0009-Camp Registration Form by junxinglj


									                           XTREME 252
                            Camp Out
                             June 22-24, 2012
                      Location: Wildwood Scout Camp

Cadet Name:                                             Age:

My son                                          , would like to attend the
annual cadet camp out this year.

We will be meeting at the church at 5:45pm on the Friday night and
departing by 6:15pm.
The annual Cadet camp out is a 2 night event filled with excitement.
We start our first evening off by setting up our camp area…yes we
tent it! Our evening consists of sharing each others company roasting
hot dogs and marshmallows. For the mornings we break off into
cook groups where the boys cook their own breakfasts and joyfully
clean their own dishes after.

We enjoy many events such as swimming, hiking, various sports,
canoeing, capture the flag and of course a secret event.

We return back at the church by 3:00pm Sunday, but we will call.

The cost for Cadet Camp is         $10.00 Payable to CCRC Cadets
Comments we should know:

Parent/Guardian Signature:

Please give your registration form with $10.00 fee to John Missel or
your son's Counsellor by June 8, 2012

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