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									Brief & Associates Limited
Trustee in Bankruptcy
3845 Bathurst Street, Suit 402 Toronto, Ontario M3H 3N2 Tel (416) 635-7337 Fax (416) 635-0462 353 Alfred Street 43 King Street West, Suite 206 Kingston, Ontario K7L 1V8 Brockville, Ontario K6V 3P7 Tel (613) 549-5398 Tel (613) 345-3860 Fax (613) 544-8870 Fax (613) 345-3896 105 Consumers Drive Whitby, Ontario L1N 1C4 Tel (905) 665-1240 Fax (905) 430-8207

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Sign up date____________ Source__________________ File type______________ Met with__________
Last name Full first name AND middle name(s) Day Also known as Address Date of Birth Month Year

E-mail address (if confidential and checked regularly) How long lived here? Apt. City Province Postal Code

Name and address of present employer

S.I.N. Employment started (m/d/y)

Usual occupation Telephone numbers Home: Work: Cell: Name of spouse/common-law spouse Married Single Separated Divorced

Unemployed since (m/d/y) Widower
If marital status changed in last 5 years, state month and year of change

Full first name AND middle name(s) Day

Date of Birth Month Year Postal Code

Address, if different




Name and address of spouse’s present employer

S.I.N. Employment started (m/d/y)

Usual occupation List of dependents who rely on you for financial support: Full name Relationship Date of birth (m/d/y)

Unemployed since (m/d/y)

Address (if different)

Annual income

How many people live with the applicant? _


How many are under 17 years of age? _


Have you operated a business in the last 5 years? If yes, provide details such as operating name, when the business started and stopped (if applicable) and what % of your debts relate to the business.

Employment history – list your employers for the past 2 years: Name of employer Address

Date started (m/d/y)

Date ended (m/d/y)

Income Tax Return Information
Last taxation year filed Amount owing Refund received Refund expected

Details of alimony/maintenance – Indicate the amount paid and name of the recipient: Amount Name Address

In the last 5 years, have you: Yes a) sold, disposed or transferred any real estate, at a time when you were insolvent. b) made any gifts or transfers of property over $500 to relatives or others In the last 12 months, have you: Yes a) sold, disposed or transferred any of your assets No No



b) made payments to creditors over regular amount c) had any assets seized by any creditor

Bank account Name of bank Address Bank account Cash surrender value of insurance policies RRSP’S and/or RESP’S Stocks, bonds, shares in a corporation owned by you, etc. House Other real estate Vehicle Make, model and year Car Truck Other Furniture, appliances, household goods Personal effects, clothing, jewellery Estimated tax refund Other assets, tools of trade Vehicle ID Number Registered to Name of bank Address Name of company Policy no. Name of company Policy no.




Please write complete name and address of ALL of your creditors:
Name Address Account number Amount

Details of any present payroll garnishments or attachments (To stop garnishment we need the name and fax # of payroll person):

Details of any court orders: Do you expect to receive an inheritance, wage settlement or other property or money in the next year?

Do you have any credits cards? If yes, they must be handed in upon signup if filing for bankruptcy.

Has any person guaranteed or co-signed your loans or credit cards?

Have you guaranteed or co-signed loans or credit cards for another person?

Have you ever made a proposal under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act? Provide details.

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy before, either in Canada or elsewhere? Provide details such as the date and the causes for the bankruptcy.

If you own property: Address

Name and address of mortgage holder(s) 1st mortgage 2nd mortgage 3rd mortgage

Amount owing $ $ $

Value $ Name of owner(s)

If you rent:


Date moved in

Monthly rent

Property tax

Name of landlord

Briefly describe the circumstances that caused your financial problems:


INCOME Net employment income Pension & annuities Child support received Child tax credits Universal child care benefit Spousal support received Employment insurance benefits Social assistance WSIB Self employment income Gross Other income: Details TOTAL Add: income from other family members TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME NON-DISCRETIONARY EXPENSES Child support payments $ Spousal support payments Child care expenses Medical condition expenses Court fines Expenses relating to employment Other expenses: Details TOTAL Add: non-discretionary expenses of other family members TOTAL NON-DISCRETIONARY EXPENSES $ $ $ Net* $

*Net self employment income is income after business expenses and estimated income tax


ORDINARY EXPENSES HOUSING Rent or mortgage payments Property taxes, condo fees Telephone Cellphone Cable Internet Heat, light & water PERSONAL Food, groceries Laundry, dry cleaning Barber, toiletries Clothing TRANSPORTATION Car loan or lease payments Gas and oil Repairs and maintenance Public transportation INSURANCE Car House and contents Life, accident, disability


HEALTH Non essential prescriptions Dental Optical OTHER Tobacco Alcohol Restaurants, coffee, snacks Entertainment, sports Donations, gifts Allowances to children Pet expenses Payments to estate



SUMMARY Total income Less: total non-discretionary expenses Less: total ordinary expenses Net surplus (deficit) $ $

Brief & Associates Limited
Trustee in Bankruptcy
Head Office 3845 Bathurst Street, Suite 402, Toronto, Ontario M3H 3N2 Telephone (416) 635-7337 Telephone (800) 372-7337 Fax (416) 635-0462

Date:________________ INFORMATION/DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED TO TRUSTEE:                 _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________


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