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									QAD Configurator

          Rea Buchanan QAD
          September 24, 2007
       Landscape & Challenges
       Overview of QAD Solution
       Availability & Roadmap
       Differentiators & Business Value

QAD Proprietary
       The Landscape for Product Companies
       Customers want: high quality, fast delivery, low
        price, and ……
       Choices to meet their specific needs
       Competitive advantage can be gained by offering
        products tailored to the specific customer need
       If you elect not to offer the choices, your
        competition will !
       This trend demands mass customization “the
        development, production, marketing, and delivery
        of customized products and services on a mass
        basis” (Joseph Pine, MIT)
QAD Proprietary
  Some Products are Just Complex !
       Pumps, Motors, Cylinders, Regulators
       Switches, Electrical and Electronic Components
       Windows, Doors, Cabinets
       Automobiles, Boats, Off-Highway Equipment,
       Machine Tools, Fabrication Equipment
       Appliances, Computers
       Locomotives, Air Planes, Mass Transit Cars

QAD Proprietary
  As proliferation and complexity increase:
       Engineering effort and cost increase
       Order entry effort and potential for error
       Pricing becomes more complex
       Lead time prior to manufacturing increases
       Inventory and manufacturing lead time increase
       Component material shortages increase
       Expediting costs increase
       Configuration knowledge is centered in a few
        key people
QAD Proprietary
       The Solution
       Product Configurator
                  – Software used to guide one through the order entry
                    and pricing process
                  – Software which configures items, bills of material,
                    routings, manufacturing orders and calculates costs
                  – Logic (rules) validates inter-dependencies, inclusions,
                    and exclusions
                  – Rules perform calculations for BOM quantities,
                    weights, volume, pricing, etc.
                  – Software supports multi-level configurations
                    (configuration within a configuration)
       All Configurators do not have the same
QAD Proprietary
       QAD Configurator
        Provides the tools to easily configure complex products
         during quotation and order entry without the need for
         technical knowledge of the product
        Supports the configuration process for engineering and
         manufacturing in the back office and for sales in the front
        Improve the quality of the configuration process to avoid
         costly mistakes and time delays
        Captures business knowledge in a central repository

QAD Proprietary
       Streamlines Order Entry
                           Configured line item
                            triggers a rules based
                            Questionnaire pop-up

QAD Proprietary
       Integrated with MFG/PRO
                         Sales Quotes and Orders
                         Item Master
                         Product Structure
                         Routing
                         Pricing
                         Costs

QAD Proprietary
                  QAD Configurator – MFG/PRO
                                      Variant Number
                                                       Item Master
     Generic Item
                                                           Generic Item

                  Configurator                   MFG/PRO

                                                           Generic BOM
                          BOM & Routing
                                                     Generic Routing
QAD Proprietary
       Generic Item

                  Trigger the Configuration Process


QAD Proprietary
                      Recognized as a Generic Item
       Generic Item
                            Configurator Database

QAD Proprietary
       Configurator Integration          Sales Order Maintenance

                                  Called from MFG/PRO®

                             Configurator Questionnaire
QAD Proprietary
       Knowledge Base
        Variables, options, features, and feature options
         are the means by which you define all the aspects of
         your products that can be configured.
                  – Variables are characteristics of products that can have a range
                    of different values. (e.g.. Color)
                  – Variable Options are possible values for variables. (e.g. red,
                    green, blue, yellow)
                  – Features are variables that have been linked to a generic item.
                  – Feature Options are possible values for features.
                  – Rules – mutually inclusive/exclusive

QAD Proprietary
       Variables   Characteristics of the Configuration
                                Configurator Database

QAD Proprietary
       Options    Linked to a Discrete Variable
                       Configurator Database

QAD Proprietary
       Knowledge Base - Rules
        General Rules: Used for more than one Generic Item;
         defined independent of the item
        Rule-Groups: Contains general rules generally relating
         to the same topic
        Item Rules: Rules specific to a generic item
        Item Rule Groups: Used to link general rule groups
         to a specific generic item
        General Rule Tables: A matrix table of multiple
         variables, conditions (up to 20 columns) and result
         variables; an easy way to create multiple rules
        Item Rule Tables: Contains a rule tables specific to a
         particular generic item

QAD Proprietary
       Knowledge Base - Building Rules
        Rule form:
                  IF a specified condition occurs,
                  THEN a particular conclusion results
                  ELSE an alternative conclusion results
        Normal format clauses take the form of a simple
         variable = option; for example:
                  IF operation = manual
        Advanced format clauses take the form of variable =
         expression; for example:
                  IF width < 0.5 * length
        Free Format clauses take the form of a Boolean
         expression which is either true or false; for example:
                  IF (width > 200 and color = arctic white)

QAD Proprietary
       Rules                   Internal Rules: Between Variables
                                          Configurator Database


                                       IF Yes, Will Show Up
                                         Inventory Window

                                                                Page 07

QAD Proprietary
                  Rule Table
       Knowledge Exploitation
       Configuration Output Processor (COP)
      Processes the answers from the questionnaire
       and converts the information into a variant
      Converts the result, using rules, to select the
       necessary components and operations from the
       generic BOM and Routing
      Calculates “per quantity” and “times” using
       formulas for the variant BOM and Routing
      Defines the format of the variant item number

QAD Proprietary
       Generic BOM                            All Possible Components
                                                 Product Structure File
                  Family Item

                  Generic Item



QAD Proprietary
                                  All Possible Operations
       Generic Routing
                                              Routing File

                                        Dynamic Comments

QAD Proprietary
                    Configuration Engine
       COP Rules   Configurator Database

                                CONDITION TO GET
                                THIS COMPONENT

                                FORMULA AGAINST
                                ANY FIELD

QAD Proprietary
                      Define An Unique Variant
       Key Features
                        Configurator Database

                                         By selecting the
                                         same answers to
                                          these questions,
                                         The Configurator
                                             will advise
                                           using the same
                                            Variant code

QAD Proprietary
                                  With Any Field
       Roll-Up Functions
                           Configurator Database




QAD Proprietary
                  Configuration Statistics
                  Configurator Database

                                      Starting The

QAD Proprietary
                      New End Item, Sub-Assembly, or
       Variant Item                      Component
                                           Item File

QAD Proprietary
                                       Product Structure File
       Variant BOM

                  CALCULATED VALUES


QAD Proprietary
                                       Routing File
       Variant Routing

                  Dynamic Comments


QAD Proprietary
   Price is calculated during configuration
  Price can be:
          –   Roll-up of component prices
          –   Roll-up of prices associated with options
          –   Feature pricing attributes
          –   Affected by existing price & discount tables
          –   Manually adjusted with net prices
          –   Manual price lists

QAD Proprietary
       Product Configuring Process Steps
           Maintaining     Maintaining
           Generic Item   Generic BOM

            Maintaining   Maintaining
                                         Variables &
             Groups       Generic Item

            Features &
                                          Analysis      Legend

                             Cross       Configuring
           Maintaining                    Product in      QAD
          COP Formulas                      SO/SQ      Configurator
QAD Proprietary
       Technology Specifications
       Progress 4GL based
       Supports MS Windows platform, only
       Client supports MFG/PRO GUI, only
       Progress release: 9.1E or OE10
       Progress DB
       MFG/PRO support (Configurator V4.3)
                  – eB2 SP10
                  – eB2.1 SP3 (other versions as Services offering)
       Available languages: US, GE (other languages on
QAD Proprietary
       Availability and Future Plans
       September, 2007 V4.3.1 Release
                  – Compatibility with eB2 SP 11-12; eB2.1 SP 4-6
                  – All known defects resolved
       March, 2008
                  – Questionnaire rewrite to .NET
                  – Integration with Customer Self Service (CSS)
       September, 2008
                  – Functional enhancements from Configurator Advisory
                  – Rewrite back end functions to .NET UI

QAD Proprietary
       Key Differentiators
        QAD core product
        Sound and solid set of functionality
        Built-in integration to QAD MFG/PRO
        Results proven in the field

QAD Proprietary
       Value Proposition – Proven Results
       Formalizes product knowledge in a central
       Reduces Engineering effort and costs
       Streamlines order processing while eliminating
       Simplifies pricing and eliminates errors
       Reduces order to fulfillment lead time
       Reduces inventory and expediting
       Increases customer satisfaction
       Increases market share
QAD Proprietary
                  Thank You!

                    Rea Buchanan

QAD Proprietary

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