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         Praise be to ALLAH who revealed to his servant the book ,
a miracle that gives evidence to the truth of his prophethood .
prayer and peace for our leader and prophet Mohammad, who is
supported by this light and who causes people to issue from the
depths of darkness to light . prayer and peace for his household
and companions al to gether .
         If science becomes sublime by its subject . the science of
AL- QURAN. Is the most hanourble science for its subject is the
words of God the majestic. the glorious QURAN is the miracle of
the prophet ( prayer and peace for him and his household ) , the
miracle by which the challenge is still standing till God inherits
the earth and all that is on it . he is the best inheritor .
         This challenge is not confined to the Arabs only . it come as
an all encompassing one . it comprises humans and spirits ( JINS)
as in the words of God .“ say : if the whole of mankind and jinn’s
were to gather to produce the like of this QURAN , they could not
produce the like there of even if they backed up each other. ( AL –
Israa , verse 88   ( the Arabs realized the miracle of the QURAN by their
sound Arabian nature, by what God endowed them with sound
taste, sensitive feeling, eloquence and rhetoric. The QURAN
became the pivot of their thinking and a goal for their writings.
Scientists talked abundantly about the miracle of the QURAN and
researched about the mystery of the miraculous QURANIC

expression most of their studies dealt with its language , its
unique style ,and its unfamiliar versification.
     This concern obviously appears in “ the theory of
versification” whose most eminent adherent Imam Abdul Qadir
Al-Jerjani brought it into existence so as to prove that it is the
phase of the miracle in the Glorious QURAN. versification is
nothing to him but seeking the grammatical meaning. Out of this
came the importance of grammar in revealing the secret of the
versification of the QURAN .that is why the books on the miracle
paid great attention to grammar.
       Especially those that came after the theory of versification
in this study we discussed three books about the miracle of the
QURAN . they are : “ Nihayet- el- EEJAZ FI DIRAYAT AL –
IJAZ " by FAKHR- El – DEEN AL- RAZI ( 606 A . H) “ AL-
BURHAN – el – KASHIF an IJAZ al- QURAN " by Kamal – Il
Deen AL- Zamlakani ( 651 A. H ) the grammatical trend is
manifest in these two books since they were influenced by “the “
theory of versification " that is one reason why I have chosen
them among other books about the miracle.
     There are other reasons which will be mentioned whitin this
thesis . the third book is “ Mutorak – Al – Aqran Fi I’jaz Al-
QURAN (911 A.H ) this books represents a comprehensive book
covering his predessors views about the miracle aided by the
books of interpretation rhetoric and grammar books it made use of
grammar in understanding the Quranic Text . by this book our

study becomes more comprehensive and more advantages – if G.
d will- As for the references of the study, they are headed by the
glorious QURAN, the miracle of Arab Experience and its eternal
constitution .
      I have been much absorbed in it and meditating on its verses
days and months enlightened by searching into the books of the
miracle , interpretation , books on grammar , rhetoric ancient and
modern the plan of the research included an introduction , four
chapters and a conclusion showing a summary of what was
written in the research .
      The first chapter introduces the three books and their
authors it consists of three sections . The first deals with “
Nihayat Al – I’jaz " , the second deals with “ Al – Burhan al-
Kashif " , and the third deals with (Mutarak-Al-Aqran).
      The second chapter is about grammatical thought in the
books about the miracle . It included four sections . The first one
deals with the principles of grammar, the second deals with the
frontiers of grammar , the third deals with ellipsis , the fourth
deals with grammar and semantics ( meaning ) .
      The third chapter deals with the different means of
exprellion mentioned in the QURAN and studied by grammarians
and rhetoricians under the title ( grammatical styles) .It is divided
into five sections.
      The first section deals with the form of interrogation , its
derices and the most important implications that it conveys the

second section deals with the form of condition and its devices .
the third section deals with the form of emphasis , illustrating the
emphatic forms and the inclusion of emphatic devise in a
connected study.
     The fourth section deals with the form of negation , a study
of its devices . the third section is about the form of
proclammation and showing its importance .
     The fourth chapter deals with the grammatical subject that
were recurrent in books about the miracle . It consist of three
sections : the first is on verb, the second on noon’s in the dative
case “ those haring the diacritic – al mark Fatha" , the third about
the Annexes I following the fourth chapter with a conclusion that
includes a summary of the research and most important results,
then a list of the references, the research depends on .
     I did my best to be sincere to this research and in fact I did
my utmost for it because in addition to its being a research in
grammar ,it is also a research about the miracle of the Book Allah
.I call my God to make my research beneficial and grant it the
blessing of satisfaction and acceptance.


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