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              FOR YOUR DIARY
MAY                                                        Are you an ex-Greneway pupil or
Mon 29       Bank Holiday                                  staff member? Take a look on our
             HALF TERM WEEK                                website at old Greneway photos?
Mon 5        Start of new term
             Year 7 & 8 Optional Maths Tests
Wed 7        N Herts Yr 7/8 Athletics League               Can you tell us when these events
Thu 8        Yr 5 Inter-form swimming gala                 happened? Email the web-editor at
Mon 12       Year 8 Journey to France            
Tue 13       Year 8 Caribbean Dance Workshop               and we will add your comments.
Wed 14       Year 8 Sailing trip
             N Herts Yr 7/8 Athletics
Tue 20       7 Gv to Henry Moore Foundation
Wed 21       N Herts Athletics Championships
Thu 22       7 Fn to Henry Moore Foundation                IMPORTANT MESSAGE for Year 8
Fri 23       7 BG to Henry Moore Foundation
             Year 6 to Crucial Crew
                                                     As this will be your last half term at Greneway
Mon 26       Sportsday Field Events start
Thu 29       N Herts Yr 7/8 Athletics League
                                                      you will have to take total responsibility for
Fri 30       Yr 7 ICT day at Meridian                   your Smart Card, amongst other things.
Mon 3        Sportsday Track Heats                   You will not be lent money or given credit for
Tue 4        Sportsday Finals evening                  forgotten cards. This is to get you used to
Wed 5        School Reports sent home                 being responsible for your card, as you will
Thu 6        Yr 6 visit Therfield Heath                       need to be at Upper School.
Fri 7        Celebrations Evening
Mon 10       Yr 8 visit new schools
             Yr 5/6 Athletics meet with Roysia
             & St Mary’s                             In this edition we recap some of the news
Tue 11       Yr 8 visit new schools
             Yr 6 Form Teacher interviews (I)
                                                     from our weekly newsletter and bring
             Meridian new intake evening             you new news and pictures including ...
Wed 12       Yr 6 Form Teacher interviews (II)       •      Calling ex-pupils and staff
Thu 13       New Yr 4 visiting Greneway              •      Yr 6 & Yr 7 Swimming gala results
             Yr 8 visit Meridian for Crime Day       •      News from School Journeys
Fri 14       Flame Academy
                                                     •      Job Vacancy at Greneway
Fri 21       Yr 8 Leavers Disco
             End of Term Finish at 3 pm
                                                     •      Insurance for pupils—are you covered?
                                                     •      And much more too ...

  False nails and nail extensions                                       Year 6 & 7
         are not allowed in school                         Did you go to York or North Wales?
             for Health & Safety                         Have you collected your refund from the
         reasons. Save them for the                                       office?
             holidays (with your
             jewellery).                             Our
               Volume 11 Number 4                                 Newsletter of the Pupils, Staff and Friends
         May 2006—Published 26 May 2006                                      of Greneway School
               A WORD FROM
               MRS KENNEDY                                    PERSONAL ACCIDENT FOR PUPIL
                                                                INSURANCE provided by HCC
      How much sleep do our children need?
A recent article in the Times Educational                 Hertfordshire County Council offer an
Supplement has highlighted issues linked to sleep         annual insurance scheme for pupils. The
patterns amongst young people. I thought I would
                                                          annual payment for cover is £12.00 per pupil,
share this with you as I have recently been
concerned about some children at Greneway being           irrespective of when the pupil joins the
very tired.                                               scheme. Cover is from 1 September to 31
                                                          August each year.
   •   One in five parents say their child has lost
       sleep during the past month, the most
                                                          For further details of the cover provided
       common reason being bad dreams.
                                                          and an application form please contact the
   •   Children at Key Stage 4 are more likely to         school office.
       loose sleep because of worries about course
       work and exams.
                                                                            SAS Swimming
                                                                   with Steve Kidman & Sue Ruggles
   •   One in 10 parents says their child’s sleep                    At Meridian School, Royston.
       was disturbed when taking SATs.                     Progressive lessons, adult lessons, small groups,
                                                           after school lessons, summer crash courses, ASA
   •   Seven in 10 children have a television set in                            Awards.
       their bedroom. Only a quarter have control          Half term crash course 30 May—2 June £20/child
       filters to screen out unsuitable programmes.                 Experienced, qualified teachers.
       Half of parents whose children have access                 Call Steve and Sue on 01799 501293
       to the internet use a control filter.

   •   Few schools suggest times by which children
       should be in bed.                                  Volunteer        Centre
   •   40 per cent of parents think that schools          Volunteer Centres in
       should recommend bedtimes or a minimum             Hertfordshire offer
       number of hours’ sleep.                            information & guidance
                                                          on volunteering to:-
According to Jim Horne who runs the sleep research        People who are interested
centre at Loughborough University healthy 8 year          in volunteering
olds need 9 to 11 hours, and early teens need 8 to 10     Organisations that involve volunteers
hours sleep.
                                                          The bus stops in Royston at the Town Centre
                                                          and the Leisure Centre on Wednesday 31
The Headteacher from Rugby School said that               May (Half term week) with the chance to win
pupils from his school aged under 11 will be              prizes. Why not go along and find out more?
expected to be in bed by 9 pm and pupils between
the ages of 11 to 13 normally have “lights out” at
9.30 pm.

The recommendation coming through is that pupils
should have a calming activity to do prior to
sleeping and this excludes watching television,
using a computer and playing computer games.

What do you think? Any contributions or thoughts                        Royston Volunteer Centre
                                                                        Based at Royston Hospital
can be sent to the editor of Magpie, Emma Daintrey,                  London Road, Royston SG 8 9EN
at                                          Telephone: 01763 243020

         SCHOOLS 2006                                What a show!

 Thank you for collecting vouchers. The scheme       The evening started with a bang. Everyone played
                    ended on                         perfectly in the orchestra and both drama groups
                14th May                             were great. The dancing (jive, twist, Calypso and
                                                     line) went down well too. The audience thought it
 You can still find Collection boxes in
                                                     was a good idea to have dancing in the middle of
 each form room and in the crush hall                the hall instead of on the stage.
So far we’ve collected 20,000 vouchers
                                                     5Sm did a great performance on Mowgli. Year 5/6
If you still have vouchers please bring              drama sketches were very different to each other.
                                                     Year 5/6 did a scene about Bob Marley, the
    them in to school as quickly as
                                                     famous Jamaican singer. Year 7/8 did the Willow
                possible.                            Pattern story in three parts.     In the finale
                                                     everyone took part, even the crew backstage, and
                                                     sang Calypso and Tinga Layo.
                                                                                 By Lucy Smith 7Cw

                                                                   The Royston Cave
          Hertfordshire Adult and
                                                     I am a member of the Royston Time Bank and
         Family Learning Services
                                                     I was invited to visit the Cave. From the
                                                     second I took my first step into the tunnel I
The Family Learning team is part of the
                                                     knew I was surrounded by history from
HAFLS which is part of Children, Schools
                                                     Royston’s oldest townspeople. The ancient
and Families.     They deliver courses by
                                                     Cave is carved with pictures of Saints and
specialist Lead Teachers, in partnership with
                                                     Holy people from the Middle Ages. The walls
you, at a venue that suits the learners needs.
                                                     are covered in images of Jesus, his 12
The range and length of courses can be
                                                     apostles, St Catherine, St Mary and other holy
designed to meet the requirements of
                                                     We were told about how the Cave had been
For more information please contact the
                                                     used for secret meetings of the Knights
office on 01992 588819 or visit the website:
                                                     Templar and the meanings of the carvings. It
                                                     was also used as a dairy because it is nice
                                                     and cool and the butter wouldn’t go off.

                                                     I really enjoyed it because I love learning
                                                     about history.
                                                                                   Saffron Cooper

                                                                                       Thank you Saffron
                                                                                       for submitting this
                                                                                       interesting and well
                                                                                       written piece. Ed
               SCHOOL MEALS                                  PUBLICATION DATES FOR MAGPIE
School meals cost £1.80 per day. The cost for a                     Friday 14 July 2006
week will therefore be £9.00.

The cost for the next half of the term will be £63.

This still represents excellent value for money
and provides the children with a healthy,
nutritious variety of meals at lunchtime.
                                                               FRIENDS of GRENEWAY SCHOOL
                                                               ‘Your school really needs you’
                                                          There are not enough parents volunteering to
                                                           help with Friends activities. The burden of
Cheques for dinners or tuck should                         fund raising currently falls on a few people
  be made payable to HCC, not                              and the office staff. Please help if you can.
   Greneway School or NHDC
                                                          Friends are a vital part of school. Fund raising is a
                                                          necessary part of providing additional materials and
                                                          equipment for all our pupils. Every family is a Friend of
                                                          the School. All help with Friends’ activities is greatly
 WHEN SENDING ANY CHEQUE IN                               appreciated.
 please write pupil name and form                                  Future Fund raising events include:
 on reverse of cheque especially if
  the signatory’s name is different                                   Flame Academy Talent Show
           from the pupil.                                                   14 July 2006

              TUCK                                                            FoGS Update
If your child wishes to buy tuck at                       On 22 April FoGS held a St George’s Day
breaktime please remember to put extra money              quiz. OK, maybe the day wasn’t quite
on their smart card in addition to lunch money.           right but a grand evening was had by all.
                                                          £350 was raised for the school so thanks
                                                          to everyone who attended. We hope you
Remember that crisps and similar snacks are not           enjoyed the fun. Special thanks to Helen, Ken & Tom
allowed to be eaten at break time as part of our          Pigott for all their organising, Jillian and Terry Graves for
Healthy School initiative.                                the questions and quiz mastering and Emma and Joe
                                                          Daintrey for technical support.

                                                          Help!—FoGS needs a secretary. Many of the current
     MUSIC LESSON—FEE INCREASE                            committee have children in Year 8 and will be standing
             Advance Notice                               down in July. Could you spare a couple of hours once a
                                                          term to join us at our meetings (we have snacks too …). If
             There will be an increase in the fees        yes, please contact me on or let the
                for individual and group music            school office know.
             lessons from the start of the Autumn
                                                          If you can help with any (or all) Friends’ activities then
                   Term 2006.                             please contact the school office (243650). Chair of Friends
  20 minute individual lesson will cost £112.70           is Carolyn Causton who can be contacted on 01763
   30 minute individual lesson will cost £169             231565 or
    30 minute shared lesson will cost £80.50
                                                          Friends also help out with refreshments at school events
                                                          such as concerts, celebration evenings and pupil discos
Please remember that a full half term’s notice in         More help is needed at these events throughout the school
 writing is required if you wish to cancel your           year.
   child’s lesson. This also applies to pupils
   receiving financial help with tuition fees.

                   Year 7 RE work                          News from YEAR 6 who didn’t go to York ...

Mrs Kennedy’s Year 7 RE class have been                    Those staying behind were
studying the link between RE, pop music, Indian            steeped in experiences from the
music and pop stars’ links with religion. There            Tudor Age. Activities included:
have been animated discussions in class around the         making Tudor face masks,
topic for the past few weeks. Daniel Jinkerson in          designing and producing Tudor
7Cw wrote this song based on the themes                    sewing samplers, creating Tudor
                                                           Fare, Ye Olde Tudor
                  Religious World                          Orienteering, cooking and much more. The
                                                           group had thought they would go sailing at
Chorus        You don’t have to see it,                    Fairlands Valley but unfortunately the lake was
              Before you believe it,                       frozen, making it impossible, so other fun
       You have the power, you can use it,                                   activities were organised by
    To believe in the Lord, you can choose it,                               Fairland’s staff. Everyone
  But you have the power, and don’t you lose it.                             had a lovely time and thanks
                                                                             must go to all staff involved
                The Father is watching,                                      with the organisation and
                  Giving his blessing,                                       delivery of the programme.
                But people don’t realise
              And just keep on messing,
               They’re running this world
                And don’t you forget it.                                  Tudor Week
                 God gave us a target,
                 But we haven’t met it,
                                                         The Tudor week that took place seemed to
           Please give this world a chance.
               This place where we live,                 be a great success for the organisers and
                    God is all good                      teachers but what was it like for the
              But he can’t just forgive us,              children? This is our view …
                  When we do wrong
            Just protect this earth please,
           That’s why I’m singing this song              We were put in big classes of 25 but they
         For the Lord and world peace, yeah.             were fun classes. The highlight of the
                                                         week was the sailing trip to Fairlands Valley
                                                         Park in Stevenage. There was outstanding
                We’re trying our best                    orienteering, tricky problem solving and
           To look after the environment,                sailing. This trip was brilliant.
                The world is so great
            And it’s fine at the moment,
               But if you don’t respect                  Being in school was just as much fun. We
                Then for you I pray,                     did fun things for PE in the gym which
               That everyone around                      involved concentrating very hard. We made
            Keeps God’s world this way.
                                                         masks, did calligraphy and played football in
                                                         the sunshine and the rain. Calligraphy was
                                                         nearly as hard as breaking the school 600m
                                                         record. The teachers were good fun too as
                                                         they were in a good mood all week (a rare
There are still vacancies for 2 Community and 2
Parent Governors at Greneway.                            event)!
Would you be interested?
Please speak to Mrs Kennedy or Mrs Daintrey for          So Tudor week was one of the most fun
more information on 01763 243650 or visit the            weeks I have had in school.
herts direct website at:                                                          By Kieran Willis-Wright 6Bd

               TERM DATES 2006/2007
                                                                  Inset Day = Staff Training Day school is closed
                                                                  Occasional Day = school is closed
 Autumn Term 2006
 Inset Days Friday 1 September &
             Monday 4 September 2006                           Spring Term 2007
 Term Starts Tuesday 5 September 2006                          Inset Day Wednesday 3 January 2007
 Term Ends Wednesday 20 December 2006 at 3 pm                  Term Starts Thursday 4 January 2007
 Half Term Monday 23 – Friday 27 October 2006                  Term Ends Friday 30 March 2007 at 3 pm
 Occasional Day—Friday 1 December 2006                         Half Term Monday 12 – Friday 16 February 2007

 Summer Term 2006                                             Summer Term 2007
 Term Starts Tuesday 18 April 2006                            Inset Days Monday 16 April & Friday 20 July 2007
 Term Ends Friday 21 July 2006 at 3 pm                        Term Starts Tuesday 17 April 2007
 Half Term Monday 29 May - Friday 2 June 2006                 Term Ends Thursday 19 July 2007 at 3 pm
 Inset Days Monday 24 & Tuesday 25 July 2006                  Half Term Monday 28 May - Friday 1 June 2007

                 On the last day of term (but not half term) school finishes at 3 pm

                         Year 5 Visit Letchworth Museum to look at Mummies

Year 5 pupils have been visiting Letchworth Museum as part of their Ancient Egypt topic in History. The
sessions were led by Samantha who works for the Schools Museum Service. This is what happened when
5Gy visited the museum:
“First Samantha gave us some real Ancient Egyptian artefacts to handle and identify. We had to wear special
white gloves to stop them being damaged as they were over 4000 years old. Next we learnt what happened to
Pharaohs when they died. Joe Carpenter had to pretend to be a pharaoh—it was funny when he had to wear a
wig and a long white tunic.

After all this we enjoyed ourselves making mummies. We rolled up some modelling clay and then we used
plaster of paris strips and water to make our mummies’ bandages. That was the most exciting bit. It was
messy and good fun and our finished products really looked like they had been mummified.

Next we looked at the exhibition of mummified animals in the museum—there were cats, birds and a crocodile.
Our final activity was writing our name in hieroglyphs. Last, but not least, we visited the museum’s shop.
There were lots of things like stationery, Egyptian figures and posters, but to Mrs Galley’s dismay our class
were more interested in the bouncy balls and the springs!

We all enjoyed our visit—it was a fun way of learning about ancient Egypt.
                                                              By Ellie Sims, Amy Cooper, Jessica Handley 5Gy

                              ORDERING SCHOOL UNIFORM
Uniform can be obtained from Uniform Solutions The Butts Business Centre, Fowlmere,
Royston, Herts SG8 7SL. Tel: 01763 209380 Email: or order online at orders can also be placed by phone or via the school order forms.
                          Tue, Wed, Thu 10 am—5 pm Fri—10 am—4 pm
                                Saturday, Sunday & Monday Closed
 Uniform ordered can be delivered direct to school. An Order with payment by cheque or cash should be given to the
 school office for collection every Monday morning. Items will be delivered to school the following Monday. For
 payment by credit card please ensure that a daytime contact number is written on the back of the order form. Uniform
 Solutions will contact you for your card details. Orders can also be phoned through to U.S. on 01763 209380.

     Year 6’s return from York                                                My visit to York
                                                              We experienced many adventures and many
 The Year 6’s returned from their in York where               weather conditions on our week in York.
 they took part in lots of different activities such as
                                                              Taking a trip back to WWII was just one of the
 the Ghost Walk, bowling, Malham and on the way               many activities we took part in. At Eden Camp
 they went to Conkers Activity Park.                          we saw what life was like for the people who
 Here’s what some of the Year 6 pupils and                    went through the war. We smelt the smoke and
 teachers who went on the trip thought of it: Lauren          heard the sounds. It was very realistic. We saw
 in 6KW said “The accommodation was                           how prisoners of war were treated and how the
 comfortable, clean, welcoming and warm.” Mrs                 Japanese tortured their prisoners. At one point it
                                                              felt like the Blitz was happening to us there and
 Wahlich said “It was a cold week, but great fun.”
 Vanessa said “Eden Camp was brill.” Jake 6KW
 said “The Ghost Walk was the best bit.” Miss                 Our visit to Malham included a steep 6 mile
 Bennett said “It was a fantastic week, everyone              walk, some of which was over limestone
 enjoyed it.”                                                 pavement. The pavement was like a maze and I
                                                              thought I would get lost.
                    Science museum at the
                    National Space Centre                     I think York was a brilliant journey and when I’m
                    on the way home                           older it will be an amazing memory. The best
                                                              part was Eden Camp as I learnt so much there. I
                                                              hope I will go back to York one day with my
                                                              friends.                          Saffron Cooper 6Bd

                                                              I am writing about our visit to the Yorkshire Dales
                                                              National Park, and Malham Cove in particular, during
         Malham                                               our week in Yorkshire.

                                                              I thought that the 6 mile walk up the hills of Malham
                                                              Cove was the best activity all week. It was great
                                                              exercise walking up the rocky mountains and the
                                                              slippery hills, but it was very dangerous jumping over
                                                              the limestone pavements. The strong wind made it
81 pupils in Year 6 and 8 staff visited the wonderful         even more treacherous. The scenery from the top of
city of York. We tackled many activities in the week          the hills was magnificent and made the climb
including the tough 6 mile walk to Malham Cove. It            worthwhile. I also found out that there were ancient
may have been tough for us but think of the poor old          huts on top of the hills.
                                                              I liked Malham the best of all the activities we did and
On the way north we visited Conkers Activity Centre           would like to go again. I hope I have made you want
which was fun for us all. I enjoyed the touch and see         to go there too.
part. On Monday evening we experienced the Ghost                                                By Mark Archibald.6Bd
Walk of York. There was a spooky atmosphere as
the walk took place at night time.

The rest of the week was packed with activities and                          ADVERTISEMENT
our accommodation was warm, cosy and comfy.                                  Puzzled by Maths?
We fell asleep on the way home—Bliss!
                                                                              GGD 121 Personal Tutoring
                                     Sophie-May Clarke                   Royston based maths tutor has a
                                                                         few places for further students.
                                                                         Special tutoring from Year 2 to
                                                                         GCSE level. Call Preet Gawera on
                                                                         0785 547 6153
                                                                GCSE MATHS CRASH COURSES available

                                                              LAUREN IS INVITED TO THE
 Mrs Playle’s                                                 QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY
 visit to Sierra

Mrs Annette Playle works at Greneway. Just before half
term she went to Sierra Leone, West Africa as a
volunteer with Mercy Ships.           Mercy Ships have        We asked Lauren Buchan in
converted three old cruise ships into floating hospitals      Year 8 about her big day at
with operating theatres that treat cataracts and broken       Buckingham Palace in June.
limbs. Mrs Playle wasn’t actually on a ship but was
with a group of six people from Royston church, helping       How did she get the
to finish building a land based clinic called New Steps.      invitation? “My mum
The New Steps clinic is in Freetown. There is a 200           applied on the CBBC
year old cotton tree in Freetown planted by the first         website.”
slaves who were set free. Hence the name of the town.         What will she wear?
The New Steps clinic is a place to help people who have       “Probably some formal
lost limbs in land mine explosions or through polio.          clothes, I haven’t really
They measure the amount of leg lost by comparing it to        decided yet.”
the other leg. Then they make the false leg and fit it.       Who will she take with her?
But they don’t give it to the patients until they are sure    “Alice Law and my mum.”
that it will not make blisters on their stump. It has to be   Will she get a present for
a perfect fit. Also in the centre there is a children’s       the Queen? What might she
playroom for the nurses to assess the children’s progress     get? “I think I’ll probably
if they have lost a leg too. Moreover, there is a rehab       give her some flowers.”
centre in which the people with new fitted limbs can          Will she get a birthday card
practice and learn to walk again. Mrs Playle was there        for the Queen? “I don’t
for eleven days as a delay at Gatwick Airport shortened       think so.”
her stay. The flight back was fine.                           How many other children
Interviewed by Lucy Smith 7CW, Matthew Spooner 7BG            are going? “There are 1000
                                                              children of all ages from all
and Ryan Bellamy 7CW
                                                              over the UK.”
                                                              Are you excited about the
                                                              party? “I’m really excited
                                                              and I feel very privileged to
                                                              be invited.”

                                                              Have a great day Lauren
                                                              and tell us all about it so we
                                                              can let everyone know what
                                                              you did and who you saw.
                                                              Can we have a photo too?
                                                                  Interview by Ryan Bellamy &
                                                                             Matthew Spooner

                 Year 7 returns from North Wales
                                                                                         Year 7 who
Mr Gee, 80 Year 7 pupils and 7 other adults went on the school journey. Mr               didn’t go to
Gee said ‘It was a fantastic week. The children learned lots about the history of        North Wales also
the country, about castles and the Welsh language itself. The children also              h a d          a n
seemed to enjoy the bridges at Ironbridge and on the Menai straights.”                   interesting and
Our school newsletter journalists went on the trip too and can recommend it to
                                                                                         varied       week
year 6 when they get to year 7. They interviewed some pupils about the journey           learning lots of
and Georgia Read said she would recommend it and her favourite part was the              things        they
Fun Centre. Mitchell Lawrence said he would recommend it, he quoted ‘YEAH                didn’t       know
definitely!!!’ His favourite part was Caernarfon castle. Corey Hill said that he         about Royston.
would recommend it and his favourite part was also the Fun Centre. Others said           They visited the
that the hotel was nice and the food was good, it was 4*. The Victorian village
at Blists Hill was also great fun.                                                       Cave, the Heath
                                   Interviews by Ryan, Lucy, Katherine & Matthew         and did the
                                                                                         Tow n       Tra il.
                                                                                         They       enjoyed
                                                                                         working with the
                                                                                         artist      Darcy
                                                                                         Tu r n e r     and
                                                                                         more. Perhaps
                                                                                         someone from
                                                                                         Year 7 will tell
                                                                                         us about their
                                   FUN CENTRE
       THE GAOL (JAIL)
                                                            WILL AT THE                  week?
                                                           COPPER MINES

                                                Guide Dogs
 We had a great letter from the Guide Dogs about the money we raised at Christmas. They told us that it was an
 amazing amount (£1443.34). There are almost 5,000 working guide dogs and over 2,000 puppies being
 prepared for training, dogs in advanced training and in retirement across the UK. Our money will help towards
 keeping and training all these dogs. 2006 is the 75th birthday of Guide Dogs. The biggest celebration is being
 held in conjunction with Blue Peter. It’s called ‘Bark in the Park’ and takes place on Sunday 28 May (this
 weekend) at Gloucester Park in Basildon.

                                      THE ROYSTON FUN RUN

 The Royston Fun Run took place on the Heath during the Easter holidays. Many
 Greneway pupils took part, including Hayden Erasmus, Daniel Jinkerson and
 Georgia Clark. We found out what it was like to be one of the runners.

 Hayden said “It was very good. The food and drinks at the end was my favourite part. I came
 second in the U11 boys run. I would definitely do the Fun Run again.”

 Daniel said “It was very enjoyable. Finishing was my favourite part. I was in 8th place overall. I
 would do it again next year and I’d like to beat my time.”

 Georgia said “I came second in the U13 girls run. I really enjoyed it. My training with someone
 who is faster than me really helped my performance. I wanted to sprint at the end to finish. I
 plan to do it next year too.”
                                                                     Interview by Emma Erasmus

        PEOPLE PROFILE No. 1                                    INTERACTIVE MATHS ROAD SHOWS
         Dave Hollingsworth
      Youth Development Worker                               Maths was made fun for Years 5 & 7 this week
                                                             when a road show visited the maths centre.
Mr Hollingsworth, or Dave as he likes to                     Over the course of two days Years 5 & 7 had
be known, is going to be a regular visitor                   the opportunity to experience lots of fun
to school. His official title is Youth                       puzzles, including a Large Sudoku and a
Development Worker.          He lives in                     Sliding Sam.
Cambridge but is based at the
Methodist Church in Royston. Dave is a                       We spoke to some of the pupils who enjoyed
Methodist Preacher and also has an Art                       the hands-on activities:
Ministry. He paints Christian art which
he uses as a preaching tool. He has                          Chloe E, 5Ri said “I enjoyed the part with the
been an artist for ten years and has                         sand very much. I’d        recommend the
exhibited his work all over the country.                     road show to                  other schools”.

Dave studied theology at Wesley House
in Cambridge.

His youth development work involves                          Robert in 5Ri said “I liked all the activities and
building relationships with schools and                      really enjoyed my day.”
the community.
                                                             Mitchell in 7Gv said “I liked the road show but
He is working with Greneway to give our                      some of the activities were a bit young for me.
young people of all faiths and cultures                      I’d recommend it to people though as a fun
the opportunity to experience art and                        way to learn maths.”
creativity as a way of expressing
                                                               The Greneway School Photography
We welcome Dave to our school and are                                    Competition
sure that we will gain a lot from his
                                                             We were delighted to welcome the Crow Editor,
experience dealing with young people.                        Mr Les Baker, to be our judge. He had a difficult
                                                             task. Although there weren’t very many entries
                                                             Mr Baker said “They are all of a good standard
     Instrumental Music Lessons                              and of a wide range of subjects.” After a long
If anyone is interested in learning to                       time, Mr Baker decided that the winning
                                                             photographs were those taken by Melanie Coates
 play an instrument and would like to                        (flower by blind), Stephanie Fox (self portrait),
 start in September you can put your                         Sophie Ovens (street entertainer) and Emily
name on a waiting list. Collect a form                       Richer (snow scene). Congratulations to the
                                                             winners and well done to everyone who
from the office. Instruments include:                        submitted a picture. They are all on display in
 Flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, cornet, horn,          the crush hall. Mr Baker has arranged for Daniel
  trombone, violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar        Watkinson, the Crow photographer, to meet all
(electric & acoustic), drum kit, piano, keyboard and         our entrants in school later this term to talk to
     all sizes of recorder beginner to grade 8.              them about his job as a professional

                            PSHE/CITIZENSHIP DAY AT GRENEWAY

What a busy day we had on Friday 28 April. There were 16 visitors in school.
They included Simon Gee a scientist at Johnson Matthey, David May who
sources new products for Tesco, Sarah Campbell currently training to be a
radiographer, Sandra Ready bi-linguist and international representative for
Johnson Matthey, Adrian Wood GP, Oliver Heald MP, Royston Fire & Rescue
team representatives, Diane Thompson from Connexions, Charlotte Sandwell
and Nicky from North Herts College and PC Jeff Mason. We spoke to Mr Gee,
our PSHE organiser, and some pupils about the day.

Mr Gee said “It was very good of people to give up their time and come in to
school to tell us about their jobs, like Oliver Heald, our local MP.”
Scott said “It was an interesting day but would be even more interesting if we
had a theatre group perhaps.”
Amy said “It was a good day because it gave us more choices about what we
could do when we are older and what qualifications we might need.”
Will said “It was an OK                  day but I’d like more computer time.”
James said, “A good                      Dr Wood demonstrates day.”
                                         a heart monitor      Sara
  Matthew & Georgia with
  Oliver Heald MP                            said ,“I’m impressed
                           all               t h e s e Mrs Campbell
                           visitors     gave up so talks about
                                              m u c h radiography

                                                       What career would you
                                                       choose? Matthew would like
                                                       to work in the motor industry
time to talk to                                        on car design. Lucy would
                 Mr May                                like to work in medicine,
us.      It was                                        particularly in surgery.
really interesting.”

                            If you have news, views or information for inclusion in the
                                Magpie please contact the Editor, Emma Daintrey,
                                           on 01763 243650 or email

                                  JOB VACANCY AT GRENEWAY

  We have the following job vacancy at Greneway. If you are interested please contact Mrs Janet
  Wakelin, Catering Manager on 01763 243650.

                                     Kitchen Assistant
  Required from 5 September 2006. £5.80/hour. 2 hours contract per day Monday—Friday. Term
  time only.

  A full CRB check will be required before work can commence.

                                                 Year 5 Activity Week

While their classmates were away at Manor Adventure on their residential trip to Shropshire, the Year 5
children who stayed at school had an interesting week discovering creepy crawlies, making marzipan
creatures, exploring the outdoors at Harlow Outdoor Activity Centre, making friends with Mustapha the
chameleon and lots more exciting activities. Here are some photos of their week in school.


                                               Mini-beasts in marzipan

                                               A visitor from Shepreth Wildlife Park
 Artwork in
  progress                                    While some children were in Shropshire
                                              we stayed back and met Andy, a man
                                              from Shepreth Wildlife Park. He came in
                                              because the theme of our week was mini-
                                              beasts. He showed us a millipede, a
                                              scorpion, a spider shed, a hissing
                                              cockroach, a leopard gecko, a giant land
                                              snail and two snakes.
                                                                       Tyler Gordon 5Gy

                       A Different Week

I was a bit sad that I wasn’t going to Shropshire but I knew that
I was going to have a brilliant week in school. The best time of
the week was when we went to Harlow Activity Centre when we
did canoeing, mountain boarding and problem solving. The
best activities were the canoeing and mountain boarding. We
went downhill on our board standing or sitting. I was worried
that I might fall in the river but I didn’t. That was a relief!     Meeting Mustapha
                                                                      and the mini-
I enjoyed the whole week but on Friday I was upset again               beasts from
because it was the end of the best week I have had at
Greneway. In Year 6 I can’t wait to go to York.                     Shepreth Wildlife
                                           Jessica Handley 5Gy            Park

                                         Year 5 in Shropshire

When Year 5 went to Shropshire on Monday 8 May I             My favourite activity in Shropshire was
was eager to set off and go. Everyone was excited as
they loaded their suitcases on to the coach. We              canoeing. The boat I was in was one of the
stopped off to have some lunch just before we reached        fastest on the lake.               We were the first
Manor Adventure. Soon after we arrived, we were told
which rooms we would be in and who we were sharing           boat in the lake.             Near the end of the
with.                                                        session we played a game where we had
Our first activity was raft building and well … it didn’t    to throw a ball into the other team’s boat.
fall apart but some people kind of jumped/fell in. We        The team’s were boys vs girls. The boys
were given 6 barrels, 6 pieces of rope and 4 planks of
wood. Then there was the hard bit, making the raft.          won!
We had to go out of the Manor Adventure Park to do                                                    By Ben Batchelor 5Gy
the Canoeing, Kayaking and raft building. Thankfully I
didn’t capsize in both the canoeing and kayak, although
we did a song that included lots of jumping up and
down in the boat!

I would probably say that my favourite activities were
the climbing, abseiling and the zip wire. In the
climbing we did some climbing (obviously) and some
bouldering. I really enjoyed this because I’d never
done bouldering before and it was where you had to
climb around the bottom of the wall without a harness
on and your head wasn’t allowed to go above the white
line which kept on going in all directions. The zip wire
was a little nerve-racking because you had to climb up
the ladder sideways and my heart was thumping when
I got to the top! I managed to get a bulls eye after my
8th go in the archery. I was quite rubbish at it to begin
with but after a while I got the hang of it.

Last of all was the abseiling. I loved it! Mrs Galley was
also good at this. When I got to the top the instructor      We set off a 9 am and arrived at Manor Adventure at around
told me to ‘lean right back’. It was exciting but at the     1.30 pm. As soon as we arrived we did a practice fire drill
same time I felt my heart flutter.
                                                             and had a tour of the site. After this we were told which
                                                             dormitories we were in which I thought was very fair as
I had a really enjoyable week in Shropshire and I fully
                                                             everyone was with a close friend. We were allowed to bring
recommend it to the next Year 5 who go.
                                    By Alice Atkins 5Gy      £2.50 which was for a postcard, a stamp and sweets.

                                                             As well as our school there were 6 other schools staying for
The best part of Shropshire was the                          the week. We challenged them to a football match which we
underground maze, because it wasn’t just fun it              won 10-5! The meals were gorgeous as there was a big
was scary too! It was pitch black so we had to               selection.
wear a helmet with a torch on the front. The
                                                             Throughout the week each group experienced a range of fun,
tunnels were tiny and flooded up to our knees.               confidence building activities, including raft building,
                                                             kayaking, canoeing, abseiling, rock climbing, underground
The zip wire was great too, and the hill walk.               maze, problem solving, orienteering and lots more. One of
We had to kiss a rock under a waterfall which                the activities was a 3 mile hill walk. At the top of the hill the
                                                             view was amazing. The instructors were very encouraging
is meant to be good luck but I think it was just             and didn’t force you or make you do anything, as a few of the
a joke!                                                      activities were nerve racking!

I wish I was there now.                                      Although I may have been an effective alarm clock, I think
                                        By Ellie Sims 5Gy    everybody enjoyed the week incredibly.
                                                                                                     By Eleanor Bishop 5Gy

                                                   SPORTS NEWS

                                                                    A Dozen Championships for Greneway

                                                                      North Herts Schools’ U.12 Basketball
                                                                       Association Championship FINAL
                                                                    St. Christopher School (Letchworth) were the hosts for this
            Corvus Cornix Basketball                                Year 7 NHSBA Final between Barclay School (Stevenage)
                                                                    and Greneway. The latter were looking to win their twelfth
                Summer Camp                                         title in fourteen years and maintain their 100% record for
                                                                    the season. The best two U.12 teams in North Herts – the
            Summer Holiday basketball fun!
                                                                    scene was set for a great game.
 Corvus Cornix BC are running a 3 day basketball camp at
               Royston Leisure Centre on:
                                                                    From the tip Greneway won possession and scored.
                             st                                     Barclay responded in kind. This pattern continued as both
           Monday, July 31 : 9.00 am – 1.00 pm
                                                                    teams looked comfortable in offence. Gradually Greneway
            Tuesday, August 1st: 9.00 – 1.00 pm
                                                                    tightened their defence and squeezed energy from Barclay
           Wednesday, August 2nd: 9.00 – 1.00 pm
                                                                    as they began to pass and move more effectively to end the
                                                                    period in control at 26 – 12.
                The camp is open to all years.
                                                                    The second period saw Greneway’s new five carry on the
          There will be a Year 3 & Year 4 session on
                                                                    great work of their team-mates as they increased the quality
               Wednesday August 2nd: 2 – 5 pm
                                                                    defence and used it to spring many excellent attacks.
                                                                    Barclay tried bravely to weather the storm but could find
                    More details to follow.
                                                                    little penetration as Greneway dominated all phases. The
                                                                    interval was reached with Greneway cruising at 48 – 18.

                                                                    The third quarter saw Barclay rally as they chased the game
                                                                    and understandably Greneway eased off. Barclay scored
                                                                    eight unanswered points for their best run. This aroused
                                                                    the reigning champions once more and they responded
                                                                    positively to end the period still in control at 61 – 35.

                                                                    The final quarter saw many changes as both benches were
Players                Points Assists Steals Rebounds Blocks        used and this allowed all players to shine and Greneway in
                                                                    particular were impressive. The team passing at times was
Joe Graves (V.Capt.)    4         7   5       7        5            very pleasing leaving Steve Darlow (EBBA) to say ‘the
Jack Beck               16        1   4       5        3
                                                                    individual skills of the Greneway players allied to their
James Richardson                  2   2       6        2
Leon Gibson             1         2   1       1                     work for each other was as good as you will see at such a
Tom Heginbottom         6         6   14      10       5            young age’. Barclay continued to work hard and were
Chay Woodford           2         3   5       5        4            never down but Greneway caused too many problems and
Ayrron Armstrong        8         2   7       8        4            greeted the buzzer at 79 – 38 for a well-deserved twelfth
Nathan Crossman         6         2   4       22       4            championship.
Daniel Jinkerson        8         3   6       17       5
Scott Elliott           2         5   5       17       6
Adam Monti (Capt.)      10        4   4       21       5                                    (Results Table)
Neil Addison            18        2   2       21       3
Jack Clarke             2         1   2       2        2
Will Annetts            2         1   2       1        3

Free throw Percentage: 52%
Coaches: Mr.Graves and Mr Dowler, Miss Gifford and
Charlotte Foulger
Thanks to: Referees: Mr. S.Darlow (EBBA) and Mr. P.
Kelly (St.Christopher) and St.Christopher School for
hosting the Final.

        Tesco Sports Vouchers –
          Equipment Arrives!

Thanks to the collection of 40,000
vouchers we have just received the                           North Herts Schools’ U.13 Cricket League
                                                                            Division 1
following PE equipment, which will
enhance our programme:                                 Greneway’s Year 8 cricketers travelled to Nobel School
                                                       (Stevenage) looking to re-establish their title credentials
                                                       after an unexpected loss to Heathcote last week.
   •    Gymnastics springboard x 2                     The visitors won the toss and decided to bat on a very good
   •    Crash mat                                      batting track. Openers Jackson (Capt.) and Brain (V.
                                                       Capt.), who had enjoyed a 56 run partnership in the
   •    Short tennis nets x 8                          previous game, got off to a steady start, before Brain
   •    Kwik cricket sets x 5                          unfortunately played onto his wicket.

                                                       Ingrey joined the fray and immediately set about the Nobel
                                                       attack. Jackson was then well bowled with an inswinging
                                                       yorker and Jones partnered Ingrey. This pairing proved to
                                                       be be pivotal to the Greneway innings, amassing 65 runs.

                                                       Scoring 90 for 6 was a ‘good knock’ in hot conditions and
Greneway School Sports Dates                           gave Greneway something to work with. Excellent fielding
                                                       was the order of the evening for Greneway as Stafford and
             Summer 2006                               Dacey took great catches at mid-on and square-on
June                                                   respectively. There were also two impressive run outs
T. 6      Year 7 Cricket vs. Priory (H)                involving Bentley and Ingrey and Chapple and Jones.
          NHSCA Division 1
                                                       Nobel could not match Greneway’s score and finished on
W. 7      Year 7/8 North Herts Schools’                78 for 6 from their allotted overs. This put Greneway back
          Athletics League (3.00 – 7.00pm)             on course as over results went in their favour – Heathcote
Th. 8     Year 5 Inter-form Swimming gala              losing.
          (3.20 – 4.15pm)
M. 12     Year 7 Cricket vs. Fearnhill (H)                    Batting                     How out       Runs
                                                       1.     Ben Jackson (Capt.)         bowled        10
          NHSCA Division 1                             2.     Jonathan Brain (V.Capt.)    bowled        0
W. 14     N.Herts Athletics Hurdles Heats and          3.     Ryan Ingrey                 Not out       41
          Discus Finals (Ridlins)                      4.     Brad Jones                  caught        6
W. 21     Year 7/8 N.Herts Athletics                   5.     Tom Dolden                  bowled        0
          Championships (8.00 – 5.00pm)                6.     Charlie Stafford            caught        0
                                                       7.     Will Dacey                  caught        2
M. 26     Sportsday Field Event Finals                 8.     Tom Bentley                 Not out       0
          (in lessons) Year 6 HJ Final                 9.     Liam Brammall               DNB
W. 28     Year 7/8 North Herts Schools’                10.    Callum Chapple              DNB
          Athletics League (3.00 – 7.00pm)             11.    Hayden Barnard (WK)         DNB
                                                                                          EXTRAS        27
M. 3      Sportsday Track Heats                                                           TOTAL         90 for 6
          (8.45 – 1.05pm)                              BOWLING
T. 4      Sportsday Finals (6.00 – 7.30pm)             B.Jackson: 4 - 0 - 15 – 1, B.Jones: 2 - 1 - 4 - 3 ; C.
W. 5      Sportsday Finals (6.00 – 7.30pm)             Chapple: 3 – 0 – 15 - 0; J.Brain: 4 – 0 – 9 – 1; W.Dacey:
                                                       2 - 0 - 11 - 0; R.Ingrey: 3 - 0 - 14 - 1
M. 10     Year 5/6 Athletics ‘meet’ with Roysia
          and St.Marys (3.30 – 5.30pm)

*The programme is likely to be amended with
additional events and possibly other changes
(P) = Provisional

                                    YEAR 6 Inter Form Swimming Gala 2006

Event                                POSITION/PERFORMANCE                                                         FORMS
                   5 points (1st)    4 points (2nd)    3 points (3rd)        2 points (4th)     1 point (5th)    Bd   Bt   KW   Lr   Wd
Boys             H Stafford         W Silverosa       T Hall                J Hall              L Hunter         5    4    2    1    3
Backcrawl        Bd 42.35*          Bt 47.94*         Wd 49.70*             KW 53.12*           Lr 67.89*
Girls            J Wright           K Hutson          L Crowley             N Ruocco-Trenouth   K Fox            9    5    4    4    8
Backcrawl        Wd 39.29*          Bd 46.44*         Lr 46.82*             KW 52.28*           Bt 60.09*
Boys             S Clayson          L Ireland         T Leggett             C Free              R Thomas         13   10   7    5    10
Breaststroke     Bt 39.41*          Bd 40.64*         KW 49.00*             Wd 64.76*           Lr 69.66*
Girls            C Hubbard          V Shepherd        L Woo-Sam             R Brown             E Williams       14   14   9    10   13
Breaststroke     Lr 45.82*          Bt 47.25*         Wd 52.16*             KW 52.25*           Bd 68.37*
Boys Butterfly I Pickett            J Middlemass      M Jackson             J Leighton          S Tobiss         16   17   14   11   17
               KW 15.98*            Wd 16.60*         Bt 17.47*             Bd 18.00*           Lr 19.80*
Girls Butterfly A Hildrop           K Stubbs          C Day                 M Gough             K Hutson         17   22   16   14   21
                Bt 17.38*           Wd 18.14*         Lr 18.95*             KW 19.56*           Bd 21.34*
Boys Freestyle S Cooper             B Coles           M Watson              R Lewis             M V-Roodenberg   23   26   19   16   22
               Bd 32.28*            Bt 33.41*         KW 38.20*             Lr 41.56*           Wd 48.84*
Girls Freestyle J Wright            A Hildrop         Z Reader              S McAndrew          L Skeggs         25   26   22   17   27
                Wd 31.18*           Bt 33.41*         KW 40.09*             Bd 41.41*           Lr 46.09*
Boys Medley      W Silverosa        L Ireland         T Hall                J Hall              R Lewis          29   35   24   18   30
Relay            M Jackson          J Leighton        J Middlemass          I Pickett           R Thomas
                 S Clayson          K Willis-Wright   A Gooding             T Leggett           S Tobiss
                 M Brennan          A Mills           T Stacy               T Geddes            L Hunter
                 Bt 1.14.53*        Bd 1.16.31*       Wd 1.23.87*           KW 1.24.28*         Lr 1.31.09*
Girls Medley     K Stubbs           C Day             C Fisher              B Hinton            E Williams       30   37   27   22   35
Relay            L Woo-Sam          Z Quinn           M Gough               A Hildrop           S McAndrew
                 A Beckwith         L Crowley         H Levitt              T Payne             S Cooper
                 J Wright           C Hubbard         Z Reader              K Fox               K Hutson
                 Wd 1.15.48*        Lr 1.24.25*       KW 1.36.63*           Bt 1.44.34*         Bd 1.44.44*
Boys Freestyle S Cooper             S Clayson         A Gooding             M McLean            S Tobiss         35   41   29   23   38
Relay          K Willis-Wright      W Silverosa       M V-Roodenberg        W Trotti            R Lewis
               J Leighton           M Brennan         T Stacy               M Watson            L Hunter
               H Stafford           M Jackson         J Middlemass          J Seabrook          R Thomas
               Bd 60.35*#           Bt 61.03*         Wd 1.11.63*           KW 1.15.26*         Lr 1.16.34*
Girls Freestyle H Houghton          L Woo-Sam         C Wright              L Skeggs            M McCarthy       38   43   30   25   42
Relay           A Hildrop           K Stubbs          C Berry               C Cooper            C Fisher
                M Mansfield         J Wright          S McAndrew            E Simons            H Levitt
                A Lord              A Beckwith        E Williams            R Smith             Z Reader
                Bt 63.90*#          Wd 66.17*         Bd 70.90*             Lr 1.13.63*         KW 1.15.22*
*=Personal       # = Record                                                 POSITIONS                            3    1    4    5    2
        Special thanks to: Mr Graves, Mr Dowler, Mrs Balsom, Mrs Day, Alice Hully, Marie Walsh, Molly Whittaker, Mrs Bradfield,
        Mrs Kelly, Miss Wild, Miss Latimer

                               YEAR 7 Inter Form Swimming Gala 2006

Event                                POSITION/PERFORMANCE                                      FORMS
                   5 points (1st)    4 points (2nd)    3 points (3rd)    2 points (4th)   BG   Cw    Fn   Gv
Boys Backcrawl M Scott              B Upton           K Ogilvie         R Foster          3    2     5        5
               Gv 43.77             Fn 43.77          BG 45.18          Cw 57.47

Girls Backcrawl B Boulton           O Mindel          L Rivers          L Silverosa       6    4     9        10
                Gv 37.53            Fn 43.64          BG 44.41          Cw 46.91

Boys              L Maslin          S Watson          J Graves          R Hutchings       11   9     12       12
Breaststroke      BG 36.25          Cw 41.75          Fn 41.79          Gv 49.35

Girls             G McPeanne        L Urbas           K Palmer          G Clarke          13   12    16       17
Breaststroke      Gv 42.84          Fn 43.46          Cw 49.81          BG 55.67

Boys Butterfly    T Fynn            J Beck            J Richardson      S Watson          16   14    20       22
                  Gv 20.01          Fn 20.03          BG 20.12          Cw 20.22

Girls Butterfly   L Lewis           L Smith           A Pearson         H Woodley         21   18    23       24
                  BG 14.13          Cw 17.47          Fn 18.30          Gv 18.71

Boys Freestyle    L Gibson          T Heginbottom     O Lee-Stevens     J Clarke          23   21    28       28
                  Fn 35.95          Gv 36.07          Cw 39.50          BG 40.25

Girls Freestyle   K Yarwood         E Erasmus         E Burton          M Coates          26   25    33       30
                  Fn 27.83          Cw 28.50          BG 30.97          Gv 33.25

Boys Freestyle    L Maslin          R Hutchings       N Crossman        J Clarke          31   27    36       34
Relay             J Richardson      M Scott           J Beck            R Foster
                  S Elliott         T Heginbottom     B Upton           O Lee-Stevens
                  A McNeill         T Fynn            J Thompson        S Watson
                  BG 1.05.93        Gv 1.06.41        Fn 1.07.34        Cw 1.20.16
Girls Freestyle   L Urbas           H Woodley         A Symonds         L Rivers          33   30    41       38
Relay             O Mindel          K Lucken          Z Collings        R Caddick
                  R Robinson        O Wilkinson       C Reeves          G Clarke
                  K Yarwood         M Whittaker       E Erasmus         E Burton
                  Fn 1.01.33        Gv 1.10.00        Cw 1.11.05        BG 1.14.69
Boys Medley R     L Gibson          J Richardson      R Hutchings       R Foster          37   32    46       41
                  J Graves          L Maslin          T Fynn            S Watson x 2
                  J Beck            K Ogilvie         M Lawrence        O Lee-Stevens
                  T Oxley           N Addison         T Heginbottom
                  Fn 1.23.49        BG 1.23.84        Gv 1.26.28        Cw 1.36.53
Girls Medley R    P Baron           B Boulton         C Raymen          C Reeves          40   34    51       45
                  J Biddlecombe     A Johnson         G Reid            L Silverosa
                  K Yarwood         M Coates          E Burton          E Erasmus
                  A Pearson         G McPeanne        L Lewis           K Palmer
                  Fn 1.12.09        Gv 1.16.46        BG 1.17.09        Cw 1.17.47
                                                                        POSITIONS         3    4     1        2

   Special thanks to: Mr Dowler, Mrs Balsom, Mr Graves, Mrs Foulger, Miss Flitton, Mrs Blay, Miss Crowther,
   Alice Hully, Marie Walsh

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    Summer Rugby Camp at
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