Byzantine Empire by yanyanliu123


									Byzantine Empire

        “Gettin’ Byzzy With It”
   America’s hot dogs, baseball     It’s the Byzantine Empire,
    and barney, bad health care          surely, we’re rocking Asia
    but a strong army. The               Minor, Now it’s Turkey? The
    Romans felt the same way             capital was Constantinople
    we feel today, like Frosted          now it’s Istanbul not
    Flakes: We’re Great. We’re           Constantinople.
    No. 1, like the top of the       “Ding” Justinian steps into the
    charts, but then the Roman           ring, conquering lands like it
    Empire split apart. The land         was his thing. He fell in love
    in the West cut up into fiefs,       with this girl, Theodora, the
    but the Empire in the east           actress doing back flips knew
    stayed tight.                        tactics.            2
   She changed the laws,         We get busy with it, Y’all get
    she keeping it wise,            dizzy with it. Don’t
    cause now men can’t just        question, we’re the best,
    be beating their wives.         where the East meets the
    When a rebellion rose,          West.
    Justin wanted to go, But      We get busy with it, y’all get
    Theodora said, “Nah we          dizzy with it. Byzantine
    can’t go, we need to stay       stay busy, we rock, rock
    and fight.” And that day        the city, what!
    she’s right, because
                                  Now it seems we Byzantines
    Justinian defeated them
                                    practice Christianity seven
    that night. Pit foe against
                                    days a week, at least. We
    foe, your foes will be
                                    pray to icons, little
    weak, that’s the
                                    pictures of Mary, Jesus,
    Byzantine trick just for
                                    and some of the saints.
    keeping the peace.                                3
   But some leaders       Icons were just fine, and
    said, “Uh-uh, you        it’s heresy if you say
    can’t,” Cuz the          otherwise. Said, “If you
    second                   do I’ll hate you, I’ll
    commandment says         excommunicate you,
    don’t pray to paint.     kick you out the
    If you score three       church, and send you
    goals, that’s a hat      back to grade school.”
    trick, but this        In 1054, the church split
    controversy was          in two parts: Roman
    iconoclastic. When       Catholic and Eastern
    Leo III said “no” to     Orthodox.
    icons, we still had    Hook
    ‘em, so now we
    have to hide ‘em.                       4
       Byzantine Empire

   Emperors want to reclaim the West
   _______ and ______ co emperors
    Justinian     Theodora

   Nika Revolt – Theodora wants to ____, they get

    things under control but Constantinople is
   _________ Code – simplified and reorganized
   When he died, the empire had no ______

   ________ will become the official language



                   Priest - King
    Emperor was ____________
   Many clergy used _______, some thought it too
    close to _______ worship

                                 Marry
    Eastern allowed clergy to _______
                                              Pope
    East = Church councils authority; West ______
    has supreme authority
   1054 ______ -divide

                                       Catholic
    East -Orthodox ; West remained ________
  The Great Schism of 1054
– Eastern Greek                   – Roman Catholic
  Orthodox Church                   Church
   • Based in Constantinople      • Based in Rome
   • Official language – Greek    • Official language – Latin
   • Church led by a Patriarch    • Church led by a Pope referred
     referred to as a Bishop        to as Father.
   • Priests could marry.         • Church leaders could not
   • Scriptures were the final      marry.
     authority on all matters.    • Only Pope and Bishops could
   • Emperor or political ruler     interpret the scriptures.
     was above the Bishop.        • The Pope was the Supreme
   • Rejected the use of icons.     head of Church - above any
                                    political ruler.
                                  • Religious icons accepted.

      Not Again!...Another Fall
   800s – Golden Age
     – Conditions for ________ improved
     – Took back some lost land
   Weakened from inside:
     – Nobles in the city support emperors who spend
       money on _________
     – Military aristocrats want more money spent on
   Empire decreases in size
                                     Ottoman Turks

   1453 Empire taken over by the _____________

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