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									                                                           2nd Congress of Special Libraries of the Philippines
                                                             August 2 - 3, 2012 at EFLC, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
                                                                       DIRECTORY OF PARTICIPANTS
   Name                        Institution                        Position

 1 Arboleda, Marilou M.        Philippine Daily Inquirer          Library Assistant
                               Department of Labor &
 2 Cabance, Maria Teresa M.    Employment                         Librarian III

 3 Calingo, Ma. Irene          Presidential Management Staff
                               National Library of the
 4 Catam, Joahnna M.           Philippines                   Librarian I

 5 Clerigo, Mary Margaret D.   MSU - TCTO                         Chief Librarian
                               College of Science Library,
 6 Deasis, Susannah V.         University of the Philippines      College Librarian III
                               Saint Michaels College of
 7 del Mundo, Evelyn R.        Laguna                             College Librarian

 8 Del Rio, Betty R.           Girl Scouts of the Philippines     Service Director

 9 Del Rosario, Benita D.      Philippine Daily Inquirer          Library Section Head

10 Funclara, Rosally D.        Presidential Management Staff

11 Hernandez, Dulce P.         AUF                                Librarian

12 Hernandez, Yolanda C.       Girl Scouts of the Philippines
                               DTI - Product Development and I.D.
                               Design Center of the           Analyst/Designated
13 Lorena, Lourdes G.          Philippines                    Librarian

14 Macalalad, Ana Grace        Ateneo De Manila University        Librarian
                               National Library of the
15 Manarang, Elizabeth C.      Philippines                        Librarian II

16 Mendoza, Mildred S.         Girl Scouts of the Philippines     Technical Asst. I
                               Institute of Formation &
17 Obligar, Babylyn F.         Religious Studies                  Librarian

18 Orolaza, Odelyn M.          Philippine Daily Inquirer          Library Assistant

19 Pacheco, Rey E.             Manila Bulletin, Pub. Corp.

                               Geronimo Berenguer delos
20 Perez, Marie Grace          Reyes, Jr. Foundation Museum
                               Philippine Science High School
21 Regidor, Pauline M.         Inc.                           Librarian III
                               National Library of the
22 Tablizo, Melba              Philippines                    Chief, Reference
                               University of Southern
23 Vergara, Lilia V.           Philippines Foundation         Librarian
Resource Speakers
                                  Thomas Jefferson Information
  1 Alenzuela, Reysa              Center                            Director
                                  University of the Philippines -
                                  School of Library and
  2 Apolinario, Rhea              Information Science               Professor
  3 Ayson, Maria Cecilia I.       Filipinas Heritage Library        Librarian

  4 Bautista, Rhona O.            Union Church of Manila Library Head Librarian
                                  University of the Philippines - Head, College
  5 Betan-Esposo, Sharon Ma. S.   Diliman                         Librarian
                                  Ateneo School of Public Health
  6 Encanto, Joenabie             and Medicine
  7 Fresnido, Ana Maria B.        De La Salle University
                                  EFLC - Bangko Sentral ng
  8 Garcia, Corazon G.            Pilipinas
  9 Kunzel, Richard               Goethe Institut-Philippinen
                                  European Documentation
 10 Ladlad, Jocelyn L.            Center - De La Salle University University Librarian
                                  EFLC - Bangko Sentral ng
 11 Lim, Rothman                  Pilipinas

 12 Nocum, Arizza Ann S.          Kristiyano - Islam Peace Library Administrator
 13 Ong, Milagros S.              Supreme Court Library
 14 Prosperoso, Alma              World Health Organization
                                  University of the Philippines Los
 15 Saul, Concepcion DL           Baños                             University Librarian
 16 Valmaseda, Carlos             Instituto-Cervantes Library       Chief Librarian

ASLP Board
  1 Paraiso, Alicia               Goethe-Institut Philippinen       Head Librarian
  2 Yap, Joseph                   De La Salle University            MEC Librarian
                                  Philippine Columbian
  3 Rebadulla, Elma               Association                       Librarian
  4 Casio, Teresita               National Statistics Office        Librarian
                                  Occupational Safety and Health
  5 Gallo, Edeliza                Center                            Librarian
    Galora, Huwaran Mapalarin-                                      Digital Library
  6 Sinag                         C&E Publishing, Inc.              Supervisor
  7 Servida, Mercedita            Lopez Museum and Library          Head Librarian
                                  Supreme Court of the
  8 Madlangbayan, Ma. Luisa       Philippines                       Librarian
  9 Sayson, Avelina               TESDA                             Librarian

 10 Cruz, Shirley                 Commision on Appointments         Librarian
                                  Supreme Court of the
 11 Ong, Milagros                 Philippines                       Director
 12 Manhit, Jesusa                Ret.
 13 Tabayoyong, Valentina         PIDS                              Head Librarian
gress of Special Libraries of the Philippines
2 - 3, 2012 at EFLC, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
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                     8978808 loc. 329                          




                        426-6606             9266565      9228628086


                    523-8331 loc. 218        524-5144

                     8978808 loc. 330        8974805      9164836110




                      8321112 to 19          8323649      9163016452



                        523-8331             524-5144     9102395123

                         7247173                          9192424472

                     8978808 loc. 329                     9178328615



                         9240614             9240661           


                  (043) 414-8773 loc. 133 414-8773 loc. 133 9196260649

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