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					MaKing oUr

WinTer - spring 2012-13 prograM BroCHUre

Ligonier VaLLey yMCa
                         For yoUTH DeVeLopMenT™
                         For HeaLTHy LiVing
                         For soCiaL responsiBiLiTy
i             Ben Wright                 Executive Director              

F             Jeremiah Wagner            Senior Program Director         

o             Kathi Betton               Assistant Director of           
r                                        Child Development

M             Sarah Byrne-Houser         Director of                     
a                                        Child Development

T             Carri Cisson               Membership Director             

o             Matt Gross                 Maintenance Director            

n             Jeff Kish                  Business Manager                

              Mike Marinchak             Program Director                

              Scotty Nelson              Director of Development         

    sessions:                                                  inside this issue
    Winter session: January 7 – March 3                        The Y’s Area of Focus ............................................... 2
    spring i session: March 4 – April 28                       Member information.................................................. 3
    Closed March 29, Good Friday and March 31, Easter Sunday   Special Interest .......................................................... 4
                                                               Youth Development ............................................ 5-10
    spring ii session: April 29 – June 23
                                                                 Child Development ................................................. 5
    Closed May 27, Memorial Day
                                                                 Get Active ................................................................ 6
    summer session: June 24 – August 18                          Youth Soccer ........................................................... 7
    Closed July 4                                                Youth Aquatics ....................................................... 8
    Summer Break: August 19 - September 2,
                  Gym and Pool Maintenance
                                                                 Swim Team............................................................... 9
    Fall i session: September 3 - October 27                   Healthy Living....................................................11-16
    Closed September 2, Labor Day                                Adult Programs.....................................................11
    Fall ii session: October 28 – December 22                    Water Fitness/Safety Training ...........................12
    Closed October 11, 12, 13 Fort Days, November 28             Martial Arts/Fencing............................................13
    Thanksgiving, December 25 Christmas, and January 1           Active Older Adults ..............................................14
    New Year’s Day                                               Fitness Center Services/Massage......................15
    Christmas Break December 23 – January 6                      Group Fitness .......................................................16
                                                               Social Responsibility ........................................17-18
                                                                 Special Events .......................................................17
                      Ligonier Valley yMCa                       Tour De Park .........................................................18
                      110 West Church st.
                      phone: 724-238-7580
                      Fax: 724-238-3619                           
From the Director...                                                                                                                        a
Dear Friends,
  I truly love this time of year. The fall and winter are a time to reflect on the past year of accomplishments and
to take note of what we have learned in order to make improvements for the years to come. As a professional
in the YMCA, this time of year marks our busiest season. As the weather outside turns somewhat intolerable for
health seekers, our hallways, fitness center, pool, and gymnasium begin to bustle with activity. As the leaves turn,
so does the focus of our membership and our community.
   In an effort to reflect, I have spent the past couple of days pouring over the accomplishments of the

organization, the policies we have upheld, and most importantly, the impact we have had on our membership
and our community. In the past two years we have worked to transform our building by adding a rock wall, new
more efficient roof, new more energy efficient lighting, new showers and locker rooms, and most recently all new
equipment for our fitness center. We have provided training for our staff, helped them to focus on our mission and
brought to light the things we value most as an organization, our members and our community. Finally, I am struck
by the outpouring of support from our membership. We started a new event this year in an effort to kick off our
annual campaign and call attention to the YMCA, our impact on the community, and our continued effort to foster
health and wellness. The Rider Cup, the 24 hour race to nowhere, was an overwhelming success. Two months later,
I still get approached daily by members of our community and our YMCA that enjoyed the event. Most asking when                              F
it will be held in 2013. What struck me most about the event was not the commitment to fitness, the competitive
nature of it all, but the camaraderie that we felt as a community and how this event helped to bring that out. As I                         o
sat there at 3 am, I looked around the diamond and all ten bikes remained full, competing teams offering to take
shifts for one another in an effort to just keep the bikes moving. I feel this story best represents what we stand                          C
for both as a community and as an organization.
   So, why share all of this? These stories of accomplishment and success are important. And it is critically
important to recognize those that make them possible. So, thank you to our staff and board who work tirelessly
to make activities, programs, and events happen at your Y and in your community each and every day. Thank you                               s
to those of you who give to the Y and help us continue to strengthen the foundation of community. And finally,
thank you to our members and program participants. This year marks our 27th year of serving our community and
it has been our best. If not for the hard work of our staff, the support of our donors, and the patronage of our
members and program participants, it would not have been possible. I hope you continue to find strength in the
programs and practices of the YMCA, as we find strength in all of you.


                                                                     Benjamin M. Wright

                                                                     CEO, Ligonier Valley YMCA

areas oF FoCUs
A cause-driven organization, the Y sets goals based on three areas of focus: youth development, healthy living, and social
responsibility. We focus on these areas as a pathway toward a strong community — achieved when we invest in our kids, our health,
and our neighbors.

yoUTH DeVeLopMenT: Nurturing the potential of every child and teen
We believe that all kids deserve an opportunity to discover their potential. That’s why our organization offers programs and
activities that cultivate the values, skills, and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health, and increased educational

HeaLTHy LiVing: Improving health and well-being
Improving the nation’s health and well-being. In communities across the nation, the Y is a leading voice on health and well-being.
With a mission centered on balance, the Y brings families closer together, encourages good health, and fosters connections through
fitness, sports, and shared interests. Millions of youth, adults, and families receive the support and resources needed to achieve
greater health and well-being for their spirit, mind, and body.

soCiaL responsiBiLiTy: Giving back and providing support to our neighbors
The Y listens and responds to our communities’ most critical social needs...and has done so for 160 years. Whether developing
skills or competencies through education and training, welcoming and connecting diverse populations through global services, or
preventing disease and building healthier communities through collaborations with policy makers, the Y fosters the care and respect
all people need and deserve. Within our organization, 500,000 volunteers and thousands of donors, leaders, and partners across the
country empower millions of people in the U.S. and around the world toward greater health, confidence, and community connection.

i                    MeMBersHip/parTiCipanT
F                    inForMaTion
    open Door FinanCiaL assisTanCe                         LoCKers
r   The Ligonier Valley YMCA commits to serving all        The YMCA denies responsibility for member/
M   within our community. To honor this commitment,
    the Y offers need-based financial assistance
                                                           participant belongings. Members may rent
                                                           a locker monthly to secure personal articles
a   toward membership and program participation.
    We base these scholarship fees on availability
                                                           while using the facility. Otherwise, we advise
                                                           all participants to carry a lock to temporarily
T   of support funding and the participant’s ability
    to contribute. Please contact the Y for further
                                                           secure such items in a locker while visiting
                                                           the facility.
i   details.

o   CHiLDWaTCH BaBysiTTing serViCe
                                                           reFUnD poLiCy
                                                           • Ligonier Valley YMCA considers membership
n   The Y offers our members FREE access to high
    quality childcare during facility use.
                                                             and program fees non-refundable. If the Y
                                                             cancels a program, we issue credits/refunds
    Monday through Friday:       8:30 AM-12:00 Noon          in full.
    Monday through Thursday: 4:00 PM-8:00 PM
                                                           • If a participant cancels program enrollment
    • Members MUST remain in the building when
                                                             prior to start date, the YMCA issues a
      using this service.
                                                             CREDIT, minus a 25% processing fee. We
    • The Y permanently denies services to any
                                                             issue no credits/refunds once a program
      member/ participant leaving the building with a
      child/children in Childwatch care.
                                                           • In case of medical emergencies, the YMCA
    prograM Fees                                             issues a refund for remaining classes when
    Participants MUST pay program fees before the            presented with verification from a licensed
    start of a program or program cycle. The YMCA            physician.
    assesses a $20 late fee to those accounts not
    paid in full prior to start date; those enrolled may   “UnDer 10” poLiCy
    not participate until the YMCA receives payment.       The YMCA requires direct and constant
                                                           supervision of children under the age of ten
    LosT MeMBersHip CarDs                                  (10) during unstructured visits. A parent/
    Please visit the Welcome Center to replace a lost      guardian (age 15+) must accompany child
    membership card. The YMCA charges a $4.00 fee          while he/she remains in the facility. We grant
    to replace membership identification.                  exceptions only to those enrolled in a paid
                                                           program run by a YMCA instructor.

      generaL HoUrs oF operaTion                           MeMBersHip BiLLing
      Monday - Friday       6:00 AM – 9:00 PM              Any changes to your billing or membership
                                                           must be done by the 1st of the month.
      Saturday              7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
      Sunday                 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
      BUiLDing CLosings
      December 25              Christmas
      January 1                New Year’s Day                   please visit us at
      March 29                 Good Friday          
      March 31                 Easter Sunday
      May 27                   Memorial Day

Climbing – our new 20’ indoor rock Wall is now open for climbing and
instruction with year round activities for members and guests.                                   C
youth Climbing Club (ages 6-12): Climbing                                                        i
is a great way to build self-esteem and
coordination. Club participants have plenty of                                                   a
climb time and receive instruction on safety
equipment and climbing technique from our
trained instructors.
5:00-6:00 PM Monday evenings
4 week sessions:
January 7 - 28, February 4 - 25                                                                  n
March 4 - 25, April 8 - 29, May 6 - June 3
M$20/NM$40                                                                                       T
open Climbing time: ages 6 - adult
Families welcome Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 PM                                                         r
($5 per person drop in fee)
Belay Training: ages 12 through adult. Teaches the basic belay skills required to belay a
climber on the climbing wall. Belay training on the climbing wall does noT qualify someone to
belay at another climbing gym or outside on real rock. Belay training available on Saturday by   T
appointment only, one day 2-hour belay training, 2:00 - 4:00.

 What are                                              new programming for

                                                       sUMMer 2013!
                                                       • ages 2-17

                                                       • Age specific SPORTS CAMPS!

                                                       • MiDDLe sCHooL and HigH sCHooL
                                                         Leadership experiences

                                                       • Changes to the Child Development

gonna                                                    summer Day Camp format

                                                         ...and much more!

  this                                                      sTay TUneD For

sUMMer?                                                    More inForMaTion!

y               Child Development programs
o                  progressive education
U              Supporting the development of the whole child...
T   Our Child Development Programs provide quality early education and responsive child care. We strive
H   to nurture each child’s growth in multiple aspects, and provide the tools to help each every one achieve
    success in all dimensions of life

    a caring environment that fosters creativity and a lifetime love of learning!
D   • Swim Instruction (Preschool and Pre-               • Infant/Young Toddler care; Toddler transition
e     kindergarten children)                               programs

V   • Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten scheduling
      that offers more consistent, recognizable
                                                         • Outdoor play daily; active play in our two
                                                           gymnasiums, XRKade, and dance studio
e     routines for your child than those of
      alternate day and/or half-week programs
                                                         • Opportunities for social service and community-

                                                           building activities including: intergenerational
    • A comprehensive Pre-Kindergarten program             programming with the Y Silver Sneakers,

o     that promotes a smooth transition to the
      demands of elementary education
                                                           participation in charitable fundraisers (e.g.
                                                           Relay for Life), and organization of events (e.g.

p   • Before- and after-school programs
                                                           Thanksgiving feasts, holiday sing-alongs)
                                                         • Acceptance of CCIS funding; Scholarships available
M   • Stimulating, full-day programming and
      evening events to support working families
                                                           through the Y’S Open Door financial assistance
n   a responsive environment                             age group:

T   Our Programs combine curriculum aligned
    with the Pennsylvania Learning Standards
                                                           six weeks through grade 7

    with a safe, stimulating environment to              Monday through Friday:
    create meaningful experiences for your child           6:15 aM-6:00 pM
    each day.
                                                         september 2012 - May 2013
    Creating Life-long Learners
    As a Keystone STARS facility, we design
    programs that help your child develop
    critical-thinking skills and intellectual               CHiLD DeVeLopMenT
    curiosity – characteristics that promote                aDMinisTraTors
    successful learning in the kindergarten                 Sarah K. Byrne-Houser
    classroom and beyond.                                   • BA in Psychology, Loyola University (Maryland)
                                                            • MS Candidate, Organizational Leadership,
    active Learning with                                      Carlow University
    professional educators                                  • 15 years in early care and education
    Our dedicated educators focus on more                   • 13 years as a YMCA Child Care/Early Ed.
    than literacy, writing, and the sciences.                 Director
    Our program also provides active learning               • Board Member, Pittsburgh Association for the
    experiences in character development,                     Education of Young Children
    sports and exercise, and social/emotional
    growth.                                                 Kathi Betton
    Our program employs degreed professionals               • BS from the University of Tampa
    as administrators and lead teachers;                    • 21 years of early care and education
    all educators attain several hours of                     experience
    professional development annually, in                   • 16 years with the Ligonier Valley YMCA
    addition to CPR and First Aid certifications.
geT aCTiVe                                                    pre-sCHooL sporTs inTro i & ii
                                                              Co-ed ages 3-5. A four week introduction to
                                                              the basics of basketball, soccer, t-ball and
                                                              kickball, using modified equipment.
HoMe sCHooL gyM
Co-ed Grades K and up. A great way for kids to                Session I: January 9 - February 27                   U
stay active in a safe, structured, and fun environment.       Session II: March 13 - May 1
An opportunity for home school participants to have           Wednesday, 3:15-3:45 PM
physical education class. To develop basic skill sets for
different sports. To build relationships among peers
                                                              yoUTH VoLLeyBaLL LeagUe
and to teach social skills - values, communication, and
                                                              Ages 8 -14. Participants will learn basic
human relations.
September - May: Wednesday, 11:00 - 12:00 PM
                                                              and fundamental volleyball skills including
                                                              bumping, setting, spiking and defensive drills.
M$20/NM$40 monthly
                                                              Practices held directly before the games on
yoUTH BasKeTBaLL LeagUe
A basketball league enabling children to implement their      January 13 - March 3                                 V
skills into a game setting encouraging skill development,     Sundays 1:00 - 3:00 OR 3:00 - 5:00 PM
team work and character development. Players divided          M$30/NM$60
based on age and ability with division appropriate rules
for both competitive and non-competive levels.
                                                              aFTer sCHooL                                         L
Grades 1-3: Games10:15-11:15 AM
Grades 4-6: Games 11:30-12:30 PM
                                                              An organized pick-up game after school. A
Grades 7-9: Games 9:00 AM                                     great stress relief after a long hard day at
Starts December 8 - March 9. Practice can be M-F one
time per week, games on Saturdays.                            Grades 1-3: Tuesdays, March 5 - April 23             M
M$30/NM$60                                                    Grades 4-6: Thursdays, March 7 - April 25
Coaches Meeting Wednesday, December 5 at 6:00 PM.             4:15 - 5:00 PM
New Coaches Welcome!                                          M$20/NM$40
pee Wee BasKeTBaLL prograM
Ages 4 -6. Players will use modified equipment to
                                                              yoUTH LaCrosse
                                                              Ages 7 -14. A developmental lacrosse program         T
implement their skills into a game setting encouraging        designed to introduce participants to the
skill development, team work and character development.       growing sport of lacrosse. Players will meet
January 5 - February 23                                       for practice and scrimmages/games two times
Saturdays 9:00 - 10:00 AM                                     per week. Stick is required, little or no contact,
M$30/NM$60                                                    some additional equipment will be provided.
                                                              Program held at the Valley School of Ligonier.
aFTer sCHooL                                                  April 29 - June 23
DoDgeBaLL/KiCKBaLL                                            Tuesdays at 6:00 PM
An organized pick-up game after school. A great stress        Saturdays at 10:00 AM
relief after a long hard day at school.                       M$40/NM$80
Grades 1-3: Tuesdays, Jan 8 - Feb 26
                                                              yoUTH BaseBaLL/T-BaLL LeagUe
Grades 4-6: Thursdays, Jan 10 - Feb 28
                                                              Co-ed ages 4-7. Baseball league enabling
4:15 - 5:00 PM
                                                              children to implement their skills into a game
                                                              setting encouraging skill development, team
                                                              work and character development. Players
presCHooL LigHTspaCe                                          divided based on age and ability with division
Co-ed ages 3-5. An opportunity to learn how to play           appropriate rules for both competitive and
each lightspace game and enjoy some time with your            non-competitive levels.
friends. To provide children physical activity and fun in a   Practice Mondays, Games Wednesdays
safe and friendly environment.                                May 20 - July 10
Session I: January 7 - February 25                            4 & 5’s: 6:00-7:00 PM
Session II: March 11 - April 29                               6 & 7’s: 7:00-8:00 PM
Mondays, 3:15-3:45 PM                                         M$30/NM$60
                   yoUTH & Teen soCCer
                    Spring 2013 • Ages 4 – 12 • All levels of experience and ability
T   The soccer league enables children to participate at their level of ability. The programs are age
    appropriate for rules, field size, and ball size, while all children play equal amounts of time.To develop
H   soccer skills, teamwork and character development. Four co-ed divisions based on a philosophy of
    inclusion and sportsmanship!
    • All sessions held at the Ligonier Camp and Conference Center.
    • Program bases categories upon the player’s age as of September 1, 2012; coaches draft players
D     following the first two practices.

    • Please visit or contact the YMCA for a registration form, or visit us online at to register

V   • Registration fees include a team T-shirt (please indicate size on program enrollment form).
    • The Youth Soccer program recommends all players wear shin guards and sneakers/rubber cleats.
e   • Players with braces should wear a mouth guard; those with eyeglasses should wear sports goggles.

L   Group         First Practice                         Weekday Practices Begin

    Under 8      10:15 AM, Sat, March 23                 Wednesdays, March 27, 6:00 PM
    Under 10      9:00 AM, Sat, March 23                 Tuesdays, March 26, 6:00 PM

p   Under 12      9:00 AM, Sat, March 23
    Games begin on Saturday, April 6
                                                         Tuesdays, March 26, 6:00 PM

M   $30M/$60NM

e   KiCKers
    Ages 3-4. An introductory program to
n   teach youth soccer enthusiasts the skills of

    soccer. Skills include kicking, passing, goal
    tending and more. Parent participation is
    April 8 - May 13
    Mondays, 6:00-6:45 PM
    $30M / $60NM

    UnDer 6 DiVision
    Ages 4-5. An introductory program with small sided
    games to introduce our younger players to the skills and
    game format of soccer. Rules will be incorporated to
    maximize the experience of teamwork, skill development
    and character development.
    March 25 - May 13
    Mondays 6:00 - 7:00 PM

      VoLUnTeer opporTUniTy!

                      Coaches Meeting Wednesday, March 20 at 6:00 PM.
                                   New Coaches Welcome
                yoUTH aQUaTiCs                                                                                    y
presCHooL sWiM Lessons                                        progressiVe ii                                      U
Ages 3-5        Pike • Eel • Ray • Starfish
Instructors introduce water safety and stroke
                                                              Ages 6+          Fish • Flying Fish • Shark
                                                              For children with some swimming experience;         T
development. We encourage parents to watch the
class, but do not require parental participation.
                                                              must demonstrate Polliwog/Guppy/Minnow skills.
                                                              Instructors strive to refine previously developed
Eight weeks.                                                  skills while encouraging endurance, increased
Winter Session I: January 7 - March 3                         safety skills, and the butterfly stroke.
Spring Session I: March 4 - April 28                          Winter Session I: January 7 - March 3               D
Spring Session II: April 29 - June 23                         Spring Session I: March 4 - April 28
(choose one) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday                      Spring Session II: April 29 - June 23
4:30-5:00 PM during the week,
Saturday 9:30-10:00 AM
                                                              (choose one) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
                                                              5:00-5:45 PM during the week,                       V
$30M/$60NM                                                    Saturday 10:00-10:45 AM
progressiVe i sWiM Lessons
Ages 6+         Polliwog • Guppy • Minnow                     sKip
                                                                        (Mommy/Daddy & Me)
Instructors reinforce water safety and introduce              Family fun for children age six months to three

floating, paddling, rhythmic breathing, treading              years. Join your child for water adjustment
water, basic jumping/diving, basic front/back crawl,          activities, games, and pre-swim instruction. Tots
sidestroke, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and
continuous 25 yard swim. Eight weeks.
                                                              must wear a swim diaper under bathing suit.
                                                              Winter Session I: January 7 - March 3
Winter Session I: January 7 - March 3
Spring Session I: March 4 - April 28
                                                              Spring Session I: March 4 - April 28
                                                              Spring Session II: April 29 - June 23
Spring Session II: April 29 - June 23
(choose one) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
                                                              Thursdays: 5:45 – 6:30 PM                           n
5:00-5:45 PM during the week,                                 Saturday: 9:00 – 9:30 AM
Saturday 10:00-10:45 AM                                       $30M/$60NM

Looking for private swim lessons?
Want more one-on-one time? Private swim lessons offer
private instruction for swimmers of all ages and abilities.
Half-hour lessons arranged by appointment only; call
Jeremiah Wagner for details at 724-238-7580.
(choose one) Tuesday or Thursday
              3:00-4:30 PM or 6:15-7:30 PM
        OR Saturday
              8:00-9:30 AM or 11:00-1:00 PM

Free “splash” Learn to swim and safety program!
May 17, 18 & 19
Participants learn basic swimming skills and practice safety habits while in and around the water, which
results in a sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence and security while near the water.
Family relationships are strengthened when they participate in the auxiliary safety activities at home.
Participants recognize new role models and make friends as the SPLASH program often collaborates with
local schools and other community resources to educate children on water safety.
12:00 - 1:30 PM each day
FREE Sponsored by the Hollow Tree Players
y       2013 summer pre-swim Team/
U       Competitive stroke Clinic
T       Monday April 15th through Thursday May 9th
H       Pre-Swim Team/Competitive Stroke Clinic is an opportunity for swimmers to improve their technique before
        Summer Swim-team season starts. The Stroke Clinic focuses on the four competitive strokes, racing starts,
        and turns. Participants must be able to swim breast-stroke, backstroke, and freestyle to enroll. Prior
        competitive swim experience is preferred, but not required. The clinic is coached by Ligonier Valley YMCA

D       swim team coaches.
        Our Stroke Clinic is also a great opportunity to give swimmers a taste of what is like to swim on the
e       LVY Swim Team. For questions or to register you can call the Ligonier Valley YMCA at 724-238-7580 or
        register in person at the front desk. For more information contact Gabi Kahler, aquatics coordinator, at
        5:00 - 6:30 daily
e       Cost: $40 Members/ $80 Non-members

p       sUMMer sWiM TeaM
M       BUiLD ConFiDenCe TogeTHer • sWiM, sporTs & pLay
        Come join the LVy summer swim Team, May 13 - July 13!
e       Contact: Jeremiah Wagner, Senior Program Director,

T       Head Coach: Kreighton Long • Assistant Coach: Gabi Kahler
        Open to children 5-18 years Participants must
        demonstrate the ability to swim the pool length using                   The Ligonier Valley YMCA
        a front crawl, and a pool length using a back stroke. All               Swim Team relies heavily on
        participants must maintain an active YMCA membership.                   active volunteer participation.
        Home swim meets are held at the Ligonier Y, away meets                  Swimmer representatives will
        scheduled at opposing West Penn YMCA locations. Need:                   have the opportunity to be
        Swimsuit and Goggles                                                    involved in Officiating, Fund
                                                                                Raising, Recruiting, End-of-
        Practices:                                                              Season Banquet, Team Suits,
        Monday - Thursday 5:00-6:30 PM                                          Team Pictures.....And More!!
        Registration opens December 3
        Swim Team Fee: $130

gyMnasTiCs                                                                                                        y
presCHooL gyMnasTiCs/
Ages 3-5 Exercise for kids with basic tumbling/                                                                   T
apparatus skills, coordination, kinesthetic
awareness, flexibility and safety.                                                                                H
Mondays, 5:30-6:00 PM
Winter Session I: January 7 - March 3
Spring Session I: March 4 - April 28
Spring Session II: April 23 - June 23
                                                              inTerMeDiaTe gyMnasTiCs
                                                              Ages 6+ or level of experience, must be
M$30/NM$60                                                    evaluated. For the older beginner or those past     e
                                                              the basics. Skill progression with emphasis on
Beginner gyMnasTiCs 6+                                        strength, flexibility and safety.
Ages 6+ Progressive skill development with
emphasis on tumbling/apparatus skills,
                                                              Mondays, 7:00-8:00 PM
                                                              Winter Session I: January 7 - March 3               e
coordination, strength, flexibility and safety.               Spring Session I: March 4 - April 28
Mondays 6:00 - 7:00 PM                                        Spring Session II: April 29 - June 23
Winter Session I: January 7 - March 3
Spring Session I: March 4 - April 28
                                                              M$30/NM$60                                          o
Spring Session II: April 29 - June 23
M$30/NM$60                                                    TUMBLing                                            p
                                                              Ages 6+ Exercise for kids with basic/
                                                              intermediate tumbling, coordination,                M
                         Lindsey Labuda
                                                              kinesthetic awareness, flexibility and safety.
                                                              Based on child’s age and level of experience.
                         Our instructor,
                         Lindsey has 9 years
                                                              Thursday, 5:00-6:00 PM
                                                              Winter Session I: January 7 - March 3
                         gymnastics, tumbling
                         and cheerleading
                                                              Spring Session I: March 4 - April 28
                                                              Spring Session II: April 29 - June 23
                         experience.                          M$30/NM$60

priVaTe gyMnasTiCs Lessons
If you are interested in a private gymnastics lesson, with one-on-one instruction, please contact
Jeremiah Wagner at the YMCA to schedule your appointment.
M$25/NM$45 per hour

CreaTiVe MoVeMenT DanCe
Instructor Nerissa McCollin                                        Classes culminate at the end of the session
Nerissa brings 17 years of dance experience to the                 with a recital for friends and family.
YMCA with classes for the beginner or experienced
levels that will allow you to explore new talents, while           Saturdays January 19 - March 9
broadening one’s horizons in the field of dance.
8 week program, 1 class per week                                   Ages 4-5         9:30 – 10:30 AM
                                                                   Ages 6-12       10:45 – 12:15 PM
Dance disciplines include incorporation of pilates, ballet,        Ages 12-16      12:30 – º2:00 PM
contemporary, Afro-Caribbean, hip-hop and more.                    M$40/NM$80

e        aDULT prograMs
a        noon TiMe & FriDay nigHT
                                                                   y WeigH WeigHT Loss
L        The program offers a chance to play basketball and
         be physically active in a less competitive atmosphere.
                                                                   The YMCA version of the Biggest Loser!

                                                                   Gather your friends and join the YMCA weight
         Pick-up games each Wednesday and Friday in the            loss challenge. Includes weekly weigh-ins,

H        Gymnasium; all abilities welcome
         Wed 12:00-1:30 PM and Fri 9:00 - 11:00 PM
                                                                   measurements, team shirts, a one-time optional
                                                                   consultation with a nutritionist, and a pre/post
y        FREE for members; Friday $2.00
         Guests must pay $4.00 a day.
                                                                   test health assessment. Awards to the overall
                                                                   winning team and overall male and female
                                                                   winner. Program starts January 14 with initial
         aDULT Men’s open BasKeTBaLL                               weigh-on and team meeting scheduled between
L        This program is a competitive basketball league for
         those 18 & up. A structured league setting to continue
                                                                   5:30 - 7:30 PM. Weekley weigh-ins, fitness

                                                                   center, Monday morning between 7:00 - 9:00
         playing the sport you enjoy.
                                                                   AM or 5:00 - 8:00 PM.
         Must have a minimum of 4 teams.
V        Thursdays & Sundays 6:00 or 7:00 PM
         January 17 - April 25

i        M$30/NM$60                                                Beginners FLy FisHing
                                                                    (2 Evenings to complete program)
         3-on-3 BasKeTBaLL ToUrnaMenT
                                               Beginners Fly Fishing Clinic
                                                                    Session I: March, 12, 6:00pm to 8:00pm
         Adult tournament, two divisions: Open ages 18+
g        (under 18 must have signed consent) and Over 35
         division. Compete against other teams in the area
                                                                           and March, 26, 6:00pm to 8:00pm
                                                                    Session II: April 16, 6:00pm to 8:00pm
         for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes in this single-day      Where: Ligonier YMCA 8:00pm
                                                                           and April 30, 6:00pm to
                                                                    Learn how to fly fish using easy to follow steps.
         double elimination tournament. 4 player max per team.
                                                         When:      Classes cover the essential topics required
         Tournament shirt included with registration. (no shirts ___________, 6:00pm to 8:00pm
                                                                    to achieve successful fly fishing. This is for
         given to teams registering after March 7)
         pre-registration required.
                                                                    anyone interested easy to follow fish;
                                                   Learn how to fly fish using in learning how to fly steps.
         March 16 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM                Clinic coversno experience required. Information booklet
                                                                      the essential topics required for
                                                                    included with fee.
                                                successful fly fishing. This is for anyone interested
                                                 in learning how Topics Include:
                                                                     to fly fish; no experience required.
         aDULT Men’s 35 & oVer BasKeTBaLL                                 booklet included with fee.
                                                           InformationEssential gear
         LeagUe                                                         Knots
         This program is for those 35 & over who wish to               Topics Include:
         compete in the game of basketball, stay physically             Essential
                                                                        Reading Water gear
         active and enjoy some friendly competition.                    AquaticKnots and habitat
         Tuesdays & Sundays 4:00 or 5:00 PM                             Trout and other species • Catching and
                                                                Aquatic insects and habitat
         January 15 - April 22                                                   Fish
         M$30/NM$60                                                     Local Fly Fishing Information
                                                                  Trout and other species
                                                                    Cost: $55.00
                                                                           Reading Water
         aDULT reCreaTionaL                                         Improve
                                                                                and Landing with
                                                                 Catchingyour fly fishing skills Fish
         VoLLeyBaLL LeagUe                                          Licensed Pennsylvania fishing guide Leo Vensel.
                                                               Local Fly Fishing Information
         This program is an opportunity for adults to be active     Certified Federation of Fly Fishers Instructor.
         and social in a league setting.                            Trout Unlimited Member
         Mondays starting January 14 - April 22                          Cost: $35.00
         M$75 team (more than 50% are Y members)
         NM$90 team (less than 50% are Y members)

         aDULT FLag FooTBaLL LeagUe
         Full structured adult league with state certified game
         referees, official full size flag football field. Games on
         Saturdays 12:00 PM.
         April 29 - June 23
         M$30/NM$60 Team $300
    11                                                        Improve your of fly fishing skills with
                                                         Licensed Pennsylvania fishing guide Leo Vensel.
 WaTer FiTness                                                                                                H
aqua Zumba ®
Join instructor Jamie Rimmel, Zumba and Aqua
                                                  MaKin’ WaVes
                                                  Build a stronger core. Use equipment in                     a
Zumba certified, for an energetic class where
you take your Zumba moves to the water! Class
                                                  shallow water to improve balance and strength.
provides specific emphasis on safety and proper
execution of movements to a great musical beat!   WeT n/ WiLD                                                 T
Tuesday & Thursday 6:30-7:30 PM                   Discover the power of aquatic exercise. An
                                                  unpredictable mix of shallow and deep water                 H
                                                  activity provides an enjoyable and effective
                                                  total body workout. Get wild with us!                       y
                                                  “JUsT aDD WaTer”
An invigorating mix of shallow-water
exercises (for strength and flexibility) and      Power Workout
cardio endurance activity. Great for swimmers
and non-swimmers of all ages. Ignite a calorie
                                                  A pick-up that lasts the whole day. Water
                                                  supports and aids movement while providing                  i
burn that lasts...come start your day with us!    unique resistance...a natural weight machine.
   We HaVe Many More WaTer FiTness CLasses....go onLine aT
saFeTy Training
Cpr/FirsT aiD/aeD                                 aMeriCan reD Cross LiFegUarD
Two nights, Tuesday and Thursday                  Training
5:30-8:30 PM                                      (CPR & FIRST AID INCLUDED)
January 8 & 10 or April 9 & 11                    Requirements:
Course includes new certification in adult/       • Age 15 or older prior to course start date
child/infant CPR, First Aid and AED.              • Current CPR for the Professional and First Aid by
$60 CPR/First Aid/AED                               course end
$20 for individual certification                  • Successful completion of a pre-test: 300 yard
                                                    swim, 100 yard front crawl, 100 yard breaststroke,
                                                    an additional 100 yard breaststroke, surface dive
                                                    1-10 feet, retrieval of a 10 lb. brick from the
Cpr/First aid/aeD                                   bottom of the pool - returning to starting point
For those who have a current or expired           Contact Jeremiah Wagner for immediate job
CPR certification and are looking to get          placement opportunities and a sliding course fee
re-certified in either adult/child/infant         pending certification completion.
CPR or for the professional rescuer.
                                                  6:00 - 9:00 PM Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
January 10 or April 11                            Winter Lifeguard Training: January 14 - February 15
Thursday, 5:30 - 8:30 PM                          Spring Lifeguard Training: April 2 - 30
$40 per participant
                                                  Summer Lifeguard Training: June 3-7
LiFegUarD reCerTiFiCaTion                         5 days, 2:00 - 9:00 PM Monday - Friday
January 14, plus 2 additional days                $225M/$250NM
6:00 – 9:00 PM
Tuesday, Thursday or Friday                       participants must pre-register
$60 per participant                               for all safety Training Classes

e        MarTiaL arTs
a        A Family oriented program that promotes parent/child participation. The class helps build
L        relationships among peers and between parent/child and helps build self-esteem. The class will
         teach the traditional art of Isshinryu Karate. It includes exercise, discipline and fun. Beginners
T        always welcome.

H        KaraTe i
y        Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:30-7:30 PM
         • Designed for kids ages 5-9
         • Parents/Guardians may participate for an
         additional fee ($15M / $30NM)
L        $28M/$56NM Monthly

i        KaraTe ii
V        Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:30-8:30 PM
         • Designed for participants age 9 to 99!
i        • Class overlaps Karate I
         $32M/$64NM Monthly
g        Ma insTrUCTors:
         Alan G. Ferens,
         8th Degree Black Belt of Mountain Isshinryu
         Beverly Braverman,
         5th Degree Black Belt of Mountain Isshinryu

          ages 8-aDULT
          Beginners WeLCoMe!
          Instruction for all levels, from beginners to National   Monthly Fee: $20M/$40NM
          Champions. Children 8-12 may take class along with       Drop-in Fee: 3M/$5NM
          parent (guardian). Class emcompasses uses of foil,       Wednesday & Friday - Activity Center
          epee, and saber.                                         6:00 – 9:00 PM
                                                                   Ages 8 to adult - beginners welcome.
          Teaches the basic skills of fencing. Advance at your
          own pace with the opportunity to compete at a high       Instructor: Norm Flam
          level.                                                   Moniteur de Escrime, Academie d’Armes
                                                                   Internationale, Paris; Moniteur, US Fencing
             aCTiVe oLDer aDULTs                                                                                   H
senior FiTness CLasses                                      senior yoga                                            a
                                                            Senior Yoga presents a special yoga
                                                            experience in which participants learn gentle,
CarDio CirCUiT
Combines fun and fitness to increase your
                                                            effective stretching to help maintain joint
                                                            flexibility and prevent injury. Increasing your
cardiovascular and muscular endurance power
with a standing circuit workout. Upper body
                                                            muscular endurance, improve muscle tone,
                                                            and use the restorative breathing exercise to
strength work using hand-held weights, elastic
tubing with handles and a ball alternates with
                                                            help you relax physically and mentally.
non-impact aerobic choreography.
                                                            MsroM - Muscular strength
siLVerspinning            ®

SilverSpin provides a fun and easy lower body
                                                            range of Motion
                                                            Have fun and move to the music
workout. It increases cardio respiratory function
and positively influences range of motion in the
                                                            with a variety of exercises
                                                            designed to increase
hip WD40 for the hips and knees! Wear
comfortable clothing and sneakers. Don’t forget
                                                            muscular strength,
                                                            range of movement and
your water bottle!                                          activity for daily living
                                                            skills. The class offers
siLVer spLasH                                               hand-held weights,
                                                            elastic tubing with
Activate your urge for variety. SilverSplash offers
                                                            handles, and a ball
lots of fun and shallow water moves to improve
                                                            for resistance and          a
agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance
                                                            chair is used for seat and/or
— no swimming ability required. The program
                                                            standing support.
provides a special SilverSneakers kickboard, used
to develop strength, balance, and coordination.

                            FREE Basic Adult
                                 Membership to the Y
                            FREE use of the fitness
                                 center and pool
                            FREE Group Exercise
                            Access to trained advisors

The Ligonier Valley YMCA offers SilverSneakers to
members of participating Medicare Health Plans. Call
your health insurance provider to find out if you qualify.
If not, please call the Y and we’ll help find the best way
to get you on the fast track to wellness!

 Eddy Confer          Linda Sinemus           Melissa Marasia
  Silver Spin          Zumba Gold              Senior Yoga
 Silver Splash        Cardio Circuit
H        FiTness CenTer serViCes
e        FiTness 101                                 FiTness CenTer sTaFF:
         A FREE introductory session
                                                     Adam Brown
                                                     Mike Marinchak
                                                                                          Debbie Priest
                                                                                          Michael Riffle
                                                                                                                      Rachel Smetak
                                                                                                                      Linda Stahl
L        for our fresh health-seekers.
         We work with you to build a
T        basic workout that fits your                Look for us to help you take advantage of our updated equipment:

H        needs. Learn how to adjust the
         equipment, plan your workout,
                                                     • Complete Cybex Circuit
                                                     • Stairmasters
                                                                                    • Free-Weight Room
                                                                                    • Concept II Rowers

y        and set realistic goals!                    • Schwinn Aerodynes            • Précor Ellipticals  • Précor AMTs

         personaL Training!
         Take your fitness training to a new level. Personal training offers: personal support, individualized design,
L        focused cardiovascular activity, gain strength, lean muscle, and build flexibility. $35M/$50NM (per hour)

i        HoLiDay special!
         november 23 - January 31: 4 sessions for $99
V        Make great stocking stuffers or an opportunity to start the new year off the right way.

i        oUr personaL Trainers
         adam Brown: Adam is the proud father of two, and has been an active member at The Y for
n        four years. He is an AFAA certified Personal Trainer, an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys running
         and extreme obstacle courses. Adam uses weight training and Cross Fit to stay in shape. When
g        not working the fitness center desk, you might find him assisting with youth sports or running
         on back roads crawling through mud with a tire strapped to his back while preparing for the
         next Tough Mudder.
         Kalyn Kramer: Kalyn started her college career swimming Division I for Gardner-Webb
         University in Charlotte, NC. Through collegiate swimming, she developed a passion of fitness
         and nutrition. She is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, certified in CPR/First Aid, and currently
         is the instructor of the Better Body Boot Camp class at the YMCA. In addition to being a
         student and an employee of the YMCA, she enjoys long distance running and training for

         THerapeUTiC Massage
         BesT Massage priCes in THe Ligonier BoroUgH!
         The program will enhance your general health, alleviate tension, and reduce stress. Massage supports
         fitness regimes and combats the negative effects of aging. The program will help to transform your spirit,
         mind and body. Call the Ligonier Valley Y Welcom Center today to schedule an appointment!
         30 minutes....$30.00          60 minutes....$60.00           75 minutes....$75.00           90 minutes....$90.00
         nicole Bradley
         Ms Bradley, a 2004 graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy, is offering her massage and doula service at the
         Ligonier Valley YMCA. Nicole is trained and certified in swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, pregnancy massage and reiki.
         Each of Ms. Bradley’s massages is tailored to fit the individual using a combination of the various modalities, with a strong
         emphasis on self-healing. “I am very passionate about helping one’s body in the healing process.:
         rita Haas
         Rita partnered with the YMCA in Ligonier over 5 years ago in helping to bring wellness and health to our community. Rita is a
         licensed massage therapist with the state of Pennsylvania. She graduated from C.T.A. School of Massage Therapy and has owned
         and operated her own business in Derry for nearly 25 years. The techniques Rita uses in massage have been very beneficial in
         helping her clients who are suffering from chronic muscle pain.
         Donna Lenzi
         Donna has over 5 years of massage experience, a 2007 graduate from Western School of Health and Business, she specializes in
         “getting your pain out” using deep tissue massage, trigger point massage and a Swedish massage combination. Reflexology, PNF
         stretching and sports massage are additional techniques Donna finds popular by clients. Over the years Donna has gained valuable
         experience in the chiropractic setting and at an independent level.
                     groUp FiTness                                                                                H
spinning®                                                                                                         L
The cardio class for almost anyone! Pedal
your way through a rockin’ time on a specially-
designed stationary bicycle. Join the crowd and
enjoy the sights and sounds of our new state-
of-the-art spinning® room. Instructors set the
pace, provide encouragement, and inspire you to
turn up the tension and pedal fast. Come in and
break a sweat with us! Officially licensed facility.
Beginner BooT CaMp
Your cardiovascular and muscular fitness                                                                          i
will be challenged in this class incorporating
calisthenics, free weights, plyometrics, and
an assortment of equipment for a variety
of exercises in each session. Each week the
instructor will vary the circuit format of the                                                                    n
BeTTer BoDy BooT CaMp
A one hour, no frills, high intensity workout.
Challenge your body with an intense 60 minutes         BoDypUMp
of calorie burning, core strengthening, muscle         BODYPUMP™, the original LES MILLS™ barbell
toning exercises using free weights, barbells,         class, will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire
resistance bands, and stability balls. Instructor      body, fast! Great bodies aren’t born, they are
designed for all fitness levels and aimed at           transformed, using the proven BODYPUMP™
improving strength and endurance. Burn the fat,        formula: THE REP EFFECT™ a breakthrough in
                                                       resistance workout training. Focusing on low weight
build the muscle, and reshape your body!
                                                       loads and high repetition movements, you’ll burn
                                                       fat, gain strength and quickly produce lean body
piLaTes                                                muscle conditioning.
Pilates offers a method of body conditioning
based on use of positioning and gravity to work
                                                       Morning WorKoUT
the muscles. Pilates workouts focus first on
                                                       Offers exercise that causes the muscles to
developing strength through the core of the
                                                       contract against external resistance. These
body—the back, abdomen, and hips—providing
                                                       movements increase muscle strength, tone, mass,
a solid foundation to challenge the rest of the
                                                       and endurance. External resistance tools include
body. The concentration focuses not only on
                                                       dumbbells, rubber exercise tubing, or any other
strength, but also flexibility and coordination.
                                                       object that causes the muscles to contract.

  We HaVe Many More FiTness CLasses
  go onLine aT                    ZUMBa®
                                                       Licensed Zumba facility. A Latin-inspired dance-
                                                       fitness program, fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms
          Fitness schedules                            and easy-to-follow moves to create fun, effective
         change periodically.                          fitness that blows you away! Zumba® fanatics
           Call 724-238-7580,                          achieve long-term benefits while experiencing an
                                                       absolute blast in one exciting hour of calorie-
       stop by the Y, or go online at
                                                       burning, body-energizing, awe inspiring movements for more information.             meant to engage and captivate for life!
s    KIDS NIGHT IN                                       inDoor TriaTHLon
o    Parents enjoy an evening out while the kids
     enjoy swimming, games, snack (pizza or a            Saturday, January 19
C    theme related choice) and so much fun. Ages
                                                         7:00 AM
     4-12, must be potty trained.
     6:00 - 9:00 PM                                      $15M/$20NM
a    Saturday, Jan 19 (pre-register by Jan 15)
     Saturda, Feb 16 (pre-register by Feb 12)
L    Friday, March 15 (pre-register by March 12)
     Friday, April 19 (pre-register by April 16)
     Friday, May 17 (pre-register by May 14)

r    Pre-register by the TUESDAY before Kids Night
     In and the cost is: $10M/$20NM, then the
e    cost goes to $15M/$25NM

s    For more information contact Kathi Betton at
     724-238-7580, ext 13 or

o    CornHoLe
n    ToUrnaMenT                                         easTer egg HUnT
s    If you can aim and toss a corn bag 30 feet,
     you can master the game of Cornhole! Come
                                                       WiTH THe easTer BUnny
i    join us for a game of cornhole at the Ligonier
     YMCA. All ages welcome. Prizes will be              Saturday, March 23 • 11:00 AM • Ages 0-12
B    awarded to the top team.
     Thursday, March 9 12:00 PM
                                                          Join the Easter Bunny for a fun filled morning
                                                                  hunting and decorating eggs.
i    $20 Food donation or $20 at the door/per
     team. Payment and food donation taken at
                                                                   $5 per child/$15 per family

L    the door. Proceeds benefit the Westmoreland
     County Food Bank.
                           BaLLrooM DanCe
T                          Winter Youth: 6:30-7:3 Jan 8 - Feb 12 0
y                          Winter Beginner Adult: 6:30-7:30 Jan 10 - Feb 14
                           Intermediate Adult: 7:30-8:30 Jan 10 - Feb 14
                           Spring Youth: 6:30-7:30 March 12 - April 23 (NO CLASS WEEK OF 3/25)
                           Spring Beginner Adult: 6:30 PM March 14- April 25
                           Spring Intermediate Adult: 7:30 PM March 14- April 25 (NO CLASS WEEK of 3/25)
                           Youth and Adult: Individual $65/ Couple $130

       HeaLTHy KiDs Day 2013
                    Saturday, April 27 • 11:00 - 1:00 • Ages 0-12
                       FREE EVENT - OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY
     YMCA Healthy Kids Day brings families and communities together to celebrate
     healthy living with a free fun-filled day of interactive games, family activity,
     giveaways and more. Activities include Scavenger Hunt, snacks/refreshments, and
     other positive Y activities that support more than strong bodies - they’re designed
     to help shape kids’ character, too!

                             ToUr De parK                                                                                                             s
                                                       2013                                                                                           C
                                  Monday, May 27 • 8:30 aM                                                                                            i
                                      aLL age groUps                                                                                                  a
 Join us for the 16th annual Tour De Park 5k race at Idlewild Park on Memorial Day 2013.                                                              L
Sport Tek shirts guaranteed to pre-registered (before May 13) runners and walkers. Participants will pick up
      race packets on race day beginning at 7:15 AM. Discount admission tickets to Idlewild Park may
             be ordered and paid for with race registration. They may be picked up on race day.
           This is a beautiful setting and a fast course. Water and refreshments will be provided.
For questions contact Scotty Nelson, Race Director at or 724-238-7580 ex. 22                                                 e
                            Online registration available at

 entry Form                                                                                                                                           p
 Name_________________________________________________________________ Email_________________________________________________________                 o
 Phone (Day)_________________________________________________________ Phone (Alt.)_________________________________________________                   n
 Address______________________________________________________________ Birthday_____________________________________________________
 City/State/Zip______________________________________________________ Age on Race Day___________________
 T-Shirt Size (Circle One) S M L XL                       XXL                                                                                         i
 Please make the appropriate selections:
 r Female         r Male	 	   r Runner                            Walker
 Waiver: In submitting this entry, I, intending to be legally bound for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, do hereby
 release and discharge the Ligonier Young Men’s Christian Association (Ligonier Valley Y) and any and all vendors, sponsors,
 volunteers, Board of Directors, and Ligonier Valley Y staff connected with the operation and running of this event, from any
 liabilities arising from illness, injuries, and damages I may suffer as a result of my participation in this event, from any liabilities             L
 arising from illness, injuries, and damages I may suffer as a result of my participation in this event. I also attest that I am
 physically fit and have trained sufficiently for this event. This event will be scored by The Runner’s High using the Champion Chip
 Timing System. On race day, runners will be issued a rental computer chip which is attached to the shoe lace and worn throughout
 the race. Special mats at the finish will record a finishing time for each chip. All rental chips must be returned at the finish line.
 There is a $35 fee for each lost chip.                                                                                                               T
 Runner/Walker signature or signature of guardian if participant is under age 18:
 Signature of participant required:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
 Signature of parent/guardian required if under 18:_____________________________________________________________________________________
 Fee: $20 prior to May 13, 2013; $25.00 on race day. (No registration will be taken after the 13th until race day)
 I would like to purchase ________ discounted tickets to Idlewild Park for the day at $20.00 per ticket. (Regular price is $31.99)
          race registration: $
          idlewild Tickets: $
          Total:              $
 Payment is non-refundable. Please pay online or make checks payable to the Ligonier Valley Y and send to:
 Ligonier Valley Y • 110 West Church Street • Ligonier, PA 15658

For yoUTH DeVeLopMenT®
For HeaLTHy LiVing
For soCiaL responsiBiLiTy
                           Non-Profit Org.
                            U.S. Postage
                         Greensburg, PA 15601
                            Permit No. 88

Ligonier Valley yMCa
110 West Church street

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