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									                                      What is Vegan
The word vegan represents where vegetarianism begins and ends.

Vegetarian do not eat the flesh of any animal.
Vegans do not eat or use anything that has ever come from any animal, in any way.

                  Vegetarians and vegans agree that the definition of animal is:
                                    anything with a heart beat.
                        (Just to clarify this includes insects and sea life)

That means vegans do not eat or use eggs, milk, honey, silk, animal proteins, products refined
through bone, products tested on animals and so forth. The list, unfortunately, is almost endless.

Since most people don't know what vegan is (and often what vegetarian is) vegans are often
accidentally excluded, ignored, and stereotyped. Vegans have just as much right to eat as anyone
else does and there is no excuse to not provide them with ease of access. That's why we need to
know what a vegan is, and why they're vegan, to include them.

Why People are Vegan

   – Some religions teach at their core that eating animals is wrong, and this is usually
       because all animals have intrinsic value and are not valued only for their use
       to humans
   – Followers of other religions interpret their religion in a unique way. Instead of applying
       basic rights to all humans, they think their religion wants them to apply basic rights to all
       living things
   – Many vegans believe that factory farming is wrong because it involves confining animals
       to conditions that are worse than any horror film or torture facility
   – By eating animal by-products like eggs and milk humans are paying money to keep alive
       animals in factory farms that will be killed for their meat once they're useless
   – Animals are ethically equal to humans and since murder is illegal and immoral killing
       cows, and other animals is also immoral and should be illegal (as it is in parts of India)
       This is also the origin of the common phrase meat is murder
   – Vegans acknowledge that 51% of greenhouse gases (the cause of climate change) come
       from the meat industry, and that animal by products also fuel the meat industry
   – Eating animals or using their by products causes water pollution, destroys land, and sucks
       up fossil fuels
   – Vegan diets are low in fat, free of cholesterol. Omnivores have a 9 times higher obesity
       rate than vegans
   – Vegan diets are mostly free of endocrine disrupters (which cause cancer among other
       diseases), 71% of those ingested in food come from milk
Variations of Vegans
Vegan may be the end of vegetarianism, but it isn't the end of how people concerned about their
health and the environment eat. Many different groups take a basic vegan diet and exclude other

They are less common than vegans, but just like vegans they need to be included. Anyone can eat
what a vegan or a variation of vegan can eat, but a vegan can't eat what everyone else eats.

             Making these foods available serves the greatest number of students.

Organic Vegan
- some vegans will only eat organic food for health or environmental reasons
- food must come from a certified organic farmer
- the certification must be from a third party whose organic criteria has been looked into

Soy Free Vegan
- soy is bad for the environment so they don't eat it
- can't eat tofu or soy milk
- some will eat soy if it is organic

Raw Vegan
- will not eat anything cooked above 48 degrees Celsius or 118 degrees Fahrenheit
- there are health, environmental, and religious reasons for being raw vegan
- eat typical vegan foods with a twist, such as they often use dates as a binder

Gluten Free Vegan
- do not eat wheat because of environmental impacts
- eat products that would typically have wheat (like wraps and pizza) but have alternatives like
rice or tapioca

- vegans that believe that they should not kill anything to eat it, including plants.
- strict fruitarians will only eat food that will fall naturally
→ this includes fruits and other foods that are not typically considered fruits such as eggplants,
tomatoes, and cucumbers.
→ strict fruitarians will not eat seeds.
- different variations of fruitarians will eat seeds, nuts, and grains but will still not eat anything
that has to be removed from the plant in a way that will kill it
- many fruitarians are also raw and organic vegans.
Foods Vegans Cannot Eat (in Alphabetical Order)

The following are ingredients vegans can not have. Vegans are very careful about their diet (and
for good reason) and care should be taken into checking that food labeled vegan really is vegan.
There are many other things vegans cannot eat, but this list contains some of the most common

Ingredient        Explanation                                      Alternatives
acetate,          Can come from fish liver oil, egg yolks or        The product can be made from
acetylated,       butter. This ingredient is not always taken       plants such as lemongrass,
aliphatic,        from animal sources, but the manufacturer         carrots, and wheat germ oil.
vitamin A,        must be contacted and specifically asked
retinol,          about how the product is made before it can
palmitate         be labeled as vegan. It is usually easier to just
                  avoid it.
albumen or        Protein that comes from egg whites, milk or      In food it is usually a
albumin           animal blood. See eggs, milk or meat for         preservative so it can be
                  further explanation.                             replaced with other
amino acid or     Comes from a variety of animal sources. This Amino acids that are derived
theronine         ingredient is not always taken from animal       from plant sources.
                  sources, but the manufacturer must be
                  contacted and specifically asked about how
                  the product is made before it can be labeled
                  as vegan. It is usually easier to just avoid it.
amylase           An enzyme that comes from the pancreas of        Vegetable based enzymes.
calcium           A powder that can come from bones, teeth, or Calcium carbonate from
carbonate         shells. This ingredient is not always taken       limestone, marble, chalk or
                  from animal sources, but the manufacturer         plant ash.
                  must be contacted and specifically asked
                  about how the product is made before it can
                  be labeled as vegan. It is usually easier to just
                  avoid it.
carmine,        A red dye that is made from the crushed up         Dyes from plants.
carminic acid, female cochineal insect. 70,000 beetles can
red number 4 or be killed to produce one pound of carmine.
cochineal E20
casein or         Casein is a milk protein. See milk for further   Casein adds texture and is not
caseinogen        explanation.                                     essential in cheeses. In protein
                                                                   powders it can be substituted
                                                                   with soy or rice protein.
chocolate         Chocolate is an umbrella term that hides         Dark chocolate made without
                  sugar and milk content. See sugar and milk       milk and with acceptable sugar
                  for further explanation.                         types.
choleciferol, or A vitamin that is derived from lanolin (the       D2 which is obtained from
D3               wool of sheep) or from fish oil.                  fungus.
diglyceride or A glyceride from animal fats found in               Synthetic alternatives or plant
monoglycerides margarine, cake mixed and so forth. This            based diglycerides or
               ingredient is not always taken from animal          monoglycerides.
               sources, but the manufacturer must be
               contacted and specifically asked about how
               the product is made before it can be labeled
               as vegan. It is usually easier to just avoid it.
egg               In factory farms chickens live in crowded        As a binder can easily be
                  wire cages and often have their beaks cut off    replaced by silken tofu, baking
                  without anesthetics. Lighting is used to         soda and baking powder mix,
                  simulate spring several times a year so that     commercial vegan egg
                  they produce more. When chickens decline in      replacers, apple sauce or
                  egg production (after a year usually, even       bananas.
                  though they have a lifespan of six plus years)
                  they are killed. When breeding chickens to
                  get females to lay eggs male chicks are
                  ground up or gassed alive because they are
                  not necessary.
fatty acid,        An acid that can come from a variety of         Acids made from vegetables
stearic, caprylic, animals. See meat for further explanation.      such as soy lecithin, safflower
myristic, oleic,                                                   oil, or sunflower oil.
palmitic, stearic
or behenic
gelatin or        A texture or thickening additive that is made    Corn syrup adds some texture,
gelatine          by boiling the skin and bones of animals,        but most of the time texture
                  usually cows and pigs.                           can be sacrificed.
glycerin or       A liquid that may be made from animal fat.       Glycerin from plant sources.
glycerol          This ingredient is not always taken from
                  animal sources, but the manufacturer must be
                  contacted and specifically asked about how
                  the product is made before it can be labeled
                  as vegan. It is usually easier to just avoid it.
Honey, propolis Bees are often gassed, accidentally crushed        Sweeteners such as maple
or beeswax      alive, or killed on purpose when humans            syrup or agave.
                harvest their byproducts. They are often
                transported around the country to pollinate
                crops and undergo high stress and pesticide
isinglass           Often found in the refining process of        Bentonite and irish moss are
                    alcohol, a type of gelatin taken from the air effective refining agents.
                    bladder of fish. When serving alcohol the
                    manufacturer must be contacted to determine
                    how the alcohol was refined (beer is often
                    done through isinglass or gelatin and wine
                    through egg whites).
Lactose or          Lactose is a natural occurring sugar in milk.      Products can simply come
lactic acid         See milk for further details. Lactic acid          without lactose. Lactic acid
                    usually comes from fermenting lactose. This        can be made from non animals
                    ingredient is not always taken from animal         sources.
                    sources, but the manufacturer must be
                    contacted and specifically asked about how
                    the product is made before it can be labeled
                    as vegan. It is usually easier to just avoid it.
Lard , suet,        Fat from a variety of animals. See meat for        Alternative taste agents such
tallow or           further details.                                   as synthetics.
meat (cow,          Each animal is farmed differently but some         All forms of meat have non
chicken, duck,      common links between many are they can             meat alternatives. Soy or seitan
fish, goat,         legally be transported to the slaughter house      (wheat protein) chicken wings,
mollusc, sheep,     for 52 hours without food or water, mothers        hot dogs, meatballs, burgers
shellfish, rabbit   are removed from their children in 24-48           and so forth can be found in
and so forth)       hours after birth, they are confined in cages      the freezer section of most
                    that are not large enough for them to turn         grocery stores now.
                    around, they often have pneumonia or cancer
                    at time of slaughter, and they are forced to
                    double in weight in short periods of time.
milk, milk          Cows must be pregnant to give milk. Male        Soy, almond or rice milk are
solids or milk      babies typically become veal calves, which is all common alternatives.
protein             considered the worst form of treatment any
                    animal endures. Veal cows are forced to be
                    anemic and not allowed to move so that they
                    do not develop muscle. Milk cows usually
                    live short lives and are killed as soon as they
                    can no longer produce milk.
natural flavor      Natural flavor could be anything that is         Natural flavors that label
                    natural, including products from animals.        where they come from such as
                    This ingredient is not always taken from         spices.
                    animal sources, but the manufacturer must be
                    contacted and specifically asked about how
                    the product is made before it can be labeled
                    as vegan. It is usually easier to just avoid it.
rennet or rennin A hardening substance (used mostly in                 Vegan cheese does not contain
                   cheese) that is extracted from the stomach     rennet, it is not required.
                   lining of a baby cow or goat. By law it is not
                   required to be labeled as an ingredient so the
                   company must be contacted. If it is in normal
                   cheese the cheese is usually not considered
shellac or E904 Shellac is a secretion from insects usually           Shellac only has aesthetic
                found in candy.                                       value and is not necessary.
sugar, glucose,    25% of all sugar is refined through cow bones      Raw, organic, or evaporated
fructose, brown    so it is unacceptable to eat sugar that does not   cane sugar are all not refined
sugar, icing       label how it was refined. It takes the 7,800       and thus okay for vegans.
sugar etc.         cows to make one sugar filter that will last for   Companies like Redpath and
                   5-10 years.                                        Lantic refine their sugar
                                                                      through plant or mineral (non
                                                                      animal) filters and are also
tofu and soy       Soy (and one of its most common byproducts         Organic tofu is the easiest
                   tofu) is well known for its heavy                  option but soy can easily be
                   contamination of pesticides and frequent           replaced with rice, almond or
                   addition of GMOs.                                  wheat in nearly all cases.
whey               A by product of the milk separation process        Can be replaced by soy, rice,
                   that isolates casein and fat. See milk for         or wheat.
                   further explanation.

Foods that should be available

The following are foods that should always be available on campus for vegans to be healthy and
feel at home.

Food Name         Explanation
Agave             Agave is a natural plant based sweetener, derived from cacti, that many vegans
                  use as a sugar, honey, and maple sugar alternative.
Almond, rice, Almond and rice milk are high in calcium, have no cholesterol and are an
or organic soy essential staple because some people will not drink soy. If soy milk is available
milk           it must be organic because of the high GMO and pesticide rate in soy.
Beans             Beans like lentils, chick peas and kidney beans are high in fiber, iron and
                  protein. They can be served in cold salads, as sprouts, in soups, and in wraps.
Comfort Food There are so many comfort food options for omnivores and vegetarians that
             vegans often feel left out and lonely. Organic coffee and tea are a must because
             they can be produced in countries that use pesticides like DDT. Baked goods
             are important and egg can easily be replaced with silken tofu, banana, apple
                sauce, or a baking soda and baking powder mix depending on the recipe.
Grains          Whole grains like wheat and millet are good in breads. Quinoa is excellent in
                cold salads as it has even more protein than meat.
Fake Meat       Fake meats made from soy, beans and seitan (a wheat protein) are an important
                part of a vegan diet because of their high iron and protein. Examples are veggie
                burgers, tofu dogs, soy chicken strips and tofurkey. With fake meat products the
                ingredients must be double checked, as often they are vegetarian and not vegan.
Hummus          Hummus is a chickpea dip that is high in fiber, vitamin C, and iron. It can be
                served with pitas or vegetables. Hummus is also good because it is high in fat
                and provides the calories most vegan foods do not.
Jam             Jam makes bagels and sandwiches healthier because of extra fruit content. Jams
                with high vitamin C content are the best. Make sure jams do not contain sugar
                or glucose.
Margarine       Most margarines contain whey or casein and are not vegan – so be careful when
                finding a vegan margarine. Margarine is simply a food additive that should be
                supplied because omnivores are readily supplied with the alternative butter.
Organic Fruit   Vegans need to have 5-7 servings of fruit a day and foods free of pesticides are
                best. Some fruits that are essential to always have available on campus are
                apples, bananas, berries, oranges, tomatoes. Dried fruits are good as well.
Organic         Root vegetables must be organic because the root is where pesticides
Potatoes        concentrate. Sweet potatoes and variations like squash and yams are very
Organic         It is preferred that vegetables be organic to reduce their pesticide content.
Vegetables      Essential vegetables include carrots, spinach, broccoli, celery and kale.
Peanut Butter   Peanut butter is a great source of protein and can be added to many things.
                Most brands of peanut butter have sugar so there needs to be some without.
Rice            Brown or wild rice is a good source of protein and fiber. Since many people
                will not eat wheat rice alternatives should be available like rice pitas, wraps,
                and pizza crusts.
Salad           Salads with a variety of vegetables (lettuce, carrots, peppers, tomatoes,
                cucumbers) are extremely healthy. The dressing must not have sugar and other
                non-vegan products. It is very easy to make vegan versions of common
                dressings such as Caesar salad that has no fish or eggs.
Soy Yogurt      Soy based yogurt is a great snack that is high in calcium and often vitamin D.
Soup            Vegetable soups such as carrot, sweet potato or mixed vegetable are simply
                another easy way to have access to healthy food. They are also very easy to
                make in large quantities.

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