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                                                                                                                                                                     EDITION                                                                                                                  Feb 2009

                                                                                                                                                            Doing &
                                                                                                         to 1200 students have officially been declared
                                                                                                         alienated. While the Ministry has the laudable
                                                                                                         goal that these students should be in school
                                                                                                         until they are sixteen, unless there is a major
                                                                                                         redistribution of funding to the schools that
                                                                                                         enrol them, this is an unrealistic goal.
                                                                                                         Middle years                                        By Claire Hague
                                                                                                         There is strong evidence that the developmental     Deputy Chief Exec.
                                                                                                         needs of emerging adolescents are distinctly
                                                                                                         different from both younger and older pupils.
                                                                                                                                                             EIT Hawke’s Bay
                                                                                                         After infancy these are the most critical years for
                                                                                                         social and cognitive development. It is also the
                                                                                                         time that alienation begins and the consequent
                                                                                                         disruptive behaviour begins to impact on their                       BayBuzz posed the question:
                                                                                                                                                                              Should our educational system
                                                                                                         peers. A national strategy that provides clarity
                                                                                                                                                                              be more focused on equipping
                                                                                                         of approach and that will encourage and reward
                                                                                                                                                                              students with “practical”
                                                                                                         our best teachers to work with this age group
                                                                                                                                                                              skills to enter the workforce
                                                                                                         will ensure higher levels of engagement. This
                                                                                                                                                                              successfully, or on catering to
                                                                                                         will directly impact on long term success for       students’ broad intellectual development?
                                                                                                         those who are currently failing.
                                                                                                                                                             Education is such an important and fascinating
                                                                                                         NCEA                                                aspect of our lives, and it’s an area about
                                                                                                         While NCEA has many flaws (too much                 which everyone has an opinion, because
                                                                                                         assessment at too many levels), it has successfully we’ve all been students of some sort, and/or

Dear Anne...
                                                                                                         opened the door to academic success and             parents of students, employees of educational
                                                                                                         qualifications for many. The changes introduced institutions, employers of ex-students, the list
                                                                                                         in 2008 have addressed most of the issues and       goes on.
                                                                                                         the current revision of standards will reduce any Like many others, I’ve been all those things,
By Mark Cleary                                                                                           glaring anomalies.                                  but it’s probably my most recent three roles
Former Principal William Colenso College                                                                                                                     – as a secondary school Principal, a “mature”
                                                                                                         Teaching thinking                                   university student (don’t you hate that
                                                                                                         As never before, our education system must          description if you’re over 40?) and now Deputy
                                                                                                         respond to our changed world. The information Chief Executive at EIT Hawke’s Bay – that have
Dear Anne,                                           Rather than chase subject expertise, an             revolution has brought knowledge to the             helped me to develop a perspective on skills
                                                     emphasis must also go on a combination              finger tips of virtually every New Zealander.       training.
Congratulations on your appointment as
                                                     of intellectual and interpersonal qualities.        Already there are clear signs that our traditional
Minister of Education. Another Colenso High                                                                                                                  There always seems to have been a supposed
                                                     These are the qualities that engage students,       knowledge-based approach is being seen as
School and Napier success story! (I hope you                                                                                                                 “divide” between skills training and general
                                                     particularly in an age when access to               irrelevant by some of our more savvy pupils
will be able to attend the school’s 50th Golden                                                                                                              academic learning. People older than me
                                                     specialised knowledge is so readily available.      whose information skills are such that they
Jubilee this Labour Weekend).                                                                                                                                remember when schools divided their students
                                                     A better strategy would be for the top ten          access knowledge out of school time.
                                                                                                                                                             into “technical” and “professional” streams
Your Government was elected with the                 percent of first year university students           To reclaim relevance, schools need to focus         with all the connotations those terms or
message of ambition for all New Zealanders;          being approached and, should they have the          less on subject specific knowledge and more         similar terms implied. Apparently one group
your portfolio is a critical one if this vision is   necessary interpersonal skills, offered lucrative   on developing and sharpening up the thinking        could be considered “academic,” and the other
to be realised.                                      scholarships if they agree to embark on a           skills of our pupils. While thinking is one of      best suited to being trained in a technical skill
With your family’s strong teaching background        teaching career.                                    the five ‘key competencies’ central to the new      or qualification.
you will already have a rich understanding of
the complexities and challenges that face the
                                                     Better target funding                               curriculum, few practitioners (and certainly not Now that I’m working in the tertiary sector, I
                                                                                                         the Ministry of Education) can clearly articulate note in people’s perceptions a similar supposed
                                                     The crude decile funding system is poorly
education sector. You will also be very aware        understood and fails to address inequalities. It    what it is that they are developing. Apart from a division between the offerings of polytechnics
of the power and entrenched positions of the         has exaggerated socio-economic disparity and        number of populist theories, there appears to be and institutes of technology versus universities
bureaucracy and the many interest groups.            weakened the concept of neighbourhood and           a real poverty of accessible in-depth research, let – the former apparently devoted to “practical
                                                     community schools. It needs to be replaced by       alone practical handbooks for teachers to use in skills” training and the latter to general, fairly
If, unlike most of your predecessors, you are to
                                                     a more finely tuned regime that better targets      teaching this most essential ability. There is an   highbrow academic and research programmes.
effect real change in education, there are five
                                                     funding to schools based on the needs of their      urgent need for a government-funded research
areas that must be priorities:                                                                                                                               What I have discovered, of course, is that just as
                                                     enrolled students.                                  project that will lead to New Zealand teachers
                                                                                                                                                             schools offer both skills and generic learning,
1. Attract the best and brightest to the                                                                 and pupils becoming world leaders in thinking.
                                                     This is essential to address the current chronic                                                        so do our tertiary institutions, whatever type
   teaching profession.
                                                     alienation of between five and ten percent          In essence, if New Zealand is to be successful      they may be. EIT for example offers nine
2. Target significant school-based resources                                                             our society must be underpinned by an               degrees and undertakes a substantial research
                                                     of our school age population that has severe
   for pupils who we know are failing.               societal impact. Every teacher, school leader       education system that refuses to let anyone fail. programme, just as Victoria University, where
                                                     and Ministry Student Support Advisor knows          International studies show that for most (80%) I have just finished studying, offers a range of
3. Develop a successful middle years (years
                                                     the profile of these students. Every policeman,     of our students our system is a world beater. For “applied” undergraduate and post-graduate
   5-10) national strategy.
                                                     social worker and prison warden knows the           another 10% we do just okay. But unfortunately, programmes, as well as its various generic
4. Keep NCEA.                                                                                            for 10% we do very badly. Your energy must          Arts and Sciences and other degrees. The
                                                     long-term impact of school alienation. Over                                                             three Wananga also offer a range of skills and
                                                     the last ten years in Hawke’s Bay alone, close      focus on ensuring that the quality is extended.
5. Fund high quality research into thinking                                                                                                                  “academic” programmes.
   skills.                                                                                               Good luck!
                                                                                                                                                             Cont. p3
Best & brightest
Contemporary research confirms the huge                                         INSIDE THIS EDITION                                                                    Introducing
impact the individual teacher has on pupil
                                                      On Learning:                       Mick Lester                      On Food:
success. Teacher recruitment should focus on
attracting the best university graduates. The         Mark Cleary                        Louis Chambers                   Kent Baddeley
current TeachNZ approach, where scholarships          Claire Hague                       Claire Vogtherr                  On Wine History:
are targeted to subject area shortage, places too     Elizabeth Sisson                   Kym Hamilton                     Mark Sweet
much emphasis on specific knowledge and not                                                                                                                        Our new calendar
                                                      Anne Tolley                        Brendan Webb                     On Sustainability:
enough on the other much more important
                                                      Janet Takarangi                    Tim Gilbertson                   Mark Sweet                               of monthly events
elements that have been identified as being
                                                                                         Brooks Belford                                                                    see back page
critical in the make up of a good teacher.
BayBuzz Digest                                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                         Elizabeth Sisson
 FROM THE EDITOR                                                                                         Columnist
 Tom Belford

Welcome to the first 2009 edition of
BayBuzz Digest. Breaking new ground, we
                                                      schools, studied, developed and championed
                                                      education programs. They’ve worried
                                                                                                        Education Primer
have devoted most of this issue to a single           about mis-allocated resources, outmoded
theme – education.                                    educational strategies, and shortages
                                                      of needed skills in the workplace. Each           Here is the basic profile of education in          higher school qualifications,” notes the
Why? Because various studies, reports                                                                   Hawke’s Bay and NZ.                                Ministry of Social Development in its Social
                                                      was asked to address one or more of the
and media headlines call into question the                                                                                                                 Report	2008.	“In	2007,	only	49	percent	of	
                                                      questions BayBuzz posed to Education              Currently,	there	are	about	27,916	pupils	in	
priorities and performance of our education                                                                                                                school leavers from deciles 1-3 schools (in the
                                                      Minister Anne Tolley.                             Hawke’s Bay attending 115 schools: 16,822
system. Consider:                                                                                                                                          most disadvantaged communities) attained
                                                      I’m certain one or another of their articles      pupils in the Bay’s primary schools; 10,140
•	 Approximately	1.1	million	New		            	                                                                                                            qualifications at NCEA Level 2 or above,
                                                      will stir you up! Each of the articles also       students in secondary schools; and 954 in
   Zealanders (43% of adults aged 16 to 65)                                                                                                                compared with 62 percent of those leaving
                                                      appears on the BayBuzz website (www.              composite schools, such as the Hastings
   have literacy skills below those needed to                                                                                                              deciles	4-7	schools	and	79	percent	of	those	
                                            , where you can easily              Christian School. The total number of primary
   participate fully in a knowledge society,                                                                                                               leaving deciles 8-10 schools.”
                                                      comment publicly, print out articles, or          and secondary students in Hawke’s Bay has
   and 51% of adults have numeracy skills                                                               decreased by 546 from 2006 to 2008.                “Students from socio-economically
                                                      forward them by email to your friends and
   lower than those needed to meet the                                                                                                                     disadvantaged communities and Maori
                                                      colleagues. And of course you can always          According to Statistics New Zealand’s 2006
   complex demands of everyday life and                                                                                                                    students have relatively poor rates of school
                                                      send your thoughts to BayBuzz at                  national census, 36% of people age 15 years
   work.                                                                                                                                                   participation and engagement and for some
                                                                         and older in Hawke’s Bay have a post-school
•	 The	agriculture	sector	–	our	most	             	                                                                                                        groups it is continuing to worsen,” reports the
                                                      Another aspect of education is life-long          qualification, compared with 40% of people
   important industry – is only filling                                                                                                                    Ministry of Education in Education Counts,
                                                      learning. In this edition of BayBuzz              throughout New Zealand. However, 31
   around 65% of its advertised vacancies.                                                                                                                 the Ministry’s report on the state of education
                                                      Digest we begin a new feature, BrainFood,         percent of people aged 15 years and over have
   How can this situation be sustainable?                                                                                                                  in	New	Zealand	in	2007.
                                                      sponsored by Clearview Winery &                   no formal qualifications, compared with 25
•	 71%	of	businesses	surveyed	by		        	           Restaurant. On the back page, you’ll find         percent for New Zealand as a whole.                The Ministry also reports: “The proportion
   BusinessNZ said the educational system             listings of a wide range of lectures, courses,                                                       of school leavers with upper secondary school
                                                                                                        The trend in Hawke’s Bay has been for more
   is not meeting their needs.                        workshops, exhibitions and more, offering                                                            qualifications varies widely by ethnic group.
                                                                                                        people to achieve education qualifications
                                                      nutritious “food for thought.” Of course it’s                                                        Asian	students	who	left	school	in	2007	had	
•	 Last	year,	more	than	2,500	hard	core		         	                                                     at most levels and for fewer to have no
                                                      only a sampling because we can’t possibly                                                            the highest proportion with NCEA Level 2 or
   truants under age 16 were absent for at                                                              qualifications.	In	1996,	for	example,	4.7%	
                                                      list everything. But, if you know of other                                                           above, followed by European school leavers,
   least twenty days.                                                                                   of people age 15 years and over in Hawke’s
                                                      programmes we should include, please let                                                             then Pacific and Maori school leavers.”
                                                                                                        Bay held university degrees, but by 2006 that
•	 All	colleges	of	education	have	shown		      	      us know. We’ll be updating the BrainFood          had increased to 9%, or about 8,000 people.        Upgrading skills
   a decline in enrolments over the past five         calendar each month.                              Those with post-school certificates had also       Research undertaken in 2006 found that
   years, in the face of a “baby bulge” now in                                                          risen, while the number of people with no          approximately 1.1 million New Zealanders
                                                      Finally, lest you suffer from “education
   its third year.                                                                                      qualifications	had	decreased	from	40,791	in	       (43% of adults aged 16 to 65) have literacy
                                                      overload,” we’ve prepared a few additional
•	 31%	of	people	age	15	years	and	over	in		 	         articles to entertain and edify you. Mark         1996	to	31,347	in	2006.	                           skills below those needed to participate fully
   Hawke’s Bay have no formal educational             Sweet begins two multi-part series in this                                                           in a knowledge society and 51% of adults
                                                                                                        In	2007,	EIT	had	about	8700	enrolled	students,	
   qualifications.                                    edition. One will guide you through the                                                              have numeracy skills lower than those needed
                                                                                                        fully 69% of whom were 26 years old or older
                                                      history of wine in Hawke’s Bay. Mark’s story                                                         to meet the complex demands of everyday life
•	 Principals	representing	a	quarter	of		   	                                                           (31% were age 46 or older).
                                                      begins this month with the voyage of the                                                             and work.
   the country’s secondary schools recently           Delphine, which left Le Havre on Christmas        Deciles and performance                            About 29% of Pakeha students leave school
   requested a meeting with the Education             eve, 1836. His other series will take a look at   According to Te Kete Ipurangi, The Online
   Minister over the new school curriculum.                                                                                                                with less than a NCEA Level 2 qualification,
                                                      changing perceptions of our region’s most         Learning Centre, another of the Ministry of
   Many of them apparently believe it will                                                                                                                 compared to 56% of Maori and 44% of
                                                      precious natural asset, our land and soil.        Education’s websites, there are 115 primary-
   “dumb down” the education system.                                                                                                                       Pacific Islanders. On the other hand, 52%
                                                                                                        secondary schools in Hawke’s Bay. Of these
                                                      Kent Baddeley continues to write about                                                               of school leavers go directly into some
•	 Meantime,	the	high	school	teachers	union		                                                           eighteen are decile 1, fifteen are decile 2,
                                                      food, this month taking us inside his kitchen                                                        form of tertiary education. Latest figures
   wants to cut the number of high school                                                               nineteen are decile 3, and eight are decile 10,
                                                      for a close-up look at a day in the life of a                                                        indicate 440,000 students enrolled in tertiary
   exams because they consider the system                                                               with 54 schools rated deciles 4 to 9.
                                                      chef.                                                                                                institutions, representing 13.3% of the
   too demanding.                                                                                       To demonstrate the connection between decile       population over age 15.
                                                      And finally, some BayBuzz updates on              rating and overall socio-economic status, the
Since these issues touch all of us as students,       important issues before our Councils –                                                               By	comparison,	about	176,000	individuals	
parents, life-long learners, professionals in                                                           six schools in Flaxmere are all ranked decile 1.
                                                      chemical risks at Whakatu, legal proceedings                                                         were involved in some kind of formal
the field, taxpayers and so forth, we thought                                                           Of the five schools in Havelock North, two are
                                                      on the regional sports park, and plans to                                                            industry training program in 2006.
the subject well-worth a BayBuzz special                                                                decile 10, two are decile 9 and one is decile 5.
                                                      preserve the public domain at Waimarama.                                                             Upgrading New Zealanders’ skills is the focus
edition.                                                                                                The fact is that a greater proportion of pupils
                                                      So sit back and enjoy... you have all month                                                          of the Skill New Zealand Tripartite Forum,
Our guest writers have thought long and                                                                 in low-decile schools tend to fail. “Young
                                                      to work your way through BayBuzz Digest.                                                             which brings together government ministers
hard and bring a broad range of perspectives                                                            people from schools that draw their students
                                                      Happy learning!                                                                                      and officials, Business New Zealand, the
to education issues. They’ve taught, run                                                                from low socio-economic communities are
                                                                                                                                                           New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, and
                                                                                                        less likely than other young people to attain
                                                                                                                                                           the Industry Training Federation to work
                                                                                                                                                           in partnership to implement a unified Skills
           Eco Friendly                                                                                                                                    Strategy.

          Home Decorating
                                                                                                                                                           “New Zealand’s continued wealth and
                                                                                                                                                           economic transformation will depend on
                                                                                                                                                           the skills of its workers and how firms,
                                                                                                                                                           industry and trade unions support New
                                                                                                                                                           Zealand workers to achieve their potential,”
                                                                                                          Pacifica is pleased to announce                  the Forum states. “New Zealand’s low
                                                                                                                                                           levels of literacy, language and numeracy
                                                                                                                 new opening hours
                                                                                                                                                           have been identified as contributors to our
                                                                                                                                                           relatively low productivity. Low literacy and
                                                                                                                       Dinner Service                      numeracy levels can affect employees’ level of
                                                                                                                 Monday to Friday from 6pm                 engagement in the workplace and potential
                                                                                                                 Closed Saturdays & Sundays
                                                                                                                                                           for advancement in the labour market.”
                                                                                                            (available Saturdays for private functions)
                                                                                                                                                           The Forum is working through the Tertiary
                                                                                                                         Friday Lunch:                     Education Commission “to progressively
     •	   Upholstering                                                                                         Set menu only: 2 courses for $35            increase the number of adults who have the
     •	   Porter’s	Paints                                                                                             or 3 courses for $45                 literacy and numeracy skills required to meet
     •	   Consulting                                                                                               from 11.3oam to 2.30pm                  the changing demands of modern society and
                                                                                                                                                           workplaces.” The project has $168 million to
     •	   Natural	fibre	matresses                                                                                                                          work with over four years.
32 Havelock Rd, Havelock North                                                                              209 Marine Parade, Napier, Aotearoa            Sources:
                                                                                                                      64 (06) 833 6335           
       Tel 06 877 3223                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   BayBuzz Digest

                                                                                                         Doing & Thinking
                                                                                                                                                              who can solve problems and articulate ideas
                                                                                                                                                              confidently. As most good leaders know, it’s the
                                                                                                         by Claire Hague (cont)                               staff at the front line who know what’s going
   Anne Tolley, Minister of Education                                                                    So I suspect the great divide in terms of skills     on and what’s coming up. We would all do
                                                                                                         versus intellectual education offerings is           well to listen to them and equip them to help
                                                                                                         probably more imagined than real, but let’s          us to shape up ourselves and our businesses for
                                                                                                         look at another aspect of the issue – that of the    future challenges.
                                                                                                         link between education and employment.               In my view then, we need to start to challenge
                                                                                                         As a High School Principal, I overheard many         the idea that skills training and general
                                                                                                         conversations between parents of students            academic learning are two distinct and
                                                                                                         and school staff over the purpose of particular      mutually exclusive things. During 2006 and
                                                                                                         subjects. Parents would ask would it get their       2007,	I	had	the	luxury	of	studying	again	–	a	
                                                                                                         daughter a job? If so, did that particular           Master of Public Management programme
                                                                                                         profession have a future? These were excellent       at Victoria University. I discovered that while
                                                                                                         questions, but I suspect that even while they        I might have enrolled in a “practical” or
                                                                                                         were being asked, the worlds of education            “applied” programme looking at the leadership
                                                                                                         and employment were shifting on their axes,          and management skills required to work in the
                                                                                                         pushed off their formerly stable paths by the        public sector, it was a given that the very acts of
                                                                                                         tremendous technological changes that have           studying, of thinking, of discussing ideas with
                                                                                                         occurred over the last twenty years or so.           fellow students and lecturers and friends, all
                                                                                                                                                              constituted the “intellectual development” in
                                                                                                         If you have time to explore a version of             the question BayBuzz has posed.
                                                                                                         Karl Fisch’s fascinating presentation, “Shift
                                                                                                         Happens”, which can be found on the YouTube          At the same time that I was learning about the
                                                                                                         site, you may find as I did a rather mind-           legal and management processes of the public
                                                                                                         boggling summary of the ramifications                sector and government, for example, I was also
1) As the new Minister of Education, what is         the next three years as we fulfill our promise      of those changes on both education and               addressing matters of philosophy that related
your top priority for improving education in         to build five trade academies, encourage            employment. For example, today’s young               to how we “serve” the public as public servants.
New Zealand?                                         businesses and tertiary institutions to             people will change jobs many times in their          We debated how and who should determine
                                                     collaborate with schools to offer trades training   lives, and many jobs that they will take up          the “public good” and what that might look
The National Government campaigned on                                                                    haven’t been invented yet.                           like. And for me, there was nothing more
raising the literacy and numeracy achievement        opportunities for our students, and work on
                                                     ways to solve the technology teacher shortage.                                                           exciting than this great mix of skills and ideas,
of our young New Zealanders. We see this as                                                              Responding to change                                 and doing and thinking. I know that I grew as a
the top priority for our Government because          5) Arguably, the “best and brightest” students      How should the education sector therefore            person, as a practitioner, and as a thinker in an
students who struggle with these key skills          of Hawke’s Bay will pursue university               respond to such a scenario? With great               “intellectual” sense because of that wonderful
will struggle in all facets of life. Our education   education and must leave the region to do so.       flexibility I would think, and by harnessing         combination of both skills for the job, and
system currently sees too many primary school        Is this a problem for our region or not?            its most strategic thinkers to look at some          general intellectual pursuits.
children move to secondary school without                                                                scenarios. We also need to develop excellent
these skills. That’s why our National Standards      I believe that the Hawke’s Bay region is well                                                            So that is what I believe all areas of the
                                                                                                         teachers who can respond to those possible
policy will ensure that teachers can identify        served by EIT, which offers a range of degree                                                            education and employment sectors should
                                                                                                         futures in partnership with employers and the
and lift the performance of primary students         level courses, and a variety of private training                                                         be offering their students and staff – both
                                                                                                         wider community.
who are struggling with these key skills.            establishments. I believe that many of the                                                               skills and ideas, and opportunities for doing
                                                     best and brightest Hawke’s Bay students are         In the emerging world of work, my view is that       and thinking. That combination, I believe,
2) Some say the new curriculum being                 gaining very valuable qualifications from these     neither skills training nor purely academic          will firstly produce an inspired and inspiring
introduced in NZ schools will “dumb down”            institutions. For those that do leave Hawke’s       education will equip us to deal with the             workforce, and will secondly equip our society
the educational system. Do you believe               Bay to undertake study, I’m confident that          complexities of 21st century life and commerce       to respond quickly and flexibly to the rapid
the education curriculum is sufficiently             the economic performance and potential of           – both will be needed. As changes demand new         technological and other changes that are now
demanding of students?                               the region means that many of these students        and different types of skills, people will need      part of our daily lives.
I think it is important to stress that the           will continue to return to the Bay to enjoy the     to have the ability not only to quickly learn
                                                     employment and lifestyle opportunities that                                                              Education, business and the wider community
curriculum only provides the broad                                                                       new skills and adapt to new technologies, but
                                                     the area offers.                                                                                         need to work together to ensure that no matter
framework for teachers to teach within. The                                                              also to be able to think clearly about the overall
                                                                                                                                                              how far the world’s axis shifts, we hang in
new curriculum still means that teachers and                                                             context and purpose for their work, whatever
                                                     6) Which is the weakest link in NZ’s                                                                     there, make the most of change, and indeed
schools can put in place programmes of study                                                             it may be.
                                                     education system – teachers, parents, or the                                                             flourish and develop further as human beings
that challenge our brightest students to achieve     bureaucracy?                                        We need people in the workforce who have             and as societies in this exciting century that we
even more. I’m confident that our teachers and                                                           leadership and managerial qualities, no matter       all inhabit.
lecturers are up to this challenge.                  I believe that the only way to get better
                                                                                                         what their place in the hierarchy, and those
                                                     education outcomes in New Zealand is for all
3) What about “life-long” education?                 parts of the sector to lift their performance.
Here in Hawke’s Bay, are there adequate              Parents need to continue to provide good,
opportunities for those out of school, at any        supportive learning environments for their
age, to “feed their brains”?                         children. Teachers need to continue the good
I believe that Hawke’s Bay is well served by         work they do, but also strive to constantly
its tertiary institutions such as the Eastern        improve themselves and their teaching
Institute of Technology and other community          practices to lift the performance of their
education providers. I encourage people of all       students. Finally government education
ages to make use of these courses, as it is never    agencies need to let high performing schools
too late to pick up new skills and disciplines,      flourish, need to find ways to help ensure
whether it is for work or play.                      best educational practice is being carried out
                                                     across the sector, and need to intervene early
4) Should our educational system focus               to prevent poor student outcomes in under-
more on equipping students with “practical”          performing schools.
skills to enter the workforce successfully, or
on catering to students’ broad intellectual          7) Some would say that NZ faces a shocking
development?                                         shortage of students training to run the
                                                     country’s main economic engine – its
I think the focus should be on providing a           agricultural sector. There are gaps in
course of study that meets the needs and             every capacity from dairy managers to soil
interests of individual students. Many students      scientists. Do you agree?
thrive in the classroom environment, while
for some students learning practical skills is a     It is impossible not to acknowledge the huge
course of study that will keep them engaged in       influence that the agricultural sector has
education and will provide them with a set of        on our nation’s economic performance. It’s
skills that will give them a lifelong career.        important that this sector of our economy
                                                     has the people to help it continue to be the
I believe that equipping our students with           backbone of our economy. I think part of
“practical” skills is something that has been        the solution is having a government that
neglected under the previous administration.         recognises this and publicly stresses the
That’s why this government has pledged to            importance of working in this area. I’m
put trades training back in schools. You will        committed to doing this with my colleague, the
be hearing more from me on this subject over         Minister of Agriculture, David Carter.
  BayBuzz Digest                                                                                                                                  

                                                                                                        Providing a mass education system does not          environments.
Janet                                                                                                   guarantee success, but it does provide equal
                                                                                                                                                            We can all remember “good” and “bad”
Takarangi                                                                                               access for all New Zealand citizens and that
                                                                                                        might be all it does. Whilst some families can
                                                                                                                                                            teachers from our past, those who cared
                                                                                                                                                            and those who didn’t. In that respect, John
General Manager, Hawkes Bay Inc                                                                         try to enhance learning by the environment
                                                                                                                                                            Hattie’s findings do not really hold any new
                                                                                                        they create at home, by paying to send their
                                                                                                                                                            discoveries. But what will the new Government
                                                                                                        children to private schools, and even by what

Learning, or Mass
                                                                                                                                                            do to demand that “mass education” systems
                                                                                                        food they feed their children, others cannot
                                                                                                                                                            are not always the best in providing learning
                                                                                                        or will not and believe that it is the school’s
                                                                                                                                                            environments? Learning environments include
                                                                                                        job to educate their kids… even if they are not
                                                                                                                                                            schools, but are not just schools. But then we

                                                                                                        learning anything.
                                                                                                                                                            have not had a real debate about that yet, have
                                                                                                        So where does this leave Hawke’s Bay students?      we?
                                                                                                        How do we measure which Hawke’s Bay
                                                                                                                                                            Maybe we should.
                                                                                                        schools and other state-funded providers of
                                                                                                        education are performing well?

                                                                                                        Measures of success
                                                                                                        I would suggest that most measurements come
                                                                                                        from the mass education focus. How many
                                                                                                        pass which exams? How many leave school to          History of NZ Education
                                                                                                        go to University? But from a “skills to function
                                                                                                        in the world perspective,” what have students       New Zealand’s Education Act was passed in
                                                                                                        learnt? Do we measure how many students             1877	establishing	a	free	national	non-secular	
                                                                                                        go on to start their own businesses? Speak          system for primary school education. Although
                                                                                                        other languages that enable them to travel          it	was	compulsory	for	children	aged	7	to	14	
                                                                                                        widely? Do volunteer work? Are web literate;        to attend school, many did not attend as they
                                                                                                        have Facebook and Bebo sites? Have friends          were needed for labouring jobs.
                                                                                                        around the world? Are street savvy? Are good
                                                                                                        communicators? And show other indicators of         Free secondary school education was added in
                                                                                                        being a fully-rounded, productive citizen?          1914 for those who could pass a proficiency
                                                                                                                                                            exam,	and	by	1917,	37%	of	the	eligible	
                                                                                                        I would suggest that more comprehensive             population went onto secondary school.
                                                                                                        measures of success are being developed             A growing economy demanded workers
                                                                                                        by kura kaupapa and other models, where             with skills and this was accommodated by
                                                                                                        learning environments rather than mass              the expanded role of secondary education.
                                                                                                        education is the focus, where learning              However, the curriculum was modelled on
Hastings Central School.                                                                                experiences include a balance between               the English Grammar curriculum suitable for
                                                                                                        academic and non-academic activities, and           those seeking a professional career; it did not
So much attention is given to the “education         for a wide variety of unprofessional activities.   where staff and pupils trust and respect each       address others looking to meet the needs of
system” and attendance is a legal requirement                                                           other. Te Aute and Hukarere know this from          the New Zealand economy.
                                                     Is this just the tip of the iceberg, or are
for all New Zealand children. So for an average                                                         over 100 years of experience. They know they
                                                     they small numbers receiving undue media                                                               This continued until the 1930’s, when
of 10+ years all New Zealand children attend                                                            are helping develop the citizens of the future
                                                     attention? Does the vast majority go along                                                             another attempt was made to develop a
schools throughout the country. The types of                                                            and in turn shaping our destiny as a country.
                                                     with the mass education system we have                                                                 more equalitarian system designed to meet
schools vary from state, private, church and                                                            So many of the leaders of yesterday and today
                                                     inherited from our colonial past or do we want                                                         the needs of all. The Thomas report of 1944
home schooling, but everyone is formally                                                                were shaped by those two schools. If you don’t
                                                     more? More importantly, does our region                                                                introduced School Certificate and University
“enrolled” somewhere. It is interesting to                                                              believe me, go to their web sites and just have
                                                     and country need more from the investment                                                              Entrance. It set up a core curriculum for all
reflect on how this happened (see sidebar:                                                              a look at their illustrious students and the
                                                     we as taxpayers are making in educating our                                                            students to Form 4, mixing together a common
History of NZ Education).                                                                               role they have played and continue to play in
                                                     citizens? We are investing substantial amounts                                                         curriculum for everyone, bringing together
                                                                                                        shaping Aotearoa.
In Hawke’s Bay we have some of the oldest            of taxpayer funds regionally, and yet in the                                                           academic and practical strands. However
schools in New Zealand. Te Aute opened in            Hawke’s Bay region, 4.5% of school leavers         Shaping dreams                                      not all schools and teachers agreed with this
1872	and	Hukarere	in	1875,	both	before	the	          have little or no formal “attainment.” The         How do we get inside the heads and hearts of        approach, and so students were assessed using
passing of the compulsory education Act in           national average is 4.9%.                          our kids in a way that we can help them shape       IQ measures and streamed accordingly, and the
1877	and	both	still	providing	an	education	for	      (Source:              their dreams and then support them to run           core curriculum was changed to reflect these
students today.                                                                                         hard to make them happen? What about the            different categories. This continued for nearly
                                                     Is this good enough? We know from the
                                                                                                        kids who want to farm the land, but have to         40 years.
A quick count of schools in Hawke’s Bay shows        briefing provided to the incoming Minister of
129 (2008) schools altogether, including 109         Education	that	almost	760,000	children	and	        fight system perceptions that “only kids who        Baby boomers all knew at school that even
State schools (primary, secondary, composite         young people were enrolled in New Zealand          can’t go to University” go on the land? Nothing     though classes had colours, some colours were
and 2 special schools), 18 integrated schools        schools	on	1	July	2007.	Around	83%	of	New	         could be further from the truth.                    better than others. Red was definitely the top
and 2 private schools. Bulk funding also covers      Zealand schools are government-owned and           For Hawke’s Bay, the primary sector is our          class at my school. This streaming was most
funding for one teen parent unit and 2 activity      fully state-funded, 13% are state integrated,      main regional driver of the economy and yet         prevalent at Intermediate Schools in my day
centres.                                             and 4% are independent and privately owned.        we know that the average age of the farmer is       and continued into Secondary schools. If you
                                                     There are 68 Kura kaupapa schools providing        about 55 years. Without young people on the         were streamed into a class where there were
An overview                                          Maori medium education. Between 2000 and           land using all of their skills, this region is in   low expectations of people’s ability, it was
Legally-mandated, free, non-secular education        2008, education expenditure increased by                                                               pretty hard to break out of the box unless
                                                                                                        trouble. Places like Wairoa know this and are
is really mass education or education for the        4% per annum. Education is the third-largest                                                           you were excellent at sport and the athletics
                                                                                                        working hard with schools and landowners
masses. What, if anything, does mass education       area of government spending, with forecast                                                             team needed you to win races. Everyone was
                                                                                                        to bridge the generation gap. Mass education
have to do with learning? It is this issue that we   spending	in	2008/09	of	$10.7	billion.	The	bulk	                                                        required to do practical training no matter
                                                                                                        approaches are not sensitive to regional needs,
are grappling with today.                            grant for Hawke’s Bay Schools for 129 schools                                                          what class you were in – cooking and sewing
                                                                                                        linking in learning environments in the region
It would seem in evaluating today’s key              in 2008 was $45,082,000. (Note that this is the    to what kids want to learn and need to learn.       for girls, woodwork for boys, PE and music
questions nothing much has changed. We               bulk grant only and excludes other funding                                                             including choir for everyone. And a note was
                                                     for projects and special initiatives.) Mass        Regional programmes such as the Youth               required from your parent to release you from
still have too many kids not equipped with
                                                     education and a huge machine to keep it going!     Enterprise Scheme (YES) and the Enterprise          this practical curriculum.
even the most basic of skills… literacy and
                                                                                                        for Education programme (E4E) being run
numeracy, for example. The latest international
study on reading literacy showed that about
                                                     A better way                                       in Hawke’s Bay are focusing on working with         Further reforms in the 1980s focussed on how
                                                     John Hattie in his book Visible Learning,          senior students to enable them to learn a wide      schools should be administered, leading to
eight percent of New Zealand Year 5 students                                                                                                                Boards of Trustees, and Tomorrows Schools
                                                     recently reviewed in the January 4th 2009          range of skills for getting into business and
did not reach the lowest reading benchmark.                                                                                                                 was born. Curriculum reforms completed in
                                                     edition of Sunday Star Times, presents results     being successful as future citizens in the 21st
The international median, for the 19 OECD                                                                                                                   the 1990s updated what our young citizens are
                                                     from some 15 years of research. He argues that     Century. They are still restricted by funding,
countries that took part in this study, was                                                                                                                 now being taught for the 21st Century.
                                                     the quality of teachers, the ability of students   and are still run “over and above” the mass
four percent. (Source: Briefing for Incoming
                                                     and teachers to develop trust and to use that      education curriculum. But it is a start, and        Source: Compiled by Janet Takarangi, from
Minister of Education 12/2008)
                                                     trust to seek and give feedback, and the model     these and other programmes are responding to
We have record numbers of truants. We have           of learning and understanding that develops,       the challenges of moving from mass education
schools introducing exam systems outside of          is more important than class size, how many        in a system, to a responsive environment
NZQA systems because of their fears about            years a teacher has been teaching, frequent        with teachers and students learning together.
global recognition, and the need to take pieces      testing and homework.                              They link with local businesses and bridge
of paper with you around the world that mean                                                            the gap between mass education and learning
                                                     This shows that for students to actually
something. We have teachers being struck off
                                                     learn something, other factors are required.                                                                                                                                               BayBuzz Digest

                                                    someone has to do the real work that will              they’d like to undertake or the piece of clothing   Finally, NCEA also introduced Unit Standards.
 Mick                                               provide the actual export income that we are so        they’d like to design. And rather than being        Unit Standards are separate assessments
 Lester                                             dependant on. Those who provide that export
                                                    income have to be enthused and exposed to the
                                                                                                           told that there is a right and a wrong way of
                                                                                                           doing things, students are encouraged to reach
                                                                                                                                                               which are often easier than the corresponding
                                                                                                                                                               Achievement Standard. However, the credits
 Hastings District Councillor                       opportunities in industry, including our largest       their own conclusions and develop their own         gained by passing a Unit Standard are the same
                                                    industry, farming, from an early age.                  approaches.                                         as those gained by passing an Achievement

                                                    Farming has greater challenges facing it now           One of the main objections to the old system
                                                    than ever before. It is vital to our economic          was that people were only marked relative to        In some respects, this is valuable, as Unit
                                                    survival. Rather than being the non-existent           their peers. Under NCEA, there is far more          Standards provide a means of engaging with

                                                    part of our education system, it must be a vital       emphasis on a skills-based benchmark for            students who might otherwise be left out of the
                                                    part which informs and attracts the young              each subject. While this means the percentage       system. They can test very different skills which
                                                    to the broad spectrum of opportunities that            of people passing year-to-year differs, it has      an Achievement Standard may not.
                                                    are available industry-wide. The “hands on”            the potential to allow the development of a
                                                                                                                                                               The problem is that many schools have all
                                                    man on the land is just the tip of the iceberg.        consistent standard for all students, no matter
                                                                                                                                                               their students sit Unit Standards, giving some
“To be or not to be; that is the question.”         The supporting industries are widespread and           how strong or weak the other students in your
                                                                                                                                                               students the extra credits they need to pass,
                                                    challenging and provide wonderful career               year are.
Shakespeare’s line could certainly not be                                                                                                                      and bumping up that school’s pass rates along
                                                    paths for intelligent and innovative minds.
applied to young people in our education                                                                   Unfortunately, these broad benefits of NCEA         the way. In the long run, as more and more
system who are interested in pursuing a career      For this Government to take this subject               have not always been realised. While the            students and schools opt for the easier Unit
in the field of agriculture. Quite frankly, under   seriously and apply resources to it would              general principles behind it are sound, there       Standards, students’ levels of achievement are
the current curriculum they have no chance “to      have long-term benefits. It would benefit              are still too many flaws in the system which        likely to decrease as a result.
be or not to be” involved, as there is absolutely   the Government, the Nation and, most                   have turned out to be far more than teething
                                                                                                                                                               You may well wonder why these problems
nothing they are taught that will light the fire    importantly, the hundreds of our young, who,           problems.
                                                                                                                                                               haven’t simply been ironed out along the way.
of interest.                                        through exposure, would have another whole
                                                                                                           In fact, by marking to broad principles, many       In its early years, NZQA brushed off many
                                                    world of opportunity put before them.
A joint effort by two of our new Ministers,                                                                critics feel that there is not enough guidance      criticisms, expecting that issues like marker
Anne Tolley in Education and David Carter in                                                               for markers, leading to more inconsistency, not     subjectivity would simply disappear as the
Agriculture, could become one of the cheapest,                                                             less. The degree of inconsistency is contested      system developed.
yet best, long term investments on behalf of          Louis                                                by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority,
                                                                                                                                                               Unfortunately for students, and for the rest
all New Zealanders, if they were to rectify this      Chambers                                             who administer NCEA, but it is certainly true
                                                                                                           that with a more holistic (some say vague)
                                                                                                                                                               of us who depend upon a credible system of
situation.                                                                                                                                                     assessment, this has not always happened. If
                                                      University Student                                   marking schedule, the opinions of the markers
                                                                                                                                                               NCEA wants to deal with the issues which
Despite the recent curriculum review                                                                       often fill in the blanks.
undertaken by the last Government, to which                                                                                                                    remain, two things need to be done. Firstly,

many submissions were made making them                                                                     Even the skills-based approach of NCEA has          they should ensure that Unit Standards are
aware of the agricultural gap, nothing has been                                                            not always lived up to expectations. In NCEA        only available where there is no corresponding
done. At present, our sanitised curriculum                                                                 papers, students gain credits by meeting the        Achievement Standard, or the Achievement

                                                    Pass or Fail?
would be just as appropriate for the children                                                              criteria for “Achieved”. They can also gain         Standards for that subject are genuinely
of Hong Kong as for those in our rural-based                                                               higher grades of “Merit” or “Excellence” if they    beyond a student. Secondly, they need to
country. It is perhaps little wonder that                                                                  demonstrate higher level skills.                    introduce a system which explicitly recognises
this is the case when you look at a map of                                                                                                                     the extra effort and achievement which a Merit
                                                                                                           However, there are no extra credits given to
New Zealand, with the Labour heart firmly                                                                                                                      or Excellence grade entails.
                                                                                                           students who gain Merit or Excellence in a
ensconced in the main cities. With their voting     With secondary school students having                  given paper. Consequently, many students only       There are signs that NZQA are listening.
base being urban, there was no incentive to         now received their 2008 exam results and a             aim to gain Achieved grades, and they still pass    Recently, they have introduced a certificate
think favourably of the rural sector. This is       new school year fast approaching, it is likely         the course with the same number of credits          endorsed with Merit or Excellence for students
despite the fact that the urban dwellers rely to    the National Certificate for Educational               as if they had gained Merit or even Excellence      who pass the year with a given number of
the extent of 65% of GDP on rural returns for       Achievement (NCEA) will once again be                  grades in those papers.                             Merit or Excellence grades. This is a solid step
the backbone of our whole economy.                  subjected to the harsh criticisms and media                                                                towards recognising achievement in students,
                                                    outrage which have become almost inevitable            Most worryingly, because many of the more
The successful maintenance of this large sector                                                                                                                but it remains to be seen if it will be enough.
                                                    at this time of year.                                  difficult and valuable skills are only tested at
of the country’s wealth-earning potential lies                                                             merit or excellence level, the rise in students     In the meantime, students and parents can
in the hands of the future generations who          And indeed, many of the concerns about the             only aiming for Achieved grades undermines          hold on to the fact that at least NCEA’s focus
are currently moving through our education          ease of NCEA, the inconsistency of marking             much of the supposed value of skills-based          on skills should leave students a few steps
system. Without the continual infusion of           and the lack of recognition for success are            testing.                                            ahead of the nearest computer.
new talent into the agricultural sector, we will    valid. However, such concerns about the
see it left in the hands of an ever-aging and       application of the system do not necessarily
diminishing population of farm owners and           mean the system itself is flawed.
workers. This will inevitably lead to a lack        In 2002, the biggest change introduced by
of enthusiasm and new ideas which are so            NCEA was skills-based testing. Under School
essential if we are to continue to lead the rest    Certificate, a pass mark was assigned if a
of the world in the efficient production of         student gained more correct answers than
protein.                                            half of the other students who sat that course.
There is a need for the children of today to be     NCEA, on the other hand, assesses students on
made aware of the basics. It is not a need to get   their ability to display certain essential skills in
them to Doctorate stage. Such simple things         a given area.
as taking children to a farm to come into           The benefit of this approach is that, rather
contact with animals would be a good start.         than focussing on rote-learning information,
With the proper incentives and some simple          students are encouraged to learn the core skills
organization, there are many people from the        which underpin the subjects they are studying.
farming sector who would be proud and keen          This skills-based learning is all the more
to help.                                            important given that these days any nearby
If nothing else, it would make children aware       computer can perform most simple memory
of where their milk actually comes from. It         recall.
does come from a cow… and not either the            The use of internal assessment – assessment
cardboard carton or the Fridge. You may laugh,      carried out during the school year – also
but that is how far away from the rural picture     aids NCEA’s skills-based approach. Because
many of our children have actually moved.           research projects and practical tasks take
For many years the emphasis of education has        weeks or even months to complete, they are far
been towards achieving a tertiary qualification.    better managed in the classroom setting by the
I have no quarrel with that, if only a balance      students’ teachers. The benefit of NCEA is that
had been maintained. However, the result has        these assessments can be marked by teachers,
been the canceling of many apprenticeship           with samples then checked on a national level
schemes, and we now have a major imbalance          to ensure uniformity.
which has led to shortages in the next              Both internal assessments and the focus on
generation of our trades sector.                    skills both aid the development of students’
It is all very well having an abundance of          critical thinking abilities. They mean that
lawyers, accountants and money men, but             students are able to choose the research project
                                                        BayBuzz Digest                                                                        

                                                     first century learning, on the other hand,            at keeping students at school until they are         (Source: Sir Paul Reeves, New NZ Vision)
  Claire Vogtherr                                    involves students learning from experience,           eighteen (Schools Plus) when, if the Education
                                                                                                                                                                Compared to other OECD countries,
                                                     making their own mistakes and celebrating             System was run by private enterprise and had
  Education                                          successes in learning that they drive themselves.     the failure rate that our current system has, they
                                                                                                                                                                New Zealand is classified as having a
                                                                                                                                                                high quality education system delivering
  Advocate                                           I would like to thank the previous Minister
                                                                                                           would be fired, not given a mandate to keep all      low equity. The spread of achievement
                                                                                                           students in some form of school-based learning       for the education system in New
                                                     for the changes to the new curriculum that
                                                                                                           for another 2-3 years!                               Zealand consistently shows that there

21st Century
                                                     articulate the need for enterprise to be taught,
                                                     and the requirement that community and                I do not believe that it is simply a matter of       is a significant gap between those who
                                                     business be involved with student learning.           funding the schools better and they will succeed.    are achieving and those who are not
                                                                                                                                                                achieving. Maori are consistently over-

                                                                                                           I believe that very real changes are needed
                                                     I have recently been involved with both                                                                    represented in the latter.
                                                                                                           in our school systems to engage all students
                                                     Secondary Futures and Education for Enterprise
                                                                                                           in meaningful (to each student) learning,            While television cameras will never
                                                     and have been impressed with the passion and
                                                                                                           where success means that there are never any         capture a child dying from lack of
                                                     vibrancy of the people involved. In conjunction
                                                                                                           disruptive students standing outside the Head’s      education, every year our tamariki
                                                     with the local Chamber of Commerce, we have
Dear Minister Tolley,                                                                                      office.                                              and rangatahi are disadvantaged by
                                                     secured funding to introduce the Education for
                                                                                                                                                                injury from accidents, diseases, and
My daughters are 15 and 18.                          Enterprise programme in Hawke’s Bay over the          Minister, please look at embracing 21st century
                                                                                                                                                                other conditions that might have been
While Neil and I never went to university and        next three years.                                     learning for all our schools. Let us build strong,   prevented had their whanau had a chance
                                                                                                           collaborative, understanding communities by
have managed well with the qualifications we
have, our eldest is leaving to attend Victoria
                                                     Education for enterprise                              having schools, pupils, teachers and Boards
                                                                                                                                                                to complete a quality basic education.
                                                                                                                                                                Instead, television cameras capture many
                                                     We have five schools interested in taking part.       working together with community groups
to study Commerce and Administration                                                                                                                            of our rangatahi and whanau who are
                                                     Each will identify a project, and involve students    and businesses to produce school leavers and
in February. After taking part in the Young                                                                                                                     affected through lack of quality education,
                                                     in working on completing this task with the           people entering the work force who are resilient,
Enterprise programme, she suddenly                                                                                                                              loss of economic opportunity and social
                                                     help of local businesses or community groups.         adaptable and environmentally aware, who have        isolation.
understood what it was that she wanted from          Learning is done on a project basis in time
life. She wants to own her own business.                                                                   relationship and interpersonal skills, who show
                                                     blocks much longer that the standard 40 minute        initiative and take responsibility for their own     The 1996 International Adult Literacy
I am quite sure that most of her school lessons      periods, allowing the students to really get          decisions.                                           Survey showed that the majority of
were seen as just things that had to be done.        involved with their tasks. Schools who have been                                                           Maori are functioning below the level
But Young Enterprise engaged the students,           teaching this way have found that students who        Isn’t it funny how those qualities just listed,      required to meet the demands of everyday
teaching them in a “whole of curriculum” way,        control the direction their learning takes are        those that I would be looking for in a potential     life. With low income, early exit from
                                                     more enthusiastic and show better results than        employee, are neither measured nor evaluated in      formal education and Maori ethnicity
and you could see the light come on in their
                                                     the same students using conventional learning.        current educational standards?                       combined as variables, the importance of
eyes. Suddenly these students understood why
                                                     While planning a community playground, for                                                                 an equitable education is highlighted in
they needed to have adequate language skills                                                               Minister, my younger daughter is 15, and she         the experiences of many low- or unskilled
to write reports, maths skills to understand a       example, the students are completing study in         needs these changes to take place in time for her    Maori whanau living in poverty and
balance sheet, and interpersonal skills to succeed   social studies (demographics of neighbourhood         to benefit from them before she leaves secondary     isolation.
as a team.                                           to clarify who might use the facility), English       school. I understand you have a lot on your
                                                     (writing reports), maths (quantifying the             plate, but the new curriculum is written to          Whereas BayBuzz asked whether the
I know there are those who will say, “That is        survey results), economics (costing the                                                                    weakest link in education is with parents,
all very well, but there are more important                                                                encourage and foster this type of learning. The
                                                     construction), and sociology (researching local       mechanisms are in place to make these changes        teachers or the bureaucracy, what we
things to teach than making profits.” But it was     body regulations that pertain to the playground                                                            really need to consider is where the
the method of teaching, as much as what the                                                                that quickly if you think it is important enough.
                                                     installation).                                                                                             greatest change can occur in how our
students were learning, that was so relevant.                                                              Please Minister.                                     children enjoy success in education.
Students need to be engaged in their learning,       The challenge is for teachers to allow this
                                                     activity in their classrooms, to work with local      Yours sincerely                                      Russell Bishop, a professor of Maori
being taught how to think, not what to think,
problem solving, working as a team, adaptability     businesses without feeling threatened, and to be                                                           education at Waikato University, in
                                                                                                           Claire Vogtherr
                                                     able to measure and evaluate existing National                                                             addressing educators at a seminar in
when circumstances change and resilience when
                                                                                                                                                                Napier in 2005, commented that the
things go wrong. We also need to allow our
children to fail in a supportive environment.
                                                     Educational Standards against work undertaken
                                                     in this form.
                                                                                                             Kym                                                educational bureaucracy has changed
Dealing with failure and developing strategies       Minister, with so many schools in New Zealand           Hamilton                                           very little in the last twenty to forty years;
                                                                                                                                                                and if we want this change to make a
to cope with the ramifications of that failure are
incredibly important to building the resilience
                                                     embracing this 21st century type learning, why          Acting General                                     difference for our children in class today
                                                     are the teacher training colleges not teaching                                                             we will be waiting a long time. For those
these future citizens are going to need in the       our teachers how to do this? Why are we still           Manager, Ngati                                     teachers who bemoan as reasons for poor
working world.                                       teaching in a subject-based way, when at least          Kahungunu Iwi Inc.                                 achievement the lack of family support for
                                                                                                                                                                education and the social issues many of
Current teaching generally involves sitting          half of all our school leavers will not go to
students in class, facing the front and copying      university? Why do so many school leavers leave                                                            our children suffer at home, the children
information down to be learnt by rote, to be         with either little or no recognized qualifications?                                                        in front of them today will be damned;

                                                                                                           Maori & Iwi
regurgitated later in exams. They are given          Why was the previous government looking                                                                    these social and economic changes also
information to learn and remember. Twenty-                                                                                                                      take time … and won’t happen by 9am
                                                                                                                                                                Monday morning.

                                                                                                           Education                                            The real chance for our children to
                                                                                                                                                                achieve is through the craft of good
                                                                                                                                                                teaching and the passion of good teachers.
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                                                                                                           will comprise 16.6% of the population; but           outcomes for our children.
                                                                                                           Maori will also comprise 19% of the 15 – 39 age
   You can also find BayBuzz online. Go to to sign up for fresh online
                                                                                                           group in our country.                                Cultural knowledge is
   articles not available anywhere else, plus background analysis, easy-to-use Take Action
                                                                                                           The median average age of Maori will be 26.8
   features that let you make your views known to Councillors, and much more.                                                                                   Our organisation, Ngati Kahungunu
                                                                                                           years, whereas the national medium is likely
                                                                                                                                                                Iwi Incorporated, has been involved in
   Editor: Tom Belford                                                                                     to be 39 .8 years. So one gets the picture of a
                                                                                                                                                                various education projects over the past
   Publisher: Brooks Belford                                                                               youthful Maori population in a New Zealand
                                                                                                                                                                six years. We have reviewed baseline
                                                                                                           population that is generally getting older, and in
   Production: Grow Advertising                                                                                                                                 data from the education sector twice
                                                                                                           2021 18% of the New Zealand population will
   Website development: Mogul                                                                                                                                   (noting little or no change in outcomes
                                                                                                           be over the age of 65.
                                                                                                                                                                for our students), have developed an iwi
    Advisory Board:                                                                                        So we have a Maori population that is young.         education plan and a Maori language
    Anna Archibald, Morry Black, Bruno Chambers, Louis Chambers, Angela Hair,                              Will it also be educated? Will it also have          strategy. Our current research focuses on
    Shaun Lines, Chris Ryan, Mark Sweet                                                                    access to employment? Will that young Maori          the assumption that cultural knowledge
                                                                                                           population be ready to support taxation and the      contributes to Maori student success.
                                                                                                           ageing non-Maori population whose needs will         Over the coming years we will develop
   All comments and inquiries:                                                       increase and the resultant costs of taking care of   tools and training for teachers and
   or P.O. Box 8322, Havelock North 4157                                                                   them will also increase?”                            families to look at how the home-school                                                                                                                                              BayBuzz Digest

partnership can be improved and how                                                                                                                         into a taxi on the way home from town, only
cultural knowledge can be shared and                                                                                                                        to discover that the man driving me, who was
integrated into this partnership to give it                                                                                                                 about 50 years old, had a double major in
meaning and reciprocity.                                                                                                                                    Geography and Anthropology. I’d hazard a guess
This project aligns to National Maori                                                                                                                       that his double major wasn’t doing a lot for his
education achievement projects, including                                                                                                                   pay.
Te Kotahitanga, Te Kauhua and Te Hiringa                                                                                                                    However, I’d also bet that that taxi driver would
I Te Mahara and the new Maori education
                                                                                                                                                            tell you that it was worth it. The life experience
strategy launched by the Ministry of
                                                                                                                                                            he gained, the times he had, the friends he made
Education last year, Ka Hikitia. The
                                                                                                                                                            – all of them are irreplaceable. For most people
Ministry strategy notes that culture
                                                                                                                                                            who do what they love, you can also add to this
counts, that there is a need for productive
partnerships and that there is Maori                                                                                                                        list the success they’ve had, the pleasure they’ve
potential not being realised.                                                                                                                               found, and the good they’ve done by doing
                                                                                                                                                            whatever inspires them.
There is no direct resourcing (no additional     Often when I say this to people, they point        Without people pursuing areas for their own
funding for schools) of Ka Hikitia and           out that being able to study something you’re                                                              As student debt grows and the recession hits,
                                                                                                    sake, society as a whole suffers. We lose that
I am in two minds on this. One is that           passionate about is a luxury only available to a                                                           making certain money and landing a secure job
                                                                                                    creative, innovative spirit which comes from
schools are already being resourced to           few successful people who will excel no matter                                                             look a bit more seductive; the only difficulty will
                                                                                                    people who are fascinated by an area and
deliver quality education for all children,      what they do. It is true, of course, that there                                                            be persuading students of this.
                                                                                                    continually seek to further their understanding
including ours! And the other is that we         are students who choose a variety of different     of it. Look back across history to many
need a national roll-out of projects like Te     interest papers and come out the other end to      seemingly great accomplishments, and it’s
Kotahitanga, Te Kauhui and our project, Te       find a job in some completely unrelated area.      amazing how often they were simply somebody
Pae Huarewa, if we are to make the change                                                           who loved to do something, and played around
in positioning and practice of our educators     On the other hand, there are also plenty of
                                                 students who head into an area because of the      with a few things until somehow, somewhere,
that will deliver the educational success our
                                                 job at the other end, only to realise that they    they achieved something new.
children and families urgently need and
deserve.                                         can’t stand the subject. The problem is the        One issue with highlighting this approach to             99 corporation ltd
                                                 assumption that good pay in a few years time       study is that the benefits are far more difficult to
Iwi and families need to be better                                                                                                                           b2b lead generation and sales support
                                                 is enough to compensate a person for doing         measure. Unlike direct economic benefit, which
resourced to strengthen the demand side of
                                                 something which simply isn’t what they’re          can be easily quantified, it’s a lot more difficult      99 ways to build business success:
education - parents need to feel confident
                                                 passionate about.                                  to explain to someone, in absolute terms,
in monitoring the achievement of their                                                                                                                       > lead generation
children and the school as a whole. We           Unfortunately, we spend most of our time in        the value of the enjoyment that comes from
                                                                                                                                                             > database content development
should be confident in working with other                                                           working in your chosen field.
                                                 secondary and tertiary education being told to                                                                and updating
parents to get what we collectively want for     focus on the job at the end of it. Even subjects   I think there is an economic justification for           > rsvp
our children. These successful advocacy          like history, which used to be pursued for their   simply doing what you want to do. However,
skills would also stand us in good stead in                                                                                                                  > customer service and market research
                                                 own sake, now seek to justify their value with     I also think there’s more to tertiary education
other areas of our lives.                        posters dotted around the walls of attractive      than churning out jobs. We need to realise that          99 – your complete outbound
If you think that you alone cannot do much       young people chatting about the high-profile       a tertiary education has far-reaching benefits to        calling solution
to improve your school you are probably          jobs their history degree has gained them.         people well beyond that individual.
right. But if you collaborate with other         In fact, most of the students I know who are                                                                call sophie on 06 871 0883
                                                                                                    As always, there are exceptions to what I’m
parents and organisations, you can make a
                                                 really excelling in tertiary education are those   saying. I’ve had the experience of jumping     
difference. There is strength and power in
                                                 who have decided to do something
                                                 they are passionate about, with far less
1 parent = A fruitcake                           consideration to the job at the other
2 parents – A fruitcake and a friend             end. After secondary school, with no
3 parents = troublemakers                        parents looking over your shoulders,
5 parents = “Let’s have a meeting”               no teachers to chase up late work, and
10 parents = “we’d better listen”                competition with your peers far less
25 parents = “our dear friends”                  direct, the only motivating factor left
50 parents = a powerful organisation             is your own desire to do well. This
From:        desire, I’ve found, comes not from                                                15th century Maori ancestral and archaeological site
                                                 the promise of an extra few thousand
                                                 dollars in five years’ time, but from                                                              Hear the myths and legends... Learn the ancient ways...
Louis                                            the excitement of studying in an area                                                                See the traditional skills and crafts of our ancestors...
Chambers                                         that fascinates you.                                                                                        Feel the power of the land and see its bounty.

University Student                               A classic case of the problem with
                                                 people’s current mindset is in the
                                                 Sciences. At Otago, the year starts

For Passion,                                     with nearly 2000 people doing Health
                                                 Sciences. At the end of the year, 200 of

Not the Job
                                                 these will be accepted into Medicine,
                                                 and a few more make it through by
                                                 doing Postgraduate. Once Dentistry
                                                 and Physiotherapy have taken more
                                                 of the top students, whoever’s left
                                                 usually pursues a Bachelor of Science
When people are asked that age-old               (BSc).
question “What are you going to do when          In doing so, the BSc option becomes
you grow up?” I always like to hear them         the default option for quite a
reply, “I’ll do what I love, and take it from    few students. Rather than being
there.” Unfortunately, replies like this seem    something celebrated, many see it as
to be becoming scarcer as the cost of tertiary   where students go when they didn’t
education skyrockets, carrying student loans     make the “prestigious” courses. That
with it.                                         this is occurring at a time when so
Fair enough. $15 000 of extra debt per year      many students take science subjects
isn’t something to be taken lightly. When        throughout high school is puzzling.
you’re staring down the barrel of a $45,000      What seems to be happening is that                                                                                 
student loan for a three-year degree, it’s not   many students take what they love at
unreasonable to focus on how you’ll pay off      school, but then worry about their                                          Take a tour of Te Hakakino at Waimarama, Hawkes Bay
that debt, rather than on how to fulfil your     future job once they reach university.
childhood passion for medieval history.                                                                                      and let us guide you through our past. Bookings essential.
                                                 This is probably wise for some people,
However, having just finished my first year      but the sad thing is that it doesn’t                                        Te Hakakino site and tours are proudly operated by Waimarama Maori Tourism
at university, I think that there’s a lot more   leave much room for them to be
to studying than graduating and heading          inspired by their favourite areas of
                                                                                                    Bookings: 021 057 0935, 06 879 9302 or the Hastings i-site 0800 427 846
wherever the nearest dollar sign is.
  BayBuzz Digest                                                                                                                               


                                                                                                                                                         going out.

                                                                                                                                                         “NO! That’s table 36. Check your dockets
                                                                                                      Baddeley                                           before you grab the dishes! Come on Kerran

                                                                                                      Chef                                               we need more speed on 53. Hustle!” The
                                                                                                                                                         machine clackers along unmercifully. “6
                                                                                                                                                         sashimi, 10 oysters natural, 6 tempura, 3 line

                                                                                                    Notes from                                           fish, toasted brioche.”
                                                                                                                                                         I will stand in my position for 12 hours today
                                                                                                                                                         and cook to order constantly, and prep when

                                                                                                    the Kitchen                                          I can to replenish quickly diminishing stocks.
                                                                                                                                                         Every now and then making sure everyone is
                                                                                                                                                         ok, and we are traveling well.
                                                   providers. Contact EIT for full program                                                               I really need the pizzas to be moving out
 Brooks                                            listing.                                                                                              faster. There’s a line of them waiting. The
 Belford                                           Yes, there’s Art Deco Weekend and Carreras
                                                                                                                                                         crockery is running out and I’m screaming
                                                                                                                                                         for pans. Suppliers ringing me and waiters
                                                   and all the other big name hooplas. But so
                                                                                                                                                         getting short tempered. “Would it be
                                                   much will be said about them elsewhere,
                                                                                                                                                         possible to do seafood surprise platters for a
                                                   we’re keeping mum… except for a few listings
                                                                                                                                                         table of 20 in the dining room?”

Better than
                                                   from the Art Deco Trust.
                                                                                                                                                         Responses of “Yes Chef!” are tinged with
                                                   The newly branded Hastings City Art
                                                                                                                                                         exhaustion and impatience as the machine
                                                   Gallery (formerly Hastings Exhibition

                                                                                                                                                         spits forth its never ending orders. But we
                                                   Center) officially launches Feb. 5 with Mind
                                                                                                                                                         are going ok. Putting out 90 dishes last hour,
                                                   Games, Surrealism in Aotearoa and related
                                                                                                                                                         moving at the right pace, the plates looking
                                                   events. Exploring the influence of Surrealism
                                                                                                                                                         good… and thank the lord they are eating the

                                                   – the flip side of the Deco tradition – on
                                                                                                    The sun sparkles on the water and from my            rare tuna today!
                                                   New Zealand art, Mind Games features a
                                                   panoply of artists. Among them you’ll find       view in the kitchen I can see yachts slowly          Suppliers with laden trolleys are streaming
                                                   Adele Younghusband, Edward Bulmore, Mary         rising and falling. The restaurant’s outside         in the back door and coming around for
                                                   McIntyre, Sylvia Siddell, Liz Maw, Seraphine     deck is filling fast and I am getting ready to       me to sign off their deliveries, expecting the
                                                   Pick and Richard Killeen. New Director           go and go hard. Yes, I am a little nervous that      general camaraderie that comes with the chef
                                                   Maree Mills has a background in education        the fishing boats haven’t been out for two days      vs. delivery guy routine. Boxes get rapidly
Close to 30,000 Hawke’s Bay kids head back                                                          but we managed to get 20 kilo of tuna from
                                                   and digital arts and is promising fresh                                                               opened and the fresh produce comes to
to school this month. What if your old school                                                       Wellington and although the couriers lost
                                                   directions for the arts in Hastings.                                                                  my station just in the nick of time. We are
uniform no longer fits but you’d still like to                                                      some precious cargo along the way, we replaced       running out of fish. I ring the supplier and
perk up the grey matter with something other       Waimarama Maori Tourism, offers another          the larder adequately. I hope the spinach gets       the woman who answers the phone must be
than Sudoku?                                       look at Maori history and culture that goes      delivered. Why someone would have a side             having a bad day!
                                                   way beyond the stereotypes. Launched             salad for lunch is beyond me, but there it is, it
There’s lots on offer around town – both in
                                                   two years with Cultural Discovery Tours          is on the menu.                                      “Our trucks leave at 10 am, you can’t ring us
and out of the classroom: lectures, seminars,
                                                   at Hawke’s Bay Museum and Art Gallery,                                                                now!”
continuing education classes, professional                                                          I’m shouting last minute instructions to a staff
                                                   WMT now offers breathtaking encounters
development opportunities, art exhibitions,                                                         that look as anxious as I’m feeling and yet the      “Do you have any fresh fish?”
                                                   with Maori heritage at Te Hakakino, a 15th
workshops, film festivals, concerts. But who                                                        waiters seem content to chat behind the bar          “We can’t deliver it!”
                                                   century Maori fortress site, deep in the hills
can keep track of it all and remember what’s                                                        and fold napkins even though the front deck          “Do you have any?”
                                                   of Waimarama. Descendents of the original
on where, when? And, to begin with, much of                                                         now looks completely full and tables are filling     “We have some groper,”
                                                   inhabitants welcome you into their history.
it isn’t widely publicized.                                                                         up inside as well. Happy groups of people and        “Can I send a runner to grab it now?”
                                                   Their personal warmth, generosity and
                                                                                                    families streaming through the doors and past        “Ok.”
BayBuzz is stepping into the breach. Our new       commitment give this tour a special power.
BrainFood calendar (see back page) offers a                                                         our wood fired ovens.                                Kerran looks at me. I tell him he can pick
                                                   Coming in early March (not a moment
tidy round up of local goings on that are likely                                                    Now there’s a waiter asking me to explain the        up the fish on his break. We should be ok
                                                   too soon): a Regional Economic Summit
to be intelligent, provocative, informative,                                                        Fish of the Day dishes… again!… and I’m              till five… the lunch is winding down. Kerran
                                                   organized by the regional office of the
hopefully inspiring, maybe entertaining, but                                                        getting scratchy.                                    is busy writing down instructions. He will
                                                   Ministry of Social Development, Hawke’s Bay
mostly – one way or another – edifying.                                                                                                                  cover all the stations and the freezers and
                                                   Chamber of Commerce and Hawke’s Bay Inc.         It’s day 50 of the season and I have had all         fridges and start calling the suppliers to get us
So what’s on this month? Here are a few            Principal speaker NZIER Chief Economist          of three days off. We will feed 1500 people a        through the next 24 hours. Finally I am on my
highlights. (See BrainFood calendar for more       Jean-Pierre de Raad recently released the        week in the high weeks of the season between         own for a couple of hours and start the set up
details).                                          Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion… not        December and April and provide continuous            for the evening. The owner swings by, “Had a
                                                   a lot of good news. The Summit is likely to      food service for 10 hours a day, each and every
Adult Continuing Education (ACE) classes                                                                                                                 great lunch, thanks, loved the sushi!”
                                                   be the first in a series to examine strategic    day, with 4 flames and a semi-trained team of
get underway at many area high schools. And
                                                   responses to current regional economic           me, my sous chef and 3 cooks. And the heavy          I’m cursing that I let the kitchen hand go off
at EIT there’s a new batch of “short courses.”
                                                   conditions in the context of the global          part of the season is still to come!                 early as I build a small landscape of pots and
We’ve listed some but there’s many more.
                                                   economy. Hawke’s Bay Opera House, Friday,                                                             pans and assorted kitchen battery items on
Go to your library for a complete list of ACE                                                       I love it!
                                                   March 6.                                                                                              the benches. I am hanging out for a coffee.
                                                   Also early next month, Hawke’s Bay               I decide to ring the bell and get the waiters to     A waiter walks past and asks me what I did
                                                   Museum and Art Gallery launches a                collect orders, talking over their objections that   for Christmas.
                                                   pair of small, intimate exhibitions of two       the tables aren’t ready to order… the last thing
                                                                                                    we need is 30 table orders all at once… and my       What Christmas?
                                                   Hawke’s Bay artists, Ben Pearce and Michael
                                                   Hawksworth. According to the press release:      pizza chef is asking me if she can have a break?
                                                                                                    Kerran, my sous chef, just raises an eyebrow.
                                                   Pearce’s Utterances invites us into a world                                                                   Xmas Quiz Winner
                                                   of childhood imagination where fantastic         The kitchen order printout machine starts
                                                   creatures cohabit with the everyday, mundane     to clack and I’m barking out the orders to            Ta da… Jackie Telford of
                                                   and discarded objects of 21st century living.    the staff. “Calling table 48, 2 classic pizza, 2                   Havelock North!!
                                                   In A Disaster Area, Michael Hawksworth           focaccia to go, stand by mains, 3 paella, 3 fish      Faithful readers will recall that our
                                                   creates an imagined reality where portraits      of the day, 1 pork belly, 3 mesculun sides and 1      December edition of included our
                                                   emerge from an intricate landscape of book       steamed greens!”                                      first annual BayBuzz Christmas Quiz.
                                                   pages, drawing and collage. Both shows open                                                            Readers had to correctly answer ten
                                                                                                    Order machine continues to spit out more              questions, all based on content in the
                                                   March 6. Promo-speak aside, these two                                                                  December Digest. From the correct
                                                   artists are doing some of the most interesting   and more dockets. Seventy-five percent of the         entries we drew the winner.
                                                   work in Hawke’s Bay.                             dishes are on my section. I fight for one of the
                                                                                                    four flames and now I’m yelling that we have          Diligent reader Jackie has won $25
                                                   Heads up: Creative Hastings Festival of                                                                gift vouchers from each of these
                                                                                                    75	dishes	on	order	and	need	to	move.	Dishes	          outstanding food, book and wine
                                                   Writers gets underway March 20-22. Tickets       are coming up onto the pass – the dispatch            purveyors: Poppies bookstore in
                                                   are on sale now through TicketDirect. See        table – and the waiter’s bell is ringing, once,       Havelock North, Opera Kitchen in
                         EVOLVE           for more info.                                                             Hastings, Purple Carrot Good Food
                                                                                                    and then it breaks, as it always does. The pass       Store in Napier, and Clearview Winery
                      memories made                Stay tuned!                                      is covered now with dishes destined for tables,       in Te Awanga.
                      to be treasured                                                               we have food gridlock and where are the
                                                                                                                                                          Congratulations Jackie! Enjoy your
                                                                                                    food runners! My head is spinning looking at          prizes.
                                                                                                    everything and everyone, watching the dishes                                                                                                                                     BayBuzz Digest

 Mark Sweet
 Columnist                                                                                                                                                    Is there...

                                                                                                                                                        A French Baker
The Romance                                                                                                                                               in the Bay?
of Wine                                                                                                                                                    Please come and
                                                                                                                                                               see us at:

Imagine Hawke’s Bay without its grapes…
                                                                                                                                                           Purple Carrot
without its wineries. Viticulture shapes so                                                                                                               Good Food Store
much of our regional identity. Yet most of us
know only bits and pieces of how the wineries
                                                                                                                                                          64 Carlyle Street
                                                   Mission Estate Winery as it is today.
came to be. In many ways, as Mark Sweet will                                                                                                                  Napier
show, the story of the wineries is a fascinating
                                                   cuttings; and they were Pacific vines with more    The first home of the vines in Hawke’s Bay was
history of Hawke’s Bay. This month’s article,
the first in a series, begins with the coming
                                                   chance of being re-established in the region to
                                                   which the missionaries travelled.
                                                                                                      abandoned on 28 February 1858. As Doreen
                                                                                                      Keogh explains in her history of St Mary’s
                                                                                                                                                          OPEN 7 DAYS
of the grapes and the origins of what is now
                                                                                                      Parish, Fruit of the Vine, ‘The Missioners
known as the Mission Estate Winery.                Vines were first planted in Hawke’s Bay at
                                                                                                      transferred all their belongings, equipment,
                                                   Pakowhai in 1851 by missionaries from the
The story of wine in Hawke’s Bay begins                                                               stock and harvests, including the Mission
                                                   Society of Mary, and it’s reasonable to assume
in Lyons, France, when Pope Gregory XV1                                                               House cut into sections, by bullock dray across
                                                   these vines originally came from Pompallier’s
appointed the Society of Mary to be the                                                               the Tutaekuri River at Powdrell’s crossing to
                                                   plantings in Hokianga. Their journey,
Catholic missionaries in Western Oceania.                                                             their new property at Meeanee Flat.’
                                                   however, was not direct.
On Christmas Eve, 1836, newly appointed                                                               So a new chapter began in the story of wine in
                                                   The ship carrying the missionaries was
Bishop of the South Pacific, Jean-Baptist                                                             Hawke’s Bay.
                                                   blown off course by a sever southerly storm
Pompallier and nine Marist priests, set sail
                                                   and driven past Napier to Gisborne. There
from Le Harvre aboard the Delphine for
                                                   Father John Lampila, and Brothers Florentine
Oceania. They first landed in Valparaiso, Chile,
                                                   Francon and Basil Montchalin built a small
in	late	June	1837	to	re-provision	for	their	
                                                   shelter and planted crops, including vines.
journey across the Pacific, and on 8 November
                                                   When they received news they were in the
Father Pierre Chanel and Brother Nizier were
                                                   wrong place, they packed up their possessions
set ashore on Futuna Island, now part of
                                                   and made their way south on foot.
French Polynesia.
                                                   The settlement which was to be the first
The Delphine sailed on to Sydney, then to
                                                   home of the Mission Winery was established
Hokianga where Bishop Pompallier set up the
                                                   on seven acres of land beside the Ngaruroro
first mission, and planted vines. None of the
                                                   River near Pakowhai Pa, and was under the
vines survive today. They were killed off by
                                                   protection of Puhara Hawaikirangi, a Catholic
careless	spraying	of	2,4-D	in	the	late	1970’s.	
In his search for the origin of the Pompallier
                                                   Fr Lampila had been ordained at Hokianga in
vines, Dr Richard Smart, who headed the New
                                                   1842 and headed the Whakatane mission in
Zealand national viticultural programme in
                                                   1844. Vines flourished in both locations and it
the 1980’s, revealed a fascinating possibility.
                                                   seems likely it was he who bought the vines to
The vines planted by Pompallier, came not
                                                   Hawke’s Bay.
from France, but from Chile.
                                                   Within a few years the Mission was self
In 1983 he visited Poi on Futuna Island. A
                                                   supporting and earning from its surplus. The
vine planted by Pierre Chanel still survived.
                                                   Brothers farmed sheep, cattle, pigs and poultry.
He named it the ‘saint’s vine,’ because Chanel
                                                   They grew maize, wheat, hay, vegetables and
was beheaded in 1840 after persisting in his
                                                   fruit. Butter, cheese, and honey were produced.
attempts to convert the son of a chief. He was
                                                   And ever increasing quantities of wine.
later canonised as Patron Saint of Oceania.
                                                   These was turbulent times in Hawke’s Bay,
Dr. Smart thought tracking down the origin
                                                   however,	and	in	1857	war	broke	out	between	
of the vine would be easy. It had distinct deep,
                                                   rival Maori over ownership and the sale
lyre shaped leaf lobes, red petioles and forked
                                                   of land. The conflict was ignited when Te
shoots, but no such vine could be found in old
                                                   Hapuka of Ngati Whatuiopiti from Whakatu
French vine amelography books. However his
                                                   asserted ownership over a small clump of bush
research assistant, Doris Zuur, found a variety
                                                   at Pakiaka. He was challenged by Tareha te
called Moschata Paradisa growing in Mudgee,
                                                   Moananui of Ngati Kahungunu. In his ‘History
New South Wales, which had the same
                                                   of the Plains’, M.B Boyd asserts that ‘Moananui
characteristics as the ‘saint’s vine’.
                                                   sought utu for an insult to his sister, Te
Most of the early vines in Mudgee came from        Hapuku’s wife, whose feet were cut off because
James Busby’s collection, which after being        her coffin was too short.’
assembled in Europe, were planted on a site
                                                   The conflict lasted seven months. Three battles
which is now the Sydney Botanic Gardens.
                                                   were fought, and in the last exchange of fire
Dr. Smart surmised that when Bishop                Puhara Hawaikirangi, patron to the Mission
Pompallier visited Sydney on his way to New        was killed.
Zealand, he still carried cuttings of the same
                                                   As The Hawke’s Bay Herald reported at the
vine that Pierre Chadin planted on Futuna,
                                                   time, ‘His death will be regretted by most of
and some were planted in Busby’s European
                                                   us for many reasons, but chiefly because of the
                                                   consequences which will entail, we fear, upon
In 1986 while lecturing on table grapes in         the Catholic Mission who, upon the death of
Santiago, Chile, Dr Smart saw a vine with          their principal adherent, will find themselves
the same characteristics as the ‘saint’s vine’.    obliged to move from their present location
He picked leaves of the vine and they were         in Pakowhai where a considerable amount of
identical to those growing on Futuna. His ‘fair    industry and capital have been expended in
guess’ was that Pompallier took cuttings when      forming the station whose hospitality to the
the Delphine	landed	in	Santiago	in	June	1837.	     wayfarer and charity to all who needed it will
The vines were dormant, so the right time for      never be forgotten.’
  BayBuzz Digest                                                                                                                                  

                                                    invariably other teachers. So at least you know
  Brendan Webb
                                                    you won’t be invited back.
                                                    It has always struck me that teachers and
                                                                                                         Updates                                            Environment Court will
                                                                                                                                                            hear Sports Park appeal
                                                    librarians are very similar. In fact, a librarian
                                                    is just a teacher who can’t be bothered with         Whakatu Action Group                               The Environment Court has decided to
                                                                                                                                                            hear an appeal opposing the Regional
                                                    kids, but likes the books and trying to make         engages Council and
                                                                                                                                                            Sports Park! An exchange of evidence will
                                                    people keep quiet. Both have a curious form          industry                                           now occur over the next few months. The
                                                    of agoraphobia, which literally means “fear of                                                          Court rejected arguments by the Hastings
                                                                                                         Residents of the Whakatu community,
                                                    the marketplace.” Wikipedia says many people                                                            Council and the new Sports Park Trust who
                                                                                                         organized as the Whakatu Action Group, have
                                                    with agoraphobia prefer seeing visitors in a                                                            challenged the right of citizens opposed to
                                                                                                         raised a variety of environmental and health
                                                    defined space that they feel they can control – a                                                       the complex to make their legitimate appeal
                                                                                                         concerns involving industry activities in the
Teachers should be top of the list when             fairly good definition of a classroom, except for                                                       under the Resource Management Act.
                                                                                                         area. In December, the Hastings Council
compiling a list of people for a dinner party.      the “being in control” bit. It also says that such   convened representatives of industries             Council and Trust lawyers sought dismissal
Not because of their sparkling wit or even,         people may live for years without leaving their      operating in Whakatu to begin a process            of the appeal, based on technical objections
sadly, for their general knowledge of politics,     homes, which, considering the numbers of             that should eventuate in three-way dialogue        to the submission and appeal papers filed by
history or even fashion.                            weeks of leave teachers get each year, must be       among concerned residents, businesses and          the HB Land Protection Society. The legal
                                                                                                         the Council (together with representatives of      team also sought to strike BayBuzz’s Tom
Certainly not fashion. Male teachers tend to fall   rather stultifying.                                  the Regional Council and Fire Service).            Belford as a supporting appellant to the
into two sartorial categories. Those who have       When they’re not standing on roundabouts                                                                Land Protection Society (I filed as a so-called
                                                                                                         To support the community in this process,
kept manufacturers of walkshorts and sandals        holding ungrammatical signs about wanting                                                               “section	274	party”	under	the	RMA).	The	
                                                                                                         BayBuzz is researching potential health and
in business long beyond their commercial                                                                                                                    Court has asked me to further argue my
                                                    equal pay with some other branch of the              environmental risks posed by chemicals used
lifespan, and those who had hair in the 1960s                                                                                                               position.
                                                    teaching profession, they can be found in their      by Whakatu industries, as well as discharges
and now look like roadies for the Doobie            favourite watering hole, the staffroom. Few          to air and water. We are also attempting to        The Council would like to isolate the
Brothers. The most desperate try to dress like      outsiders get to see the school staffroom which,     determine the level and adequacy of local          Land Protection Society, so they can more
their pupils, with predictably tragic results.                                                           body regulatory oversight and enforcement,         easily disparage the motives for its appeal
                                                    for all I know, contains punching bags shaped        and the adequacy of contingency plans              … trying to paint its members as a tiny
Most of the teachers I know are secondary           like pupils, a soundproof screaming cupboard,        should accidents occur that threaten               number of malcontents out of step with the
teachers who daily face classrooms of bored,        and sauvignon blanc on tap.                          health and safety. Certain key roles and           broad public. That characterisation is both
blank and sloppily dressed teens, crackling                                                              responsibilities fall to the Fire Service and to   incorrect and unfair.
                                                    When I tell teachers that I would not want to        certification and enforcement officers acting
with acne and twitching with hormonal               join their profession unless capital punishment                                                         Early last year BayBuzz conducted a survey,
                                                                                                         on behalf of ERMA (NZ’s Environmental
overload. It’s hard enough for anyone in the        is re-introduced, they assume I mean corporal        Risk Management Authority).                        delivered randomly to 5,000 Hastings
workforce to put together a combination of          punishment. No, I don’t.                                                                                District homes, in which 80% of respondents
clothes each day that makes them feel they look                                                          We wish we could paint a reassuring picture        said they opposed the sports park … 68%
                                                    Having been corporally educated at Catholic          of the situation. But our researcher, Louis        opposed strongly. To say that only a handful
a bit different from yesterday. But knowing that
                                                    primary and secondary schools, my academic           Chambers, is finding robust, clear and             of “obstructionists” oppose the complex is
the only thing that will momentarily get the                                                             consistent information difficult to acquire        patently false.
sneering attention of pupils is your clothing       career was a triumph of faith, hope and lots of
                                                                                                         from local business managers and officials.
must be soul-destroying.                            caning by priests.                                   For example, we have developed individual          That aside, the Land Protection Society has
                                                                                                         chemical and effluent profiles of nearly           every right – and the Environment Court
Of course that’s not an issue for the walkshorts    Admittedly, the people who brought us the                                                               agrees – to legally pursue its objective –
                                                    Inquisition had modified their corporal              twenty main businesses in Whakatu. We
and sandals brigade, who have stood astride                                                              have asked each company to confirm or              protecting invaluable Heretaunga Plains
the peaks and troughs of fashion for a number       punishment techniques considerably when I            correct our profiles. But a typical response       farming soils. That’s precisely why the RMA
of decades… although trying to decide               first entered the world of the convent primer        (if any) is a curt: “All chemicals are stored to   exists. The Council has gotten the cart before
                                                    pupil. But when it came to the nuns who              approved standards and local regulations.”         the horse by beginning construction of the
between the fawn and slightly tan walkshorts                                                                                                                sports complex before the legal process has
must make many of them late for school.             taught us, old habits died hard, as it were.         Or, after assuring us that their business is
                                                                                                         fully in compliance and we have “neglible          played out. Shame on the Council, not the
                                                    Dressed in black robes, pale faces framed in
The reason teachers are vital for any dinner                                                             understanding” of the matters at hand: “All        Society.
                                                    white cardboard, a thick leather belt around
party is that when you’ve run out of topics of      their waist and a crucifix jammed into it like a     further communications will be directed            As the appeal proceeds, BayBuzz will be
conversation, you can drop in the observation                                                            through the Community Industry Work                courtside, one way or the other, cheering on
                                                    Roman broadsword, the good sisters wouldn’t
that NCEA is a total waste of time outside the                                                           Group.”                                            Allan Baldock and the HB Land Protection
                                                    hesitate to rap five-year-old knuckles with a
classroom walls or suggest teachers get more                                                             Whatever environmental, health and safety          Society.
                                                    sturdy pencil.
than their fair share of holidays. Put away any                                                          issues might (or might not) exist in the
                                                    The last time I got caned, it was for rolling        Whakatu industrial area, clearly there’s
sharp cutlery and just sit back and let them
                                                    an empty .303 brass shell up and down my             a severe shortage of transparency and              Waimarama Domain
hold forth for the next hour or two.
                                                    tilted desktop as the whole class sat in bored       community relations skills!                        More good news! The Hastings Council
Once they’ve reached the stage of angrily           and unproductive silence for some earlier            Meantime, local body officers we talk to           seems to be on an achievable mission to
pointing out that teachers are expected to          misdemeanour by persons unknown. These               seem only partially informed at best, and          purchase land now owned by the Society
do the job of parents, you can extend the                                                                share some of the same misgivings, including       of Mary (Marist) in order to preserve the
                                                    days, pupils in the United States carry live .308
entertainment but noting kids spend more                                                                 complaints about secretive ERMA.                   Waimarama Domain. Assuming a price
                                                    rounds to school in semi-automatic rifles.                                                              will be agreed, the only potential sticking
time in classrooms with teachers than at home                                                            One positive finding is that the Fire Service      point might be the Council’s expectation
– so it’s still the teachers’ fault.                Those teachers who overcame their
                                                                                                         has told us informally that they are aware of      that owners of baches adjoining the domain
                                                    agoraphobia and escaped to another job with
Because teachers tend to huddle together                                                                 the chemical hazards at industrial sites, and      should be specially assessed to help finance
                                                    more pay and even better holidays include            can respond appropriately. We’re now trying        the transaction. Funding will also come
for mutual support, their dinner guests are         Helen Clark, Michael Cullen, Phil Goff, Jim          to get that assurance officially.                  from a district-wide rate charge and other
                                                    Anderton, Chris Carter, Trevor Mallard and                                                              possible sources.
                                                                                                         BayBuzz will report fully on our progress in
                                                    Maryan Street. There seems to be a link
                                                                                                         next month’s BayBuzz Digest.
                                                    between more teachers in politics and a
                                                    decrease in educational standards and public
                                                    The new Speaker of the House, Dr Lockwood
                                                    Smith, who moonlights as a farmer, was
                                                    famous in an earlier life as the schoolmaster-
                                                    like host of a children’s education quiz on
                                                    television. I suspect his decision to switch to
                                                    politics came in a memorable moment in front
                                                    of the cameras when a little girl was asked to
                                                    define a group of molecules that support some
                                                    form of life.
                                                    “Orgasm,” she responded brightly.


                  06 878 3456
                                                                                                                                                      BayBuzz Digest

                                                                                                         manufacturing in favour of low-wage                 of food production world wide will mean

 C OUNTERPOINT                                                                                           mass production in foreign countries, and
                                                                                                         privatisation has resulted in ever increasing
                                                                                                         prices for utilities as CEO’s gouge profits to
                                                                                                                                                             a greater emphasis on the protection
                                                                                                                                                             of productive land capacity, such as the
                                                                                                                                                             Heretaunga Plains.”
  By Tim Gilbertson                                                                                      satisfy their shareholders and cream their own
                                                                                                                                                             “Hastings will be the premier land based
                                                                                                         bonus-related salaries.
                                                                                                                                                             production region in the South Pacific,” is the

The Smart & The Good
                                                                                                         “Our economy is badly weakened, a                   achievement being sought in their fifty year
                                                                                                         consequence of greed and irresponsibility           vision. We’ve been there before. When we were
                                                                                                         on the part of some, but also our collective        the “Fruit Bowl of New Zealand,” Hastings
                                                                                                         failure to make hard choices and prepare the        was a premier production region in the South
                                                                                                         nation for a new age,” Barack Obama said            Pacific.
                                                                                                         in his inaugural speech. He was addressing
                                                                                                                                                             I was a kid growing up in Havelock at that
If it’s smart people you want, we’ve got a great    poverty, deprivation, ignorance and the social       the American people yet speaking for many
                                                                                                                                                             time. Te Mata Peak was our playground. And
education system. If you want good people,          tolerance of vice. Yet both the past and present     countries when he declared, “We will harness
                                                                                                                                                             from the heights we climbed to chase the goats
we’re not doing so well.                            administrations are committed to building            the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our
                                                                                                                                                             and watch the falcons dive, we would often
                                                    more prisons.                                        cars and run our factories.” Sustainability has
We’ve got cosmetic surgery, 3G cell phones, flat                                                                                                             sit and marvel at the view of the Heretaunga
                                                                                                         come of age. But what does it mean?
screen TV, the new Airbus 380B with reclining       Alexander Pope maintained that an honest                                                                 Plains. A patchwork of orchards, cropping
seats, and we’ve even got flavoured water           man is the noblest work of God. A computer           In 1983 the World Commission on                     fields, and pastoral runs stretched from Paki
with added vitamins. The education system is        programmer is the noblest work of our present        Environment and Development (WCED),                 Paki to the sea. The most prominent buildings,
                                                                                                         was convened by the United Nations to               whose shining roofs seemed as big as farms,
playing its part in producing people who can        education system. At the moment, I’d prefer
                                                                                                         address concerns about “the accelerating            belonged to Watties canneries, the Apple
make things better, faster and more stylish.        Alexander Pope over Anne Tolley as Minister
                                                                                                         deterioration of the human environment and          and Pear Board, and Tomoana and Whakatu
And the system is producing people who are          of Education, and that’s despite the fact that       natural resources and the consequences of           freezing works. On cold spring mornings a
successfully persauding us that we need to go       Pope has been been dead for over 200 years.          that deterioration for economic and social          blanket of smog would cover the Plains. Oil
faster, better, funkier.                            And as for travelling by rail in the Sudan, that’s   development.” An aim of the Commission              smudge pots saved the fruit from frost. We
                                                    another story.                                       was: “To propose long-term environmental            could hear the train but see only the puffs of
But if the function of education is to produce
balanced, thoughtful virtuous citizens in a just                                                         strategies for achieving sustainable                smoke punching through the cloud. These
and honourable society, the education system,                                                            development to the year 2000 and beyond.”           were the days when orchardists, fag hanging
along with the rest of the body politic, pulls up     Mark Sweet                                         Sustainability was defined as development
                                                                                                         that “meets the needs of the present without
                                                                                                                                                             out the mouth, mixed organic phosphates by
                                                                                                                                                             hand, and sprayed without protection. Biking
a bit short.
                                                      Columnist                                          compromising the ability of future generations      to school we would sometimes have to dodge
People will argue till the cows come home                                                                to meet their own needs.”                           the sprayer as it turned the rows and covered
about how much should be spent on health,                                                                                                                    the road, and us, if we were too slow. We’ve
                                                                                                         Twenty-five years later, and it takes peak oil
education and welfare. The answer is as much                                                                                                                 come a long way in changing agricultural
                                                                                                         prices, bizarre weather changes, and a financial
as you’ve got, and then can borrow. Thus                                                                                                                     practices which are unsustainable, as the

                                                                                                         meltdown to wake us up from the mesmerising
mountains of money are spent in Wellington                                                                                                                   growers, the manufacturers, and the exporters
                                                                                                         seduction of two decades of unparalleled
on policy process and curriculum development                                                                                                                 fine-tune their skills. It’s a learning process.
                                                                                                         prosperity, where growth in consumerism was

… all garnished with smart offices, smart perks                                                          considered more important than protection           Whakatu and Tomoana proved unsustainable.
and lots of overseas conferences. Any one who                                                            of ecosystems. Obama seems serious. He’s            Smudge pots have been replaced by wind
has dealt with the education hierarachy can                                                              created a new position of “sustainability czar”     machines and helicopters. The apple industry
tell tales of monunmental waste, inefficiency                                                            who will act as White House coordinator of          has been decimated; yet the most efficient and
and stupidity, comparable only to the social                                                             climate and energy policies.                        adaptive operators prosper. New crops have
welfare and health departments, councils and,                                                                                                                been introduced with great success – kiwi fruit,
                                                                                                         Hastings District Council is also serious about
the most useless organisation in the history of     With this article, Mark Sweet introduces a new                                                           berries, olives, and especially grapes. There will
                                                                                                         sustainable development. “The Council has
the world, the Sudan Railway Company.               series on sustainability.                                                                                be others in the future. The Heretaunga Plains
                                                                                                         decided to take a sustainable development
                                                                                                                                                             have been the production base of Hastings
The result is that most children learn to            “Sustainability” is the buzz word of the            approach,” announces Mayor Lawrence Yule
                                                                                                                                                             district ever since the swamp was drained in
read and write, and from then on largely            moment, and may define a transition in               in the discussion document, What should
                                                                                                                                                             the	1870’s.			
                                                    thinking and policy, as did “privatization” in       Hastings look like? - Planning for a sustainable
educate themselves with a little help from
                                                    the 1980’s, “free markets” in the 1990’s, and this   future.                                             Sustaining the Plains productivity is at the core
the ministry. Curriculae change with fashion.
                                                    decade’s “globalization.”                                                                                of Council’s new policy direction. Yet it is not
Maori and Mandarin replace Latin and Greek.                                                                                                                  the politicians and policy-makers who make
Media Studies replaces manual training,             Recognition is growing that our way of life          Our Land                                            the lasting contributions. They are made by the
but essentially the proletariat is trained up       on Planet Earth is threatened by climate             The main target of Council’s sustainability
                                                                                                                                                             men and women on the ground who adapt,
sufficently to keep the economy rolling along.      change and ever diminishing resources. The           “vision” is our productive land, and their stated
                                                                                                                                                             and innovate, and respect the land which
The lattes will never go cold and the milk will     failure of our economic system has revealed          aim is to: “Focus on sustainable management
                                                                                                                                                             provides their livelihood.
be ever trim.                                       flaws in the mantras of the past. Free markets       of our abundance of natural resources and
                                                    in commodities and financial services have           valued landscape,” and to “retain our strengths     Next month, Mark Sweet talks to growers
But do we train people to think?                                                                         in land-based production and manufacturing.”        and processors about attaining a “sustainable
                                                    encouraged deceit and avarice. Globalisation
                                                    has destroyed the diversity of locally-based         HDC recognizes: “The growing importance             future.”
Hardly. Logic and reason catapulted the
western world from the tyranny and bondage
of feudalism and superstition to our present
position of privilege and material comfort. The
pen is mightier than the sword, and when the
sword is allowed precedence, as in Zimbabawe
and Israel, the result is a swift return to chaos
and barbarism.
Our forebears taught the classics not because
they thought it was essential to know
Greek and Latin and history and political
science. They taught these subjects because
they believed it was essential that we could
think. And people who can think produce a
society, generally based on sound democratic
principles, which produces the greatest
opportunity for the greatest happiness for the
greatest number.
A poignant example of our failure to rationally
debate important issues is the decision to build
two more prisons. There is widely researched
and irrefutable evidence that apart from a tiny
minority of mad psyschopaths, imprisonment
fails to benefit anyone – innocent or guilty
– and is a completely non-productive waste
of time and money. Criminals should be
punished and rehabilitated, but prison is
not the way to do it. People who believe that
locking up criminals and throwing away the
key are basically idiots. The causes of crime are
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Welcome to BrainFood, our new, monthly               Early Childhood Education Support                   Tutor:	Anthony	Mullany,	876-1096                   NAPIER BOY’S HIGH SCHOOL
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inspiring and… well, one way or another,             Tues 7-9 pm. Starts Feb 10. $191.50                                                                    Chambers St., Napier
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are other events and programs you think we           Production of flowers, kete and various flax art.                                                      Tues 7-9 pm. Starts Feb 10; 9 weeks. $38
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                                                                                                         Conversational Italian                             Thurs 7–9 pm. Starts Feb 12; 8 weeks. $38
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ART DECO TRUST                                                                                           Japanese Language                                  Tutor: Sue McMullan
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Deco Centre, 163 Tennyson Street, Napier                                                                 Tues 7-9pm. Starts Feb. 17; two terms. $50         Maori Language
835-0022                      220 Russell St., Hastings                           Tutor: Chieko Dietz                                Intro to Maori language and culture.
Quake Tour                                           870-4942                                                                                               Wed 7-9pm. Starts Feb 11; 8 weeks. $35
Historian Michael Fowler guides tour of Hastings                                                                                                            Tutor: Mere Martin
                                                     Intro. to Permaculture Design
CBD highlighting quake stories and Art Deco &        Sustainable approach to home, garden, farm &        HAWKE’S BAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                    Medicine & Health Through the Ages
Spanish Mission architecture.                        community design.                                                                                      Comparative history of medical ideas &
                                                                                                         205 Queen St., Hastings 876-5938
Feb 17, 18, 1 pm. Feb 19, 20, 1pm & 3pm. Feb 21,     Mon 7-9pm. Starts Feb 16; 8 weeks. $60                                                                 knowledge from Easter and Western cultures.
10am & 1pm. $17                                      William Colenso College, Napier. Tutor: Zoe Lee                                                        Thurs 7-9pm. Starts Feb 12; 8 weeks. $38
Meet outside Hastings I-site, Russell Street.        Also Tues 7-9pm. Starts Feb 17; 8 weeks. $60        Lecture: Employee Management in Economic           Tutor: Desmond Johnston
Book through Art Deco Trust.                         CHB College, Waipukurau. Tutor: Louise Phillips     Slowdown
                                                                                                         How to fairly manage staff reductions in           Book Club
Learned Lecture w/ Dave Brunsdon                     Sustainable Living                                                                                     Monthly get-together for lovers of fiction.
                                                                                                         economic downturn. Presented by Human
The Royal Society presents lessons learned from      Covers energy saving, alternatives to                                                                  Tutor: Shirley Simmons
                                                                                                         Resources Consultant Andrea Stevenson and
1931 Quake and impact on today’s engineering.        chemicals,ethical shopping, reducing water use      Employment Lawyer Jim Ferguson.
Feb 19, 7:30pm. Century Theater. Gold Coin.          and waste, efficient transportation, and eco-       Feb12, 5:30–6:45 pm. 206 Queen St., Hastings
Red Hot and Cole                                     renovations.                                                                                           WAIMARAMA MAORI TOURISM
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Sizzling celebration of life and music of Cole                                                                                                              P 879-9302 M 021 057-0935
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Porter, directed by Megan Peacock (The Vagina                                                                                                     
                                                                                                         your business more profitable.
Monologues).                                         Edible Gardens – Sustainable Backyards              Feb 10, 17; 9am-1pm. Napier, Prebenson Drive.
Feb 20, 7pm. Feb 21, 3pm & 8pm. HB Opera             Hands-on course to help you design and establish                                                       Arch of the Ancestors Tour - Te Hakakino,
House. Pre-entertainment in Plaza. $38 adults,       organic veggie garden in your own patch.            Regional Economic Summit                           Waimarama
$35 seniors. Book through Art Deco Trust             Weds 7-9pm. Starts Feb 18; 8 weeks. $50             NZIER Chief Economist Jean-Pierre de Raad and      Eye-opening guided tours of ancient Maori
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Includes Bach’s oboe/violin Concerto,                201 Eastbourne Street East                          Felix Kelly – A Kiwi at Brideshead
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Ravel’s Bolero, an Astor Piazzolla tango and more.                                                       Through April 26
Feb 15, 3–5 pm. Hastings Opera House. Free.          Tel: (06) 871-5095                                                                                     Vegetarian Cooking
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Summer in the Park – Hastings Citizens’ Band         Mind Games, Surrealism in Aotearoa                  Curator Don Bassett presents entertaining talk
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Great concert from the band & guests.                                                                    about Felix Kelly and exhibition.                  Mon 7-9pm. Starts Feb16; 8 weeks. $35
Feb 22, 3–5 pm. Cornwall Park. Free.                 After Five with the Director                        Feb. 21, 10:30am. $7                               Tutor: Janice Carter
Summer in the Park Piano and Song                    Maree Mills discusses Mind Games exhibition         Somebody’s Darling
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Featuring piano and song with Frances Burch                                                              Through June 21                                    Thurs 7-9pm. Starts Feb19; 8 weeks. $35
& selected top vocalists.                            surrealism genre.
                                                     Feb 11, 5:15–6:15pm.                                Cemetery Guided Walks                              Tutor: Alison O’Kane
March 1, 3–5 pm. Cornwall Park. Free.
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                                                     Patrick Tyman, artist and teacher, discusses                                                           For beginners w/ little or no prior knowledge.
EASTERN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY                      history of Surrealism within European art           Utterance - Ben Pearce                             Mon 7-9pm. Starts Feb16; 8 weeks. $40
                                                     history. Kicks off HCAG’s education program for     7 March – 17 May 2009                              Tutor: Arthur Savage
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Feb 9, 16; 6pm-8pm. $75                              Email:                            SOCIETY, INC.                                      w/ any type of camera.
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Introduction to Photoshop                            and those wanting to learn more.                    Beginners Class: intro to drawing,
Learn some of the most practical features of         Weds 7-9pm. Starts Feb11; 8 weeks. $40              colour and painting.
this powerful image-editing software.                Tutor:	Jill-Marie	Johnston:	835-4755	or	835-5553    Mon 7-9pm; Feb 2–March 23.
Thurs 6-8:30pm; Feb 26–April 9. $115                 Drums & Percussion                                  Tutor:	Sandy	Densen	875-8383
Contact:	Adele	Mareikura		974	8000	x	5019		          Exploring African, Latin American, European         Intermediate Class: experimental &

Email:                              and other rhythms. No experience required.          mixed media techniques.
Report Writing                                       Mon 7-8:30pm. Starts Feb 9; 10 weeks. $40           Weds	7-9pm;	Feb	4–March	2.		
Build confidence and skill in structuring and        Tutor: Rinie Coppelmans, 835-0083

                                                                                                         Beginning pottery with Alison Earl
organising your reports for maximum impact.          NZ Sign Language (Introductory)                     Wed 7-9pm; weekly; terms 1, 2, 4
Feb19, 26; 1pm-4:30 pm. $245                         Weds 7-9pm. Starts Feb 25; 16 weeks. $30            Keirunga Potters Studio

Contact:	Ambah	Southon		974	8000	x	5038		            Tutor:	Linda	Allen	fax	878-5482                     Tutor:	Alison	Earl	877-8576
                                                     Guitar for Beginners                                Pot making with John Gisborne
                                                     Mon 7-9pm. Starts Feb 9; 8 weeks. $40               Culminating in woodfiring at Waiohiki.
                                                                                                         Feb 7, 15. Contact: John 021 1444821
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