connecting-bloomberg by mamapeirong


									           Connecting to Bloomberg
●   For redundancy, two connections
    –   Primary must be a leased line
    –   Backup can be leased line or dialup
    –   `Heartbeat' commands constantly check if link is up
●   Receive data over TCP/IP or raw link (async)
●   Different feeds
    –   Batch: historical information, news, etc.
    –   Online: trade prices, etc.
           Connecting to Bloomberg
●   Various access methods
    –   Bloomberg (or “Open Bloomberg”): software that can
        be installed on most PCs
       Connecting to Bloomberg
–   Bloomberg Flat Panel: trademark dual-head system
       Connecting to Bloomberg
–   Bloomberg Traveler: laptop associated with specific
       Connecting to Bloomberg
–   Bloomberg Application Programming Interface
    (API): programmer interface for connecting to other
    applications on MS Windows, WWW interfaces, etc.

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