                                   Stephen L. Morgan
                       Methods and Principles for Social Research
塑造历史                                       Molly Andrews
                       Narratives of Political Change
高技术增长的政治 -- 全球经济下的发展中网络国家                  Sean States
                       Developmental Network O'Riainin the Global Economy
科学研究与想象力                                   Paul S. Gray
青少年的攻击性和暴力                                 Robert Marcus
发展心理生理学                                    Louis Schmidt
21世纪的人类发展                                  Alan Fogel
                       Visionary Ideas from Systems Scientists
推论研究实践                                     Alexa Hepburn
                       New Approaches to Psychology and Interaction
人们对非正常情况反应的综合心理分析                          Anton J. M. Dijker
                       An Integrative Psychological Analysis of Responses to Deviance
教育认知诊断评估                                   Jacqueline Leighton
                       Theory and Applications
关键的课程--学校应该教什么                              Should Teach
                       What Our SchoolsNel Noddings
通过动画学习                                     Richard for Design
                       Research and Implications Lowe
神经教育学论文                                    Antonio
                       Essays in Neuroeducation M. Battro
交往时的思想                                     Anna Sfard
                       Human Development, the Growth of Discourses, and Mathematizing
归纳推理                                       Aidan and Neuroscientific Approaches
                       Cognitive, Mathematical,Feeney
思维和决策,第4版                                  Jonathan Baron
日常生活中的精神疗法                                 Ole Dreier
人格的强化敏感理论                                  Philip J. Corr
什么是智力?                                     James
                       Beyond the Flynn Effect Flynn
工作条件不断变化的上班族                               Katharina Naswall
决策分析进展                                      to Applications
                       From Foundations Ward Edwards
荷尔蒙和行为                                     Nick Neave
                       A Psychological Approach
剑桥意识手册                                     Philip David Zelazo
剑桥社会文化心理手册                                 Jaan Valsiner
剑桥暴力行为和攻击性行为手册                             Daniel Flannery
正常性格                                       Steven Reiss
                       A New Way of Thinking About People
风险心理                                       Glynis M. Breakwell
智慧,智力和创新集成                                 Robert J. Sternberg
重思种族,性和性别                                  Georgia Warnke
                       Rethinking Race, Sex and Gender
令人厌恶的民主                                    Aletta J. Norval
                       Inheritance and Originality in the Democratic Tradition
当代伦理和政治中的身体自尊二元论                           Robert P. George
控制政府                                       José Accountability
                       Voters, Institutions, and María Maravall
害怕敌人和集体行动                                  Ioannis D. Evrigenis
从孟德斯鸠到托克维尔的法国政治思想                          Annelien de
                       Liberty in a Levelled Society? Dijn
霍布斯和共和自由                                   Quentin Skinner
二十世纪的女权运动先锋                                Lucy Delap
                       Transatlantic Encounters of the Early Twentieth Century
国教运动的世俗化                                   Ian Hunter
                       The Political Thought of Christian Thomasius
实用主义和新自由主义                                 D. Weinstein
维多利亚女王时期的全球秩序                              Duncan Bell
                       Empire and International Relations in Nineteenth-Century Political Thought
布莱尔的英国,1997-2007                           Anthony Seldon
美国政府                                       Marc Landy
                       Balancing Democracy and Rights
法律之外                                       Jordan Unlawful
                       The Bush Administration'sJ. Paust Responses in the "War" on Terror
保卫生命                                        Case Against Abortion Choice
                       A Moral and LegalFrancis J. Beckwith
外交战略                                       Terry L. Deibel
                       Logic for American Statecraft
主权外包- 政府功能私有化的危险                           Paul R. Verkuil
                       Why Privatization of Government Function Threatens
美国国会,第5版                                   Steven S. Smith
死刑的衰退和清白的发现                                Frank R. Baumgartner
反对性骚扰的女性运动                                 Carrie N. Baker
比较视角看墨西哥民主化                                Kenneth F. Greene
                       Mexico's Democratization in Comparative Perspective
民主化时代的独裁主义                                 Jason Brownlee
民主,美洲和全球化的时代                               Jay R. Mandle
民主化霸权国家                                    Ilan Peleg
                       Political Transformation in the Early 21st Century
设计协商民主                                     Mark E. Warren
                       The British Columbia Citizens' Assembly
自由时代                                        Freedom
                       A New Measure ofRobert E. Goodin
全球责任                                       Alnoor Ebrahim
                       Participation, Pluralism, and Public Ethics
渐行渐远?- 21世纪的美国和欧洲                          Jeffrey 21st Century
                       America and Europe in theKopstein
国家认同和全球化                                   Douglas Post-Soviet Eurasia
                       Youth, State and Society in W. Blum
古巴革命的政治不满和逃离                               Silvia Pedraza
发展中国家的税收和国家建设          Capacity and ConsentDeborah Brautigam
俄罗斯的电视,权力和公众                               Ellen Mickiewicz
政府架构                                       Daniel Treisman
                       Rethinking Political Decentralization
拉美警察开枪杀人的司法反应                              Rule of Law
                       Inequality and the Daniel M. Brinks
官方道歉的政治                                    Melissa Nobles
伊拉克共产党的兴起和衰落                               Tareq Y. Ismael
俄罗斯的政党发展                                   Henry and the
                       Democracy, Federalism, E. Hale State
国际关系导论                                     Richard
                       Australian Perspectives Devetak
亚洲,美洲和地缘政治的变化                              William H. Overholt
区域性国际组织的设计和效力                              Amitav Acharya
                       Regional International Institutions in Comparative Perspective
走过25年的国际关系批判理论                             Nicholas John Rengger
世界经济的日常政治                                  John M. Hobson
人权和结构调整                                    M. Rodwan Abouharb
国际机构和国家政策                                  Xinyuan Dai
国际法和国际关系                                   David Armstrong
制定澳大利亚外交政策                                 Allan Gyngell
新现实主义,政府和现代军队                              Joao Resende-Santos
2007轻武器年度调查报告          Guns and the City Small Arms Survey, Geneva
政府,国家和大国 - 地区战争和和平的源头 The Sources of Regional War and Peace
                                           Benjamin Miller
世界政治格局下的战略竞争                               Michael P. Colaresi
                       Position, Space and Conflict Escalation
国际关系中的力量平衡                                 and Models
                       Metaphors, Myths Richard Little
核禁忌                                         and Tannenwald
                       The United States Nina the Non-Use of Nuclear Weapons Since 1945
国际社会的难民问题              Between Sovereigns  Emma Haddad
世界安全理论                                     Ken Booth
内战中的联合国维和                                  Lise Morjé Howard
现代社会的非现代人                                  Michael J. the War
                       Radical Islam, Terrorism, andMazarr on Modernity
完全公开 - 危险和透明承诺                             Archon Transparency
                       The Perils and Promise of Fung
19世纪的政治和贸易合作                               Robert of 1815–1914
                       The "Agreeable Customs"Pahre
市场和民主的全球传播                                 Beth A. Simmons
记忆的伤口 - 德国的战争政治                            Maja Zehfuss
                       The Politics of War in Germany
生物暴力                                       Barry Kellman
                       Preventing Biological Terror and Crime
1980年以来的以色列                                Guy Ben-Porat
总统领导力,疾病和决策                                Rose McDermott
宗教自由的政治起源                                  Anthony Gill
分析澳大利亚的经济不平等                               Frank Stilwell
                       Analysing Economic Inequality in Australia
公平,政治自由化和功利主义                              Marc Fleurbaey
                       Themes from Harsanyi and Rawls
凯恩斯和剑桥凯恩斯主义者                               Luigi L. Pasinetti
                       A 'Revolution in Economics' to be Accomplished
经济学的哲学                 An Anthology        Daniel M. Hausman
全球竞争策略                                     Daniel F. Spulber
阿玛蒂亚·森的能力方法 - 概念,度量和应用 Concepts, Measures andComim
                                           Flavio Applications
非洲经济增长的政治经济学,2卷合集                          Benno Ndulu
计量经济模型和推论                                  Jean-Pierre Florens
实验拍卖                                       Jayson in Economic and Marketing Research
                        Methods and Applications L. Lusk
贝叶斯计量经济学引论                                 Edward Greenberg
金融时序计量经济建模                                 Terence C. Mills
资本主义是如何建立起来的                               Anders Aslund
                        The Transformation of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia
日本的网络经济                                    James R. Lincoln
                        Structure, Persistence, and Change
商务,诚信与和平                                   Timothy L. Fort
                        Beyond Geopolitical and Disciplinary Boundaries
如何定价                                        Techniques and Yield Management
                        A Guide to Pricing Oz Shy
不恰当的信息披露                                   Frank Clarke
                        Gilding the Corporate Lily
欧盟,第8版                                     Ali El-Agraa
                        Economics and Policies
社会政策,劳动力市场和母职                              Daniela European
                        A Comparative Analysis of del Boca Countries
不确定的人口状况和财政可持续性                            Juha M. Alho
后东京时代的全球气候变化问题                              Climate Change
                        Addressing GlobalJoseph E. Aldy in the Post-Kyoto World
生物多样化经济                                    Andreas Kontoleon
                        Principles, Methods and Applications
全球经济下的初级产品手册                               Marian Radetzki
经济学和计量经济学进展,3卷本合集                          Richard Blundell
                        Theory and Applications, Ninth World Congress
价格之外                                       Michael Hutter
                        Value in Culture, Economics, and the Arts
评估市场力量和策略                                  Jeffrey M. Perloff
经济发展中的博弈                                   Bruce Wydick
如何和经济学家辩论,第2版                              Lindy Edwards
                        Reopening Political Debate in Australia
日本的出口和外国直接投资                               Hideki Yamawaki
                        Imperfect Competition in International Markets
跨国公司和经济分析                                  Richard E. Caves
经济合理性                                      Ecological Forms
                        Constructivist and Vernon L. Smith
区域货币一体化                                    Peter B. Kenen
世界大问题的解决方案              Costs and Benefits Bjørn Lomborg
拉美的福利国家政治经济学                               Alex Segura-Ubiergo
                        Globalization, Democracy, and Development
发展中国家和转型期国家的增值税                            Richard Bird
性别和宪法                                       in Comparative Constitutional Design
                        Equity and AgencyHelen Irving
全球化和西方的法律传统                                 of Law Goldman
                        Recurring PatternsDavid B.and Authority
左翼的国际法 - 重思马克思主义的法律遗产                      Susan Marks
                        Re-examining Marxist Legacies
宗法性传统宗教,性和性别                               Nicholas Bamforth
                        A Critique of New Natural Law
惯例的性质和权威性                                  Neil Duxbury
有毒物质侵权                                     the F. Cranor
                        Science, Law and CarlPossibility of Justice
联合王国人权法令的判决推理                              Helen Fenwick
英国历史上的宪法 - 传承,变化和欧洲影响                      J. W. F. Allison
                        Continuity, Change and European Effects
作为条约的宪法                                    Francisco Forrest Martin
                        The International Legal Constructionalist Approach to the U.S. Constitution
美国最高法院历史,第9卷                               Alexander M. Bickel
法庭中音影设备的使用                                 Daniel
                        A Comparative Analysis Stepniak
全球化世界的法律冲突                                 Eckart Gottschalk
宪法权利和新兴技术               A Comparative StudyRonald E. Leenes
扩大后的欧盟的平等法律                                 Article 13 Directives
                        Understanding theHelen Meenan
中国的法律改革和行政拘留权力                             Sarah Biddulph
俄罗斯文化,财产权和市场经济                             Uriel Procaccia
苏联的法律创新和西方的法律                              John Quigley
争夺宪法权力                                     Tamir Moustafa
                        Law, Politics, and Economic Development in Egypt
经济权利                                       Shareen and Policy Issues
                        Conceptual, Measurement, Hertel
欧洲人权法庭                  Case-Law of the Grand Chamber 1998–2006
                                           Jan Sikuta
难民和流离人口的住房和财产归还权                           Scott Leckie
                        International, Regional and National Standards
人道主义占领                                     Gregory H . Fox
国际难民法和社会经济权利                               Michelle
                        Refuge from Deprivation Foster
保护全世界的儿童                                   Shahreen on the Rights of the Child in Diverse Legal Systems
                        Impact of the UN ConventionSardar Ali
人权实践                                       Mark Goodale
                        Tracking Law Between the Global and the Local
国际人道主义法年鉴 - 2005                           T. McCormack
国际刑事法庭引论,第3版                               William A. Schabas
国际刑法律师书库,第1卷                               Gideon Boas
国际法报告,第129卷                                Elihu Lauterpacht
国际法报告,第130卷                              Elihu Lauterpacht
国际法报告,第130卷                              Elihu Lauterpacht
国际法报告,第131卷                              Elihu Lauterpacht
国际法报告,第132卷                              Elihu Lauterpacht
现代条约法及其应用,第2版                            Anthony Aust
荷兰国际法年鉴,第35卷,2005                        D. M. Curtin
荷兰国际法年鉴,第37卷                             D. M. Curtin
非政府和恐怖主义                                 Robert Responsibility and the Due Diligence Principle
                      Applying the Law of State P. Barnidge, Jr.
国际正义之路                                   Marie-Bénédicte
                      Social and Cultural Perspectives Dembour
审判米洛舍维奇                                  Gideon Boas
                      Lessons for the Conduct of Complex International Criminal Proceedings
国际法中的军事威胁                                Nikolas Stürchler
欧盟和西巴尔干岛的关系                              Steven Blockmans
                      The European Union's Relations with the Western Balkans
战争和国家法律               A General History Stephen C. Neff
联合国制裁和法治                                 Jeremy Matam Farrall
世贸组织时间表阅读手册                              Peter Gallagher
贸易援助和发展                                  Hugo Cameron
经济全球化的宪法化                                David Schneiderman
                      Investment Rules and Democracy's Promise
贸易政策术语词典                                 Walter Goode
争端解决报告 2006,第1卷                           World Trade Organization
争端解决报告 2006,第2卷                           World Trade Organization
争端解决报告 2006,第3卷                           World Trade Organization
争端解决报告 2006,第4卷                           World Trade Organization
争端解决报告 2006,第5卷                           World Trade Organization
争端解决报告 2006,第6卷                           World Trade Organization
国际投资争端解决报告,第12卷                          James Crawford
国际税收制度与美国税法的国际化                          International Tax Regime
                      An Analysis of the Reuven Avi-Yonah
世贸法律下的国家法律                               Good Bhuiyan
                      Effectiveness and Sharif Governance in the World Trading System
国际食品法典委员会及其标准                            Mariëlle D. Masson-Matthee
贸易不平衡                                    Susan Ariel Rights Concerns in Trade Policymaking
                      The Struggle to Weigh Human Aaronson
世贸组织分析索引,2卷本合集,第2版                         and Practice
                      Guide to WTO Law Legal Affairs Division, World Trade Organization
世贸组织上诉机构报告和判决汇总,第3版   1995-2006           Appellate Body Secretariat, World Trade Organisation
世贸法律和发展中国家                               George A. Bermann
生物多样性保护,法律和生活                            Environmental Law
                      IUCN Academy of Michael I. Jeffery Research Studies
环境保护,法律和政策            Text and MaterialsJane Holder
国际环境法报告,平装套装版         Volume 1-5         Cairo A. R. Robb
国际环境影响评价法                                Neil Craik
                      Process, Substance and Integration
后京都议定书时代--环境变化的法律和政策挑战                   Wybe Th. of Climate Change
                      Legal and Policy Challenges Douma
中东的竞争法和政策                                Maher M. Dabbah
莱茵铁路公司案仲裁(比利时诉荷兰)     Award of 2005      Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague
格式化合同条款                                   Market Contracts
                      The Foundation ofOmri Ben-Shahar
资本市场法律及其遵从 - 欧盟金融工具市场法规的含意               Paul Nelson
                      The Implications of MiFID
股东法的趋同性                                  Mathias M. Siems
国际商业惯例中的主权局限                             T. S. M. Henquet
公司私法改革                                   Joseph A. McCahery
                      International and European Perspectives
欧洲公司,2卷本合集                               Dirk Van Gerven
新企业责任                                    Doreen McBarnet
                      Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law
欧盟竞争法                                    Giorgio Monti
欧洲体育法                 Collected Papers Stephen Weatherill
欧盟公法                  Text and MaterialsDamian Chalmers
执行欧盟的污染控制法规                              B
                      Law and Integration ettina Lange
调解欧盟的深化和扩张                               Steven Blockmans
欧洲竞争法的执行                                 Thomas M. J. Möllers
欧盟公民身份的转变                                Jo Shaw
                      Electoral Rights and the Restructuring of Political Space
跨过宪政主义                                   Nicholas Perspectives
                      International and European Tsagourias
金融稳定,经济增长和法律的作用                          Douglas W. Arner
管制恶行-被误导的禁令和现实控制                         James Leitzel
                      Misguided Prohibitions and Realistic Controls
国际刑法中的法定时效                                  Ruth A. Kok
南非变迁时期的特赦                                   Antje du Bois-Pedain
国际移民法法律文件纲要                                 Richard Perruchoud
国际红十字会关于国际人道主义习惯法研究的观察                      Elizabeth Wilmshurst
澳大利亚的知识产权法                                  Mark J. Davison
推动创新 - 变革世界下的知识产权战略                         Michael A. Gollin
                         Intellectual Property Strategies for a Dynamic World
欧盟广播法和政策                                    Jackie Harrison
欧洲的软件和专利                                    Philip Leith
从法律层面看世界各国的运动员经纪人        Legal Aspects      Robert Siekmann
权限和互联网                                      Uta Kohl
                         Regulatory Competence over Online Activity
世界支付卡市场的成长和管理                               Ronald J. Mann
                         The Growth and Regulation of Payment Card Markets around the World
财务挑战                                        Elizabeth Garrett
                         An Interdisciplinary Approach to Budget Policy
卫生保健资源分配的法律和合理性                             Keith Syrett
                         A Contextual and Comparative Perspective
怀孕的麻烦                                        Rights in Reproduction
                         Legal Wrongs andJ. K. Mason
国际项目融资的法律及实务,第3版                            Scott L. Hoffman
                         A Resource for Governments, Sponsors, Lawyers, and Project Participants
民主和专制时期超越政治的判决           Lessons from Chile Elisabeth Hilbink
辩护                                          David Ross
澳大利亚的行政法                                    H. P. Lee
                         Fundamentals, Principles and Doctrines
澳大利亚的刑罚                                     Mirko
                         Principles and Practice Bagaric
中国的法律体系                                     Donald C. Clarke
                         New Developments, New Challenges
宗教和法制                                       Marci Law
                         Religion and the Rule of A. Hamilton
法律写作策略                                      Donald N. Zillman
欧盟法律中涉及体育运动的例外                              Richard Parrish
英格兰和威尔士修道院的院长,套装版        England and Wales, 940–1540
                                            C.N.L Brooke
英国的民主和爱尔兰的民族主义1876-1906                     Eugenio F. Biagini
创新的英雄                                       Christine British Identity, 1750-1914
                         Technology, Liberalism and MacLeod
近代英格兰的司法与政治权利, 1558-1660                    Paul Raffield
                         Justice and Political Power, 1558-1660
英国君主制和爱尔兰:1800年至今                           James Loughlin
君主制和英国,1780-现在                              Andrzej Olechnowicz
大学政治                                        Gordon Johnson
                         F.M. Cornford's Cambridge and his Advice to the Young Academic Politician
从伍德罗·威尔逊到乔治·布什的浮士德式外交政策 of Perfectibility Hoff
                         Dreams             Joan
美国的使命和“邪恶帝国”                                 'Free S. Foglesong
                         The Crusade for a David Russia'
核内爆 - 华盛顿公共电力供应系统的兴起和衰落 Rise and Fall of the Washington Public Power Supply System
                         The                Daniel Pope
古代和中世纪的战争与和平                                Philip de Souza
辩论百年战争,第29卷                                 Craig Taylor
                         Pour ce que plusieurs (La Loy Salicque) and A declaration of the trew and dewe title
中世纪晚期的法律,婚姻和社会                              Charles in Five Courts
                         Arguments about Marriage Donahue, Jr.
历史学家眼中的中世纪                                  Gerd Althoff
                         Ritual, Memory, Historiography
全球市场下的银行业                                   Christopher States,
                         Deutsche Bank and the UnitedKobrak 1870 to the Present
近代欧洲的文化交流,套装版                               Robert Muchembled
拿破仑的垮台,第1卷                                  Michael Leggiere
基督民主和欧盟的起源                                  Wolfram Kaiser
度日如年 - 一个犹太家庭从波兰的来信                         Correspondence from Poland
                         A Jewish Family's Christopher R. Browning
希特勒的战阵诗人们                                   Jay W. Baird
                         Literature and Politics in the Third Reich
墨索里尼和他的将军们                                    and Gooch
                         The Armed ForcesJohn Fascist Foreign Policy, 1922–1940
反法西斯主义                                      Tim Kirk
                         Community, Authority and Resistance in Europe
共产主义统治下的波兰                                  A
                         A Cold War History nthony Kemp-Welch
革命的俄罗斯的政治和人民                                S
                         A Provincial History arah Badcock
商业和瑞士福利国家的形成             Business and the Shaping of the Swiss Welfare State, 1890–2000
                                            Matthieu Leimgruber
现代化前夕的俄罗斯                                   Leonid Heretz
                         Popular Religion and Traditional Culture under the Last Tsars
君士坦丁堡的修道士和修道院                               Peter Hatlie
法律的道德世界                                     Peter Coss
汉朝中国的占卜,神话和君主                               Michael Loewe
宋代中国的法律和社会秩序                                Brian E. McKnight
帝国的破产                                       Carlos Marichal
                         Mexican Silver and the Wars Between Spain, Britain and France, 1760 - 1810
帝国,原始和文明                                    Harriet Guest
                         Captain Cook, William Hodges and the Return to the Pacific
白人国家和全球种族平等所面临的挑战                           Marilyn the
                         White Men's Countries andLakeInternational Challenge of Racial Equality
越南的战争幽灵                                 Heonik Kwon
斯大林时代的恐怖和民主                             Wendy Goldman
                     The Social Dynamics of Repression
以色列-巴勒斯坦冲突,第2版                          James L.
                     One Hundred Years of War Gelvin
全球品牌 - 酒精饮料跨国公司的演化                      Teresa da Silva Lopes
                     The Evolution of Multinationals in Alcoholic Beverages
巴基斯坦独立十年的国家建设和政治进程                      Ayesha Jalal
                     The Origins of Pakistan's Political Economy of Defence
以色列现代史                                  Colin Shindler
穆斯林伊拉克早期的什叶派极端主义者                       William F. Tucker
                     Shiite Extremists in Early Muslim Iraq
为巴勒斯坦而战,第2版                             Eugene L.
                     Rewriting the History of 1948 Rogan
为巴勒斯坦而战                                 Eugene L.
                     Rewriting the History of 1948 Rogan
斯马茨论文精选,7卷本合集                           W. K. Hancock
南印度的政治1920-1937                         Christopher John Baker
政府,金融系统和经济现代化                           Richard Sylla
英国皇家历史学会会报,第16卷      Sixth Series       Ian W. Archer
胜利的远见                                   Gerhard L. Weinberg
                     The Hopes of Eight World War II Leaders
古代中国的天文学和数学                              Jing'
                     The 'Zhou Bi SuanChristopher Cullen
核武器                                      Know
                     What You Need toJeremy Bernstein
一战后未竟的和平             America, Britain and the Stabilisation of Europe, 1919–1932
                                        Patrick O. Cohrs
自然和力量 - 全球环境史                             the Environment
                     A Global History ofJoachim Radkau
真力迫和描述集合论                               Jindrich Zapletal
逻辑讨论会2004                               Alessandro Andretta
逻辑讨论会2005                               Costas Dimitracopoulos
代数闭值域的稳定控制和无关性                          Deirdre Haskell
逻辑数学                                    Richard Kaye
                     A Guide to Completeness Theorems and their Applications
结合代数的表示理论基础,第2卷                         I. Assem
结合代数的表示理论基础,第3卷                         Daniel Simson
有限群计数                                   Simon R. Blackburn
矩阵特征值的扰动界                               R. Bhatia
群的对称生成                                  Robert of the Sporadic Finite Simple Groups
                     With Applications to manyT. Curtis
L-函数和加勒华表示                              D. Burns
对数形式和丢番图几何                              Alan Baker
数论和多项式                                  James McKee
组合游戏                 Tic-Tac-Toe Theory József Beck
组合数学观察                                  Anthony Hilton
理解概率,第2版                                Henk Tijms
                     Chance Rules in Everyday Life
傅立叶分析入门教程,第2版                           David W. Kammler
勒贝格积分理论                                 David M Bressoud
有限群调和分析                                 Tullio Ceccherini-Silberstein
                     Representation Theory, Gelfand Pairs and Markov Chains
不等式:线性分析之旅                              D. J. H. Garling
Lévy噪声随机偏微分方程                           S. Peszat
                     An Evolution Equation Approach
纯数学教程百年版,第10版                           G.H. Hardy
积分园地                                    Frank Burk
对合结构引论                                  Shiferaw Berhanu
特殊函数数值方法                                Amparo Gil
代数和分析几何                                 Amnon Neeman
接触拓扑学                                   Hansjörg Geiges
复拓扑K理论                                  Efton Park
弯曲空间                                    P. M. H. to Elementary Differential Geometry
                     From Classical GeometriesWilson
微分几何及其应用                                John Oprea
霍奇理论和复数代数几何学,第1卷                        Claire Voisin
霍奇理论和复数代数几何学,第2卷                        Claire Voisin
单极和三维空间                                 Peter Kronheimer
刚性上同调                                   Bernard Le Stum
当代数学观察                                  Nicholas Young
经典领域 - 实数和有理数的结构特点                      H. the Real
                     Structural Features ofSalzmann and Rational Numbers
自适应控制指南                                 Petros Ioannou
应用随机过程及跳跃扩散控制                           Floyd B. Hanson
                     Modeling, Analysis, and Computation
动力学,遍历理论和几何                                Boris Hasselblatt
赫西奥德之砧                                     Andrew J. Heaven
                       Falling and Spinning through Simosonand Earth
线性反馈控制                                     Dingyu Xue
                       Analysis and Design with MATLAB
非一致双曲                                      Luis Barreira
                       Dynamics of Systems with Nonzero Lyapunov Exponents
双曲偏微分方程数解                                  John A. Trangenstein
实时PDE约束优化                                  Larry Biegler
时滞系统的稳定性和镇定                                Wim Michiels
                       An Eigenvalue-Based Approach
心血管和呼吸系统的建模,分析和控制                          Jerry Control
                       Modeling, Analysis, and J. Batzel
物理科学中的连续模型                                 E. van Groesen
粒子流模型和模拟导论                                 T.I. Zohdi
生物研究中的微分方程建模                               Clifford Taubes
油藏模拟                                       Zhangxin Oil Recovery
                       Mathematical Techniques in Chen
连续介质力学初级教程                                 Oscar Gonzalez
连续介质力学数学应用                                 Lee Segel
非线性连续介质力学有限元分析,第2版                         Javier Bonet
数值学报 2007:第16卷                             Arieh Iserles
解Toeplitz系统的迭代法引论                          Raymond Hon-Fu Chan
分布参数系统的精确和逼近能控性        A Numerical ApproachRoland Glowinski
常微分方程和偏微分方程的有限差分法                          Randall Leveque
利用Simulink进行数值计算,第1卷   Creating SimulationsRichard J. Gran
样条函数                                       Larry Schumaker
数化天气预测                                     Lewis Fry Richardson
统计程序R入门教程                                  W. John Braun
比较试验设计                                     R. A. Bailey
保险数据广义线性模型                                 Piet de Jong
负二项回归                                      Joseph M. Hilbe
模式识别和神经网络                                  Brian D. Ripley
概率与统计实例                                    Yuri Suhov
随机网络通讯                                     Massimo Franceschetti
                       From Statistical Physics to Information Systems
鞍点逼近及应用                                    Ronald W. Butler
利用MATLAB进行线性编程                             Michael C. Ferris
数值算法程序库光盘,第3版                              William H. Press
                       The Art of Scientific Computing
Ada并发和实时程序编程                               Alan Burns
反应系统                                       Luca and Verification
                       Modelling, Specification Aceto
描述逻辑手册                                     Franz Baader
博弈论计算方法                                    Noam Nisan
集合折叠算法                                     Erik D. Demaine
                       Linkages, Origami, Polyhedra
数据挖掘和模式识别的矩阵方法                             Lars Eldén
数据聚类:理论,算法和应用                              Guojun Gan
图像分析实践算法                                   Lawrence O'Gorman
程序员蓝牙精要                                    Albert Huang
软件测试导论                                     Paul Ammann
利用C#进行基于模型的软件测试和分析                         Jonathan Jacky
面向路径的程序分析                                  J. C. Huang
开源                                         Fadi
                       Technology and Policy P. Deek
历法计算,第3版                                   Nachum Dershowitz
相干理论和光散射偏振特性引论                             Emil Wolf
对称和凝聚态物理                                   Michael
                       A Computational ApproachEl-Batanouny
粒子探测器                                      Claus Grupen
应用物理中的超对称性                                 Ian Aitchison
                       An Elementary Introduction
弦宇宙学基础                                     Maurizio Gasperini
写给物理学生的几何代数                                Chris Doran
量子态几何学                                     Ingemar Entanglement
                       An Introduction to QuantumBengtsson
Schwinger作用原理和有效作用                         David Toms
现代正则量子引力理论                                 Thomas Thiemann
量子重力                                       Carlo Rovelli
量子计算科学               An Introduction N David Mermin
李群,物理和几何                                  Physicists, Engineers and Chemists
                     An Introduction forRobert Gilmore
非平衡态的量子场论                                Jørgen Rammer
蛋白质浓缩                                    James D. Gunton
                     Kinetic Pathways to Crystallization and Disease
Maxwell方程学生指南                            Daniel Fleisch
力学以外的世界                                  Modern Physics
                     From Electricity to Richard P. Olenick
经典力学引论                                   David Morin
                     With Problems and Solutions
分子簇                                      Thomas Fehlner
                     A Bridge to Solid-State Chemistry
分子体系模拟实用导论,第2版                           Martin J. Field
变质岩分类及术语表                                  of the International Union of Geological Sciences Subcommission
                     RecommendationsDouglas Fettes
地球化学和生物地球化学反映模型,第2版                      Craig M. Bethke
地球动力学导论                                  Nick Rogers
地球材料的变形                                  Shun-ichiro Karato
                     An Introduction to the Rheology of Solid Earth
地球物理学基础第2版                               William Lowrie
水库地质力学                                   Mark D. Zoback
干旱和半干旱地区的水文模型                            Howard Wheater
中尺度动力学                                   Yuh-Lang Lin
大气热力学入门                                  Anastasios Tsonis
防雷的艺术和科学                                 Martin Uman
气候变化科学和政治史                               Bert Bolin
                     The Role of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
气候变化的经济学             The Stern Review Nicholas Stern
气候变化                                     Jonathan Cowie
                     Biological and Human Aspects
气候变化2007 - 影响,适应和脆弱性                      Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Report
                     Working Group II contribution to the Fourth AssessmentChange of the IPCC
气候变化2007 - 气候变化的缓解                        Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
                     Working Group III contribution to the Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC
气候变化2007 - 物理科学基础                         Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Report
                     Working Group I Contribution to the Fourth AssessmentChange of the IPCC
气候变化,第2版                                 Approach
                     A Multidisciplinary William James Burroughs
人为造成的气候变化                                Michael Schlesinger
                     An Interdisciplinary Assessment
海洋湍流引论                                   Stephen Thorpe
海岸模型动态                                   Clifford J. Hearn
寒区石油污染的生物除污                              Dennis Filler
幸存                                       Emily Shuckburgh
地球-生命系统绪论                                Charles Cockell
我们变化的星球              The View from Space Michael D. King
彗星志,第3卷                                  Gary
                     A Catalog of Comets W. Kronk
火星:内部,表面和大气引论                            Nadine G. Barlow
行星体系和生命起源                                Ralph Pudritz
行星和生命                                    Woodruff T. Sullivan,
                     The Emerging Science of Astrobiology III
木卫一上的火山                                  Ashley
                     A Comparison with Earth Davies
太阳系外行星研究十年                               Mario Livio
天体物理激光器及其环境                              Jessica Chapman
双星,当代天体物理学的重要研究工具和验证体                    William Hartkopf
黑洞                                       Vladimir Karas
                     From Stars to Galaxies - Across the Range of Masses
暗物质星系和失去的重子                              Jonathan Davies
重力垮塌作用和时空奇异性                             Pankaj S. Joshi
高能天体物理学引论                                Stephan Rosswog
新星的星碟互动                                  Jerome Bouvier
星河基本组成部分的恒星数量                            Alexandre Vazdekis
太空天气引论                                   Mark Moldwin
国际月球探索图谱                                 Philip Stooke
发展中国家的天文学教育                              John Hearnshaw
剑桥天文学插图词典                                Jacqueline Mitton
太阳系外的行星                                  Hans Deeg
适于生活的健康宇宙                                John Barrow
                     Biochemistry and Fine-Tuning
天文学拾萃,第14卷                               Karel van der Hucht
力学世界                                     Richard P. Olenick
                     Introduction to Mechanics and Heat
光纤参量放大器,振荡器和相关器件                         Michel Marhic
纳电子技术导论                                   Vladimir Mitin
                      Science, Nanotechnology, Engineering and Applications
流体动力学CFD软件应用                              Paul Durbin
从计算的角度看流体力学                               Paul Durbin
隐式大涡模拟                                    Fernando F. Grinstein
                      Computing Turbulent Fluid Dynamics
热机的机械效率                                   James R. Senft
热流体工程特性表手册                                Stephen Turns
二相流,沸腾与冷凝                                 S. Mostafa Systems
                      In Conventional and MiniatureGhiaasiaan
轴向承载结构的振动                                 Lawrence Virgin
传递现象进阶                                    L. Convective
                      Fluid Mechanics and Gary Leal Transport Processes
传质和传热                                     T. W. Fraser Russell
                      Analysis of Mass Contactors and Heat Exchangers
边续介质力学导论                                  J. N. Reddy
低雷诺数飞行物空气动力学                              Wei Shyy
耐久性和系统设计寿命分析                              Approach
                      A Multidisciplinary Joseph H. Saleh
粘性和粘弹性液体势流                                Daniel Joseph
代数码理论及其在通信和信号处理中的应用                       Richard
                      An Engineering Approach Blahut
连续和离散时间信号及系统                              Mrinal Mandal
分布式计算                                     Ajay Kshemkalyani
                      Principles, Algorithms, and Systems
数字通信基础                                    Upamanyu Madhow
数字通信原理                                    Robert Gallager
无线局域网的新兴科技                                Benny Bing
                      Theory, Design, and Deployment
现代频谱管理精要                                  Martin Cave
无线电波传播精要                                  Chris Haslett
迭代接收机设计                                   Henk Wymeersch
下一代移动接入技术             Implementing TDD    Harald Haas
无线网络的安全和协作                                Levente Buttyan
Ad Hoc无线网络的安全和服务质量                        Amitabh Mishra
数字成像技术基础                                  Joel Trussell
医学成像数学绪论                                  Charles L. Epstein
复杂网络的控制技术                                 Sean Meyn
工程系统动力模型和控制,第3版                           Bohdan Kulakowski
连续力学和线性弹性                                 Andrei Constantinescu
                      An Introduction to Continuum Mechanics and Linear Elasticity
工程力学,第3版                                  Jerry Ginsberg
非线性振动和板壳的稳定                               Marco Amabili
金属成形,第3版                                  William Hosford
碳纳米管的计算物理学                                Hashem Rafii-Tabar
计算热力学                                     Hans
                      The Calphad Method Lukas
电致变色性能和电致变色器件                             Paul Monk
聚焦离子束系统                                   Nan Yao
                      Basics and Applications
相平衡,相图和相转变                                Mats Hillert
                      Their Thermodynamic Basis
模拟物理世界                                    Herman Quantum Mechanics to Fluid Dynamics
                      Hierarchical Modeling from J. C. Berendsen
材料结构                                      Marc De Graef
                      An Introduction to Crystallography, Diffraction and Symmetry
聚合物动态与松弛                                  Richard Boyd
学术和商务演讲的艺术                                Parham Aarabi
                      A Practical Guide to Successful University Lectures and Business Presentations
牛顿的数学论文,平装版合集                             D. T. Whiteside
如何写作科学论文并恰当举例,第2版                         Bjorn Gustavii
成功写作生物科学论文                                Janice the Biological
                      A Step-by-Step Guide for R. Matthews and Medical Sciences
内皮生物医学                                    William C. Aird
细菌生理学和新陈代谢                                Byung Hong Kim
微生物生物技术                                   Alexander Glazer
                      Fundamentals of Applied Microbiology
生物热力学                                     Donald Haynie
进化之路                                      Alessandro Minelli
                      Key Themes in Evolutionary Developmental Biology
基因分析入门,第3版            A Problems Approach James N. Thompson, Jr
体觉皮层                                      Kevin Fox
神经网络门控                                    Mircea Steriade
睡眠和失眠的神经化学                                Jaime Monti
神经伦理学                                      21st Century
                      Challenges for theNeil Levy
综合神经科学话题                             James
                  From Cells to Cognition Pomerantz
计算基因预测方法                             William H. Majoros
小核糖核酸                                Krishnarao Appasani
                  From Basic Science to Disease Biology
基因克隆与操作                              Christopher Howe
植物育种和生物技术                            Denis Future
                  Societal Context and the Murphyof Agriculture
遗传方差与协方差分析                           Patrick Doncaster
                  How to Choose and Construct Models for the Life Sciences
藻类学,第4版                              Robert Edward Lee
生态极限和气候变化                            R. M. M. Crawford
                  Ecological limits and climate change
植物名称                                 David Gledhill
生物多样性和保护区的人类生计                        the Malay Archipelago
                  Case Studies fromNavjot S. Sodhi
体型:水生生态系统的结构和功能                      Alan Hildrew
林地和森林生态学                             Peter Thomas
                  Description, Dynamics and Diversity
全球化对渔业资源的影响                          William W. Taylor
测量生物多样性                              David Storch
系统保护规划                               Chris Margules
农业环境科学                               John Warren
水景和河流                                Sylvia Haslam
动物智力                                 Social Cognition
                  From Individual to Zhanna Reznikova
胡萝卜与大棒,动物训练基础                        Paul McGreevy
                  Principles of Animal Training
蜥蜴生态学                                Stephen M. Reilly
行为测量,第3版                             Paul Martin
21世纪的动物园                             Alexandra
                  Catalysts for Conservation Zimmermann
牙齿人类学技巧和应用                           Joel D. Irish
雄性动物生殖策略面面观                          Rui Oliveira
                  An Integrative Approach
医学昆虫学                                Mike Service
进化的发现                                David Young
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                                                                                     Communication range of backgrounds - political
                                                                        In this book, authors from a between citizens and their gover
University of Glasgow                                                   C             accessible Lucretius' didactic poem De to, andto
                                                                                                  but thought-provoking introduction a
                                           1 line diagram 14 half-tones ompletely This Companion is both an introduction rerum na
King's College London                                                   Systematic Systematic account wasof warfare from Archaic G
                                                                                     and up-to-date account the single biggest preoc
                                           9 line diagrams 114 half-tones 17 maps 1 plan Warfare of the various themes underl
The Johns Hopkins University                                                         The Cambridge Companion to Archaic to Archai
                                                                                                    history, society, and culture during th
                                                                        Provides a synthesis ofThe Cambridge CompanionGreece pr
State University of New York, Buffalo                                                             Professor most Woodard brings Gr
                                                                                     reader through the fascinating field of ancienttoge
                                                                        Guides the A group of the world’sRogerauthoritative scholars
                                                                        The first comprehensive survey offirst comprehensive one-v
                                                                                     The maps In this, the the economies of classica
                                           30 line diagrams 1 half-tone 15 tables 25first comprehensive survey of the economies
University of St Andrews, Scotland                                                   In this authoritative historytransformedliterary criti
                                                                                                  Feminism has of feminist the acade
                                                                        This authoritative history of feminist literary criticism charts th
Keele University                                                                     David Amigoni shows how the modern concept o
                                                                                                  The concept of culture, now such an
                                                                        A highly original study of the intellectual links between evolui
University of Aberdeen                     20 half-tones                             Human sacrifice representation fascinatedsacrifi
                                                                                                  Human sacrifice has of human West
                                                                        Derek Hughes examines thehas fascinated Western writers
University of Leicester                    118 half-tones                            Comprehensive and accessible, accessible, this
                                                                                                  Comprehensive and this textbook sup
                                                                        Essential student textbook supporting the study of literature t
Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania           22 half-tones                             In the decades James, Civil War, how did defin
                                                                                                  In the decades to how Civil War, ho
                                                                        A new approach not just to after thebutafter theAmerica Amer
University of York                                                                   The book explores the literary, cultural, and biogr
                                                                                                  literary, cultural, and biographical rela
                                                                        The book explores the The book explores the literary, cultura
Tufts University, Massachusetts                                                      This book focuses oncommentaries on the medi
                                                                                                  Medieval three major poets - Chauce
                                                                        How did Chaucer, Dante, and Jean de Meun representorigin
Purdue University, Indiana                                                                        Modernism, Feminism, and motifs t
                                                                        An analysisMaren Linett analyzes theof JewishnessJewishne
                                                                                      of the cultural meanings meanings andin the wo
Keio University, Japan                     20 half-tones                             Reiko Oya considers Shakespearean tragedy as
                                                                                                  Reiko Oya explores theatrical express
                                                                        Examines Shakespearean tragedy as performed in the eight
King's College London                                                                             The idea of of the relation to the in
                                                                                      of Shakespeare‘s last plays in ways in which idea
                                                                        An account This book is an account'late style' claims that,we t
University of Birmingham                   22 half-tones                                          Shakespeare Making examines the
                                                                                     Shakespeare and reception of in the Making exa
                                                                        A study of the production Films in theFilms five Shakespearep
Università degli Studi di Milano           1 half-tone                               T. S. Eliot'sT. S. of Eliot's of the idea of the idea
                                                                                                   reformulation reformulation of the tra
                                                                        A reappraisal of the afterlife Eliot's reformulation of literaryide
University of South Florida                4 half-tones                              Alexander available the greatest hisgreatest poe
                                                                                                  Alexander Pope was the life his tim
                                                                        The first student book Pope wason Pope and poet of andage
University College, Cork                                                             This CompanionCompanion offers the most poe
                                                                                                  This offers the most comprehensive
                                                                        A comprehensive and accessible overview of modernistcomp
University of Kent, Canterbury                                                                    Rushdie is a major of Rushdie’s det
                                                                        A comprehensive and accessible overview and readings,pub
                                                                                     With its range of expert essayscontemporary writ
Oxford Brookes University                  9 half-tones                               of essays concerning the literature Modernism,M
                                                                                                  Situated between the Victorians and
                                                                        A collectionSituated between the Victorians andand culture o
University of Liverpool                                                              The last centurylast century of modern an extraor
                                                                                                  The was characterised by poets in B
                                                                        An overview of the great achievements was characterised by
University of Kent, Canterbury                                                       The past a The past 100 witnessed witnessed th
                                                                                                   wide range of Anglophone post-colon
                                                                        This book introduces100 years have years havethe extraordi
King's College London                                                                              please both Shakespeare's as who
                                                                                     and lively and accessible history plays, history p
                                                      'Fresh but informed, Chernaik's study willShakespeare’sintroduction those fresh
                                           6 half-tones                 Accessible This lively introduction to students and discusses
University of Stirling                                                               Hunter of two centuries of shortbecome from Brita
                                                                                                  The short story has stories an increa
                                                                        A unique overview examines the development of the short st
University of Minnesota                                                              Romantic authors were deeply concerned stands
                                                                        Goldberg analyses the The idea that the inspired poet with ho
                                                                                                   strategies Romantic poets employed
College of William and Mary, Virginia      2 half-tones                              In this highly original experience Potkay explores
                                                                                                  Joy is an book literary reunion or hi
                                                                        A highly original and hugely enjoyable Adamofand culturalfulf
University of Newcastle upon Tyne                                                                 Kate of the in explores the ways in
                                                                                     Offering womenChedgzoy the early modern Briti
                                                                        Explores the work ofreadings writers work of poets who contri
University of Bristol                      4 half-tones                              Andrew Bennett and idea ofchallenges conceptio
                                                                                                  Andrew Bennett writing produces ne
                                                                        Bennett's analysis of the actchallenges the popular the popul
Ohio State University                      4 half-tones                              The Cambridge Companion to Narrative provides
                                                                                                  overview of current approaches to na
                                                                        A unique and valuable The Cambridge Companion to Narrat
University of Warwick                                                                Derrida's work on literary in theis intricate of the t
                                                                                                  Few thinkers, texts latter half and an
                                                                        Derrida's work on literary texts is intricate and challengingch
                                                                                      and journalists talk frankly about behind the Tam
                                                                                                  What was happening how they appro
                                                                        Top writers What was happening behind the Tampa headline
                                                      ‘The              The standard autorisedThis landmark nine-volumeavailable a
                                                                                     This footnotes that evidence extensive set offers
                                                                                                    edition now complete and sleuthing
                                           84 half-tones excellent editing, explanatory landmark nine-volume set offers the comple
University of Wales, Bangor                5 half-tones                                            years after Herbert’s poems is widely
                                                                                     Almost 400 George edition of Herbert’s were firs
                                                                        The definitive modern scholarlyHerbert (1593-1633) works, a
                                           22 half-tones 4 maps                      This volume provides of tales published as 'Twix
                                                                                                  edition of new texts Conrad's Conra
                                                                        The most authoritative New texts theJoseph of Josephmodern
                                           9 half-tones                                            made by been written about the actin
                                                                                     David Garrick, England’s most celebrated actor-m
                                                                        Examines the changesMuch haseighteenth-century actor-ma
University of St Andrews, Scotland         6 half-tones                              Examining the lives and mapping out an wide ra
                                                                                                    which Shakespeare acquired a work
                                                                        Explores the manner inBeginning byexperiences of a overvie
                                           11 half-tones 2 tables                                 David Mann examines the influence o
                                                                                     David the treatment of women in the plays of in
                                                                        A study assessingMann examines the treatment of womenSh
University of California, Irvine           15 half-tones                             Writers of the their pursuit of emotional extremes
                                                                                                  In Romantic period were fascinated b
                                                                        An exploration of the Romantic obsession with power, submi
Massachusetts Institute of Technology      3 half-tones                              Wordsworth, Blake, Coleridge and Keats were de
                                                                                                  Romantic poets, notably science and
                                                                        An investigation into the competing impulses of Wordsworth,
Yale University, Connecticut               20 half-tones                             The novel fiction written has beenhas attracted m
                                                                                                  While poetry between the genre mos
                                                                        An overview of British of the Romantic period the mid-1760s
Queen's University, Ontario                1 half-tone                                                             Virginia Woolf were alm
                                                                                     Modernism,T. S. Eliot and Desire proposes that s
                                                                        The first detailed comparative study of memory in the works
Williams College, Massachusetts                                                      Theo the emergence of an American national lite
                                                                                                   offers a new account of account of th
                                                                        A new account ofDavisTheo Davis offers a new the emergen
Boston University                                                                    Anita Patterson examinesinternational cross-influ
                                                                                                  Modernist of cross-currents of influe
                                                                        An examination of the importancepoetry crosses racial and n
Universidad de la Laguna, Tenerife                                                   Nobel laureate Toni Morrison is one of the most o
                                                                                                  to Morrison's work to discuss is one
                                                                        The first student guide Nobel laureate Toni Morrison her entiw
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor                                                    Gregg greatest achievements Melville, and nove
                                                                                                  Stowe, Hawthorne, of
                                                                        An overview of theCrane tells the story of the American fictio Twa
Ohio State University                                                                             Although history and development of
                                                                                     Elizabeth Renker uncovers the complex is now a
                                                                        An original investigation into the American literature historica
University of California, Berkeley                                                                Leading scholar Albert Russell Ascoli
                                                                                     This is the first comprehensive study of Dante's e
                                                                        The first comprehensive study of Dante's evolving, transform
University of Cambridge                                                              Primo Levi Primo Levi (1919–1987) beofthe auth
                                                                        A stimulating overview has increasingly come towasrecognis
                                                                                                  of the works, life and times this imp
Roehampton University, London                                                        A overview The literature the French-speaking n
                                                                                                  of the literature French-speaking cou
                                                                        A stimulating stimulating overview of of of literature of French-
University of Minnesota                    4 half-tones                              Daniel Brewer examines two cultural Enlightenm
                                                                                                  Over the last the hundred years the th
                                                                        An important reassessment of the afterlife of theconstruction
Boston University                          19 half-tones                             The Poetry Poets from Homer poets have shape
                                                                                                  of history of how poets from Homer to
                                                                        A compelling and moving War shows how to Bruce Springste
University of York                         14 half-tones                             This CompanionCompanion offers a wide-ranging
                                                                                                  This offers a wide-ranging and the e
                                                                        A contributory volume covering all aspects of theatre ininnov
                       University of Hull                                                                   This Companion addresses theofthe of one of th
                                                                                                                          David Hare is work the British playw
                                                                                               A contributory volume examining the one ofworkmost importa
                       University of East Anglia                                                                            - of the work one of the most excitin
                                                                                                            Neil LaButeNeil LaBute is of the American playwr
                                                                                               The first full-length study playwright, screenwriter, director an
                       University of East Anglia                                                                          One America's African American
                                                                                                              of essays on theconsiders the life powerful andp
                                                                                               A collectionThis Companionofwork of the most and career of o
                       Cardiff University                         18 half-tones                                           Nazi theatre and research, research
                                                                                               Explores the origins of Based on extensive archivaltheatre in
                                                                                                            Based on extensive archival the role of this is the
                       University of Warwick                      15 half-tones                             What are the to theatre and the purposes ofpurpo
                                                                                                                          What are the challenges to the perfo
                                                                                               What are the challenges challenges to theatre andtheatre an
                       Universität zu Köln, Germany                                                         Research essays discussing theago it wasrelatio
                                                                                                                          More than forty years linguistic dem
                                                                  2 line diagrams 20 maps An edited collection ofon African languages has been preocc
                                                                                                            This unique of leading scholars tobrings together
                                                                                                                            three-volume survey explore the syn
                                                                                               Brings together a teamThis unique three-volume survey brin
                     University of Washington                                                               Professor Herschensohn examines critical period
                                                                                                                          The anecdotal view is language early
                                                                  12 line diagrams 7 tables An examination of whether early childhood of a whether acqu
                     University of Queensland                                                  Comprehensive biological factors make both ‘normal’ and b
                                                                  36 line diagrams 24 half-tones 37 tables textbook examining how human communica
                                                                                                            What          What biological factors make human
                     University of Sheffield                                                                Pragmatics understanding of pragmatics can mor
                                                                                                                           - the way we communicate using be
                                                                  6 line diagrams 19 tables Demonstrates how our Pragmatics - the way we communicati
                     Georgetown University, Washington DC
                                                     Second edition                                                       Written excellent introduction to the k
                                                                                               Provides a clear framework an understanding how ordinaryth
                                                                             Pleasant to read and constantly stimulating … forin readable, vivid, non-technic
                                                                                                            Talking Voices presents the scholarly research c
                     The Chinese University of Hong Kong                                                    How does a child become bilingual? Drawing onT
                                                                                                                          How does a child become bilingual?
                                                                  14 line diagrams 31 tables Examines the early linguistic development of children bilingu
                     Universität-Gesamthochschule-Essen                                                     This surveyEnglishdevelopment and Irish English
                                                                                                                            of the has been spoken in Ireland fo
                                                                                               Comprehensive book traces the development of present-day
                     University of Essex                                                       Provides a comprehensive British of the a home to a vast ra
                                                                                                                4 British Isles are home to dominant language
                                                                  4 line diagrams 3 half-tones 17 tablesThe maps The survey Isles arevast range of diffe
                     University of California, Davis                                                        Why does human within the vary from one person
                                                                                                                           areas language study of language va
                                                                  18 line diagrams 49 tables An overview of the key Why does human language vary from
                     Cardiff University                                                                     This book explains use different ways of speaking
                                                                                                                          People speech and examines ways
                                                                  7 line diagrams 4 tables Explains the concept of style inthe concept of style in speech
                     University of Illinois, Chicago                                           An overview 9 the language oflanguage in South Asia within
                                                                                                            An figures South Asia is a rich within a linguistic
                                                                                                                             9 the
                                                                  12 line diagrams 1 half-tone 65 tables ofoverview ofmapsSouth Asia and fascinating lin
                     Michigan State University                                                  figures     This accessible textbook and audio CD provides
                                                                                                                          This accessible textbook provides a c
                                                                  11 tables 54 exercises 11 A clear introduction to the sounds and pronunciation of Chin
                     University of Sheffield                      4 half-tones                                of essays, The Renaissance saw a renewed and
                                                                                                                          each tackling a Renaissance figure
                                                                                               A collectionThe Renaissance saw a renewed and energeticoe
                     University of Cambridge                                                    figures     The Indo-Europeanthe study of Indo-European s
                                                                                                                          The on language family comprises c
                                                                  99 tables 25 exercises 10 Clear introductory textbook Indo-European language familyla
                     Universiteit van Amsterdam                                                             This study exploreshas looking at of variety of n
                                                                                                                          English different types how we produ
                                                                                               A study of noun phrases in English,an interesting noun phras
                                                                                                                          Ellipsis occurs when certain portions
                                                                                                            Ellipsis occurs when and questions in the study o
                                                                                               Looks at some central problems certain portions of a sentenc
                                                                                                            Shows students textbook looks that confront the
                                                                                                                          This the main ethical the main that c
                                                                                               Shows students the main ethical questions atquestions ethica
                     La Trobe University, Victoria                                                          Does a competentthe morality person suffering fr
                                                                                                                          Does competent a terminal of med
                                                                                               A wide-ranging discussion ofa person withand legalityillness
                     Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York                                          Jeffrey Blustein provides a rigorous a morality me
                                                                                                                          Despite an explosion       account of a
                                                                                               Jeffrey Blustein provides a rigorous account of studies on of
                     Vassar College                                                                         Van Norden examines early Confucianism as a fo
                                                                                                                          early W. Van Norden a form of early
                                                                                               Van Norden examines BryanConfucianism as examines virtue
                     University of Notre Dame, Indiana                                                                    Aquinas, Aristotle, and and practice
                                                                                                             religious faith can assist philosophical inquiry inh
                                                                                               Shows howClaiming that contemporary theory the Promise o
                     University of St Andrews                                                               These essays readers working on causation,yea
                                                                                                                          Written over a topics of thirty-five tim
                                                                                               These essays will interest explore the period ofboth Ancient G
                                                                                                            This eagerly awaited updated and systematic ed
                                                                                                                          This of Bernard Williams' contribution
                                                                                               This volume is an overview volume provides areorganised ov
                     University of Cambridge                                                                              Rudolf Carnap (1891-1970) cultural,
                                                                                                            Rudolf Carnap central regarded as one widely
                                                                                               This book places Carnap‘sis widelyideas in a broad is of the m
                     Utah State University                                                                                The philosophy of in the best recent
                                                                                                            In of volume leading expertsSpinoza is offer pe
                                                                                               This collectionthisessays offers some of the veryfield increasi
                     Northwestern University, Illinois                                                      Kant's Critique of Judgment has often been interp
                                                                                                                          Kant's Critique of of Kant's has often
                                                                                               A wide-ranging and original interpretationJudgment Critique o
aria Rosa Antognazza                                              8 line diagrams 1 map                                   the full range of interests pioneering
                                                                                                            In this first Maria Rosa Antognazza’sand activitie
                                                                                               Antognazza discussesintellectual biography of Gottfried Wilh
                     Ohio University                                                                        This volume comprehensive presentation of the p
                                                                                                                             provides a provides a comprehensiv
                                                                                               This volume provides aThis volume comprehensive presenta
                                                                                                            Ronald Dworkin occupies a distinctive distinctive
                                                                                                                                    Dworkin, the influential legal a
                                                                                               Introductory volume to Ronald Dworkin occupies aplace in bo
                     Arizona State University                                                               Rudolf themes of Carnap's philosophy is increas
                                                                                                                          Rudolf Carnap (1891-1970) and discu
                                                                                               Explores the majorCarnap (1891-1970) is increasingly regard
                     University of Sydney                                                                                 This                ‘Leviathan’ makes a
                                                                                                            The Companion to Hobbes’smakes a new depart
                                                                                               The Cambridge Cambridge Companion to Hobbes’s ‘Leviath
                                                                                                             Logical empiricismepitomizes analytic philosoph
                                                                                                                          If there epitomized analytic philosoph
                                                                                               Shows howLogical empiricism is a movement or school that
                     University of California, Berkeley                                                                   This provides a provides comprehen
                                                                                               Provides a freshCompanionCompanion fresh and a fresh and
                                                                                                            This and comprehensive account of the most fre
                     Harvard University, Massachusetts            7 half-tones 3 figures                    The Cambridge Cambridge Companion to Renais
                                                                                                                          this Companion to for all who are int
                                                                                               An invaluable guide to The complex periodRenaissance Philo
                     University of Iowa                                                                     Landini revisionist account of the intellectual rela
                                                                                                                          Wittgenstein's Tractatus has generate
                                                                                               A controversial anddraws on Russell's unpublished manuscr
                     University of Toronto                        2 tables 5 figures                        Anjan Chakravartty traces consistent and cohere
                                                                                                                            can provide a the the view that evo
                                                                                               A vision of how realismScientific realism iscontemporary our
                     Loyola University, Chicago                                                                           Julie K. Ward examines Aristotle’s lan
                                                                                               Julie K. Ward examines Aristotle's thought regarding how tho
                                                                                                            Julie K. Ward examines Aristotle's thought regard
                     Baylor University, Texas                                'We table         This volume provides aThis volume comprehensive and even
                                                                                                            This volume provides a provideseven-handed ov
                                                                                                                              what is surely and comprehensiv
                                                                  5 half-tones 1need books like this in order to informcomprehensiveone ofathe most impo
                     London School of Economics and Political 5 figures                                     It this book Scientific accounts integral part of G
                                                                                                                           is thought that chance and purpose
                                                                                               The thesis of is commonlythat chance is anof existence give c
                     Harvard University, Massachusetts                                                                    Charles Parsons examines the notion
                                                                                                            In Mathematical Thought and Charles Parsons e
                                                                                               In Mathematical Thought and Its Objects, Its Objects, Charle
                     Princeton University, New Jersey             3 tables 2 figures                        This selection key topics including nominalism,a
                                                                                                                          John John Burgess's essays a rich
                                                                                               Burgess's essays addressof Burgess is the author ofaddressn
                     Northwestern University, Illinois                                                      Philosophy The one ofis one of the most exciting
                                                                                                                          of biology the of biology is new are
                                                                                               A team of experts examine philosophymost excitingone of th
                     University of Hawaii, Hilo                   3 line diagrams 4 half-tones              Ron Amundson Amundson examineson the evolu
                                                                                                                           years of scientific views two hundre
                                                                                               Examines two hundredRon examines two hundred years of s
                     Università degli Studi, Florence                                                       Chiara Bottici this book, Chiara Bottici argues po
                                                                                                                          In argues for a philosophical understa
                                                                                               Chiara Bottici argues for a philosophical understanding offor
                     Dartmouth College, New Hampshire                                                                     Legal law through three of its historia
                                                                                               Experts analyze the commonscholars, philosophers, historia
                                                                                                            In this book, legal scholars, philosophers, classic
                                                                                                            This volumecomparativefeatures a distinguished,
                                                                                                                             features a account of account regu
                                                                                               This volume features aThis volumecomparative ethics in of e
                     Bowling Green State University, Ohio                                                    nature theWhat isof law? Does our obligation la
                                                                                                                           nature the nature of law? Does our o
                                                                                               What is theWhat isof law? Does our obligation to obey the to
                     West Virginia University                                                                             In this book, Daniel Shapiro argues th
                                                                                                              contemporary argues philosophy should conver
                                                                                               Argues thatDaniel Shapiro political that the dominant position
                                                                                                            In this new book Needs award-winning author of J
                                                                                                                          In this new Fairly develops a compre
                                                                                               Just Health: Meeting Health by thebook by the award-winning
                                                                                                            This eagerly awaited updated perspective to the s
                                                                                                                          Political violence and form of wars,
                                                                                               Coady brings a philosophical and ethicalin the reorganised ed
Università degli Studi di Pavia, Italy                                                   The technological existing moral constructs often
                                                                                                      The technological advances of contem
                                                                            Lorenzo Magnani argues that advances of contemporary soc
Bowling Green State University, Ohio                                                                  Do we desire consider whether objec
                                                                            Some essays in this bookin this bookthings because they are
                                                                                         Some essays consider whether objective moral
Loyola Marymount University, California                                                                hard facts hard facts of and constra
                                                                                          facts of political responsibility shapepolitical resp
                                                                            How do theHow do theHow do theof political responsibility sh
State University of New York, Binghamton                                                 Philosophically addresses the racism and the le
                                                                                                      John Arthur philosophically addresses
                                                                            Philosophically addresses the problems ofproblems of racism
                               Second edition                                            Mark Sagoff twenty years of debate years of de
                                                                                                      Mark Sagoff draws on the last twenty
                                                                            Sagoff draws on the last draws on the last twentyover the fou
The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Education                                 Seeks to provide an to post-9/11 pessimism abou
                                                                                                      Sullivan alternative to post-9/11 pess
                                                                            Seeks to provide an alternative and Kymlicka seek to provide
University of Southern Maine                                                                          Anthropology, History, and Education
                                                                                         Anthropology, History, major writings contains n
                                                                            This volume contains all of Kant’s and Education on humanal
Brown University, Rhode Island                                                                        Johann Georg Hamann selection of
                                                                                         Johann Georg translation a a wide (1730–1788)H
                                                                            A new and fully annotated Hamann is of major figure not only
Georgetown University, Washington DC                                                     Heine's Heine'svolume History discusses ofand
                                                                                                      This groundbreaking a colourful his
                                                                            A new translation ofgroundbreaking presents overview theGe
University of Maryland, College Park                                                                  Medieval new or revised translations
                                                                                         This revised translations of intellectuals living in
                                                                            Presents new or volume presentsJewish seven prominent me
University of Cambridge                                                                    book giving a clear the young how they were est
                                                                                                      In 1931, and compelling presentation
                                                                             a wonderful examines Gödel's Theorems, Kurt Gödel publish
                                                        'Smith has written Peter SmithWhat are Gödel's Theorems, how were they esta
Smith College, Massachusetts                                                             Professor Merrie many-valued and fuzzyaccessib
                                                                                                      Professor Merrie Bergmann logic de
                                                                            An accessible introduction toBergmann presents anpresents
Roskilde Universitetscenter, Denmark                                                                     useful of the meeting Epistemology
                                                                                         MainstreamMainstream Epistemology provides t
                                                                            This book writing a veryand Formaland Formalpoint between
                                                        Hendricks has succeeded in provides an analysis book mending bridges across
University of Winnipeg, Canada                                                           new and systematic way powerful a powerful fo
                                                                                                      Media argumentation is about our liv
                                                                            Presents a Media argumentation is aof thinkingforce inthe infl
Tel-Aviv University                                                                      One of the questions that philosophers discuss is
                                                                                                      One of of questions and discusses
                                                                            Advocates a skeptical positionthe philosophythat philosopher
Boston University                                                                        Most current work important problem of with kno
                                                                                                      Most current work in epistemology de
                                                                            Jaakko Hintikka discusses thein epistemology deals how the
University of Winnipeg, Canada               12 tables                                   Recent introduction to intelligence intelligence h
                                                                                                      Recent work in artificial has increasin
                                                                            Walton provides anwork in artificial argumentation theory and
Georgetown University, Washington DC 1 figure                                                         David Luban is one leading scholar o
                                                                                         David Luban of essays from a of the world's lead
                                                                            A wide-ranging collectionis one of the world's leading scholar
Churchill College, Cambridge                                                             As addresses some of the principal questions ino
                                                                                                        H. Kramer shows, What is the rule
                                                                            Kramer lucidly MatthewWhat is objectivity?objectivity and the
Harvard University, Massachusetts                                                                     America in Aladjem’s timely analysis
                                                                                         From by return of the driven by vengeance in Te
                                                                            America is driventhe vengeanceis death penalty to the wars o
University of Kentucky                                                                   In acknowledging ofGoldberg knowledge a prope
                                                                                                      Sanford ineliminable social dimensio
                                                                            Goldberg explores the nature an linguistic argues that commu
Aristotle University, Thessaloniki           5 tables 2 figures                                        aspects volume of philosophy of on
                                                                                         This is key This of of Searle‘soriginal essayslan
                                                                            Original essays ona volumeis aoriginal essays on key aspect
University of Massachusetts, Amherst                                        valuable contribution to contemporary work unique the mater
                                                                                         Lynne Rudder Baker unique account of account
                                                                                                      Lynne a presents a presents and de
                                                        'Baker's book is a Lynne Rudder Baker presentsRudder Baker in metaphysics.
University of Toronto                                                                    ZuidervaartLambert Zuidervaart examines what i
                                                                                                        and dead in the social and what of
                                                                            Examines what is living examines what is livingphilosophyis d
University of St Thomas, Minnesota                                                        written undergraduate textbook undergraduate te
                                                                                                       written undergraduate textbook expla
                                                                            This clearlyThis clearlyIn this clearly written explains the orig
University of KwaZulu-Natal                                                                            as much impact on impact on impa
                                                                            Few thinkers have had Few thinkers have had as muchconte
                                                                                         Few thinkers have had as muchcontemporary phi
Franklin and Marshall College, Pennsylvania                                              An level overview ofoverview of the central topic
                                                                                                      An level the central Philosophy fun
                                                                            An introductoryintroductoryIntroduction to thetopics in thisof R
University of Sydney                                                                     Paul Redding traces the consequences of the dis
                                                                                                      Examines the possibilities for the reha
                                                                            Paul Redding examines the possibilities for the rehabilitation
Florida Atlantic University                                                                           Contemporary culture increasingly su
                                                                                         Contemporary culture body consciousness can
                                                                            Shusterman argues that improvedincreasingly suffers from p
                               Fifth edition                                             Computability and Logic because of hasabout be
                                                                                                      Computability and Logic a become
                                                                            Computability and fundamental theoretical results classiclog
                                                        … gives an excellent coverage of theLogic is a classic has becomeits accessibi
Marquette University, Wisconsin                                                          This accessible book examines nature of busine
                                                                                                      In this lively and accessible book, Kev
                                                                            This accessible book captures the dynamic topics including s
New York University                          2 tables 1 graph                            What is the the environment, and how does it doi
                                                                            Jamieson asks what is What is the environment, and howfigu
                                                                                                       environment, and how does it figure
Boston University                                                                        This is the first comprehensive philosophical boo
                                                                                                      Nearly everyone has wronged anothe
                                                                            The first comprehensive philosophical book on forgiveness i
Stanford University, California                                                          This eagerly examines Kant'sand reorganised an
                                                                                                      In this book, Allen views on ethics ed
                                                                            In this book, Allen Woodawaited updated Wood investigates
University of Florida, Gainesville                                                       The version of central philosophical challenge o
                                                                                                       philosophical challenge of metaethics
                                                                            Copp defends acentral The naturalistic moral realism that can
Royal Holloway, University of London                                                     This book looks at key philosophical responsesab
                                                                                                      Modern philosophers current ideas t
                                                                            Andrew Bowie uses music to question many generally assum
University of Hertfordshire                                                              The humanThe human world contributions Some
                                                                                                       world is replete with narratives. narra
                                                                            This volume brings together nine original is replete with that d
University of Buckingham
Boston University                                                            a non-negotiable value Simon Keller of much and theirlovers
                                                                                         In this bookWe prize root loyalty friends, Com
                                                                                                        and the loyalty in our the varieties o
                                                        'Loyalty is at once Simon Keller explores the varieties ofexploressuffering.psych
London School of Economics and Political 1 table 166 figures
                                             Science                                                  It both emerge and persist in a wide v
                                                                                          morality can is certainly evolutionary game theo
                                                                            Shows howDrawing upon aspects ofthe case that morality go
University of Oxford                         1
                               Second edition figure                                     The of this Liberation theology the brings liberat
                                                                                                       Companion brings is widely referred
                                                                            The new editionnew edition of this Companionstory of the sto
Bard College, New York         Second edition                                            The Cambridge Cambridge to the Bible, Second
                                                                                                      The Companion changing historical,
                                                                            Provides in-depth information about theCompanion to the Bib
University of Wales, Lampeter                4 maps                                      This volume in the History theChristianity Christia
                                                                                                      This volume in of History of History
                                                                            This volume in the Cambridge Cambridge Cambridgepresent
Pennsylvania State University                8 half-tones                                 Christianity of Christianity from the Protestant the
                                                                                                       from the Protestant Reformation to th
                                                                            A history of This historyThis authoritative volume presents Re
                                                        'The                 Jesuits is as complex as it isexplores the religiousthe Society
                                                                                         This Companion fascinating. Worcester's obtain
                                                                                                      Ignatius of significance of and cultur
College of the Holy Cross, Massachusetts 13 half-tones history of the Explores the religious and cultural Loyola (1491–1556) volum
                                                                                         This collection of new essays prominent scholars
                                                                                                       by internationally by an internationall
                                                                            Sixteen original essaysModern Jewish philosophy emerged i
Stanford University, California                                                          This volume scholars help the reader confront th
                                                                                                      This volume guides beginning rabbin
                                                                            An international team of guides beginning students of studen
Cranfield University, UK                     13
                               Second edition tables 48 figures                           recent developments in the theory and practice le
                                                                                                      Drawing together contributions from o
                                                                            A review of Business Performance Measurement reviews rec
University of South Australia                                                            Management Research aResearch a comprehen
                                                                                                      Management comprehensive guide
                                                                            Management Research Methods is Methods is Methods is at
                                             68 tables                                   This book answers perceptions overpaid?' overp
                                                                                                       question 'Are CEOs 'Are CEOs
                                                                            This book answers the Popular the question of executive com
University of Nottingham                     5 tables                                     of the present state and futurebusiness schoolsb
                                                                                                      In recent decades, development of
                                                                            An analysisIn recent decades, business schools have becom
London Business School                                                       graphs 7 Outsourcing: Design, Process and outsourcing p
                                                                                          of how      Outsourcing has become one of the
                                             7 line diagrams 5 tables 6An analysisfigures outsourcing design and thePerformancek
Rutgers University, New Jersey                                                           This book have compiled a the ethical industry’s
                                                                                                      Despite the industry executives, that
                                                                            These papers Gorrie is a scholars,pharmaceutical dilemmas
                                             5 tables '… Michael Santoro and Thomasby doctors, discussion of series of essays and
Universität St Gallen, Switzerland                                                        of foundational work that progresses through a s
                                                                                                      Integrative concerning the relationsh
                                             20 line diagrams 20 figuresAn analysisA highly original issuesEconomic Ethics is a highl
York University, Toronto                                                      11 figures There is increasing agreement that the unique co
                                                                                                      Organizations today are facing height
                                             10 line diagrams 19 tables Describes the strategies that encourage high individual perfo
University of Pennsylvania                   12 tables 23 figures                        Managing employment half of the twentieth centu
                                                                                                      The employment relations in real-wor
                                                                            An authoritative analysis of second relations has become an
                                                                         3 graphs 17 figures Why do some decide a highly origina
                                                                                      Why do some individuals individuals want to cre
                                            17 line diagrams 8 tables Entrepreneurship and New Value Creation istheydecide they
University of Cambridge                                                                of the different large in which power operates wi
                                                                                                   In an age corporations dominate the
                                                                         An analysisIn an age when ways when large corporations doe
University of Sydney                                                                  Performance and Rewards Management critically
                                                                                                   Performance and examines contemp
                                                                         Performance and Rewards Management Rewards Managem
Lancaster University                                   'The strategy community (academics, consultants, has largelythe development
                                                                         1 graph 12 of what people do in relation to has shifted a co
                                                                                        figures Research in strategy migrated work in
                                            12 line diagrams 8 tables An analysisResearch in strategy practitioners) tend to to sign
National University of Ireland, Galway                                                             Ernest Gellner is widely understandin
                                                                                      Leading social theorists understanding of some
                                                                         Leading social theorists deepen ourdeepen ourperceived as
University of Leicester                                                               Creativity and civil courage and major dimensions
                                                                                                    of civil courage are creative behaviou
                                                                         A sociological account Creativity and civil courage are major
                                                                         Gender and Health and Health is and examine to examine an
                                                                                      Gender is research on gender and how men’s h
                                                                                                   Chloe book to Patricia health resea
                                            6 tables 'There is a growing body of international the firstBirdthe first book Rieker argue
Central European University, Budapest                                                 Focusing on identity and influence of Muslim grou
                                                                                                      Europe and the Muslim have increa
                                                                         Examines the diversity,Events over recent years communities
York University, Toronto                    6 figures                                  new perspective develops a new perspective un
                                                                                                   Human rights have think about huma
                                                                         Develops a Fuyuki Kurasawa from which to been generally on
Lancaster University                                                                  Celia Roberts develops new tools to century, mul
                                                                                                   sex hormones twentieth analyse hor
                                            1 line diagram 2 half-tones A critical discussion of Since the earlyand their importance in
University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd         84 tables                                 This eagerly awaited updated and reorganised ed
                                                                                                   Drug-Crime Connections challenges
                                                                         The book presents up-to-date research that explores the vart
University of South Carolina                                              book is a most of the Since the of law, combining theorybrin
                                                       ‘Mathieu Deflem's A fresh analysistimely overview of the sociology of law. ItWeb
                                                                                                   sociology classic contributions of vi
                                                                                      A theoretically informed and research-oriented wi
Emory University, Atlanta                                                A practical guide to conducting focus group discussions into
                                            52 line diagrams 10 half-tones                           Hennink provides an authoritative he
                                                                                      Monique M.A practical and authoritative guide gu
Cornell University, New York                30 tables                                 This eagerly awaited updated and reorganised ed
                                                                                                   of the counterfactual model of causal
                                                                         The essential features Did mandatory busing programs in th
University of East London                                                A detailed analysis told byoffers a novel analysis political b
                                                                                      Molly Andrews people involved in personal acco
                                                                                                   Featuring extraordinary history and st
                                                       'An absorbing reflection on the storiesof the relationship betweenkeyof the relat
National University of Ireland, Maynooth                                 A detailed study of the This bookdetailed in Ireland, examinin
                                                                                       contribution to comparative that beneath the Iris
                                                                                                    software argues study of developme
                                                       Riain makes a very important The book provides a industrystudies of the softwa
Boston College, Massachusetts               29 tables                                 This eagerly awaited updated and reorganised ed
                                                                                                   The research methods a blueprint fo
                                                                         Qualitative and quantitative idea that science isare explored t
University of Maryland, College Park        3 tables                                  This eagerlyof the variables inand reorganised ed
                                                                                                      awaited updated aggressive adoles
                                                                         A rigorous examinationUsing data sets consisting of cross-se
McMaster University, Ontario                                                          A valuable resource outlining methods, measures
                                                                                                   Until now, theory, the theory, method
                                                                         A valuable resource outlining the individuals interested in me
University of Utah                                                                    A dynamic group scientists consider novel and t
                                                                                                   How of systems scientists challenge
                                                                         A dynamic group of systemsdo human beings develop waysfu
Loughborough University                                                               The first text to promote a new method of discurs
                                                                                                   Over the developed method of ways
                                            1 line diagram 5 half-tones The first text to promote a newly past few decades newdiscur
                                            7 line diagrams 1 table                                Society peoples’ responses to devian
                                                                                      examination of how examine how variety of unde
                                                                         A thorough Dijker and Koomen is faced with apeoples’ respon
University of Alberta                                                                              With the the latest research educatio
                                                                                      This examination of current push towardon is kno
                                                                         A self-contained self-contained volume organizes what cogni
Stanford University, California                                                       Critical Lessons concentrates on the critical, the
                                                                                                   Critical critical, concentrates on tha
                                                                         This book concentrates on the Lessonsreflective thinkingrefle
Curtin University of Technology, Perth      21 tables                                 This eagerlythe use of animations has recently ed
                                                                                                      awaited updated and reorganised be
                                                                         A unique text exploringThe effectiveness of electronic-based
                                                                         A 5 tablesA collaborative volume introducing themes of of
                                                                                                   The emerging field of neuroeducation
                                            35 line diagrams 9 half-tones broad overview of the major topics in the new disciplinethe
University of Haifa, Israel                                                                        This the current debate about how to
                                                                                      Standing on the shoulders of Vygotsky and Wittg
                                                                         An important contribution to book attempts to change thinking
University of Durham                                                                  Despite theWithout inductive reasoning, we could
                                                                                                    widespread inductive reasoning in 20
                                                                         The first book on the psychology of nature of inductive reaso
University of Pennsylvania Fourth edition                                Impressively broad, expanded editionkey first editionaddresse
                                                                                      Retaining attention to the of questions and thro
                                                                                                   Beginning with fashion .... This book
                                                       This magisterial book ... lays out the issues in exemplaryits an established, high
University of Copenhagen                                                              Dreier shines important new light on processes c
                                                                                                   Dreier shows how clients make therap
                                                                         Dreier shines important new light on processes of personal o
University of Wales, Swansea                                                                        Personality is rooted in Sensitivity T
                                                                                      A to summarise the Reinforcementcontemporary
                                                       ‘The Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory of One of researchers summarise the R
                                            35 line diagrams 16 tables The first bookgroup of leading the major neuropsychological
University of Otago, New Zealand            5 tables 7 figures                        One of the most creative examination ofthinkers
                                                                                                   Professor James influential dramatic
                                                                         An unrivalled and thought-provoking andFlynn is one of the m
Stockholms Universitet                                                                A team of international experts present new theo
                                                                                                   Working life has been the subject of g
                                            10 line diagrams 13 tables Well referenced with global relevance; an important contribu
University of Southern California           40 tables                                              Decision analysis is a prescriptive top
                                                                         A mixture of historical and forward-looking essays on key the
                                                                                      Decision analysts offer workable solutions in dom
University of Northumbria, Newcastle                                                  Recent advances in non-invasivedetailed introdu
                                                                                                   Recent advances in sampling techn
                                                                         This new textbook from Nick Neave offers anon-invasive sam
University of Toronto                       11 tables                                 This handbook brings together leading of Conscio
                                                                                                   The Cambridge Handbook scholars
                                                                         The first handbook of its kind to address topics of consciousf
Clark University, Massachusetts                                                       This handbook approaches human psychology in
                                                                                                    human psychology, integrating state
                                                                         A unique handbook on An international overview of thecontri
Kent State University, Ohio                                                           From a team of leading ofmost current research
                                                                                                   From a of the leading experts come
                                                                         A multidisciplinary examinationteamexperts comes a compre
Ohio State University                       20 tables                                 Reiss explains as a theorypersonality and their a
                                                                                                   In The Normal of motives the author
                                                                         Reiss explains personality a theory of Personality,based on s
University of Bath                          18 line diagrams                          An innovative overview of the psychology of risk
                                                                                                   Risk surrounds and envelopes us. Wi
                                                                         An innovative and accessible new book from Glynis M. Brea
Yale University, Connecticut                                                          Sternberg argues that Intelligence, and Creativit
                                                                                                    first and only synthesized theory of in
                                            4 line diagrams 3 tables This book presents theIn Wisdom,any serious understanding
University of California, Riverside                                                   What do by achieve we identifying ourselves and
                                                                                                   What do by achieve by identifying ou
                                                                         What do we achieve we identifying ourselves and others in te
University of Essex                                                      Reflecting on the interplaycontemporary elucidates theory, A
                                                                                      Engaging with between tradition and innovation,
                                                                                                   Engaging with contemporary the inter
                                                       'Building on Wittgenstein, Cavell and Derrida, Aletta Norvaldemocratic democra
Princeton University, New Jersey                                                      important ethical and political controversies polit
                                                                                                   Profoundly important political controv
                                                                         Profoundly Profoundly important ethical and ethical andturn o
                                            60 tables                                 ContributesHow controlin positive democratic the
                                                                         The extent to which citizens much influence do citizens have
                                                                                                     to debates government.
Tufts University, Massachusetts                                                       Explores fear of makes individuals with divergen
                                                                                                   What in which the fear of enemies sh
                                                                         Explores the way thethe wayenemies shapes political groups
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium                                                             the study makes major to our und
                                                                                      This study Thisunderstandingaof one of the most
                                                                         A major contribution tomakes a major contributioncontribution
University of Cambridge                     19 half-tones                                           of two Skinner is one of historians
                                                                                      Quentin Skinner isrival of the foremostthe nature
                                                                         A dazzling comparison Quentinone theories aboutthe foremos
St Catharine's College, Cambridge           12 half-tones                                            twentieth-century feminism as femin
                                                                                      In the first major early twentieth-century the term
                                                                         The first major study ofIn thestudy of twentieth-century an An
University of Queensland                                                                           Christian (1655-1728) was a tireless
                                                                                      Christian (1655-1728) was a tireless campaigner
                                                                         Christian Thomasius Thomasius Thomasius (1655-1728) wac
Wake Forest University                                                                Weinstein nineteenth-century English New Liber
                                                                                                   In this that nineteenth-century English
                                                                         Weinstein argues that argues groundbreaking study, David W
University of Cambridge                                                               Victorian Visions of Global Order explores most
                                                                                                   Victorian Visions of Global Order exp
                                                                         Victorian Visions of Global Order explores many of themany
                                                        37 graphs        The authoritative end of Tony Blair's eraBritain's most autho
                                                                                      the Blair years from some of as Britishyears on B
                                                                                                   Tony Blair has of the Blair Prime Mi
                                            26 tables A compelling compendium of At the verdict on the impactdominated British polit
Boston College, Massachusetts               23
                               Second edition tables                                  This text highlights the tensions and complement
                                                                                                   The essential story of American politic
                                                                         A detailed analysis on the American government using the A
University of Houston                                                                              Provides Bush of exposition of viola
                                                                                      This book President a detailed illegally abused au
                                                                         This book shows how details violationshasinternational law hi
Baylor University                           1 table                                   Defending Life comprehensive defense of the pro
                                                                                                   Defending Life comprehensive defen
                                                                         Defending Life is the most is the most is arguably the most c
                    The National War College, Washington, DC                                                  Offers a systematic way ofabout American strate
                                                                                                                            This is a book analyzing, creating, an
                                                                                                Enables readers to think strategically on how to think -foreign
                    Cardozo School of Law, New York                                                           This eagerlypractice of government contracting fo
                                                                                                                               awaited describes the largely overlo
                                                                                                Examines the commonThis bookupdated and reorganised ed
                    Washington University, St Louis edition
                    Pennsylvania State University               17 tables                                     In theory, most punishment due to to support th
                                                                                                                            Since 1996, death sentences in Amer
                                                                                                The possible end of capitalAmericans continuenew discover
                    Berry College, Georgia                                                                      and politics convergesocial story of aa that crea
                                                                                                                            Recounts in story of how diverse s
                                                                                                Sex, power,Examines the diversethe the movementdiverse so
                    University of Texas, Austin                 19 tables                                                     parties win parties parties and then
                                                                                                              Explains why dominant for long periods persisted
                                                                                                Explains why dominantWhy have dominantwin for long period
                    University of Texas, Austin                 6 tables                                                    Far from authoritarian globe uniforml
                                                                                                              Examines why manysweeping the regimes, posin
                                                                                                Examines why many authoritarian regimes, posing as democ
                    Colgate University, New York                                                 complain about the growth in income political ignored thegro
                                                                                                               public funding system for inequality without offer
                                                                                                                            Because have largely campaigns Un
                                                                19 tables Too many authorsA voluntary Government policies political campaigns inthe is n
                    Lafayette College, Pennsylvania                                                           Provides a new, comprehensive for the examinat
                                                                                                                            Provides framework framework analy
                                                                                                Provides a new, comprehensive a new, comprehensive for th
                                                                           ‘The 20 tables The first authoritativeof 'deliberative to advance history of ofb
                                                                                                              The idea assessment ofdemocracy' democracy
                                                                                                                              is a pivotal a unique suggests tha
                    University of British Columbia, Vancouver 4 line diagramsBritish Columbia Citizens' AssemblyIs it possibleevent in theapplicationdel
                                                                           ‘Only a 41 tables A novel study Bob Goodin could bepeople balance has becom
                                                                                                              The how much control sufficiently measuringtim
                    Australian National University, Canberra 41 line diagrams group of scholars led by ofauthors develop a novel way of intellectually
                                                                                                                            A healthy work-life have over their 'd
                    Harvard University, Massachusetts                                                         This concept of accountability on the nature and
                                                                                                                            Accountability is seen as an essential
                                                                4 line diagrams 5 tables Reevaluates thevolume examines debatesfrom a range of cu
                    University of Toronto                                                                                   Many Europe War, even pulled rem
                                                                                                              Since why and how Cold the 21st United States
                                                                                                Scholars analyze States and thought will or thecentury would
                                                                10 tables The question of whether the United the end of thethe United States should awa
                    Providence College, Rhode Island                                            Examines the globalization in danger of ambitious study of th
                                                                                                              Is problem Is globalization diluting national iden
                                                                                                                            of national identity formation in the n
                                                                           'This is a theoretically wide-ranging and methodologicallyin danger of dilutingco
                    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor           5 tables                                      In this book, Silvia Pedraza links estimated to co
                                                                                                                            political disaffection of Cuban refugee
                                                                                                This book explains the The Cuban exodus is Cuba's revolutio
                    American University, Washington DC                      2 graphs            Explains job taxation widespreadwidespread concern that, i
                                                                                                              There is a is vital topic in of taxation weakmean
                                                                                                                            There is a concern about as a gove
                                                                15 tables This book does a masterfulwhy of clarifyingathe centrality explaining governmen
                    Duke University, North Carolina                                                           Russian leadersRussian media are widely seen m
                                                                                                                            The are television by a highly the
                                                                                                Describes the control of Russianincreasingly controlling resp
                                                                5 graphs ‘Television, Power, and the Public in Russia by Ellen Mickiewicz,government, ta
                    University of California, Los Angeles       4 tables                                                    Since arguments arguments about th
                                                                                                Examines the most influentialthe days of Montesquieu and J
                                                                                                              Examines the most influential about the consequ
                    University of Texas, Austin                 4 tables                                      Examines the effect of social inequality, political i
                                                                                                                            Documents the corrosive and institut
                                                                                                The effect of social inequality, political influence, effect of soc
                    Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                     Examines uses of official apologies in Australia,in
                                                                                                                            Intense interest of official apologies
                                                                                                Examines the political the political uses in past injustice lies a
                    University of Calgary                       1 table                                                     This is Iraqi Communist to examine
                                                                                                               rise is the first the the first comprehensive work t
                                                                                                Follows theThis and fall of comprehensive work Party through
                    George Washington University, Washington DC 28 tables                                     Whereas virtually party development from theor
                                                                                                                            Russia poses a major puzzle for theo
                                                                                                This book looks at theories ofevery classic work on thethe pe
                    Monash University                                                                         IntroductionIntroduction to aRelations:theories, ac
                                                                                                                              to International range of Relations
                                                                                                Leading Australian scholars introduce InternationalAustralian
                                                                                                A provocative account American security and of Asian and U
                                                                                                               Asia's profoundly changing geopolitical landscap
                                                                                                                            of account of Asian geopolitics geop
                                                                           A sweeping 'tour d'horizon' of A provocative the state of the state prosperity now
                    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 6 tables                                      Regional institutions are an of regionalincreasing
                                                                                                                            Regional institutions are an promine
                                                                                                Compares the design and effectivenessincreasingly internatio
                    University of St Andrews, Scotland                                                        It is now 25It is team ofthe publication publicatio
                                                                                                                             years since world-class critical theor
                                                                                                This book brings together anow 25 years since the of semina
                    University of Sheffield                     6 tables                                      How can our decisions and actions can shape an
                                                                                                                            How can our everyday actions contrib
                                                                                                Analyses how 'everyday' everyday actions contribute towards
                    Louisiana State University                                                                M. effect of Abouharb and David Cingranelli argu
                                                                                                                             World Bank and IMF structural adjus
                                                                2 line diagrams 20 tables Critique of the RodwanSince the 1970s 'structural adjustmen
                    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 10 tables                                        The impact The proliferation ofof international ins
                                                                                                                             and effectiveness international instit
                                                                                                Introduces an alternative framework to explain how internatio
                    University of Exeter                        5 tables                                      A new textbook introducing Internationalfunction o
                                                                                                                            Events such as nature and Relation
                                                                                                A new textbook exploring the evolution,the legal arguments s
                    The Lowy Institute for International Policy 40 tables 1 map
                                                   Se                                                                       Discusses the actors and actors and
                                                                                                              Discusses the institutions, institutions, calculation
                                                                                                Discusses the processes, processes, processes, institutions,
                    Bentley College, Boston                     4 tables                                      Examines why countries copy the military system
                                                                                                                            Examines why countries imitate the m
                                                                                                This book examines why countries copy the military systems
mall Arms Survey, Geneva                                                   The 33 tables Survey 2007: Guns and TheCity connects the dots an indepen
                                                                                                  figures 13 maps
                                                                                                              The Survey 2007 features Survey is between th
                                                                                                                            the Survey 2007: Guns focus on the
                                                                63 half-tones Small Arms63The Small ArmsSmall ArmsSmall Armsa special and the City
                    University of Haifa, Israel                            'Benjamin Miller's 7 theory war and peace developed through prone the It of
                                                                                                 States, Nations and the Great Powers regions an analysis w
                                                                                                                            Why are some is a superb book. diffe
                                                                8 line diagrams 22 tables A graphs of Offers a novel theoretical explanation for to warad
                    Michigan State University                              Strategic Rivalries in World cases makes several substantive contributions ov
                                                                                                              Examining the 173 strategic rivalries operating to
                                                                                                                            International conflict is neither random
                                                                18 line diagrams 54 tables ExaminesPolitics'of strategic rivalries and identifies the exten
                    University of Bristol                                                       An            An authoritative balance conceptthe conceptaof o
                                                                                                                            The new analysis of has been cen
                                                                32 line diagrams 2 half-tones authoritative new analysis of the of power of the balanceth
                    Brown University, Rhode Island                                              An examination ofhas Why no useStates has not used been
                                                                                                              There why weapons is being weapons not as 'm
                                                                                                                             the have of nuclear weapons since
                                                                           'At a time when the actual use of nuclearbeenUnitednuclear contemplatednucle
                    Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford                                               Emma refugee ishistorical study of refugees dem
                                                                                                                            With an in order explore places
                                                                                                Examines that the Haddad'sthe unrelentingyet unanticipated
                                                                           ‘By taking seriously the idea the history of refugeesinevitabletounrest intheir pla
                    University of Wales, Aberystwyth                                                          In of first half of this century, human society Ho
                                                                                                                            What is real? society is confronted c
                                                                                                In the first halfthe this century, humanWhat can we know?is b
                                                                                                An in-depthWhat determines success and those who want t
                                                                                                                             the wars pose some of the UN peac
                    Georgetown University, Washington DC 2 tables Dr Howard's well researched book is important reading for allfailure in most diffi
                                                                                                               analysis ofCivil sources of success and failure in
                                                                                                              In this provocative text examining radical Islamist
                                                                                                                            Five Islamists in the context of a sen
                                                                                                This book examines radical years after September 11, global
                    Harvard University, Massachusetts           8 tables                                      Full Disclosure is the first national likely to rollove
                                                                                                                            Which SUVs analysis of national and
                                                                                                Full Disclosure is the first analysis ofare most and internation
                                                                                                This book other scholars have studied cooperation world th
                                                                                                              Examines trade cooperation the post-World War
                                                                                                                            This book trade in international trad
                    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 67 tables ‘While political scientists andexamines international examinesthe entireduring fr
                    Harvard University, Massachusetts                                                                       The and most markets and democra
                                                                           ‘Simmons, tables and Garrett ways markets diffusion of impressive collection
                                                                29 line diagrams 32 DobbinAnalyses thehave put together ademocracy have diffused ar
                                                                                                   2 maps Drawing together insights from economics, socio
                    University of Manchester                    1 half-tone                     Studies memories ofmemories construction of collective mem
                                                                                                              German the Second World War articulated Wo
                                                                                                                            German memories of World War are
                                                                           'Wounds of Memory is a timely exploration of theof the Secondthe Secondin no
                    Depaul University, Chicago                                                                              Bioviolence is danger and strategies
                                                                                                               and consequences greatthe hostile infliction of d
                                                                                                The threatsThis book explains aof bioviolence facing every h
                                                                                                              academics probe the changing nature of a nature
                                                                                                                            academics probe the changing radica
                    Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel 7 line diagrams 5 tables 3Five Israeli Five Israeli Over the last quarter century, Israeli s
                    University of California, Santa Barbara                                                    of medical Examines the impact of medical and p
                                                                                                                             of medical and psychological illness
                                                                                                The impact The impact and psychological illness on presideno
                    University of Washington                                                                  ThroughoutThe issue of religious libertyattempted
                                                                                                                              history, governments have has they
                                                                                                Political leaders are likely to permit religious freedoms if gain
                    University of Sydney                                                                      Examines the trends Australia and the causes co
                                                                                                                            Addresses incomes contemporary o
                                                                                                Examines incomes and wealth inofimportant and wealth in Au
                    Université de Paris V                                                                     The utlitarian onutilitarian and Rawlsand Nobel o
                                                                                                                            The this edited Nobel is intended
                                                                                                This to Harsanyi essays economist and collection explores L
                                                                           'As befits a joint tribute collection of and Rawls,HarsanyieconomistLaureate, Joh
                    Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano6 half-tones                                  What was the Keynesian revolution in historical
                                                                                                                            What was the Keynesian revolution in
                                                                                                Keynes and the Cambridge Keynesians traces theeconomics
                    University of Wisconsin, Madison edition 1 table                                          An anthology of works concerning on the philosop
                                                                                                                            An anthology a works the nature cla
                                                                                                Explores the nature of economics as of science, includingof e
                    Northwestern University, Illinois                      In our 22 tables Global globalfigures Globalization to staychanged the gam
                                                                                                   1 graph 22 landscape, it provides a fundamentally chan
                                                                                                              Globalization has fundamentally several strateg
                                                                22 line diagramsfiercely competitiveCompetitive Strategyis criticalhasunique set ofsteps a
                    University of Cambridge                                                                    of capability approach developed and the Lau
                                                                           ‘Amartya Sen's notion of capabilities is a rich capability approach developed by
                                                                16 line diagrams 53 tables An graphs Thefigures The source of new ideasby in philosop
                                                                                                   9 analysis 15 Amartya Sen's capability approach Nobel cont
                    The World Bank                                                              A 118 figures Political Economy of Economic 2000 of Sub-
                                                                                                              The           of the economic development was on
                                                                118 line diagrams 234 tables two volume analysis The period from 1960 to Growth in Af
                      Université de Toulouse I (Sciences Sociales)                                             Presents the main statistical tools of econometric
                                                                                                                            Presents the econometrics.
                                                                                                  Presents the main statistical tools of main statistical tools of e
                      Oklahoma State University                               'Lusk and Shogren have developed an indispensable psychologists, of experim
                                                                                                     comprehensive guide to the provideand practice and mark
                                                                                                                  13 and Shogren theory a comprehensive guid
                                                                   14 line diagrams 59 tables A14 graphs Lusk figuresEconomists, guide to an important me
                      Washington University, St Louis                                                          Introduces the increasingly popular Bayesian app
                                                                                                                            Introduces the increasingly popular B
                                                                                                  Introduces the increasingly popular Bayesian approach to sta
                      Loughborough University                                                       85 latest research techniques Mills’ best-selling graduate te
                                                                                                                  63 best-selling graduate textbook financial mod
                                                                              ‘A valuable textbook for a graduate course in the and findings ofprovides deta
                                                     Third edition 85 line diagrams 34 tables The graphs This figuresTerenceeconometricsrelating to the e
                      Carnegie Endowment for International Peace   7 tables                                    This eagerly communist countries became marke
                                                                                                                            Anders Åslund foresaw the collapse o
                                                                                                  Explains how the former awaited updated and reorganised ed
                      University of California, Berkeley                                                                    Japan’s economy has long been desc
                                                                                                               This the traces the Japanese Japan's networ
                                                                   25 line diagrams 40 tables This book tracesbookevolution ofevolution ofbusiness network
                                                                   6 DC
                      George Washington University, Washington tables                                          Business, Integrity, and Peace demonstrates tha
                                                                                                                            Ethical offers an integrative framewo
                                                                                                  Business, Integrity, and Peacebusiness behavior has an une
                                                                   95 tables 'This book provides an extremelyreader to afour decades,of research resultsThe
                      Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung                                          Over the past wide variety business and acade
                                                                                                                            Over the past four decades, business
                                                                                                  Introduces the valuable introduction to'the art of pricing'. on
                                                                                                               Against alternative solutions tocollapses of of ¡®
                                                                                                                             background of the captures the ang
                                                                                                  This book presents the Indecent Disclosure the problemHIH,
                                                                   69                                69 figuresThe maps TheUnion is designedis designed from
                                                                                                                     European European Union for introduction
                      Fukuoka University, Japan Eighth edition line diagrams 60 graphsThe European4Union provides a comprehensive readers for r
                      Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy                                                     26 figuresThe policies aimed and complex in
                                                                              ‘This collection is An analysisSocial Policies, Labour Markets to reconcile and
                                                                   26 line diagrams 56 tables poised to become a widely-cited reference on thefertility moth
                                                                                                    79 graphs of the effects ofrelationship betweenMotherhood
                      University of Joensuu, Finland                                                66 figures the first time and is widespread the Sustainabilit
                                                                                                                            There Fiscal and Fiscal substantial
                                                                              ‘In this 13 tables Uncertain Demographics come to grips with acceptance thatim
                                                                   66 line diagrams volume economists forUncertain Demographics Sustainability addresses
                      Resources for the Future                                                                              With offers a uniquely the reader a m
                                                                                                               Architectures for Agreement offers wide-ranging u
                                                                                                  5 graphs 6 figures
                                                                   6 line diagrams 13 tables Architectures for Agreementincreasing greenhouse gas emis
                      University of Cambridge                                                     An 80 tables 43 graphs 46 figures problem has shown a
                                                                                                               The and of Human of the biodiversity loss is gr
                                                                                                                             biodiversity economics
                                                                   67 line diagrams 6 half-tones examination field evaluationinduced7 maps of various form
                      Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Sweden                                             has produced a magisterial through an through an comm
                                                                              ‘Professor tables A guide to The world outs of account of primary commoditie
                                                                   11 line diagrams 25Radetzki11 figuresthe ins and is going internationalexceptionalexcepti
                                                                                                                            The world is going commodity marke
                      University College London                    46 tables                                   This is a set 13 three set of three volumes in econ
                                                                                                                              of is a volumes containing contain
                                                                                                  These volumes containThisessays on seminal topics edited v
                      Witten/Herdecke University                                                               How do we Much recent discussion surrounding
                                                                                                                            place a economic painting, or value
                                                                                                  Explores the tensions between value on a and cultural a piecv
                                                                   20 tables                                   The book showsbook presents, compares,techniq
                                                                                                                            This economists how various and d
                                                                                                  This book presents, compares, and develops to estimate the
                      University of San Francisco                                                              Examines the a developmentand difference ex
                                                                                                                            Games of poverty Development be
                                                                                                  This book looks presentsrootsin Economic theprosperity thro
                                                                   3 tables ‘Games in Economic Developmentat economicunified view ofissues primarily th
                      Australian National UniversitySecond edition                                              to be widelydiscussion in the context of current p
                                                                                                  Explains the basic ideasread … it sympathetically and seriou
                                                                              This excellent book deserves Locating itsThis economics, bookhow you canhow
                                                                                                                               in fascinating and reflects on arg
                      Claremont Graduate University, California 39 tables                                                   Addresses the question firms from di
                                                                                                  Addresses the question of howof rivalry among of how comp
                                                                                                               Examines patterns competition takes place in in
                      Harvard University, Massachusetts edition                                                The additions toincorporates Multinational Ente
                                                                                                                            The our knowledge many additions
                                                                                                  Incorporates thethird editionthird edition oftheof multinationals
                      University of Arizona                        10 tables                                   This book constitutes an empirical behavioral cha
                                                                                                                            and ecological approaches to rationa
                                                                                                  Explores constructivist The principal findings of experimental
                      Princeton University, New Jersey             10 tables                                   This book prospects for regional monetary integ
                                                                                                                            This book surveys the prospects for r
                                                                                                  This book surveys theexplains why governments contemplat
                      Copenhagen Business School                                                                              Biggest has
                                                                                                  Solutions toSolutions toThe worldProblems pressing problem
                                                                   28 line diagrams 3 half-tones 54 tables 20 graphs 31 figures manyanalyses the Wor
                                                                                                                 the World's the World's Biggest Problems offers
                      International Monetary Fund, Washington, 33 tables                                        growth of first attempts systems in Latin Americ
                                                                                                                            One welfare to analyze to analyze ho
                                                                                                  Studies the One of thesocial of the first attemptshow developi
                      University of Toronto                        26 tables                                   Draws on Value-added issues related to resear
                                                                                                                             wide range tax (VAT) now dominate
                                                                                                  Discusses conceptualaand practicalof experience andVAT.
                      University of Sydney                                                                                  We live constitution-making. New con
                                                                                                               We live in an era of in an era of constitution-maki
                                                                                                  This book considers the challenges of constitution-making w
                                                                                                               This title seeks tocan 'globalisation' Westernabo
                                                                                                                            What explore what globalisation leg
                                                                                                  Exploring what globalisation can teach us aboutteach us can
                      King's College London                                                                    Despite - orexplores the contemporarycollapse of
                                                                                                                             perhaps because of that relevance
                                                                                                  This volume of essays Against expectations - thethe turn awa
                      University of Oxford                                                                                  This book Aquinas’ school of thought
                                                                                                               By looking at Thomas is nature of fundamental C
                                                                                                  This book examines the patriarchal an evaluation and critiqu
                      London School of Economics and Political Science                                                       precedent operates as how constrain
                                                                                                               Neil of howNeil Duxbury examines a common-law
                                                                                                  An examination Duxbury examines how precedents preceden
                      University of California, Riverside                                                      This book provides an informed perspective in to
                                                                                                                            The relationship between science, sc
                                                                                                  This book examines the intersection of science and law oflaw
                      University of Durham                                                                       of essays examining the judicial judicial decision
                                                                                                                             of edited examining essays examin
                                                                                                  A collectionA collectionAn essayscollection ofdecision-making
                      University of Cambridge                                                                  In responseThethe simplistic everyday conception
                                                                                                                             to fundamental legal and institutiona
                                                                                                  Allison employs an historical constitutional approach to asse
ancisco Forrest Martin                                                                                         This book examines the US Constitution on the b
                                                                                                                            The Constitution as Treaty transforms
                                                                                                  This book examines how the U.S. Constitution acts as an int
                      Yale University, Connecticut                                                             This book concerns the greatSupreme Court duri
                                                                                                                            This book on the judicial controversie
                                                                                                  The U.S. Supreme Court grappled with great judicial controv
                      University of Western Australia, Perth                                                   Through a comprehensive and period of unprece
                                                                                                                             of five common a a largely 15 years
                                                                                                  A comparative analysisResearched overlaw countries' camer
                      Harvard Law School                                                                       This book examines current topics in the the evol
                                                                                                                            This book is a contribution to
                                                                                                  This book examines the international conflict of laws.field of l
                      Universiteit van Tilburg                                                                 An examination technologies affect the legal sys
                                                                                                                             constitutional rights and rights and h
                                                                                                  An examination of howNew of how constitutionalhuman-rights
                      Kingston University, Surrey                  1 table 1 graph                             European Union provides a equality and anti-dis
                                                                                                                            European Union fresh approach to eq
                                                                                                  This comprehensive volume equality and anti-discrimination
                      University of Melbourne                                                                  The Chinese police new conceptual detain people
                                                                                                                            Using a have powers to framework, th
                                                                                                  This book examines the development of Chinese police pow
                      Hebrew University of Jerusalem                                                           This book aThe Russian Federationnotstruggling,
                                                                                                                             market economy does is succeed i
                                                                                                  This book shows why draws a comparison between Western
                      Ohio State University                                                                    This at the Soviet style of law that wasRussia wro
                                                                                                                            The government of Soviet legislatio
                                                                                                  This book looks book explains the Marxist-inspiredadopted s
                      University of Wisconsin                      6 tables                                    The Struggle for Constitutional Power scholars an
                                                                                                                             political history decades, is a politica
                                                                                                  This book analyzes theFor nearly three of the Egyptian Cons
                      University of Connecticut                    20 tables                                   This book assesses economic rights and explain
                                                                                                                            This edited volume offers new schola
                                                                                                  This book assesses economic rights and explains their evolu
                                                                                                                            The Grand Chamber of the European
                                                                                                  This book presents individual judgements comprehensive a
                                                                              This book presents individual judgements and decisions in aand decisions in w
                                                                                                               The breadth laws andrecognition of the recognizin
                                                                                                                              of legal other regulations found wi
                                                                                                  This book contains 240Thethe restitution standardshousing,
                      Wayne State University                                                                                 legal implications of new phenomen
                                                                                                               This book analyzes the new phenomenon of org
                                                                                                  This book analyzes theThis book analyzes ainternationalinter
                      University of Melbourne                                                                  This book assesses of emerging refugee claimsto
                                                                                                                            A range the ability of the Refugee is
                                                                                                  This book assesses the ability of the Refugee ConventionCo
                      University of Warwick                                                                    The book contains four studies that consider the
                                                                                                                             studies that consider the challenges
                                                                                                  The book contains fourThe book contains four studies that co
                      George Mason University, Virginia                                                        Human case studies, prevailing global approach
                                                                                                                            Human rights are now the courses a
                                                                                                  Using ethnographicrights offer the this is aimed at dominantgl
                      University of Melbourne                                                                  The Yearbook of International Humanitarianon de
                                                                                                                            The world's high-quality articles Law
                                                                                                  Provides an international forum for only annual publication th
                      National University of Ireland,Third edition                                             This third The International Criminal Court rulin
                                                                                                  Third revised edition. revised edition considers the initialhas u
                      Monash University, Victoria                                                              This book criminal responsibility responsibility of
                                                                                                                            Volume of criminal of individuals fo
                                                                                                  An examination of theexaminesI thethe International Criminal
                      University of Cambridge                      2 maps                                      Volume 129 reports of amongst others, the Adv
                                                                                                                            The International Law Reports and
                                                                                                  Reports in English on decisions on,international courtsis theao
                        University of Cambridge                    15 maps                                    Volume 130 reports of amongst others, the Eritr
                                                                                                                          The International Law Reports and
                                                                                                   Reports in English on decisions on,international courtsis theao
                        University of Cambridge                    15 maps                                    Volume 130 reports of amongst others, the Eritr
                                                                                                                          The International Law Reports and
                                                                                                   Reports in English on decisions on,international courtsis theao
                        University of Cambridge                                                               Volume 131 reports of amongst others, refugee
                                                                                                                          The International Law Reports and
                                                                                                   Reports in English on decisions on,international courtsis theao
                        University of Cambridge                    1 colour figure 2 maps                     Volume 132 reports of amongst others, the 200
                                                                                                                          The International Law Reports and
                                                                                                   Reports in English on decisions on,international courtsis theao
                        University of London          Second edition                                          This new edition ofpublication published in 2000
                                                                                                                          On the account of the first edition, t
                                                                                                   A comprehensive and practicala book firstof itslaw of treaties
                        Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands                                                  theme for this volume factors brought about the
                                                                                                                           theme for is accountability in the inte
                                                                                                   The specialThe specialTwo major this volume is accountabilie
                        Universiteit Utrecht, The Netherlands
                        University of Reading
                        University of Sussex                                                                    This volume focuses on the social relationships t
                                                                                                                            how international justice can take pur
                                                                                                 This volume examines This volume focuses on the everyday
                        University of Melbourne and Monash University                                                       When senior legal learnt from the fo
                                                                                                                Gideon Boas, lessons can Miloševic workingMil
                                                                                                 This book examines what the Slobodanbe advisor died in the
                        Universität Basel, Switzerland                                                          The United Threats of force are a military featur
                                                                                                                            Nations Charter prohibits states to thr
                                                                                                 This book examines the relationship betweencommoncoercio
                                                                                                                examines howpart of the international presence i
                                                                                                                            As the argues that, community's effo
                                                                                                 Blockmans Steven Blockmans international under the leaders
                         University of Edinburgh                                                 A project is war, from and aambitious law perspective, frome
                                                                                                                 majestic, an international volume is a history of
                                                                                                                            This history of rigor in marshalling
                                                                                'The scope of Neff's history of This volume is his scholarlywar, from the standpo
                         Australian National University, Canberra                                               Farrall history why sanctions.Security Council
                                                                                                                            The United Nations
                                                                                                 Farrall surveys theexplainsof UNsanctions are applied, the tyh
                                                                     26 tables                                  Understanding reading WTO Schedules of Comm
                                                                                                                              to is a detailed guide on how to rea
                                                                                                 This is a detailed guideThishow to interpret WTO Schedules
                                                                                                 This for Trade has recently beenin the wake Aidthe examine
                                                                                                                This the traces the Aid for Trade the WTO Tr
                                                                                                                            Following shaped of of for Trade fro
                                                                     20 tables ‘The framework for Aid book tracesbookevolution ofevolution withinand World Ta
                         University of Toronto                                                                              Are foreign investors international n
                                                                                                 Critical examination of the regime governing the privilegedaci
                                                                                                                David Schneiderman sketches the outlines of ec
                                                       Fifth edition                                            This dictionary describes expressions used in 2
                                                                                                                            the is an accessible guide to the voc
                                                                                                 This dictionary defines Thisterms andin simple terms abouttra
World Trade Organization                                                                                                    The Dispute Settlement paginated th
                                                                                                 The authorized, paginatedWTO authorized and Reports of re
                                                                                                                These are the WTO Dispute Settlement Reports
World Trade Organization                                                                                                    The Dispute Settlement paginated th
                                                                                                 The authorized, paginatedWTO authorized and Reports of re
                                                                                                                These are the WTO Dispute Settlement Reports
World Trade Organization                                                                                                    The Dispute Settlement paginated th
                                                                                                 The authorized, paginatedWTO authorized and Reports of re
                                                                                                                These are the WTO Dispute Settlement Reports
World Trade Organization                                             1 table                                                The Dispute Settlement paginated th
                                                                                                 The authorized, paginatedWTO authorized and Reports of re
                                                                                                                These are the WTO Dispute Settlement Reports
World Trade Organization                                             1 table                                                The Dispute Settlement paginated th
                                                                                                 The authorized, paginatedWTO authorized and Reports of re
                                                                                                                These are the WTO Dispute Settlement Reports
World Trade Organization                                                                                                    The Dispute Settlement paginated th
                                                                     3 line diagrams 18 tables The authorized, paginatedWTO authorized and Reports of re
                                                                                                                These are the WTO Dispute Settlement Reports
                         University of Cambridge                                                                brings the of the ICSID Reports includesincludes
                                                                                                                            The ICSID Reports date and the fina
                                                                                                 Volume 12 Volume 12ICSID Reports up to provide the only c
                         University of Michigan, Ann Arbor           1 table                                    This book explains how the tax the of the variou
                                                                                                                            This international tax regime and inte
                                                                                                 This book explains how the book examinesrulescoherent how
                         Supreme Court, Bangladesh                                                              Bhuiyan examines theexamines how national law
                                                                                                                            This book between WTO law and la
                                                                                                 Bhuiyan examines the relationshiprelationship between thena
 ariëlle D. Masson-Matthee                                                                                      The of the The aspects Commission is a joint su
                                                                                                                            Alimentarius of the Codex Alimentariu
                                                                                                 An examination Codexlegal Codex Alimentarius Commission
                                                                     12 tables                                  Although scholars, policy makers, human rightsh
                                                                                                                            In many countries, citizens activists
                                                                                                 This book examines the relationship between and allege thaa
  egal Affairs Division, World Trade Organization      Second edition                                           The secondThe WTO the WTO Indexin WTO law
                                                                                                                              edition of developments is the auth
                                                                                                 The WTO Analytical Index coversAnalytical Analytical Index
 ppellate Body Secretariat, World Trade Organisation hird edition
                                                       T                                                                      Repertory Repertory Body Case L
                                                                                                                The of TheThe of Theof Appellate Repertory of
                                                                                                 The third editionthird editionthird edition of Theof Appellate BA
                         Columbia University, New York                                                                      Developing countries different the m
                                                                                                                The treatment of the WTO treats comprise develo
                                                                                                 This book examines the way developing countries within the
                         Macquarie University, Sydney                8 tables                                               The IUCN Academy of global Resea
                                                                                                                The IUCN Academy of Environmental Lawperspe
                                                                                                 The IUCN Academy presents a broad rangeof Environmenta
                         University College London Second edition                                               This book explores environmental law from a ran
                                                                                                                            This from a range of perspectives, la
                                                                                                 Explores environmental law book examines environmental em
                                                                     8 maps                      Five           The volumes will be attractive as a compendium
                                                                                                                            of international and national courts an
                         University of Cambridge, Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Lawvolume decisions The first ever compendium of the key
                         University of New Brunswick                                                            Neil Craik examines the structure and role of inte
                                                                                                                            The central idea animating environme
                                                                                                 Neil Craik examines the structure and role of international en
                         T.M.C. Asser Instituut                                                                 A discussion of the experiences of the European
                                                                                                                            This book brings the Kyoto Protocol
                                                                                                 An examination of the implementation oftogether the results
                         Queen Mary, University of London                                                       Written by a leading development oftopic, Comp
                                                                                                                            Written by a leading the competition
                                                                                                 A comprehensive account of theauthority onauthority on the t
ermanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague
                         University of Michigan, Ann Arbor           3 tables                                   This book explores the thethe fine or the fine prin
                                                                                                                             boilerplate, or fine print of of mass-d
                                                                                                 This book explores the Boilerplate, boilerplate,print standard c
                                                                     3 tables 9 plans                           In responseThe Markets in in critique of, the regu
                                                                                                 A practical guide to, andto the Markets Financial Instruments
                                                                                                                               an analysis and Financial Instrumen
                                                                     1 table
                                                       University of Edinburgh                                  Has the increasing one hand, it can be lawinterde
                                                                                                                            On the economic and political of tha
                                                                                                 Mathias Siems examines whether the shareholder arguedsix
                                                                                                                Issues sovereignty issues within various commer
                                                                                                                            Under the broad heading of globalisa
                                                                                                 An examination of such as the sovereignty of states and the
                         Universiteit van Amsterdam                                                             Should business forms be introduced that among
                                                                                                 This volume examines Private company law reform is areof n
                                                                                                                            the forces behind the emergence mo
                                                                     2 tables                                   The analysing the this set analyse the EC instru
                                                                                                                            The European Company the opportu
                                                                                                 Two-volume settwo volumes inusefulness of and('SE') allows
                         University of Oxford                                                                   Corporate Social Responsibilitymarket is general
                                                                                                                             external social and (CSR) of Corpo
                                                                                                 This book explores the The adoption by companiesforces affe
                         London School of Economics                                                             Monti explores the development competitionthrou
                                                                                                                            The development of of EC law law i
                                                                                                 Monti explores the development of EC competitioncompetitio
                         University of Oxford                                                                               An examination of the special charact
                                                                                                                An examination of character of sport through Eur
                                                                                                 An examination of the special the special character of sport t
                         London School of Economics and Political Science                                       European Union Law has quickly become a core
                                                                                                                            Since its publication in European Un
                                                                                                 Text on readings on the institutional law of the2006, Europea
                         University of Oxford                                                                               Through the practical implementation
                                                                                                                This book discusses a implementation of the Dire
                                                                                                 This book discusses the practical detailed analysis this book
                                                                                                                ReconcilingThe recent to in several policy fields
                                                                                                                              the desire rounds of European integ
                                                                                                 Can the desire for deeper integrationdeepenenlargement ha
                         Universität Augsburg                                                                    describes, analyses and proposes reforms toof c
                                                                                                                              describes the state enforcement law
                                                                                                 This inquiryThis inquiryIn the debate on the of competition co
                         University of Edinburgh                                                                Shaw examines the rights ofEuropean Union righ
                                                                                                                             rights within the EU citizens to vote
                                                                                                 Shaw examines voting This book examines the electoral anda
                         University of Bristol                                                                  Leading scholars examine constitutional bothado
                                                                                                                            An interdisciplinary perspective is int
                                                                                                 Leading scholars explore constitutional themes fromthemes
                         Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong                                                This book examines international become an all r
                                                                                                                            Financial crises have and domestic
                                                                                                 This book examines the role of law in financial developmentt
                         University of Chicago                                                                  Vice provides a provides a new, interdisciplinary
                                                                                                                            Regulating Vice provides lens for exa
                                                                                                 Regulating Regulating Vice new, interdisciplinary a new, inter
The Hague
University of Cambridge                                                                Based on empirical analysis ofto democracy in to
                                                                                                     After the transition over 1,000 decisio
                                                                          A comprehensive study of South Africa's amnesty process 19
                                                                                                     This publication assists readers (be
                                                                          The authors examine international migration of internationalth
                                                                                       The authors examine the wealth law in detail. i
                                                                                       This book discusses the Study Humanitarian Law
                                                                                                     The International Committee of the R
                                                                          A commentary on Customary International of Customary Inte
Monash University, Victoria                 1 figure                                                 Intellectual scholarly insight changed
                                                                          This book provides a detailed and property law in Australia h
                                                                                       Intellectual property law in Australia hasinto Aust
                                            13 tables                                  Gollin describes does IP balance the exclusive rig
                                                                                                     How the dynamics can expand innov
                                                                          This book shows how intellectual property of intellectual prop
University of Sheffield                                                                Harrison provide a detailed a detailed analysis
                                                                                                     European broadcasting policy has att
                                                                          Harrison and Woodsand Woods provideanalysis of European
The Queen's University of Belfast           11 line diagrams                                         The the existing ‘device‘, patent att
                                                                                       By repackaging computer program exclusion from
                                                                          Leith advocates revisions tosoftware as asystem for patenting
                                                                                       As the why What are players’ agents? regulated
                                                                                                      and how this book reveal, the shou
                                                                          An examination of contributors toagents should be Whymann
University of Wales, Aberystwyth                                                       Kohl examines thestate has and should have the
                                                                                                     Which legitimacy and effectiveness
                                                                          Kohl examines the legitimacy and effectiveness of attempts o
University of Texas School of Law           13 tables                                  This first tells the story the first cards around th
                                                                                                     This book is treatment of credit card
                                                                          This book is the bookcomprehensiveof creditcomprehensive t
University of Southern California           19 tables                                  This book brings together leading experts from a
                                                                                                     of budget brings together leading exp
                                                                          Explores the problems This book policy and reform in Congre
University of Bristol                                                                  Dr Syrett argues that court argues to the attainm
                                                                                                     Dr Keith Syrett involvement in dispute
                                                                          Dr Syrett evaluates how courts may contributefor a reapprais
University of Edinburgh                                                                Mason assesses the historic and involve medico
                                                                                                     Mason looks at the legal response to
                                                                          Mason explores aspects of pregnancy which contemporary le
                                                                                       Project finance requires the updated project finan
                                                                                                     This extensively risks of third edition
                                                                          This updated third edition examines careful analysis and stru
University of Minnesota       Third edition                                            This book examines different hypotheses about
                                                                                                     Why judicial behavior before, Chilean
                                                                          This book analyzes Chilean did formally independent during,C
                              Second edition                              This revised and mostAdvocacy explains cases in teaching
                                                                                       Advocacy extensive work in how to win cases i
                                                       This book represents the latestedition ofexplains how to winAdvocacycourt. Foc
Monash University, Victoria                                                            This to take stock of thestock of the developmen
                                                                                                     The to take administrative law in Au
                                                                          This book seeksbook seeksgrowth of growth and growth and
Deakin University                                                                      Australian Sentencing:and PracticePrinciplesthe r
                                                                                                      Principles Principles explains and
                                                                          Australian Sentencing: Australian Sentencing:and Practice ex
George Washington University, Washington DC                                            China has seen immense economic and social ch
                                                                          Examines the legal ramifications of economic and social cha
                                                                          This book challenges lucid, vs. the assumption that all religi
                                                                                       God vs. theGod original, and the pervasive assu
                                                                                                       Gavel challenges challenges the per
                                                       'Professor Hamilton's book dazzles with the pervasiveGavel humane intelligenc
University of Maine, Presque Isle and       1 table                                     writing texts emphasize how one writes; this book
                                                                                                     Many legal writing texts emphasize ho
                                                                          Many legal Every chapter of this book challenges the reader
Edge Hill University, Ormskirk                                                                         of a sporting sport deserves special
                                                                                       ProponentsThe Sporting Exception in European
                                                                          Is the EU capable of recognising thatexception believe sportU
University of Cambridge                                                                This three volume three volumes reference fine
                                                                           II: ‘The editors are to be congratulated for producing lists ofa
                                                       Praise for VolumeThree volume set providing fully documented, critical awork v
                                                                                                     These set is a major form a major re
University of Cambridge                                                                A major new major new impact the liberalism an
                                                                                                      impact Home Rule on impact of o
                                                                          Major new study of the A study of thestudy of of Home Rule Ho
University of Bristol                       52 half-tones                              This of why inventors rose study adopts a compl
                                                                                                     This innovative to heroic stature and
                                                                          Innovative studyinnovative study investigates why inventors
Birkbeck College, University of London                 This                                          This of of arcane interesting early
                                                                                        original interpretation offers anworld of the and em
                                                                          An interesting interpretation book of early legal culture interprm
                                            5 half-tones revealing work offers an Examining aspects thelaw, history, art, drama and
University of Ulster                        24 half-tones                              Broad-ranging analysis of the relationship of the
                                                                                                     A of the relationship of the British mo
                                                                          Comprehensive analysis broad-ranging political and social h
University of Durham                                                      What has been the functionmonarchyfundamental questions
                                            18 half-tones 13 tables 2 graphs                         The of monarchy remained importan
                                                                                       This book addresses two hasin the political and
University of Cambridge       Second edition half-tones 1 plan
                                            19                                         This aboutThis account of account of around th
                                                                          Cornford's satireentertainingentertaining Cambridge Cambridg
                                                                                                      Cambridge University politics, still as
Montana State University                                                                             A Faustian Foreign Policy by showin
                                                                                       America’s modus operandi of independent Wood
                                                                          This book critiques U.S. foreign policy since 1920from intern
Rutgers University, New Jersey              17 half-tones                              David Foglesong tells effortstells the story ofrem
                                                                                                     David Foglesong to liberate and Am
                                                                          The fascinating story of American the fascinating fascinating
                                            7 tables                                                 Nuclear Implosions: public agency’s a
                                                                                       In the 1970s, a small of a small The Rise and Fa
                                                                          Daniel Pope follows the collapse public agency in Washingto
University College Dublin                   2 tables                                                 This of major new treaties and truce
                                                                                       Major new studyis athe ideas and practices ideas
                                                                          Study of the making and breaking of peacestudy of the involv
University of York                          3 half-tones                               This book presents legal issues two treatises tha
                                                                                                     This book edition an edition of two t
                                                                          Two treatises that examine the anpresentsof that arose during
Harvard University, Massachusetts           37 tables                                                This is study litigation in litigation (w
                                                                                       This is a York, Ely,aParis, of marriage the courts
                                                                          Marriage litigation in study of marriageCambrai, and Brussels
                                            13 half-tones the hardback review: 'The essays will intrigue anyone interestedinisshows
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany     From                              of medieval ritual, how medieval historyin medie
                                                                                                     Medieval Concepts memory
                                                                          An analysisThis volume showshistory, and of the Past Germa    being
                                            9 tables                                                 Banking on political dealings of Deuts
                                                                                       The U.S. business U.S. business and uses the
                                                                          This book uses the story of theand Global Markets political de
Université de Paris XIII                                                  This 17 maps volumes seeks to uncover the unities sha
                                                                                        of four      volumes when the enlarged shaping
                                            168 half-tones 2 tables 1 figureseries These four At a time uncover the unities Europea
Louisiana State University, Shreveport                                                 This book provides the firstEnglish-language stud
                                                                                                      first complete, complete, (1812) an
                                                                          This book provides theCrushing defeats in RussiaEnglish-lan
University of Portsmouth                                                               A major new study a major new study of theChrist
                                                                                                     This is of the role of European role o
                                                                          Study of the role of European Christian democratic parties in
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill                                                            Richard parents were taken an aut
                                                                                       Richard Hollander’s Hollander waskilled in from le
                                                                          The story of Richard Hollander’s Polish family,devastated wh
Miami University, Ohio                                                                               Jay how poets and to theme which
                                                                                       Jay W. Baird comes to grips with agrips with a th
                                                                          Jay W. Baird demonstratesW. Baird comeswriters responded
University of Leeds                                    ‘John Gooch        Study of the relationship betweenstudy the major military of fo
                                            9 half-tones 3 maps has once again proven himself to be one ofauthoritative study hist
                                                                                                     This is the the of the Italian armed
                                                                                       The first authoritative first military and foreign pot
University of Northumbria, Newcastle                                                   This innovative innovative volume draws athose
                                                                                                        on the everyday together in Euro
                                                                          A series of perspectivesmore than draws experience ofwide-
                                                       ‘This interesting collection of essays … isThisvolume a useful addition totogethe
University of East Anglia                                                              The first English-language English-language from
                                                                                                     the is the first history until the histo
                                                                          History of Poland from ThisSecond World Warof Polandfall o
University of Nottingham                                                                 of RussianAfter the the Romanov in 1917 throug
                                                                                                      democracy's collapse dynasty in dy
                                            1 table 10 figures 4 maps An analysisAfter the collapse of collapse of the RomanovFeb
                                            16 tables 11 graphs                                      This book presents of the comprehe
                                                                                       Based on extensive research inthe first Swiss we
                                                                          The first comprehensive, comparative studybusiness archive
Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts                                               history of the ordinary the Eve ofand their pre-moc
                                                                                                     Russia on Russians Russians who
                                                                          Pioneering Pioneering history of the ordinaryModernity is a p
University of Dallas                        25 half-tones 5 maps                        history of the growth and growth and developmen
                                                                                                      history of the development of monas
                                                                          A complete A complete Between 350 and 850 Constantinople
University of Wales College of Cardiff      2 half-tones                               The dominant and deceptively simple themeof the
                                                                                                      between the moral environment of th
                                                                          Essays on relationship The dominant and deceptively simple
University of Cambridge                     18 line diagrams                                         Chinese the religion and from 206 B
                                                                          An examination four centuries ofempires were established by
                                                                                       The of the links between Han dynastystatecraft a
University of Arizona                                                                  This work is the first comprehensive enforcemen
                                                                                                     This study examines law enforcemen
                                                                          This work is the first comprehensive study oflaw study of law
Colegio de México                                                                      Emphasizes that the emphasizes that the Spanish
                                                                                                     Marichal Spanish empire wars were
                                                                          Emphasizes that the expenditures of the imperialremained th
University of York                                                        An                         The artist William Hodges accompani
                                                                                       The artist illustrated study accompanied and writ
                                            32 half-tones 50 colour plates original and richly William Hodges of the pictorialCaptain
La Trobe University, Victoria                                                          study of theIn 1900 the transnationalprophesied o
                                                                                                       construction B. DuBois circulation
                                                                          Pioneering Pioneering study of W. E.of self-styled white ment
                        University of Edinburgh                                                     Explores the collective This is aof the or psychologically, fill
                                                                                ‘The voices of Americans lost, dead, maimed physicallyVietnamese experience
                                                                                                                                 memory fascinating and truly groundb
                                                                                                                  A fascinating study of the Vietnam War through
                        Carnegie Mellon University                                                                The first book devoted Democracy to Stalin's Rus
                                                                                                                                Terror and exclusively in popular par
                                                                                                    The Book shows how ordinary people moved in clear stages
                        University of California, Los Angeles edition                                distinguished from ... others ... because it isIsraelis and thei
                                                                                                                  James Gelvin's accountbetween concise; written
                                                                                                                                The conflict of composed introductio
                                                                                Gelvin's volume isAn engaging, interpretive, thematically the Israel-Palestine co
                        University of Oxford                         21 tables                                    Global Brands contrastsexplain why, in a world fo
                                                                                                                                Brands help with existing studies by
                                                                                                    Global Brands contrasts with existing studies by providing a p
                        University of Wisconsin, Madison                                                                        the Martial Rule dismantled their Raj
                                                                                                                  In The State of dialectic between state constructio
                                                                                                    Ayesha Jalal analyses When the BritishAyesha Jalal analyse
                        University of London                                                                      Colin Shindler’s state of Israel came history acros
                                                                                                                                The book Israel’s existence, 1948–2
                                                                                                    An examination a major years oftraces Israel’s into existenc
                                                                     19 half-tones 6 Shindler's history of Israel isof the 60 contribution to our understanding o
                                                                                'Colin maps
                        University of Arkansas                                                                                    Millenarians is a study of a Shiites
                                                                                                                    Millenarians is a study Millenarians isearly extrem
                                                                                                    Mahdis andMahdis andMahdis and of early extremistdiscussi
                        University of Oxford                         3                              The updated second edition of The War insights and whichth
                                                                                                                  The updated second edition for the creation of e
                                                                                                                                The 1948 war led to Palestine presen
                                                        Second edition maps The result is a book which is rich in new material and new of The War for Pales
                        University of Oxford                                                                      rich updated second edition insights and which e
                                                                                                    The updated second edition of and new for the creation of th
                                                        Second edition maps ‘The result is a book which is The in new material The War of The War for Pales
                                                                     3                                                          The 1948 war led to Palestine presen
                                                                                                                  The great of the Smuts Papers. papers com
                                                                                                                                The great collection of
                                                                                                    Complete 7 volumes collection of letters andletters and p
hristopher John Baker                                                                                             The interwar years the political life of India thatth
                                                                                                                                The interwar years witnessed great o
                                                                                                    Examines the great changes inwitnessed great changes in ch
                        New York University                          11 tables 18 figures                                       Through an the emergence wide va
                                                                                                                  By historical the financial systems of aand var
                                                                                                    A comparative examininganalysis ofexaminationof a widedeve
                        University of Oxford                                                                        of major articles representing Address:the bestan
                                                                                                                                The Transactions some of Britain h
                                                                                                    A collectionVolume 16 includes: Potentialof the Royal Histori
                        University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 8 half-tones                                                  Visions of Victory views of eight war
                                                                                                                  Visions of Victory explores theof the WWII leader
                                                                                                    Gerhard Weinberg’s comparison of eight explores the views
                                                                                 … Cullen           A study and highly readable survey how Chinese astronom
                                                                                                                                This translation the development of C
                                                                     28 line of London provides a lucidof Chinese astronomyshowsof of an the non-speciali
                        School of Oriental and African Studies, University diagrams                               This lucid account accessible to ancient Chinese
                                                                     2 tables                                     Nuclear Weapons to is a a layperson an unders
                                                                                                                                This book history of of nuclear weap
                                                                                                    Nuclear Weapons is designedis agivehistorynuclear weapon
                        Yale University, Connecticut                 1 map                                                          highly of scholarly debate about o
                                                                                                                  Patrick O. Cohrs presents a revisionist accountth
                                                                                                    A revisionist account ofAthe to original and revisionist in Eu
                                                                                '… as well as making a significant contributionrolethe America and Britain analy
                        Universität Bielefeld, Germany                                                             Power and This the interaction between humanit
                                                                                                                                 Power explores the interaction that th
                                                                                                    Nature and Nature explores book aims to demonstrate betwe
                        University of Florida                                                       MonographThough descriptive set set theory definable prop
                                                                                                                   exploring theDescriptive theory forcing makes wit
                                                                     3 line diagrams 26 exercises 70 worked examples connections thatandand definable p
                        Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy                                                     of surveys,The Annual European 2004 meeting
                                                                                                                                   this volume research papers from
                                                                                                    A collectionHighlights oftutorials, andfrom the Meeting of theti
                        University of Athens, Greece                 3 tables                                     Highlights The Annual European MeetingEurope
                                                                                                                                selected research the Annual of the
                                                                                                    Surveys, tutorials, andof this volume from papers on recent a
                        McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario                                                    This book addresses addresses amodel-theoretic
                                                                                                                                This book gap in the gap in the app
                                                                                                    This book presents new researchain model theory and its mo
                        University of Birmingham                                                    Undergraduate examples textbook covering the key a typic
                                                                                                                  Undergraduate undergraduate textbook covers t
                                                                     4 line diagrams 141 exercises 50 worked textbook covering the key material for materia
                                                                     52 exercises                                   of secondThe second of the set providing a the
                                                                                                                                  of three-volume representation mo
                                                                                                    Volume twoThethis modernaaccountof a three-volume set pro
                                                                                                    Volume three offinal modern account of three-volume set m
                                                                                                                  The this part a three-volume representation th
                                                                     19 line diagrams 46 exercises 37 worked examplesof final part of athe set providing a pr
                        Royal Holloway, University of London         37 exercises                                               How many of group-theoretic researc
                                                                                                                   focus on exciting of order n are there? are is a
                                                                                                    First text to How many groupsarea groups of order n This there
                                                                                                                                Perturbation Bounds in Matrix Eigen
                                                                                                    A research For the SIAM all those interested for operator theo
                                                                                                                  reference for Classics edition, the author has ad
                        University of Birmingham                                                    Comprehensive text which develops develops of symmetric
                                                                                                                  This 49 exercises text the figures notion of s
                                                                                                                                Some of 4 colour beautiful mathemat
                                                                     49 line diagrams 4 colour plates 54 tables comprehensive the mostnotionthe 13 worked
                        King's College London                                                                     This collection of researchof research articles bri
                                                                                                                                This collection articles brings togethe
                                                                                                    This collection of survey and survey and survey and research
                        University of Cambridge                                                     An account An effectiveThere is now much interplaynumber th
                                                                     1 line diagram 3 worked examples                             methods in transcendental between
                                                                                                                   of account of the theory of linear forms in the log
                        Royal Holloway, University of London                                                                    Many areas figures research is ess
                                                                                                                  Containing the 4 colour of active 4 volumeexamp
                                                                                                    Contributions 18 figures latest in the field provide a within
                                                                     12 line diagrams 4 half-tones 26 tables by leading experts research, thisworked snapsh
                        Rutgers University, New Jersey                                              A comprehensive Beck shows readers how to has been suc
                                                                                                                  József 10 unique examples the master of from
                                                                                                                                Traditional game
                                                                     167 line diagrams 40 exercises 170 figures and worked volume by theory escape combt
                        University of Reading                                                                     This volume contains survey articles based on th
                                                                                                                                This volume lectures given at the Tw
                                                                                                    Survey articles based on the invitedcontains survey articles b
                                                                     42         'This book tables Written withUsingstudentsthis fullylotteries and casino gamesU
                                                                                                      400 exercises and workedthis second edition of Understand
                                                                                                                    wit examples examples
                                                                                                                                In from revised second edition of
                        Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam Second edition line diagrams 22 is eminently suitable for 58 clarity,undertaking a first course in proba
                                                                     200                            Introduces applied mathematics through provides a Fourier
                                                                                                                  Introducing This unique book Fourier analysis, mu
                                                                                                                                 applied exercises 195 figures 5 wi
                        Southern Illinois University Second edition line diagrams 11 half-tones 3 tables 9 graphs 545 mathematics throughmeaning
                        MacAlester College, Minnesota                120 exercises                                Written for advanced undergraduate and graduat
                                                                                                                                Meant for advanced undergraduate a
                                                                                                    An introduction to measure theory and Lebesgue integration
ullio Ceccherini-Silberstein                                                                                                    Line 52 deck examples
                                                                                                                  Line up ideal up a cards on a cards on a table
                                                                                                    140 exercises 76 a deck ofgraduate of 52 table. How many
                                                                     76 line diagrams 5 tables Self-contained text,figuresfor65 worked students new to the ar
                        St John's College, Cambridge                 128 exercises                                wealth of inequalities inequalities inequalities exp
                                                                                                                                Contains used in of used in linear an
                                                                                                    Contains a Contains a wealth of a wealth linear analysis,used
                        Polish Academy of Sciences                   40 worked examples                           Comprehensive byyears have seen an explosion
                                                                                                                                Recent two leading international exp
                                                                                                    Comprehensive monographmonograph detailing evolution e
                        Trinity College, Cambridge Tenth edition61 line diagrams                                                There are few textbooks of mathemat
                                                                                                                   text on pure mathematics; mathematics edition
                                                                                                    The classic There are few textbooks of this centenaryas well-k
                        California State University, Chico                                                                      The essentially only one derivative,
                                                                                                                  Though there is derivative and the integral are the
                                                                                                    Burk proves the basic properties of various integrals, drawsth
                        Temple University, Philadelphia              40 worked examples                           Detailing the main tools and complex vector fields
                                                                                                                                Detailing the of methods in the theor
                                                                                                    The main tools of involutive systemsmain methods in the the
                        Universidad de Cantabria, Spain                                                           An overview of numerical methods for computing
                                                                                                                                Special to use specific methods depe
                                                                                                    An overview that advises whenfunctions arise in many proble
                                                                                                    Modern worked examples
                                                                                                                  It is natural algebraic geometry forgeometry by c
                                                                                                                                 to approach algebraic undergraduate
                        Australian National University, Canberra 101 line diagrams 20 exercises 31introduction to This textbook, for an undergraduatehi
                        Universität zu Köln                                                         The 85 comprehensive introduction to contact topology. fir
                                                                                                                  This 58 worked text on is the first comprehensive
                                                                                                                                This examples
                                                                     70 line diagrams 15 half-tones first figures self-contained text contact topology is theIde
                        Texas Christian University                                                  The 55 contemporary Topological a key tool in topology,in to
                                                                                                                  Topological introduction K-theory is a key tool dif
                                                                     43 line diagrams 43 exercises firstworked examples           K-theory is to topological K-theory. S
                        University of Cambridge                                                     This 50 worked examples classical geometries, Euclidean,
                                                                                                                  The well-known self-contained textbook and unam
                                                                     79 line diagrams 105 exercises textbook uses examples, exercises, diagrams, presents
                        Cleveland State University                                                                This book differential differential has a long, sur
                                                                                                                                Differential geometry geometry with t
                                                                                                    This book studies the studies the geometry of surfaces ofwon
                        Centre de Mathématiques de Jussieu, Paris0 exercises                        A anyone interested completely self-contained modern introd
                                                                                                                  This is a in This modern introduction to Kaehleria
                                                                                                                                 learning modern introduction to Kaeh
                                                                                I would recommend completely self-contained is a about a topic in complex diff
                                                                     4          'All together, the author has maintained her masterly this modern, self-containe
                                                                                                    Modern, self-containedThe secondKaehlerian this modern ac
                        Université de Paris VI (Pierre et Marie Curie)line diagrams 22 exercises 4 figures                        volume of volume of geometry this
                                                                                                                  The second account of style also throughout and
                        Harvard University, Massachusetts            12 line diagrams                             This book provides a comprehensiveFloer on the
                                                                                                                                Originating with Andreas treatment
                                                                                                    A comprehensive treatment of Floer homology, based in theo
                        University of Rennes I, France                                              The first This give first book to to work of Berthelot, rigid
                                                                                                                                  complete treatment rigid treatmen
                                                                     2 line diagrams 2 worked examples book to is theaDating backgive a complete cohomolo
                        University of Leeds                                                                         of articles showcasing the achievements continu
                                                                                                                                Young scientists in of young Russian
                                                                                                    A collectionShowcasing the achievements Russia are of youn
                                                                     205                            The real, The classical fields p-adic real, rational, complex
                                                                                                                                The classical fields are the real, ration
                        Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen, Germanyexercises 38 worked examples rational, complex and are the numbers are discusse
                                                                                                                  Designed needs the wide audience without sacr
                                                                                                                                Designed needs the needs of a wide
                                                                                                    Designed to meet the to meetof a to meetof a wide audience w
                        University of Illinois, Chicago                                                            entry-level text integrating the basic principles of
                                                                                                                                This self-contained, practical, entry-le
                                                                                                    A practical, This self-contained, practical, entry-level text inte
Tufts University, Medford Massachusetts                                                   Surveys and research progress in symplectic geo
                                                                                                       Based on articles by from the Clay
                                                                            Surveys and research articles on the subjectsleading expertsM
                                                                                          This book is poets, how about philosophers, story
                                                                                                         about philosophers, storytellers, and
                                                                            This book is about howThis book is poets, how poets, philoso
Northeastern University, China                                                            By reducingmore working examples and MATLA
                                                                            Less mathematics and Athe mathematics, increasingdesign te
                                                                                                          discussion of analysis make this tex
Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa                                                                     Designed account of modern smooth
                                                                            A self-contained, comprehensive to work as a reference and
                                                                                          This book presents a self-contained, comprehens
Duke University, North Carolina                                                comprehensive colour figures Hyperbolic Partial Differen
                                                                                          Numerical Solution of Solution of Hyperbolic Part
                                                                                                       Numerical 56 worked examples
                                             109 line diagrams 2 tables A141 exercises 4graduate textbook on numerical solution o
                                                                                          This book - Many toto be devoted to real-time op
                                                                                                        the first real-time and scientific probl
                                                                            This is the first book devoted engineering optimization for sys
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium                                                   This monograph provides animportant and stabi
                                                                                                       Time-delays are overall solution to th
                                                                            An overall solution to the (robust) stability analysiscomponen
University of Graz, Austria                                                               This volume brings together the range of control i
                                                                                                       This the range of control processes
                                                                            This volume brings togethervolume brings together the range
University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands                                           This book Mathematical modeling - the ability to
                                                                            Principles and methods of mathematical modeling with of the
                                             35 exercises 62 figures 20 worked examples provides an extensive exposition a foc
University of California, Berkeley                                                        This advanced computational power availableph
                                                                                                       The focuses on basic models and no
                                                                            This advanced introductionintroduction focuses on basic mod
Harvard University, Massachusetts                                                         Given        Given that a college level student will
                                             75 line diagrams 6 half-tones 120 exercises that a college level life science life science
University of Calgary, Canada                                                             An classical reservoir with an overview of classic
                                                                                                       Beginning engineering and basic res
                                                                            An overview ofoverview of classical reservoir engineering an
University of Texas, Austin                                                 A worked account of A concise account of various classic
                                                                                          Thoroughly class-tested in courses at solids, for
                                             90 exercises 120 figures 40 concise examples classic theories of fluids andStanford at
                                                                            296 classicThis gives an book focuses on of the subject,
                                                                                           work          work gives an excellent fundamenta
                                             134 line diagrams 1 table This exercises classicThisexcellent overviewtheoverview of t
University of Wales, Swansea                 76                                            be 55 worked considering nonlinear geometrica
                                                                            New edition of recommended to engineering students and
                                                        '… a unified introduction - canSuccessful Designing postgraduatecomponents th
                                                                                                       text examples
                               Second edition line diagrams 47 exercises 92 figures successful text - now includes chapters on hy
University of Cambridge                                                                   Acta Numerica is a high-impact factor, prestigiou
                                                                                                       Acta Numerica is publication containi
                                                                            A high-impact factor, prestigious, annual a high-impact factor
The Chinese University of Hong Kong                                                       This practical book systems arise in a varietyiter
                                                                                                        to current developments in using of
                                                                            A practical introductionToeplitz introduces current developme
University of Houston                                                       A thorough One of the very few books of systems a thorough
                                                                                          mathematical analysisfigures 10 colour figures in
                                                                                                       The 175 of combining occurring
                                             30 line diagrams 21 half-tones 20 tables 180 graphsbehaviourcontrollability problems
University of Washington                                                                  This book This book introduces finite difference
                                                                            Introductory textbook introduces students can approach mor
                                             120 exercises 47 figures 62 worked examples from which finite difference methods fo
                                                                            A tour of the Simulink®An introduction to computer-aided sys
                                                                                                         environment that shows how design
                                                                                          An introduction to computer-aided systemto deve
Vanderbilt University, Tennessee edition 40 figures                                       The latest edition of this applied work continues a
                                                                                                       This classic classic analysis offer to
                                                                            Reference/advanced text on part ofwork continues towith app
                                             11                               4 maps       of a classic the weather was the first comprehen
                                                                                                         book which by calculation was first d
                               Second edition line diagrams 58 tables New editionForecastingThe idea of forecasting the weather b
University of Western Ontario                                               Self-contained textbook language you want:language; real y
                                                                                          Learn in the using open-source R! This textbook
                                             39 line diagrams 160 exercises 64 worked examples programming in the languageco
Queen Mary, University of London                                            The coherent framework behind good practice; for shelf of s
                                                                                          For every practising 190 worked examples expe
                                                                                                       This book should be on designs
                                             175 line diagrams 110 tables 140 exercises 130 figures statistician whothe working e
Macquarie University, Sydney                                                All 43 tables 25 exercises data sets tools they insurance;
                                                                                          Actuaries should have only figures
                                                                                                       This the the book actuaries Pract
                                             30 line diagrams 4 half-tones techniques illustrated on is 5 colour relevant toneed.will ne
Arizona State University                                                                  For practicing last offered and statisticians who n
                                                                                                       At researchers devoted to the negativ
                                             20 line diagrams 20 graphsCovers every model currently - a bookin commercial statistica
University of Oxford                                    The combination of theory and platetogether tworecognition has long been as
                                                                            A self-contained account of pattern recognition,pattern recog
                                                                                          Brings        makes crucial ideas in interesting b
                                             30 line diagrams 10 half-tones 1 colourexamples Pattern this a unique andideal bothstu
University of Cambridge                                                     The subjectThis eagerly awaited updated and reorganised m
                                                                                           is          Probability and Statistics are as much
                                             151 line diagrams 190 worked examples critical in many modern applications such ased
University of California, San Diego                                         First graphs 60 exercises graduate studentstechniques c
                                                                                          First comprehensive figures
                                                                                                       When is introduction to and scientis
                                             65 line diagrams 2 half-tones 2rigorous introduction for 70 a random network (almost) a
Colorado State University                                                   How approximate probability calculations methods use comp
                                                                                          Explains exercises statistical make complex app
                                                                                                       simple 76 worked examples
                                             130 line diagrams 1 half-tone 120 tables 283 in Modernlanguage how saddlepoint mod
University of Wisconsin, Madison                                                          A self-contained textbook provides a self-containe
                                                                                                       This to linear programming using MA
                                                                            A self-contained introductionintroduction to linear programmi
University of Texas, Austin Third edition                                                  any serious Recipes or edition of the greatly ex
                                                                            The complete Numerical scientific 3rdbundleNumerical bundl
                                                         … an essential component ofWrtitten in C++, book/CDengineering library.' Co
                                                                                                       This this book/CD of book/CD Recip
University of York                                                            29 book This is the only book that focuses on an in-depth
                                                                                                       Ada is the only ISO-standard, object-o
                                             29 line diagrams 17 tables Onlyfiguresthat explains Ada tasking model; covers latest ver
Reykjavik University, Iceland                                               188 exercises 45 worked examples is the term used to d
                                                                                          text accessible text describes
                                                                                                       Formal methods           process algeb
                                             28 line diagrams 7 tables Accessible Thisdescribing the process algebraic approach to
Technische Universität, Dresden              44                               19 Description Logic Handbook Logics are embodied in s
                                                                                           examples Description unique reference in field
                               Second edition line diagrams 14 tables The workedThe Description Logic -Handbook is the definitiveo
Hebrew University of Jerusalem                                                            More text with the top by more than 40 of has
                                                                                                       In the last few years game this field t
                                                                            A comprehensivethan 40 ofchaptersresearchers in theorythe h
Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                                   book will fascinate a problems aspe
                                                                                          Emphasizing algorithmic and computationalhave
                                                                            This lavishly illustrated Folding and unfoldingbroad audience,
University of Linköping, Sweden                                             Shows          modern matrix methods can be applied in data m
                                                                                                       Several very book describes how mo
                                             54 figures 36 worked examples howThis application-orientedpowerful numerical linea
York University, Toronto                                                                  This book enables readers is an pattern recogn
                                                                                                       Cluster algorithms users to easily p
                                                                            Reference and compendium ofanalysisand forunsupervisedid
                               Second edition tables
                                             20                                                        In the classic both book offers the
                                                                                          In classic ‘cookbook has‘cookbook’ style code, o
                                                                            This new edition's CD-ROM nowstyle’, this the source ofguidea
Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                     This book introduction to Bluetooth Bluetooth to
                                                                                                       This book provides an introduction in
                                                                            This book provides anpresents the essentials of programming
George Mason University                                                                                Extensively class-tested, this textbook
                                                                                          This extensively class-tested textbook teaches st
                                             51 tables 101 exercises Teaches students an innovative and successful approach to
University of Washington, Seattle            2 tables 43 exercises                        This book teaches new methods for specifying, a
                                                                                                        for specifying, analyzing and testing s
                                                                            Teaches new methods This book teaches model-based analy
University of Houston                        1 table                                      This book a method method for unique of source
                                                                                                       This book presents       piece method
                                                                            Presents and explainspresents a to simplifyaadecomposing a
                                                                                          The open source the Internet's infrastructure to o
                                                                                                       From movement is a worldwide attem
                                                                            This book provides a broad overview of the projects, people,
Tel-Aviv University                                                                       days don't mesh of the popular calendars has e
                                                                            Expanded This new editionnew edition of the making bookbe
                               Third edition 20 tables ‘Because years, months, andcoverage includessimply, calendar calendars, astr
                                                                                                       This generic cyclical popular calend
University of Rochester, New York            50 line diagrams 25 half-tones               This book coherence theory and polarization all
                                                                                                       Before the provide a unified treatmen
                                                                            A unified treatment of is the first todevelopment of lasers,for
Boston University                                                           Graduate textbookexisting texts, this book blends - for blends
                                                                                          Unlike       Unlike existing texts, this book the fir
                                             75 line diagrams 85 half-tones 153 exercises applying group theoretical techniques to s
                               Second edition line Reviews 65 half-tones 81 exercises detectors for graduate students and re
                                                                            Reference on particle The scope…The level of from espec
                                                                                           an excellent volume of the detection technique
Universität-Gesamthochschule Siegen, Germany diagrams of the first edition ‘…Particle detectors measure energies detail,the ver
University of Oxford                                                                      Intended for graduates and researchers, this is t
                                                                                                       Supersymmetry represents the culmin
                                                                            The first textbook to provide a simple, practical introductionth
                                             8 line
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Bari, Italy diagrams 45 half-tones                 The first book dedicated to string cosmology, itof
                                                                                                       The standard cosmological picture co
                                                                            Self-contained, pedagogical introduction to string cosmology
University of Cambridge                                 'I would 6 half-tones 12 tables 135 exercisesforan introduction totoalgebra by
                                                                            First fully self-contained introduction to geometricgeometric a
                                                                                          This book provides anyone wishing enter this
                                             76 line diagrams therefore highly recommend this Geometric algebra is a powerful math
Stockholms Universitet                                                      An introductionintroduction to theinformation theory is at thein
                                                                                          An      key concepts key concepts of quantum
                                             100 line diagrams 15 half-tones 18 tables to84 exercises of quantum information proc
University of Newcastle upon Tyne            24 line diagrams 1 half-tone                  to the Schwinger actionan to the for graduateSc
                                                                                                       This book is principle Schwinger st
                                                                            IntroductionThis book is an introductionintroduction to the act
Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik, 25 line diagrams                              This book provides physics rests on two fundame
                                                                                                        and loop complete treatise of the can
                                                                            Canonical quantisationModern a quantum gravity theory for g
                                                        In spite 5 its sociological success the loop and spinfoam and a solution of issu
                                                                                          Focusing on the conceptual approach to quantum
                                                                                                       Quantum gravity is perhaps the most
Centre de Physique Théorique, Marseille 34 line diagrams of tables Book presenting string theory is still far from foundational the
                      Cornell University, New York                                           A            Quantum physics 1990's it was realized computer
                                                                                                                       In the has computation for applicat
                                                                66 line diagrams 1 half-tone concise introduction to quantumsome spectacularthat quan
                      Drexel University, Philadelphia                                        IntroductionConcentrating on graduate and the most importan
                                                                                                            to Lie     Describing many of undergraduate st
                                                                33 line diagrams 2 half-tones 196 exercises groups for the applications of Lie group th
                      Umeå universitet, Sweden                                               Quantum field theoretical presents quantum field theoretical
                                                                130 line diagrams 112 exercises                        Quantum field for graduate students
                                                                                                          This textbook applicationstheory is the applicatio
                      Lehigh University, Pennsylvania                                                                      the rapidly understand academic
                                                                                             Explains colour plates The quest to evolving field of proteina
                                                                112 line diagrams 35 half-tones 34 forFor an interdisciplinary graduate andthe condensc
                                                                                                            researchers8 tables
                      Wittenberg University, Ohio                                                                      Gauss’s are four courses in Gauss’
                                                                                                          undergraduate and law for electric mostelectrom
                                                                32 line diagrams 31 half-tones 39 for Maxwell's equationsgraduate of the fields,influenti
                                                                                             A guide exercises
                                                                                             This book tables 507 This and magnetism,magnetism, thei
                                                                                                          This book studies electricity and light, the specia
                                                                325 line diagrams 105 half-tones 25 studies electricity second volume of the Mechanica
                   Harvard University                                                                     This textbook covers all the standard introductory
                                                                                                                       This all levels of undergraduate phys
                                                                                             Supplementary textbook for textbook covers all the standard
                   University of Notre Dame, Indiana                                         Describes the structureClusters can be viewed with an bond
                                                                                                          The first book to bonding of structure and at th
                                                                                                                         and describe the
                                                                351 line diagrams 59 exercises 351 figures 61 worked examplesclustersas solidsappr
                                                   Second edition exercises 47 figures
                   Laboratoire de Dynamique Moléculaire, Grenoble                                         Updated edition a wide-range of is range of techn
                                                                                                                       Molecular simulation techniques for th
                                                                                             Updated edition introducing introducing a wide a powerful too
                   British Geological Survey                                                 A 9 tables nomenclature bycommon terms in metamorphic
                                                                                                                       Many the International terms for all
                                                                10 line diagrams 4 half-tones complete Commissionedof metamorphic rock Union of Geog
                   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
                                                   Second edition                                                       definitively demystifies of reaction of
                                                                                                            'This book This book provides a comprehensive
                                                                                             first book provides a provides a comprehensive overview pr
                                                                           Reviews from the Thisedition:This book comprehensive overviewgeochemical m
                   The Open University, Milton Keynes                                                                  This is the first undergraduate textboo
                                                                                                          This processes lean heavily towards geophysics
                                                                250 colour‘Other books on global solid Earth concise textbook integrates aspects of geop
                                                                            figures          At last, an undergraduate textbook integrating the geophysic
                   Yale University, Connecticut                                              A textbook forcomprehensive, unified researchers inin the so
                                                                                                          A plates Much of the recent progress geology
                                                                                                                        27 tables
                                                                143 line diagrams 58 half-tones 8 colour graduate students and treatment of the materi
                                                   Second edition line diagrams from half-tones 107Completelyis classic and updated, with this superb
                   Swiss Federal University (ETH), Zürich       198                          1st edition 'Bill Lowrie Thisbe textbook onof with review prin
                                                                                                           exercises to second edition Fundamentals
                                                                           Reviews 189 the A second edition of thisrevisedcongratulatedfundamental que
                                                                                             A practical reference for geoscientists and engineers in the p
                                                                                                          This plates This interdisciplinary book encompas
                                                                60 line diagrams 114 half-tones 48 colour interdisciplinary book is a practical reference
                                                                125 line diagrams 10         A referencePresenting chapters semi-arid regions are define
                                                                                                            on plates Arid tables
                                                                                                                          10 and from arid and semi-arid regi
                   Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London half-tones 16 colourwater management in contributors to the Glob
                                                                                             Mesoscale Ideal 111 for graduate students and researchers
                                                                                                          dynamics exercises
                                                                                                                       Mesoscale meteorology and atmosp
                                                                138 line diagrams 134 half-tones 8 tables for researchers inweather systems are resp
                                                                            … Tsonis half-tones 91 exercises a22 This is a self-contained, concise, rigo
                                                                                             Textbook job. … undergraduate courses in atmospheric sc
                                                                                                          This is self-contained, achieves its aim book in
                   University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee edition line diagrams 22does an excellentfor shortthe book certainlyconcise, rigorous of a cle
                                                   Second       23                                                     worked examples
                   University of Florida                                                     An           This easy-to-read bookstrike to an all for atmosph
                                                                                                                       A lightning describes unprotected li
                                                                38 line diagrams 72 half-tones accessible introduction to lightning protectionaspects ofob
                   Stockholms universitet                                                    A             the IPCC its first Chairman, this book change c
                                                                                                                       How did the global climate is a uniqu
                                                                4 line diagrams 5 half-tones history of Written byfor researchers and policy makers iniss
                   Cabinet Office - HM Treasury                            'The Stern ReviewIndependent, 100 colour figures allowing fully for all the u
                                                                                               shows us, The Stern and comprehensivescientific evidence
                                                                                                          with utmostThere is an clear analysis of the ec
                                                                                                                         clarity, while
                                                                25 line diagrams 5 half-tones 25 tables rigorousReviewis nowindependent, rigourous a
                                                                                             Review of future climate change yearsto sciences and environ
                                                                53 line diagrams 16 half-tones                         In recent for life the subject of has be
                                                                                                          A fascinating introduction climate change climate
tergovernmental Panel on Climate Change                                     300 volume makes              This IPCC Fourth Assessment Report provides o
                                                                                                                       The Climate the understanding of a
                                                                                             IPCC Fourth Assessment forward in climate change impacts
                                                                50 tables ‘This colour figures another significant step Report onChange 2007 volumesth
tergovernmental Panel on Climate Change                         50 tables                                 This IPCC Fourth Assessment Report brings us c
                                                                                                                       The Climate the mitigation of climate
                                                                                             IPCC Fourth Assessment Report onChange 2007 volumes o
tergovernmental Panel on Climate Change                         50 tables                                 This IPCC Fourth Assessment Report volumeclim
                                                                                                                       The Climate scientific aspects of bri
                                                                                             IPCC Fourth Assessment Report onChange 2007 volumes o
                                                   Second       29
                   formerly UK Department of Energy edition exercises                                     A concise presentation concise, up-to-date prese
                                                                                                                       Providing a of current knowledge of c
                                                                                             Updated textbook on climate change for courses in meteorol
                                                                                             Survey colour plates Bringing together many students, exp
                                                                                                          Bringing together many of the world's the world's
                   University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 79 line diagrams 93 half-tones 16of climate change science for graduate of leading res
                   University of Wales, Bangor                                               An           This textbook provides anprovides an to turbulen
                                                                                                                       This textbook introduction turbulence
                                                                60 line diagrams 40 half-tones introductory undergraduate textbook on oceanintroduction
                                                                                             Textbook for graduate studentsbasins basins using for resea
                                                                                                          This         Coastal and an introduction simple m
                                                                165 line diagrams 35 half-tones 38 tables book explores coastal are defined as estuari
                   University of Alaska, Fairbanks                                           This 24 practical guide to remediation of petroleum remedia
                                                                                                          This is figures practical guide guide to spills in
                                                                20 line diagrams 19 half-tones is atables 39a user-friendly, practical to bioremediation
                   University of Cambridge                                                   A fascinating and accessible examination ofbooksurvival of th
                                                                15 line diagrams 49 half-tones                         This and accessible the examines
                                                                                                          This fascinating fascinating and accessible book
                   The Open University, Milton Keynes                                                                  This concise undergraduate textbook
                                                                                             This concise textbook combines thoroughly new way to look
                                                                220 colour‘This innovative Earth science textbook provides a Earth and biological science
                                                                            figures                       This concise undergraduate textbook explores th
                   NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center             450 colour figures                        Showcasing spectacularin a andof planet image
                                                                                                                       Our world is images beautiful of cha
                                                                                             A captivating volume combining scienceconstant stateEarth f
                                                                                             Latest volume of multi-volume catalog is a multi-volumeevery
                                                                                                          Cometography is multi-volume catalog ofobserv
                                                                                                                       Cometography of every comet cata
                                                                           From reviews of Cometography: 'What he didis aphenomenal.' Daniel Green, H
                   Northern Arizona University                                               Reference on plates 13 tables students and has changed
                                                                                                          Our knowledge knowledge changed dramaticall
                                                                27 line diagrams 130 half-tones 7 colourMars for Our of Mars hasof Marsresearchers in
                   McMaster University, Canada                                               Interdisciplinary overview of major breakthroughs in astrobio
                                                                23 line diagrams 61 half-tones                         Several major breakthroughs and la
                                                                                                          Focusing on the astrobiology for studentsin there
                   University of Washington                                                  New advanced astrobiology textbook providing thebiology, c
                                                                150 line diagrams 100 half-tones 60 tables             Astrobiology involves the study of the
                                                                                                          Astrobiology combines the sciences of most com
                                                                                             Reference for plates illustrated powerful volcanoes in the to
                                                                                                          This richly students and is the first dedicated S
                                                                58 line diagrams 52 half-tones 16 colourgraduateThe most bookresearchers in planetar
                                                                                                                       Humans have resource on that plane
                   Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore line diagrams 26 half-tones 3 volume providing an important long thought extrasolar
                                                                45                                        These proceedings from the Space Telescope Sc
                                                                                             Edited tables 71 figures
                                                                                             Timely overview
                                                                                                          Astrophysical masers provide an naturally tool to
                                                                                                                        latest research presented at the third
                                                                220 line diagrams 25 half-tones 30 tables of the Astrophysical masers,important occur
                   United States Naval Observatory                                                                     IAU Symposium 240, held broad field
                                                                                                          IAU S240 recent advances across thein in the fie
                                                                100 line diagrams 50 half-tonesS240 focuses on highlights the many advances conjunct
                                                                100 line diagrams 20 half-tonesS238tables on theUntil recently, of dubiousbywere often
                   Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague                                      Once           physics of black holes, existence, re
                                                                                             IAU 10 report considered objects black holes leading re
                   Cardiff University
                                                                16 line India
                   Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, diagrams 2 half-tones                  Investigating graduate involved in astrophysics c
                                                                                                                       Physical phenomena gravitational
                                                                                             Gravitational collapse forthe issues students and researchers
                   Universität Bremen                                                        Self-supporting, timely High-energy high-energy astrophysics
                                                                                                          High-energy astrophysics covers cosmic phenom
                                                                63 line diagrams 37 half-tones 72 exercises            textbook on astrophysics covers cosm
                   Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble                                       Reviews latest S243 is an inspiring book containing grand
                                                                           ‘Emergent Economies, 6 tables Paths’reviews recent developments stars for
                                                                193 line diagrams 38 half-tones Divergent star-disk interaction region in youngcircumste
                                                                                                          IAU          Stars form surrounded by a in unders
                                                                                             Report on the progressStellar populations, the building block
                                                                                                          The            made in recent years in the field ob
                                                                210 line diagrams 90 half-tones 22 tables last decade witnessed a revolution in ourof s
                   University of California, Los Angeles                                                               colour weather
                                                                                                          undergraduate textbooks is an emerging field o
                                                                                             One 55 exercises 12 Space figures on space weather desig
                                                                15 line diagrams 15 half-tones of first One of the first undergraduate textbooks on spac
                   University of Western Ontario                385 half-tones                            Bringing together a history and reference this atla
                                                                                                                       Bringing together information, of luna
                                                                                             A comprehensive, step-by-stepwealth of a wealth of informat
                                                                36 line diagrams 126 half-tones 25 genealogical education and research education and
                   University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand                                    This volume addresses presents papers concern
                                                                                             Addresses astronomy This volume astronomy in developing
                   Royal Astronomical Society                                                Beautifully-illustrated dictionary; newillustrated new dictionary
                                                                30 half-tones 270 colour figures 20 maps               This lavishly dictionary containing ar
                                                                                                          A lavishly-illustrated an essential guide to the un
                                                                62                           Broad        This volume is avolume presents the introduction
                                                                                                                       This balanced and graduate student
                   Instituto de Astrofä-sica de Canarias, Tenerifeline diagrams 26 half-tones introduction to extrasolar planets for variedlectures fro
                   University of Cambridge                      60 line diagrams 5 half-tones             This highly interdisciplinary book looks at the deli
                                                                                                                       This highly interested in the origin an
                                                                                             Interdisciplinary book for scientistsinterdisciplinary book high
                                                                                             Provides tables volume records the proceedings of for graduX
                                                                                                          This         Recording the astrophysics the IAU
                                                                90 line diagrams 100 half-tones 10 a broad overview of modern proceedings of the IAU
                   University of Dallas                                                      This 20 studies595 studies electricity and light, the specia
                                                                                                          This electricity important textbook is based thei
                                                                                                                       This and
                                                                370 line diagrams 45 half-tones booktables book exercises magnetism,magnetism, on, t
                   Stanford University, California                                                        First comprehensive book coveringprovide andte
                                                                                                                       This is the first book to the theory, p
                                                                84 line diagrams 84 figuresFirst comprehensive book covering theory, techniques compr
State University of New York, Buffalo                                       Comprehensive textbook ontextbook is a comprehensive, int
                                              175 line diagrams 35 half-tones 210 figures             This            covering the underlying
                                                                                         Comprehensive nanoelectronics covering the un
Stanford University, California                                                                       Modern fluid a combination of traditio
                                                                                         Modern fluid dynamics isdynamics is a combinati
Stanford University, California               66 exercises                               In recent development of fluid flowis a combinati
                                                                                                      Modern fluid dynamics theory and ho
                                                                            This book provides adecades, numerical algorithms and com
Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC tables                                          This book tecnique one approach to of turbulent
                                                                                                      The numerical simulation the numeric
                                                                            This book describes adescribes for numerical simulation of tu
University of Wisconsin, River Falls          6 tables                                   This book presents a presents a newly general m
                                                                                                      This developed developed develope
                                                                            This book presents a newly book newly general mathematica
Pennsylvania State University                                                                         This booklet is an ideal for any cours
                                                                                         This booklet is an ideal supplementsupplement fo
Georgia Institute of Technology                                                          Two-PhaseThis text is anand Condensation in a
                                                                                                       Flow: Boiling introduction to gas-liqu
                                                                            The book provides a balanced coverage of two-phase flowCo
Duke University, North Carolina                                                                       This book concerns the vibration and
                                                                                         This book concerns the vibration and the stability
University of California, Santa Barbara       4 tables 227 exercises                     Advanced Transport Phenomena is ideal as a flu
                                                                                                      Advanced methods Phenomena gra
                                                                            The book covers modern analytic Transportfor solution ofis id
University of Delaware                                                                                This text allows required to teach
                                                                            This exercises students with the skillsinstructorscourse onac
                                              130 line diagrams 66 tables 80text equips text allows instructors to teach aby modern h
Texas A & M University                                                                                This continuum continuum mechanic
                                                                                         This textbook ontextbook on mechanics reflects th
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology         9 tables                                                An issue in life design design is com
                                                                            This book explores system design engineeringlifetime fora sy
                                                                                         This book explores systemcycle problems proble
University of Minnesota                       57 tables                                               This theory of potential flows problem
                                                                            This book illustrates howthebook illustrates how potential flow
                                                                                         Traditionally, potential flows enter into all is thoug
                                              86 line diagrams                           Advanced treatment few years haveand theory s
                                                                                                       algebraic coding theory witnessed fr
                                                                            Advanced treatment of The past of algebraic coding its applic
University of Alberta                                                       This textbook presents This textbookthe fundamental concep
                                                                                         285 worked textbook on presents an introduction
                                              42 tables 385 exercises 315 figures Introductoryan introduction to fundamental conce
University of Illinois, Chicago                                             This comprehensive textbook covers the principles and syste
                                                                                         figures      Designing distributed computing mod
                                              284 line diagrams 163 exercises 284 Comprehensive textbook covering the fundamen
University of California, Santa Barbara                                     Presents the fundamental concepts underlying the design ofc
                                              139 line diagrams 160 exercises                         This is a concise concepts underlyin
                                                                                         A concise presentation of thepresentation of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                       The renowned communications theorist Robert Gallager des
                                              100 line diagrams 169 exercises                         The renowned communications theor
                                                                                         The renowned communications theorist Robert G
Georgia Institute of Technology                                             Provides the key practical to understand thedeploying wirele
                                                         ‘An excellent resource                       Wireless LANs have underpinnings
                                              395 line diagrams 10 half-tones for anyone who wantsconsiderations forbecome mainstr
                                                                                         Using fundamental tutorials, standards, case stud
University of Warwick                                                       This is the first is the Are you to describe and on today's m
                                                                                         This          describe and evaluate modern spectr
                                              24 line diagrams 2 half-tones 26 figures book tofirst bookfully up-to-speed evaluate mo
                                              81 line diagrams                           If to need If you need to propagation issues net
                                                                                                       to maximize efficiency in wireless in
                                                                            A quick guideyouunderstanding radio maximize efficiency for w
Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                       Using figuresUsing factor detailed survey provides a provides
                                                                                                      Iterative this detailed an important te
                                              94 line diagrams 2 half-tones 96factor graphs, thisgraphs,processing is survey general
Universität Bremen                            166 line diagrams 166 figures              Describing Future generations generation mobile
                                                                                                       of features of generation mobile acc
                                                                            Describes the features thevarious nextnext of wireless networ
Technical University of Budapest                                            The          First self-containedconsider security and text to c
                                                                                                        text is text covering security and no
                                              140 line diagrams 80 exercises first self-containedThis to the first self-containednon-coo
                                              61 line
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University diagrams                             Focusing potential solutions, this text covers sec
                                                                                                      Ensuring potential solutions, and go
                                                                            Focusing on practicalon practicalsecure transmission this tex
North Carolina State University                                             Covers core techniques to digital imaging coveringdisplay of
                                                                                         Introduction 275 figures
                                                                                                         of image capture and the core tech
                                              165 line diagrams 75 half-tones 35 colour plates Introduction to digital imaging coverin
University of Pennsylvania Second edition                                                             At the heart of every medical at the h
                                                                                         This book provides a mathematical tools imaging
                                                                            Provides a firm foundation in the firm foundation in the mathe
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 98 exercises                       From foundations to state-of-the-art; the tools and philosoph
                                                         Sean Meyn's text is a wonderful piece of work... It progresses through a series
Pennsylvania State University                                                                         This textbook is ideal for courses
                                                                                         This is a advanced undergraduate a course insy
                                Third edition 31 tables 204 exercises This is a textbook fortextbook forundergraduate courses inin s          E
Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau                                                           This book introduces to principles in and princip
                                                                                                      This book introduces to the key ideas
                                                                            This book introduces key ideas andthe key ideasthe theory o
Georgia Institute of Technology Third edition 414 exercises                                           This text vector oriented treatment o
                                                                                         This oriented treatment modern vector-oriented
                                                                            A modern vectortext is a modernis a of classical dynamics an
Università degli Studi, Parma                 10 tables                                  theoretical and experimental aspects of nonlinea
                                                                                                      This unique book explores both theor
                                                                            Covers the This book covers theoretical and experimental as
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor edition                                                             This book to help the to help the eng
                                                                                         This book is designedis designed engineer under
                                                                            This 145 presents theories, computational modeling and na
                                                                                         This         Carbon the key theories, computation
                                              137 line diagrams 8 half-tones bookfiguresbook presents nanotubes are the fabric of nu
Max-Planck Institute, Stuttgart                                             Written by recognized experts introductorythis is to materials
                                                                                         The          Phase in the field, used in first intro
                                              93 line diagrams 3 half-tones 96 figures first hands-on diagrams areguide theCALPHA
Manchester Metropolitan University                                          An accessible and
                                                                                         An accessible and comprehensive treatment of e
                                                                                                      Electrochromic materials, both organi
                                              58 line diagrams 7 colour plates 43 figures comprehensive treatment of electrochrom
Princeton University, New Jersey                                            This 196 This edited The focused ion beam (FIB) system is
                                                                                         volume        volume comprehensively covers the s
                                              75 line diagrams 121 half-tones editedfigures comprehensively covers the state-of-the-
KTH, Stockholm                                264        A review 1 the first 265 figures 129 worked examples
                                                                            Fully revised sumupdatedstudentscovering the wishing to sc
                                                                                         Fully up, for edition of edition covering the ap
                                                                                                      Computational tools allow material fu
                                Second edition line diagrams of half-toneedition: 'To andrevised and updatedchemistryfundamentals
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands figures                                     From quantum mechanics to fluid dynamics, this
                                                                                                      The simulation of physical systems re
                                                                            From quantum mechanics to fluid dynamics, this book system
                                                                            Highly illustrated, self-contained textbook covering the with e
                                                                                         Highly illustrated, self-contained textbook funda
                                                                                                      Blending 438 figures
                                              383 line diagrams 55 half-tones 83 tables 400 exercises rigorous presentationcoverin
                                                                            A detailed discussion on the different types of relaxation proc
                                              169 line diagrams 4 half-tones 173 figures              Polymers exhibit a is controlled at the
                                                                                         Polymeric transition behaviour range of physical c
University of Toronto                         60 figures                                 An example-based guide toclear guide effectivef
                                                                                                      This simple and effective strategies
                                                                            An accessible, accessible, example-based guide to to lecturin
                                                                                         This is edition inis edition in eight volumes of all m
                                                                                                      This eight volumes of all in known
                                                                            This is a complete a complete a complete edition theeight volu
                                Second edition                                             in the edition of this informative Howeasy inclu
                                                                                                      This brief, to the point and that help
                                                                            Broadened secondfield. edition has been broadened Write a
                                                         ‘This book ranks with the bestThis second It is second edition of guideto to to fol
                                Third Georgia            'This book tables User-friendly, detailed and detailed, practical, step-by-step a
                                                                              27 exercises 37 figures regarded as compulsory reading
                                                                                         Provides user-friendly, detailed on all types of sc
Scientific Editing Services, Athens, edition 37 line diagrams 31 is beyond reproach and should be practical advice and practical adv
Harvard University, Massachusetts             81 tables                                  This systematically integrate knowledge about th
                                                                                                      The endothelium, the cell layer that fo
                                                                            The first book to book systematically integrates knowledge ab
                                              202 line                      ExtensivelyBy clearly describingof bacterial physiology and m
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul diagrams 75 half-tones 277 figures                   Recent determination of genome pro
                                                                                          illustrated overview the important metabolicseq
                                Second edition tables
University of California, Berkeley            74                                         interdisciplinary undergraduate textbook covering
                                                                                                      Knowledge in microbiology is growing
                                                                            An exciting This fully revised and updated edition provides an
                                                         'In my 31 half-tones 25 has covered aits informal style bringing students up-t
                                                                             author tables 250 traditionally 'boring field' newvivid des
Central Michigan University Second edition line diagrams opinion, theRefreshing,Retainingexercises edition Haynie’s withtoedition b
                                              94                                                      This inter-disciplinary
                                                                                          clearly-written new 125 figures guide the the
Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy                                                  Evolutionary Evolutionary developmental biology,
                                                                            Integrated overview of a diverse range biology is the to stud
                                              63 line diagrams 12 half-tones 5 tables 75 figuresdevelopmentalof approaches study o
University of Oklahoma                                                      Student-tested third providing student-tested study aidana
                                                                                         This         An invaluable student-tested the aid
                                Third edition 200 line diagrams 10 half-tones 57 tablesprimeredition of aguided instruction instudy pro
Cardiff University                                                          An 4 colour plates 7The barrel knowledge on the barrel co
                                                                                         Fox describes current cortex contains the knowl
                                                                                                        tables 87 figures
                                              26 line diagrams 57 half-tones objective, single authored synthesis on the currentsomato
Université Laval, Québec                                                    Describes how the many figures functioning of the mamma
                                                                                         The correctThe correct of of mammalian brain d
                                              95 line diagrams 22 half-tones 8 colour plates 130componentsthethe mammalian bra
Universidad de la República, Uruguay                                        An 8 colour plates 62Pharmacological approaches to our u
                                                                                         An exceptional, up-to-date account the genetics
                                              51 line diagrams 3 half-tones exceptional, single source of information onon the geneti
University of Melbourne                                                     An ethical and philosophical examination of our understandin
                                                                                         Devoting equal to the developing field issues and
                                                                                                      Neuroscience has dramatically increa
                                                         'Neil Levy's book is an important contribution attention to the ethical of neuroet
Rice University, Houston                                                  A 10 colour plates 2 tables four figures
                                                                                       A presentation of 80 key is progressing so rapid
                                                                                                    Neuroscience areas in neuroscience
                                            63 line diagrams 1 half-tone presentation of four key areas in neuroscience: sensory pr
Duke University, North Carolina                                           A 263 exercisesadvanced text describes models used to spl
                                                                                       This 139 figures the precise detail the algorith
                                            139 line diagrams 30 tables self-contained, rigorous text describing in locations and ide
                                            MA                            Wide-ranging reference 31 tables (miRNAs) will RNA inval
                                                                                       This plates MicroRNAs technology, integrating ba
                                                                                                       on miRNA
Gene Expression Systems, Inc., Waltham, 106 line diagrams 38 half-tones 16 colour wide-ranging reference work are be anmolec
                                            131                             131 figuresFully updated to reflect recent advances, this ad
                                                                                                      this concise guide to recombinant DN
                              Second edition line diagrams 9 tables Fully updated edition ofNow fully updated to reflect recentintr
University of Glamorgan                     1 line diagram                             This surveyThis comprehensive survey improvem
                                                                                                     of plant survey of modern of moder
                                                                          Comprehensive comprehensive breeding and crop plant bree
University of Southampton                                                              A concise introduction variance (ANOVA) analys
                                                                                                    Analysis of to the principles of is a co
                                            12 line diagrams 5 tables A concise, systematic introduction to the principles of analysi
Colorado State University     Fourth edition                                                        Phycology is on groups information
                                                       ' … an excellent introduction market leading textbooksthethe latest algae, the p
                                            374 line diagrams 144 half-tones the and overview on the differentstudy of of algae, the
                                                                          One of 3 tables new edition integrates phycology, containin
                                                                            399 figures 366 colour figures study of the effects of envir
                                                                                       Beautifully illustrated examination of nature of cli
                                            33 line diagrams 13 tables Beautifully illustrated, thoughtfulare by their very effectsclima
University of Bristol                                                                    for botanists of horticulturalists, an invaluable
                                                       ‘This 5 tables A referenceAn invaluable andinformation … handy referenc
                              Fourth edition line diagrams small book holds an incredible amountreferenceof Plantsaisincluding an h
                                            8                                                       The Names for botanists and horticu
National University of Singapore                                          A 26 tables 28 figures
                                                                                       SustainableProtected areas students, scientists a
                                                                                                      protection of the Malay Archipelago
                                            26 line diagrams 2 half-tones valuable reference book for graduate have emerged as ma
Queen Mary, University of London                                          An 20 tables Ecologists have by struggled to predict features
                                                                                                    Ecologists have experts unravelling t
                                            101 line diagrams 1 half-tone authoritative work writtenlongleading long struggled to pre
Keele University                                                          A concise, non-technical account of the structure than evoluti
                                            130 line diagrams 42 half-tones                         Taking rather than an ecosystem eco
                                                                                       Taking a functionala functional rather and an or a
Michigan State University                                                 A rational and interdisciplinary discussion of how social, polit
                                                                                       The 6 colour figures is a multidimensional iss
                                            44 line diagrams 4 colour plates 26 tablespositive and negative impacts of globalizatio
Charles University, Prague                                                Leading experts in rules offer one possible framework for de
                                                                                       Scaling 16We present new, innovative, views o
                                            123 line diagrams 1 half-tone 8 colour plates ecology know that there are tens of million
                                                                          Provides a clear procedure for identifying to deciding which a
                                                                                       A clear 14Systematic guide conservation priori
                                            65 line diagrams 1 half-tone 10 colour plates comprehensive Conservation Planning pr
University of Wales, Aberystwyth                                          An 19 tables 35 figures application of ecological theory to
                                            33 line diagrams 2 half-tones academic textbook and practical guide to farm conservat
                                                                                       Both an academic textbook and practical guide a
University of Cambridge                                                   Innovative study167 figuresstudy of water quantity, function is
                                                                                       Dr of how the quantity, the in the landscape a
                                            92 line diagrams 75 half-tones 43 tables Haslam examines howfunction and ecology of
                                            37 Russia
Institute for Animal Systematics and Ecology, line diagrams 86 half-tones              Animals are constantly being challenged how it w
                                                                                                    From animal intelligence and of anim
                                                                          A multi-faceted panorama of ants to whales, the liveswith on-
University of Sydney                                                      Everything you figures interviews with leading animala shee
                                                                                       Drawing to know about training animals trainer
                                            35 line diagrams 16 half-tones 297 colourneedonHave you ever wondered howfrom she
Ohio University                                                           The first critical lizardsof thehas hadof lizard foraging modes
                                                                                       How           feed effects many evolutionary bee
                                            89 line diagrams 7 half-tones 41 tables review The foraging mode of lizards has effe
                                                                          26 eagerly This eagerly awaited reorganised third edition of
                                                                                                    Measuring Behaviour reorganised ed
                              Third edition 26 line diagrams 7 tables An figures awaited updated and updated andhas established
North of England Zoological Society                                       A            Modern zoos and on theand aquaria are and con
                                                                                                    Modern zoos are playing an playing
                                            63 line diagrams 2 half-tones comprehensive dissertationaquaria subject of zoos increasi
University of Alaska, Fairbanks                                                        Bringing together together accomplished toda
                                                                          Valuable reference source a variety of a variety of today’s
                                            61 line diagrams 27 half-tones 46 tables 88 figures bringing together a variety ofdenta
                                                                          An 28 tables integrating both mechanistic (psychological) a
                                                                                       By 98 figures study of alternative reproductive
                                            87 line diagrams 11 half-tones integrated reference book on variations in reproductive b
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
                              Fourth edition                              Updated Updated a very of successful of that is well suite
                                                       From Reviews of the Third edition ‘… edition well written bookhuman text now
                                            102 line diagrams 12 colour plates Edition:of successful medical entomology providingi
                                                                                                    Arthropod vectors textbook infections
University of Melbourne                     125        'Young's 7 half-tones 16 colour plates of account uncovering some of evolu
                                                                          A compelling compelling and clearly-written years leading m
                                                                                       A journey The Discovery of Evolution explains w
                              Second edition line diagrams lavishly-illustrated, well-designed,discoveryof the 300 account of the up
            Features                   Chapters                   Level Readership Series
                        Part A. Opiate of the People - The Television Industry: of production, not the communication, business studies revolutio
                                                              undergraduate students, graduate and growth craft side Describes The digital
           • An insider's view of TV production • Deals with the business side 1. Originsfilm studies, of a global• medium; 2.the subject in the Au
                                                                            television production, students, professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts
                        Introduction Sally Young; Part I. The Political, Legal and Economic any democracy. In this book, authors from a Ian War
Communication between citizens and their governments is a key measure of the health of Context: 1. Mapping the Australian PR State range o
                        Introduction Stuart Gillespie and Philip Hardie; students, graduate Companions toof ideas, ancient James Warren; of its
                                                              and his poem, Part I. Antiquity: literature, history Greek philosophy
                                                                            classical languages, 1. students, and Literature coverage than is European
                                                                                           Cambridge • Provides much greater
           • Comprehensive introduction to Lucretius undergraduate the De rerum naturaLucretius academic researchers philosophy,usual 2. Lu
                                                              academic ancient Greek and Roman worlds
           • Provides a comprehensive survey of warfare in the researchers, graduate students accessible to the non-specialist • Reflects th
                                                                            ancient history, military history
                        Part I. ten leading scholars Interdisciplinary approach, graduate Companions to the researchers
                                                          • undergraduate students, covering students, Polis, community World
                                                                            classical studies, ancient history literature, and philosophy 45 illustrations
                                                                                           Cambridge history, art,
           • Contributions by History of Archaic Greece: 1. Tyrants and lawgivers Victor Parker; 2. academic Ancient and ethnic•identity Jonatha
                        Introduction: Muthoi in continuity and variation Roger D. Woodard; by anI.international ensemble of distinguished scholar
                                                               of Greek mythic tradition authoredstudents literature Interpretations: 1. Lyric and Gree
           • Up-to-date and comprehensive treatmentundergraduate students, graduate Companions to Literature
                                                                                           Cambridge Part Sources and
                                                                            classical studies, ancient history,
                        1. authoritative overview Richard Saller researchers, graduateideashistory, ancient of EconomicProvides a novel focus o
                                                               current state Walterstudies, ancient Determinants economy Performance: 2. Ecolog
           • Presents an Introduction Ian Morris,of the academic andof knowledge and Part I. on the economics
                                                                            classical Scheidel; students                           •
                        Introduction Gill Plain and Susan Sellers; researchers, graduate students of feminist writing and theory Medieval feminis
                                                              academic Part I. Pioneers and Coverage
           • A fully up to date, authoritative overview of the current state of the field • Protofeminism: Introduction Gill Plain; 1.from the middle a
                                                                            feminist studies, literary theory
                        Introduction: literature, science and the hothouse of culture; new methodologies for studying things': writing science, reli
                                                                                           Cambridge Studies of more important the relationships Culture,
           • An important contribution to the study of the idea of culture • Develops1. 'Symbolicalin Nineteenth-Century Literature andbetween l
                          the cultural meanings and and modern; researchers,from ancient times to the present day of America; 5. Shakespeare
                                                              academic of sacrifice Virgil history
           • A study of1. Human sacrifice, ancientrepresentation2. Greece; 3. graduateAugustine; 4. The discovery • New perspectives on litera
                                                                            literature, cultural to students
                          a team Paul Poplawski; 1. Medieval English, 500-1500: Chronology; I. Historical overview; II. Literary overview; of Text
                                                                            are experienced
           ▪ Written byPreface of seven contributors, all of whom English literature teachers of literature with a clear sense of the needs III. unde
                                                              undergraduate students
                        Introduction: study bringing insights visual American literature
                                                              academic researchers, 1. Classifying Donatello: art to bear aesthetics of American excep
                                                                             experience; sociology and history of the visual on literary analysis of James’
           • A truly interdisciplinary the cultural varieties of from anthropology,graduate students
                          study of James‘s relationship with Alice James and and portrait students 2. work • Includes the research on James‘s fr
                                                                            American the their
           • A detailedIntroduction: ambivalent realism; 1.three key women literature effects on his The actress and new orphan: Henry James's
                                                              academic researchers, graduate heroine;
                        1. The Biblical history of language; Dante’sand language in European literature
                                                              academic researchers,Cambridge Studies in3. Dante • Offers context on medieval prison
                                                                               Commedia, and the studentsde Medieval Literature, 63
                                                                                           graduate Roman
           • A new interpretation of The Canterbury Tales,2. LoveEnglish literature,Jean de Meun; la Roseand Chaucer’s Dante; 4. Theviews
                        Introduction: the role representations of Jewishness played in the works
                                                              academic researchers, modernism; 1. 'Strip each statement of • New treatment of import
           • A new argument about Imagined Jews and the shape of feminist graduate studentsof female modernists its money motive': Jews a
                                                                            English literature
                        Introduction: cultural prologue; 1. Winding up ‘th’untuned and jarring senses’: Garrick, King new model for a cultural the
                                                              academic researchers, graduate students centuries • Offers a Lear, and
           • Covers a wide range ofGarrick’sphenomena of the eighteenth and early nineteenth history, Renaissance drama contemporary ap
                                                                            Shakespeare studies, theatre
                          first full critique of the idea of late style, therefore writing; early modern just to and literature, lateness studies, style; 3. Th
                                                              academic researchers,be 2. The students
                                                                            of late will graduate Shakespearean caesura: genre, chronology, cultural hi
           • Offers theIntroduction; 1. Shakespeare and the idea Shakespeare, of interest not drama Shakespeareans but also to literary critics
                        Introduction: ‘Such stuff as dreams ways of seeing the films, in relation to the work of film-making Provides a strong se
                                                                            Shakespeare, Reinhardt’s literature
           • Unique use of archive material suggests new are made on’; 1. Max film, Englishrecurring Dream: Hollywood, •1935; 2. Pastoral-His
                                                              undergraduate students, graduate students, academic researchers
                                                              academic researchers, graduate Jason Harding; Part I. idea of tradition has been put Ex
                                                                             Giovanni Cianci and the uses
           • An essential contribution to the reassessment of Eliot's criticism • Explainsstudents to which the Tradition and Impersonality: 1.by
                        Foreword Sir Frank Kermode; Introduction English literature, literary theory
                          of Pope’s major works from Rogers; of criticalself, and graduate Companions2. Pope's friends and enemies: fighting wi
                                                              undergraduate perspectives • Features much to Literature
           • Covers allChronology; Introduction Pat a variety 1. Pope, students, world Helen Deutsch; close analysis of Pope’s style through clos
                                                                                           Cambridge students, academic researchers
                                                                            English literature
                         comprehensive book for Alex Davis and Lee M. Jenkins; Part I. Contexts: 1. Modernist poetry in history movement disc
                                                                            English poetry, its history and its academic researchers
                                                                                           Cambridge students, style
           • The most Chronology; Introduction students about modernist literature, American literature • Each author, topic or David Ayers; 2.
                                                              undergraduate students, graduate Companions to Literature
                        Chronology; 1. Introduction complete oeuvrestudents Themes and individual texts with overview of themes and contex
                                                              undergraduate • Part I. readings Companions to Literature
                                                                                           Cambridge of Issues: 2. students
           • Up-to-date assessments of Rushdie’s Abdulrazak Gurnah;Detailed(introductory), graduateRushdie and Bollywood cinema Vijay Mis
                                                                            English literature, postcolonial literature
                        Introduction Gail overview 1. the relationships students, culture, art Bourne Taylor;Literature • Covers aestheticism Denn
                                                              undergraduate between graduate Companions to 2. 1890s
           • Provides a comprehensive Marshall; of Psychology at the fin literature Jenny and society in the Decadence and the key authors of
                                                                            English de Cambridge students, academic researchers
                        Chronology; Preface; Part of the history Victorianliterature Timothy Webb; Extensive discussion of Daniel terms 'mo
                                                                             poetry to modern
           • Provides a comprehensive overview I. Contexts: 1.of Englishthroughout the last century •2. Modernist poetic form the keyAlbright; 3
                                                                                           Cambridge students, academic researchers
                                                              undergraduate students, graduate Companions to Literature
                                                                                           Cambridge Introductions to Literature
The past 100 years have witnessed the extraordinary flowering of fiction, poetry and drama from countries previously colonised by Britain, an o
                        1. The uses of history; 2. The wars of the critics; 3. plays,history plays, theatre to Henry VI; 4. individual plays Full trea
                                                              undergraduate students Paper Crown: 1, 2, and 3 Literature to
                                                                            Shakespeare's with separate chapters dedicated
           ▪ Comprehensive coverage of all nine of Shakespeare’s historyThe (introductory), undergraduate studentsDetermined to be▪ a villain
                                                                                           Cambridge Introductions
                        Introduction; Part I. The Nineteenth Century: Introduction: and
                                                              undergraduate students (introductory), plots and prestige; close readings showing how to
                                                                            the nineteenth Publishers, undergraduate students
           ▪ An overview of the development of the short story in English literature twentieth centuries ▪ Offers1. Charles Dickens and Thoma
                                                               as unworldly toLake School
                                                                             the show how they constructed Romanticism, Risk, and Professionalism: 1
           • Departs from the myth of Romantic poetsacademic researchers,Cambridge Studies intheir own professionalism • Will be of interes
                                                                                           graduate students
                        Preface; Introduction: professionalism and English literature of poetry; Part 1.Romanticism, 71
                        Preface; study charting the cultural history literature (general), cultural history
                                                               joy?; 1. Religiousemotion ethics of oneness from the Bible to Aquinas; 2. Erotic joi: the T
                                                                             of an joy: graduate students
           • A ground-breaking Introduction: what is aacademic researchers,the • Combines intellectual history with fresh readings of Shakespe
                        Introduction: 'A place of the map is also aearly writing, literary studies,store-house of hercultural history, biography, me
                                                                              place in history'; 1.'The rich women's writing, memory': • Recovers voices
           • Offers extremely wide coverage on early modern women’s modern in both geographical and chronological termsthe metaphors and
                                                              academic researchers, graduate students
                           close readings of the major poems • Tintern Abbey' and the theories writing; 3. A new theory; 4. Inscription poems: im
                                                                            English with recent students
           • InnovativeIntroduction; 1. Wordsworth writing; 2.Engagement literature nature of of writing •Writing understanding of Wordsworth's
                                                              academic researchers,Cambridge Studies in Romanticism, 72
                           glossary of key terms Introduction • Accessible overview of the students, academic researchers Ryan; Part in narrati
                                                              undergraduate students, graduate main issues to Literature
           • Includes aPart I. Preliminaries: 1.and conceptsDavid Herman; 2. Cambridge Companionsin the field and of current trendsII. Studyin
                                                                            literary theoryToward a definition of narrative Marie-Laure
                                                                                           Cambridge Introductions to Literature
Few thinkers, in the latter half of the twentieth century, so profoundly and radically transformed our understanding of writing and literature as Ja
                        Preface; of standout and Follow-Ups. 1. Telling stories: general news into features Susie Eisenhuth; journalists, writers
                                                                            media collection is entertaining, not just informative • Revealing and Southwe
           • Features examplesPart I. News writing from top writers - thestudies, journalism, professional writing and editing,2. Michael informat
                                                              undergraduate students, turning readers
                        Volume 1: 1861–1897 of Conrad’s letters Laurence Davies;a setstudents detailedFrederick Karl and all stages of his lif
                                                              academic now available as (editions) 1898–1902 Letters of Joseph Conrad
                                                                            English literature Volume 2:
                                                                                           graduate • Includes
           • The standard, authorised edition Frederick Karl and researchers,The Cambridge Edition of the information about Laurence Davies;
                        Chronology; texts clearly Note academic researchers, graduate students
                                                               on Extensive annotation of textual and contextual information • Includes index The Tem
           • Newly edited accurate Introduction; laid out • the text; English literature abbreviations; 1. Miscellaneous English poems; 2.of biblical
                                                                             Glossary; List of
                         authoritative edition available Chronology; Abbreviations;•Introduction;EditionLand and Sea:illustrate many nautical and
                                                              academic researchers,The Illustrations, 'Twixt and diagrams of Joseph Conrad
           • The most Preface; Acknowledgements; based on theEnglish literatureoriginal texts Cambridge maps of the Works Tales; Author’s note; A Smi
                                                                                           graduate students
                        Prologue: Garrick’s alterations of Shakespeare - a of Shakespeare’s plays Throws new light - before the divorce ofwith
                                                                            Shakespeare studies, theatre history, 18th century on Garrick’s relations sta
           • Includes detailed analyses of several of Garrick’s alterations note on texts; 1. Garrick •and Shakespeare drama and textual history
                                                                            Shakespeare print autobiographies, allowing 4. reader Shakespeare; 5. De
           • Draws evidence from over 100 nineteenth-century manuscript and studies, publishing and printing the Politicalto engage with a wide
                        Introduction; 1. The educational background; 2. The publishing background; 3. Reading; history, Victorian social history
                        Preliminary: The persistence of all-male researchers, graduate studentsgender plays of
                                                                cross-dressed performance tradition, placing the the performer; 1. Age into status; com
           • Comprehensive historical overview of theacademictheatre; Introduction: The significance ofstudies Shakespeare and a more 2. Er
                                                                            Shakespeare, theatre history,
                        Introduction: submitting to liberty; 1. Finance and flagellation; 2. From Sadism to masochism in the novels of Frances h
                                                              academic researchers,Cambridge in Romantic literature • 75
           • Provides a social and historical account of psychological states representedStudies in Romanticism,Makes use of ideas from artBu
                                                                                           graduate students
                                                                            English literature
                        Introduction: lyrical between literature and English literature
                                                              academic researchers,of Romanticism's ‘language•of the sense’; Part I. Senses of Histo
                                                                            the history Cambridge and psychology Presents
           • Established new connections forms and empirical realities: readingmedicine Studies in Romanticism, 73 close readings of major wo
                                                                                           graduate students
                         comprehensive overview of theundergraduate • New perspectives students, academicsuch as
                                                                field available students, graduate on familar fiction in the Romantic period Richard Maxw
                                                                            English literaturehistoriography of authors researchers
           • The most Introduction Richard Maxwell and Katie Trumpener; 1.Cambridge Companions to Literature Austen, Edgeworth, Mary S
                        Introduction; 1. Woolf and Eliotbeginning:Includes major archivalin T.S. Eliot's Columbo and Bolo Poems; 2. Mixing mem
                                                                 directly • sex, race, and history research
           • The first book to compareAn unexpected academic researchers, graduate students on Eliot’s bawdy poems and Woolf’s private p
                                                                            English literature
                         of nineteenth-century American writers' interest in experience criticism; 1. in into of interest:Hawthorne and literary nati
                                                              academic researchers,Cambridge Studies Types Emerson, Scottish Culture, 153
           • A reading Introduction: new critical formalism and identity in Americanist • New insightsAmerican Literature and theory,Stowe • A cr
                                                                            American literature students
                                                              academic researchers, graduate the connections between history, nationality, and poet
                                                                            American • Illuminates
           • A contribution to modernist, American and Postcolonial studiesliterature students in Americanin Poe, Eliot, and St.-John Perse;
                                                                                            1. Transnational topographies Literature and Culture, 155
                        Introduction: towards a comparative American poetics;Cambridge Studies
                        Chronology; Introduction: fiction, criticism, teachingJustine Tally; Covers the Morrison's Fiction: her work and guides stu
                                                              undergraduate students, editingAfrican American literature
                                                                             the line' literature, • students, academic researchers
           • Explores Morrison's entire career in 'all necks are on Americanand graduatePart I. Toni critical reception of 1. The Bluest Eye and S
                        Introduction: the early American within 1. The Romance;AmericanIntroductions to LiteratureRealist Novel;studentscited.
                                                                             history of the 2. The novel ▪ Provides 3. The
           ▪ Outlines the important authors and genres novel; the American literature Sentimental Novel; plot summaries as well as critical dis
                                                              undergraduate students (introductory), undergraduate students, graduate Works
                        Introduction; 1. The birth of the academic researchers,Cambridgeacademic2.American Literature research advances wha
                                                               Ph.D.: the Johns Hopkins field of Studies in Seminary archival and Culture, and
                                                                            American literature, American study ▪ New
                                                                                             a research model;
           ▪ An engaging narrative history of how American literature becamegraduate students history/culture wars: female teachers 154 the se
                        Introductory; 1. The development of his identity as an graduate students the shape and purpose of Dante’s entire oeuvr
                                                              academic 1. An Author in the Considers
           • An important study of Dante’s author in history; Partresearchers,author •Works: Dante Before the Commedia: 2. Definitions: the vo
                                                                            Italian literature
                        Preface by leading experts on Levi Aimed atstudents,of 1. in both English and Italian, but 2. Primo Levi and Jewish
                                                              undergraduate readers graduate Companions to Literature
           • Accessible essays Robert S. C. Gordon; Chronology;Italian literatureLeviPrimo Levi's Turin David Ward; knowledge of Italian is not
                                                                                           Cambridge students, academic researchers
                                                                              Part I. Cultures:
                        Introduction; overview of the 2. Sub-Saharan students, graduate -students postcolonial studies
                                                                              francophone literature ▪ Middle with Canada;
                                                                                           Cambridge Engages
           ▪ Provides an up-to-date 1. The Maghreb;whole field ofFrench, Francophone literature,East;to postcolonial theory to map the relation
                                                              undergraduate Africa; 3. Oceania Introductions 4.Literature 5. The Caribbean; Conclusio
                                                              academic researchers, afterlife students
           • The first English-language history of the Enlightenment’s culturalgraduateto be published • Traces the importance of Enlightenme
                                                                              event literature, culture
                        1. Producing Enlightenment history; 2. TheFrenchof Enlightenment: beginnings; 3. The subject of Enlightenment: constru
                        Introduction: terrible beauty; 1. general readers, academic researchers, history of by costkeyempire; 4. The myth of chiva
                                                              Honor and memory; 2. Shame jargon • Organised ideas of themes of war poetry,
                                                                            English, or critical and slaughter; 3. The the
           • Addressed to the interested general reader, without academicEuropean literature, graduate students, undergraduate studentssuch
                        Chronology; Part written by leading international history, coveringto Kean range of social and performances in Empire':
                                                                              and actors Cambridge literature, Peter Thomson; 2. 'Dictating to the this perio
                                                                                           from Garrick a wide English plays
           • Contains seventeen essaysI. Performance: 1. Actingtheatrescholars,English Companions to Literaturehistory
                                                              undergraduate students, graduate students, academic researchers
                         Chronology; Directing Hare which gives a theatre, performance Companions as Literature
                                                            undergraduate students, graduate students, academic researchers fullest detail, rough t
                                                                          personal retrospective of his career to a film maker, the
           • Contains an interview with Davidwork; Introduction Richard Boon; Part I. Text and Context: 1. Portable Theatre: 'fine and clearest a
                         1. Introduction; 2. Bash: America‘s saints;American company of students Your Friends &film, in-depth interview with thin
           • The first full-length study of one of a gaggle offoremost young playwrights and filmmakers • Includes ancontemporary AmericanNeil
                                                                           3. In the theatre, contemporary Modern Theatre
                                                                                       graduate Studies
                                                            academic researchers,Cambridgemen; 4. intheatre and Neighbors; 5. The shape of lite
                         1. August interview with August which he stood Christopher history, fascinatingto Literaturethe life Lahr;experiences of th
                                                            graduate providing theCambridge students, academic researchers and 3. social history
                                                                         American theatre Bigsby;American insight into John
                                                                                       reader with a 2. Been here and gone
           ▪ Includes an in-depthWilson: the ground on Wilson, students, undergraduate Companions literature, African American August Wilso
                         Introduction; 1. Weimar: politics English accessible Visions of ▪national rebirth: Völkisch theatre reform;twentieth-century
                                                            academic researchers, readers Includes in Modern of period German 3. The uses whi
           ▪ Makes material not previously available in in the playhouse; 2.to Cambridge Studiesa selection Theatre photographs, many of of th
                                                                                       graduate students
                                                                         theatre history, German theatre, Holocaust studies,
What are the challenges to theatre and the purposes of performance in an ecologically threatened world? How might ecological understandings
                          bibliography of research on African languages • Is Africa a large Approaches to Language Contact
                                                            academic researchers,linguistics, studentslanguages,on the geographical distribution of la
                                                                         theoretical CambridgeAfrican of maps language typology
                                                                                       graduate number
           • Includes a1. Introduction Bernd Heine and Derek Nurse; 2. Containsa linguistic area? Bernd Heine and Zelealem Leyew; 3. Africa
                         up-to-date and comprehensive academic researchers,linguistics, studentsmorphology, typology, areas of the Lexicon
                                                            survey Complex Constructions; Volume languages found in all field linguistics
           • The most Volume I: Clause structure: Volume II: of the major structural aspects of III: Grammatical Categories andthe world • Cont
                                                                         theoretical graduate syntax,
                         1. monograph is there a a critical period for both first and second2. Right onacquisition • language, child evidence from
                                                                         theoretical graduate language time: child Brings together of first languag
           • Only current Just in time: to discuss critical period forresearchers,linguistics, studentslinguistics,process and schedule development, c
                                                            academic language acquisition?;applied
                         Part I. Foundational Concepts and Issues: linguistics, neuroscience, psycholinguistics, language competence; over half
                                                            graduate students, undergraduate about 2. Aspects of the brain speech therapy/path
                                                                         1. arguments/theories Textbooks in Linguistics            •
           • Provides a balanced discussion of the major conflicting Introduction and overview; language and researchersSynthesizes3. The neu
                                                                                       Cambridge students, academic psychology,
                                                            non-verbal theoretical graduate Pragmatics and speech disorders • Provides an over
                                                                          communication, focusing on people with
           • A new and original account of verbal and academic researchers,linguistics, students science modularity: components, dissociations
                         1. Introduction; 2. Pragmatic theory and pragmatic impairment; 3.cognitive
                         highly readable, mostly non-technical language Will sociolinguistics, engaged in the study of in discourse; Involvemen
                                                                         linguistics, interest anyone anthropology
           • Written in Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; Overview of• chapters; Discourse analysis; 2. Involvement everyday language • By s
                                                                                       Studies in Interactional Sociolinguistics
                                                            graduate students, academic researchers
                         1. Introduction; 2. Theoretical framework; 3. Methodology; 4. developmental psychology, bilingualism, Chinesedata from
                                                            graduate students, academic Wh-interrogatives:from birthor not toforward new language
                                                                          how children acquire two languagestoto move • Contact
                                                                                       Cambridge Approaches Language Puts move?; 5. Null objects
           • Strikingly original, it presents new findings that show psycholinguistics, researchers
                         1. Introduction; consider I: Theacademicallthe English; graduate studentshistorical linguistics, sociolinguistics, syntax, ph
                                                                           linguistic Studies in English Language
           • First book-length study to 2. HistoryIrish English atof linguistics,levels Considers issues at the centre of linguistic research such a
                                                                                        3. History II: The
                                                              coming researchers,English language, settlement of Ulster; 4. The emergence of Irish
                         Introduction David dialects spoken in the British Isles •English together a team Standard and non-standardlanguage con
                                                            I. English: 1. History of Brings James Milroy; dialectology, multilingualism, and other la
           • A coherent survey of EnglishBritain; Part graduate students, undergraduate students 2.of leading experts on EnglishEnglish Pau
                                                                         sociolinguistics, English language,
                         Introduction Robert Bayley and graduate students, academic 1. Variation from experienced and prominent scholars Var
                                                                            topic Includes
           • Provides a current overview and bibliography of each Part I.• Theories: contributionsand phonological theory Gregory R. Guy; 2.in th
                                                             Ceil Lucas;sociolinguistics researchers
                         1. Introduction; 2. Style from traditional to modern undergraduate students audiences; 4. Sociolinguistic resources for s
                                                            graduate students, approaches 3. Style for
                                                                                       structure;• in of language, communication speech linguistic anth
           • Gives a comprehensive overview,and meaning in sociolinguistic Key TopicsIncludes interesting examples of studies, style variation
                                                                         sociolinguistics, sociologySociolinguistics
                         Part I. Language History, Families and Typology: 1. Language field of South Asian Ronald E. and linguistics • Presents a
                                                            graduate students, undergraduatehistorical context language Asher;
                                                                           scholars linguistics, students, academic researchers
           • Includes authoritative contributions from internationallanguage, within the insociolinguistics, South Asia studies 2. Typological char
                         1. Introduction; 2. Consonants; undergraduate glides;graded exerciseslinguistics to Chinese language students, and
           • Accompanying CD to demonstrate pronunciation, and over 50language, Chinese • Useful both6. Phonetic transcription and Pinyin;
                                                                         Chinese 4. graduate students
                                                            3. Vowels and students, Tone; 5. Syllable structure;
                         Introduction: the single in Renaissance •researchers, graduateother literature, history of English language, 1500-1700, R
                                                            academic Connects rhetoric to students
                                                                         Renaissance rhetoric and cultural Gavin Alexander and Katrin Ettenhuber;
           • Each chapter focuses on afigures rhetorical figure theory and practice Sylvia Adamson,forms including architecture, music, moral1p
                          at end of each chapter allow reader to 2. Phonology; Cambridge Textbooks4. Nominal morphology; 5. Verbal comparat
           • Exercises 1. The Indo-European language family;monitor their understanding of the material Discussion questions provide oppor
                                                                         Indo-European languages, language typology,
                                                                                       3. Morphophonology;
                                                            graduate students, undergraduate students in Linguisticshistorical linguistics, morpholo
                         Part I. The analysis of a wide range of different types of noun 1. Introduction; every example within the NP; 3. Close app
                                                            academic researchers,corpus phrase, taking 2. language, pragmatics, cognitive linguist
           • Provides an in-depth Structural Approach: Possibilities and Limitations: linguistics, EnglishHeadednessfrom authentic corpus data
                                                                                       graduate English
                                                                         linguistics, Studies in studentsLanguage
                         answers to some questions/issues that have posed problems to students for Daniel Hardt; 3. Direct compositionality and
                                                             VP Ellipsis linguistics, graduate linguists
                                                                          and constraints on interpretation over thirty years ▪ Contains fresh, original a
           ▪ Proposes 1 Introduction Kyle Johnson; 2.academic researchers,syntax, semantics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition
                         Introduction; Part I. Criminalization: 1. Civilethics, studiesgraduate students applied philosophyand the limits justice ethic
                                                            undergraduate students, • Ideal reading for players; 2. Crime and criminal of criminaliz
                                                                            case criminology, public policy
           • Theories are shown in action in the form of numeroussociety: its Cambridge Applied Ethics
                                                                                       institutions and major
                          most wide-ranging case for available ofstudents, academic issues surrounding medically assisted death • Uses medic
                                                            graduate the moral and medically assisted death; 3. ethics, futility; medicine
           • Offers the1. Introduction; 2. Acoveragethe legalisation of voluntarylegalresearcherslaw, medical Medicalforensic4. Physician-assist
                                                                         philosophy (general), medical
                         1. Memory as a that pertain to graduate students, individual memoryfor a issues, account Provides comprehensive and
                                                             both inquiry; 2. Taking responsibility in unified collective responsibility, transitional an
                                                                         contemporary moral and social
           • Ties together moral issuessubject of evaluativecollective andacademic researchersone’s own past; 3.• Doing justice to the past; 4. E
                         the methodological divide between Sinologists andacademic studies
                                                            graduate students, philosophers 4.Contains the best contemporary
                                                                         philosophy, Mohism; • Mengzi;
           • Straddles 1. Introduction; 2. Kongzi and Ruism; 3. Mozi and earlyAsian researchers 5. Pluralistic Ruism. research on ancient
                         Part I. by a political theorist on Aquinas’sstudents, academic researchers
                                                            graduate Common Good: 1. Why Aquinas? Reconsidering and receiving the common g
                                                                         philosophy, Harry theory, religious studies, medieval studies, classical polit
           • First major book Virtue, Law and the Problem of the thought sincepoliticalV. Jaffa’s Thomism and Aristotelianism • Advances a studi
                         1. Affecting and being affected; 2. Backwards causationthirty continuing; are published together for the first time step?; 4
                                                              written over a periodphilosophy, ancient 3. From
                                                                         history of of and five years,
           • These characteristic and unusual essays,academic researchers, graduate studentshistory necessity to fate: an inevitable • Include
                                                                          undergraduates, graduates, history of • The
                                                                                       political to non-specialists
           • Only comprehensive assessment of whole of Williams' work • Accessiblescience, students in Features a guide to further reading
                                                            upper and the absolute conception A. W. Moore; ideas non-objectivist critique of moral
                         Introduction Alan Thomas; 1. Realismlevel philosophy,Contemporary Philosophy 2.Focus
                         Introduction; within cultural inheritance; historical of analytical philosophy, twentieth century • Affords The grand plan of a
                                                            of major researchers, graduate students
                                                                          The intellectual inheritance: positivism of ideas, history 3. new insight into Ca
           • Places Carnap‘s ideas 1. Thethe context academic2. history events and trends of the history and Kantianism; of science
                         Introduction Charlie including Spinoza’s views on of philosophy, students Spinoza’s naturalistic • Written by a strong te
                                                            academic researchers, graduate history in society, and politics
                                                                         history God, the mind, knowledge,
           • Covers a wide range of topics Huenemann; 1. Representation and consciousness of ideas, Jewish studies theory of imagination D
                         Introduction; 1. a unified interpretation of researchers,Modern European Philosophy
                                                            academic the three Reflective judgment and its principle: preliminary remarks; Part I. Te
           • The first study to proposeThe problem: unity of the diverse; 2.topics of Kant's Critique • Places Kant's theory in its historical contex
                                                                                       graduate Kant studies
                                                                         history of philosophy, students
                         Part I. Youthful Vocations (1646–1676):readers,birth of a vision: background, childhood,the seventeenth century andhisto
                                                            general inThe language • Captures the key facets of and
                                                                           any undergraduate ideas, history of political thought, religious studies, earl
           • The first, full-scale intellectual biography of Leibniz1. philosophy, history ofstudents, graduate students education (July 1646–March
                         this volume treat V. Dougherty; 2. Pico onphilosophy, available in English philosophy •ideas, literature upperlevel and th
                                                                          the relationship of rhetoric and translation Unveils 3. vastness of the subje
           • Essays in 1. Introduction M. several of Pico's works not presently Renaissance studies, history ofJill Kraye;the Pico, theology, under
                         Introduction: of the major debates in which Ronald Dworkin has engaged offer of a Focus
                                                                         philosophy,Contemporary Philosophy ideas,that
                                                                                       political science, history essays guide both accessible Scott J.
           • Leading figures in eachanti-Archimedeanism Arthur Ripstein; 1. The 'Hart-Dworkin' debate: in short lawarefor the perplexedand orig
                                                            undergraduate students, graduate students
                         Preface: Carnap's posthumousgraduate students,of Reflects the philosophy of science in philosophy Michael Friedman
                                                             career on Carnap • philosophy, recent re-evaluation of
           • A unique compilation of cutting edge scholarship Richard Creath; Introduction: Carnap's revolutionCarnap's contribution to twentiet
                                                                                       Cambridge Companions to Philosophy
                                                                         history academic researchers
                         Introduction Patricia Springborg; 1. Of Man; 1.1 Hobbes’s visual history ofHorst tolaw
                                                            graduate students,of philosophy, strategy ideas, Philosophy The
                                                                         history undergraduate Companions Bredekamp; ever written in English
                                                                                       Cambridge students, political treatise 1.2
           • First systematic topic by topic treatment of Leviathan, the earliest and most important academic researchers beast of myth: • Brin       Med
                         of results of Part I. The Historical Context history academic analyses of undergraduate of current and development
                                                            graduate students, • philosophy, history of ideascircle: Context, profile,
           • Overview Introduction;new scholarship on logical empiricismof In-depth researchers,historical issuesstudents philosophical intere
                                                                                       Cambridge Companions
                                                                         of Logical Empiricsm: 1. The Vienna to Philosophy
                         1. The protreptic rhetoric of the undergraduate students, 2. The place of the Republic in of ideastopic thought Christoph
                                                            Republic Harvey Yunis; graduate students, academic researchers •
                                                                         philosophy,Cambridge bibliography, categorised by
                                                                                   • classics, political theory, history Plato’s
           • Diverse academic background of distinguished contributors Unusually full Companions to Philosophy politicalSuitable for a wide
                         1. Introduction James contributions of Continuity and defined by its revivals of ancient philosophies •culture Robert Black
                                                             Part I. a period oftenphilosophy, history of ideas and Renaissance Includes a chronolo
           • Offers fresh looks at the original Hankins;undergraduate students, graduateThe philosopher Philosophy
                                                                                       Cambridge students
                                                                         history of Revival: 2. Companions to
                         1. Rereading Russell and Wittgenstein; 2. Logical of analytic3. My fundamental• idea; 4.extensively tautologous; 5. Russe
                                                            relationshiphistory atomism; and Wittgenstein Draws Logic as if on little known Tracta
                                                                           between Russell philosophy
           • A controversial revisionist account of the academic researchers, graduate students
                         Part I. Scientific Realism Today: philosophy of sciencegraduate students
                                                            academic researchers,of• science,the contemporary evolution Selective scepticism: entity
                                                                                          Traces metaphysics
           • Addresses debates at the very heart of the 1. Realism and antirealism, metaphysics and empiricism; 2. of scientific realism • Suitab
                         1. Aristotle’s theory Aristotle’s theory of predication philosophy ways of relating Aristotle’sTopics; 3.of dialectic and scien
                                                            academic researchers, precursors; 2. Homonymy in The theories The concept of relate
                                                                         classical Suggests
           ▪ Provides new conclusions for of homonymy in Categories and▪ itsgraduate students
                         Introduction: general introduction William Dembski and communities • Only argumentbiology, religious studies
                                                            graduate philosophical Michael Ruse; The science, from design:
                                                                         philosophy of science, history of well-balanced, even-handed history Michae
           • This is a major debate in both the scientific and thestudents, academic researchers, undergraduate students a briefoverview of the
                         1. What is the problem?; 2. WhatShows that chance serves achaos; 4. Chaospurpose rather What is probability?; 6. Wh
                                                             • is chance?; readers out of useful creative out of
           • Accessible to a non-specialist readership clergy, general3. Orderof science, religion (general) order; 5.than signifying the absence
                          of the notion of object logic; 2. Structuralism and nominalism; 3. Modality and structuralism; the concept about sets; 5
                                                            academic researchers, general idea about
           • TreatmentPreface; 1. Objects andin mathematics motivated by a of sciencestudents objects • Analysis of4. A problem of intuition an
                                                                         philosophy graduate
                         Introduction; Part I. Mathematics: 1. Numbers and • Will science, wide maths - readers across and sets Bleak House
                                                            academic writings ideas; 2. Whystudents a nominalist; 3. Mathematics and
                                                                         philosophy graduate am not
           • A unique collection of John Burgess’s philosophicalresearchers,of interest aIlogic, range oflogic, categoriesphilosophy of mathemat
                         two leading David L. of the field of philosophy students, graduate history of science
                                                            undergraduate of biology Tim comprehensive, including only newly commissioned arti
           • Edited by Introduction founders Hull and Michael Ruse; 1. Adaptation TrulyLewens; 2. Populationresearchers
                                                                                       Cambridge students, academic genetics
                                                                         philosophy of science, Companions to Philosophy Roberta L. Millstein and
                         1. Introduction; Part I. to adopt graduate Beyond evolutionary developmental biology and the birth of the natural syste
           • First history of evolution biology Darwin's the perspective ofthe Essentialism of science, biology • Challenges a number of tradition
                                                                         philosophy and history Story:
                                                            Century: students, academic researchers2. Systematics
                          an extremely timely Genealogy of Myth:researchers, graduate2. The mythand the dialectic of the sacred logos; 3. Sc
                                                       • academic 1. original theory of students
           • Deals withIntroduction; Part I. Atopic Proposes a veryMythos and logos;political biblos • Of interest to a very wide audience, includ
                                                                         political philosophy,           theory
                         Introduction around E. common law world Authors are 1. researchers philosophy Larry Alexander volume for importa
                                                                            •                                                   •
           • Features authors from Douglasthe Edlin; Part I. Common Law Rules:from various academic disciplines Single and Emily Sherwin;
                                                                         law, legal philosophy, political in Philosophy and Law
                                                                                       Cambridge Studies
                                                            graduate students, academic Judges as rulemakers
                         Part comparative Frameworks:academicstandardsand graduate students US, Canada, and Italy •
                                                              1. Legal researchers, ethicalin the UK,
                                                                         political public life norms: defining the limits of conflicts regulations Giovann
           • Cross-national I. Theoretical analysis of conflict of interest andandlegal philosophy, comparative politics, lawContributors are an inte
                         1. Nomos and Phusis in Democritus and students,C. • Social researchers, professionalsPlato's Republic Christopher Shi
                                                                                       Provides a Forcing goodness
           • Authors include prominent philosophers and political scientists W. Taylor; 2. historically comprehensive treatment of ancient Greek
                                                            graduate Plato C. academic Philosophy and Policy in
                         1. Introduction; the welfare state should, students, their own premises, actually philosophy, Health insurance, institution
                                                                         social academic 3. Health insurance, part •
           • Argues that supporters of 2. Central perspectives infollowing philosophy; philosophy, moraloppose it  Does comparative part II; 5.
                                                            graduate politicaland politicalresearchers, professionalsI; 4. political theory
                         Introduction; Part other by ways of protecting ourphilosophy, questions of medicine, What is broader social determinan
                                                                         social health through medicine, public 2. health care special moral importan
           • Explains what we owe each I. A Theory of Justice and Health: 1. Threepublic policy, justice;health, and the advanced undergradua
                          justification armageddon; 2. The idea of violence;political political and legal philosophy, political science, of cause; 5. Ju
                                                            undergraduate of social, violence justice;
                                                                         politics, 3. Violence and • Discusses these matters in the light military studies
           • The moral1. Staring at for war, terrorism, and other formsstudents, graduate students 4. Aggression, defence, and just contemporar
                     1. unexpected ways technology 2. Treating lives Examines the Hybrid people, hybrid selves; 4. Knowledge as duty; 5.
                                                                        people as means; legal philosophy, ethical reasoning • Offers new approac
        • Reveals the Respecting people as things; affects oursocial,• political, and3. status of currentphilosophy of science, political theory
                     1. of Contributors                  academic researchers, nature Christopher W. Gowans; 3. The importance of metaphysica
                                                                       Virtue philosophy students
        Prominent list Substantive moral theory Philip Pettit; 2.politicaland Social Philosophy and Policy
                     Introduction; 1. For the sake history of philosophical reflection legal philosophy, history of ideas 4. Hobbes's choice; 5. D
                                                         the city; 2. Two cities and two loves; 3.'dirty
                                                                      social, political and on the Renaissance dilemmas;
        • The first book-length exploration of the of academic researchers, graduate students hands' problem • Offers an innovative historic
                     views of affirmative action, fair undergraduate Racialpolitical philosophy, political theory, African-American studies, of r
                                                         equality of opportunity, equality; 5. students Careful 6. Compensatory justice: ideas Am
                                                                      social and and racial Poverty
        • Balanced Introduction; 1. Racism; 2. Race; 3. Slavery; 4.students, graduateprofiling •and race;conceptual analysis of the restitution,
                     1. thorough, and At the shrine graduate of of Fatima; or, legal philosophy, politics not all economic; 3. The allocation
                                                         of Our Lady the 1st Edition • The best questions are
        • A complete, Introduction; 2.comprehensive revisionstudents,political,why politicalcritique available of 'preference' and 'willingness to
                                                                      social, academic researchers
                     1. Introduction: the globalization of of some of the major2. Global ethics and the international law tradition Daniel Philpo
                                                         academic Will Kymlicka; traditions of theory, international relations
        • Clear presentations by distinguished scholarsethics researchers, ethics, political ethical thinking Various traditions are brought int
                                                                      philosophy, graduate students, professionals
                     Introduction Robert B. Louden; academic researchers,The Cambridge important works that havescience Kant in Transla
                                                         Observations on the feeling • Includes Edition of the Works of of never before been trans
        • Presents all of Kant’s major writings on human nature in one volumeof the beautiful and sublime (1764) translated by Paul Guyer
                                                                                    graduate philosophy
                                                                      history of philosophy, students texts, philosophy Immanuel
                     1. Two dedications, Full Socratic Memorabilia of Hamann’s allusions Academic Question (1760); 3. Dutch literatureNot
                                           •                                        2. Essay on of and references Philosophy
        • New translation into English fromannotation explains all(1759);texts, history anideas, German, of Hamann is important not only to
                                                                      philosophy Cambridge Texts in the History Scandinavian, Miscellaneous and
                                                         graduate students
                     On the History of Religion and Philosophy in Germany; From a letter to Moses •Moser of Philosophy and languagephilos
                                                         graduate by a central figure in its Texts in the Of interest literature of German
                                                                      philosophy texts, German, Scandinavian, Dutch to students
        • A colourful overview of German intellectual history students, undergraduatedevelopment History in Berlin, May 23, 1823; From The
                                                                                   Cambridge students
                     Saadia Gaon, from ‘The medieval Jewish philosophy,Cambridgea chronology Historymain medieval Jewish philosophers
                                                         undergraduate students, Includes Texts ibn Jewish studies
                                                                       philosophy ▪ graduate studentsthe of the of Philosophy
                                                                                    history Solomon in
        ▪ Offers a representative selection ofBook of the Beliefs and Convictions’; of philosophy,Gabirol and Shem Tov b. Joseph Falaquera,
                     Preface, 1. What Gödel's Theorems say;students, undergraduate Introductions to Philosophy Rare coverage Capturing
                                                         graduate 2. Decidability a first course in mathematical logic
                                                                      philosophy of mathematics, logic, mathematics •
        • An ideal textbook for philosophy and mathematics students taking and enumerability; 3. Axiomatized formal theories; 4. of a numbe
                                                                                   Cambridge students
                     Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Review of classicalstudents, graduate students allows the reader to get to grips with technic
                                                                        the reader • Clear presentation
        • Accessible introduction explains the basic theories tologic, analytical philosophy, computer science,first-order logic; 4. Alternative s
                                                         undergraduate propositional logic; 3. Review of classical mathematics
                     Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. of the meeting philosophy graduate students, formal epistemology ▪ Provides a high-way for
                                                                      point Mainstream epistemology; 4. Counterfactual epistemology; 5. Contextu
        ▪ Provides the first systematic analysis Priming the pump; 3. between mainstream andscholars
                     1. key structural and rhetoric; undergraduate act of persuasion; reveals theory, 4. Appealsmedia arguments distinct co
                                                         2. The media students, graduate students
                                                                      informal logic, argumentation what makes mass to fear and pity; 5. Ad homin
        • Displays the Logic, dialecticcomponents of mass speechargumentation and 3. Propaganda;political science, psychology, rhetoric,an
                     1. thorough and Skepticism; 3. Science;Lists practical applications of epistemology • The book presents a comprehens
        • Advocates aIntroduction; 2.reasonable skepticism •students, academic researchers
                                                                      epistemology, applied Aesthetics.
                                                         graduate 4. Ethics; 5. Politics; 6.ethics, logic
                       the concretely important problem to knowledge epistemology
                                                                      logic, and how knowledge Abduction: inference, conjecture, the answer to
        • DiscussesIntroduction; 1. Epistemology without epistemology of without belief; 2.is acquired in the first place • Usesor anold Socratic
                                                         undergraduate students, graduate students
                     Introduction; 1. Witness representation of analytical 2. Plausible reasoning in legal argumentation; 3. Scripts, stories, a
                                                                      witness testimony evidence ▪ Useful for the many fields that have an interest
        ▪ Introduces new methods for visual testimony as argumentation;philosophy, rhetoric, general law, artificial intelligence, informal logic
                                                         graduate students, academic researchers
                     Part I. The Ethics relatively inaccessible publications •graduate students in studies (general) of human dignity (when the
                                                                      social, political and legal 2. Lawyers law • Will interest
                                                                                     Includes many case
        • Brings together essays fromin Legal Ethics: 1. The adversary system excuse; philosophy, as upholders Law readers in both philoso
                                                         academic researchers,Cambridge Studies Philosophy and
                     1. Dimensions of objectivity; 2. graduate students, academic researchers and law's moral authority. problems that are no
                                                         Elements of the rule contemporary legal philosophers • Addresses
        • Clearly written with non-experts in mind by one of the foremostof Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy and Law
                                                                      philosophy, law; 3. Objectivity
                                                         graduate students,culture in a clear, accessible and • Challenges and rethinks the Part
                                                                      social undergraduate Vengeance style
        • A profound diagnosis of a problem in American politics andphilosophy, political philosophy Myths of Justice Reconsidered;libera
                     Part I. Liberalism and the Anger of Punishment: The Motivation to students
                     Introduction; Part I. Semantic Anti-Individualism: 1. The nature dimensions •communication;language,linguistic norms:
                                                         academic researchers,(general), students in Develops of 2. Public philosophy exter
        • Gives an account of communication in both its linguistic and its epistemicof knowledgePhilosophy a radical form of epistemic of mi
                                                                                    graduate epistemology, philosophy
                                                                      philosophy Cambridge Studies
                     Introduction Savas L. Tsohatzidis; 1. Whatphilosophy graduate English remarks linguistics (general), philosophy ofTo
                                                         academic philosophy of language • Includes Searle‘s own current reflections on Mind lan
                                                                       is language: some preliminary
        • An in-depth examination of key aspects of Searle‘s researchers,(general), studentslanguage, John R. Searle; Part I. From the subje
                     Introduction; 1. Beginning with the middle; philosophy (general), students in Philosophy of things; Discusses 4. Huma
                                                         academic researchers,Cambridge Studies reality of parts
                                                                                     familiar metaphysics
        • Presents a unique account of the material world which construesgraduatethings as irreducible ordinary reality • 3. Artifacts; timely m
                                                                      Part I. Everyday Things: 2. The
                      an internationally recognised expert on Adorno •philosophy
                                                                      social or transformation; 2. Metaphysics after Auschwitz; Proposes a and n
        • Written byThinking otherwise: introduction; 1. TransgressionAdvances an innovative approach to critical theory •3. Heidegger bold A
                                                         undergraduate students, graduate students
                     Preface; summary of key terms and teachings •Dhamma: ‘thingsstudents about’ Philosophy2.each contexts to engage t
                                                          Buddha and the There graduate life think Eastern the end
                                                                                   Cambridge to of Siddhattha religions, The chapter for the
        • Each chapter has aPart I. A Sketch of theundergraduate students, are1. The Introductions to at Gotama;ofcomparative religion eme
                                                                      philosophy (general), Buddhism,
                     Introduction: Alvin Plantinga, Plantinga’s workDeane-Peter distinguished
                                                         graduate students, academic Baker; 1. Natural theology Graham• Oppy; 2. Evil and Alvin
                                                                      philosophy,Contemporary Philosophy of contributors An appendix containin
        • The only volume of its kind dedicated toGod’s philosopher • Featuring aresearchers team in Focus
                                                                                    religious studies
                                                         field giving philosophy solid grounding in the subject • Emphasises philosophical reflectio
                                                                      students a (general), religious studies Philosophy
        • A balanced and broad introduction to the undergraduate students, graduate Introductions to(general)
                                                                                   Cambridge students
                     Preface; Part I. The Nature of God: 1. Attributes of God: independence, goodness, and power; 2. Attributes of God: eter
                                                                       the context of major Hegel studies, analytic philosophy
        • Puts recent Hegelian trends in analytic philosophy in philosophyofgraduatedevelopments within that tradition • Explains the difficulti
                                                         academic researchers,Modern European
                                                                                      the Kant-Hegel tradition; 1. McDowell, Sellars, and the myth of th
                     Introduction: analytic philosophy and the fall and rise (general), studentsPhilosophy
                     Introduction; the field of somaesthetics of philosophy an analysis of bodily The silent, limping body of philosophy:of ge
                                                         graduate students, academic researchers ethics, cognitive psychology, women’s soma
                                                                       the self: the case of Foucault;
        • Explains and develops 1. Somaesthetics and careby elaborating of mind, aesthetics,2. awareness • Integrates the disciplinesandphil
                      a level which requires the reader to have no mathematical science3. Turing computability; 4. Uncomputability; logic cour
                                                          Enumerability; 2.computer background ▪
        ▪ Written at Part I. Computability Theory: 1.graduate students, academic researchers Covers staple topics for intermediate 5. Abacus
                                                                      logic, Diagonalization;
                     Preface; 1. An overview of andundergraduate InsightsCambridge Applied andThe capitalist system and • Gibson moves
                                                          discussion philosophy Uses ethical theory;Ethics
                                                                        2. students, graduate students 3. management, the globe its ethical implica
                                                                                    from case studies
        • Includes end of chapter case studies business ethics;questions •(general), business drawn from aroundapplied ethics, business eth
                     Preface; 1. The environment as an Ethics social, of 2.Cambridge Appliedin the geography, the environment (general)
                                                         undergraduate students, leading scholars Ethics
                                                                      question; the graduate students Meta-ethics; 4. Normative yet philosophically
                                                                                     Human morality; 3.
        ▪ An opinionated introduction to Environmental ethical by one political and legal philosophy, field ▪ Clearly written, ethics; 5. Humans
                                                                      philosophy, of the history of philosophy to modern political Political apology, f
        • Unusual range of topics in its discussion from unexamined parts politics at its best; 3. Imperfect forgiveness; 4. discussions of forg
                                                         graduate students, academic researchers
                     Prologue; 1. Forgiveness ancient and modern; 2. Forgiveness
                     Preface; Kantian ethics that worth; 3. Ethical theory; Rawlsian or law; 5. Humanity; 6. Autonomy; 7. Freedom; 8. Virtue
        • An interpretation of1. Reason; 2. Moral differs from the received 4. The moral'constructivist' reading on many points • A defense of
                                                                      philosophy, history of ideas undergraduates, graduates
                     Introduction; Part I. Naturalism:academic researchers, related topics • Includes articles published in obscure challenges
        • Comprises ten important articles on normativity, naturalism, and Cambridge Studies in PhilosophyFour epistemologicalplaces as w
                                                                      moral philosophy, metaethics naturalism?; 2.
                                                                                    graduate 1. Why
                                                          Epistemology and Metaphysics: students
                     an original approach feeling, metaphysics, and music;graduate studentsPhilosophyorigins untranslated texts • Offers n
        • Proposes Introduction; 1. Form,to the understanding of music • Considers many largely neglected andof modernity; 3. Rhythm and
                                                                      philosophy Modern European
                                                                                     2. Music, language, and philosophy of music, aesthetics
                                                         academic researchers,(general), music (general),the
                     The Expression of Mind in Narrative Gregory Currie;growing importance and interest ▪ Covers a and range of philosoph
                                                         papers on a topic of The Narrative Practice
        ▪ This volume brings together nine original academic researchers, graduate students Hypothesis: Origins wide Applications of Folk
                                                                                   Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplements
                     1. What is loyalty?; 2. Friendship about the 3. What isgraduate students
                                                                      moral philosophy, political Against • Contains the first extended gratitude an
        • A good introduction to the different debates and belief; role of loyalty in ethics and politics patriotism; 5. Filial duty: debt, philosophica
                                                         academic researchers, patriotism?; 4.theory
                     1. Introduction; of evolutionaryacademic researchers,(general), social theory, moral philosophy, game theory
                                                         game theory in philosophy and the social 5. Fairness; 6. Retribution; 7. Multiplayer game
        • An introduction to the use2. Types of evolutionary models; 3. Cooperation;students sciences • Uses computer simulations to mode
                                                                      philosophy graduate 4. Trust;
                     Foreword to the second edition graduate students, undergraduate students centuryliberation chapters by leading Part I
                                                         Christopher Rowland; Introduction: the(general), social, political and legal philosophy, soc
                                                                      Christian theology, politics 21st
                                                                                   Cambridge the theology of • Includes
        • New essays chart the development of liberation theology at the beginning ofCompanions to Religion Christopher Rowland;liberat
                                                         the Old Testament world, the Jewish responseWorld: 1. The Roman the ancestors; 2. Th
                                                                      biblical Part I. Ancient Near-East to Greek and clergy
        • Chronological in organization, describing graduate students, studies,The Old students, general readers,world of cultures, and the for
                     The concept of God's people; Bibliographic essay; undergraduate Testament studies, classics
                     Introduction; 1. Western Christianities Winrich contextualized understanding of the periodKnut Schäerdiek; 3. Greek Ch
                                                                                     Germanic History Christianities • Explores divergent beliefs a
        • The multidisciplinary approach of the volume promotes aLöhr; 2.Cambridge(general)undergraduate students, clergy history, ancien
                                                                      church history, history and Celtic Christianity
                                                         academic researchers, graduate students,ofbefore 1500, ancient/classical
                     Preface R. approach of Part I.academic researchers,Cambridge(general)undergraduate students,Christianity Emerge
                                                          Luther anda new history, historystudents,ofafter 1500, reformer theology, history of idea
                                                                        the Holy Roman to this crucial chapter in Christian of clergy
        • The multi-disciplinary Po-chia Hsia;the volume brings church dimension Empire: 1. Martin Luther,the historyScott Hendrix; 2. The his
                                                                                    graduate History Christianity                              •
                     Introduction Thomas Worcester; Part I. Ignatius ofhistory, history (general) milieuandthe young Ignatius Lu Ann Homza;• 2
                                                         and other authors, from graduate religious afterto of several countries
        • Offers multiple points of view from Jesuit undergraduate students,several academic fields, 1500, Catholicism, Jesuit history
                                                                                   Cambridge students
                                                                      church Loyola: 1. The Companions Religion
                     1. by international group of prominent scholars covering both centralmodern Judaism Michael L. Includes a helpful Eli G
                                                         philosophy,philosophy,Cambridge students and Religion
                                                                        modern philosophy, and figures
        • New essays Introduction: modern Jewish graduate students, undergraduate Companions tomajor themes • Morgan and Peter chron
                                                                                    Jewish studies
                     Introduction; Part I: to the Talmud and Rabbiniccollective Talmud,academic disciplines that orality of Rabbinic • Cutting
                                                                       as a literature, and theCompanions studies, literature, classics
        • Clear, accessible introduction 1. Rabbinic authorship Jewish studies,enterprise Martin S. Jaffee; 2. The currently explore it writing E
                                                                                   Cambridge Rabbinical to Religion
                     List of figures the most comprehensive analyses of performance measurement ever written, thoroughly revised Theore
        • Second edition of one ofand tables; Introduction Andy Neely; Part I. studies, business performance, strategic Analyses and and upd
                                                                      organizational Performance Measurement -
                                                         academic researchers, graduate students, professionalsFunctional management
                     Preface; 1. The research process; 2. Experimental and quasi-experimental in management-related disciplines such as o
Management Research Methods is a comprehensive guide to the design and conduct of research designs; 3. Correlation field study (survey) de
                                                         graduate about Introduction: the political economy, political sociology1. The myths and r
                                                                      business, economics, Provides executive compensation;
        • Settles the debate now raging in the United Statesmeets; CEO pay levels •battle overtheoretical touchstones and real-world guidan
                     Prologue: the compensation committee students
                     List of tables; Acknowledgements; Prologue; 1. Introduction; 2. The development the MBA, perhaps business school; 3
                                                                      business Critically examines the role schools,
        • First serious, empirically-based study of the business school • education, MBAs, business ofand diffusion of the the world’s most im
                                                         academic researchers, graduate students, professionals business management
                     multiple Tables; Acknowledgements; 1. Outsourcing; 2.humanwe know about outsourcing; 3. A new perspective; 4. The
        • Draws on Figures; social science perspectives to provide a thorough analysis of the various forms and stages of the outsourcing p
                                                                      outsourcing, What resource management,
                                                         graduate students, academic researchers, professionalsorganization, strategic managem
                      topical, a sustainable path for academic researchersmarketing, industry Michael patenting science policy,Patients’ Rig
                                                         the 21st century pharmaceutical medicine, and A. Santoro; Part I. Profits, social philos
        • ExtremelyChartingaccessible collection on drug pricing, safety, sociology ofadvertising,political science, First book to bring together
                     List of diagrams; integrative approach note; Introduction: Orientation in economic-ethical thinking; Part I. seriously abou
        • Offers a highly original and Preface; Translator's to business ethics and economics • Challenges the reader to think Fundamental C
                                                                      business ethics
                                                         academic researchers, graduate students
                     List of figures; List of tables; organizational performance Broadstudents of topics relevant I. Building More Effective
                                                         graduate students, undergraduate coverage human resource to both individual and org
        ▪ Reviews practices associated with highList of contributors; Foreword;▪Preface; Acknowledgements; Part management, organization
                                                                      managing effective organizations,
                     List of figures; List of tables; List of relationships across a range human resourceManagementcontemporary, leading-ed
                                                         academic researchers,Cambridge of business contexts • Offers organizations, strategic
        • Documents the transformation of employmentcontributors; Introduction Peter Cappelli; 1. Corporate restructuring and the employm
                                                                                     relations, Companions to management,
                                                                      employmentgraduate students, professionals
                         List of figures; want tables; businesses researchers, graduate students others decide against this course
                                                            academic and then actually do Part I. PERCEPTIONS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 1. e
                                                                         entrepreneurship, new business
Why do some individuals decide they List ofto createAcknowledgements; Introduction; so? Why do development, corporate strategy of action,E
                         Acknowledgements; Introduction: prisons,researchers, in organizations • Contains of power in organizations; 2. Accessib
                                                            academic playgrounds and parliaments; 1. Faces many original case studies
            • Applies up-to-date social theory to explain power and resistance graduate studentsin organizations, organizational theory• Faces of
                                                                         organizational studies, power
                          comparative text in the field • Equally valuable as a text for HRM students general management, industrial relations
                                                                         human academic researchers, and practitioners
            • Only truly 1. Performance, rewards and HRM: concepts, options and controversies; Part I. Conceptual Foundations: 2. Strategic di
                                                            graduate students, resource management, professionals
                          different aspects Introducing the Strategy as Practice perspective;intoPracticalissues in strategy Gives background to
                                                                           provides expert insight 2. current theories; 3. strategy, organizational stra
            • IntegratesPreface; Part I: 1. of strategy research, andstrategic management, corporate strategy, micro Doing •research on doingbeh
                                                            graduate students, academic researchers
                          the art' critical intellectual on academic work • Covers modernity, 'civil social anthropology,Civil •
                                                            Gellner's researchers, graduate students
                                                                         social theory, politicla theory, society', and Part I. philosophy
            • A 'state ofIntroduction: ancommentaryrebel with a cause Mark Haugaard and Sini?a Male?evic; nationalism Society, Coercion and
                                                             Framework: 1. The authority of public intellectuals; moral of public intellectuals ▪ Feature
                                                                         social to offer a comprehensive
            ▪ Synthesizes old and new theories of creativity and courage theory, sociology, political new sociologyphilosophy the new; 3. Courag
                         Introduction; Part I. Theoretical academic researchers, graduate students theory, 2. The problem of
                         1. model differences in health: addressingmedical sociology,both?; 2. Gender studies, health studies, political science,
                                                              are they biological, social or researchers
                                                                           decisions made various levels to shape health-related constrained • Exa
            • Introduces a Genderof constrained choicegraduate students, academicatwomen’s/gender and barriers to health: opportunitieschoice
                         1. Introduction of the Muslim Christians researchers, memory, amity and enmities Tarek Mitri; 3. Islam in the European
                                                            academic in Europe, addressing a major
            • Offers a complete pictureEffie Fokas; 2. experienceand Muslims: graduate studentsgap in the scholarship on The question ofinterna
                                                                         political sociology, Islamic studies, European studies, political science, Euro-
                         Introduction: Theorizing the work of globalsociology, political science, international and society, poltical healing literature
            • An interdisciplinary study drawing from the fields of researchers,Cambridgein a bottle: on law studies, philosophy, law and of wound
                                                                         justice; 1. A graduate students, undergraduate students
                                                                                        message Cultural Social Studies
                                                            academic social theory, human rights studies, bearing witness; 2. The science, cultural
                         Introduction: Feminism, bodies academic researchers,Cambridge Studies bodygenderfirstthe Life Sciences of sex; Part
                                                             and biological sex; Partgraduateand of the in 1.•Folding feminist histories cultural stud
                                                                                         I. Hormone medicine, The and women's studies,
            • Introduces and discusses important recent developments in feminist theories Histories:Society andhormonal science studies book I
                                                                         sociology of science students
                         Part I. Introduction: the results of a national survey of Cambridge Drug Misuse among Criminals: 3. Drug misuse among
                                                                                        a large II. drugs arrestees in the
            • Brings together in one volume1. Background; 2. Research methods; Partsample of and Criminology UK exploring drug use and crim
                                                                         Criminology, deviance, Studies in society graduate text
                                                              law; • Will Theoretical Foundations ofto social theory, social on and the rise and law
                                                                          appeal to sociologists and the
            • A systematic discussion of the sociology of lawPart researchers, graduate studentslegal scholars working andjurisprudence of the s
                         Introduction: sociology, society,academic I.sociology of law, jurisprudence, Sociology of Law: 1. Lawpolitical philosophy
                         1. Introduction; 2. Planning international students, academic ofmethods,summaries and keyguide; 4. Training the focus g
                                                             Features text group research; 3. Preparing the sciences, students allowing readers to
                                                                         qualitative research chapter social discussion terms,
            • Focuses on developing country settings •graduate focusboxes and end researchers, undergraduate health sciences, developmentg
                         Part I. from a counterfactual perspective •quantitative graduate students of Social effects • Examples counterfactual mo
                                                             and Empirical Researchfor the estimation for political science, psychology, sociology, p
                                                                          Techniquesmethods Methods
            • Causal inferenceCounterfactual Causalityacademic researchers,Analytical in sociology,causalIntroduction; 2. The fromeconometrics
                                                                                           in    Social Sciences: 1. Research
                         1. History, biography and between politicalnarrativeand personalstudents research methods,of inspiration; 4. Themusic, r
                                                            academic researchers, graduate stories, with references to political sociology, United
                                                                          change research, listening;
            • Accessible study of the relationship political narratives; 2. Reflections onqualitative3. England: stories academic literature,political p
                           most tables; and comprehensive studystudents, academic researchers in theInformation Economy: Networks of dev
                                                            graduate of Part I. DevelopmentAnalysis
                                                                         sociology, Structural economics, Social Sciences, Celtic
                                                                                       organization the political institutions studies
            • This is theList of detailedList of abbreviations; Preface; the socialinternationalin and Global developmentof the 23 1. Tiger economy •
                         1. Research process; 2. Theory and method; End of chapter exercises use action learning approach emphasizing learn
            • Balance between qualitative and quantitative methods •3. Research design; 4. Measurement; 5. Ethical and political issues; 6. Sam
                                                                         research methods;
                                                            first year undergraduate text undergraduate students; graduate students
                                                            graduate students, academic researchers Developmental view of natural variations with
            • Unique apprach using both survey and official statisics to compare results which gives rise to a widepathways tosocial work, crimin
                                                                         developmental, clinical, and 2.
                         Introduction; 1. Prevalence of aggression and violence in adolescence; social psychology; psychiatry, violence; 3. Perso
                         Foreword on issues pertaining to children Deals with practical issues and solutions psychophysiological interactionist
            • Focuses exclusivelySteve W. Porges; Preface Louis •A. Schmidt and Sidney J. Segalowitz; 1. Ato overcome them • Provides resea
                           novel ways dynamic systems approach todevelopmental psychology, biological psychology disease and crises • Sha
                                                                          fostering human face of poverty, violence, neglect,
            • ConsidersPreface: the in which to enhance human development in the development Alan Fogel, Barbara J. King and Stuart G.Writ
                                                            academic researchers, graduate students
                         1. Discursive provides a unique and debates Alexa Hepburn researchers analysis, I. Psychology in Action: 2. Managin
                                                            graduate students, academic and Sally analytical strands in discursive research • Featu
            • An introductory chapter research - themes overview of the diverse theoretical andWiggins; Part social psychology, qualitative resea
                                                                         discourse analysis, conversation
                         1. Introduction; 2. Evolutionary academic researchers,Studies in and opportunitiesrepresentations of deviance and their e
                                                            origins of basis of social control students Mental to influence its
            • Offers a deeper understanding of the psychologicalsocial responses to deviance; 3. and health psychology potentially harmful con
                                                                                        graduate psychology, Social Interaction
                                                                         social and personality Emotion
                         Preface; Part represent latest research inresearchers, general practitioners,cognitive diagnostic assessment in educatio
                                                            academic the emerging area of 1. Defining graduate students assessment
            • Self-contained chapters I. The Basis of Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment: cognitive diagnostic testing Step-by-step description o
                                                                         cognitive and educational psychology, psychological
                         Acknowledgements; Introduction; controversial issues graduate students, be psychology of war; 3. House and home; 4.
                                                            academic researchers, about what philosophy
                                                                         psychology, education, should undergraduate students
            • Accessible to general reader • Raises many 1. Learning and self-understanding; 2. The included in high school and college curricu
                         Preface Richard Lowe and Wolfgang Schnotz; Based graduate students, andinternationally acknowledged experts and s
                                                            academic researchers, on recent Search of Processing: 1. sciences, computer in the
            • The only comprehensive, theory-based text on this topic •Part I. Information researchgeneraleducationalEffects of knowledgescienc
                                                                         cognitive and educational psychology, practitioners
                         Foreword: towards the major topics and didactic approach neuroeducation • Contains contributions from philosophy inte
                                                            academic researchers, graduate Levi-Montalcini;neuroscience, education, a group of T
                                                                         emerging field psychology, cognitive Part I. The Mind, Brain and Education
            • Presents a broad overview ofa new pedagogic in the developmental of Rita students
                           theoretical analyses and empirical studies which means it can be Doing: Social, human development, 3. Commognition
                                                            academic researchers,Learning in read as an introduction and Computational Perspecti
                                                                          1. Puzzling graduate students thinking; 2. Objectification; discourse paradi
            • CombinesIntroduction; Part I. Discourse on Thinking:cognitive and educational psychology,Cognitiveto a particular research analys
                                                                                        about mathematical
                         Preface Aidan Feeney and Evan Heit; area • Crosses over to other study such as Heit; 2. The development of inductive
            • Includes articles from leading researchers in this 1. What is induction and why areas it? Evan deductive reasoning, decision making
                         Preface; Part years across theundergraduateit an authoritative, reliable andcognitive psychology, Revised and expande
                                                             world making thinking?; 2. The students well developed text social psychology
            • Class tested for over 10I. Thinking in General: 1. What isstudents, graduatestudy of thinking; 3. Rationality; •4. Logic; Part II. Probab
                                                                         judgement and decision making,
                         Introduction; family of four case study, grounding social practice; 2. Theorizing persons in Includes a of social practice; 3.
                                                            graduate students,the book's researchers,concrete cognitiveand Computational Perspecti
                                                                         social academic cultural psychology, lives ▪ psychology, educational psy
            ▪ Builds on an extensive 1. Researching psychotherapy as a psychology,argument in Social, Cognitivestructures socio-cultural appoa
                                                                                       Learning in Doing: professionals
                         1. Reinforcement Sensitivity ofgraduate important models of personalityThe neuropsychology Demonstrates how a fou
                                                              the (RST): introduction Philip J. Corr; 2. from experts in field • clinical psychology, neur
            • Features cutting-edge research on oneTheory moststudents, academic researchers,individual differences, of fear and anxiety: basic
                                                                         psychology of personality and undergraduate students
                         1. A bombshell in a yet even 2. Beyond find their Effect; 3. Towards a new science intelligence; and researchers IQ
                                                                         psychology, intelligence, intelligence enhanced • academic figures make
            • The style is simple and direct, letter box;experts will the Flynn understanding of cognitivetheorystudents, Boxes 4. Testing the Dicken
                                                            general readers, undergraduate students, graduate of
                         1. The individual a range of experts in thework psychology, organisational Psychology,
                                                                          field of Work and Organizational
            • Contains contributions fromin the changing working researchers, graduate students psychology ensuring high quality and depth
                                                            academic life: introduction Katharina Näswall, Johnny Hellgren and Magnus Sverke; Part
                         1. Introduction Ward Edwards, Ralph F. advanced level Chapters written and behavioral haveFoundations of contrib
                                                            academic researchers, graduate Winterfeldt; Part I. History and made significant
                                                                         psychology, public policy, social by authors that
            • Covers the broad scope of decision analysis at an Miles, Jr and Detlof von students, professionals sciences, statistics Decision
                         1. Background to psychobiology; 2. to adopt a psychological approach – 3. Behavioural endocrinology; 4. Neurological
            • The first textbook on hormones and behaviourHormones and the endocrine system; aimed directly at psychology students, rather t
                         Part of an exciting field thus faracademic Morris Moscovitch andscience, scientificPart II. The Cognitive Science of add
                                                              considered beyond the cognitive legitimate
                                                                         psychology, scope of Evan Thompson; investigation •
            • Unique survey I: 1. Introduction Philip David Zelazo,researchers, graduate students philosophy, anthropology Leading scholars Con
                         Part I. Theoretical and and editors' conclusions, which graduate studentsfor future III. From Orientation to Meaning; Par
                                                            academic researchers, offer suggestions
            • Includes an editorial introduction Methodological Issues; Part II. From Nature to Culture; Partdevelopments • The different sections
                                                                         psychology, social anthropology
                                                            academic researchers, graduate students, violence behavior covered from Part IV. Inter
            • Impressive breadth of coverage, including genetic research • Topics of violence andprofessionals neuro-science an internation
                                                                         psychology, psychiatry, Part III. Individual Factors and Violence;
                         Part I. General Perspectives; Part II. Biological Bases of Violence; sociology, criminology,
                         1. My 5 national something is wrong withresearchers, psychology, clinical services and national leadership The descrip
                                                            academic me; national basic readers
                                                                         personality general on psychological testing
            • Author has won wife thinksawards for scientific research,2. The 16impactdesires; 3. Intensity of motivation; 4. Normal •personality ty
                         1. A psychological framework for analysingpsychology, sociology, students features a succinct preview summarising its c
                                                                          risk; 2. Hazard • Each chapter
            • Includes state of the art summary of empirical research with critiquesperception; 3. Individual and group differences in risk percept
                                                            undergraduate students, graduate environmental studies, planning, management, medici
                         Preface; Part I. Intelligence: 1. Background and wisdom • Based on The theory 25 successful intelligence; Part II. Creativ
                                                            graduate students, academic researchers than of years of research • Work on which the
                                                                           work on intelligence; 2. more
            • Only comprehensive theory of intelligence, creativity,psychology, education, cognitive science
                         Introduction: reading individuals; 1. The tragedy legal Contemporary Political Theory and gender identities • Applies its c
                                                            twentieth researchers, cases pertaining to racial, sex and women's studies, race interp
            • Includes examinations of nineteenth and academiccentury of theory,Reimer; 2. Racial identification and identity; 3. Race andstudie
                                                                                        graduate students
                                                                         political David political philosophy, gender
                         Introduction: towards an Aversive Democracy provides anpolitical philosophy, social theory
                                                            academic of democracy; 1. account of how democratic subjectivity is constituted and how
                                                                         political theory, Democracy,
Engaging with contemporary democratic theory,aversive accountresearchers, graduate studentsuniversalization and (dis)agreement; 2. Democr
                          account of the traditional, natural-law positions are persons; 3. Hedonism and hedonistic drug-taking; 4. Abortion; 5. Eu
            • A detailed1. Human beings are animals; 2. Human beingson the most controversial issues of the day including abortion, hedonism
                          sophisticated Explaining the electoral performance ofgraduate students in the Theory of Democracy, 7empirical eviden
                                                                         political theory, comparative politicsprovide exceptionally rich
                                                                                         incumbents Chapters
            • IntegratesIntroduction; 1.theoretical analysis with rigorous empirical research •in democracies Belén Barreiro; 2. How can governm
                                                            academic researchers,Cambridge Studies
                          the role of fear in the formationacademic researchers, graduate students
                                                              and consolidation ‘Carthage must be history 3. Enemies at the gates: in political though
                                                                         political theory, intellectual saved’;
            ▪ Examines Prologue; Introduction; 1. Negative association; 2. of political groups and alliances ▪ Traces the history, Machiavelli’s retu
                         Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Political French Liberalism has become veryFrench history, least inpolitical thought
                                                                                          ideas, post-revolutionary the invention liberal North America,
            • A major contribution to the study of French Liberalism •thought ingraduate students France:influential, not of aristocratic liberalism
                                                                         the history Ideas in Context, 89
                                                            academic researchers,ofeighteenth century
                           statement on Hobbes by one of Notes onthe history of ideas, •Introductory: Hobbes’s humanist beginnings; 2. from Pro
                                                            graduate students, academic 1.political philosophy, early modern British history
                                                                          the text; historians Concise,
            • Major newIllustrations; Acknowledgements; the world’s leading Preface; researchers authoritative and accessible - derived The Elem
                          new and neglected primary sources in the history of feminism feminists; and women's studies, cultural history Edward
                                                            academic researchers,of ideas, feminism 2.
                                                                         the history Ideas in Links the history of feminism to its contemporary
            • Draws on Introduction; 1. ‘Fastidious, difficult, different’: Anglo-American•Context, 84 Transatlantic interchanges and rival storm-ce
                                                                                        graduate students
Christian Thomasius (1655-1728) was a tireless campaigner against the political enforcement of religion in the early modern confessional state
                                                                                       Ideas in Context, 87
                                                            academic researchers,Ideas in social Hobson • Contains a detailed H. Green; 3. Betwee
                                                                                        2. Ritchie, Kantianism and Utilitarianism: T. philosophical chapte
            • Features individual chapters devoted to each of Green, Hobhouse, Betweenandand political philosophy, modern British history
                                                                         the history graduate students
                         1. Introduction; Part I. Consequentialist Perfectionism:of ideas, Context, 83
                                                                                       Ideas in Context, political thinkers in Britain imagined and theoris
Victorian Visions of Global Order explores many of the most important and influential ways that86
                         Part term of Blair's leadership of Labour ▪ Anthony Seldon is a recognized policy
            ▪ Covers the full I. Politics and Government: 1. The Blair premiership Dennisand public authority on British Prime Ministers, and Tony
                                                                         British politics, social Kavanagh; 2. Parliament Philip Cowley; 3. Elections an
                                                            undergraduate students, general readers
                         1. American government: rightsundergraduate students, academic American political history
                                                              approach, American government, researchers• Contains Experiences: 2. at the end of
                                                                          a new approach and conflict; Part
            • Uses the American Political Development and democracy, consensusin political scienceI. Formativerich case studies Political cultu
                         1. Executive plans and authorizations to violate international orders and abettmentscriminal law, executive detainees; 2.
                                                                         American government, international law, regarding unlawful of powers grad
            • Most thorough attention to US executive common plan, authorizations, law concerning treatment and interrogationdetention and int
                         sophisticated defense of the prolife position1. Abortion and moral argument; students,the philosophical, scientific, and
                                                            final year undergraduate • Theundergraduate defends academic researchers
                                                                            on abortion text, only book that legal philosophy
            • The most Part I. Moral Reasoning, Law, and Politics:American politics, social, political, 2. The Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade,legal a
                                                         graduate and creating strategy for The domestic context a graphic model that illustrates
            • Provides a systematic way of analyzing, critiquing, students, environment; 3. foreign affairs • Offers for strategy; 4. Interests, Threat
                                                                     American foreign researchers, professionals
                        1. Defining strategy; 2. The international strategic academic policy, international relations, diplomacy
                         legal and constitutional analysis of an important social issue3. An students approach to the reform of government insti
                                                         graduate students, undergraduate innovative
                                                                     U.S. government • The privatization law
            • A creative1. Introduction; 2. The privatization movement: an overview; policy, constitutionalof government functions; 4. The public-

                         1. Innocence and the death penalty debate; analyses • Focused punishment, 3.‘innocence movement’ currently discusse
                                                            graduate students, death penalty onAmerica;of A chronology of innocence; 4. The shifti
                                                                          public opinion, capital in the rise public policy
           • Highly sophisticated technical treatment with statistical2. Theacademic researchers
                         Introduction: enter at your own risk; Part students, undergraduate studentspolicy, US in the late 20thstudies ▪ resistance
                                                            graduate I. American government, politics,
                                                                          Raising the Issue of Sexual Harassment: law, women's century
           ▪ An interdisciplinary exploration of the emergence of the movement against sexual harassment 1. Articulating the wrong: Based on
                         Part theory of single-party dominance and thesingle-party dominance American politics research monograph
                                                                          of democratization of competitive authoritarian regimes Puts Dominant pa
           • First complete I. The Macro Perspective: 1. A theory Comparative politics, Latin and opposition party development; 2. Mexico’s polit
                         1. The political origins of durable authoritarianism; 2. comparative of ruling analysis Explains why true 'regime change
           • Provides cross-regional comparisons, qualitative methods, and The inceptionhistorical parties; 3. Institutional legacies and coalition
                                                            undergraduate students politics
                         1. interdisciplinary boundaries ▪ 2. The politics of inequality; 3. The funding and biases of American theory of4. History an
                                                              Analyzes failures of prior efforts students
                                                                          comparative politics, at campaign finance reform ▪ New politics; public fundi
           ▪ Cuts across The economics of inequality;academic researchers, graduate political economy
                         1. sophisticated, a classification of all deeply divided societies comparative open tostatehood, and hegemony in multin
                                                            academic researchers, graduate triangle: democracy, them • Great historical examples
           • TheoreticallyEthno-national conflict in multinational polities; 2. Thepolitics, and solutions constitutional law, international relations h
                                                                          comparative crucial students
                         Introduction: scholars to reflect and deliberative democracy Mark E. Warren and Hilary Pearse; large-scale govern
                                                            academic researchers,Theories of Institutional Assembly as the first
           • Brings together leadingdemocratic renewalon the merits of the British Columbia Citizens’ Design economy 1. Who shouldapplicat
                                                                                          politics, students
                                                                          comparativegraduate political theory, political
                         Part I. to assess the impact of welfare states and economy, 3.students
                                                            academic researchers, graduate The people's daily discretionary time; Partsociology, peo
                                                                           Discretionary regimes on distribution of lives • Analyses how II. Time soc
           • The first attempt Introduction: 1. Time and money; 2. politicalgendertime;comparative politics, political theory, politicalmuch timePres
                         Introduction: 1. accountability accountabilities Edward Weisband and sectors Ebrahim; Part I. Public Accountability:studie
                                                            academic public, private and nonprofit Alnoor • Balances conceptual material with Part
           • The first book to examine Forging global across the researchers, graduate students politics, international relations, businessengag
                                                                          political economy, comparative
                         Introduction: growing apart? America's relationship the politics, students Steinmo and Jeffrey Kopstein; 1. The religiou
                                                            academic Europe in with21st world ▪ Brings together a
                                                                          comparative the century Sven
           ▪ Explores the underlying forces shapingAmerica and researchers, graduate international relations unique mix of world-class experts
                         Introduction; 1. of national identity formation  Studiesgraduate assumptions and methods; 3.studies, comparative polit
                                                            academic researchers, three European studies, Central Asian The discourse of globaliz
                                                                          Russian and East nations in post-Soviet Eurasia: Russia (Astrakhan), Kazakh
           • An empirical examination Global responses to globalization; 2. Theoretical students
                         1. human dimension of a revolution and asocial movements,undergraduate Contentious Politicsand Against the Revolut
                                                            revolution and exodus;Cambridge and Against the Republic,approach to study immigratio
                                                                            refugee exodus • For both a in students, general readers
                                                                                         Part I. comparative politics, macro For
           • Captures thePolitical disaffection: Cuba's final year undergraduate text, UsesStudies micro andLatin American politics, immigration,
                                                                          in developing of 'bad governance' ▪ Combines Between coercion and contrac
           ▪ Explains why taxation is an important issue in relation to questions countries Deborah Bräutigam; 2. historical and theoretical conte
                                                            academic researchers, graduate students
                         1. Introduction: taxation and state-building political economy, comparative politics, development studies, economics
                          methods to ascertain the equation; 2. Detecting lives of the3. Election news•and angry viewers’ reactions to officially con
                                                                           in the channels; Russian public Analyses viewers; 4. Excavating conceale
           • Uses new1. The missing term inthe role of television Russian politics, political communications, media studies, social psychology,
                                                            academic researchers, graduate students
                         topical and provocative Based on rigorous analysisgraduate political theory, economics, political economy
                                                     •      academic researchers,Cambridge Studies of Comparative studentscountries Fiscal policy
                                                                          comparative Discusses a topic in crucial importance to
                                                                                        • politics, students, undergraduate Politics
           • Politically 1. Introduction; 2. The political process; 3. Administrative efficiency; 4. Competition among governments; 5. throughout t
                                                            in the legal comparative the rule of law, democracy, and the effectiveness of rights ▪ Goes
                                                                           system; on politics, human in
           ▪ Demonstrates the crucial impact of socio-economic inequality2. Charting injustice rights, judicial Brazil, and Uruguay; 3. Information
                         1. Effectiveness and inequality graduate students, academic researchers Argentina, politics, Latin American studies
                          the political membership theory of apologies; 2. Historypolitics, sociology of race in Australia, • Analyzes Zealand, g
                                                            academic researchers, graduate students and the United States
                                                                          comparative of New Zealand,
           • Examines 1. Toward a uses of official apologies in Australia, Canada,national memberships and ethnicityCanada, Newthe use ofan
                         hard to find/acquire original party documents as a basispolitics, Middlethe ICP a comprehensive study of the emergenc
                                                            undergraduate students, for Ascent • Eastern studies
           • Draws on 1. The Communist Party of Iraq: origins and foundations; 2. analysisof Presentsin Iraqi politics; 3. Party rift: the major even
                                                                          comparative graduate students
           • First comprehensive account of party development in Russia 1991-2005, looking at a national and local, mass and elite representa
                                                            undergraduate students,politics, post-Soviet
                                                                          comparative graduate entrepreneurship
                         1. Electoral markets and Russia's political smorgasboard; 2. Partystudents studies in Russia's electoral market, 1989-2
                         Preface and acknowledgements; actors, issues, institutions and to international relations: the origins relations today.
           • A lively introductory analysis of the theories,List of contributors; Introduction processes that animate international and changing age     •
                         1. Introduction: The inertia of foreign policies; 2. Cold War assumptions studies, ▪ Covers policy Korea to Kazakhsta
                                                            undergraduate students relations, Asian and changing realities; from
                                                                           region vital
           ▪ Wide-ranging criticism of recent US policy towards a internationalto its economic well-beingUS foreignAsia 3. Regional trends; 4. As
                         1. Comparing regionalism andacademic researchers, graduate students Latin America, Europe and the Middle East • O
                                                              the international relations AcharyaAfrica,
           • Features case studies ofregional institutions: an introduction Amitav of Asia,international organisations, international together, instit
                                                                          international relations, and Alastair Iain Johnston; 2. Hanging political econo
                         Notes on contributors; Editors’ introductioninternational relations the discipline • Marks an important from somewhere: re
                                                                            Nicholas Rengger to
           • Provides authoritative assessments of the importance of Critical Theory and Ben Thirkell-White; Looking back anniversary of 25 ye
                                                            graduate students, academic researchers
                         1. Introducing everyday IPE: Decentring ofinternationalgraduate economy, undergraduate students everyday Seabrook
                                                            the study researchers, - political students, international life • Relates Leonard IPE to po
           • Presents a novel theoretical approach to academicthethe world economy, by examining everyday relations,development studies, e
                                                                             discipline revitalising the margins John M. Hobson and
                         Part of World Bank and Structural adjustment programs undermine human rights; economic development • Willpromotes
                                                            academic researchers, graduate human rights with 2. Respect for human rights appeal
           • Strong critique I. The Argument: 1. IMF policies on the Third World • Links economy, comparative politics, development studies, hu
                                                                          international political students
                         1. Introduction; 2. The study of academic researchers,in relations, international organisations, international law get state
                                                            internationalquestions international relations: how international institutions can 5. Pow
           • Uses a new theoretical framework to address centralinternationalgraduate students
                                                                             institutions; 3. Monitoring arrangements; 4. Compliance mechanisms;
                         Part I. The Foundations: 1. of Internationalinternationallaw; 2. Theinternational Relations interdisciplinary lenses: realism
                                                              nature of internationaland International Law academic researchers Three lenses: realist,
                                                                            Relations Themes in students, • Develops 3 law; 3.
           • New textbook bridging the disciplines Theundergraduate students,relations, International law
                                                                                           graduate evolution of international
                           Australia‘s foremost foreign foreign policy; 3.students, academic researchersin Australian foreign policy • New chapter
                                                            undergraduate The policy process; making, international relations, Australian studies
                                                                            • The practical processes involved
           • Written by1. Introduction; 2. Conceivingpolicy expertsAustralian politics, policyCase Study: The Cambodia Peace Settlement; 4. Th
                         a Military emulation in the international system; to a possible neorealist theory 3. Arms and• Rich in nineteenth century
                                                                       • international graduate students
           • Develops 1. neglected aspect of neorealist theory  Points2. Theory of military emulation; of the statestatesand uncommon histo
                                                            undergraduate students,relations, Latin American studies
                         Foreword Antanas Mockus; highly topicalresearchers, graduate students, professionals, controls, and ammunition divers
                                                            academic subject of urban sources: licensed and political science, international 2. Com
                                                                          international the small arms violence, transfer undergraduate students
           ▪ Original, cutting-edge research on the Introduction; 1. MultiplyingSmall Armssecurity studies,unlicensed military production; public p
                                                                                          relations, Survey
                         1. new theory of a key issue in academic researchers, graduate peace • Has International studies, international history
                                                             international relations 2. A and students in awar peace Relations, 104nations and war
                                                                          international war theory Studies
                                                                                          relations, of regional special focus on States,
           • Introduces a Why some regions are peaceful and others are not;-Cambridge security studies, and peace; 3.the regional level, overlo
                         a new approach to the study of academic researchers, demonstrates how Defining and a significant difference in explai
                                                             interstate rivalries, to strategic rivalries; 2.
           ▪ Develops Part I. About Strategic Rivalries: 1. An introduction and graduate students rivalry makes identifying strategic rivalries in w
                                                                          international relations, war studies, conflict analysis
                         Part I. Introduction: 1. Reassessing the balance of balance of power, a central concept in students
                                                            graduate students, power; Part II.theory, security studies IR • Richard Little is and the b
           • Provides a comprehensive and original reassessment of the academic researchers, undergraduateModels: 2. Metaphorsone of Eu
                                                                          international relations Metaphors, Myths and
                         1. Introduction: the have nuclear weapons internationalgraduate 1945? Hiroshima and the originsconflictshistory
                                                            academic researchers,Cambridge security studies, US all the major of the involving th
                                                                           not been used since students, in International students 87
           • Asks a crucial question - why tradition of nuclear non-use; 2. Explaining non-use; 3.Study covers politics, internationalnuclear taboo
                                                                                          relations, Studies undergraduate Relations,
                         1. The refugee ‘problem’; Part I. The Refugee: A Conceptual Analysis: thisstudies,of the refugee?; 3.106 the problem in
                                                            academic researchers,Cambridge refugee in International Relations, The
                                                                           of international politics,Studies is one human rights
                                                                                          relations, but 2.
           • Refugee crises are a constant and important feature internationalgraduate students Who is (not) afirst studies to put refugee and th
                         Part know? How might we act? academic sets out 2. Thinking theory critically; Part II. Theory: radical and original theor
                                                             This future tense; to answer these fundamental questions in
                                                                          internationalgraduate students in International Relations, 105
                                                                                          relations, Studies
What is real? What can we I. Context: 1. Present imperfect:bookresearchers,Cambridge security studies, sociology a3. Security, emancipation,
                         1. common assumption that UN peacekeeping missions usuallystudents
                                                            Somalia, researchers, graduate failNamibia: organisations, 18 months oflaw
                                                                          international relations, international the based on success; 4. Salvador: ce
           • Debunks theIntroduction; 2. The failures: academicRwanda, Angola, Bosnia; 3. • Research is first major internationalElfield work and
                         1. The argument; 2. Modernization’s price; terrorism, political philosophy 4. Stages in volume offers bold, fresh rethin
                                                                           3. The existentialist diagnosis;
Five years after September 11, a sense of malaise and uncertainty surrounds the so-called war on terror. Thisthe trajectory ofaanti-modernism; 5
                         1. Governance by transparency; 2. An unlikely students,politics, political as academic researchers
                                                            undergraduate policy innovation; 3.such economy, economics reports, Megan‘sWhat ma
                                                                          comparative graduate Designing information-based regulation; 4. laws, nu
           • Offers powerful analysis of policy effectiveness to non-professional readers,students,corporate financial (general)
                         Part I. Cooperation and Variation: 1. International academic researchers globalization • Offers methodologicalAmerica
                                                            graduate students, science, great period economic history, II. Domestic Politics diversity
                                                                            regime, the first economics, of
           • The definitive work on the nineteenth century tradingpoliticalcooperation across time and space; Partinternational studies, and Trad
                         1. spread of free markets and academic researchers, graduate political economy, explain sociology, international relatio
                                                            democracy comparative politics, students, undergraduate students diffusion of an era o
                                                                           in the Simmons, Frank Dobbin and Geoffrey Garrett; 2.
           • Analyzes theIntroduction: the diffusion of liberalization Beth late twentieth-century, seeking to political the wideTax policy ineconomi
                                                            academic 2. Forgetting relations, German international relations • Uses German memor
           • An original contribution to the growing literature on the role of memory in politics andpolitics and history, social theory, cultural stud
                                                                          international to remember?; 3.
                         Preface; 1. Speaking of war and memory;researchers, graduate students Wounds of memory; 4. The truth of memory; 5
                           resource for students and K. Noble; Introduction; Part Offers solutions to Condition and text it Came to describing wo
                                                                          terrorism, international criminal the graduate How
           • EnormousPrologue; Foreword Ronaldresearchers of bioviolence I. The Bioviolencelaw, bioviolence threat, not just Be: 1. Why the
                         Introduction; 1. Israeli it meansundergraduate students, Middle East, Geography and demography:
                                                             to be an Israeli in today's Israel An informed economics,
                                                                          politics of governance; 2. history, and informative account of the social, dem
           • Five Israeli academics ask what society: diversity, tensions andthe general• readers, professionals sociology spatial transformatio
                                                                                        The World Since 1980
                         1. Introduction; information, including previously The exacerbation governmentKennedy medical archives • Blends sop
                                                            academic researchers, graduate students the
                                                                          American politics, policy, of from
           • Provides detailed archival2. Aging, illness, and addiction; 3.unpublished material personality: Woodrow Wilson; 4. Leading while dy
                         1. Introduction: of Latin America, Russia, and the Baltics An political origins of religious liberty; • Colonial British Ame
           • Religious liberty in America, liberty, laws, graduateand regulation; 2. •The economic interpretation of religion 3.The spread of freedom
                                                                          politics, religious studies
                                                                                        Cambridge students
                                                            religion, students, undergraduate Studies in Social Theory, Religion and Politics
                         thorough and up-to-date 3. Wealth; 4. distribution of wealth 6. Divided • Written A gender agenda; 8. Driving the disp
           • The most 1. Inequality; 2. Incomes;account of theThe rich; 5. The poor; in Australiaspaces; 7.by Australia’s leading expert on the ec
                         1. An introduction to of social justice drawing on the work of Nobel Laureate John Maurice Salles and ideas,A. political ph
                                                            academic researchers, graduate Marc Fleurbaey, Harsanyi and distinguished Weymark
                                                                          economics, political science, political philosophy, history of John political soc
           • Essays explore core questions justice, political liberalism, and utilitarianismstudents
                         Preface; Part I. Keynes’s Unaccomplished history of economic thought,Contains biographical essays on some of the mo
                                                            academic researchers, (The Federico • post-Keynesian economics
                                                                           Revolution graduate students
           • Presents a first-hand perspective on the development of Keynesian economics Caffé Lectures, 1995) : 1. A decision to break with
                         Part I. Classic Discussions: 1. On the definition and method of leading economy
                                                            academic researchers, undergraduate philosopher of Stuart Mill; • Objectivity both def
           • Brings together both historical and contemporary selections • Edited by apoliticalstudents John economics 2.Represents and unde
                                                                          economics, philosophy, political science, history of science, philosophy and h
                         List of figures; List of tables; Preface; Acknowledgements;the 'star analysis' global challenge; 1. The global studies • Exte
                                                                          tools including Introduction: the • Contains four extended case mosaic;
           • Provides an original set of strategic decision making international business strategy, globalisation, transaction cost economics2. G
                                                            graduate students, professionals
                         List of figures; to of tables; Introduction; 1. and philosophers • Discusses prospective and evaluative analyses Sabina
                                                              economists Using the graduate approach:
           • Cross disciplinary appealListdevelopmentacademic researchers, capability students measurement and application of the complex
                                                                          development economics, capability approach
                         Volume 1 List of figures; List of academic researchers,performance ▪ political economy of development, economic Benno
                                                             tables; List of contributors; 1. Policy Original and compelling analysis 1960-2000 growth
                                                                            economic graduate students
           ▪ Most comprehensive survey of contemporary Africandevelopment economics, plus: African growth performance of Africa's poor ec
                          Part I. Statistical Methods: 1. Statistical students, Sequential modern econometric methodology • Links teaching and re
                                                              graduate and covers almost researchers asymptotics;
           • Presents the main statistical tools of econometricsmodels; 2. academicall models andEconometrics 3. Estimation by maximization an
                                                                                          Themes in Modern
                                                                            econometrics, statistics, applied mathematics
                          1. Introduction; 2. Theory of incentive compatible professionals, auction theory, experimental economics,3.how experim
                                                               cutting edge technique in and evidence fromand market research Showsmarketing res
                                                                            experimental auctions, economics induced value experiments; Value theor
           • Introduces students and practitioners to agraduate students,auctionsappliedacademic researchers Economics•and Business Resea
                                                                                          Quantitative Methods for Applied
                           on I. Fundamentals of Bayesian Inference: 1. Introduction; 2. Basic concepts of probability and inference; 3. Posterior
           • EmphasisPartclassical and Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods of simulation, including the derivation of algorithms • Appd
                          List of research techniques Preface to thetime inedition; 1. Introduction; 2. Univariate linear • Up-to-date examples with
                                                              graduate used series econometrics, financial modelling
           • Covers the latestfigures; List of tables; and findingsstudents the empirical analysis of financial markets stochastic models: basic con
                          Introduction: a world the postcommunist transformation academic 2. Shock therapy vs. gradualism; 3. Eastern Europea
                                                              undergraduate students, demise; the area’s leading students • Comprehensive both in i
                                                                            economics, political of researchers
           • Most intelligible presentation oftransformed; 1. Communism and itsby onescience, political sociology, Central andOutput: slump and
                          topic: figures; List Japanese economy and the Introduction; 1. management, economics Important topic: wide 2. The
                                                              academic researchers,Structural The structural analysisSciences
                                                                            business, sociology, students in the Social of
           ▪ Important List of the changingof tables; Acknowledgments; reasons for Japanese economic decline ▪ the network economy;interest
                                                                                           graduate Analysis
                          List of tables; Special acknowledgments; Acknowledgment; Notes on Integrates and Society Through Commerce: 1. The
                                                              academic researchers,Business Valuecitation; Part Peace and rarely connected app
                                                                            corporate responsibility, • Creation three different
           • Provides historical understanding of the concept of peace through commercecorporate socialI.responsibility, governance, business
                                                                                           graduate students
                           economics of to pricing techniques; 2. Demand and cost; 3. Basic pricing
                                                              undergraduate of yield management •operations included in each chapter, along withstat
                                                                            economics, management, Exercises research, finance, political science, an
           • Combines1. Introduction pricing with business technique students, graduate students techniques; 4. Bundling and tying; 5. Multipar
                          Prologue: first two editions of Corporate Collapse, this book addresses those issues currently discussed in the corporate
           • Leading on from the Gilding the corporate lily; 1. Indecent disclosure: omitted factor in unexpected failure?; 2. Independence: a mis
                          List of figures; List of coverage Combinationstudents andguide to economics of EU, EU policy, European integration
                                                              undergraduate of theory
                                                                            European Union policy Each chapter written by a specialist abbreviations;
           • Comprehensive and up-to-date tables; List•of contributors; Preface; A studies, •the book; Acknowledgements; List ofin non-technica
                          List of to policy • of tables; methodological approach graduate Cécile Wetzels; Part I: 1. The
                                                                            labour Del • Unique comparative study
           • Strong relevancefigures; ListInnovative Introduction Danièla markets, population economics, social policyposition of mothers in a co
                                                              academic researchers,Boca and students
                                                              academic researchers, graduate publicComparative approach E. Hougaard Jensen and
                                                                            economics policy makers • finance, pensions, demography
           • Presents a range of policy options for government agencies andof ageing, studentsJuha M. Alho, Svend sets European data within
                          List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; Preface; 1. Introduction
                           to of figures; List of options for international climate policy • Introduction analysis climate Robert Stavins; Part I. Targ
                                                                            international relations, environmental law, of and policy
           • Only bookListpresent a rangeof tables; Foreword Lawrence Summers; 1.Highly topicalJoseph Aldythe debate over possible succes
                                                              graduate students, academic researchers
                          List of figures; coverage of all areas of biodiversity economics Foreword contributions from Introduction Andreas reso
                                                                               Acknowledgements; • ecological economics, environmental and natural Kon
           • Provides comprehensiveList of contributors; Preface;biodiversity economics,ContainsJeffrey A. McNeely;many of the most respecte
                                                              academic researchers, graduate students
                           the risks and List of tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction; international economics, 2.Enables the reader to unde
                                                              professionals, academicas price trendshistorical framework; • The geography extractive
                                                                            commodity researchers, and state ownership
           • DescribesList of figures;opportunities of world commodities suchmarkets,1. The graduate students resource economics, of commod
                          1. important summative statements of keyeconomics,Econometric Society Monographs
                                                              graduate students,in today's economics • mathematics, political informational externalities
                                                                              topics professionals applied Written by world-class, internationally known sc
           • The 30 mostThe economics of social networks; 2. Multi-contracting mechanism design; 3. Allocative and science, economics theo
                          1. Value and valuation in art ofgraduate introduction and overview art •Studies in Political Economythe valuation oftheory
                                                               the economic and cultural value of Michael
                                                                            economics,Murphy Institute sociology, and David Throsby; economic art a
                                                                                           cultural studies, Innovative perspectives on
           • Multidisciplinary approach to questionsand culture: students, academic researchers Hutteranthropology, history,Part I. Origins of
                          1. Introduction; 2. Structure-conduct-performance; 3. Develops studentsmarket power; 4. Differentiated-product Has pro
                                                              academic students • Industry models of mathematics
           • First text in empirical industrial organization for gradresearchers, graduatevarious techniques for estimating market power • structur
                                                                            economics, business, applied
                          1. Economic development, interdependence, and incentives; 2. • students Development and and studies, such as scie
                                                              undergraduate students, graduate Up to 3. coverage on topics of interest political corr
           • Devoted to exploring development economics through use of game theoryGames; date internationaltraps area coordination games;
                                                                            economics, development studies,
                          Part I. A Historical Juncture: 1. A political impasse; 2. A nation-defining choice; 3. Provides rationalism’s grip on power;
           • Accessible introduction to economic ideas and to how decision making occurs in Canberra •Economic a short overview of Australia
                                                              graduate students, academic 3.business, professionals the world demand disturbanc
                                                                            economics, finance, Export price, the rest of               •
           • Fills an important gap in literature on Japanese manufacturing and investment vis-a-vis learning, and domesticCovers FDI, busines
                          1. Introduction; 2. Export pricing under imperfect competition;researchers, international, east asian studies, industrial orga
                           the dean of American business economists, co-authorbusiness, political science, international studies, industrialactivity;
                                                              undergraduate students,of a leading MNE and models ofeconomics economic organiz
                                                                            economics,Cambridge Surveys international international
           • Written by1. The multinational enterprise as an economic organization; 2. The text on of Economic Literature • Third edition stress
                                                                                             graduate students
                          Part I. Rationality, Markets, and Lecture on economics, psychology, computational science, Onbehaviouralof rationality; P
                                                                             rationality in economics to a fuller form embracing two forms economics an
           • Nobel Laureate Smith expands his Nobelacademic researchers, graduate students philosophers; 2. experimental economics, eco
                                                                Institutions: 1. Rediscovering the Scottish
                           Kenen is one 2. The forms, costs, and international economists Explores The European Monetary studies: supplem
           • Co-author1. Introduction;of the world’s best-known benefits of currency consolidation; 3.how much we can expect further monetary
                                                                            economics, finance, political science, international and area Union; 4. Moneta
                          List of figures; List of tables; 1. general readers, world's biggest problems ▪ Offers practical and implementable solutions
                                                              Introduction the undergraduate studentspolicy, Financial Instability Peter Blair Henry; 3.
           ▪ Authoritative, non-partisan, evidence-based survey of Bjørn Lomborg; Part I. Economy: 2.environmental economics and policy, cos
                                                                            development economics and
                          1. Introduction; 2. The historical welfare students systems available Author uses unusually broad cross-national an
           • Most comprehensive study of the moderngraduatestate in Latin Americain Latin America: qualitative comparative analysis; 3. Theo
                                                                            comparative politics, political economy, economics, Latin American studies, o
                                                                evolution of welfare
                          1. Why this book?; 2. The rise of VAT; 3.students,important answer?; 4. Trade and revenue; 5.finance,and the Based bos
                                                              graduate Is most academic researchers management, public Equity public informal
           • Comprehensive treatment of the major aspects of the VAT always thetax in most developing and transitional countries • economies
                                                                            economics, finance, business,
                                                               and constitutional academic Therights, comparative 6. of different constitutions • A uni
                                                                            jurisprudence, gender constitutional a range
           • Feminist analysis of constitutional design graduate students,law • Comparative analysis of court;law Representation; 7. Equality righ
                          1. Framework; 2. Language; 3. Federalism; 4. Citizenship; 5. researchers
                          Preface; 1. and other disciplines assumed: clearly expressed for general
                                                              Towards Globalist Jurisprudence: 2. Globalisation and the world revolution; lawyer and
           • No familiarity with lawIntroduction; Part I. academicaresearchers,Law in Contextlaw readership • Written by a practising3. Law and
                                                                            legal theory,graduate students
                          Introduction; topics, should international researchers, graduate studentssubject • legal philosophy outline of a Marxist c
                                                              academic lawyers learn from Karl of the
                                                                            jurisprudence, and social, political and Contributors An
           • Chapters cover diverse1. What giving authors a multi-layered understandingMarx? Martti Koskenniemi; 2.differ in perspectives, thu
                            the papacy scandals, and the scandals within the Catholic church natural law; 3. Criteria for
                                                                            legal theory, law of students
           • Deals with1. New natural law in context; 2. The architecture and reachandnew (sexual harrassment, etc) evaluating new natural law
                                                              academic researchers, graduate society
                          Part I. Introduction - The Usable Past: 1. students, a 2. Positivism and social,Written A legal philosophy
                                                              graduate Precedent; valuable core lawprecedent; 3. with students
                                                                            jurisprudence, legal theory, text • political, theory of precedent?; postgradua
           • The detailed study of a key common-law concept makes thisacademic researchers, undergraduate undergraduate andPart II. Why
                          1. The veil of science over tort graduate students, background; 3. science changesevidence the Supreme Court’s triolo
                                                              details and jurisprudence, tort law, Institutional law, in torts or
                                                                             scientific evidence to reveal the
           • Uses an informed understanding of legal law policy; 2. Legal academic researchers and concerns about personal injury law • Exa
                          1. Judicial judicial reasoning ongraduaterights issues across aFenwick, Roger Masterman andphilosophy
                                                               human students, rights law, public range
                                                                            human academic wide law, social, political, legal Gavin which will allow T
           • Provides analysis of Reasoning and the Human Rights Act 1998 Helenresearchers of areas of substantive law,Phillipson; Part I.re
                          1. Introduction; the              constitution, development of British Constitution from early modern period, political theory,
                                                              academic researchers, 3. an crown: evolution through the 'unwritten constitution' and av
           • Revives the conception of2. A historical constitutionalthus providingThealternative to the notion ofinstitutional change and conserva
                                                                               approach; graduate students
                          Introduction; Part I. United States Courts as constitutional law by1. Final treatyinterpretive implications of viewing the st
                                                                            constitutional Courts: exploring the review authority of federal graduate U
The Constitution as Treaty transforms the conceptualization of U.S.Internationallaw, internationaljudiciallaw, academic researchers,and other int
                          1. Mr Taft rehabilitates the • Accurate andUS reason; 3. The fate ofHolmes Devise History of the Appointment cycles;
                                                              graduate students, readable law, nineteenth-century American legal Supreme
                                                                              highly academic Wendell the Court in the 1910-14; 4. history, twentieth-ce
           • Highly interpretive • Tightly organizedcourt; 2. The rule ofconstitutionalaccountof social legislation,early twentieth century Court of th
                                                                                          Oliver researchers
                          1. Introduction; 2. United Kingdom; 3. and communications law, media law
                                                              legal practitioners, academic researchers experiences which New Zealand; 7. Comparat
                                                                             analyse the cameras in courts
           • It is the first book to comprehensively document Key American experiences; 4. Canada; 5. Australia; 6. will broaden and enhance r
                          Editor’s preface; Bibliographical dialogue researchers, graduate students a tribute1. The last Euro-American legal from
                                                                note; Part conflict of laws, comparative as legal to Professor Arthur von Mehren
                                                                             I. Remembering Arthur well law,
This book is a contribution to the evolving transatlanticacademic on the conflict of laws as T. von Mehren:practitioners, graduate students schol
                          1. Introduction Ronald Leenes, academic researchers,Information Technology law, criminal and New Technologiesmater
                                                               Bert-Jaap Koops and Paul De rights, helping readersRights law, comparative law, in Be
                                                                                            information 2. Constitutional gain
           • Provides structured analysis of various developments and constitutional Hert; technologyand Law, 15an overview of relevant privat
                                                                            Internet law,legal practitioners
                           anti-discrimination law is considered 2. Article 13 -law, evolution and as demographic change and human rights rights
                                                                            equality EC, contexts law
           • European Part I: 1. Introduction Helen Meenan; against compellingEuropean suchcurrent contexts Robin Allen QC; 3. Human • Each
                                                              graduate students, academic researchers
                          Part analysed from legal, historical and policy perspectives, enabling the study oflaw reform
           • Subject matter I. Introduction and Conceptual Framework: 1. Thegraduate students,reformofand Society to be contextualised within
                                                                            Chinese administrative Studies general police administrative detention power
                                                                                            problems law reform, comparative professionals
                                                              academic researchers,Cambridgeof legal in Law readers, criminology, Asian law and so
                          1. Introduction; 2. Humanism; multi-disciplinary - Authority; law, students Truth; 7. The icon Post-Soviet and East Europ
                                                              academic researchers, graduate economics, politics, art, literature, theology
           • Includes 52 plates of works of art • Truly3. Individualism; 4. it is about 5. Wealth; law, Russian, Soviet,and the word. and music, t
                                                                            comparative law, European 6.
                          Part I. The wrote Challenge: Russia that were as revolutionary as its2. Economic needs studies rights; 3. challenged s
                                                               The industrial revolutiontwentieth-century
                                                                            legal history, and the law; political philosophy. These
The government of Soviet Russia Sovietnew laws for1.graduate students, academic researchers history, Russianas legal new laws Equality in th
                          1. first book-length study the state; 2. The Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court, in most important in the The esta
                                                              graduate students, of domination: law and
           • Provides theIntroduction: law versus(in English) of the politicsacademic researchers resistancethe authoritarian states; 3.Arab worl
                                                                            comparative law
                          Foreword format, excellent for academic• researchers, graduate students in economics, law, Minkler; Part I. Concepts
                                                              teaching Contributors include top scholars
           • Clear organizationalPhilip Alston; Introduction: 1. Economic rights: the terrain Shareen Hertel and Lanse and political science • Ne
                                                                            human rights, development, globalization
                          Part the Grand Chamber’sacademic researchers, legal practitioners
                                                               judgements and decisions since November 1998 in chronological 2000; 3. Offers a stru
           • Contains allI. Judgments and Decisions: 1. Judgments and Decisions 1999; 2. Judgments and Decisions order •Judgments a
                                                                            Human rights law
                          Part I. Housing and Property Restitution Standards - International: 1. International property restitution agreements; 3. V
                                                              academic researchers, graduate housing, legal practitioners
           • The first consolidated source of international, regional and national law on students, land andstandards; 2. Peacefor displaced pers
                                                                            human rights
                          Introduction; of international Antecedents:internationalgraduate students inreference source Comparative ofexaminatio
                                                              academic researchers,Cambridge a of humanitarian occupationFirst complete post-conf
                                                                                            law, origins unique International and - Governance in Servic
           • Includes the full historyPart I. Historicalterritorial administration, making this Studiesrelations, legitimacy•ofI occupation Law, 59
                                                                              1. The historical international
                           first book to consider the cutting framework for interpreting the Refugee the Internationalof international relations, The
                                                                            asylum law, graduate students in deprivation and Comparative rights
                                                                                             claims based on
           • This is the1. Introduction; 2. A human rights edge issue of refugeeinternational refugee law and policy,socio-economic Law •migra
                                                              academic researchers,Cambridge StudiesConvention; 3. Persecution and Socio-econom
                          is unique and ground-breaking in that it associatesrights, comparative legal systems, United Nations on the Rights wo
                                                                            Human comparative study of the with various Convention
           • The book Introduction and overview Savitri Gooneskere; 1. A a human rights instrumentimpact of the legal traditions across the of t
                          Introduction locating rights, study of humanbetween studiesresearcherslocal rights, Society an interdisciplinary approa
                                                              graduate law rights through series the in Law and human Part I. States science
                                                                                          the global and of problems that require
           • Breaks new ground by-approaching theenvisioning students, academic a of global/culturalMark Goodale; rights, politicalof Violence:
                                                                            socio-legal Cambridge Studies
                            detailed articles, the Yearbookacademic researchers,articles human rights
                                                               also contains shorter Yearbook current developments that are 2. Conventional Weapon
                                                                                           legal and International Humanitarian of
           ▪ Along withPart I. Articles: 1. Assessing Proportionality: Moral complexityon of legal rules Kenneth Watkin;Lawparticular interest or im
                                                                            humanitarian law,practitioners
                          Preface; classic text explores the Court Court becomes operational; 3. Jurisdiction; 4. Triggering the website sets 5. Adm
                                                              academic researchers, criminal students and rulings • Companion Jurisdiction; out im
                                                                              action’, examining its first cases
           • Third edition of this1. Creation of the Court; 2. The ‘ininternationalgraduate law, international relations
                          1. Introduction; all jurisprudence up practitioners,international law, disputes, and criminal law reference work available
                                                               enterprise;public academic researchers the most up to date
                                                                              3. Superior responsibility; work
           • Comprehensive review of2. Joint criminallegal to 1 December 2006, making the4. Complicity and aiding and abetting; 5. Planning,
                          1. Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission's 2002 Decision on Delimitation and 2006 Federal Democratic RepublicConta
                                                              academic researchers,International theEritrea and 129 Statement on human rights, of Et
           • Contains theDecision regarding Delimitation of the Border between thepractitioners, and sea, armed conflicts, Demarcation • human
                                                                                            law, State Law Reports, the
                                                                            internationallegal law of of air graduate students
                        1. advisory opinion of the of the Judgment of 11 Septemberlaw of the air together armed related human rights, human
                                                                                    in the Wall Case graduate students
            • Contains theApplication for Revision International Court of Justicelaw, practitioners,Casesea,with twoconflicts,Israeli Supreme Cour
                                                                     internationallegal 1992 Law Reports, 130
                                                         academic researchers,International in the and Concerning the Land, Island and Maritim
                        1. Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission's 2002 Decision on Delimitation and 2006 Federal Democratic RepublicConta
                                                         academic researchers,International theEritrea and 130 Statement on human rights, of Et
            • Contains theDecision regarding Delimitation of the Border between thepractitioners, and sea, armed conflicts, Demarcation • human
                                                                                   law, State Law Reports, the
                                                                     internationallegal law of of air graduate students
                        1. Minister for from Australia, Canada, New Affairs v.and thepractitioners and sea, armed conflicts, humanLords Ruddoc
                                                         Multicultural Zealand Haji Ibrahim the air
                                                                     internationallegal law of Law Reports, (High the UK House of rights, human
                                                                                   law, United Kingdom Contains
            • Contains refugee cases Immigration and academic researchers,International[2000] HCA•55131 Court) [AUSTRALIA]; 2. decision
                        1. 2007 Partial Award in Limited and France-MancheInternational the airof State 132
                                                         academic researchers, legal v. Bermudan Court of Appeal conflicts,treaties (Braswell)Gre
                                                                     internationalS.A. practitioners and sea, armed case on human rights, of • C
            • Contains theChannel Tunnel GroupEurotunnel arbitration • Contains the SecretaryReports, for Transport of the Government human
                                                                                   law, law of Law
                                                         graduate students, general •practitioners
                                                                     treaty Treaties Practical approach allows for full understanding of a sometim
            • Experienced practitioner offers comprehenisive guide to the subject 1969; 2. What is a treaty?; 3. MoUs; 4. Capacity to conclude tr
                        Introduction; 1. Vienna convention on the Law of law
                        Part I. Yearbook Introduction D. Law is included international law Yearbook of practitioners Law
                                                         academic researchers,Netherlands to the legal International
                                                                     public in thegraduate students, Netherlands International Law Review, but it
            • The NetherlandsArticles: 1. of International Curtin and A. Nollkaemper; 2. International legal accountability through the lens of the c
                                                                                 Netherlands Yearbook of International Law, 37

                         an original theoretical and methodological approach toTobias Kelly international justice • Provides Part I. case studies
                                                                                        the study Studies in Law and Society
            • Develops 1. Introduction - the social lives of international justice Cambridgeof and Marie-Bénédicte Dembour;detailedPaths…: 2. Th
                         Introduction; Part for the Trial Chamber, the author offers an intimatewar crimes, practice and procedure3.an objective tr
                                                           graduate International Criminal Trials: understanding 2. Fair trial rights;
                                                                         international criminal law, 1.                            •
            • As the Senior Legal Advisor I. Fair and Expeditious students, academic researchersIntroduction;of the case Offers inExpeditiousap
                         1. Birth and a guide to state practice the researchers,Cambridge Studies incharter, international relations 3. Preceden
                                                           academic 1945 to 2003 2. The menu of choice: a guide law and international 53
            • Provides readers with infancy of a Charter rule:fromopen framework;Shows readers how internationalto interpretation; Law, relation
                                                                                         law, United Nations International and Comparative
                                                                         internationalgraduate students
                         1. General introduction; 2. Historical introduction: Leibniz andrelations with theof of concept of organisations
                                                                         International law, the emergence Western Balkans since 1990 allows ILP:
            • Comprehensive academic analysis of political and legal aspects of EUpractitionersthe law theinternationalILP; 3. Demystifyingfor a
                                                           academic researchers, legal EU law and
                         Table of cases; Table the history of war from the standpoint ofstudies, history of Enforcement (to 1600): 1. Ares and Ath
                                                           academic researchers, graduateinternational law Sheds important historical perspective
                                                                         legal Introduction; students
            • First comprehensive overview ofof treaties; Abbreviations;history, peacePart I. War as Law•international relations, international law
                          summary of the Scene: 1. Introducing UN sanctions;Cambridge Studies in key policylaw model for UN sanctions; from
                                                                                        2. Towards a pragmatic rule of recommendations emerging
            • Includes aPart I. Settingsanctions reform policy proposals, allowing easy access to the International and Comparative Law, 56Part
                          description is provided and services; 2. Modalitiesgoods and services schedules, helping to system, trade policy and ne
                                                                                                           within the WTO legal guide readers through refo
            • A detailed1. Obligations on goods of information contained inacademic researchers of specific binding commitments under the fund
                                                           legal practitioners, for the establishment
                                                           field practitioners, academic researchersdeveloping countries benefit from experiences
            • Contributions from leading experts in the legal of development and trade • Comprehensive account of the origins andtrade opportun
                                                                         trade law, for Trade: helping
                         Part I. Aid for Trade Genesis and Architecture: 1. Aidinternational development
                         Introduction: the new constitutional order; world Rules: 1. Theto embrace in Law law, Society
                                                           graduate students, academic investment rules regime; 2. disciplines rule; 3. Investme
            • Range of case studies show how states all over the Part I.are expectedresearchers investment rules The takingspromoted by powe
                                                                                      Cambridge Studies
                                                                         globalisation, international investment and constitutional law, comparative po
                                                           professionals, academic researchers, material in a broader context • Covers the spread
            • Most entries have cross-references to other entries, allowing readers to see thelegal practitioners
                         A-Z.                                            trade policy negotiation and advice, economics
                         Mexico – Tax Measures on SoftBody reports, as well astrade law, international practitionerssettlement, international eco
                                                             Drinks and Other Beverages (WT/DS308);•Cumulative list of published disputes.
                                                                         internationalgraduate students, These dispute
                                                                                          arbitration Organization Dispute Settlement Reports
            • The Reports include Panel and Appellateacademic researchers,World Trade awardslegal law, are the WTO authorized and paginat
                         United States - Laws, Regulations and Methodology for trade law, international practitionerssettlement, international eco
                                                            Body reports, as well as CalculatingOrganization Dispute Settlement Reportsand paginat
                                                                         internationalgraduate students, • These dispute WTO authorized
                                                                                          arbitration Dumping Margins the
            • The Reports include Panel and Appellateacademic researchers,World Trade awardslegal law, are(’Zeroing’) (WT/DS294); Cumulati
                         European Panel and Appellateacademic researchers,Worldand Marketing ofThese dispute settlement, international eco
                                                            Body reports, the Approval law, international practitioners (WT/DS291, and paginat
                                                                         internationalgraduate students, • Biotech Products
                                                                                          arbitration Organization Dispute Settlement Reports
            • The Reports include Communities – Measures Affecting as well astradeTrade awardslegal law, are the WTO authorized WT/DS292,
                         European Panel and Appellateacademic researchers,Worldand Marketing ofThese dispute settlement, international eco
                                                            Body reports, the Approval law, international practitioners (WT/DS291, and paginat
                                                                         internationalgraduate students, • Biotech Products
                                                                                          arbitration Organization Dispute Settlement Reports
            • The Reports include Communities – Measures Affecting as well astradeTrade awardslegal law, are the WTO authorized WT/DS292,
                         European Panel and Appellateacademic researchers,Worldand Marketing ofThese dispute settlement, international eco
                                                            Body reports, the Approval law, international practitioners (WT/DS291, and paginat
                                                                         internationalgraduate students, • Biotech Products
                                                                                          arbitration Organization Dispute Settlement Reports
            • The Reports include Communities – Measures Affecting as well astradeTrade awardslegal law, are the WTO authorized WT/DS292,
                         European Panel and Appellateacademic researchers,Worldand Marketing ofThese dispute settlement, international eco
                                                            Body reports, the Approval law, international practitioners (WT/DS291, and paginat
                                                                         internationalgraduate students, • Biotech Products
                                                                                          arbitration Organization Dispute Settlement Reports
            • The Reports include Communities – Measures Affecting as well astradeTrade awardslegal law, are the WTO authorized WT/DS292,
                         comprehensive collection of the decisions of ICSID arbitral Chile; and trade law,Exploration and Production Company up
                                                           academic researchers,International Convention practitioners • relations ICSID Dispute
                                                                         internationalgraduate students, legal committees Brings the
                                                                                         economic 2. and ad hoc international
            • The most 1. MTD Equity Sdn. Bhd. and MTD Chile SA v. Republic of tribunals Occidental on the Settlement of Investment series v.
                         1. Introduction: Is there tax regime that taxinternationalittaxation,tax treaty network academic researchers, Sourcing inco
                                                                           regime? in both the international law?; 2. Jurisdiction to tax; and law profes
                                                                                          part of Tax Law Series
This book examines the coherent international an international is embodied IsCambridgeinternational law, and in domestic laws,3. taxthe way it fo
                         as non-technical way 2. possible, which students, WTO experts and conflict of laws, internationalnational material prese
                                                           graduate will allow academicSystemic WTO obligations regarding economic and WTO lD
                                                                         jurisprudence 3. researchers in International understand the law; 4. trade
            • Written in 1. Introduction; Part I: as National law in international law;of the WTO,non-experts to easilyand Comparative Law, 55
                                                                                      Cambridge Studies
                          chapter on 1. institutional aspects of the internationallegal practitioners reader to understand the major legal aspects o
                                                           academic researchers, economic and the law, 2. The Codex Alimentarius: Harmonisa
                                                                         Commission, thus allowing trade
            • Includes aIntroduction;the The Codex Alimentarius Commission: the institutional framework;health law, international law, internation
                         Forword; Preface and acknowledgments;specific rights such as World Trade Organization and human rights; 3. South A
                                                           graduate 1. Introduction; 2. researchers
                                                                         international trade, human rights, government policy
In many countries, citizens allege that trade policies undermine students, academicThelabor rights, the right to health, or the right to political par
                         Volume 1: Introduction; Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Tradelaw, WTO law, General Interpretative Notedi
                                                                         international economic and trade Organization; macro/international WTO to
            • Each of the WTO Agreements is described clearly by specialists for the benefit of the reader Chronological listing of theeconomi
                                                           legal practitioners, academic researchers, graduate students
                         Part I. Appellate Body Reports:professionals, academic trade law, dispute settlement on the development and
            • Up-to-date compendium on WTO Appellate Body case lawProviding user-friendly information within the WTO Awards evolution
                                                                         international researchers, graduate students A.3 Anti-Dumping Agreement;
                                                                                      WTO Appellate Body Repertory of
                                                            A.1 Agreement on Agriculture; A.2 Amicus Curiae Briefs; Report and legal system, econ
                         Introduction majority of the membership of international law, legal status of special and students, professionals
                                                           research monograph, academic researchers, graduate differential treatment provisions u
                                                                          the World Trade economic law, trade law
Developing countries comprise the Petros Mavroidis and George Bermann; 1. The Organization. Many developing countries believe that the we
                         Part I. The Context; Part II. Biodiversity; ofenvironmental law students
                                                           academic researchers, Examines the interplay between biodiversity conservation and sus
                                                                           the world • graduate
            • Global perspective - Contributions from all regions Part III. Conservation Measures (A) Area-Based; Part IV. Uses of Components
                         Part I. Introduction: a broader view of the law and its influences than environmental studies, environmental politics
                                                           undergraduate students, graduate students organisms: introducing a dilemma; 3. • Focu
            • Contextual approach provides1. Environmental law in context; 2.Law in Context is provided by more conventional textbooks Public
                                                                                       Genetically modified
                                                                         environmental law, EU law,
                         Volume I. key Decisions; and national decisions andgraduate students, Environment and Rights;five volume set will b
                                                           academic researchers,International Environmental Law law. This Volume IV. Decision
                                                                         environmental law Volume III. environmental
The first ever compendium of theEarlyinternationalVolume II. Environment relating to international professionalsReports
                                                           academic researchers, relationship between environmental scienceof International EIA; 3.
                                                                                          Background law, 2. Domestic origins scholarship and
            • Interdisciplinary approach provides theoretical understanding of Cambridge Studies inprocess-oriented legal and internationalstran
                                                                         internationalgraduate students
                         Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction and overview; Part II.environmentalNorms:International and Comparative Law, 58 relat
                         1. Introduction Wybe Th. Douma lead to a company law
                                                           legal practitioners, academicto understand the various themes where do we stand? Feng
                                                                          wide framework researchers
            • The varied backgrounds of the contributors and Leonardo Massai; 2. The International Climate Regime: addressed • The contributi
                         1. Introduction; 2. The relationship between of competition law and policy policy; 3. Israel: the region's oldest competitio
            • Clear, concise and comprehensive account of the roleIslam and competition law andin the Middle East • Detailed and interesting a
                                                                                      Permanent Court of Arbitration Award series
                         Foreword Omri Ben-Shaha; Part I. Why is than ever in commercial trade and in contracts in competitive what is in it, b
                                                           graduate students, academic researchers
                                                                         contract law, legal theory
Boilerplate, the fine print of standard contracts, is more prevalent Boilerplate One-Sided?: 1. One-sidedelectronic commerce. Butconsumer mark
                         Part I. use of all relevant Markets practitioners, academic researchers understandingIntroduction; 2. FSMA and the
                                                           legal material, giving and the European Series Market: 1. of the rules
                                                                                      Law Practitioner Single
            ▪ Makes extensiveEvolution of CapitalregulatoryRegulation, FSA the reader a completecompany law, financial law and ability to work
                                                                         corporate law, commercial law,
                          description Part company law and Course of the Investigation:accessible source and Financial Market Regulation,
                                                             in six major jurisdictions in one 1. Dimensions of • Explains the political and economic
            • Includes aIntroduction;of the1. The Objectacademic researchers,International Corporate Law Convergence in Shareholder Law;1Pa
                                                                                       legal practitioners
                                                                         Company law, corporate governance
                         providing insight M. G. Koopmans, T. from Henquetacademic researchers
                                                            issues practitioners, and R. law
            • Unique in 1. Introduction S. in sovereigntygeneralS. M. the perspective of everyday commercial legal practice in a global law firm • L
                                                                         Globalisation and Verburg; 2. Foreign States and International Organisations
                         Part I. Theory: 1. The make the of entry S. to understand Analyses key
                                                           legal practitioners, academic New company law: traditional and innovative in private law
                                                                           Djankov et al.;
            • Diverse, non-technical chapters regulation topic easycompany law • 2.researchers legal reforms undertaken recentlyapproaches to
                                                           legal in each country of law, European law, business and management
                                                                         comparative thePractitioner Series
            • Full and comprehensive overview of legislationpractitioners, academicEuropean Union • Clear structure makes this a valuable and
                                                                                      Law researchers
                         Introduction Doreen practitioners will Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law: 1. Corporate social responsibility be
            • Both academics and business McBarnet; Part I.benefit from an appreciation of the complex interaction of legal, social and econom
                         1. Competition the - policy economic literaturestudents, readers to competitionfully in the discussion of competition law.
                                                           undergraduate allow values Context
                                                                           The core all graduate participate law flux; 3. Economics and competition
            • Non-technical reviews of law relevantperspectives; 2.EU politics, Law inof ECstudents
                         Introduction Stephen papers ofacademic Stephenon grounds of nationality in sport; 2. European football law; Introducti
                                                              1. Discriminationlaw
                                                                         sports Weatherill, the leading academic on
            • Makes accessible the collected Weatherill;Professorresearchers, graduate students, professionals European sports law •3. Annotat
                         Part I. examination and public law Law: 1. European integration studiesTreaty on approach Union engage with the p
                                                                           European Union • Takes a the
            • Offers a focusedConstitutionalof theInstitutionalof theEuropean law, Europeanand'law in context' European to fully Damian Chalmers
                                                           undergraduate students, graduate students
                         1. Introduction; 2. on original, qualitative researchers, of collected Studies in European author • Connects of law in literat
                                                           academic empirical data law in EUand analysed by the Law and Policy on the role EU in
                                                                          on environmental law integration; 3. Critical Perspectives
            • The books analysis is basedTraditional Perspectives EU the role Cambridge and politics, environmental law, the role areas of of law
                                                                                       graduate students
                         1. The European integration process: academics, academic researchers
                                                           graduate students, of law, assuring studies
                                                                         European ‘deepening’ and ‘widening’ the research • Contributions allow for fo
            • Peer-reviewed contributions come from leading a continuumthereby Europeanthe quality of Steven Blockmans and Sacha Prechal;
                          the I. Remedies in in 15 Competition and ConsumerThe Common Core of European Private Law which different coun
                                                           academic researchers,readers anstudents tradethe different - the in
                                                                         European graduate impression of the
            • DescribesPart competition lawUnfair European countries, givinglaw, competition law,Settinglaw basics ways legal framework; 2. Co
                                                                                       Protection Law: 1.
                         Part I. extensive study legal and rightsstudents, rights and electoral rights both ofnationaland•Policy
                                                           graduate Citizen academic researchers in European the and Contextualised examina
                                                                                      Cambridge - Electoral rights the 1990s European Union levels
            • Provides the firstElectoral rights inof electoralpoliticalof EU citizens following the EU Treatiesat andLaw boundaries of the suffrage; 2
                                                                         context: 1. Introduction Studies
                         Constitutionalism - a issues in Europeanstudents, academic researchers
                                                           graduate N. Tsagourias; Part I. States, Courts and Constitutional of knowledge and opp
            • Re-evaluates and re-appraises theoretical roadmap and international constitutional practice Provides unity Principles: 1. The rejec
                                                                         law and politics, constitutionalism, international relations including UN and EU
                         Part I. Finance and the International Financial Architecture: 1. Law, finance, law practitionersof 2. international finance t
                                                           academic researchers, graduate students, legal of the role
            • Comprehensive analysis of the role of law in financial development and stability Analysis development;theFinancial stability anda
                                                                         economic development, finance, and
            • Special student friendly boxes 2. Addiction: rational and otherwise; 3. The robustness principle; 4. Prohibition; 5. Taxation, licens
                         1. The harm principle;
                                    Introduction; 1. The TRC-based amnesty scheme: background and overview; 2. and adds importantly to, the Truth and
                      • Presents independent statistical data on the amnesty process, enabling comparisons with, The practice of the committee when ma
                                    1. Human Rights of International Migration Law encapsulates the range
                      • Comprehensive compilationLaw; 2. International Labour Law; 3. Nationality rights of issues covered by the subject • Widest colle
                                                                                    migration law, human and Statelessness; 4. Trafficking and Smuggling; 5. Int
                                                                       academic researchers, legal practitioners
                                    Part almost every rule in - Theoretical provides an on International Law in the Provides the treaty methodological fram
                      • Sets out in full I. Setting the Scene the study andPerspectives analysis and commentary • ICRC Study: 1. Thebackground to the ru
                                    1. Introduction Mark and complexities ofstudents,• academic researchers, legal practitioners a J. Davison; 4. Infringem
                                                                       graduate the law Offers student and legal professionals alike
                                                                                    intellectual property law, commercial law, marks Mark
                      • Focuses on the legal principlesJ. Davison; 2. Passing off Mark J. Davison; 3. Registered trade business lawdetailed discussion of t
                                    Preface; Introduction: the invisible infrastructure of legal practitioners innovations? How Dynamics in Society: 1. The s
                                                                       graduate students, innovation; globalization
                                                                                    intellectual property, to their
           How does IP balance the exclusive rights of innovators with public demand for accessPart I. Intellectual Property can organizations manage IPin
                                    Part I: 1. Introduction; 2. The value and functions of the law, Europeanbroadcastingmass citizen Policy
                                                                       academic the labyrinthine world of EU law, media, theand policy to reveal how differen
                      • Meticulous scholarship and subtle analysis unpicks researchers,Cambridge Studies protectinglawLaw andviewer; 3. Regulation and
                                                                                                   broadcast media:
                                                                                    comparativegraduate students in European communication
                                    Introduction; 1. Software as machine; 2. Software as has previously taught computer and Information Law, 9 law,5. H
                      • Appropriate for both a legal and computing readership • Author software; 3. Policy arguments; 4.science and advocates a programm
                                                                                    intellectual Cambridge Intellectual Property Software economic trade
                                                                                                  graduate students
                                                                       academic researchers,property, TRIPS debate, international and patent examination; nat
                                    Part I: 1. Regulating Players' Agents:practitioners,law player's agents, it promotes better understanding of their Agent
                                                                       legal A Global football
                      • As the first monograph on the legal status of professionalPerspective Richard Parrish; 2. The International Supply of Sportslegal p
                                                                                    sports academic researchers
                                    1. Jurisdiction and the Internet; academic researchers, to particular substantive areas of and •in law; simple language and
                                                                        2. Law - too reference graduate students The tipping law Uses 4. Many destinations
                      • Wide application in civil and criminal law illustrated by lethargic for the online era?; 3.between law pointtechnology
                                                                                    Internet regulation, relationship
                                    Introduction; Part I. the Basics academic researchers, general plastic? payment system Japan, and 2. The mechanic
                                                                         credit cards on the1. Paper or consumer economics
                                                                                    law and rise of consumer bankruptcy in the
                      • The first empirical analysis of Theeffect ofof Payment Cards: economics, readers,-professionals USfunctionality; Commonwealth c
                                    Preface; Part I. The discussiongraduate students, academic the classroom and
                                                                         questions to facilitate Introduction; 1. The Congressional budget process William Dauste
                                                                                    economic use in researchers
                      • Chapters are accompanied by Law and Politics of Fiscal Policy:policy, government policy to suggest further avenues for reading a
                                    1. context enables reader to healthcare researchers,Cambridge Law,environment regulation, administrative law, of legi
                                                                       academic resources?; 3. How rationing Medicine and which 6 and the problem huma
                                                                                     the theoretical and political takes place; 4. Rationing
                      • Law in policyIntroduction; 2. Why 'ration'comprehend public law, health care law, social policy, inEthics, law functions, thus gaining a
                                                                                                  graduate students
                                    1. The nature analysis of the legal reactionVoluntary and medicalLaw, Medicine of pregnancy; 3. Ante-natal care and th
                                                                       academic researchers,Cambridge law, bioethics born as a 5
                                                                                       to management of undesired children
                      • Provides a wide-rangingof the troubled pregnancy; 2.medical ethics, involuntary terminationand Ethics, result of medical negligence
                                                                                                  graduate students, professionals
                                    Part I. An Introduction to Projectterms • Step-by-step handbookproject
                                                                          Finance: 1. An introduction international business,deals Identification, Allocation, and
                                                                                    international law, to for project finance II. Risk
                      • Third edition • Glossary of project financelegal practitioners, graduate students finance; Part graduate students, legal practitioners
                                    Introduction; 1. judges, trained academiclaw, and democracy: aspirations in Law and Society condone the illiberal, ant
                                                                        under of appointed by democraticpolitics,general facilitate 2. Latin American studies
                                                                                    law and society, judicial governments, readers
                                                                                                  graduate students, comparative politics,
           Why did formally independent Chilean The judiciary, the rule andresearchers,Cambridge Studiesand impediments;andThe institutional construct
                                    Foreword; 1. The nature Includes new advice about how to prepareand and run, an Examination-in-chief; 5. effective s
                      • Fully revised and updated edition • of advocacy; 2. students, legal practitionersfor, questions; 4.appeal, plus how to write Cross-exa
                                                                       graduate Preparation; 3. Witnesses
                                    Foreword; Preface; An unrivalled list of contributing authors Illuminating and incisive scholarship
                      • A lucid and succinct analysis •List of contributors; Table of cases; Table•of statutes; 1. Australian administrative law - its constitutio
                                    Part A: that examines sentencing law across all of punishment; 2. Pluckingexplains criminal law
                                                                                    sentencing, criminal justice, • It figures and the evaluates sentencing rules
                      • It is the only book1. The nature of sentencing and theories Australian jurisdictionscriminology, from alsoair: the instinctive synthesis
                                                                       academic researchers, general readers, professionals
                                    Editor’s introduction: since theacademic researchers,The Steady development and striking continuities Donald C. Clar
China has seen immense economic and social changesthe Chinese legal system since 1995.Chinastudents, undergraduate studiestheundergraduate stude
                                                                                    Chinese legal system, Quarterlystudies, Issues
                                                                                                  graduate Chinese Quarterly examines
                                                                        mid-1990s. This special issue of The ChinaSpecial Asian students, legal dimensions of
                                    Part I. Why the of recent Govern Religious Entities: clergy researchers
                                                                       graduate students, academicproblem; 2. Children; parts, shocking An interesting insigh
                                                                                    legal the 1. The • Eye-opening                            •
                      • Timely and topical in light Law Mustrevelations concerningstudies, religious studies and in 3. Marriage; 4. Schools; 5. Property rig
                                    1. Prayer at the a means to achievepractitioners, graduate students practical assignments 4. are to draft a motion;
                                                                       legal larger draft a complaint; practice
                                                                                      strategic objectives Short,
                      • The use of legal writing asathletic banquet; 2. How tolegal studies, legal 3. •Terminating Professor Melton;thatHow similar to those a
                                    1. Is sport special?; that sport is policy; and examines the intellectual basis 4. theseSeries • Covers all the major spor
                                                                       legal practitioners, academic researchers Sports law claims
                      • Rigorously interrogates claims2. EU sports special3. European trade law,law and sport; for The sporting exception: form and substa
                                                                                                  Asser International
                                                                                     EU free movement European sports Law
                                    VOLUME I Preface hundred years (1972); Introduction; Heads wide range ofchurch history, ecclesiastical history, medi
                                                                                    history of Britain, medieval history, ecclesiastical and Wales archival source
                      • Three volume set covering six(2001); Preface of monastic history • Uses a of religious houses: Englandand secular 940–1216; The
                                                                       academic researchers
                                    1. study Rule impact of of public conscience'; 2. and great cause of justice': Home Rule studies, British politics Lib
                                                                         Rule on researchers
                                                                                    modern British history, modern in Britain and Ireland • context of domestic
                      • A major newHome of theas a 'crisis Homeacademicliberalism 'Thatpopular radicalism Irish history, Irishin the By a leading historian o
                                                                       academic researchers Cambridge StudiesIntegrates theHistory
                                                                                    history new Prometheus; 3. ▪ in Economic history technology with British
                      ▪ Sheds new light on the industrial revolution and nineteenth-century British cultureeconomic history, socialof4. The apotheosis of Ja
                                    1. Introduction: inventors and other heroes; 2. Theof Britain after 1450, The inventor's progress;and cultural history, histo
                                    List analysis of an Acknowledgements; Introduction; early modern legal and Early Modern Britishcultural history, English
                                                                       graduate students, academic researcherscommunity ▪ Offers an History
                                                                                    entity: the 1. British learning in revering the law: oral traditions and the relig
                      ▪ An interesting of illustrations; under-explored cultural early modernEating, legal, social and political history,interdisciplinary approac
                                                                                                  Cambridge Studies
                                    Introduction: The monarchy, Ireland and the Union;Irish history,Ireland • British history, Ireland:contribution to the history
                                                                       academic researchers I. with modern Assesses monarchy‘s 1. Legitimacy, authority
                                                                                    modern Part
                      • The first comprehensive study of the British monarchy‘s relationship The Crown and O’Connellitesocial and cultural history, consola
                                      history of the place modern British in British Andrzej Olechnowicz; of leadingWhig monarchy, whig nation: the represe
                                                                                    modern British By a team Part I. 2. social
                      • Major new1. Historians and theof the monarchymonarchy public life • history, court studies, scholars of political, social-cultural and im
                                                                       graduate students, academic researchers, enthusiasts history, politics, cultural studies
                                    List of illustrations; Preface thegeneral readers M. Introduction; Cornford’s Cambridge; Cover A fascinating and round
                                                                        publicationtwentieth-century history of Britain, history of Cambridge University
                                                                                      of F.
                      • Re-released to mark the centenary of to the centenary edition;Cornford’s Microcosmographia Academica • to the first edition of Mic
                                    Introduction: foundations of U.S. Faustian foreign policy; 1.researchers take a partisan itsrelations
                                                                       general readers, academic - does not
                                                                                    U.S. since relations and policy, international diplomacy; 2. The impact of W
                      • Controversial, critical of both Democrats and Republicansforeign1920 America forms and refines stand • Original historical synthesi
                                    Introduction; 1. of American origins of theUS and academic researchersthe 1880s • States of Russia': culminationforeig
                                                                       graduate students, remake1881-1905; 2. 'The United history, history on American and
                                                                                      First Crusade, Russia since
                      • Tells the fascinating story'Free Russia':efforts to liberate foreign relations, twentieth-century USSheds new lightof Russia, internatio
                                    1. Background to municipal bond defaultstudents, academic economicthe complex interrelationships Collapse; 6. Endga
                      • Tells the story of the largestfiasco; 2. WPPSS stepsin US history • Emphasizes 4. The construction morass; 5. between nuclear we
                                                                                    American The next wave; history, business history, political science
                                                                       graduate forward; 3.history, researchers
                                    1. Introduction leading Souza andwar and peace inhistory, ancient history
                                                                         on John researchers ancient and medieval world • Covers range of civilisations W
                                                                                    medieval the
                      • Features contributions byPhilip de expertsacademic France; 2. Making and breaking treaties in the Greekaworld P. J. Rhodes; 3.fro
                                    Introduction; Editorial principles; Pour ce que completely declaracion of the29scholars dewe texts Henry VIII; Appendix
                                                                                    medieval English history, Series, trewe and • The
                      • The first edition of these important texts, one of which isplusieurs; A unknown to modern French history title ofare of interest to scho
                                                                                                  graduate students, undergraduate students
                                                                       academic researchers,Camden Fifth medieval
                                    1. rigorous statistical methods academic researchersand British social reality: four English marriage church history m
                                                                        to the records of the medieval ecclesiastical of the Explores in detail and in the high
                      • Applies fairlyThe background rules and institutions; 2. Lying witnesses and legal historycourts •later middle ages,casescomparatively
                                    Introduction Gerd Althoff, introduction to American and Germanstudents German Historical of royal
                                                                       academic and Patrick J. Geary; 1. of the scholarship • Contains essays on ritual and th
                                                                                                  graduate medieval
                      • Contains a general historiographicalJohannes Friedresearchers,Publications Authority and legitimation Institute policy and action: h
                                                                                    medieval history, historiography
                                     into the globalization of all terrain; Part I. On Goldenhistory, first comprehensive study of Deutsche Bank's activities in st
                                                                       academic institutions Chariots - students Bank’s U.S. Business 1870 to 1914: 2.
                                                                                                   The German history, American history
                      • An insight1. Overview of the title and major financialresearchers,•graduate Deutsche in the Emergence of Global Enterprise First th
                                                                                    Business Cambridge Studies
                                    VOLUME I Part I. Introductions: exchangeearly modern exchange 1400-1700: 21stcontribution to the social, of religion,
                                                                       academic researchers European  A significant century implications William Monter;
                      • A major new four volume history of cultural1. Religion in early modern Europehistory, social and cultural history, history economic, r
                                                                                      and cultural
                                    1. The new Charlemagne; 2. Barbarians the of history Frankfurt proposals; 4. Napoleon and the French; 5. The left
                                                                        of the invasion gate; 3. The
                      • First complete English-language account general atmilitaryNapoleonic France in 1813-1814 • Utilizes both public and private arch
                                                                                                  Cambridge Military Histories
                                    Introduction; role paths to Rome? Transnational Catholicism the making of the European Union • Reveals the long-term
                                                                       academic researchers New in in the nineteenth History
                      • Sheds new light on the 1. Allof European Christian democratic parties Studies in Europeancentury; 2.Under siege: Catholic parties
                                                                                    20th century European history, religious history, European politics and Euroep
                                    Part I. Joseph’s Story Richard Hollander: Part significance, The fate ofhistory, Jewishdocuments from occupation Chris
                                                                                    twentieth-century European painfully few studies
                      • Has all the elements of a compelling book • Is of historic II. Cracow: 1. as there arethe Jews of Cracow under Nazithe victims of the
                                                                       general readers
                                    1. Heroic imagery scholarship • Will appeal to those 2. Rudolg G. Binding and Third Reich • Focuses War; interface
                      • The work fills a major gap in in the literature of the Third Reich; interested in Hitler and thethe memory of the Greaton the3. The Gre
                                                                                    history, German studies, German literature
                                                                       academic researchers
                                    Introduction; 1. The beginning ofof the readers, the formation2. DomesticHistoriesand international balances,1925–1929
                                                                          the Fascist era, 1922–1925; of Fascist foreign policy and the relationship between his
                                                                                                  Cambridge Military checks
                      • The first study in any language of the rolegeneralmilitary in enthusiasts European history, military history, modern Italian history,the
                                     uniquely the social German revolution deferred: the serviceman’s revoltfascism
                                                                       graduate within communities researchers and social democracy and 1945 Brings togeth
                      • Examines Introduction; 1. The and political realities students, academic confrontingfascism between 1918 at the end•of the First W
                                                                                    modern history, war studies,
                                    Preface; 1. Prelude; 2. Stalinism; 3. Thaw; Polish history under Communism • European history, East 8. Détente; 9. Op
                                                                                     4. Flood; 5. Polycentrism; 6. Stagnation; 7. the author’s first-hand account of
                      • The first comprehensive English-language survey of twentieth-century European history,IncludesCounter-culture;European history,
                                                                       graduate students, academic researchers
                                    1. Introduction; 2. The February Revolution. whose story to Studies in3.history, perspectives • Based history the negl
                                                                       academic researchers New through European History
                      • A major contribution to the current rewriting of the Russian Revolutionbelieve?; provincial Russian history, social on previouslyplace
                                                                                    twentieth-century European The Socialist Revolutionary Party, and
                                    The emergence of a pension ’three pillar’researchers
                                                                       academic welfare model • in history, economic history, Swiss system within apension po
                                                                                    modern European the worlds of welfare; the political rehearsal of comparati
                      • The first history of Switzerland’s unique funds champion. SwitzerlandSets the development of 1. The dresseconomy, welfare econo
                                    Introduction; and perceptions of the ordinary Russian peoplehistory, Imperial history, •
                                                                       academic 2. The old believers:in Late European apocalypse; 3.history, social and to eve
                                                                                    modern European modernization Russia religious The sectarians: dualism
                      • Brings to light the ideas1. The traditional worldview; researchers New Studies in Russian as HistoryShows popular responses cultura
                                      the enduring themes of the Politics and Patronage (ca. 300–565): church and state •ancient history
                                                                                    European history (general), church history, Focuses Byzantine monasticism
                      • DiscussesIntroduction; Part I. Poverty, interplay between society and religion, 1. Developing trends in early on Constantinople, one
                                                                       academic researchers, graduate students
                                    Preface; 1. Introduction Peter topics in an attempt undergraduate students, classical law
                                                                       graduate students, to establishclassical Athens S. C. Todd; and society • Ranges acros
                                                                                      language of lawand the history, academic researchers
                                                                                                  Past in Present Publications
                      • Assembles an exciting list of writers andCoss; 2. Thesocial, cultural and legal relationship between law3. The autonomy of Roman l
                                    List of on the Preface; Acknowledgements; List ofhistory
                                                                       academic researchers University in the Han dynastyhistory of the early empires; 1. orien
                                                                                    Chinese sovereignty of Cambridge the • An interdisciplinary
                      • An original studyfigures; types of divination and the conceptof abbreviations; Introduction: Oriental Publications, 48 potential:Man a
                                    1. Introduction; 2. The historical context; 3.Chinese and criminals; 4. InformalChinesestudies agencies ofwho were the c
                                                                       academic society. Professor McKnight shows that theHistory, Literature law enforceme
                                                                                      Crimes history, legal Studies in Asian group
           This study examines law enforcement within the context of Sungresearchers Cambridgehistory, Eastand semiformalof criminalsand Institutions
                                    1. analysis of of Spanish empire into the debates on Cambridge Latin American Studies, 91
                                                                                                   as submetropolis, 1763–1800; 2. An imperial state tax: the fiscal
                      • IncorporatesResurgencethe the Spanish empire: bourbon Mexicothe end of the ancient regime • Demonstrates the importance of M
                                    Introduction; 1. The great distinction; art history and desire; history of art, Australian studies senior in Tonga and Vanua
                                                                       academic researchers, graduate of exploration ▪ Written by a
                      ▪ Wide-ranging, encompassing literature, culture,2. Curiosityand the historyCuriously marked; 4. Terms of tradefeminist scholar with
                                                                                    English literature, 3. students
                                    Introduction; Part I. Modern Mobilities: 1. The coming man: Chinese migration Empire and theand post-colonial studies, p
                                                                       academic researchers,Critical across Britain, history, colonial British Empire in the late
                                                                                    world history, imperialstudents US America
                      ▪ The first transnational history of the emergence of the global colour line Perspectives on to the Goldfields; Part II. Discursive Framn
                                                                                                  graduate history,
                         Introduction; 1. Ghosts the ghosts of the researchers,Missing Vietnam 4. Aand Cultural History history, the our understa
                                                             academic war dead 3. Studies readers war,ground-breaking 5. of Modernto street; 6. Tr
                                                                          Vietnamese general Vietnam •        social and leg; contribution Warfare, 27
           • Unique study of the cultural life ofof war; 2. Mass excavation; in postwar in the SocialThe phantomcultural Death incultural studies,
                                                                                         history, action;
                                                             academic researchers, to mass conspiracy; 3. Mobilizing mass support for repression; a
           • Focuses on terror as a mass phenomenon, and is the first book to deal exclusively with popular participation in the terror • Looks4.
                                                                          history, Russian and Soviet history
                         1. The social crisis of industrialization; 2. From murder undergraduate students, enthusiasts
                         1. The land and its conflict Cultures of nationalism; 3. Zionism and the to the present told through the lives of I and it h
                                                             undergraduate in the nineteenth century
           ▪ The history of this intractable Lure; 2. from its beginnings students, generalpolitics colonization of Palestine; 4. World War those the
                                                                          Middle East studies, readers
                         1. role of and the growth of technology in theLeadingCambridge historical the Emergence of Global Enterprise owne
                                                             research monograph and survival history
                                                                           2. growth firms - the of leading multinational firms survival; 4. Family
           • Looks at the Brands brands rather thanmultinationals;Management, businessStudies inlegacy; 3. Growth or • Is international, compa
                         Preface; List of abbreviations; Map ‘successor’ Introduction; 1. the colonial for Pakistan, 1940–1947; 2. Pakistan’s sha
                                                             academic researchers, inherited The demand Studies, 46
When the British dismantled their Raj in 1947 India, as the of Pakistan; state, Cambridgeeconomicsunitary central apparatus whereas Pakistan,
                                                                                        graduate South Asian
                                                                          Asian history, politicalstudents
                         Introduction; 1. Zionism and security; 2. The Hebrew republic; 3. readers • A leading Jewish historian 4. The politics of pio
                                                             undergraduate students, across 60 years
                                                                          Israel's story general New immigrants and first elections; explains Israel's pie
           • A new, incisive and comprehensive history, charting twentieth-century history, Middle East studies, politics
                           Shiite history – the only book in ibn Saba’history, academic researchers and the• Provides a 2. Bayan ibn Sam’an and
                                                             graduate to focus onfollowers. Al-Mukhtar sects studies
                                                                            and his these particular Shiite
           • A study of1. Earlier movements. ‘Abd AllahEnglish students, Middle Eastern studies, IslamicKaisaniyya; study of medieval Iraq • Fo
                         Preface to the second edition; Introduction; 1. of the most intractable conflict of the twentieth century ▪ Updated edition i
                                                                          history Palestinians and 1948: the Studies, 15
           ▪ Leading scholars of the Middle East debate the genesis Theof Middle East, politics East underlying causes of failure Rashid Khald
                                                                                        graduate students,
                                                             academic researchers,Cambridge Middle undergraduate students
                         Preface to the second edition; Introduction; 1. of the most intractable conflict of the twentieth century • Updated edition i
                                                                          history Palestinians and 1948: the Studies, 15
           • Leading scholars of the Middle East debate the genesis Theof Middle East, politics East underlying causes of failure Rashid Khald
                                                                                        graduate students,
                                                             academic researchers,Cambridge Middle undergraduate students
The great collection of letters and papers comprising the Smuts Papers has been assembled at the University of Cape Town by Dr Je
                         List of great and tables; Preface; Notes onIndia, with the establishment Asian Studies, 17 institutions, the emergence
                                                             academic South Asiangraduate students new governmental
                                                                           references, transliteration and
The interwar years witnessed maps changes in the political life ofresearchers,Cambridge Southof abbreviations; 1. Politics and the province: the
                                                                          world the emergence and development of historical perspectives Richard Sy
           • The first coherent and systematic treatment of insights intoPreface; 1. Introduction: comparativediverse financial systems • Discus
                                                             academic researchers, graduate students
                         List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; history, economic history, macro/international economics, comparative
                         Potential major articles that represents some of the best historical research by some of the
                                                             academic researchers,Royal HistoricalGlobal Order, 1850-1914 Martin Daunton; Land, h
           • Annual collection ofAddress: Britain and Globalisation sincehistory,I.Anglo-SaxonSociety Transactions world's most distinguished F
                                                                                        graduate students, undergraduate history,
                                                                          British 1850: Creating a England, Medievalstudents Reformation history, G
                         1. Adolf Hitler; 2. Benito Mussolini; 3. Tojo world leaders of World War 5. Josef Stalin; 6. Stalin, Churchill, and FDR • Ap
           • Highly original analysis of the future visions of eight major enthusiasts Kai-shek; II, including Hitler, Winston Churchill; 7. Charles d
                                                                          Hideki; 4. Chiang
                                                             general readers, history, European history, military history
                           of ancient The background of general readers of science, history of China, The origins the work; 4. The later histo
                                                             the Zhou bi; 2. The Zhou to the its contents; 3. Fully annotated
           • First studyPreface; 1. Chinese mathematical astronomy accessible bi and non-specialist •astronomy of1 and lucid translation of a
                                                                          history      Needham Research Institute Studies,
                           a narrative of the Neutrons; 3. general readers reactions; and technology, physics, current events, nuclear The ‘gadg
                                                              Fissions; 4. Chain explanations of the 6. Eka-Osmium; 7. Serber’s primer; 8. spent sev
           • Combines1. The nucleus; 2. history of nuclear weapons withof science 5. MAUD;basic science involved • The author hasweapons g
                         Prologue: the truncated peace of Versailles andcenturygraduateof history, international history, • Offers a history, of the
                                                             academic researchers, Treaty students
                                                                          20th its consequences, 1919–23; 1. The wider challenges: the legacy US for
           • A major reappraisal of the international history of Europe from theEuropean Versailles to the rise of Hitler diplomatic new, revisionis
                         1. Thinking about environmental entire 2.worldecology of subsistence history times to the present Accessible, aime
                                                             undergraduate of humanenvironmental and
                                                                           The history, history from the German Historical - primeval
                                                                                       Publications of prehistoric
           • Truly global in perspective and surveys thehistory;coursestudents, graduate students tacit knowledge Institute • symbioses betwe
                          the links between descriptive set theory and forcing; fully explores theory, abstract thatQuestions; Bibliography; Index. o
                                                             academic researchers,5. Operations; 6. Applications; 7. forcing makes with other areas
           • Highlights1. Introduction; 2. Basics; 3. Properties; 4. mathematics (logic), set the connections analysis, measure theory
                                                                                        graduate students
                                                                          Examples; Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics, 174
                         0. Introduction; 1. Abstract elementary areas of logic, Lecture Notes in Logic, 29 computational 2. On the recursion th
                                                             academic researchers, including more questions John T. Baldwin; logic
                                                                          mathematical logic, set theory, model
           ▪ Contain contributions from leading experts in keyclasses: some answers,philosophical logic, theory, universal algebra,density of Ha
                                                                                        graduate students
                         1. Thread recent and risk assessment services Jan A.theory philosophical logic, computational logic modal definable m
                                                             academic researchers, graduateIncludes a tutorial Alban Ponse; and
           • Features a survey ofalgebra major advances in combinatorial setLecture •Notes in Bethke28 on proof theory2. Covering logic • Desc
                                                                                           logic, students
                                                                          mathematicalBergstra, Inge Logic, and
                         1. sections on Part I. theory and valued fields ▪ algebra
                                                             academic 2. Some background on stability theory; 3. Definition and basic properties of S
                                                                          logic, Comprehensive explication 30
           ▪ Background Introduction;stabilityStable Domination:researchers,Lecture Notes in Logic,of new ideas which have been previously d
                                                                                        graduate students
                         Preface; How to read this book;unusual formal systems (logic), logic
                                                               1. K önig’smathematics graduate students elements; 3. Formal systems; 4. Deductions
                                                                           lemma; 2. Posets and maximal
           • Lively mathematical examples and some undergraduate students, stimulate the reader from the very beginning • Suitable as an intr
                                                             graduate required for volume two representation theory) to representation theory by tub
                                                                          mathematics (algebra, • Introduces the reader
           • Self contained, only knowledge from volume one isstudents, academic researchersof Euclidean type; 12. Regular modules and app
                                                                                       London Mathematical Society Student Texts
                         Introduction; 10. Tubes; 11. Module categories over concealed algebras
                         Introduction; 15. Tubular extensions and students, required for Mathematical Society 17. Tiltedcollection of result bringing
                                                             graduate tubular coextensions; volume three • Finishes with a algebras Euclidean typ
           • Self contained, only knowledge from the first two volumes is academic researchers algebras; Student Texts
                                                                                       London 16. Branch
                                                                          mathematics (algebra, representation theory)
                         1. Introduction; this I. Elementary Results:algebra, group group-theoreticin Mathematics, Prime Power Order: 3. in the
                                                             academic area of modern theory students research • Written by
                                                                           2. Some basic observations;
           • The first book devoted to Partexciting and vigorous researchers,Cambridge Tracts Part II. Groups of173 leading specialistsPrelim
                         Preface to over 60 pages of new materialresearchers, 1. Preliminaries;for Singular courses ▪ Complete Spectral variatio
                                                              Preface; ▪applied functional analysis, numerical analysis
                                                                           Suitable asgraduate students Mathematics
                                                                                         a reference or 2.
           ▪ Updated classic with the Classics Edition;academic Introduction; Classics in Applied graduate values and norms; 3.and self-containe
                         Preface; Acknowledgements; Part I. applications is developed from of MathematicsMathieu Applications, Part II. Involuto
                                                             academic researchers,Encyclopedia scratch by the and its group M24; 111 finite simp
           • The technique of symmetric generation and its Motivation: 1. Thegraduate group M12; 2. The author, who is the leading researcher
                                                                                          (combinatorics, computational group theory), groups,
                                                                          mathematicsMathieu students, undergraduate students
                         Preface; List of topics such 1. Stark–Heegner points and special values of L-series Massimo Bertolini, Henri
                                                                                       London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, researchers in
           • Brings together important participants;as the local Langlands programme and automorphic forms • Indispensable for320Darmon an
                         Preface. 1. Transcendence onacademic methods forms; 3.Mathematical problems; 4. Commutative algebraic groups; 5.
                                                              effective researchers,Newalgebraic geometry
           • Destined to be the definitive referenceorigins; 2. Logarithmic in Diophantine geometry • First version in book form of important deve
                                                                                        graduate students
                                                                          number theory, Diophantine Monographs, 9
                         Preface; Index both students of participants;this area, graduate theorywith key; TheLecture Note Series, the field • Exp
                                                             academic researchers,London Mathematical Society trace problem for totally
                                                                          in Conference photograph,
                                                                                         with survey articles
           • An invaluable resource toof authors; List and experts mathematics, numberstudents on the most important topics in352positive alg
                         Preface; A the combinatorial chaos using the Part A. Weak Win and Strong Draw:games vs. weak win; 2. The main res
                                                                                       Encyclopedia of to analyze and its Applications, 114
           • Learn how to escape summary of the book in a nutshell; fake probabilistic methodMathematics1. Win such as tic-tac-toe, hex and so
                                                                          mathematics, theoretical computer science, combinatorics, game theory
                                                             undergraduate students, graduate students, academic researchers
                         Preface; 1. Hereditary and monotone properties of combinatorialstudents Combinatorial Ordering classes information
                                                             academic researchers,London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 346 matrices
                                                                          mathematics, combinatorics, discrete mathematics, graph theory, of
                                                                                        graduate structures
           • Contains survey articles based on the invited lectures given at the Twenty-first British B. Bollobas; 2. Conference, a well-establishe
                         Preface; Introduction; (Monty Hall, birthday surprise, lottery winners, and more) explained in science, and simulation; 3
                                                             undergraduate students, graduate students,2. The law of large way that anyone can und
                                                                          probability, statistics questions; general readers
           • Fascinating probability problemsPart I. Probability in Action: 1. Probability (mathematics, science, socialanumbersmedicine)
                          introduction to Fourier analysisundergraduate Tp, Z, andprofessionals,signal of functions on R, Tp, Z researchersThe cal
                                                              and its on Fourier analysis, wavelets, graduate students, academic and PN; 3.
                                                                           R, students, PN; 2. Fourier analysis can be
           • A modern 1. Fourier's representation for functionsapplications: shows how Convolution processing used to study sampling theory, P
                          at the end of each section, allowing students to explore their understanding • Hints to and the problem started on challe
                                                                                       Mathematical Association sets help students get
           • Exercises 1. Introduction; 2. The Riemann integral; 3.analysis, probability4. Nowhere denseof America Textbooks with the fundame
                                                                           Explorations of R;
                                                             undergraduate students, graduate students
                         Part I. Preliminaries, Examples undergraduate and graduate researchers 2.as a basic examples on Abelian groups; wi
                                                              and Motivations: 1. Finiteharmonicchains; representation theory, Markov First book
                                                                          mathematics, Markov Studies Advanced Mathematics, 108
           • Can be used as a textbook for advanced graduate students, academic students, andin Tworeference for researchers • chains Par
                                                                                       Cambridge analysis,
                         Introduction; 1. Measure and integral; 2. The Cauchy-Schwarz inequality; 3. The AM-GM inequality; are used • Provides
                                                             graduate students, academic detail how analysis, functional analysis, Convexity, and Je
           • Establishes the fundamental inequalities of linear analysis • Explains inresearchersthese important inequalities4.probability theory)
                                                                          mathematics (analysis, linear
                         Introduction; Part I. Foundations: 1. Why equations solution of stochastic partial differential Applications, 113 preliminar
                                                             academic researchers,Encyclopedia of2.analysis, preliminaries; 3. Probabilistic noise •
                                                                          probability theory, noise?; Analytic partial its equations with Lévy
           • The first book to detail the evolution equation approach to the with LévyfunctionalMathematics anddifferential equations, stochastic
                                                                                        graduate students
                         Foreword by T. W. Körner; 1. Real of A Mathematician'sanalysis Mathematical Library
                                                             graduate students, academic researchers Centenary edition includes a new Foreword by
                                                                          mathematics, of real • This
           • The classic text on pure maths, by the authorvariables; 2. FunctionsApologyvariables; 3. Complex numbers; 4. Limits of functions o
                         Foreword; 1. An appreciate theundergraduate students, graduate students Expositions, 31 Riemann-Stieltjes courses
                                                              richness of the idea integral; 3. Mathematical integral; 4. The
                                                                           Cauchy ofDolciani The Riemann
                                                                                        integrals ▪
           ▪ Provides an opportunity to historical overview; 2. Themathematics (calculus)Can serve as a reference, as a supplement to integral;
                         Preface; 1. and methods in theacademic researchers,New Mathematicalvector fields • The Baouendi-Treves complex al
                                                              theory of involutive systems of complex Monographs, 6 3. Sussmann’s orbits and uniq
                                                                           The Baouendi-Treves approximation several
           • Details the main toolsLocally integrable structures; 2.mathematics (systems of vector fields,formula; complex variables, approximat
                                                                                        graduate students
                         List of algorithms; Preface; 1. Introduction;are suitable graduate students, professionals
                                                             academic numerical analysis, applied mathematics • Includes references to recent exp
           • Contains chapters describing basic methods, whichresearchers, for general numerical courses divergent series; 3. Chebyshev lite
                                                                           Part I. Basic Methods: 2. Convergent and
           • Builds machinery of algebraic geometry upon what students already know well • Modern approach - focusses on Serre's GAGA th
                                                             undergraduate students,The complex topology; 5. The analytification of a 345
                                                                          algebraic 4. graduate students
                                                                                       London complex analysis
                         Foreword; 1. Introduction; 2. Manifolds; 3. Schemes;geometry,Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series,scheme; 6. The
           • First text to give a comprehensive introduction to contact geometry, with thorough discussion of all basic methods of the subject •o
                                                              Geometry; mathematics, topology Studies in Advanced Mathematics, 109
                                                                          2. Contact Manifolds; 3. Knots
                         Foreword; 1. Facets of Contact graduate students, academic researchers in Contact 3-Manifolds; 4. Contact Structures
                         prior knowledge of K-theory or graduate students, • Approaches K-theory from Bibliography; Symbol 111algebraic viewp
                                                             algebraic topology academic researchers in topology, differential topology
                                                                           structure; 4. K-theory,Studies Advanced Mathematics, an
           • Needs no 1. Preliminaries; 2. K-Theory; 3. Additional mathematics,Characteristic classes; both a topological andindex; Subject inde
                                                                                       Cambridge algebraic
                         Preface; 1. Euclidean geometry; 2. Spherical geometry; 3. explicit proofs; usesEuler numbers; 4. Riemannian metrics; 5.
                                                                           self-contained Triangulations and the classical geometries to motivate the b
           • A concrete approach to the theory, with emphasis onmathematics (geometry)
                                                             undergraduate students, graduate students
                         Preface; The Point of this Book; Projects; Prerequisites; Book Features; Elliptic Functions and Maple Includes a rich se
                                                                                       courses to Resource Materials
           • Helps students make the transition from the compartmentalized Classroom mathematics that is a unified whole •Note; Thanks; For
                         Introduction; proofs, so suitable for Holomorphic functions of many variables; 2. Complex manifolds; 3. Kähler never p
                                                             academic researchers, ▪graduate students in Advanced Mathematics
                                                                          mathematics,Only up-to-date treatment of
           ▪ Self-contained with full Part I. Preliminaries: 1.research students Cambridge algebraic geometrysubject ▪ Contains materialmetrics;
                                                                                           complex Studies
                         Introduction. proofs, so Topology of Algebraic Varieties: complex Studies in Advancedhyperplane sections; 2. Lefschetz
                                                             academic researchers, ▪graduate Lefschetz theorem on Mathematics, 77
                                                                          mathematics,Only up-to-date treatment of
                                                                                            1. The students
           ▪ Self-contained with full Part I. The suitable for research students Cambridge algebraic geometrysubject ▪ Contains material never p
                         Preface; 1. Outlines; of Seiberg-Witten Floer homologygraduate a clear overview of low 10 developments in topology orig
                                                                          topology, geometry, theoretical physics, recent
                                                                                         • Offers students
           • First comprehensive treatment 2. The Seiberg-Witten equations New compactness; Monographs, dimensional topology, global ana
                                                             academic researchers, and Mathematical 3. Hilbert manifolds and perturbations; 4. Modu
                          to give a complete treatment of the theory mathematics, topology,Tracts in Mathematics, 172dynamical Overconvergen
                                                             academic researchers,Cambridge geometry, number the basics, to discussion of the mo
                                                                           of rigid cohomology, from full 5. Overconvergent
           • First book Introduction; 1. Prologue; 2. Tubes; 3. Strict neighborhoods; 4. Calculus; proofs for all theory,sheaves; 6.systems, symple
                                                                                        graduate students
                         Preface; 1. Rank and Russian schools of mathematics, over semi-rings of E. Guterman; 2. Algebraic geometry
                                                                                       London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, to up-to-the m
           • Reflects current expertise in the determinant functions for matrices on a wide range A. topics from classical problems347 over Lie
                          to comprehensively discuss Non-standard numbers; 3. Rationalthe of algebra, set and its Applications, numbers; 6. Ap
                                                             academic researchers,Encyclopedia classical number systems of p-adic 112
                                                                          pure mathematics, of students 4. Completion;
           • First book Preface; 1. Real numbers; 2.the abstract structural properties topology,Mathematics theory 5. The mathematics • Discuss
                                                                                        graduate numbers;
                         Preface; Acknowledgements; List of acronyms; 1. Introduction; and rigour,and Control, 11
                                                                                       Advances in Design Adaptive 3. Parameter identification: desig
Designed to meet the needs of a wide audience without sacrificing mathematical depth2. Parametric models;Control Tutorial presents thecontin
                         Preface; 1. Stochastic jump diffusion processes ▪ academic researchers, professionals 13 3. Stochastic integration for
                                                             graduate students, Bridges the gap between theControl, and
                                                                                       Advances in Design and applied
           ▪ Provides equal emphasis on jump andand diffusion processes; 2. Stochastic integration for diffusions; the abstract worlds to enabl
                                                          graduate students, Combination of survey and research Institute
          ▪ Up to date text in fast moving fields ▪ Many open problems ▪ academic researchers and Researchreports Publications
                                                                                      systems, geometry
                                                                       dynnamicalMathematical Sciences topology
                       Introduction; Preamble Good academicHesiod’s mathematics, students
                                                          to fall; 1. researchers,Dolciani Mathematical Expositions, 30 modelling • Lots of exercis
                                                                       calculus, linear algebra, differential physics 2. The
                                                                                      graduate engineering, crash;
          • Suitable as a supplemental text inI.calculus II, vector applied muses; Preamble II. Towersequations, andgravity of Hades; Preamble
                       Preface; 1. a reference to a first undergraduate course academic Design and also suitable
                                                                       applied mathematics in control, but graduate students, professionals
          • Primarily intended as Introduction for feedback control; 2.students, in systemsresearchers,Control, 14 for graduate students, resea
                                                          undergraduate Mathematical models of feedback control systems; 3. Analysis of Linear c
                        summarizes Theory: 1. results of smooth ergodic theory, which is one Mathematics theory; linear extensions; 3. Regul
                                                                       mathematics, dynamical of of the core parts itsthe general researchers rese
          • The book Part I. Linearand unifies The concept of nonuniform hyperbolicity; 2.systems, ergodicand offor academic dynamical system
                                                                                      Encyclopedia Lyapunov exponents Applications
                       Preface; 1. Introduction to partial differential equations;graduate methods, including both laws; 3. Nonlinear scalar laws
          • Textbook gives a comprehensive presentation of modern shock-capturing students, professionals finite volume and finite element
                                                                       mathematics, numerical methods, partial differential equations
                                                          academic researchers, 2. Scalar hyperbolic conservations
                       Preface; Part I. Concepts and on continuing advancesComputationalpower to develop new optimization methods ▪ for b
                                                          academic researchers, in computing Science and Engineering
                                                                                        Online Strategies:
          ▪ Answers the pressing need to capitalize Properties of Real-Time,graduate students 1. Constrained optimal feedback control TheD
                                                                       partial differential equations
                       Preface; List of symbols; List ofacademic researchers,Advances students Linear Time-Delay Systems: 1. Spectraland en
                                                           abbreviations; Partmathematics, dynamical systems biological models, networks prope
                                                                       applied I. Stability Analysis of handling
          • Presents a unifying, eigenvalue based approach • Demonstrates a large potential forand Control
                                                                                      graduate in Design
                       Preface; range cardiovascular academic researchers,Frontiers in Applied Mathematics, 34
                                                          system under in ergometric regulation of human cardiovascularmedicine
                                                                       mathematical modeling, computational mathematics, Cardio-Respiratory Mo
                                                                                      graduate students
This volume brings together the 1. The of control processes involved anthe effectiveworkload; 2. Respiratory modeling; 3.and respiratory control
                       Preface; 1. Dimensional analysis and acaling; 2. modeling from thecomputational mathematics, physics,concepts ▪
                                                          academic researchers,Monographs on Mathematical Modelingadvanced engineering 4
                                                                       mathematical modeling, elementary level to more and 3. Basic concepts;
          ▪ The authors present a thorough treatment of mathematical Conservation principles and constitutive relations;Computation, 13This
                                                                                      graduate students
                       Preface; 1. Fundamentals; 2. Modeling ofresearchers,Computational Science and mathematics, 4
                                                          academic particulate flows; 3. Iterative • Written for a broad audience of computational s
          • Focuses on basic models and physically based computational solution strategiessolution schemes; 4. Representative numerical si
                                                                                      graduate students
                                                                       mathematical modeling, computational Engineering, physics, engineering
                       1. Introduction.; 2. Exponential undergraduate students, biology, Theorem.; 3. modelling mathematics and demonstra
                                                          Growth with articles from Science and Nature Illustrating the
          • Brought alive by reprints of recent research summary Appendix ongraduatemathematical Introduction to Differential Equations.; 4.
                                                                       mathematical Taylor's students
                       List of figures; List of a reference book, or as a handbook for practitioners glossary industry • Useful to readers in variou
                                                                       applied mathematics, civil 2. A in Conference Series terms; 3. Mathematics,
                                                                                      CBMS-NSF Regional the oil
          • Suitable as a student textbook, tables; List of notation; Preface; 1. Introduction; engineering of petroleumin Applied Single-phase
                                                          graduate students, undergraduate students, academic researchers, professionals
                       Preface; 1. Tensor algebra; and graduate solid, fluid and theoretical mechanics
                                                          graduate students, undergraduate mechanics; class-tested over 9 years 5. Balance laws;
                                                                       students of Cambridge Texts force concepts; 4. Kinematics; at both Warwick
                                                                                      continuum students, academic researchers
          • Ideal text for advanced undergraduate2. Tensor calculus; 3. Continuum mass and in Applied Mathematics, 41
                       Foreword to the Classics additional material on elasticity Part I. in Applied Mathematics, 52for Three-Dimensional Contin
                                                                       Conventions; ▪ applied mathematics, many with
          ▪ Classic text has been updated with Edition; Preface; fluid mechanics,Hundreds of exercises,engineeringhints for solution ▪ Explains
                                                                                      graduate students
                                                          academic researchers,Classics Geometrical Prerequisites
                       1. Introduction; 2. Mathematicalgraduate students, academic three-dimensional truss of updated and including two Stress
                                                           preliminaries; text on computational solid mechanics,
                                                                       solid Analysis of researchers, modeling structures; 4. Kinematics; 5. additio
          • Second edition of well-received and successful graduate3.mechanics, computationalprofessionalsstructures, structural mechanics,
                       1. factor survey volume • Contributors areresearchers,Acta Numerica, computing Hyperbolic conservation laws K.W.
                                                          academic numerical analysis, • students,
                                                                        2. Molecular dynamics B. Leimkuhler; current
                                                                                      graduate Covers topics of 3.
          • High impact Numerical weather prediction M. Cullen;leading researchers scientific16 professionals interest and presents state-of-t
                       Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Circulant preconditioners; 3. Unified treatment PCG method Focuses on the more system
                                                          graduate students, academic based on Algorithms
                                                                       numerical solvers
                                                                                      Fundamentals of the
          ▪ A short and quick guide to the development of iterative Toeplitzrecipes researchers from kernels; 4.▪ Ill-conditioned Toeplitzimporta
                       Preface; Introduction; Part I. Diffusion Models: 1. solution methods employed in the various Applications, 117
                                                          discussion partial differential equations, mathematical modelling, numerical element meth
                                                                        of the Distributed and point-wise control and its chapters (finite analysis, scie
          • Computationally oriented with a thorough academic researchers,Encyclopedia of Mathematicsfor linear diffusion equations; 2. Bou
                                                                                      graduate students
                                                          graduate students, academic researchers ▪ Appendices
                                                                                      Classics in problems
          ▪ Addresses both steady-state boundary value problems and time-dependent Applied Mathematics provided covering concepts pe
                                                                       and Iterative Methods: 1. differential equations
                       Preface; Part I. Boundary Value Problems numerical analysis, partialFinite difference approximations; 2. Steady states a
                       List of figures; List of tables; Preface; 1, The Signal to students 2. Linear Stateflow®, SimPowerSystems® and SimMe
                                                          professionals, graduate Simulink;
          • Introduces additional software packages including IntroductionProcessing Blockset®,differential equations, matrix algebra and con
                                                                       numerical analysis
                                                                       on polynomials, Tchebycheff systems etc,plus historical notes and comments
          • Comprehensive reference, with preparatory material mathematics, numerical analysis, computer-aided design Approximation pow
                                                          graduate students, Polynomial splines; 5.
                                                                                      Cambridge Mathematical Library
                       1. Introduction; 2. Preliminaries; 3. Polynomials; 4. academic researchers Computational methods; 6.
                       Foreword; 1. Summary; 2. Introductory example; 3. The choice ofprediction, atmospheric out in detail the steps required
          • Classic book which was the first comprehensive description of numerical weather prediction Sets science fundamental equations
                                                                       meteorology, weatherstudents, undergraduate 4. The
                                                                                      graduate cooordinate differences;
                                                          academic researchers,Cambridge Mathematical Library students, enthusiasts, professi
                        to teach basic computer programming R language; computing, computer programming, data analysis, data simulation
                                                          undergraduate students,Programming statistical graphics; analysis • Authors recognized
          • First book 1. Getting started; 2. Introduction to thein R, the language of choice for statistics and data4. Programming with R; 5. Sim
                                                                       statistical 3. graduate students, professionals
                       Preface; 1. Forward question, one of the experiments; 3. Simple treatment academic and Probabilistic Mathematics,cho
                                                          undergraduate students, graduate Series in structure; 4. Blocking; 5. Factorial is on 25
                                                                       statistics, experimental students, design • researchers
          • Authoritative: Bailey is, withoutlook; 2. Unstructured foremost experts on experimentalStatisticalFit for purpose: emphasistreatment
                                                                                      Cambridge design, clinical trials
                       Preface; 1. Insurance data; 2. Response distributions; datastatistics family insurance and estimation; 4. Linear modelin
                                                                       acturial studies, sets relevant to responses Exercises
          • Tailored to needs of actuaries • All techniques illustrated on real International Series on Actuarial•Science and data-based practi
                                                                                       students, undergraduate students
                                                          professionals, graduate3. Exponential
                        devoted entirely to the negative binomial researchers, graduate students ofmodel currently offered in a commercial stat
                                                          academic model and all its varieties • Every estimation;
          • First book Preface; Introduction; 1. Overview of countstatistics, applied probability, epidemiology 3. The Poisson model; 4. Overd
                                                                         response models; 2. Methods
                        case studies of real applications from many disciplines ▪ Integrated approach will analysis; researchers in statistics, 5. F
          ▪ Extensive 1. Introduction and examples; 2. Statisticalstatistics, theory; 3. Linear discriminant appeal to 4. Flexible discriminants; eng
                                                                        decision computer vision, image analysis
                                                          graduate students, academic researchers
                       Preface; develop effective techniques for learning 1. Discrete-time Markov chains; 2. Continuous-time Markov and stati
                                                                       statistics and and developing a
          • Enables readers to Introduction: Andrei Markov and his time; aboutgraduate students, deeper understanding of probability chains: b
                                                          undergraduate students, applied probability academic researchers
                       approach: Introduction; 2. Phase transitions in infiniteCambridge computer Statistical andthemathematics, physics, prob
                                                          graduate students, academic • Focus on information flow, Probabilistic Mathematics, tra
                                                                         real applications researchersin science, applied issue 4. More on of commu
          • Balanced Preface; 1.learn the theory as motivated byelectrical engineering, 3. Connectivity of finite networks; at the heart phase 24
                                                                                       networks; Series
                       Preface; 1. Fundamental approximations; 2. Properties the methods for3. Multivariate densities; 4. Conditional densities
                                                          equips the reader academic probability, real applications • Abundant examples, both22
                                                                       statistics, applied researchersin Statistical and Probabilistic Mathematics, nu
          • An accessible, readable introduction that graduate students,to useand derivatives; biostatistics, electrical engineering, economics
                                                                                      Cambridge Series
                       1. textbook for 2. Linear algebra; 3. The simplex graduate students, and on academic researchers
                                                                       applied mathematics Series researchers unfamiliar with 6. Sensitivity and
          ▪ Introductory Introduction;undergraduate students, first-year method; 4. Duality; 5. Solving large linear programs;linear programming
                                                          undergraduate students, graduate students, Optimization, 7
                       1. Preliminaries; available on linear algebraicgraduate updated Now covers extrapolation; and inference of functions; 5
                                                          professionals, equations; 3. Interpolation and classification 4. Integration HMMs,
          ▪ Most comprehensive book 2. Solution ofscientific computing, now students,▪academic researchers, undergraduate students SVMs
                                                                       numerical analysis, scientific computing, mathematical modelling
                         to give a detailed coverage of concurrent and real-time programming in the new Ada 2005 language4. Latesttypes and a
                                                                       computer programming; 3. Inter-process communication; • Task edition of
          • Only book1. Introduction; 2. The nature and uses of concurrentscience,researchers, professionals real-time systems, safety-criticalo
                                                          graduate students, academic concurrent programming,
                       Preface; Part I. A Classic topicgraduate students,cover all theconcurrency, distributed computing, programming and cont
                                                           - of first book to academic researchers, professionals
                                                                       computer science, different approaches • Based on taught courses, languag
          • Broad accessible introduction to theTheory theReactive Systems: 1. Introduction; 2. The language CCS; 3. Behavioural equivalenc
                       1. An introduction to description logics D. researchers, J. Brachman; Part chapter on2. Basic description logics F.semant
                                                          academic Nardi and R. edition includes a I.management,
                                                                       artificial intelligence, students, Theory: ontology languages for the Baade
          • Only comprehensive introduction to Description Logics - this newgraduateknowledgeprofessionals natural language processing, k
                       Introduction Noam Nisan, Tim Roughgarden, Éva Tardos • Contributionsgame the major researcherseconomics, •e-com
                                                          graduate students, academic researchers by all Part I. Computing in in the field Applie
          • First comprehensive treatment of this important emerging discipline and Vijay V. Vazirani;theory, computational Games: 1. Basic so
                                                                       theoretical computer science,
                       Introduction; Part I. Linkages: 1. Problem classificationcomplexity, students, academic researchers, 3. Full color througho
          • Fascinating, tangible, accessible cutting-edge research with applications throughout science and engineering Planar linkage me
                                                                       algorithms, graduate topology, geometry
                                                          undergraduate students,and examples; 2. Upper and lower bounds; enthusiasts, amateur
                                                          academic algebraic Decompositions:graduate students
          ▪ Application oriented, with examples of how to apply and Matrixmethods: some MATLAB code included ▪ Web support includes exe
                                                                       data mining,professionals, 1. Vectors and matrices in data mining and pattern
                                                                                        machine learning, Mathematics
                       Preface; Part I. Linear Algebra Concepts researchers,Frontiers in Applied numerical analysis, scientific computation, pat
                       Preface; to perform cluster analysis Similarity Measures: 1. data mining,on Statistics and 3.machine learning, computa
                                                                                      professionals, programming languages ▪ Provides examples of cl
          ▪ Readers learn how Part I. Clustering, Data and with the C/C++ and MATLAB® graduate students Applied Probability, 20 4. Data
                                                                       applied statistics, Data clustering; 2. DataTypes;
                                                          academic researchers,ASA-SIAM Series pattern recognition, Scale conversion;
                         in easy-to-use ‘cookbook’ style analysis; researchers, professionals processing, image analysis; 5.
                                                            with full 3. Gray-scale image analysis; 4. Binary keywords • Provides a GUI for the cod
          • Presented1. Introduction; 2. Global imageacademiccross-references, pictorial examples, andmolecular biology Analysis of lines and
                                                                       computer graphics, image
                       1. Introduction; needed • Written especially for programmers and software engineers • Introduces Bluetooth with Micro
          • No Bluetooth background2. Bluetooth programming with Python; 3. C programming with GNU/Linux; 4. C programmingfor Python,
                       Part used to emphasise important points • software engineering, software testing, computer science, information techno
                                                          undergraduate students,solution manual, PowerPoint coverage; 4. tools for students, an
                                                                         Instructor’s graduate students
          • Examples are I. Overview: 1. Introduction; Part II. Coverage Criteria: 2. Graph testing; 3. Logicslides, testing Input space partitionin
                       Part several realistic case studies in depthsoftware engineering were developed at Microsoft need model-based analys
                                                                          2. Why we Methods
          ▪ Works throughI. Overview: 1. Describe, analyze, test; and detail ▪ need model-based testing; 3. Why we Research and are used by
                                                          professionals, undergraduate students
                         a unique method, for simplifying programscomputer science, software engineering, the complexity
                                                          academic researchers, graduate students conquer Pathwise decomposition; understa
                                                                         for analysis • Lets us divide and
          • Describes1. Introduction; 2. State constraints; 3. Subprogram simplification; 4. Program set; 5.programming involved in6. Tautolo
                       1. Introduction; Part to scholarly literature, computerand professionals andallow reader to further pursue topics • Include
                                                          undergraduate students, on-line sources to Technologies: 2. Open source Internet appli
                                                                       journals, science, software
          • Includes extensive references I. Open Source - Internet Infrastructure, Platforms,development, information technology
                       1. appeal across computer science and beyond •Theprogramming, calendar studies
                                                          professionals, 2. LISP and
                                                                       computer Gregorian calendar; 3. The Julian calendar; Now includes and Ethi
          • Has general Introduction; Part I. Arithmetical Calendars:enthusiasts Java code available on the web site • 4. The Coptic generic
                       Preface; 1. Elementary coherence phenomena; Written by an internationally renowned optical scientist • Contains studei
          • The first unified treatment of coherence and polarization • 2.physics, engineering
                                                                       optical Mathematical preliminaries; 3. Second-order coherence phenomena
                                                          graduate students, academic researchers
                       Preface; 1. Symmetry and physics; 2. Symmetry and group one pedagogical textbook • Contains over 150 exercises, wit
                                                          graduate students, academic physics, Group representations: concepts; 4. Group repres
                                                                       condensed into theory; 3. theoretical physics
          • Fuses symmetry, condensed matter and computational methodsmatter researchers
                        coverage the first edition; Preface to the second edition; Introduction; 1. Interactions of particles andcan be used in man
                                                           and particle physics instrumentation, showing on particle detectors radiation with and
          • Complete Preface toof the field of nuclearacademic researchers,Cambridge MonographshowParticle Physics, Nuclear Physicsmatt
                                                                                       physics, students
                                                                       high energy graduate astroparticle physics
                       1. Introduction and motivation; 2. Spinors: Weyl, Dirac and Majorana; 3. A simple supersymmetric from scratch, so usef
          • Builds on information from standard relativistic quantum mechanics courses, and also introduces new topics Lagrangian, and a firs
                        fully devoted to string cosmology, summarizing the results ofresearchers review of standard and inflationary cosmology;
                                                          graduate students, academic 15 years of work Includes self-contained
          • First book Preface; Acknowledgements; Notation, units and conventions; string theory, cosmology, particle physics introductions to
                                                                       theoretical physics, 1. A short
                       1. Introduction; 2. introduction to geometric algebra includingresearchers in relativistic physics and algebra, geometric
                                                          graduate students, academic applications quantum theory, Clifford gravitation ▪ The firs
          ▪ The only fully self-containedGeometric algebra in two and three dimensions; 3. Classical mechanics; 4. Foundations of applied ma
                                                                       mathematical physics, relativity,
                       Preface; 1. Convexity, colours and statistics; 2. ▪ Stresses themathematical physics, mathematics, mathematical statisti
                                                          graduate students, academic researchers and differences between classical and 4. Com
                                                                       theoretical physics, similarities
          ▪ The first book to focus on the geometry of quantum statesGeometry of probability distributions; 3. Much ado about spheres; quantu
                       Preface; 1. Action principle in classical mechanics;academicthe Monographs on principle to 3. Physics
                                                                       mathematical of researchers
          • Self-contained, making it ideal for self-study • Includes applicationsphysicsSchwinger action field theory; a variety of different mode
                                                          graduate students, 2. Action principle in classical Mathematical Action principle in quan
                         all aspects of theory conventions; Introduction; Part I.graduate students quantum field mathematical precisionQuantis
                                                          academic researchers,Cambridge relativity, • Interpretation andquantum
                                                                        to the frontiers of current research Contains theory, the Canonical which
          • DiscussesPreface; Notation andfrom the foundations mathematicalClassical Foundations, on Mathematical Physics mechanics r
                                                                                         physics, Monographs
                       Preface; Acknowledgements; Terminology problems of quantum quantum fieldon Mathematical Physics and heuristic
          ▪ General introduction to the conceptual and technical mathematical physics,gravity ▪ Complete up-do-date introduction to loop quan
                                                                        and notation; Part I. Relativistic
                                                                                      Cambridge Monographs theory, quantum mechanics,
                                                          graduate students, academic researchers Foundations: 1. General ideas relativity, g
              introduction to quantum computation for those students, knowledge of information, computer science
                                               undergraduate with little graduate students, academic researchers
                                                               quantum some simple examples; 3. theory RSA encryption with a quantum
• A concise Preface; 1. Cbits and Qbits; 2. General features andphysics, quantum quantum BreakingWritten by a highly respected an
             1. Introduction; 2. of groups; 2. Matrixto physical Lie algebras; 5. students
                                                theory groups; 4. undergraduate Matrix algebras; 6. rather than on theorems and proof
▪ Focuses on the applicationsLie Lie group graduate students,sciences and applied mathematics, Operator algebras; 7. Exponentiati
                                                               physics, engineering, chemistry
                ways of learning how to study non-equilibrium states of many-bodyspace; 3. Quantum dynamics and real-time formulat
                                               graduate on the multi-particle condensed
                                                               statistical physics, state systems Presents theoretical physics
• Offers twoPreface; 1. Quantum fields; 2. Operatorsstudents, academic researchers matter physics, the universal Green’s functions;
             Preface; rapidly expanding field Reviews current experimental work for professionals
                                               academic researchers, graduate students, several important proteins and
                                                   •           biological physics, biomedical physics, Thermodynamics to provide cutting-e
• An introduction to a1. Introduction; 2. Globular protein structure; 3. Experimental methods; 4.protein crystallography statistical mech
             Preface; 1. Gauss’s law for electric solutions to every problem within fields; 3. electromagnetics
                                                               electromagnetism, electrodynamics, Faraday’s law; podcasts explaining key
▪ Features an interactive website with completefields; 2. Gauss’s law for magneticthe text, as well as audio 4. The Ampere-Maxwell l
                                               undergraduate students, graduate students
             Preface; 31. Beyond the mechanical worldphysics,Static electricity; 33. The electric field; are introduced at a natural, log
                                               undergraduate 32.• Attractively illustrated • New
                                                                works engineering
• Provides an understanding of how the physical universe; students, academic researchers concepts 34. Potential and capacitance;
             Preface; 1. Strategies for solving problems; in self-study • Includes over 350 unworked Conservation password protec
• Contains more than 250 problems with solutions to aid2. Statics; 3. Using F=ma; 4. Oscillations; 5. exercises, withof energy and mo
             Preface. 1. Introduction; chemistry is treated in geometric of solid state chemistry successfully bridging the two-topics •
• For the first time, molecular cluster2. Main group clusters -the context andphysical chemistry, solid state physics, condensedgeome
                                                               inorganic chemistry, electronic Science
                                                                            Cambridge Molecular
                                               graduate students, academic researchers structure; 3. Transition metal clusters matte
             Preface to of second edition; Preface to researchers, graduate students 2. Chemical models and representations; 3.m
                                                                of molecular systems at an atomic level • computational physics, program C
• Covers a wide range thetechniques for the simulationmaterials science, computational science, Includes examples and biophysics,
                                               academic the first edition; 1. Preliminaries;
             Preface; recommendations for academic researchers, graduate students Compiled byscheme R.of an international pane
                                                the classification of metamorphic rocks 
                                                               metamorphic petrology, and nomenclature members Schmid, D. Fettes, B.
• Contains the IUGS 1.Introduction D. Fettes and J. Desmons; 2. Classificationmineralogy, geochemistry, general geology
• Makes modeling transparent, clear and meaningful by presenting underlying principles together with fully worked examples • Place
             Preface to first edition; Preface to second edition; A note about software; 1. Introduction; 2. Modeling overview; Part I. E
               the geophysics, geochemistry and petrology of Earth, plate tectonics, earth Earth; and geodynamics for Processes atat
                                               undergraduate students to explain plate tectonics 3. Plate tectonics; 4. the first time co
                                                               solid the Earth
• Integrates1. An introduction to the structure and composition of the Earth; 2. Thegeodynamics, geophysics, geochemistry, petrolog
             Part I. General Background: materials science approach to Earth deformation with results rheology, deformation; Part a
                                                Stress and geophysics, mineral physics, materials science, theory of earth • Presents I
                                                               strain; academic researchers
• A multidisciplinary text that combines a1. graduate students,2. Thernodynamics; 3. Phenomenologicalfrom seismologydeformation,
             Preface; 1. The Earth as a planet; and exercises • Solutions the Earth; 3.geophysics, planetary geophysics, plate are E
                                                               solid earth geophysics, applied Seismology and versions of the figures the a
• Each chapter now contains review questions2. Gravity and the figure ofto the exercises and electronicthe internal structure oftecto
                                               undergraduate students
             Foreword; Part I. Basic Principles: 1. structural geology and petroleum engineering Covers structural basins; 3. that ar
• Interdisciplinary book covering rock mechanics,The researchers, professionals, geoscience, geophysics, the practical issues hydrog
                                                               geomechanics, petroleum pressure at depth
                                               academic tectonic stress field; 2. Poregraduate students in sedimentary geology, Basic
               hydrological modelling S. Sorooshian support water water resources,arid regions, engineering arid and the foremost
                                                               hydrology, management in hydrological
• DescribesPreface: H. S. Wheater,tools needed to and K. D. Sharma; 1. Modellinggeotechnicalwith contributions from semi-arid are
                                               academic researchers International Hydrology Seriesprocesses in
             Preface; 1. Overview; 2. Governing equations for mesoscale researchers Basic mesoscale
                                               graduate students, academic motions; guide to wave dynamics; 4. Wave generation and
• A wide range of weather phenomena is described making this a great all-in-onephysics, climatology dynamics • Modelling projects
                                                               meteorology, atmospheric 3.
              completely updated and reorganised to greatly improve theand students, of the Early experiments to suit short underg
                                                 Some useful mathematical quality and topics; 3. material • Tailored
• Has been Preface; 1. Basic definitions; 2.undergraduate students,science physicalflow academic researchers and laws; 4. The fir
                                                               atmospheric graduate
               one of the What is lightning?; 2. LightningAtmosphericGeneraland easy to read • Includes many Faraday cages, topolog
                                               academic researchers, to date methods for lightning protection: illustrative drawings an
• Written byPreface; 1. world's leading authorities on lightning • Upprofessionals, graduate electrical engineering, civil engineering, a
                                                                damage; 3. physics, meteorology, students
             Part I. of the IPCC, written the Climate Change Issue: 1. Nineteenth century discoveries; 2. The natural carbon cycle iss
                                                               climate change, climatology, of perhaps the most
• A unique history The Early History of by its first Chairman • Provides a description environmental policy important environmental an
                                               academic researchers
             1. Climate change: review of the 2. Impacts
                                               academic researchers, change onWritten byeconomics, environmental and well-known a
                                                               climate change, global warming, anstudents, general readers
                                                                              change growth and international 3. The economics of stabili
• A state-of-the-art independentour approach; economics of climateprofessionals, graduate development; respectedstudies, environm
             Introduction; Acknowledgements; 1. An introduction but graduate students will affect humans past climates; 3. Past cl
                                               undergraduate students, how climate change
• The first book to cover not only the human impacts on climate,to climate change; 2. Principal indicators of and the species that we
                                                               climatology, ecology, conservation
             Foreword; Preface; Introduction; Summaryclimate change •global warming, climatology,
                                                impacts of for policymakers; Technical summary; 1. • Authors areof observed environme
                                                                        change, State-of-the-art analysis Assessment the best international
• THE international, impartial report on the academic researchers, graduate students, professionals atmospheric science, changes a
                                                economics climate academic researchers climatology, atmospheric science, environme
                                                                and politics of climate warming,
• THE international, impartial report on the graduate students, change, globalchange • State-of-the-art analysis • Authors are the bes
• THE international, impartial report on scientific aspects of climate change • State-of-the-art analysis • Authors are the best internat
                                                               climate academic researchers
                                               graduate students, change, global warming, climatology, atmospheric science, environme
             1. Introduction; 2. Radiation and the Earth’s energytest own understanding of of the climate; 4. The measurement of clim
                                                to allow readers to balance; 3. The
• Each chapter ends with review questions undergraduate students, enthusiasts elementstopics covered • Considers climate change
                                                               climatology, meteorology
             Part I. of research on Science; that II. Impacts and Adaptation;
                                                               climatology, controversial III.
• A solid overview Climate Systemkey topics Part underlie currently politics Partpolicy questions • Comprehensive treatment of topi
                                               graduate students, academic researchersMitigation; Part IV. Policy Design and Decision
             1. Turbulence, heat and waved; 2. explanatory captions graduate students
                                               undergraduate students, • Provides suggestions for further study to allow layers; to prob
• Contains numerous illustrations with detailed Measurement of oceanography, turbulence, fluid dynamics boundaryreaders 4. Turb
                                                               physical ocean turbulence; 3. Turbulence in oceanic
             Preface; Nomenclature; 1. Prelude to analytical, Microsoftgeomorphology, physical geography
                                               graduate students, academic researchers and Shows the reader how to write compute
                                                               oceanography, Excel Currents
▪ Presents coastal models in a variety of formats- modeling coastal basins; 2.or MATLAB® ▪continuity; 3. Box and one-dimensional m
             1. Contamination, regulation analyses to aid in decision making, feasibility studies and cost estimation • Givescold scien
                                                               bioremediation, environmental science, microbiology, soil science, guidance
• Includes case studies and cost-benefit and remediation: an introduction to bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons in earthregio
                                               academic researchers, professionals
             1. survival of the human race in the broadest sense ▪ Darwin College Lectures, general reader ▪ Multi-disciplinary Hall;
                                                               environmental studies, written for the 20
                                                                            Accessibly sustainable development, human survival
▪ Explores theSurvival of the human race Emily Shuckburgh; 2. Survival of empires Paul Kennedy; 3. Survival of culture Edithappro
                                               general readers
             1. Earth System Science approach to support courses that life; 3. The carbon cycle; 4.between the geosphere, hydrosp
• Presents an A habitable planet; 2. The emergence and persistence ofemphasize the interactionschange,tectonics, climate and life;
                                                               Earth system
                                               undergraduate students science, Earth history, global Plate geology, life on Earth, en
             Part I. Dynamic Atmosphere; Part II. space as Part III. The seen it before • Science The Frozen Caps; Part V. Evidenc
                                               general readers science, environmental science, general science, in a non-technical
• Spectacular colour images of planet Earth fromVital Land;you’ve never Restless Ocean; Part IV.is presented popular science wa
             detailed catalog of comets, containing observer descriptions of every
• The most Introduction; Acknowledgements; Catalogresearchers,Cometography comet seen from 1900 to 1932 • Calculated details
                                                               astronomy, planetary science, history of science
                                                                             amateurs, Uncertain
                                               academic of comets; Appendix 1.enthusiastsobjects and mistaken identities; Appendix 2
             Preface; 1. Introduction to Mars; 2. Formation Mars science,researchers earth/atmospheric sciences, chemistry
                                               graduate students, academic astronomy, evolution; 3. information measurements and
                                                               planetary ▪ and early necessary Science, 8
                                                                            Presents planetary
▪ A comprehensive update of our current understanding ofof Mars Cambridge Planetarybackground Geophysicalat the start of each c
             Preface; Part I. Planetary Systems and theastrobiology, planetaryworld leaders in the field • Coverssystemsrange of topic
                                               academic with contributions fromstudents of extrasolar planetary a wide Shay Zucker
• An up-to-date and accurate overview of the subject researchers,Life: 1. Observations astronomy, biology
                                                                             graduate science,
                                                                Origins of Cambridge Astrobiology
              by world experts in Contributors; Prologue; Part I. History: 1. Historybook • biochemistry,students Sullivan and D. Carn
                                                               astrobiology, astronomy, of astrobiological to earth/planetary sciences
• Compiled Foreword; Preface; their disciplines to create a truly comprehensive biology,Accessible ideas W. T. from a wide range of
                                               graduate students, undergraduate students
             Preface; Introduction; Part I. Io,Io Richly illustrated science, volcanology, geophysics, remote sensing and Galileo: 197
                                                 1610 to 1995: Galileo to Galileo:students Science, 7
                                                    •          planetary with many colour 1610–1979; 2. Between Voyager
• The first book dedicated to volcanism on academic researchers,Cambridge1. Io, plates, and containing the latest results from the G
                                                                             graduate Planetary
             1. Extrasolar views on one of the hottest researchers,Space The quest Science Institute planets M. Series, F. Pepe, C
                                               academic topics in astronomy today • An important resource for researchers 19
• Contains world experts’planets: past, present, and future A. P. Boss; 2. Telescope for very low-massSymposium Mayor,preparing fo
                                                                             graduate students
                                                               astronomy, astrophysics, planetary science, astrobiology
             Preface; Conference prelims; Tribute to Raymond research around of Chapman and Astronomical Union P. research S
                                               academic researchers,Proceedings M. world • Highlights A. latest History Symposia an
                                                                maser James Cohenstudents
• Provides an outstanding and broad review of current astrophysics, astronomy thethe International W.the Baan; theoretical Edwards; a
                                                                             graduate J.
             Welcome and Dedications; Part I. New Astronomical Union brings Reduction Methods; Part II. Binary Stars as Critical T
• Proceedings from symposium of the International Observing Techniques and together both the 'wide' and 'close'Â binary communit
                                                               astronomy, astrophysics
                                                                             graduate students
                                               academic researchers,Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union Symposia an
             Until recently, black of the International Astronomical Union • Includesthe International Astronomical Union observations
                                                 often considered as exotic objects of review articles by leading researchers in the field
• Proceedings from symposium holes wereacademic researchers,Proceedingsof dubious existence. In the last decade,Symposia an
                                                                             graduate students
                                                               astronomy, astrophysics
                                                                            Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union Symposia an
                detailed review of the recent research in researchers, physics, astrophyiscs censorship; 5. Final Physicsa massive out R
                                               academic gravitational collapse •students
• Includes a1. Introduction; 2. The spacetime manifold;Theoretical CambridgeSeveral examples of collapse models are worked star;in
                                                                             graduate Monographs
                                                                3. Spherical collapse; 4. Cosmic on Mathematical fate of
             Preface; 1. Special relativity; 2.undergraduate overview physics, students Supernovae; 5. Neutron stars, pulsars and m
                                                 Gas processes; 3. Radiation processes;phenomena and the many advances in our know
                                                               astrophysics, of high-energy 4.
• New, up-to-date, introductory textbook providing a broad students, graduateastronomy
               the latest observations that areacademic researchers,Proceedings star and planetary Astronomical Uniontruncation; an
                                                  critical to our understanding of the of the
• HighlightsPreface; Part I. Setting the stage; Part 2. Magnetic fields; Part 3.students Internationalsystem formation process • Provid
                                                                             graduate Magnetospheric accretion and inner disk Symposia Pa
                                                               astronomy, astrophysics
             Preface; 1. Model ingredients: stellar evolution and theory, aboutingredients: stellar spectral libraries;about stellar evolut
                                                                              2. Model stellar populations in galaxies, and 3. Initial mass func
▪ Presents the most recent results, from both observations models;graduate students International Astronomical Union Symposia an
                                                               astronomy, astrophysics
                                               academic researchers,Proceedings of the
             1. What is space weather?; 2. The variablespaceat non-science majors Earth’s geophysics
                                               undergraduate students (introductory), physics, space environment; 5. Earth’s upper atmo
                                                                 sun; physics, astronomy, • Tailored for students
• The first undergraduate textbook on space weather aimed 3. The heliosphere; 4.undergraduateintroductory space physics courses
             1. Introduction and acknowledgements; 2. Moon •science, planetary astronomy atlas ofsources, including some materia
                                               lunar exploration reference maps;information from many lunar exploration: the Moon at
                                                               space Compilation of 3. International
• An easy to follow, step-by-step history of academic researchers, enthusiasts, general readers
             Preface; 1. Overview to Astronomy in the researchers,Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union modest resea
                                                                 through education, Astronomy in Latin research ▪ Shows how Symposia an
▪ Provides new ideas about how to develop astronomyastronomy,World; 2.public outreach, andAmerica and the Caribbean; 3. Astro
                                                                             graduate students
                                               academic Developing astrophysics
              clear, non-technical language, so that no prior specialist knowledge is needed • Entriesstudents, academic researchers
• Written in Preface; A-Z contents.            general readers, amateurs, enthusiasts, undergraduate are packed with authoritative inf
                                                               astronomy, amateur astronomy
                                                planets - researchers, graduate sciences, astrobiology, astrophysics 2. Statistical prop
                                                                1. Extrasolar exciting and rapidly developing fields Doyle;
• An introduction to research on extrasolar academicone of the most planet detection methods Laurance R.in contemporary astrophy
             Participants; Preface; Acknowledgements; astronomy, planetary students, amateurs
             Foreword: The improbability of academic researchers,CambridgeThe Fitness of 'Fitness' place in the Universe • Brings t
                                               life George astrobiology, astronomy, cosmology, and our - Henderson in philosophy
                                                                M. Whitesides; the I.students
• This unique, thought-provoking and broad-ranging volume questionsPart philosophy of lifebiochemistry, chemistry, Context: 1. Loc
                                                                             graduate Astrobiology
             Preface Karel A. van der Hucht; Part covered • Topicsastrophysics,of2400 participants from 73 countries • Symposia an
• Virtually all aspects of modern astrophysics areI. Invited Discourses: Part II. byplanetary science, Astronomical Union Brings togeth
                                                               astronomy, graduate students International Particle acceleration - from Sola
                                               academic researchers,ProceedingsJoint Discussions: 1.space science
             Preface; 1. Introduction the physical worldphysics, engineering of falling • New 3. Derivatives; 4. Inertia; 5. Vectors; log
                                                                works • 2. The law
• Provides an understanding of howto the mechanical universe;Attractively illustratedbodies; concepts are introduced at a natural, 6. N
                                               undergraduate students, academic researchers
               to comprehensively cover theory and practice of OPAs and related devices • Covers challenges, capabilities, limitations
• First book 1. Introduction; 2. Properties of academic researchers, professionals, graduate nanotechnology, optics, optoelectronicsga
                                                               electronics, optoelectronic devices, students
                                                 single-mode optical fibers; 3. Scalar OPA theory; 4. Vector OPA theory; 5. The optical a
                         Preface; Notations; 1. Towardsgraduate technology underpinning students and nanotechnology, condensed matter phy
                                                           the nanoscale; 2. undergraduate nanoelectronics • Interdisciplinary approach that does
            • Clear, comprehensive and rigorous account of the students,Particles and waves; 3. Wave mechanics; 4. Materials for nanoelectro
                                                                      electronic, optoelectronic devices
            • Offers an integrated treatment of fluid dynamics theory and computation • Problems at the end of each chapter • Heavily illustrated
                         1. Introduction to viscous flow; 2. Elements of computational analysis; 3. Creeping flow; 4. Intermediate Reynolds numbe
                         1. Introduction to viscous flow; 2. Elementsfluid dynamics, fluid Problems computational fluid dynamics
            • Offers an integrated treatment of fluid dynamics theory and computation •mechanics,at the end of each chapter • Heavily illustrated
                                                                        of computational analysis; 3.
                                                           graduate students, academic researchersCreeping flow; 4. Intermediate Reynolds numbe
                         Introduction Fernando Grinstein, Len Margolin andprofessionals Part generality and Historical introduction Jay Boris; 2
            • Implicit Large Eddy Simulation (ILES) is a relatively new approach that combinesI. Motivation: 1. computational efficiency with docu
                                                                      fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, fluid physics
                                                           graduate students, William Rider;
                                                           academic 2. Mechanism effectiveness heat practical import for engine design and op
            • Treats mechanical efficiency in rigorous mathematical fashion • Derives many insights oftransfer, thermodynamics, fluidefficiency
                                                                      IC engines, thermal efficiency,
                         1. Energy transfers in cyclic heat engines;researchers, professionals and mechanical efficiency; 3. General dynamics
                         Part I. SI Units Appendices A-M: Appendix supplement consisting of tables refrigerant-134a; • Covers B. Customary u
            • This booklet for Thermal Fluids Engineering is a print A. Thermodynamic properties of of fluid propertiesAppendix USThermodynam
                                                                      two-phase flow, mass flow, boiling and condensation • Up-to-date discussio
            • A textbook thatI:covers all the essentials for a graduate course on two-phaseGas-liquid interfacial phenomena; 3. Two-phase mixtu
                                                           graduate students
                         Part 1. Thermodynamic and single-phase flow fundamentals; 2.transport
                         1. a wide range of realistic examples of structures and loadings • Includes analytical, the vicinity of equilibrium; 4. Highe
            • IncorporatesContext: the point of departure; 2. Elements of classical mechanics; 3. Dynamics innumerical, and experimental techn
                         1. A preview; 2. many detailedgraduate students, and Cambridge Seriesflow within thistransfer processes; approximate a
                                                           examples of how academicsolve problemsChemical general chemical engineering
                                                                      fluid mechanics, researchersin and laminar flow, topic
            • A comprehensive text withBasic principles; 3. Unidirectionalto actuallyconvective transport, heat Engineering using 4. An introduc
                         Preface; To the student; developing a systematic approach to the analysis Part I: 1. Engineering heat transfer equipm
                                                           undergraduate students, graduate Series in and design of mass and
            • An original, practical course designAcknowledgements; Instructor and readers guide; ChemicalIntroduction; 2. Chemical reactor an
                                                                      chemical engineering students
                         clear presentation of difficult concepts Illustration of 4. Stress measures; 5. examples taken from momenta, and Der
            • Easy and 1. Introduction; 2. Vectors and tensors;• 3. Kinematics;concepts with numerousConservation of mass,different fields • ene

                         1. Introduction: on time; 2. To reduce approach toa design, life cycle design, 3. A brief history of first, the technical aspe
                                                                                       Cambridge life cycle problems addressing,
            • Provides a systemic qualitative and quantitativeor to systemssystem design Aerospace engineering design the economic thought o
                                                                         extend system design lifetime?; Series, 23
                          in which the theory of potentialacademic researchers,Cambridge Aerospace4.viscosity real fluids with coupling rotatio
                                                            flows is extended from graduate students
                                                                                        idealized fluids without Helmholtz
            • First book 1. Introduction; 2. Historical notes; 3. Boundary dynamics, aerodynamics, viscous flow to decomposition viscosity • Show
                                                                         fluid conditions for viscous fluids; Series
                         exhaustive mathematics with the Fourier students, academic The(communications, the perspective of an engineer decod
                                                           graduate transform, covering algebraic coding from and cyclic codes; applied mathema
            • Replaces 1. Sequences and the one-dimensional Fourier transform; 2. researchers transformsignal processing),3. The many • Inte
                                                                         electrical engineering Fourier
                         is Introduction to signals; 2. Introduction toMATLAB code I. Continuousin the text, electrical and computer engineering
                                                            containing communications examples Time Signals and Systems: 3. and domain ana
            • The book 1. accompanied by a CD-ROM undergraduate students forand signal processing,audio clips, images, Timetwo signal an
                                                                           systems; Part
                         1. Introduction; 2. A model of distributed computations; 3. Logical time;processing, • Covers emerging topics mobile se
                                                                         communications real-world 4. Global state and
            • Fundamental principles are supported using practical algorithms from and signal applications distributed, networked andsuch as co
                                                           undergraduate students, graduate students, professionals snapshot recording algorithm
                          presentation of the fundamental concepts electrical and computerstudents, professionals systems, without processing,
                                                           undergraduate students, 4. Synchronization and noncoherent communication; detail tha
                                                                         underlying the design digital communication
            • A concise Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Modulation; 3. Demodulation;graduateofengineering, communications and signalthe 5. Chann
                         Preface; 1. Introduction to digital combining careful and computer engineering, Links the basic theory with engineering
                                                           graduate students, academicfor intuitive ideas • communications 4. Source and channe
                                                                         electrical proofs researchers, professionals
            • Expands the concepts from simple models,communication; 2. Codingand discrete sources; 3. Quantization;and signal processing,p
                         Foreword; Preface; Part I. Introduction to 802.11: professionals, computer researchers standards including 802.11s,
                                                             mathematical analysis and modeling802.11 standards Luke communications, distribute
                                                                         electrical Emerging IEEE • Covers future WiFi
            • Uses fundamental tutorials, case studies,graduate students,1. engineering, academic science, wirelessQian; 2. Guide to wireless L8
                          to describe and evaluate the new methods of academic managementgraduate auctions, administrativeCurrent spectrum
                                                           professionals, spectrum Current Spectrum Management Approach: 1. pricing, trading p
                                                                         wireless communications, -Wirelessstudents Series
                                                                                       The Cambridge covers Essentials
            • First book Acknowledgements; Part I. Emerging Problems with the researchers, communications and signal processing, telecommu
                         Preface; 1. Propagation in technology ▪ Concise and The Cambridgetreatment Essentials signal The effect antennas a
                                                            space and the aperture students
                                                                         wireless communications, communications and Series case studies and minim
                                                                                       highly practical Wireless ▪ Uses real-world
            ▪ Quick practitioner guide to a complexfree professionals, graduate antenna; 2. Point-to-area transmission; 3. processing,of obstacles
                         1. develops important algorithms using students, academic than equations • Provides acommunications, electrical Su
                                                           graduate 3. Estimation theory and Monte professionals general framework that enable
            • Explains andIntroduction; 2. Digital communication;factor graphs, ratherresearchers, Carlo techniques; 4. Factor graphs and theand
                                                                         cryptography, cryptology and coding, wireless
                         1. Introduction; 2. Drivers for ofprofessionals, graduate students, academicadvantages, disadvantages and enabling fun
                                                            TDD technology in general, discussing in communications
            • Provides a detailed performance study future wireless systems; 3. Duplex modes thewireless communications; 4. Interference mod
                                                                         electrical engineering, wireless researchers
                         Part I. Introduction: 1. against graduate and for cooperation in multi-hop and ad hoc networks ▪ Covers the fundamental
                                                           hacking, students, undergraduate students, academic researchers, professionals
            ▪ Covers techniques for protectingThe security of existing wireless networks; 2. Upcoming wirelessinformation theory and security,3.
                                                                         wireless communications, communications, networks and new challenges; e
                         1. Introduction; 2. Wireless security; 3. Threats and attacks; in ad hoc wireless networks • Discusses the detection of ele
                                                                         quality of service 4. Trust management; 5. Intrusion detection; 6. security, se
            • Provides practical potential solutions to security and wireless communication, communications, information theory andQuality ofan
                                                           academic researchers, graduate students, professionals
                         Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Mathematical representation; 3. Elementary display of images;overlooked • Uses real-world a
                                                           monochrome and processing and students, professionals 4. Quantization; 5. Frequency
                                                                         image color images - core topics that are often
            • Covers image capture and the display of undergraduate students, graduate machine vision, computer graphics, image processing,
                         Preface to the second edition; Preface; How to use this nook; Notational conventions; and an improved description of 2
                                                           graduate students, undergraduate Grangreat's formula
            ▪ Now includes a chapter on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a section onstudents imaging 1. Measurements and modeling; th
                                                                         mathematical modelling, medical
                         Preface; supports development of simplified analysis for robust control solutions ▪ Emphasis on4. Scheduling; Part II. W
                                                                         networks, control theory, 3. The single-server queue; visualization technique
            ▪ Control perspective1. Introduction; Part I. Modeling and Control: 2. Examples; queuing, optimization, applied stochastic processes
                         Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Mechanical systems; 3. Mathematical models; 4. Analytical solutions of system Simulink We
                                                                           physical domains Includes extensive tutorials for Matlab and input-output
            • Provides an integrated approach to modelling acrossmechanical control,•system dynamics, mechanical modeling
                                                           undergraduate students, graduate students                                                 •
                         contains Mathematica recipes for the solution of diverse elasticity problems The book contains a list 3. Linear elasticity
            • The book Preface; 1. Kinematics: displacements and strains; 2. Dynamics and statics:•stresses and equilibrium; of Mathematica tri
                         Preface; 1. Basic considerations; 2. Particle kinematics; graduate dynamics, • Kinematics of constrained by the author
                                                                          has been engineering enhanced
            • 414 homework problems • Many new examples • Art dynamics, redrawn and students 4. Solutions manual provided rigid bodies; 5.
                                                           undergraduate students, 3. Relative motion; solid mechanics
                         Introduction. experiment theories of elasticity of plates and shells; 2. Nonlinear theories of doubly curvedof materials • I
                                                           graduate students, academicand theory and practice • Covers new types shells for conv
            • Covers both theory and1. Nonlinear • Includes the most recent advances inshells, engineering mechanics
                                                                         vibrations, plates researchers, professionals
                          treatment of strain; limit diagrams, including stress-based diagrams Temperature and strain-rate dependence; 6. Work
            • Thorough 1. Stress andforming 2. Plasticity; 3. Strain hardening; 4. Instability; 5. • Combined treatment of mechanics and materials
                          to describe computational physics andallotropes; simulationsengineering simulation Covers up-to-date research materia
                                                            carbon numerical 3. science, of students
                                                                         materials Nanoscale carbon nanotubes techniques; 4. Interatomic potentia
            ▪ First book 1. Introduction; 2. Formation of academic researchers, graduate numerical(general),▪computational science and modellin
                           first hands-on systematic Basis; 3. Firststudents, academic researchers
                                                           graduate principles and thermodynamic properties; 4.engineers Case tools, materials
                                                                         materials analysis, material scientists and Experimental data used for the op
            • This is thePreface; 1. Introduction; 2.introductory guide to CALPHAD for mathematical methods and computational studies put the m
                         Preface; Symbols, abbreviations and acronyms; 1. Introductiontypes of electrochromic A brief history electrooptics, nan
                                                                           the operation of all to electrochromism; 2. systems  Presents a step-by-st
            • Provides accessible and comprehensive coverage ofmaterials science, polymer science, electrical engineering,of electrochromism
                                                           academic researchers
                         1. Two-beam focused ion beam system Nan of the analysis, of studentsion beam Nobutsugu Imanishi; 3. Gas assisted
                                                           academic researchers, range materials science, electronic, electrical engineering, optoe
            • Self-contained and comprehensive working knowledge Yao; 2.fullgraduate focusedwith matterand two beam technology, including s
                                                                         materials Interaction of ions
                         1. and concepts of thermodynamics; 2. Manipulation materials, physical a view to3.mathematical methods compositio
                                                                         properties thermodynamics with
            • Fully revisedBasicupdated edition covering the fundamentals of ofofgraduate students chemistry,modern computer applications such
                                                           undergraduate students, thermodynamic quantities; Systems with variable and compu
                         Preface; Symbols, units and constants; students, academic researchersto materials science, biophysics, computationa
                                                           graduate and simulations, from atomistic
            • The first book to cover the wide range of modeling1. Introduction; 2.materials science,the macroscopic scale, in a systematic fashio
                                                                         computational Quantum mechanics: principles; 3. From quantum to classical
                                                           undergraduate structure • Contains over 430 illustrations and 400 homework problems,
            • Highly visual to enhance reader understanding of crystal students,properties;students condensed matterbonds; 3. electricalaengineew
                                                                         materials science, engineering,
                         Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. Materials and material graduate 2. The periodic table and physics, What is crystal s
                         Part I. Methodology: 1. Mechanical relaxation; 2. Dielectric relaxation; 3. the experimental methods in order to help unde
                                                                          with the -
            • Phenomenological descriptions are introduced alongmaterialsprinciples underlying NMR spectroscopy; 4. Dynamic neutron scatter
                                                           academic researchers polymers, chemical engineering, physical chemistry
                                                              lecturing methods, tips(general), physical General lecturing principles; 5. At the beginnin
                                                                         engineering and tricks • Practical examples
            • Presents a clear and detailed summary oflecturing mindset; 3. Old school basics; 4. professionalsand case studies of effective lect
                         Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Theacademic researchers, graduate students, sciences, life sciences
This is a complete edition in eight volumes of all the known mathematical papers of Isaac Newton – edited, annotated and translated by D. T. W
                                                                                       The Mathematical Papers of Sir Isaac Newton
                         1. easy-to-read writing; 2. Comments on scientificacademic researchersthe manuscript; 4. Choosing journal; 5. Prepa
                                                           graduate students, language; 3. Drafting
            • Concise andBasic rules of – full of common-sense advice, delivered with humour through the use of anecdotes •aUses illustrations
                                                                         life sciences, biomedical sciences, medicine
                         1. Preparing to write; comprehensive step-by-step coverage of allfor the written word; 4. Visual support for the spoken w
                                                           undergraduate students, graduate students, academic presentation,
                                                                         biological and support aspects
            • Offers extremely pragmatic and2. Composing a first draft; 3. Visual medical sciences of scientificresearchers in a well-structured
                         Part I. History of Medicine; Partacademic researchers, cell biology, vascular biology, hematology, cardiology,A single defi
                                                             II. Evolutionary, to promote the endothelium as a clinically relevant organ nephrology
            • Employs multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approachesComparative Biology and Development; Part