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									Dear Addison Teacher’s Association,

I urge you to STRONGLY encourage your members to call and email their
state senator and state representatives urging them to vote against SB
1292. This proposition radically deteriorates the retirement terms of new
teachers and also threatens the terms for currently employed teachers.

The following information is from the IEA website “Capital Reports.” It
always has current information available to members to assist them with
contacts with their legislators – please urge them to visit this website often.

    The race to the May 29th adjournment is going to be a very intense ride and we’ve
    spent a tremendous amount of time in the last week plotting out the next 14 days. A
    key development we’ve been waiting for occurred this morning. The House
    Personnel and Pensions Committee met to vote on Gov. Quinn’s proposal, SB 1292,
    which seeks to impose an inferior set of benefits to future state employees, including
    participants in TRS and SURS. This is the much-discussed “two tiering” proposal.

    IEA was joined in opposing the proposal by IFT, AFL-CIO, SEIU, SUAA, CTBA,
    TRS, The School Management Alliance, LUDA, LEND/SCOPE and others.

    During testimony before the committee in opposition to the legislation, the following
    points were emphasized:

      Does NOTHING to fix the Illinois pension problem. The governor proposes
       slashing benefits for future employees and then asserts that it will fix the state’s
       cash flow that has resulted from underfunding the pensions over the past three
       decades. There is little or no correlation between the two.

      Punishes education employees for the irresponsible actions of past
       legislatures and governors who used pension money to pay for other
       programs. Rather than raise taxes as they should have, policymakers used TRS,
       SURS and the other systems as a credit card. The bill is now due.

      Undermines public education by devaluing the work of Illinois public
       education employees. Benefits for Illinois public employees are comparable to
       those in neighboring states and the Chicago Public Schools system (CPS):
          o   Five other states offer a maximum pension benefit that is the same as
              Illinois or higher
          o   Five systems (including CPS) have lower employee contribution rates
          o   No other system proposes teachers stay in classrooms until age 67.

       The proposal passed committee by a vote of 6 “yes” votes (Reps. McCarthy,
       Brosnahan, Graham, Burke, Nekritz, and Ryg) to 4 “no” votes (Reps. Brauer, Poe,
       Brady and McAuliffe). It was clear from the comments of legislators that they are
       hearing from our members and that the IEA radio ads have increased the heat on
       those planning to support the pension attack.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

Char Haley

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