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					The [DATA} {Consolidation} option is a special way to summarize data.
It works best with Multiple Worksheets but can be used across workbooks.

The "Trick" to data consolidation is that the "RANGES" should be NAMED.
(Otherwise, you have to highlight and select the data you want to {ADD})
The Ranges Do not need to be the same.

The CONSOLIDATION will use Column and/or Row Lables.

The column Headings and "Values" are NOT case sensitive, but the
consolidatuion will use the spelling/format of the 1st range in the colsolidation.
In your CONSIOLIDATION, you will want to enter information to document the FUNCTION being done.
You many need to adjust the Cell Format (Ie: COUNT of Income will still show the $ sign in the summary
Sample data from Sheets: Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 that will be Consolidated.
        Data1                                Data2                                 Data3
Region          Sales               Region              Sales             Region         Income
North               10              NorthWest               5             North       $     100
South               12              South                   2             west        $     120
West                 2              East                    7             East        $     180
                                    West                    6             SOUTH       $     150

If you have NAMED the regions
you want to consolidate,
you can press <F3> in the
REFERENCE box pane

IS NOT updated if the source
Data is changed UNLESS you click the {Create links to source data}

The column widths on the consiolidated data may also need to be adjusted.
Region          Sales
North              11
south               3
East               13
West                1
SouthWest          20
 Quarterly Sales Data
      Quarter 1
Region           Sales
North               10
South               12
West                 2
  Quarterly Sales Data
       Quarter 2
Region             Sales
NorthWest              5
South                  2
East                   7
West                   6
Quarterly Sales Data
      Quarter 3
Region          Income
North       $      100
West        $      120
East        $      180
SOUTH       $      150
Quarterly Sales Data
       Quarter 4
Region             Sales
North                 11
south                  3
East                  13
West                   1
SouthWest             20

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