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					February 2007                                                                             Vol. 18, No. 2

         SOCALM Annual Meeting
                                                                                 Looking Down
President - Bob Davis             All were nominated w/o opposition
                                                                                  The Road…
                                  and were elected unanimously.
VP - Tom Wood                                                                 March
Secretary - Diana Davis                                                       3    Wondrous      Orange
                                  Volunteer Positions:                             County Run
Treasurer - Dean Rudenauer                                                    10 Sunset Run
                                  Activities Coordinator - Lisa Martin
                                                                              16 Laughlin Getaway
                                  Membership Coordinator - Marna              24 Vernal Equinox Run
                                  Wood                                        31 SJVMC Poker Run
IE - Donna/Gary Nelson                                                        April
                                  Club Librarian - Bill Bryant
SGV - Juli Davis                                                              14 Non-Taxing Run
                                  Vendor Coordinator - Bud Martin             21 Dave’s Tech Day
North OC - Mike / Martine Votaw
                                  Webmaster - Lisa Martin                     28 Around The World Run
South OC - Barry Rosenberg (&                                                 May
                                  Merchandise - Bud Martin
Mike Landry)                                                                  18 Miatas In Moab
                                  Newsletter - Brian Bousman                  19 Driving School
South Bay - Mark Kozlevcar
                                                                              26 Las Vegas Car Show
LA - Dave Woolery
                                  Congratulations to the 2007 board           June
Valley - Jim Hinton               (both elected & volunteers) and I look      9-10 Miata Summer Camp
Ventura - Hal Jandorf             forward to another great year!!! Now,       July
                                  when is the next drive??                    14 Braille Rally 2007
                                                                 Bob Davis

                                                                               Inside this issue:
                                                                             Club Information         2
                                                                             Financial Snapshot       3
                                                                             Renewals                 3
                                                                             President’s Message      4
                                                                             Board Meeting Minutes    5
                                                                             Annual Meeting Pictures 6
                                                                             Socials                  7
                                                                             Upcoming Events        8-9
                                                                             Hangover Run            10
                                                                             Upcoming Events     11-13
                                                                             Club Resources      14-15
                                                                             Classified Ad           15

                                                                              Featured Event
                                                                             Academy Awards
                                                             Tom Wood        Party - February 25
                                                     CLUB INFORMATION
     2007 SOCALM OFFICERS                                                                      SOCALM Library
Executive Board
President                                                               Some of the members may not be aware that SOCALM has a li-
Bob Davis.................... 909.597.1664         brary. There are several reference items available to members for
Vice President                                                          their use. We have factory repair manuals for model years 1990,
Tom Wood............................ 909.864.6271
Secretary                                                               91, and 92. An enthusiast manual for the early (1600cc) cars,
Diana Davis ................. 714.278.3041         along with suggested repair times manuals for 1995 cars.
Dean Rudenauer .......... 626.967.0825             If you are thinking of planning a run, but are a little reluctant be-
Regional Representatives                                                cause you’ve never done it before, there is an excellent manual
Inland Empire
Donna Nelson ......... 909.987.3584             available to walk you through the process. Back issues of Miata
Los Angeles                                                             Magazine to Winter of 1992 are available.
Dave Woolery ............ 562.947.5355
N. Orange County                                                        We have a full set of past issues of The Reward, thanks to
Mike and Martine Votaw .. 562.947.6174               Bill Strohm who donated his collection.
San Gabriel Valley
Juli Davis 909.597.1664       There are also some items that may be helpful, such as 2 portable
South Bay
Mark Kozlevcar ............ 310.640.3196            CB radios for use on runs. A G-Tech meter for measuring accel-
S. Orange County                                                        eration, horsepower and cornering G’s. A trunk-mounted luggage
Barry Rosenberg ............ 949.859.1995            rack is available to use on a long trip.
Jim 000.000.0000        These items are here for the use of any SOCALM member in good
Hal Jandorf .................... 805.495.3446
Appointed Officers & Committee Members                                  standing. Just contact club librarian Bill Bryant at (909) 595-1974
Activities Coordinator                                                  or to make arrangements.
Lisa Martin ........................
Membership Coordinator
Marna Wood .................
Club Librarian
Bill Bryant                                 SOCALM Merchandise
Vendor Coordinator
Bud Martin .........................
Motorsports Coordinator
Keith Horton .................
Public Relations Coordinator
Barry Rosenberg .........................
Lisa Martin .....................
Bud Martin
Newsletter                                                                             Extra! SOCALM Café Press Merchandise
Brian Bousman.......................
Pat Ruecker ....unofficial spelling/grammar checker                                        Support your club and decorate you,
                                                                                                your house and your car!
         CLUB INFORMATION                                                                 Now available - SOCALM merchandise.
SOCALM is a non-profit organization whose primary                                                 CafePress
purpose is to gather for enthusiastic fun and to share
information about the Mazda Miata MX-5.
Annual Dues: $25.00 per year. Check the mailing la-                               Buy SOCALM merchandise directly from the web.
bel on this newsletter. The date at the top is your                             Support your club from the comfort of your own home.
membership expiration date. If that date has passed,
then this is your LAST issue of The Reward.
                                                                            Stay warm this winter with a Socalm sweatshirt!
Submissions to The Reward should be sent to the club
address below. You can also send articles, pictures, and
letters via e-mail to
The standard deadline for submissions is the 15th of
the month, but you should always call the Editor-in-
Chief to check on last minute submissions.
Submissions may be edited for content or length.
The Reward, its contributors, the and SOCALM assume
no liability for the accuracy or legality of any informa-
tion appearing herein.
Reprint permission: Use of articles or stories by other
Miata clubs is hereby granted, provided proper credit to
this publication and the author is given.
Southern California Miata Club
2694 E. Garvey Ave So. #36
West Covina, CA 91791

2             The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club                  February 2007
                                                      RENEWALS DUE
The following Memberships are up for renewal in                           John Trott &
                                                                           Noralisa Villarreal         Venice                 1997 Montego Blue
February. Send in your dues today. Mail them to
SOCALM, 2694 E. Garvey Ave So. #36, West Covina,                                               Membership Renewals
CA 91791. If you have already sent in your dues –                         Mel & Toni Appell      Encino                       2006   Brilliant Black
Thank You!                                                                Bruce Braviroff        Placentia                    2003   Shinsen
                                                                          Justin Braviroff       Placentia                    2004   Titanium Gray
Don & Anita Armstrong San Diego            1994 Classic Red               Melissa & Marc Carlsen Moorpark                     1997   White
Randolph Bean           Redlands           1999 Highlight Silver          Spence & Diane Carter Burbank                       2003   Blue
Allan & Benjamin Behar Canoga Park         1990 Crystal White             Diana Davis            West Covina                  2001   Emerald Mica
Keith Berlin &                                                            Juli Davis             Chino Hills                  2001   Crystal Blue
 Marcy Kaplan           Los Angeles        2002    Classic Red            Chris Garrett          Simi Valley                  2001   BRG
John Berman             La Crescenta       1990    Classic Red            Tom & Merrilyn Holcomb Long Beach                   1995   Brilliant Black
Doreen Bryant           Diamond Bar        2000    Evolution Orange       Mark Hyman             Long Beach                   1990   Classic Red
Oscar Cairoli           West Covina        1996    Brilliant Black        Tom Jensen             Santa Barbara                2000   Mahogany
Bud Cowan               Aliso Viejo        1995    Brilliant Black        Don & Sydney Kennelly Huntington Beach              2001   BRG
Mark Curran             Huntington Beach   1997    Mariner Green          Mike & Julie Landry    Laguna Woods                 1991   Classic Red
Phil Daoust &                                                             Bud Martin             Long Beach                   1999   Twilight Blue
 Gina Seashore          Ramona             1996    Starlight Blue         Jim & Linda Nowell     Yorba Linda                  1991   Classic Red
Frank & Marsha Gonzalez Paramount          2001    BRG                    Richard Ress           Encino                       1992   Classic Red
Bob & Judy Grossmann Thousand Oaks         1997    Montego Blue           Dion Slade             Monrovia                     1990   Crystal White
Patrick & Barbara Kearins Mission Viejo    2000    Mahogany               Dean & Sue Terhune     Huntington Beach             1990   Classic Red
Grant & Lisa Keller     North Hills        1990    Custom                 Tom & Dona Thompson San Clemente                    2001   Classic Red
Ron & Carol Lay         Newbury Park       2000    Mahogany               Jerry & Rosemary Wallin Laguna Woods                1996   Starlight Mica
Danny Mehl              Compton            1995    Brilliant Black        Gary Whitfield         Aliso Viejo                  1990   Crystal White
Reginald & Pauline Oka Irvine              1999    Emerald Mica           Jim & Mary Whitten     Chino Hills                  2001   BRG
Anthony Porta           Westlake Village   2005    Mica Black             Marna Wood             Highland                     2003   Splash Green
Jeff & Karen Ridenour Lancaster            1994    Laguna Blue
Sheldon Roth            Northridge         1992    Crystal White
Tassy Rudenauer         Covina             2004    Titanium
Daniel Schulz           Valley Village     1996    Starlight Blue
Bruce Virnelson         Stevenson Ranch    1990    Classic Red
                                                                                                  Financial Report
Marla Vogeley           Camarillo          2000    Brilliant Black                     Snapshot View As of December 31, 2006
James & Kimberly Ward Glendale             1993    Crystal White                 Balance as of 11/30/2006                                $6,500.30
John Welker             Edwards            2001    Crystal Blue
                                                                                 Revenue / Deposits:
Stan Widger             Valencia           1992    Classic Red
                                                                                     Dues – Renewal                                           $525.00
David Woolery           Whittier           1990    Crystal White
                                                                                     Dues - New                                                125.00
                                                                                     Calendars                                                 120.00
The following memberships were up for renewal in Janu-                               Merchandise                                                34.87
ary. If you have already sent in you dues – Thank You! If                            Total Revenue / Deposits:                                 824.87
you haven’t, please renew as soon as possible.                                   Expenses:
Ruben Balagtas          Baldwin Park       1993    Classic Red                       Reward Printing                                      $(158.61)
Zack Broadbent          Fullerton          1994    Classic Red                       Reward Postage                                         (73.32)
Paul & Duffy Lawson     Hermosa Beach      1995    Montego Blue                      Total Expenses:                                       (231.93)
Ross McIntosh           San Bernardino     1991    Crystal White                 Ending Balance as of 12/31/2006                         $7,093.24
Gene & Stacy Muoio      Simi Valley        1991    Classic Red
Curtis & Kathy Nagel    Mission Viejo      2004    Titanium
Bob & Karen Reily       Fair Oaks Ranch    2006    Sunlight Sliver
Gary Scott &
                                                                                            Membership Statistics
 Diane Fields           Palmdale           1991 Mariner Blue                   Memberships              276              People                  419
Mike & Martine Votaw    Whittier           1999 Highlight Silver               Single                   133              Cars                    302
                                                                               Dual                     143
The following Memberships were up for renewal in De-
cember. We are sorry to say good-bye to these mem-                                                       Birthdays
bers. We hope to see these memberships reactivated in                        02/01 Karen Diffenbacher                 02/14 Barbara Kearins
the near future. We will miss you.                                                 Tassy Rudenauer                    02/15 Ian Purser
Mark & Susan Creatura   Irvine             1995 Classic Red                  02/03 Stephen Mines                      02/18 Steve Kephart
Jan Rallings-Kelly      Long Beach         1997 Montego Blue                       Lisa Martin                              Thomas Jensen
David Rasmussen         Rialto             1999 Sapphire Blue                02/05 Kyle Barrineau                     02/23 Richard Ress
Michael Sweeney &                                                                  Daniel R. Ziliak                   02/25 Pinkie Stanley
  Kathryn Pierce        Los Angeles        1996 Starlight Mica               02/07 Dean Rudenauer                           Steve Diffenbacher
                                                                                   Dorothy Bailey                           Susan Malinowski
                        New Members                                                Fred Santillo                            Scott Flatland
Steven McAfee &                                                                    Carole Strohm                      02/26 Diana Carmel
 Julie Stone            Irvine             1997 Marina Green                 02/13 Danny Mehl                         02/27 Uri Keren
David &                                                                            David Woolery
 Joyce Tolentino        Long Beach         2002 Titanium Gray                      Bud Martin               February 2007                     The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club             3
                                             PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
                                                                               6/8 – NOC Social – Steer Inn (Tustin)
                       Diary of a Mad                                          6/10 – SGV Social – Mt. Baldy Run
                                                                               6/13 – SOC Social – The Hat (Lake Forest)

                      Miataphile 2006                                          6/15 – IE Social – Crabby Bob’s Restaurant (Ontario)
                                                                               6/17-18 – Twisted Weekend III (Lompoc)
                                                                               6/21 – S/B Social – The Loft (Cerritos)
                                                    by Bob Davis               6/27 – Valley Social – Pit Fire Pizza (North Hollywood)
                                                                               7/6 – IE/SGV Joint Social – Espiau’s Restaurant (Claremont)
                  As I’ve mentioned a couple of times during                   7/13 – NOC Social – Old Spaghetti Factory (Fullerton)
                                                                               7/19 – S/B Social – Buster’s Beach House (Long Beach)
                  this year, for the first time, I’ve kept a
                                                                               7/22 – Friendship Run (Long Beach)
                  record of what runs, socials, events, etc.                   7/23 – Board Meeting (Lake Forest)
                  in which Juli and I have participated. I                     8/5 – Hyde Tech Day (Fullerton)
                  surprised even myself…………………….                               8/8 – SOC Social – Turf Lane Park (Mission Viejo)
                                                                               8/10 – SGV Social – Frisella’s Roastery (Glendora)
1/1 – SDMC “Run for the Roses” (Julian)                                        8/11 – LA Area Social – Vineland Drive-In (City of Industry)
1/7 – Mt. Baldy Run – Impromptu                                                8/12 – Hot August Night Run
1/10 – San Gabriel Valley (SGV) Social – Villia Italia (Duarte)                8/13 – Chili Cookoff (Diamond Bar)
1/12 – North Orange County (NOC) Social – Old Spaghetti Factory                8/17 – IE Social – Buffet Dynasty (Rancho Cucamonga)
(Fullerton)                                                                    8/18 – S/B Social – Big Bang Friday – Fuddrucker’s (Buena Park)
1/14 – General Meeting (Irvine)                                                & Fireworks (Anaheim Stadium)
1/17 – Valley/Ventura (VV) Social – Bear Pit BBQ (Mission Hills)               8/19 – Stargazing Run (Mt. Pinos)
1/18 – South Bay (S/B) Social – Jimmy’s Fish & Grill (LongBeach)               8/22 – Valley Social – Pit Fire Pizza (North Hollywood)
1/19 – Inland Empire (IE) Social – Macaroni Grill (Rancho Cuca-                8/24 – NOC Social – Mimi’s Café (Long Beach)
monga)                                                                         9/8-10 – Yosemite Run
1/20 – Impromptu Lobster Social (Newport Beach)                                9/13 – NOC/SOC Joint Social – Steer Inn (Tustin)
1/21 – Board Meeting (Chino Hills)                                             9/16 – Mt. Wilson Run
1/22 – Pre-run – Steak ‘n Beans event (Temecula)                               9/17 – Early California Run (Simi Valley)
1/27-29 – Zoom Zoom Getaway (Laughlin, NV)                                     9/20 – S/B Social – (Long Beach)
2/4 – Steak ‘n Beans Run/Event ((Escondido)                                    9/21 – IE Social - Honolulu Harry’s (Chino)
2/7 – SOC Social – Biagio’s Italian Restaurant (Lake Forest)                   9/23 – Led P3 Run (Palm Springs)
2/9 – NOC Social – Alcatraz Brewing Co. (Orange)                               9/27-10/10 – 13 day Miata vacation (CA, NV, AZ, UT, WY, MT, ID,
2/10-12 – SJVMC Coastal Cruise (San Simeon)                                    OR, WA)
2/14 – SGV Social – Matt Denny’s Ale House (Arcadia)                           10/14 – Big Bear Run
2/15 – S/B Social – Belmont Brewing Co. (Long Beach)                           10/18 – SOC Social – Flamingo’s Mexican Grill (Laguna Hills)
2/16 – IE Social – Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant (Corona)                        10/20 – Impromptu Lobster Social (Newport Beach)
2/17 – Impromptu Lobster Social (Newport Beach)                                10/25 – S/B Social Red Robin (Cypress)
2/18-19 – Sahuaro’s Spring Fling (Yuma, AZ)                                    10/26 – NOC Social – Old Spaghetti Factory (Fullerton)
2/25 – Led pre-run for P3 (Idyllwild)                                          10/27 – Impromptu Lobster Social (Newport Beach)
‘3/4 – Led pre-run – Take Richard to Julian                                    10/28 – Board Meeting (Chino Hills)
3/9 – NOC Social – Fuddrucker’s (Buena Park)                                   11/4 – Led Take Richard to Julian Run
3/10 – Impromptu Lobster Social (Newport Beach)                                11/8 – NOC & SOC Joint Social – Pat & Oscar’s (Tustin)
3/11 – 1st Annual Ice Cream Social (Mission Viejo)                             11/10 – Impromptu Lobster Social (Newport Beach)
3/14 – SGV Social – Jake’s Roadhouse (Monrovia)                                11/14 – SGV Social – Matteo’s Pizzeria (San Dimas)
3/15 – S/B Social – Gas Lamp Restaurant (Long Beach)                           11/15 – S/B Social – Belmont Brewing Co. (Long Beach)
3/16 – IE Social – Logan’s Roadhouse (Fontana)                                 11/16 – IE Social – Red Brick Pizza (San Bernardino)
3/18 – Springtime Tech Day (Whittier)                                          11/24 – Wishbone Run
3/21 – SOC Social – Baker’s Square (Lake Forest)                               11/30 – Impromptu S/B Social (Long Beach)
3/25 – Spring Equinox Run                                                      12/12 – SGV Social – Jake’s Roadhouse (Monrovia)
3/31-4/2 – SJVMC Poker Run (Visalia)                                           12/15 – Impromptu Lobster Social (Newport Beach)
4/5 – Linda Day’s Impromptu Social (Long Beach)                                12/16 – Celestial Lights Run (Malibu)
4/6 – NOC Social – Tiffy’s Family Restaurant (Anaheim)                         12/21 – IE Social – Cannataro’s Restaurant (Chino)
4/8 – Board Meeting (Mission Viejo) & Impromptu Run (Santiago                  12/22 – Impromptu Lobster Social (Newport Beach)
Canyon)                                                                        12/29 – Impromptu Lobster Social (Newport Beach)
4/11 – SOC Social – Fuddrucker’s (Lake Forest)
4/15 – Non-Taxing Run (Thousand Oaks) Note: Juli drove sepa-                   And to think, we even missed a couple of BIG events such
rately and her parents accompanied us on this event.                           as the Easter Sierra Run and the Holiday Party. As I’ve
4/19 – S/B Social – Hof’s Hut (Long Beach)
                                                                               also mentioned many times throughout this past year,
4/20 – IE Social – Omaha Jack’s Grill House (Rancho Cucamonga)
4/23 – Web Site Work Day (Long Beach)                                          there are numerous Socalm activities each and every
4/29 – Joshua Tree Run (Redlands)                                              month and you can enjoy Socalm as much as your Miata
4/30 – Web Site Work Day (Long Beach)                                          desires.
5/6-8 – SDMC Search for Madonna (San Luis Obispo)
5/13 – Moonlight Madness Run                                                   Thanks for a great 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, when
5/16 – SGV Social – Red Lobster (Monrovia)                                     and where is the next event??
5/18 – IE Social – Marie Callendar’s (Ontario)                                 Oh, and since I’ve had a chance to edit this after the elec-
5/20 – Around the World Run
                                                                               tion, THANK YOU FOR THINKING THAT I’VE REPRESENTED
5/24 – S/B Social – Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ (Long Beach)
5/27 – Brainstorm Open House & Impromptu Run (Malibu)                          YOU WELL ENOUGH TO DESERVE A SECOND TERM!
5/28 – Memorial Day W/E – Tapas Party (Granada Hills)

4          The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club                  February 2007 
                 Socalm Board Meeting                        Streeter having merchandise embroidered.
                   October 28, 2006
                                                             Merchandise –Marna; Bought 15 T-shirts and 15 calen-
                                                             dars to have on hand at events.
The meeting was called to order at 10:35 AM by Presi-
dent Bob Davis. The minutes of the July 23, 2006 meet-       New Business – Bob Davis
ing were presented for review.                               Twenty five hundred new Socalm ‘tag’ cards were
Treasurer - Dean Rudenauer                                   printed, slightly reformatted. The toll-
Beginning Balance                         $6,560.99          free number was eliminated.
     Dues – Renewals                      125.00             The General Meeting with election of officers for 2007
     Dues – New                           175.00             will take place Saturday January 13, 2007 beginning at
     Name badges                          30.00              10:00 A.M. at Mazda North American Operations in Ir-
Total Revenue/Deposits                     $ 330.00          vine, Ca.
                                                             We need to arrange setup and breakdown teams for the
Expenses                                                     General Meeting and elections process. Bob will sweep
     Reward printing                       $ 120.68          up.
     Reward postage                       70.37
     Tag Cards                            161.63             Old Business - Bob Davis
Total Expenses                            $ 352.68           Excess cash; Donna suggested we buy raffle gifts for
                                                             the General Meeting in January.
Ending Balance                         $6,538.31             Marna made a motion that we budget $500 for the Ven-
                                                             dor Coordinator to purchase raffle
Area Rep Reports                                             Prizes for the General Meeting, with members getting
San Gabriel Valley – Paulette & Ted Bruns no rept            one free ticket, separate from the donated prizes raffled.
Inland Empire-Donna Nelson Having good food and              The motion passed.
good times.
Valley-OPEN no rept                                          There being no further business, Pat made a motion to
Ventura-Hal Jandorf no rept                                  adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 12
N. Orange County-Brian Bousman Have good atten-              PM.
S. Orange County-Pat & Lee Ruecker Averaging 15 – 20         Gwen Vilbrandt
per social with 1 new member per meeting.                    Recording Secretary
South Bay-Bud Martin Also good turnouts with 1 new
member per social.                                           Attendance:
L.A.-Dave Woolery no rept                                    Bob Davis
                                                             Tom Wood
Committee Reports                                            Marna Wood
Activities – Lisa Martin; Calendar links have been built     Lee Ruecker
and procedures established for reps to enter email infor-    Pat Ruecker
mation. General web: maintaining current accessing ca-       Bud Martin
pabilities.                                                  Lisa Martin
Organizing a planning session with Marna, Dean, Bud,         Tony Wilson
Lisa, Paul and Bob about the direction of the web.           Brian Bousman
                                                             Donna Nelson
Membership – Marna; Membership is steady at around           Gwen Vilbrandt
275 -280. Discussed with David

                                              Dave Woolery’s                                                  Donna Sinkway’s
                                              new ride!                                                       new mod!            February 2007             The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club   5
                                             ANNUAL MEETING (CONT)
    Bud Martin flaunts his                                                                           Marna and Juli start the
    stuff (raffle prizes)                                                                            morning with a smile

                                                                                                                                  Lisa Martin

                                                                                                   Two unidentified Socalm members

    Lisa Martin

                                                                                                                                  Lisa Martin

                                                                                                     Karen and Jeff sell raffle tickets
                                                                                                     Karen and Jeff sell raffle tickets

                                                                                Brian Bousman

                                                                                                                                  Lisa Martin

                                                                                                  Gwen calls James Hinton to confirm
                                                                                       Tom Wood   his nomination as Valley rep.
    Brian Bousman

                                                                                                                                  Lisa Martin

                                                                                                                                  Lisa Martin

                                                                                                  Mark Kozlevcar wins the biggest
                                                                                       Tom Wood   raffle prize donated by Raven Wing

6             The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club                 February 2007
                                                      8950 Central Ave., Montclair             Description: Good Louisanna style
         Inland Empire                        Host:   Juli Davis                               Bar B Que. Sandwiches, Salads, Ribs,
Date: Thursday, February 15                                       Tri-Tip, Brisket and lots more.  The
Time: 7:00pm                                                                                   peanut slaw is my favorite. Nice por-
                                              Description: Please join us for a nice
Place: Don Jose Mexican Restaurant                                                             tions and moderate prices. Some of
                                              evening and some great Mexican
       8950 Central Ave., Montclair                                                            you may have been to other Lucille’s,
                                              food. The atmosphere is south of the
Host: Donna Nelson                                                                             it’s part of the same chain.
                                              border and the menu has a large se-
                                              lection at reasonable prices. We've              Please join us. …and please RSVP to
       909.935.6969 C
                                              had socials here before and everyone             949.859.1995 no later than Monday
                                              enjoyed it so I thought it would be a            the 12th pm. Thanks.
Description: Please join us for a nice        good place to re-visit.                          Let’s start the new year right!         We
evening and some great Mexican
                                              Hope to see you there.                           hope to see a lot of you there.
food. The atmosphere is south of the
border and the menu has a large se-           Directions: Located on Central Ave-              Directions: From the 5/405 Frwys
lection at reasonable prices. We've           nue - North of the 10 freeway on the             heading south exit at El Toro Road,
had socials here before and everyone          west side of the street.                         turn left on Ave de Carlotta and head
enjoyed it so I thought it would be a                                                          south to El Toro Road, about ¼ mile.
good place to re-visit.                                 South Bay                              Go left onto El Toro Road, stay to the
                                              Date: Wednesday, February 28                     right, to Rockfield Blvd (traffic light).
Hope to see you there.
                                              Time: 7:00pm                                     Go through the intersection and turn
Directions: Located on Central Ave-                                                            right into the first driveway. Lucille’s
                                              Place: Havana Mania Restaurant
nue - North of the 10 freeway on the                                                           is on your right.
                                                     3615 Inglewood Ave
west side of the street.
                                                     Redondo Beach 310.725.9075                From the 5 Frwy heading north exit El
                                              Host: Mark Kozlevcar                             Toro Blvd. Turn right to Rockfield
           Los Angeles                               310.389.9277                              Blvd (traffic light). Go through the
Host:     Dave Woolery                                            intersection and turn right into the
               Description: Authentic Cuban food                first driveway. Lucille’s is on your
                                              including chicken, beef, pork, seafood,          right.
Description: Check the web site at for the latest infor-
mation about this event.
                                              soups, salads, omelettes, and sand-
                                              wiches. Prices range from about $5
                                                                                                       Ventura County
                                              for a sandwich to about $25 for some             Date: Tuesday, February 2
 North Orange County                          of the seafood items, but the average            Time: 6:30pm
                                                                                               Place: Los Agaves Mexican
                                              meal is $13-$15. Full bar (including
Date: Thursday, February 22                                                                           2350 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd.
                                              Mojitos) is available. PLEASE RSVP,
Time: 7:00pm                                                                                          Thousand Oaks
                                              AS I WILL NEED TO GIVE THE RES-
Place: El Cholo Restaurant                                                                     Host: Hal and Terry
                                              TAURANT A FINAL HEAD COUNT BY
        840 East Whittier Blvd.                                                                       805.777.7532
                                              2/26. Restaurant website http://
        La Habra, 562.691.4618                                                                        805.657.8252 (C)
Hosts: Mike and Martine Votaw                                                               
        562.947.6174                          Directions: From I-405 exit Ingle-
                                              wood Avenue and head South (from                 Description: Los Agaves is a            new
        562.713.6174 C
                                              northbound I-405, turn left, from                establishment but became Hal            and
                                              southbound I-405, turn right) one                Terry's FAVORITE! The food is            the
Description: Come on out to La
                                              block to restaurant on the right, lo-            BEST! Try the Asada Tacos or             the
Habra, home of the famous El Cholo
                                              cated in shopping center on corner of            many types of burritos.
restaurant. The Zagot Restaurant
Guide says, "...this 'true institution'       North West corner of Inglewood and               The prices are really affordable, inex-
continues to produce 'green corn              Manhattan Beach Blvd. The largest                pensive (cheap). They serve the BEST
tamales straight from heaven' and             store in the shopping center is Drug             margaritas! I like the Julio Blanco
the 'best, strongest margaritas in            Emporium and there is a Union 76 on              Margarita. Whoa!
LA' after over 75 years 'these                the corner.                                      Directions: On the 101 freeway, use
guys have got it down!'....". They                                                             the Rancho Rd Exit. On Rancho north,
have ample parking and seating, and               South Orange County                          turn right (east) on Thousand Oaks
the excellent food is sure to compli-         Date: Tuesday, February 13                       Blvd. Going east, pass "The Lakes"
ment the gathering of a Miata friendly        Time: 6:30pm                                     mall on your right. Los Agaves is in a
crowd. Please RSVP so I can get               Place: Lucille’s Bar B Que                       tiny shopping center on the SE corner
seating set aside, but don’t be afraid               The Orchard at Saddleback                 of Thousand Oaks Blvd and Old
to show up on the spur of the mo-                    23760 El Toro Road                        Conejo School Road. Great Miata
ment.                                                Lake Forest, 949.581.RIBS                 parking in the lot!
                                              Host: Barry and Robbie Rosenberg                 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!
   San Gabriel Valley                                949.859.1995                              This is a small restaurant but VERY
Date: Thursday, February 15                          949.768.3505 C                            popular. I need a "head count" of
Time: 7:00pm                                                       members going!!! This time, RSVP's
Place: Don Jose Mexican Restaurant                                                             are INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!!!!            February 2007               The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club     7
                                                     UPCOMING EVENTS

                                  2007 Laughlin Getaway
    DATE:            March 16th & 17th, 2007
    PLACE:           Aquarius Casino Resort (Old Flamingo)
    RSVP:            Bari Russell
                     23294 El Greco
                     Mission Viejo, CA 92692
                     949/588-1531 or 949-309-7599 Cell

    RESERVATIONS:          1-800-662-5825 our Group SOCALM or code C-SOC07 (zero 7). There is a 72 hour
    prior to arrival cancellation policy. I’m holding 30 standard double rooms. If charging your room call the
    above number. Our room rate is $57.00 standard and $77.00 river view a night plus 9% tax. If paying by
    check make them payable to me and send ASAP to the above address! The amount is $124.26 Standard
    and $167.86 River View for two nights. I promise not to get new tires for Ty.

    DEADLINE: February 28th, 2007

    DETAILS: This is a fun laid back weekend! Maybe this year the Big Screen camera crew will join us
    again! Let’s get excited! Let’s get hyped! How about a weekend in Laughlin? Changa, Changa, Clang,
    Clang, those hungry machines are waiting for us. I’m holding 30 Standard rooms; non smoking and king
    rooms are based on availability upon request and arrival, also request river view at time of booking.
    Please RSVP me so I can start a rooming list. Let me know what type of room you need, king, double,
    smoking, non smoking or river view. PLEASE THIS IS IMPORTANT!

    Let’s meet for Buffet Breakfast Saturday at 9:00AM it’s yummy and reasonable. Then assemble at 10:30
    to leave at 11:00 on one of the upper levels of the parking structure (level to be determined at break-
    fast). Join us if you want to go for a little spin. More details to follow when I get a volunteer…..!

    You’re on your own for other meals, Friday night there is an awesome Seafood Buffet at the Hotel. Post
    when you’re leaving for caravans. We will set up a caravan for Friday morning at Ontario Outlet Mall near
    Dave & Busters, details to follow. All future info will be posted online so check the group list for emails.
    Time to gather those wrappers and start rolling your quarters! We always have such a great time. You
    don’t miss out on all the fun!

                                    Bittersweet Laughlin
                                                        By Hal Jandorf

             Ahhh, Laughlin. Brings many good                                         During the day, we can explore the desert with
             memories for many years. One of my fa-                                   our Miatas. Oatman. Lake Havasu. Great roads,
             vorite weekend trips. It's more beautiful,                               desert scenery and bluest blue sky! Of course,
             restful and less frantic than Vegas. That's                              you can gamble, but I like the party environment
             why I like it more! The Colorado River                                   at night, dinner with our good Miata friends!
    and the sweeping desert vistas are spectacular.                                   One of the memories is February 2003, when I
    The river taxis transporting us to hotel to hotel,                                woke up Sunday morning to get ready to leave, I
    and margarita to margarita! And at night. And the                                 switched on the TV for news. The Columbia Space
    night scene can be serene and beautiful too. A few                                Shuttle tragedy! That certainly put a damper on
    a miles from the hotel complex, you can see the                                   the Laughlin festivities that day.
    stars! Really!                                                                    I think this year's trip will be happier...see you

8            The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club                   February 2007
                                            UPCOMING EVENTS

                               Academy Awards Party & Pot Luck
DATE:               Sunday February 25th, 2007
TIME:               3 PM till 10 PM
PLACE:              Stan & Donna Fry’s
                    6539 Blackwood Street, Riverside, CA
HOST:               Stan & Donna Fry

DESCRIPTION: Lights, Camera, Action

We are rolling out the red carpet, the envelope is in hand and the winner is????

Join us for the 4th Academy Awards Ceremony. HDTV coverage will be live from the Kodak Theater. Get
together with your fellow Miata lovers for a night of fun in the Fry’s newly remodeled theater. Watch the
event from a 65” HDTV located in the main theatre area or view from a 42” HDTV Plasma screen in the
West Wing.

Official ballots will be available so you may cast your votes for the awards. Potluck snacks, salads, main
dishes & desserts will be needed. A courtesy RSVP is required no later than February 18th, allowing the
Academy to supply ample seating, gift bags and refreshments.

We guarantee you will feel like a star!


From Orange County/Los Angeles:
Take the 91 Fwy. East, Exit Central in Riverside. Turn right. Continue on
Central. You will eventually come to a stop light at Mission Grove
 (There is a major shopping center to the right). Turn left at the light
On to Mission Grove. (See Final Directions below.)

From Moreno Valley or Palm Springs:
Take the 60 Fwy. To the 215 Fwy. South. Exit at Alessandro. Turn right.
Continue on Alessandro until you get to Mission Grove.
Turn right. (See Final Directions below.)

From San Diego:
Take the 215 Fwy north. Exit Alessandro. Turn Left. Continue on Alessandro
Until you get to Mission Grove. Turn right. (See Final Directions below.)
Final Directions:
                                                                                                           The     newsletter  staff
At the 3rd Stop sign, turn left on Blackwood. You will cross Mission Grove                                 would like to thank Stan
Again but continue to go straight. Our home is on the left 6539 Blackwood                                  and Donna Fry for creat-
                                                                                                           ing this page.               February 2007         The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club      9
                                                          HANGOVER RUN
 It was bright and early on New Year’s Day when a                             Our first stop was at the marina in Lake Elsinore.
 ragged band of SOCALM and Mazda owners met for                               Everyone took a break to chat, admire cars, and buy
 Zack’s Hangover Run. Of course, early is relative and                        some snacks.
 on January 1st noon is awfully early.                                        From there, Zack lead us down to Temecula and some
 Nearly eighty vehicles, most of them Miatas, took off                        of the best Miata roads in existence. The farms and
 over Ortega Highway. Normally this is an exciting                            orchards are crisscrossed with great curvy roads that
 drive but there was so much traffic we had to keep at                        swoop up and down.
 a very leisurely pace.                                                       Hours later we stopped to eat and tell stories before
                                                                              making the long trek back home.
                                                                                      Thanks Zack!
     Pictures below by Bill Wilner

                                Pictures below by Brian Bousman

10           The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club                  February 2007
                                               UPCOMING EVENTS
                                                                  From the 60 (in the Pomona Area), exit Phillips Ranch
                      Lobster Socials                    becomes Chino Hills Pkwy. At approxi-
Date:     Friday, February 2 and 23                               mately 3.0-3.5 miles, turn right onto Windmill Creek and
Time:     7:00pm                                                  follow the instructions above.
Place:    Malarkey's Irish Pub
          3011 Newport Blvd.                                                   Academy Awards Party
          Newport Beach, 949.675.2340
                                                                  Date:       Sunday, February 25
Host:     Kathie McClelland
                                                                  Time:       3:00pm until 10:00pm
                                                                  Place:      Stan & Donna Fry’s
RSVP:     949.644.1327 or
                                                                              6539 Blackwood St., Riverside
Description: Please join your fellow Miata Club members
                                                                  See page 7 for more details.
and start the weekend off right! This was very popular last
year and many members have been eagerly awaiting the
return of the FUN Lobster Socials on Fridays from now                  Wondrous Orange County Run
through March (or when the season ends). We will meet             Date:  Saturday, March 3
on the 2nd Friday each month. There will also be a few            Time:  10:00am to 1:00pm
"Impromptu Lobster Socials" so check your email for an-           Place: Near the World Savings Bank
nouncements.                                                             191 S. Imperial Hwy, Anaheim
 MENU: Malarkey's will be featuring Lobster Dinners               Hosts: Tom and Marna Wood
served with fresh steamed veggies for $20 with rice or            Description: Yes, there are still some great roads in Or-
$21 with baked potato. You can add a small dinner salad           ange County. We are going to take a few hours to explore
or a cup of clam chowder for $3.50 more. They also fea-           some of them, especially a couple of great canyon roads.
ture, a New York Steak dinner for $10.95, Chicken dinner          The run will be in two parts. For the first part, through the
or Fish & Chips for $8.95, Irish Stew, a "Taco Potato" or         canyons, we will split into two groups – one spirited, one
Beef Dip sandwich for $6.95 they also have super yummy            touring. For the second part of the run, we will stay to-
Hot Wings (dry, not soaked in sauce) & nachos and a               gether, as much as possible, and cruise through the hills
menu secret is "Cannery Style Chicken Strips" with a              and beach communities. The run will end in Irvine, near
Honey/Mustard/Curry Sauce. Sadly, there is no desert but          the I-5 and I-405, for lunch.
they do have some tasty adult beverages.                          Directions: The meeting spot is on the southwest corner
Directions: Take any freeway to the 55 south toward the           of Imperial Hwy and Santa Ana Canyon Rd, just one block
beach. The 55 freeway ends at 19th Street & Newport               south of the 91 Freeway. Also in the same parking lot are
Blvd. Continue straight on Newport Blvd. Cross over PCH           a Vons and Bank of America, along with other business.
(you'll be above it). When you come to 32nd Street &
Newport Blvd., you'll pass the City Hall on your left and                                   Sunset Run
then see a Carl's Jr./Albertson's Center on the right. Turn       Date:       Saturday, March 10
RIGHT into the first driveway immediately past the Carls          Time:       12 noon
Jr. and park. If you cannot find a spot there, try the public     Place:      TBA
lot on the right just past Malarkey's on 31st Street & New-
port Blvd.                                                                         Vernal Equinox Run
RSVP: Very important! Also need to know if you are or-            Date:       Saturday, March 24
dering lobster or not.                                            Time:       12 noon
                                                                  Place:      TBA
                      Board Meeting
Date:     Saturday, February 3                                                         Non-Taxing Run
Time:     10:00am                                                 Date:       Saturday, April 14
Place:    Home of Bob & Juli Davis                                Time:       10:00am
          1571 Rancho Hills Dr., Chino Hills                      Place:      Stagecoach Inn Museum
Description: There will be an initial meeting of the 2007                     Thousand Oaks
Socalm Board on Saturday, February 3rd. It shouldn't be                       Ventu Park Road & Lynn Road
excessively long....clarify a few things for the new people,      Description: Just paid the tax man? Nerves frayed? Wal-
establish email links, determine dates of future meetings,        let empty? Come join your Miata friends in a relaxing, cas-
take the photo that didn't happen at the end of the meet-         ual (did I say non-taxing?) run through the northern end
ing yesterday, etc.                                               of the Santa Monica Mountains. We'll meander through
Directions: From the 57, exit Grand Ave eastbound thru            Hidden Valley to see ranches of the stars, cruise Decker
Diamond Bar to Chino Hills Pkwy and turn Right. Go ap-            Canyon to the ocean with a stop on a breathtaking bluff to
proximately 0.5 miles to Windmill Creek and make an-              watch waves break gently on the shore below. We'll polish
other right. Then 0.25 miles to a stop sign where you will        off the run with a spin down the coast to Kanan Road and
turn right again onto Rancho Hills Dr. We're at 1571, a           end with a casual lunch at either Chuy's or Islands.
looooong mile up the hill on your left.
                                                                                                                          (Continued on page 12)            February 2007              The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club           11
                                                      UPCOMING EVENTS
(Continued from page 11)                                                          you want - it's up to you. Just be prepared to learn a lot
Directions: From the South, L.A. County, etc.: Take what-                         and have a ton of fun!
ever road is convenient to the 101 Freeway North to Thou-                         Participants can secure their reservations, and pay
sand Oaks. Exit at Ventu Park Road and turn left over the                         by credit card, on-line at
freeway. Proceed about 1/4 mile to Lynn road, turn right.               
Make an immediate right into the driveway (parking lot
entrance)     of   the    Stagecoach     Inn    Museum.
From the North: Take the 101 Freeway South to Ventu
Park Road, turn right. Proceed about 1/4 mile to Lynn                                      Non-SOCALM Events
road, turn right. Make an immediate right into the drive-
way (parking lot entrance) of the Stagecoach Inn Museum.
                                                                                            SJVMC Coastal Cruise
For those of you who want to get their early, I'll be having
                                                                                  Date:    Saturday & Sunday, February 10 & 11
breakfast at Dupar's at 8:30 a.m. It is on the frontage
                                                                                  Time:    To be announced
road by the freeway, two exists south of Ventu Park Road.
                                                                                  Place:   Red Robin, Hwy 198, Coalinga
Exit Moorpark Road, turn right. Get over to the left imme-
                                                                                  Hosts:   Tom & Marna Wood
diately and make a left turn onto Thousand Oaks Blvd. It
                                                                                           Don & Lisa Asperger
makes a tight, left, bottom-to-top S Curve, keep turning
left. Dupar's is just around the curve on the right. From                         Description: Every year the SJVMC group takes a drive
the north, exist Moorpark Road and turn left onto Thou-                           from Fresno to San Simeon for the weekend. This year,
sand Oaks Blvd. Keep to the left and make that tight left S                       Lisa Asperger is arranging the meals and Marna Wood is
curve and go around the curve until you see Dupar's on                            planning the route. SJMVC will depart Fresno Saturday
the right.                                                                        morning. We will all join up at the Red Robin near the in-
                                                                                  tersection of the I-5 and Hwy 198. We are planning to
        "FAST LANE" Driving School                                                then meander through the hills and valleys from Coalinga
                                                                                  to Carmel, then south to San Simeon. (For those who
Date:      Saturday, May 19                                                       want a shorter route to the hotel, there will be alternate
Time:      All Day!                                                               directions.) Dinner Saturday night will be at the Brambles
Place:     Willow Springs International Raceway                                   in Cambria, the same place we dined at last year.
           on the "Streets of Willow"
           3500 75th Street, Rosamond, CA                                         Sunday, we will explore the hills of San Luis Obispo
Host:      Terry & Janet Wyrick                                                   County. We are planning on lunching at the historic Stage
           Phone: 951.817.5644 (Mon-Fri – 9 AM to 5 PM)                           Stop in Pozo. We will continue as a joint group for a short
                                            while longer before our Fresno friends have to head north
                                                                                  and we continue south.
Description: Terry & Janet, owners of Raven Wing Per-
formance, are proud to play host to another Danny                                 RSVP for dinner Saturday night is required. Deadline is 2-
McKeever High Performance Driving School.                                         1-07.

This high performance driving event is open to drivers of                         Hotel Reservations: Motel 6, San Simeon. 800-544-4866
all skill levels, from the novice that just wants to be a                         between 6:00am and 3:00pm. Ask for a room under
safer driver to the weekend racer that wants to get faster.                       “Miata Club”. $39.99 for single, 45.99 for two. Deadline
For maximum fun and safety, everyone will be grouped                              is January 10, 2007 for group rate. AARP discount
according to his or her comfort level and track experience.                       available.

Professional Instructors help you to combine classroom                            Some of us will drive up to Coalinga on Friday after work.
discussion and large amounts of behind the wheel seat                             You will be on your own for hotel reservations.
time in your car. Elevate your street driving skills using
advanced techniques to help you understand how your                                    SJVMC Spring Fling Poker Run
input affects the handling of your car as you negotiate the                       Date:    March 31 – April 1
challenging and technical "Streets of Willow". Also, learn                        Place:   Fresno, CA
Vehicle Dynamics and controlled spins on the skid pad, as                         Description: this event has always been so popular that
well as braking techniques, heel-and-toe downshifting and                         SJVMC doesn’t even bother to write up a description of the
other advanced methods of performance driving; in a safe                          event - all you get is a registration form.
                                                                                  Ramada University, Visalia
"Deep Discount" entry fee includes: a high performance
                                                                                  324 E. Shaw, Fresno, CA 93710
driving manual (yours to keep), a certificate of completion
(nice to show as proof of qualification at other track                            800-272-6232 SJVMC Club rate $86 – Code “Club” until
events); classroom instruction (fun and informative!), indi-                      March 15, 2007. See their website at for
vidual ride-along instruction with race-qualified instructors                     registration form and only slightly more details.
(an invaluable benefit!), hours of actual "behind the
wheel" track time (oh yeah!), liability/participant accident
insurance, and the use of the driving school's (sanitized!)
helmets. They even provide driving suits (for those that
wants to suit up) but you can wear your street clothes if
                                                                                                                            (Continued on page 13)

12            The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club                 February 2007
                                               UPCOMING EVENTS
                                                                 charities! With your support, this will prove to be the big-
(Continued from page 12)                                         gest, and best, Birthday Bash ever. We are truly changing
                                                                 children's lives.
     Gasoline Alley's Eighth Annual
             Birthday Bash                                                       Miata Summer Camp
                                                                 Date: June 9-10
Date:      May 26, 27
                                                                 Place: Harris Ranch
Place:     North Las Vegas, NV
                                                                 Hosts: Bob & Juli Davis, 909.374.3998
Host:      Mike Kinney, 702.371.SHOW
                                                                 Description: After a brief absence, (of 12 years or so)
Description: Event kickoff party will be held on Saturday,
                                                                 Miata Summer Camp is back. Mark your calendars for the
May 26th, from 4:00pm to 11:00pm at The Cannery Ca-
                                                                 weekend of June 9-10 where anyone and everyone who
sino and Hotel and includes live bands, dedicated parking,
                                                                 owns a Miata is invited to converge on Harris Ranch
vendors, trophies and drawings.
                                                                 ( for a short weekend (one night) of re-
Sunday, May 27th, from 7:00am to 5:00pm, we're on the            laxing by the pool, enjoying the (extra large) spa, partak-
grass at Eldorado Park. As always, this event is open to         ing of some of the finest beef in California, etc. This event
all vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, low riders, racecars, etc.    will be open to all surrounding Miata clubs.
Register by May 16th for only $25.00 and also qualify for a
                                                                 It's difficult for anyone who hasn't been to Harris Ranch to
series of drawings at Eldorado Park!
                                                                 imagine such a nice resort facility in the middle of no-
Registration is only $30.00 on site. Registration includes       where (Coalinga - I-5 & Rt 198).....visit the web site listed
great goodie bag, event T-shirt, drink cooler, and dash          above to get an idea of what is available.
plaque. HUGE amount of items for drawings throughout
                                                                 I have blocked 40 (Yes, 40!) rooms, as follows: Standard
the day at Eldorado Park, including Mario Andretti Racing
                                                                 includes 1 king size or 2 queen size beds $105, Pool Side:
School, dinners and shows on the Strip, NHRA memora-
                                                                 $110, Suites: $120-$135 plus taxes, of course. The entire
bilia, and many, many, more.
                                                                 facility is non-smoking. Call 1-800-942-BEEF(2333) to re-
All proceeds to benefit The Lili Claire Foundation, which        serve your room. The blocked rooms are listed under
assists children with neurogenetic defects, including Au-
                                                                 both "Miata Summer Camp" and "2S82BR".
tism, Down Syndrome, and Williams Syndrome. To learn
more about the incredible services offered by The Lili           More info to follow. Please let me know when you have
Claire Foundation, please visit The Lili Claire Family Re-       made your reservation and I'll maintain a running list of
source Center at UNSOM, located at 522 East Twain Ave-           attendees.
nue, Las Vegas, NV, or call (702) 862-8141.
For more information regarding Gasoline Alley's Eighth                               Braille Rally 2007
Annual Birthday Bash, please contact Mike at (702) 371-          Date: Saturday, July 14
7469,, or visit our event website,         Host:    Pat West,                                            More information after April.
Since the inaugural event in 2000, Gasoline Alley's Birth-
day Bash has generated over $80,000 for local children's

      ALL MAZDA VEHICLES FROM CAR-CARRYING                       O'Sullivan added that although some of the Mazdas
        VESSEL COUGAR ACE TO BE SCRAPPED                         aboard the Cougar Ace showed little or no visible dam-
                                                                 age from being tied-down at severe angles for an ex-
  IRVINE, Calif. (Dec. 15, 2006) - Mazda Motor Corpo-
                                                                 tended period, the potential for future problems led the
  ration today announced that all of the U.S.- and Canada-
                                                                 company to reconsider its initial decision to sell any of
  bound Mazda vehicles from the car-carrying vessel, Cou-
                                                                 the vehicles as used.
  gar Ace, which nearly capsized off the Aleutian Islands in
  late July, would be scrapped.                                  "We always put the customer first," O'Sullivan contin-
                                                                 ued. "This drove our decision to scrap every one of the
  "After thorough testing by engineers from our North
                                                                 Mazdas involved in this incident.
  American and Japanese R&D centers, we decided the
  most appropriate course of action – with our customers         Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Mazda North American
  foremost in mind – was not to sell any of the 4,703 Maz-       Operations oversees the sales, marketing, parts and cus-
  das aboard the ship," said Jim O'Sullivan, President and       tomer service support of Mazda vehicles in the United
  CEO of Mazda North American Operations, based in Ir-           States, Canada and Mexico through nearly 900 deal-
  vine, Calif.                                                   ers. Operations in Canada are managed by Mazda Can-
                                                                 ada, Inc., located in Ontario, Canada, and in Mexico
  The Cougar Ace sat listing at more than 60-degrees for
                                                                 by Mazda Motor de Mexico in Mexico City.
  nearly a month after an incident at sea, before it could
  be towed to the Port of Portland, Ore., for repairs and to
  have its cargo off-loaded.                                     SOURCE Mazda North American Operations           February 2007              The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club   13
                                                        CLUB RESOURCES
                                                     Clark Smith                                            Phone: 949.640.4759
DEALERS                                              Suspension Specialist - 10% off parts & labor on       Ask for: "Mike the Mechanic"
                                                     front end alignment and brakes                         10% off on parts & labor (up to $100 discount, on
Browning Mazda                                                                                              any car owned by a club member)
18827 Studebaker Road, Cerritos
                                                     BRAKES                                                 ** SOCALM MEMBER **
                                                                                                            Import Specialties
15% discount to members on parts & labor             Porterfield Enterprises, LTD.
                                                                                                            25651 Taladro Circle, Unit C, Mission Viejo
                                                     1767 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa
Huntington Beach - Beach Mazda                                                                              Carl Martorana – 949.770.1255
                                                     Phone: 949.548.4470
16800 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach                                                                         Mechanical Services
                                                     15% off on Porterfield and Hawk brake pads
Parts: Dick Hampton - 714.848.7739
                                                     10% off on rotors                                      Integrated Performance
15% off on parts & labor
                                                                                                            115 E. Gardena Blvd. #3, Gardena
Irvine - Irvine Mazda
11 Auto Center Drive, Irvine
                                                     CAR ASSESSORIES                                        310.532.4040, Fax 310.532.4405
                                                                                                            Hector Colmenares - Office Manager
Service: Robert Croker - 949.583.1291                Duetto Motors LLC                                      Alex Colmenares - Shop Foreman
Cost + 20% on parts                                  21601 Vanowen Street
                                                     Canoga Park California 91303
Norco - Phillips Mazda                                                                                      24309 Creekside Road #118, Valencia
2000 Hamner Ave., Norco                                                                                     Ask for: Rob - 661.259.6026
                                                     818.999.0969 voice
Parts: Don Tomblin - 909.734.1555                                                                           10% off on parts & labor
                                                     We specialize in Glass window tops for early and
10% off on parts & labor                                                                                    MD Automotive
                                                     late model Miatas as well as convertible tops and
Redlands Mazda                                       accessories for all cars. Include Socalm member        7281 Westminster Blvd., Westminster
500 W. Redlands Bl., Redlands                        number when ordering to get the discount.              Ask for Mark – 714.891.1113
Parts: Chad Frankenberger - 909.793.2141                                                                    10% Discount to members
15% off on parts & labor                                                                                    Performance Asian Domestic European
                                                     On-line Car Covers
Mazda of San Bernardino                            20944 Vanowen St, Canoga Park
1388 South E St., San Bernardino                     and-Boston                                             Craig Eaton – 818.313.8884
Parts: Dan or Ron Burg - 909.884.6431                Anton Mastrocco - 631.264.7849               
15% off on parts                                                                                            Offering 2-wheel and 4-wheel chassis Dyno ser-
                                                     Stubblefield’s Polishing Inc.
Mazda of Thousand Oaks                                                                                      vices for hi-performance after market accessories.
                                                     7332 Quimby St., Paramount
3945 Auto Mall Drive, Thousand Oaks                  562-634-7045                                           Pro Design Hot Rods
Parts: Gene Levy - 805.371.5555                      Great job polishing anything on the Miata.             2020 S. Susan St. Unit B, Santa Ana
10% off on parts & labor                                                                                    Mike Filion (Owner?) – 714.436.1158
                                                     Vinyl and Leather Repair
                                                                                                            I would definitely recommend this shop for any-
Heritage Mazda                                       10632 Chestnut Street, Cypress
                                                                                                            one in need of an automotive metal shop.
5 Auto Center Dr., Tustin                            714.318.6143
Phone: 714-832-6222                                  Highly recommended and does exceptional work.          Roberto's Auto Trim Shop
20% off from parts and labor                         Need leather repair – Give Nicholas Howk a call.       2033 Harbor Blvd
                                                                                                            Costa Mesa, CA 92627-2630
Galpin Mazda                                         Super Autobacs
11151 Laurel Canyon Bl., Van Nuys                    12645 Beach Blvd, Stanton
                                                                                                            They do high quality work at reasonable
Phone: 818.756.3434                                  714-903-9900
                                                                                                            prices and discount to Socalm
15% off on parts w/club I.D.                         Great store for the speed racer or just the ordinary
Sierra Mazda of Monrovia
1305 S. Mountain Avenue, Monrovia
                                                     guy wanting something special. You just have to
                                                     go there to see it.                                    GLASS / WINDSHIELD
626.303.0077                                         Coast Car Covers, Inc.                                 So. Cal Auto Glass
Melissa Barajas, Service Manager                     1229 Morena Blvd., San Diego                           562.449.7250
15% off parts and labor                              Phones: 800.231.5180, 619.275.7100                     Strictly a Mobil service that will come to you.
** Must show Membership card                         Fax: 619.275.7107
Phillips Mazda in Laguna Hills                       E-mail:                       LEATHER REPAIR
24888 Alicia Parkway, Laguna Hills                   Web:
                                                                                                            Nicholas Howk Leather Repair
Ask for Marty Souter (club member)                   Jackson Racing                                         10632 Chestnut St.
949.900.0134                                         440 Rutherford St., Goleta                             Cypress, CA 90630
Cost plus 15% on parts ** Socalm Member              888-888-4079                                           714-318-6143
Star Lincoln/Mercury/Mazda                                                                                  Pricing is based on severity of issue
901 S. Brand Ave., Glendale                          DETAILING
John Kepner - 818.247.1903
25% off on parts & labor on Miatas                   Coats Products                                         MUFFLER
                                                     1945 W. Commonwealth Ave. Unit Q                       Specially Allied Muffler of Bellflower, Inc.
West Covina Super Lincoln Mercury Mazda              Fullerton                                              17444 S. Lakewood Blvd., Bellflower, CA
2539 East Garvey Avenue                              Ask for: Rick - 714.870.8466                           562.866.2812, 562.925.4672
West Covina, CA 91791                                10% off Maguire’s detailing products
626-608-1131, 626-966-0681, 800-258-0393             DENTSONE                                               PAINT
Fax: 626-966-1541                                    Newport Beach,
                                                                                                            Gary's Auto Collision Center
                                                     Ask for Jeff - 949.645.3368
                                                                                                            24247 Railroad Ave.
ALIGNMENTS                                           Dent Removal – Excellent service
                                                     Long Beach
                                                                                                            New Hall, CA 91321
                                                                                                            (661) 255-1340
Dave’s Frame & Alignment                             Ask for Jerry - 562.619.5999                           (661) 255-9694
16182 Gothard, Unit V, Huntington Beach
                                                                                                            Referred by a currently satisfied member
Ask for Dale - 714.841.2940
High end Alignment working with set ups for Mo-
                                                     GENERAL SERVICES                                       Greg’s Collision Center
torsport and D-speed Magazine. Working with          AUTOWISE - various Orange County loca-                 8732 Park Street, Bellflower
Spec Miatas and offering members 15%                 tions                                                  562.531.6600
                                                     Cypress 714.761.8330                                   Excellent body shop – If you want a good quality
Accurate Alignment
                                                     Fountain Valley 714.839.4700                           paint and collision work. Here is the place to go.
971 N. Batavia St., Orange
Ask for: Jon - 714.538.1916                          Irvine 949.855.9991                                    Fabricante Auto Body
10% off on labor on front end alignment              Yorba Linda 714.961.0202                               26341 Dimension, Lake Forest
                                                     10% off on parts and labor                             Norman Delay* - 949.859.8636
Clark's House of Suspension
                                                     Harbor View Mobil Car Care Center                      Body Shop
26901 Vista Terrace
Lake Forest                                          2500 San Joaquin Hills Road                            Roberto's Auto Trim Shop
949.768.6261                                         Corona del Mar                                         2033 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa

14           The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club                         February 2007     
                                                        CLUB RESOURCES
Raul - 949.642.8113                                   Ask for: John or Wade - 949.364.3225                 584 Pinto Court
Sport Imports - N. Hollywood                          10% off (already low prices)                         Incline Village, NV 89451-8118
7054 Laurel Canyon Bl., N. Hollywood                  Route 66 Tire Pros                                   866-369-1385
Ask for: George or Hasmik – 818.765.3333              445 E. Route 66 #A, Glendora               
$1500 for a complete paint job with minimal body      Harry Boyajian - 626.852.7778                        Track Dog Racing
work                                                  10% discount                                         Gary Shuhart
TOPLINE PAINT & BODY                                  FINISHLINE Tires & Automotive                        11010 Switzer Avenue Suite 107
500 S. Raymond Ave. Suite I, Fullerton                23253 Madero #A-108, Mission Viejo                   Dallas, Texas 75238
Phone: Voice: 714.441.0505, Pager:                    John Guldalian - 949.380.8511                        Phone: 214.340.9797, Fax: 214.349.9342
714.444.7207. Ask for: Louis                            Cell: 214.280.6172
10% off on body work and paint                        Complete auto repair & tire center         
Gary's Auto Collision
Santa Clarita                                         WEB-SITE VENDORS                                     Andrews Powder Coating, Inc.
Tel: 661.255.1340, Fax: 661.255.1343                                                             
                                                      Raven Wing Performance
Ask for Gary and tell him you want the 10% dis-                                                            Exclusive Powder Coating
                                                      19079 Grovewood Dr., Corona
count offered on our web-site                                                                              24932 Avenue Kearny #2
                                                      877.581.FAST (3278)
                                                                                                           Valencia, California 91355. 661.294.9812
RADIATORS                                             Members only – Call Terry for the club discount
                                                                                                           Quality Images, Inc.
Track Dog Racing                                      Thompson Automotive Products
                                                                                                           Joe Portas, aka "The Knobmeister"
Gary Shuhart                                          38 Camino Katia, San Clemente
                                                                                                           3595 Gray Circle
11010 Switzer Avenue Suite 107                        949.366.0322
                                                                                                           Elbert, Colorado 80106-9652. 303.730.6060
Dallas, Texas 75238                         
Phone: 214.340.9797, Fax: 214.349.9342                RSpeed
Cell: 214.280.6172                                                                                         Bayz Sunwear
                                                      1011 S Marietta Pkwy * Ste 5                                                                                    920 Revolution Street
                                                      Marietta GA 30060. 888.551.0025                                                                 Havre de Grace, MD 21078. 877.640.2299
RADIO                                                 Team Miata

Valco-Tronics, Inc
                                                      1521 Ridgewood Dr., Martinez, CA 94553
                                                      (925) 370-6485
                                                                                                           06 Accessories
2450 West Laurel Ave.                                                   On Line Mazda Parts
Eunice, La 70535                                      Moss Motors, LTD                                     704.563.1510 EXT.141 Ask for Jason
337.546.0090, .800.673.2244                           440 Rutherford Street, Goleta, CA 93117    
CB radio and external speaker                         800.642.8295                                         index.cfm?action=AccessoryCatalog&ca
Jeff Anderson
Destin, FL 32541
(850) 650-2153
                                                      Team Voodoo NZ
                                                      P.O. Box 878
                                                                                                           LOCAL MIATA CLUBS                                Wellington, New Zealand                              BAMA Bay Area
Antenna splitters for CB radios                       Phone: 64-2-150-4811                       
                                                      Converter Geek - Catalytic Converters
SALVAGE                                               990 Cedar Bridge Avenue
                                                                                                           Delta Miata Club Central California
Sport Imports - N. Hollywood                          Building B7 - Suite 221
7054 Laurel Canyon Bl., N. Hollywood                  Brick, NJ 08723-4157                                 Sahuaro Miata Club Phoenix, AZ
Ask for: George - 818.765.3333                        800-541-9352, 775-307-8764 (fax)           
Salvaged Miata parts - Used Miata Parts with up                         SAMOA Sacramento
to 50% off OEM retail prices                          The Crazy Red Italian                      
                                                      8161-B Belvedere Ave.                                SDMC San Diego
TIRES                                                 Sacramento, CA 95826. 888.412.7299         
The Tire Shop                                                                                              SJVMC San Joaquin Valley
14358 Pioneer Blvd., Norwalk                          GoodWin Racing, LLC
562.864.9799                                          8380 Vickers Street, Suite D.
Excellent pricing and offering a 10% discount         San Diego, CA 92111. 858-775-2810                    MOOV Las Vegas
28162 Camino Capistrano, Laguna Niguel                                                                     Redwood Coast Miata Club
                                                      7525 Ethel Ave. Suite M
Ask for: Brandon - 949.364.1993                                                                  
                                                      North Hollywood, CA 91605. 818.764.9422
10% off                                                                                                    VROOM Vandenberg
THE TIRE STORE                                                                                   
                                                      Flyin' Miata
24901 Sunnymead Blvd., Moreno Valley
                                                      331 South 13th St                                    Roadrunner Miata Club New Mexico
Phone: 909.924.1096
                                                      Grand Junction, CO 81501. 800-359-6957     
Ask for: Israel
27942 Forbes Road, Laguna Niguel

My car is a 1996 Miata - "M" Edition (Starlite Mica) with 94,213 miles.
The oil has been changed every 3,000 miles with Mobil 1
                                                                                                                                                       FOR SALE

Extras include: Racing Beat's Air Intake System with K & N Filtercharger
(installed by Crazy Red), Racing Beat's Style Bar - Type II - Chrome
(installed by Crazy Red), Crazy Red's Air Horns, Toyo Proxes T1-S tires
205/15, Sheep Skin Seat Covers, Borla Muffler
Asking Price $6,100 OBO
Jerry Wallin - 949-933-3248                   February 2007                      The Reward - official newsletter of the Southern California Miata Club        15
          FEBRUARY 2007
Th   1
                Ventura Social
F    2
                Lobster Social
Sa   3          Board Meeting
Su   4
M    5                                 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MIATA CLUB
                                          2694 E. Garvey Ave So. #36
T    6                                      West Covina, CA 91791
W    7
                                         Driving the twisties since 1990!
Th   8
F    9
Sa   10      SJVMC Coastal Cruise
Su   11
M    12
T    13    South Orange Cty Social
W    14
             Inland Empire Social
Th   15
           San Gabriel Valley Social
F    16
Sa   17
Su   18
M    19
T    20
W    21
Th   22     North Orange Cty Social
F    23         Lobster Social
Sa   24
Su   25     Academy Awards Party
M    26
T    27
W    28        South Bay Social                                             Tom Wood

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